Sonic Dash Endless Runner Game

4.7 (364.2K)
562.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic Dash Endless Runner Game

4.68 out of 5
364.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Neoguy8
This game is amazing!
This game is so good! I’ve been a Sonic fan for about 8 years! And I’m only 9 years old! The character roster is amazing! It’s so cool that you can play this without internet! Although, ( I’m now switching to Neoguy critic mode) I do wish for more variety in the boss fights! We’ve got Eggman, (Of course) and… Zazz? Why Zazz out of all of The Deadly Six? Why not Zavok or I don’t know? Just somebody other than Zazz. Zazz, (from my point of view at least) is the most unpopular out of the deadly six. I have gotten so much criticism and people telling me, “It’s just a mobile game, of course it’s not gonna be that cool.” Well, I think otherwise. This is a Sonic the Hedgehog game for crying out loud. I have most, if not, all of the Sonic the Hedgehog mobile apps, and most of them have been amazing! Like, Sonic Racing, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic, Sonic CD Classic, and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2! Those are all really good games! Look, I know this was made in the early 2010s and Sonic Lost World was the most popular thing at the time, but Sonic Lost World wasn’t very good, either. (Ok, enough criticism, back to Happy Neoguy mode) Other than that huge rant, this game is amazing and it will be cherished even like, 400 years later! This game is very special to me, because, believe it or not, this was the first game I ever played on my iPhone! This game really deserves more praise! Alright, Neoguy out!
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2 months ago, sadie buggy Ella
Love it
The reason why I put four stars because you have to get six more animal rescues to get a few hours and I think that’s enough fair because like I only got two characters sonic and knuckles and I’m like why can’t I don’t have any words I really want Amy rose and I’m like why can I not get her I like want to get her but they locked me out of 64 characters without without getting a character and I’m like how can you even do that and I feel like it’s not gonna work and I love this game but it’s it’s just logging me out and Rose are the characters even they’re all really cute but I don’t know why they’re logging me out locking me out of Amy rose why can I not do that so pink and so beautiful I really matter but they’re locking me out so like why can I not get anywhere else I want Amy rose but they didn’t give me any Road so they should be they should let me have any Robux because I already got through to the beach zone in the lake zone with her like the grass and yeah without water and what the battles are supposed to be like but Eggman I don’t like not really that good game over we’re not going over just like it and I’m still really really really really really really want Amy rose but you’re gonna get anywhere else but now I didn’t get any rest I want Amy rose I really want Amy rose just give me I’m not talking to you people that have itSo you guys might need to keep people out there for stars two stars it will be good if you do five stars OK so well Sadie
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4 years ago, Drivingskillz
Crashes so much ruins the experience
First off the other pIayers who gave a high review clearly did not play the game that much. I have the new iPhone 11 Pro. I am disappointed that the server connection is so bad with this game. I thought it was my WiFi so started playing with cellular data but the game still crashes at least 3 times within an hour of game play. The crashing wouldn’t be so bad if every time it happened I lost about 14 points. Each race I win I only earn 1 point so if the game crashes 3 times I lose a total of 42 points. I would have to play another 2 hours just to get back where I was in points. I like the game but what’s the point of playing a game that you can’t progress in? Another point I like to make is that I never get matched up with a racing opponent that is on the same level as I am. Their are 7 leagues and I am currently in league 6 but constantly being paired up with racers in league 1. I am starting to realize that once you get to a certain level in this game it starts to become pointless to play. Don’t waste your time with this game. So many other games out their that are designed properly. The sevelopers of the game SEGA & Hard Lite should not be getting as much praise as they are getting for making junk!!
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1 year ago, A_521
Game Software is out-of-date & needs improvement.
Game concept overall is excellent with fun and challenge incorporated and overall game concept deeply exemplifies and mirrors the normal and standard, foundation of Sonic The Hedgehog as a video game character very well. Overall game and gaming concept deeply mirrors the original Sega Sonic The Hedgehog games from the original days; from the 1980s and onward. And here we are in 2023, with this epic conceptual version that is upgraded and remastered from the original version of Sonic The Hedgehog. Gaming Masters need to exchange their daily fast food run for more time behind the computer and with their binders to actually fix the coding so fellow gaming lovers care to try playing this beauty and non-stop at that. They shouldn’t get paid for the next year for all of their by-standing that they have done and for their years of lack of care. All of the constant blind-siding in this video game and in real life from Microsoft and Nintendo must be stopped and never verified or allowed again by any Government or Agency that has authority over them. This is funny that I am the only a Professional Video Gamer and everyone else is living in a delusional and now, this review will be read publicly by Mark Zuckerberg for a final shutdown of years of non-sense that has come against myself and companies that are beyond worthy of no drama and are very powerful and successful in The Earth.
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7 months ago, Texlite
Amazing but…
Hey SEGA Ik you’ve probably heard this millions of times but I’m your biggest fan I dont care what people have said anyway this app is so fun I love getting to play as my favorite characters! But… why did you change the one character coin thingy like you need to get 1000 of the character coins to get the character to cards?? I hate the cards so much like I’m not able to upgrade my characters anymore like when I first got the app on my new phone I got dragon, hunter Lancelot shadow from the character coin thingy but now since it’s legendary I can’t get the cards to upgrade my character and it’s so hard to get a new character like I swear it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get legendary now and I want to upgrade him and also it’s just way easier to get the characters with the coin things and even worse you also have to pay coins to upgrade them so you need multiple cards and coins if you want it to be harder to get different characters I get it but as someone who plays this game a lot I have not gotten a new character since the adding of the cards I beg you to add the character coins back and that’s not all but add maybe another boss like zazz and eggman I feel like aren’t enough like maybe add sage or classic robotic or even one of eggmans big robots ok I’ve given enough criticism thank you so much SEGA I love you guys and thank you for keeping my sanity in place 😊
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6 months ago, enbiious
The card system is not good.
