Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

4.5 (27.3K)
249.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

4.47 out of 5
27.3K Ratings
3 years ago, lllllllljgf
The sprites are so cute!
This is a good game, but one thing that could make it better, then it would be the best. I accidentally sold Legs, the sprite (The blue one that everyone receives when sprites are unlocked.) Legs is powerful, also I noticed if you sell a forever sprite, it is gone forever. The sprites are cute, and I like the boosts they give you... but where’s the buyback button? They don’t have one! That’s upsetting because when I absentmindedly clicked sell instead of upgrade I can’t get it back. I would like to see a button to buyback sold sprites. I love how you brought in all the heroes and Shadow! The characters have special powers and I really like that. I also like to compare the fact that the old games like Sonic 2 had only Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, but you brought in them all. Another thing I noticed is that no matter how far I run, the Village map (The location for Shadows Run challenge) isn’t in normal runs, you have to be playing Shadow’s event. This would be a nice addition to the game. Also, I would like to see an alternative way to evolve Sprites, because I don’t like to give it my forever Sprites, like maybe using Red Star Rings (Please don’t make it to much rings I have to go on a Red Star Ring Budget.) Other than the aforementioned issues, this game has it all. Thanks SEGA!
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2 years ago, Mekrt60
Amazing but just a few more things.
This game is pretty cool, I love it. But there are a few more things that would make this game perfect: Add new characters because after a while of having the good characters like Shadow for example, it gets a little boring having them. Make new characters to play as like Eggman or Metal Sonic or Espio or characters that aren’t even in the show. Also make new maps or worlds instead of the same 3 or 4 maps you can transfer to while your running. Make portals while you are running to travel through to new dimensions with new maps like in the show how the team have traveled through portals into other dimensions. Also make new sprites with completely different uses and make new boosters for when you are running. If you could add all of this through updates, that would be amazing. Editors please read this. My ideas could change the whole game.
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3 years ago, TheTimeHasComeForDeadMemes
Just play Sonic Dash.
To start, the game isn't bad--it's pretty fun. But the game is just... a watered-down Sonic Dash (the original mobile game). It doesn't feel as fast, there's not as much content, such as no boss fights nor chompers (which are replaced by some rails {that you can find in Sonic Forces mobile anyways} and tilting gimmicks), and the levels are just so empty and repetitive, including the fact that there's barely any gaps in the terrain and no hills or loops. Also, getting characters is a PAIN (a very long grind for some special abilities that barely matter), and the only fun things ('events') are locked behind tickets that I assume you either have to buy or wait for. Meanwhile, Sonic Dash is just more vibrant, more diverse, more challenging, less grindy, and faster (which is the entire point of Sonic), and it has actual seasonal events for cool skins. It also has an additional house-building mechanic. Overall, don't play this unless you REALLY enjoy it. Play Sonic Dash instead... ... Oh right, those sprites that the Apple editors cherish so much. Well, they boost specific things, which is cool, but either cough up the cash or wait a day to get one. Did I mention they're only a one-time use?
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3 years ago, HarmlessBeast22
It’s still Sonic Dash, just not as fun.
“Sonic Boom” will never be as good as the regular Sonic we know and love. It will always remain in the shadow of the regular Sonic games. This sequel to “Sonic Dash” is no different. Unlike the ungodly messes that are “Rise of Lyric” and “Shattered Crystal”, this game is an okay time. It’s alright. Possibly the best Sonic Boom game other than “Fire and Ice”. But once you play the first “Sonic Dash”, odds are you’ll forget about this one. The first game is just better in every regard when it comes to the controls, menu design, and characters. This game has some good ideas, such as a team system that allows you to choose up to three characters that then you switch between at certain points in your run, but the road to get new characters is PAINFULLY SLOW so it just falls flat on it’s face, and that’s a darn shame. Final Review: 6/10 While it has some neat gimmicks, “Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom” is simply not as good as what came before it and likely won’t be able to keep your attention for nearly as long as its predecessor. You’re better off playing the original “Sonic Dash” instead.
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4 years ago, RockoMERMES
Best Phone Game EVER.