That title says it all, really. On paper, the card system might seem nice with the ability to unlock many characters, but in practice this fails really hard. The cards on the track can be distracting and can even block the view of some obstacles as it comes closer so getting cards can be hazardous and can ruin runs. The absolute biggest blunder to me is the fact that there is a limit to collecting cards in a certain period of time, and this is especially annoying with legendary status cards that only appear in events and thus many legendary characters included before the card system implementation CAN NOT be upgraded nowadays. This is also paired with the lack of an indication of when you can collect cards again as well as each upgrade costing significantly more rings than before cards were introduced, a single character could very well cost a MILLION rings to upgrade completely, and that’s if you’re able to still collect cards for them whether that’s due to them not being in an event anymore or if you haven’t reached the card limit. In essence, this game was a solid 5 stars before the cards, but drops significantly because of cards. They really just should not have inteoduced cards in the first place. I have been a player for years, and I have never been more disappointed in an update since the removal of spring bank multipliers beyond x20.
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2 years ago, greenchaosemrald
Great game but needs more content
This game is really fun although I do wish there was other ways to get characters like metal Sonic than buying them with real money or by getting character tokens(even though I do like that function). And I do hope you make the Sonic movie 2 event like you did with the first movie but with tails and knuckles. I also wish there where more characters and new worlds to go with them(maybe) that would make the game be more fun for people who completed all the worlds that we have right now and maybe you could add skins too so that you could put have your Christmas Characters be skins. I was also hoping that you would do more bosses than just 2 like you could add infinite or chaos. You could add chaos emeralds that can collect form specific worlds. Speaking of worlds it would be nice if you could add chemical plant because I have a sense that it work perfect for the game (and also because it is one of my favorite worlds). And maybe just maybe you could add Minecraft versions of the Sonic characters since Minecraft made a Sonic world. Any way that is lots of requests but you don’t have to do all of them this is just to give you ideas on new updates and hey your saga and if you where able to make the Sonic movie better than the Mario movie than I bet you can you do this. Ps please respond back
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2 years ago, Alice Hawke
It’s fun, but the crashes and pop up ads ruin the experience
I do like playing this game, it’s fun and the characters and events are great- but there are a couple of major issues. The game will often lag- and lag hard. The app sometimes freezes crashes and can make your phone run incredibly slow. Closing the app out of your iPhone’s background helps- but with the slowness will make it take a lot of time just to do that. This is incredibly frustrating because I like playing this game but these lags, freezes and crashes really ruin the experience. The ads also make this experience worse. There doesn’t seem to be a way to shut off the ads. I don’t mind that there are ads you can play to get rewards, but the ones that pop up randomly (after you finish a race) are incredibly annoying, especially when you’re experiencing the app’s lagging and freezing. If there could be a way to stop these ads in particular, that would make things a lot easier- even if it’s just pay to remove. Other than those major issues, I do like this game and I would like to see more things being added to the game. If the lags, freezing, and crashing can be addressed and fixed- and if there is a way to remove random pop up ads, that would really help to make playing this game a better experience.
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3 years ago, Sonic fan 1294
Best game of all time
Ok I LOVE this more then Minecraft and roblox (from personal experience) and 1st of all this game unlike most mobile games has NO pop up ads, the only reason there is a ad on your screen is if you asked for a ad for free rings free revive exc. 2 this game does NOT need WiFi or internet so I can play on a plane or anywhere (not space or something tho) 3rd this game has a variety of characters such as sonic,Amy,tails,silver,shadow,jet,cream,blaze,vector,classic sonic,big,pirate sonic,captian shadow,metal sonic and more! But since we are on this topic I have a suggestion 1 add in infinite! This sounds random since he is a villian but you have metal sonic so why not? Also he is my 2nd fav character! Next since you already have a Game Center thingy maybe ad multiplayer mode this would need WiFi of course but if you don’t have WiFi you can still play normal mode ! You can multiplayer with random players or friends and maybe a chat with a safe chat feature! Also last thing… I REALLY want to play on my keyboard or maybe my switch to but if you don’t want to do switch that’s fine since you might not get any buys on switch since sonic forces is dominant sonic game there
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2 years ago, Minecraft sloth
Great fam one tiny problem
I love this game it’s so much fun (although the spinning wheel is a little rigged) I enjoy playing it everyday. Now what was one problem I couldn’t give five stars was I have this game on my phone and iPad, I had started out on my iPad so I had the basic fist three skins. Then I decided that 1, it would be a lot easier on my phone 2, I could play it wherever I go 3, when I don’t have my iPad Mand I want to play it, I can just pull it up on my phone. So I got it on my phone and it transferred the info i had on my iPad to my phone. So I got more characters and leveled them up and I built two more zones. Now yesterday I got on my iPad to play it (bc I was on a long car trip and I wanted to save my phone battery) I found out that all the info is on my phone. I found out that all my characters and zones I had built on my phone Doesn’t transfer to my iPad and I was like “What the heck how come it transferred my starting info to my phone but not the other way around”. The rouge event was still on (although j had already unlocked her in my phone) I had unlocked her on my iPad now. So I would appreciate it if you can try to fix it. Thank you for your time. (P.S ignore the bottom my phone glitched so I can’t delete it) dosent transfer to my iPad.
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2 years ago, Faithful Fox
Dude, best game I’ve enjoyed in awhile.
So yeah as I was younger I had a faint memory of this being in my life. I couldn’t remember the name of the game, but I just knew that it was about Sonic and him defeating Zazz and Eggman, unlocking characters…etc. Not many Sonic games you can find on a device like mine. The second I rediscovered this, I fell at ease because I was recently quite bored with just everything in the App Store. I practically sat next to my brother and watched him play. He occasionally allowed me to try, I felt like he was better at playing it, but mainly since I had no understanding of the controls for a period of time. He always thought of me as, (and still does) the annoying younger sister, taking over the controls for what seemed like hours. We’re best buds though. So my review is an absolute 5 stars, don’t ever get rid of this game. What’s funny is that I didn’t know how to unlock the characters back then as well as my brother, I am so hyped because I despise playing the same character over and over again. Nothing against Sonic. Oh and very pleased to be able to not share a device anymore, now I could play this a plentiful amount of times.