The ads are spaced out perfectly. The free revives, I love them so much, they happen when I like them to happen! The RedRings are fun to collect, though, a little tough to find sometimes. The few things I wish are that you could have all of the characters playable from the start.. and I wouldn’t mind Dave from the TV show to appear as a playable character.. or even Vector.. not sure if Metal Sonic’s playable but that would be fun to play as! I wish that there were more levels because I’ve been playing this app since it came out for long periods of time, because it’s that fun, but the scenery can get a bit bland, I wouldn’t mind more levels based off the Robots of the Sky episode.. or Angel Island showing up, cuz Knuckles mentioned it in the show. And I also would like to see boss fights... not like the ones from the other Sonic Dash games but like a race type boss.. kinda like Sonic CD Metal Sonic boss, and the Sonic Forces’ Speed Battle game. As progress goes on, maybe we could unlock abilities for a possible Chao Garden? I know Sonic Boom doesn’t have Chao, but I’ve seen the concept art for potential Chao that looked like alien ghosts, and I would kinda wanna see that too. Also, I know I’m asking a lot, but I think it would be cool to unlock outfits like those Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric DLC outfits. Anyways, I think this is a really fun game, it keeps me entertained while I’m on the go! 👍
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3 years ago, DannyLeModder13
Absolutely pathetic.
So I’m playing the event in which you destroy spikes in order to win Shadow as a playable character. I’m mid game, and suddenly the game knocks me out as if I fell into a hole yet there was nothing there and I just fell into the floor. I thought “okay things happen” and watch a 45 second ad for a free revive just for it to countdown to my revive and then freeze. So I closed the game out, not only did it NOT save the 70+ spikes I destroyed during that game, not only did it NOT save my high score during that game, it also took one of my tickets. So it forgot all of the progress I made during that game but remembered to take one of my event tickets. Either way, I then continued to try and play and move on from this glitch but now every time I play it randomly drops my rings as if I got hit by something but nothing is ever there. And about 70% of the time when you get one of the air dashes when you hang on the poles or whatever, most of the rings and dash energy are gone as if they’ve been collected already. This game is ridiculously unfinished and I want my progress RESTORED IMMEDIATELY. This is absolutely unacceptable on every level.
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4 years ago, ANDREWVAKA amazing guy
Not as good as the original but OK
First off this game definitely doesn’t look as good as the original SonicDash I got to say off the bat I prefer the original then the sequel because I’m like sonic two and one this game is not as good as the original I mean it’s pretty it’s even more obnoxious of getting the red star rings and seriously it’s not very fun logging the characters is a little obnoxious and really it’s not very cool it’s not very fun and they got rid of the trick system which could be very cool but I’m just saying like I really like the trick system and I don’t know why it isn’t in sonic forces but still I really like sonic forces but that’s beyond the point seriously I’m just saying this game definitely isn’t as good as the original but it does have some upsides like you can go to different paths you can go to different places of the world I feel like that’s the best part about this game seriously I kind a like it but not as much is the original I would say if you want to play a worse version and not as good version of SonicDash I would say played this game
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2 years ago, Sary396
Issue with the events
I really liked this game. I been hooked on it ever since i downloaded it ,but one thing i noticed is that when I’m playing an event after a few plays it won’t let me play it again until i come back in a few hours. This made me upset because i have 3 tickets left and the game won’t let me play the other events ,and if i have to get a big score (I’ll use the shadow’s run event that is destroying 2,500 mines as a example) I only get 2 days to do it and in between plays it starts doing that thing where it says that its trying to connect but thats a huge lie because its connected why else would i be playing this game if i didn’t had wifi, And it won’t let me play shadows run or the other events. Thats my only complaint if you could fix this issue i would truly appreciate it.
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2 years ago, i dont care about yôu
Great but crashes a bunch!
Honestly this game is kind of repetitive and reminds me a lot of temple run, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to play sometimes, however this game has a big issue that constantly happens! Let’s say I die so I want to watch a ad to revive myself, crashes let’s say I don’t even want to watch an ad so I exit off and it still gives me an ad then crashes again! I was doing a challenge and suddenly it crashed and a lot of my progress, no big deal right? But when I tried to play again I died when I fell from the sky railing from something I couldn’t even control! I landed on a piece of wood so it killed me and it’s not like I could of even avoided that, over all this game is a rip-off or temple run, well not even good enough to be a rip-off of temple run this game crashes so much that it is unplayable, the speed times are so little, and lags so much when I jump over an obstacle it acts like I hit it
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4 years ago, dohodhdhfhuffuififr
My Favorite Sonic Phone Game on the iPad!
One of the best Sonic the Hedgehog Racing games. Chasing points as the Blue Blur (Sonic), the Red Echidna (Knuckles),and even the Chaos Hedgehog (Shadow)! My favorite part is finding the Red Rings in tough spots. Dr Robotnik (Eggman) is pretty high detailed. I’m pretty sure that Sonic’s shoes being wrapped up is why they did that in my favorite movie, Sonic the Hedgehog. I love all the interactive running features and the differences between running and Dashing and NOT Dashing. I wish I could play as the Dark Robots (Metal Sonic and possibly Metal Shadow *I made that up.*) Anyways, there are a couple other characters I would like to have. I wish I could play as Dave from the Sonic show, Bad Side characters like Eggman,to fly in his EggMobile. Also, Infinite the Jackal, (Sonic Forces) and also, Zavok the demon,Zazz the demon,Zeena,and Chaos the Slime Alien. Alright I also wish the Exe’s (Sonic Exe, Tails Doll, etc.) Alright ok? Buy!
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6 years ago, CatOfADifferentColor
Would love to give 5 stars
This is probably my favorite app and I play it every day. There are issues that are frustrating that I wish could be fixed. For starters, the Free Revive only works part of the time in normal game play but never during events. If you select the free revive, the game freezes up and you lose all progress that you made with that ticket. And you do not get your ticket back so have to wait. When trying to get all the goals during events this is not a good thing. Additionally, what is the point of evolving your enerbeam sprite if there are only orbs present the first time you ride the enerbeam? On subsequent rides, they are missing where they’ve been collected before, so I make it a point to only take the ones I need and leave the rest for another enerbeam ride. Other than that, it is a challenging but fun app and I really want to be able to update my review to give it 5 stars instead of 3. Please fix the issues!!!
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2 years ago, TheGamerIsHere
Actually A Good Game! But..
This is a great game, it has good graphics cool maps. But not a lot of characters. I would like to have also more maps. The maps are really nice they’re pretty! But I would like to have more, and here’s one character I really want to add… Metal Sonic Metal sonic was a really cool character in Sonic Boom and I would like to see him in this game and see the cool powers that he has! And also I like the tunnel transformation. When you pick your different character but one thing I would like for this tunnel transformation is you can pick out all the characters that you have! Now the one that I said with the tunnel transportation, you guys don’t have to do that! But everything else I said in this review I would like to see! Please read!😉
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4 years ago, #reveiwerDog
One request and one suggestion....
I LOVE your game. Just one request though...... ADD MORE CHARACTERS! I have all of them(except for shadow) and I think more characters would change the way some negative reviewers think about this game. All of my brothers and sisters and cousins have this game, and we all absolutely love it. We all do. Not have shadow though, because we love spending our red star rings. Here’s a suggestion- Maybe you could make that hero bundle a little bit cheaper? I mean, most of these people playing are kids, like I am 11, but come on, please make the hero bundle a bit LESS than 100 dollars? It would make the game better, and if it cost less money, then more people will buy your red star ring packs. Same thing with the other purchases to, some of them are a bit expensive. Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy, SEGA team!
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6 years ago, Mikey__28
This game is fantastic!
Ok, my review on this game is it’s really great! However, there are a few problems with this game. First of all, there are so many ads. And as far as I can tell, there’s no way of getting rid of them. And when an ad appears, and after it’s done, it takes away the sound of the game. You can only get the sound back if you lose in the middle of a run and watch an ad to revive. Second of all, there is only one boss that you can battle, so I want to be able to battle more bosses. And finally, I hope that more characters come soon, because there are more characters in the first one. I would give this a five-star rating, but there are a few bugs. Other than that, I think that this is a great game, and I would recommend this to other people! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, Rainbowdalamation200
Great Game But...
I love this game! It has really good graphics and cool maps! The only problems are that the game lags a lot and their aren’t that many characters. So, for instance, when I’m running and I hit and enemy or a mine, my rings go all over the place, but there is no noise. Them five minutes later, in the middle of the game, I hear this Oof sound and my character starts to stumble, even though I didn’t hit anything. Now, I know that there aren’t a lot of characters is Sonic Boom, but only five characters? Cmon, there’s gotta be more than that. Here’s a suggestion: One of Eggman’s robots! Like... FeindBot! Or Orbot and Cubot! Heck, you could even add Steve(The Great Morpho)! Thank you for reading this. Great Game and I’d recommend downloading it! One character I would really love to see is Metal Sonic.