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2 years ago, COakcOoki
I love this game
It’s perfect thank you I really love this Sonic thank you so I have five stars because it’s so cool and you enjoy the best in your ruts and guys but now that you have sonic,Amy,tails, and your promise that what will happen if you defeated Zazz and eggman, And you really want shadow the ultimate shadow too e well some peolpe win because of there lvl you realLy feel like you need to get help because I’m here to help really badly in champion like champion T-shirts well if. You what to have great lvl skills here are you your help. Needs now: first DONT look at stuff your looking at. Behind you while your playing the game or sonic dash Other wise you will won’t win And you half to watch out go some where quite so you won’t get discrantion and The perfect score And that so you can win jump roll and get tokens those. Are perfect and your prombalung word ring to get the hat gift Map and The treurche wel you need to JUMP so that how you do it to roll. Swipe down to roll to jump swip up here how I mean ⬆️⬇️➡️⬅️ here you go left s swip left and swip right: dOnE. Thank you I WENT TO SEE SONIC 2 get movies tickets 🎟 today! Please screen shot and print and support apple
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2 years ago, icarly2324242
First I hate this game because at first when I download this game this game is really fun but then my iPad got hacked earlier today so I turned it off for an hour and the hacker was fully disconnected from my iPad but then all of a sudden I come back to sonic my tails, cream, and knuckles we’re gone they were all gone so I only have rouge and sonic and I think that the creator of this game did this because this happened after the hacker was fully disconnected so I think you guys did this because one why would my stuff be gone because when I was getting hacked I was literally playing sonic when I was going to hack and literally nothing changed and also if you don’t believe it I was playing sonic you can literally ask my brother he’s right next to me whine while I’m doing this and I did I was on my iPad and then I was downloading five nights at Freddy‘s and other games and then all of a sudden I come back and how much your apps on my on my iPad but then I go here like an hour later to this sonic app and my stuff is gone and less mentioned a high score my high score was 100k now my high score is 19,000 like I’m not doing this you’re gonna give me back my characters and you’re going to give me back my high score and if you don’t I will just sue this company I don’t care if it was a hacker you should have kept your busted game secured and made sure you weren’t able to do this
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9 months ago, th3bear01
Game was fun, but recent update ruined it
I used to play this on a kindle years ago, and just a few weeks ago I started over in my phone. Was having fun unlocking and upgrading characters over time, but this newest update changed how unlocking and upgrading works and made it much worse. Before the update, unlocking event characters just required you to get 1000 tokens (which could easily been done in around an hour of gameplay). Now after the update it takes 150 cards for the event character, and after playing today for almost on hour i only got around 30 cards. Not to mention how they made it so upgrading ALSO takes more cards its now almost impossible to get a single character maxed out. Oh and did I mention the insane increase on the amount of rings you also need for upgrades? Before, getting the final upgrade would cost around 14K rings, now to get the last upgrade (for an uncommon rarity character) it takes over 44K rings. Along with many other issues like characters that are already maxed still having their cards spawn, and the cards being so big that they will actually cover up obstacles, causing you to often lose your rings or sometimes just lose the run entirely. This update has made the game so much worse, and i will not be playing until this gets fixed, and I recommend everyone else do the same
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4 years ago, ThunderKing1728
Great game but has some glitches
Let me start off first by saying that I have been a HUGE sonic fan ever since I was little so when I downloaded it for my phone it made me start all over which I didn’t really mind 🙂but has I got back into rhythm with it again the game started having all kinds of glitches like kicking me out of the game mid run or making me start my run all over again 👿🤦🏼‍♂️😒 also when I want to choose my character it gives me a hero that’s not even my best one that’s maxed I prefer to either play as silver sonic or metal sonic but I can’t instead I end up playing as someone who can’t even dodge incoming missiles nor stars from either eggman or zaazz for example one time when I wanted to be silver I got blaze instead and she completely went outta control!!! But enough of that let’s move on to the good things!! First off let me say I totally think that u guys should add skins for sonic like his gold form that would be pretty awesome ☺️🔥!! A lot of the times the game works just fine and I really enjoy playin nothin says better then a blue hedgehog with attitude 😎 I highly recommend this game to anyone who is up for challenges and adventure 🐺 GOTTA GO FAST 😉😝❤️🔥!!!!
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8 months ago, yayaelise
Really good game! But…
Hi! I’ve been a fan of this game since I was younger and I started playing it again last year. I loved how for each event I could get each character’s coin, and I would make plans in my head on how many coins I’m going to aim for getting a day until I got the special event character. But, with the new update, there are cards of every character at random, even during an event for just ONE character. I’ve found that it is extremely hard to get the event character cards and that isn’t fair for those who really want a character but have to play for hours straight just to find one Unicorn Cream card for example. All of the older players, including myself, would like the old, simple version back where you would only get one character per event. Maybe instead of completely removing the new card feature that was added with the latest update, maybe instead those who worked on this game can come up with a way to have two options: old version (just character coins) and new version (random character cards along with event characters). Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, Final_Justice
Pretty good. More would be nice
This is a really good endless runner. It’s easy and simple to control. There’s more room for content though. As for characters, there are still some characters that can be added, like E-123 Omega (my favorite), Chaos, Tikal, and a few others. Maybe even bring back obscure characters like Mighty and Fang. New Zones would also be fantastic, especially with gimmicks, rather than reskins. Maybe add a zone like Egg Fleet that has you rely more on Homing Attacks. You would have to rescue Tockies (the turtles) and you would unlock Omega. Maybe add Casino Night Zone with ring roulettes and you could unlock Wave or something. Maybe Hang Castle and Speed Highway. More Badniks would also be nice, even if they are reskins. You have models for Motobugs and Mushmeanies ready from the Green Hill and Mushroom Hill animal hubs. Maybe have some flying enemies like BuzzBombers and Flappers you have to jump into to defeat. More Bosses would be fantastic too. Maybe ones that require you to Roll or Homing Attack. The music could also use improvement. While I love the music for Green Hill, Diamond Dust, Sky Sanctuary and Mushroom Hill, I feel like the Beach and Temple areas need unique tracks. I’m shocked that Temple Zone doesn’t use the Ocean Palace track. Overall, solid endless runner. It has potential to be bigger.