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2 years ago, charmander586
Sonic dash 2 the lame sequel
Dear sega One of my fav companies in the world sonic dash 1 was great new characters and locations in the update and more but now I see why this game lacks updates the game is trash no offense based on the weird comedy and trash video games on Nintendo and this don’t change. First off the The characters most people even youtuber don’t like boom sonic design nothing change just sonic legs grew 2x longer and honestly just slower and defeat the whole purpose of sonic the hedgehog then shadow event trash I last played this long ago cause the trashness. Second the levels just eggman base jungle and I think sky that’s it (plus destroyed city for shadow) the game lacks fun and this is one of the 3 reasons. Last but not least the game is trash and nothing can save it just leave this game alone forever and I really gave 2 stars cause you one my fav company like I said earlier so that’s all🤨🤨🤨🤨👎👎👎👎.
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2 years ago, Golden Darth Vader
Sonic and shadow
I’m pretty much like this game because like you can get shadow on like the 11th when you have a loop but pretty much I would be playing Fortnite and keep leveling up because I already have Darth Vader and keep your name is the gray blue gold characters but instead I’m playing Sonic Boom too which is actually really really fun and Fortnite way funner but I’m not saying this is a bad game I would keep leveling up in Fortnite to get the golden Darth Vader and that would be pretty cool yes I could win and get the videos light saver which I really like these people keep on killing me with it and I hate it I pray with my friend and me and him sometimes we watch other people fight him and then we go fighting and then he got his light saver
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1 year ago, dhegcjebfuehx
Not bad but the OG is better
This game is okay, but it seems like a lot is missing. For example, boss fights. The only way you can even get close to a boss fight is in the Eggman scramble event. But that never ends unless you die, there’s no way to actually defeat Eggman in that instance. Also, I think there should be more characters there are only 7 characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, Shadow, and Vector. I think the rest of the Chaotix like Espio and Charmy. And possibly Silver too. I know that everyone has a special ability. But Espio could have like a camouflage thing or something. Charmy could have something with his stinger to take down badniks. And maybe when silver dashes he’s able to hover over obstacles. Lastly if you actually add more characters, can you make the RSR charge less for each character. That’s all for now
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1 year ago, why do i have to do this?😡
I absolutely love the game but I want an event that’s why I'm writing the review lol but add an chaos event with metal sonic in it, it makes the game more interesting and I want you sega to add every single character in the show into the game and lastly I have advice on the show too but I can’t believe I’m saying this but add sally acorn on the show because it kinda makes sense to put original sonic characters in the show because it’s interesting and whenever she shows up in the game Amy will have a meltdown and try to whack you with the hammer and you got to dodge her and if you get hit there’s a screen that says “game over” and yea that’s it but anyways bye I just wanted updates so we’ll bye have a great night.
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10 months ago, FoxFirePlayz
Glitches on tails event and maybe on…all the other ones 😬
I was playing the tails event since I loveeee tails and I got a lot of points over the past day and a haft, I’ve been WAITINGGGG FOR TAILS so I was so happy, anyway I was playing in a round and I have like 4602 points and then out of nowhere it takes 1500 points away……😳 so I was upset for a little bit and just kept playing..because I’m dedicated, so I kept playing and I get most of my points back, and then out of the blue I get like a free 200 points while I’m in a round…it was really sweet! Now I have tails and I’m really happy, but the reason I’m posting this is because I don’t want anyone else having trouble with this…so pls read and respond and Ty if so! I’m a big SEGA fan btw!!
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5 years ago, Stardust Pie
Fun, but feels like it doesn’t get as much attention
Sonic Boom (the show, not the games) got me into the fandom in the first place, so I had to download this game, along with the first Sonic Dash. It’s really fun, but I do have a few problems. Firstly, we’ve had the same six characters since the beginning, and no new characters (such as Zoey, Perci, and Team Cybonic) have been added. Secondly, I would love to race in some new locations, such as the snowy mountain, Robokken, and the alternate dimension from “Where Have All the Sonics Gone?”. (Bonus points if you can only access the latter while playing as Sonic or Shadow.) Because of this, it feels like this game isn’t getting as much attention as Sonic Dash. I hope these changes are added soon.