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3 years ago, midnight and starlight
Good Job I love the game but I just wish there was more characters LIKE CLASSIC TAILS or maybe a race mode where you would race other people DON’T JUDGE ME ITS JUST A IDEA but good game. Or maybe other levels like scrap brain zone or whatever its called or even A SONIC DASH 3 ALREADY 😕 and please bring back that classic sonic 🦔 event soon but overall good, almost great game ... or bring back the pac-man event either one would be great for people... unless they hate both of ‘em... but still good job 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 that’s the crowd 👏👏👏👏🤝👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤝🤝🤝👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🤝 or some more crossovers, or another chance for people to get old crossover event characters maybe? Like a Pokémon or yo-Kai? Or A mario character? Or hello kitty? Or Crash bandicoot? Or KIRBY!?!?!? Or Link from the legend of Zelda? Or maybe dr Robotnik where the bosses are sonic and tails. Anyway, please read other reviews And thanks for reading THE END. 📯📯📯📯📯📯 🦔💨 <—Sonic running to get rings… Edit: I can play as “bongo” now… Danimals thing….anyway happy 30th anniversary
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6 months ago, WhispisIn
Used to be amazing. Ruined the game.
This game was a lot of fun, and a great casual way to spend time. I bought rings and coins when I was excited but since the update, there is NO reason to buy anything. It may seems tempting but think of it this way The increase of character level ups has over tripled. It used to take rings. Now jt takes roughly 3 times as many rings, BUT we also need cards. That means you need to buy MORE rings AND cards to get the exact same value of level up. For free to play players, the game is no longer worth it. It used to be grinding rings to level up, now you’ll need hours for rings and to get lucky with the cards. It takes hours to get one level at the higher levels. Is your favorite an event character? Too bad! I used to play for an hour or half a day, and get the characters. Now you need MUCH more. Back in the day if I had a character, I didn’t need to stress. Busy in life? That’s okay. Get the character today and the rings next week! Now you NEED to get the character cards because event characters (Super characters, Mephiles, Lego characters, crossovers) will NEVER rerun, so how is anyone supposed to get them? What about promo characters like Bongo from Danimals? He never has cards. It’s ridiculous. It’s now impossible to level up event and crossover characters. The game has made itself a waste of time.
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1 year ago, Chewy Pig
I just really love this game I have been playing it for hours and can not put it down. The characters are just so different and so fun. It’s so fun to try and get new characters. This is a game that I for sure recommend because it’s challenging, and super AWSOME. It’s challenging because it’s not like some other games were it’s way to easy and you win in the snap of a finger. This game speeds up as you keep going. There is literally not end. I love the challenge of seeing how far I can go. There is also fight with the bosses, it’s my favorite part because it gives you a little extras challenge and it helps you get better. Also more advanced at the game! It’s super AWSOME because you collect rings and are about to power your characters up or by things in the gift shop. I love all the sonic movies and know all the characters very well. It’s so fun watching the movie play out in action! If you are a sonic fan, and like fun games I for sure recommend this. And if you have never seen sonic I recommend still getting this AWSOME game and then also watching the movie! 5 stars of course. I’m in love with this game!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, mgskdj
Awesome game
This is so fun so cool I honestly like this game a lot like so much it’s so fun so cool I love it so much and if there was like an update I will definitely do it but I won’t like want more characters and like more coins more stars but it’s really good game I could I could definitely say that this is such an awesome game I love it you should definitely download this game it’s the best no technical difficulties and they barely have ads so amazing you should definitely get this app honestly prefer it so much it’s definitely five star It’s the best game I ever you have to download this game it’s fun and it’s like if the one from arcade but better it’s so so fun you should definitely download this game take my advice I have fourth grade grade reading and I’m only second grader and I am a very smart second grader i’m in good choices and I know this is the best game ever trust me you got a time with this game if you don’t I’m if you don’t I’m gonna fall jump off a cliff and and then and I’m also looking to buy buy through a sofa so just please pretty pretty please download this game it’s so fun come on guys please download it
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5 months ago, kidfuncool kid
Please add more sonic prime and get rid of the cards
As I said this game is good but we ave no been getting a lot of sonic prime lately in this game like even Sonic prime dash a game that a lot of people don’t like gets new yoke so how about you guys can add more sonic prime characters at least 3 more when season 3 of that show comes out and a new yoke city world and also I’ve been thinking please replace the cards and can I tell you why I don’t like it and probably people don’t like it it is because some cards you want don’t really pop up when on the track also if you get a unlocked character you have to on on the track again to get cards and it is time consuming not to be mean but the tokens were way easier and less time consuming please get rid of the cards please I am begging to Sega/hardlight maybe you guys can take it out in the next update how about that. Sorry if this review was too long with the more sonic prime content and not likening the running for cards I just want these changes so I don’t have to stress over the game. Thanks
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2 years ago, Venomrevolver6
Revisiting SonicDash
I’ll it’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about this game and things clearly have changed… but so far it’s for the better, the game is really easy when before I was worried I would have to purchase rings or gems but no, I actually got Knuckles by beating robots and getting animals little homes. Honestly my only real issue besides the ads (but it’s a mobile app so it can’t be helped) is the lack of real challenge, mainly from the bosses whom so far I’ve come across is Eggman and Zazz. The levels kinda get a little unfair by throwing a bunch of obstacles at you all at once with very little time to react to, but there’s really no consequences to losing besides losing rings and whatever distance record you were making. So endpoint what do I think of SonicDash after leaving the game alone for so long? …It’s fine, it’s genuinely fine. It’s nothing to you can’t live without but it’s not a bad game to have ether. Granted I got this way back to it’s first released so I just had to redownload again. So nothing to complain about so far, I’m going hop back on and see if I can actually get Movie Knuckles. So yeah good job SEGA or whoever it what in charge of SonicDash, you did good work here. 🤙
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6 years ago, DragonSoul1983
Enjoyable game, a few suggestions...
4 Stars for two reasons. Love Sonic. Shadow and Silver are my favorite characters, and I love that they’re both available to unlock/play in this game. Graphics are beautiful, and sudden obstacles on curves can be annoying, but a great test on reaction speed. I do have suggestions. First suggestion: Same, repetitive music is annoying; some time ago during an anniversary for Sonic when you could play and unlock classic Sonic and his original Green Hill Zone, the original Green Hill Zone music was playing in that zone. Bring that back, please! Also, a change in music per zone would be nice...boss music plays, so different Zones with different music would be outstanding (perhaps music that originally associated with the Zones in the game). Second suggestion: More than Zazz and Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Dr. Eggman for non original [Sega Genesis] Sonic players) as bosses. Perfect Chaos would be an awesome boss, albeit probably difficult to incorporate into the app, and Metal Sonic would be a great addition for a boss as well since Metal is older than Zazz in order of bosses. Third suggestion: More Zones, if at all possible. Same four or five Zones can be droll, even if obstacles and path changes.
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1 year ago, Mobslayer57
Awesome game (with suggestions)
Ok, first of all, I really like this game. It was the first game I had on my phone, and it’s still really fun to play. I do have some suggestions though. First, could you add more zones, ones from games like SA1, SA2, Unleashed, Lost World, Colors, Frontiers, etc.. I just think that could really help. Also, please add more bosses. I’m tired of only fighting Eggman and Zazz. Boss ideas: Mephiles, Infinite, Death Egg Robot, one of the titans form Frontiers, the rest of the Deadly Six, stuff like that. And many certain bosses would send you to specific zones, each one unique to that boss. And finally.. please fix the music. Change it so that we’re not hearing THE SAME TUNE IN FOUR DIFFERENT ZONES!!! One more thing, fix the animations a little. Just little things, like Knuckles and Silver and other characters leaning to side, Cream having the same animation as her dash animation, and Classic Sonic’s dash animation being more like his actual animation from the games. And that’s it, so please, add more zones/bosses, fix the music/animations, and keep up the good work. #VandalizeMyHeart #Frontiers
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6 months ago, Megacall99
Maybe change this
I love the game and the card collection is such a great idea to keep people engaged. I do have some minor issues I’d like to be fixed somehow. If a character is maxed out players should stop receiving cards for them. I haven’t gotten a single Blaze card since the update and I always assumed it was because I had maxed her out. But now that I’ve maxed out silver and rouge too I’m confused because I’m still getting their cards. It doesn’t help that the roulette wheel has a chance to give me silver or Blaze cards now rather than someone like Jet who I unlocked through the gems but haven’t found a single card for since. And the gems seem kinda pointless now that I finished all of the locations. I’d love if a casino night zone or death egg zone would be added for new environments and more uses for the gems. I also feel like if you have extra cards you should be able to sell them for rings or use certain characters to level up others like using common Sonic for Super Sonic, Slugger Sonic, or Boscage Maze Sonic. I do also hope to see Trip as an unlockables character someday. I love her to bits
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1 year ago, KB the sonic fan
Me as a sonic fan and I am still one
I appreciate Sega and the developers of this game for making this because I have been a sonic fan my WHOLE life and I am nine years old! I like that each character has their own animations, and also I like that you don’t need Internet for this game that way I can play it whenever I want to😏 despite the fact that some of these characters have the animations that I did not expect I still respect these characters, and also can you try to make a super sonic event, I completed the movie sonic and movie super sonic event I just want to see the normal super sonic see if you can make us get all seven chaos emeralds and make us transform into supersonic if we have 50 rings or more, that would be a great feature added (Sega you are the best I’d wish that you keep up all this good work with your sonic creating sense 1991. and also I want to work with you when I get older. thank you for your constant of sonic and I still appreciate you till this day⭐️)
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4 months ago, SpeedCobra1234
I’m giving the cards update 3 stars.
This game is amazing all in all, but one thing I’m not enjoying is the current state of the cards system. You need cards AND rings to upgrade your characters which is honestly annoying. Another reviewer suggested that the cards be used as an alternate way to upgrade characters aside from rings, and if you’re low on cards, use the rings. I 100% agree. I would feel bad if the Sonic Dash team threw their entire cards system away, because they spent time on it, but they can make some Quality of life improvements to it. Another improvement being lowering the rings prices for character upgrades back to where they were before the cards update. And instead of only being able to unlock cards for Legendary character during their events, you can unlock cards for any characters you own at anytime, and get cards for characters you DON’T own during their events. One positive thing I can say about this update though is the layout and display for the cards collection looks nice. But that honestly wraps up my feedback. For the most part Sega had the right idea, but carried it out the wrong way.
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9 months ago, ljaprete
The most recent update made the game awful
To be honest, this game only got 2 stars on account of my previous years of playing. However, this most recent update makes the game a 1 out of 5 stars. The new cards system is awful, and I honestly prefer the previous version more. The whole appeal of the game for me was collecting the characters and upgrading them in my downtime. Now, post update, the game requires you to play constantly while a new character’s event is out in order to even have a chance of upgrading them fully — and even then it takes multiple full days worth of play to do even that! Yes, the cards system is better because it allows you to unlock more characters at a time, but it is so anti-casual gameplay that you won’t be able to enjoy the game unless you play it multiple hours every day. Don’t bother downloading this, you’ll just end up frustrated and upset that you can’t unlock your favorite character because their event is only 3 days long, but the upgrade process takes 14 days of gameplay! If they adjusted how character upgrading worked, and got rid of the card requirements for upgrading, then I would happily recommend this game again.
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4 years ago, Super Cooper Gaming
What’s up w/ the new update?!