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2 years ago, VanillaTheSnowTigr
I want Jet the hawk.
It’s good but I want Jet the hawk because I don’t have Sonic 1 also if you did add him then do this: To buy Jet The Hawk it’s 180 red star rings. He’s unlocked in level 13. If you want to add a event then you can. I actually think it’s good. (I got Shadow if you guys want to see me my name is Birb) Also that person who said that they like the sprites, also listen to. Also include Jet’s board. And if you evolve a sprite then other sprite is gone forever. I accidentally evolved Legs with Ion sprite. Also in event Eggman Scramble the orbs sometimes disappear. Also rings sounds automatically come.(In Amy event the orbs also disappear, if it’s not, then Idk why its happening to me)Thanks a lot SEGA!
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2 years ago, DountLord
Better than the first?
This game is good but is it as good as the first game? there is no building and there is way less charecters although this game does have some things the original doesn’t it has daily login rewards events and yes the first game has events but all of them are just for charecters this one has events for other prizes too! This game has charecter switching in the middle of the run and each charecter has a cool power up unlike the first. There is cooler enimes like flying bees you have to attack buy jumping and enimes that actully come to you the first game’s enimes are very bad. All in all I would say this game may be better than the first.
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7 years ago, Mark A. Pierre
Just One Small Speed Bump
While some have asked about new characters or certain additions to game, my main problem is when it crashes. It doesn't matter if it's a special event or a regular run, whether you used a ticket, a red star ring or sat thru the 30-second ad… the mere fact that it crashes amid any of these is bad enough. What's really nerve racking is that unlike the tickets that effortlessly refill, those red star rings you used are gone. If you poured 20+ minutes into that run, none the tasks you've finished will count. If you were trying to complete the event in one sitting, be prepared to redo the whole thing from scratch. “New high score? What new high score?” If the crashing isn't resolved, it could very well frustrate players (whether they're Sonic fans or not) to the point of giving up on this game. Please address this issue ASAP.
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2 years ago, dj 333
One of the best!
This is one of the best games you can get on the App Store for free, I love how you can switch characters mid-run, it adds some strategy to a endless runner, If you want to get a high score quick and you just started, this is a easy strategy, First, get knuckles, he will be very useful, try to level him up to level 5 with 90 red rings, This increases the points you get by sliding into robots by 170%, get the sprite called Amp leveled up and be prepared to have something ready for revives. Also remember to watch a ad before to get your multiplier up. You could get 1M points in at least a month, and from there, sky’s the limit!
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7 years ago, mariokartMADMAN
Not As Good As The Original But Good
I downloaded the original Sonic Dash not long ago and I really enjoyed it! I got excited to play it’s sequel! I was a little skeptical since I abhorred the Sonic Boom series, I put it to download and got my chance to play it! It was better than I anticipated it to be, but it was definitely not as good it’s predecessor. I don’t play it as much as the original and I definitely play Super Mario Run too much more! Also, it was a tiny bit laggier and surprisingly less effort put in it than the original for being a sequel which you would imagine being the opposite than left to right if you know what I mean. It is good, but could’ve been better.
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2 months ago, Thespickyguy756
Sonic Boom review
This game is really good. But a sometimes I just keep having to keep ring and using the red rings and ads. I’m not saying it’s bad I’m saying sometimes when you get to like a cliff and you have to jump then roll at a certain time. And I think the developers/developer should fix that tiny little thing. But the rest of the game is amazing the graphics,animations,and the characters are astounding. I hope one of the developers sees the comment and makes my wish come true. And again the game is not bad it is great it’s just that thing the I don’t like. I hope you read the post thank you.
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2 years ago, starghostmelove
Sonic Boom Fan!!
I love this game! I play this game everyday! I am very excited for season 3 coming out this year. At the same time Idk if there is a season 3 this year. The internet said there was going to be a season 3 so o hope there will be one this November. This makes me excited because November is my birthday month. I really like the actors that play in the series and in the game. Roger Craig Smith was a good choice for Sonic in 2011. But many people said he is taking a break on the voice of Sonic. I kinda wanna know if that’s true or not. Also I really love this game. Maybe Dave should be in the game lol. I love you Sega and I wish you the best of luck for Sonic Frontiers!