Well there has been a new update for sonic dash making the flickeys important. In older versions they didn’t have anything in the crabmeats, spikes, or choppers. Until the new update came with a flickeys story. ( I feels sometimes kind of like sonic jump. ) Well your main purpose / cycle is to defeat enemies, save animals, build homes, collect characters. In older versions could collect characters by buying them with red rings of purchase them with online money. Now you have to complete a home for the flickeys to get the character. And the only way to make homes is with these 💎 which can be earned by completing missions or upgrading characters you’ve collected. And may I need to mention you can’t buy them with online money! Yeah that. And every time you pass by a zone you haven’t gotten their will by a pop up character saying “Earn me by completing the zone.” And you can upgrade homes with red rings but you need a lot of them. So it’s better of to be playing for fun and if you want new zones or god forbid new characters then you have to play for a long time.
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6 years ago, TheOneTrueSonic
Decent game
The game is pretty solid, I just have a few issues: 1. Soundtrack: Although I don’t mind there only being two songs, the ability to choose what song plays while you run would be a nice addition. 2. Camera and obstacles: there has been plenty of times that my run ended because I ran into an obstacle that I couldn’t see because the camera wasn’t positioned in a way that I could see it or it was hidden behind another obstacle, this is also a problem with red ring and character icon placement 3. Hit Box fixing: I can’t count how many times I’ve dodged an obstacle or tried to get a power-up by moving left or right and either clipping the obstacle there for ending my run or completely missing the power-up even though I touched it, also when jumping over obstacles I will clearly be over it and still hit the obstacle 4. A minor issue but I noticed that occasionally when fighting Zass or Dr. Eggman the text showing that they are from Sonic Lost World will be missing, also I would like to see other characters either become playable or become bosses to fight
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9 months ago, EmeraldG2
Horrible changes for acquiring characters
This game a couple of months ago was very fun. Recently though, for some reason the character events were changed from 200 tokens to 1000 tokens, basicslly forcing you to play throughout the week if you want to unlock the new/returning character you don’t have. I didn’t mind as much this change since I understand player retention is important but the newest change with “character cards” is absolutely horrible. Not only are characters now divided by rarity, depending on their rarity the upgrade cost is absolutely unreasonable. I mean, 100,000 for a final upgrade on a legendary? That is absolutely insane, but not only do you need 100,000 rings but you need even more of the cards to be even able to upgrade them in the first place! Unlocking characters is now a horrible drag since it all falls into luck if you get the cards you want during a run or not and the run itself is cluttered with so many oversized cards everwhere. I’ve played this game for years, I’ve unlocked most characters but I think I’ll be playing something else from now on if this change isn’t reverted or at least improved upon.
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5 years ago, 44Archangel
Great Update and an Apology Review
I haven’t reviewed this game in probably 4.5 years so things have changed a lot since then. The last time I reviewed this game I voiced my disappointment that the three newest characters on the game were Angry Birds, even though I enjoyed playing those games years ago, because I thought those were three spots that could’ve been given to other characters. I suggested the addition of characters already in the Sonic world such as Espio and Vector and after seeing the latest update, I wonder if somebody read my old review, lol. Seeing all the new characters since 2014 and how this game has been constantly updated makes me glad to say I’ve never deleted this game and I want to apologize for sounding ungrateful back then. It might’ve taken a few years to get certain characters, but it was worth the wait. If you could add a few more characters such as Omega, Metal Sonic, Jet, and others that’d be great, but if this is all we’ll be getting I’d be content with that, too. Well done, Sega 👍
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10 months ago, fluttershy30306
Ok so this is a AMAZING GAME LIKE you did such a good job making this bro I am amazed this is like one of my favorite games to play so I got this game a year ago I loved of course I stoped playing it and played different games but now it’s been a year and I started to play SonicDash and I love it my young sister has it she lovessssss it and my older sister has it and she lovesssss it one time she snuck her iPad out and played in the car hehe.I mean I love this there is nothing as good as SonicDash I mean bro best game I have so many characters likeKnuckles Sonic what’s his name ummm oh and Silver and Blaze I loveeee this game literally I could play this for hours no joke I always haveSense 2023 I mean I play it a little last year but now I loveeee it so much more than all my other games I love the Creator of this game you did an amazing job I love this game that’s why I think everyone should rate this a 5 star like no joke I am being serious about this I love this game it’s amazing so this is how much I love this game bye ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Adrian Boiii247
Amazing game! Just one thing
Hi! Believe it or not, I’ve been a sonic fan my whole life and I have played this game when it first came out on my old tablet. It has been a special game to me all my life. But I think there is one thing that could be fixed. So with the boss fights they are amazing of course Robotnick is perfect but why zazz? Zazz is from sonic lost world and was added but why just him? Maybe like a different character also maybe just add another because lemme tell you. Zazz boss fight music is 👌. But anyways maybe adding infinite or like or maybe even like something simple with the sonic 2 movie out and the events maybe for a limited time you could add movie egg man or something like that. But anyways enough criticism, this game has been amazing and has had a special place I’m my heart since I first played this game 7 years ago and I remember unlocking the characters by red star rings and having all of the characters. Anyways thank you for reading my review :)
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3 years ago, SuperSonicFan91
Unique and clever
This sonic game is astonishing and most importantly fun. Now let’s get into why. To me Sonic on mobile is a interesting idea how do you take a momentum based plat-former and make it work outside of just recreating games well sega and hardlight found a way. Real quick does anybody know what Sonic is know for… Anybody, oh you in the back yes running and so sega decided to make a endless runner to show his speed and what makes it unique is it has a mission system to do specific things and save flikies and make a home for them. However there are some things I would like to see added maybe in the future as a update such as more bosses like the hard boiled heavy’s or other badnick’s maybe mecha-Knuckles or infinite or chaos or new characters and new playable characters like classic characters or modern versions of mighty and Ray or possibly a super Sonic character but overall I believe that Sonic dash is a great game and sega thank you and happy 30th anniversary Sonic
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8 months ago, Free Gems12432
It’s Good With Some…Issues
Honestly the gameplay is a nice spin on the endless runner genre but why are Zazz and Eggman literal the same boss but reskinned? It’s not a big deal at first but the more you play the more boring it gets so change one of them or add new bosses. Also about the new update with character cards I’m glad we’re now able to get characters that were locked behind a pay wall but now characters we already have are way harder to level up because not only do you need enough rings (which isn’t too much of a deal) but now you need enough character cards and it’s very unlikely your going to get cards for that specific character, let alone 60 FOR ONE HIGH LEVEL. Also, I’m not sure if you’re supposed to get characters like Shadow and Vector BEFORE you get a high enough multiplier to even unlock their area. This last one is me being nit-picky but none of the character’s faces are animated, not saying the models are bad but it just feels weird in some parts you feel like they should at least BLINK but they just sit there with a stoned face.