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8 months ago, Govetiojr
More characters
Great Game overall my only request is that the game starts making more characters with different abilities. I also play Sonic Force and The original Sonic Dash, So it would be cool if this game had as many character options to choose from and earn just like Sonic Dash and Sonic forces has with making new characters because half the fun is being able to use and collect each character in my opinion. Also, I already got all the characters on there now so adding more would just make the game experience more exciting and even better then it is now.
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11 months ago, Sonic fan 23456789
I have to say hard light or SEGA this is one of the best games.
I’m sorry, but the only reason I’m saying that is because he/Sonic the man we all know and love has Tall legs, i’m just kidding I like the game because it’s because, you know, I don’t really know. Actually I just like the game. I’ve been watching the show Sonic Boom like since 2021 and I’ve always thought it was one of the best sonics ever thank you for making the game for the people that say the game is horrible and give it want to stars say don’t know what it feels like to be me right now bye. #SonicForLife by the way us sonic fans have to stick together.✌️🦔💙
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4 years ago, CatOverDog
Love it!
I am a huge sonic fan. I love the sonic boom tv show, and I was so excited that they made a great game of the show. I do want two things to make the game even better. One, there needs to be an easier way to get red star rings. Tails is my favorite character, and you need 240 red star rings to get him. I am working very hard to get Tails, and I would like if there was an easier way to get some red star rings. Two, I do want more characters than all of team sonic and shadow. There should be like Zooey and characters like her. Still, I love ❤️ the game, and hope these changes are added soon. Thanks!
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2 years ago, iliketrainsandmuffins
Fun game!
This game is really cool, I play it whenever I have time. I like the events that give out characters. The sprites are useful, and the characters all have a special ability that can help in certain situations. My only gripe is the red coins. They’re really hard to get, as they appear very rarely, and I think that they should be easier to get. You should maybe make them easier to get when more characters are released. Speaking of characters, PLEASE add Cream or Rouge. If you add Cream, you could add a Chao sprite with her. I don’t know, just a thought. But anyway, that’s my review. I hope you read this, Sega! :)
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7 months ago, Bunny Platypus Miniso Cute
Good, but could use improvement
Improvement one:Add more characters. Sure, you have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, Shadow, and Vector, but where’s Dave the Intern, Lady Walrus, or Chummily, or Stratford, or Old Monkey, or Beth the Shrew? Or some villains like Eggman, or Charlie and Belinda, or Barker and his stunt Bears, Metal Sonic, or even Steve Eggman.(AKA, Morpho.) Or some characters that come up only a few times, like the doctor, or Earal, or Mombot, or Myron and Bolts. How about the gogobas, or the Q-bots. But on that note, YOU MUST ADD OR-BOT AND Q-BOT!!!! Improvement two:Why is everything so expensive? In Sonic Prime Dash,you needed to pay only 100 red star rings at the most, and now you need to pay 180 red star rings for characters, and 240 for tails. That is pretty expensive. That’s all I currently think, but I just got the game yesterday, and I also have pretty bad internet, so I will update this. Please make these improvements so I can rate 5 stars. (I really want to. The game itself is great.) From, Anita. (A player who started playing yesterday.)
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6 years ago, Aydan R Bottorff
The Amazing Sonic Game
This sonic boom game is quite unique, and I dislike mobile games a lot but this game took my breath away. It’s so addictive when you have to keep running to gain XP so you can on lock characters and prizes to play with. There are also cool events that you can play to earn more XP, and when you are playing the cool events you can also play as characters you haven’t even unlocked. Did I forget to mention when you are playing sonic boom you try to bet sonic’s and his friends high score as well as other players through out the globe. I think sonic boom is the best mobile game I ever played!
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5 months ago, Ur local McDonalds
Awesome game like it a lot!
As being a sonic fan,and playing other sonic games Like sonic frontiers sonic colors ultimate classic sonic games I’d say this is very close to sonic frontiers rating (if u ever played sonic frontiers you’ll know what I mean) this is like the best best best mobile sonic game it’s very cool sprites are cute and they are very helpful I’ve started playing this game Thursday February 8 7:19 PM and it’s very cool almost stayed up the whole night playing this game it’s really cool and when I mean really cool I mean really really really cool AWESOME GAME! And it’s cool how u can unlock characters and add them to ur squad very creative.