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4 months ago, Ronpnyc3
So many bugs and adverts won’t close after watching
I have been playing this game for many years and this is the worse it’s been with glitches, bugs and now on top of all this the adverts don’t close after you watch them to open silver chests, double your winnings in a race, double your red rings, or for the newest feature for unlocking bonus missions. I keep getting the same response from Customer Support that they are working with the advert companies. However I play other games and the same adverts close after you watch them. I seriously think that Sega is forcing its players to watch adverts fully knowing that it will not close just so they can meet their year end quota. I am so tired of all the bugs. New characters have the most bugs. There’s one character in that when you release a set of cannons it shoots you as well as other players. The thing with this specific character is that 1.) that never happened before and 2.) there are only 3 cannons and four lanes. So if you release the cannons and you in lane 3 that means lanes 1. 2 & 4 should be in the path of fire. Not the case!!! They just won’t fix all these bugs. No matter how much you contact them.
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4 years ago, zeldafanboy64
Awesome game but would like to see improvements
Sonic dash is so much better now then it was before. There is more zones, a way better way to get characters without having to spend real money to get, events with the sonic movie, the characters aren’t just a skin swap, the gem system and more characters. But I still think that this game has MUCH more potential. 1. More bosses, It is super boring fighting eggman over and over again. Yeah there’s Zazz, but he is the same as eggman and he has been here since 2013. I think more bosses would be awesome. Potential bosses could be infinite, the deadly six, and chaos. You could also make it so that when you are playing as metal sonic eggman doesn’t appear and sonic or shadow are the boss.I also want the bosses to be different and not the same. The Spider-Man endless runner game that got taken away of the App Store had amazing bosses. 2.more characters, I know there is a hunter knuckles and rouge coming soon, but there is a lot more characters they could add. Like the Babylon rogues, omega, the comic book characters (there’s a lot of them), they could also add the warehog for sonic unleashed and make the background night when he is being played. 3. Environmental changes, it would be like you start the weather being the default, and then while you are playing the weather changes. That would be awesome and make the game more alive. The game is awesome, but if they added these things that would be even more awesome
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2 years ago, Rainbowdalamation200
Great Game, Only One Problem
First off, I think this game is really good for a mobile game, very addictive. I like how many characters there are and just the overall simplicity of the game that makes it so fun. I’ve had it for a few years and it still remains one of my favorite mobile games. One of the only things I find a little annoying is the fact that to get characters after their event ended, the charge is 3.99. I mean, isn’t that kind of pricey? Maybe .99 or 1.99, but 3.99 for a character? Maybe I’m not seeing the full picture, or there’s reasons you charge so much, but that is really the only thing I can complain about. Overall, I love the game and I think the characters brought in are great, I like the mission system, it feels good to complete a mission to get gems, and the stages are nice, too. Possibly for future updates you could add Casino Night Zone or Lava Reef Zone? I’ve always liked those stages. Other than that, I like the game and I will continue to play! Keep up the great work!
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2 months ago, TailstheEchidna
A very fun nostalgia trip
This was one of the first Sonic games I ever played, so playing it again after all these years is a really fun and nostalgic time for me. I’m happy that the game is pretty much the same game I played when I was younger, having not been changed all that much, and not shoving ads down my throat every 10 seconds. However, there is a bug with the ads that I do receive. Every time I get one, then try to click out of it, it softlocks the game, forcing me to quit and reopen the app. This happens on any ad I get; whenever I try to watch an ad to continue playing, it softlocks; whenever an ad plays after I exit to the menu, it softlocks. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who is receiving this bug or not, but I thought I should report on it. Regardless, this small bug does not affect my enjoyment of the game. I still very much enjoy it, and am happy it still is the game I remember playing all those years ago.
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1 year ago, cookiexclub6654
The game is awesome! But, I see one thing worth fixing.
Okay, so, I love Sonic dash, don’t get that wrong, ok? I’ve even maxed out Tangle and Whisper! (Those are my 2 favorites) But, one question. So, Y’know how Tangle is animated well right? Well, I wish all the other characters were animated like Tangle! (Except for Wisp bc her animation is good too.) I just got Tails today, and I thought his animation was going to be as great as Tangles, but, It was a bit less. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but, could you maybe make the animation a bit better? Also, just a question but, why does Amy run so weirdly?? I mean, she looks like she’s prancing rather than running, but when you use the Power up to make you fast at the start (I forgot what it’s called) She looks like Knuckles on steroids lol. Anyway, this is just a suggestion, you don’t HAVE to do it. I won’t force ya to. Welp, this is the end of my review, I hope you liked me chatting away! See ya, Sonic Dash crew and readers! ✌️
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4 years ago, kghehhdteuehhdydj
Uuuuh... what’s the point?