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6 months ago, precisionxt
Please fix the crashing
I realize this isn’t Sega’s most lucrative title but I don’t think it’s asking too much trouble to make the game stable. What did these “bug fixes” every few months address? You’re not adding new features or characters so surely you’re doing something? I haven’t noticed any stability fixes in the last few years I’ve played the game, spanning multiple iOS versions and iPhone models. It will not stop crashing after running for more than 10-15 minutes. I have to purposefully die to make sure I don’t lose progress. I can’t even count how many high scores and events I’ve given up on because of this. PLEASE fix your game.
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7 years ago, "why so serios"
Better then the last but slightly disappointing
I still have to give this game a 5 star for quality however I wish that there were new bosses and that you would let us fight eggman more. Or introduce some new ones, like maybe Zazz and the rest of his gang, fighting them of one by one would be a very new interesting part of the game. Also I would just like to say that I am so happy new charecters are being added, definetly a good call. I wish the list of them would never end. Blaze the cat is a good one, Silver, Rouge, Cream, and more! I can't think of anything else wrong with this game. Thanks!
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1 year ago, mr beast manager
Developer please look at this
Good game that guitar that’s always playing is awesome but ther are some problems like sometimes I go to my home screen, which is weird And then the amount of mines I destroyed in events go down like I don’t really mined too much and I’m really asking for is one more character and no I’m not asking for people who are not in the show like jet the hawk or weird people like that I want Metal sonic yes, it would be a cool addition considering that Metal sonic is also in the show and I already know what his ability can. It can be similar to be knuckles but only effects mines so if you could add this that would be so cool and i’m really excited for the future
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2 years ago, kxkfrvfkbfr
Okay, so first off, this game is an absolute MUST HAVE for Sega fans. It’s really a good time waster and boredom killer. It’s fun to collect characters that have special abilities to help you in-game. But it’s such a PAIN just to get one. Example the Shadow event. The tickets take forever for me to earn just one. And could you lower the prices for the red star rings? It would help the adults to have cheap affordable prices to buy for their kids. The kids would be really happy. Lastly, The menu and zones are perfect! They are really fitting for a “Sonic Dash 2” game. Thanks for making such an awesome game!
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2 years ago, Hyper イアソ
Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom was a mistake. The sonic series was suffering at the time but it’s still an amazing franchise. It didn’t need a reboot but I have to say besides the show and fire and ice this was the best thing to come out of it. Sonic Boom: Rise if Lyric almost killed the franchise and Shattered Crystals is forgettable. Fire & Ice is decent but the mobile game is the best to be honest. Sonic Dash didn’t need a sequel and it it’s fine. The sequel did not perform as well but I think it’s fine. The character unlocking system is much worse then it is in Sonic Dash and there isn’t much to grind for. Still, this is a pretty decent game especially for mobile.
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5 years ago, cemindad
Great game! a few ideas...
This is a very fun game and can make time go by fast. I only have two improvement ideas: one being, when rolling under an object, the camera becomes very low angled making it hard to know what’s in front of you. When I roll under an object and there’s something on the other end, most of the time I can’t see it until it’s already too late. The second one being, when opening the present boxes that you win from events, you have a chance of getting a “boom boost” which is great except that you aren’t allowed to choose when you wish to use it. Great and fun game though.
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4 years ago, Emmi Kolosov
Some recommendations
I love Sonic Dash 2 and I think it’s a fun game and a great time killer. I love how you can easily win characters by competing in challenges and how you can evolve wisps. The reason I gave 4 stars though is because I wish there were more boss battles and I wish there was more variety in the character selection. So I have some recommendations. 1. Add more boss battles (like I said before): Put bosses in the actual game, maybe the Deadly 6, Metal Sonic, or even Infinite. 2. Take zones from old games and put them into Sonic Dash 2. 3. Add more characters, like Mighty the Armadillo, Tangle the Lemur, Whisper the Wolf, Zooey the Fox, Lupe the Wolf, Nicole the Holo-Lynx, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Rouge the Bat, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Vector the Crocodile, Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, Storm the Albatross, and Marine the Raccoon. 4. Make characters go super in “boost mode”. It would be an awesome feature. Developers, please take my recommendations into consideration, because if anything, I only want the game to improve. Thanks.😊
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7 years ago, OrigamiSB
This is one of Sega's best games yet! I haven't actually played the sonic boom games, but this is still great! But there are a few things you could do to make it even better. First, you should make a few more characters in the game,like Silver the hedgehog or super Sonic, second instead of the maximum amount of red rings being 5 per day, it should be more than that, like 10 per day. I would also like to report a bug with the sound in the game, whenever I have to watch an add, most of the time the sound will not work other than that this game is really great!
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3 years ago, SonicSpeed55
It’s ok
Listen, I love this app but I hate how it still says more characters coming soon! As a pose to it just being a complete game. The boom series died off in 2017 so it makes sense why this game isn’t being working on but let it be complete at least instead of abandoning the game. This was gonna be a sequel to the infamous Sonic Dash which had like a million downloads in 2016. Now it’s just dead. Plus I don’t think making the boom characters the main concept forever was a good idea especially because of rise of lyric. But I’ll even say I play this game more than dash 1 tbh. But that’s mainly because of nostalgia. By all means I love this game I just wish it wasn’t seen as abandoned by hardlight and sega.
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4 years ago, Noooooooooo ads!
So Awesome!
I always loved the original SonicDash game. But this- wow! I wish they would bring back the animals though. I like that they added the special abilities and friend feature. And I love that they still bring over the free revive from the last game. And now I wonder if anyone looked at my old review from the first SonicDash game. I love the graphics of the game. It’s so much better than the original! I wonder what amazing things this game has! And if the SEGA company is reading this I want you guys to know you did an awesome job at making the game and I hope for a SonicDash 3 someday!
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4 years ago, Kendall Marie Johnson ❤️😁
Most amazing game ever!!!!😍😍😍😍
This is the best game ever!!! It is sooooo addictive! I LOVE the technology used in it! I play it everyday! I play it in the car, my free time, and my alone time! I am always keeping this game! NEVER getting rid of it! I am about to get a new character now and I only started a few months ago! I wonder if they make a Nintendo Switch cartridge for it. Hardly any ads! 😁 I have no problem with this app. I even play it at night in my bed at my dads house. 😁 I hope they make another Sonic game! Even though I am a girl and play it, I still love it but I am not a tomboy. 😁
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5 years ago, Dragonfire 420 blazin
Not finished but really fun.
There are 2 things wrong with this game. 1) there are only 6 characters compared to the last sonic dash. And 2) The requirement to get additional characters is a lot of red rings. Aside from that the game is tons of fun. I like how every character has a special power. The best are knuckles and shadow. I like how there is always another challenge ready seconds after completing the old one, and you don’t have to have internet to get the new challenge. All in all this is a major improvement over the previous entry, and I hope the creators add more characters with cool abilities. 4.8 out of 5.
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7 years ago, Sonicthehedgehogers
I have only one thing
I get that some people are 50/50 on the character redesign but besides that this app/game is good but not as addictive or good as the original sonic dash for those of you who wand the definitive Sonic Dash experience get Sonic Dash app/game but if you want a time killer get this but besides my little rant thing now to the plus side the music is great the game goes at for what I see is 55 to 60 frames per second no noticeable (which is very smooth) "crashes" that I see (I have NO idea what the "crashes" you guys are talking about) and the game is pretty dang solid! (Unlike the WIIU game or the first 3DS game) anyway this game is 5/10 for me!!
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2 years ago, fraser forde
Great game But..
This game is probably the most fun game ever but I have tell you guys something. I always wake like “ Oh I gotta play SonicDash 2 yay” And I’m always waiting for a new character to come out. And Maybe like Silver or something else and out of all the choices you guys pick VECTOR VECTOR! Like why him you saved him for later like you guys take a while to make new characters! Please next character be like Silver The Hedgehog! Just PLEASE someone good. But I’m not saying at all that your games bad but it could use some improvement. But keep updating the game. Sorry if I went a little hard😢
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3 years ago, xbdjncfvjfnci
Downgrade from the original
Look, the game is great, but the game is not as good as the original. I fist downloaded this game like 4 or 5 years ago, but I didn’t like it as much as the original. There are WAY less characters, not enough zones, and honestly, with the state that the original Sonic Dash is in, this seems like an even bigger downgrade than in 2016. All I have to say is, if you don’t like to try downgrades, then don’t get this game. But if you like Sonic Boom as much as me, then download it. (I know that I said this is a downgrade but Sonic Boom is one of my favorite shows just because of the insane amount of no context moments.)
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