Ok I don’t wanna be offensive (but I put one more star than I should’ve because I don’t wanna be offensive, like I said)but WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!?!? I mean, most games like Mario have a point like to rescue somebody but this one is literally pointless so it’s extremely boring and chances are if you enjoy playing it is your only app.I really don’t enjoy games that have no point and just try to addict you and I feel like deleting the app ‘cause it is just taking up a bunch of gigabytes and it doesn’t have a whole lot of characters either. The part I look for in games mostly in games is a point, but I can substitute a wide variety of characters with different skill sets so Sega pull your self together because it was MUCH better in the games like sonic & knuckles because it had a point and a few different skills like how sonic can double jump with thunder shield and bring coins close and fire dealt damage and rushed you forward so Sega MAKE AN ACTUAL GAME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
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3 years ago, Kokichti
People who say this is bad is wrong
Firstly there will be typos and stuff im not trying to waste time but either way i have been playing this game for about seven or six years before there was pets and i loved it but i had deleted it a few times not because of anger but from boredom but it always dragged me back. The game has onlu crashed once or twice. Everybody complaining about it should go back to when there were no events and it took an hour for the game to give you missions, before multipliers, when landing on somebody on a wheel meant playing them once, and gave you no actual boost, my only problem is that over this time no actual new bosses have been added, and i feel these new missions need a new one, a huge mission. It could be defeating three or two bosses in a run and take an hour to generate another one while giving you tons of exp and gems, but overall this game is great, thank you.
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2 years ago, offbrandmario
Sonic dash is good but! Here’s some stuff that should be added
The seaside hill song gets over used a lot it even replaced green hill zone’s theme we should get newer music, also please re-add green hill’s theme song. New levels would be good also because I heard mushroom hill is the final level after sky sanctuary and temple zone. I would like to see zones like marble, angel island, death egg zone, scrap Brain and labyrinth zone and ect.!Also add some new gimmicks and badniks, I’m tired of seeing crabmeat spikes and choppers I would like to see the motobug or even the buzz bomber. I would also like to see some extras like a gallery, and new move sets! Don’t forget some bosses I am tired of zazz and normal eggman I would like to see new bosses with new move sets, also update the zazz and eggman ai during phase 2, when throwing bombs they should always throw double bombs to the side your on, I’m sorry if this is a lot of coding but I’m sure you can do it
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7 months ago, FoefoeHamham
Could be improved
I’ve been playing the game on and off since it first launched around 10 years ago. The card system is entirely pointless because it doesn’t denote the value of characters. Why make a character higher rarity now when the model and animations are just worse than others? Why are models and animations, and effect so inconsistent? Gawain has better animations, model, and effects than super sonic. Just use more of the models from sonic forces, and use some more of the effects. The quality of the game is just variable and honestly frustrating at how it COULD be a good single player offline version of forces speed battle, but they refuse to clean it up. Also, why haven’t we gotten a new stage in years? I would love a city stage or a space stage. Not enough variance when again, they could easily rip assets from forces speed battle since it’s the same team that makes them both. I love the gameplay loop but they haven’t truly iterated on the game in years and I really want it to fulfill its potential.
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2 years ago, WingsOfFireFanThe1
Just a new player
Greetings to the developer and/or reader who clicked on this review. I’d like to begin with a little warning: this is my opinion, so if you find it helpful I appreciate it, if not, I’m fine with that. I started the game just today, I was inspired by some of my friends. I find the game very “Action filled” and “Fast-Going” so when this dash starts it’s very fast, not to mention confusing. I enjoy the wheel; even though I haven’t pulled Blaze yet. But I believe the wheel isn’t rigged, I also played because my friend (not mentioning names) had pulled Blaze off the wheel. But I’m going to get a little serious here, even the first world; as I’m going to call it, is extremely fast, and it seems like the creators are not going very easy on the newbie players, if you can slow it down that would be praised much. The only reason I’m mentioning this is because I play games like this one, VERY SIMILAR. But so far this one is the most confusing, so hits is all I ask, thank you ^^
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2 years ago, Slayr1589623
Great but not perfect
Not much needs to be said about how good it is. It’s responsive, challenging, and has just enough grind to keep it interesting. The problem is that that’s not enough. Bosses in this game are just annoying to get through, and I usually just end up avoiding them. The only reason I do them at all is the fact that some quests require you to do them. If there were maybe some different bosses, maybe a sort of Metal Sonic race or Infinite boss where you have to wear him down, it would greatly improve the variety. As of now, Zazz and Eggman are the exact same, so having them both in the game is unnecessary. The stages are great, Sky Sanctuary is pretty well done here, and Mushroom Hill was a surprising addition. Of course, more levels and characters to unlock through them would be awesome. Maybe something like Metal Harbor from SA2 or even Crisis City from 06 would be cool. Either way, I’ll still be playing this, and look forward to any new content.
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2 years ago, Classic 86
=] [SN] -Smash Bros- (UPDATED)
Hey Sonic dash, I want to say something for a long time now. I’ve been thinking about this: What about like when you defeat zazz you fight the star thing when you have a boss fight with zazz. Also, when you defeat egg man, you see the egg pod with egg man in it, it crashes on a island. I’ve been thinking about this too. Maybe you can fight metal sonic or chaos or shadow, etc. And maybe you can race people around the world. Like a race mode. No offense, but the graphics looks kinda bad make it more like realistic and like conversations in boss fights. In menu where it said “play”, when you move to another place, (Example): Green hills to snow mountain hill ( whatever its called). YOUR character run to the location you want it to be. If people forget how to play this game from years ago, put in a tutorial video inside to. Hey, this game is awesome but needs more updating. Wish you luck SonicDash! -Smash bros-
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5 years ago, Gamer'sFavorites101
Sonic flavored Subway Surfer
If your u like sonic, and subway surfer- you'll like this game! It has good graphics but it's hard to get characters. I really want Rouge and Blaze, but they're 60 other coins! You only get the special coins like, once in a lifetime- and although I'm preciously saving the 12 I have now! Although this is a fun game. It doesn't completely style after subway surfer, there are cool games things that they added to make it cool, like boss battles, which are a GREAT way to get extra points, but the bosses don't get harder! I feel like I am not even concentrating on it!! (. . .not that I'm complaining or anything. .) All in all, this is a really fun game that I enjoy playing it can be difficult or frustrating sometimes, but those make up the aspects of a great game. Although it feels like it's simply subway surfer with sonic characters, it is so much more. You will probably really like this game- so give it a shot! Just go "click" (get) "click" (install) wait. . . and 'Presto!' Have some fun!! -DangerDuck
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