Sonic Forces PvP Racing Battle

4.6 (118.7K)
504.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic Forces PvP Racing Battle

4.61 out of 5
118.7K Ratings
2 years ago, bendys_brother scratch/imgflip
I love this game, but I can barely play it, you know why? 3 reasons… 1: there are way too many updates. 2: my parents need to put in a password. 3RD: I DON’T EVER GO AND ASK THEM TO DO SO. Ahem, sorry for that small rage… but still, way too many updates, please reduce the amount of updates. Also another thing you should add. You should make tails vault optional, I hate when it comes up over and over again asking if I want to retrieve my cards, I just want to go into settings and turn off tails vault. I understand some people might want tails vault and others might not (such as me) and now switching topics from tails vault. Why can’t I try to unlock infinite anymore? I mean, if you can unlock infinite somehow without purchasing infinite then I would be possibly the happiest rapper (it’s dontmesswithmiles on SoundCloud invade you want to view my page, thank you) because I already have movie knuckles, movie super sonic, I have a lot, but still please make that a new event. ANNNNND speaking of movie super sonic, why does it take me 3 seconds to transform? It just sends me into 4th place. And when I’m in 4th place transforming into super sonic there is absolutely no chance in 3rd 2nd or 1st place. Maybe make him keep running while he is transforming into super sonic that would help a lot of people. I would appreciate if you could fix those few problems, thanks for everything sega, peace ✌🏾
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5 years ago, its a beautiful game
This Game Is Awesome
I honestly love this Game it’s a great way to kill time in school, Road trips, at home, when it’s real late outside pretty much all around fun the game has a Decent amount of characters from the Sonic Franchise the quality in the game is beautiful and the point system is fairly done. I’d like to point that Shadow tends to glitch up til where he’s he’s bending his Knees and running like he has shoes no long ok Skates and with Rogue when racing with her she glitches up til her whole body in facing down like she’s on an speed boost but little minor things that should be fixed it would be nice to see some more Common Rare and Super rare characters as well I do enjoy the special characters but once there event is on you can’t get anymore pieces for them I’d love to see CLASSIC TAILS join the game sooner or later you with him running like the old tails where his feet didn’t touch the ground he hovered over the ground while his tails propelled him he should have a speed of (7-9) acceleration of (8-10) and a strength of (1-2) since he’s a real little person it’s only natural he’d be weaker his items should be (Whirlwind or fireball) his speed boost should be Wind boost or whatever you guys decide and his trap should be (Tornado or ice mine) I hope you guys see this and continue making sonic forces the perfect game it is I love blasting my own music with my own chosen name racing against those other 3 people this game is truly unrivaled 💙🦔
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7 years ago, RiiViiMii2
A Very Nice Sonic (the Hedgehog) game! :)!
How the game works is very (really) well, but not without room for improvement. Five things that I would suggest giving this (video) game is one, giving the option to have multiple costumes (outfits) for all of the characters, and two the option to turn off visual effects such as (for example) the grinding sparks visual effects. The third one would be the option to view the races from different (camera) angles, and even be able to angle the camera(s) in any direction the player would want to. The fourth option would be to give players the option to choose the stages themselves. While some would prefer the completely random stage selection approach, it’s still something to think about. Another thing is that there seems to be (like) only one song in the game. While it is nice and all, I believe that this game would benefit with a much wider selection of songs from all of the other (including the recently released “Sonic Forces) Sonic (the Hedgehog) games. They would only act as extras incase (in case) anyone is interested. And of course there is always room for more characters such as Cream the Rabbit and Blaze the Cat, as well as maybe some other Sega-related characters. Those are just a few suggestions that I have here, but it doesn’t hurt to leave a little suggestion here and there! :)!
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6 years ago, Will Trumpet Marshall
Great, but has one problem...
This is an amazing game. I wanted to rate it 5 stars because it works. SEGA listens to the complaints of fans. They have regular updates and add (some questionable because of the game it’s based off of) new characters at a decent rate. So what’s keeping me from changing to 5 stars? This game doesn’t keep my attention very long. I play many other games. This is one of my top 3, but I’ll only go in to unlock a free chest every now and then. Also, Red Rings costs too much. And my biggest problem: you can STILL collect characters who are at max level. NO. I want Rare and Super Rare characters. That’s not easy when you can max out ALL common characters and still collect their cards after battle races. They tried to draw people back by adding the Season element, which admittedly was a great idea, SEGA gives recognition to the top 9 players worldwide after the Season ends. But after a while, if you win a lot, or lose a lot, you lose interest. The only skill involved is the ability to swipe at the right time, whether that be stage obstacles, or items thrown by opponents. Boosts are fast, but are VERY hard to control. I have it at 4 stars because everything works great, mules better than the ACTUAL Sonic Forces, but it suffers one of the biggest reasons to why Sonic Forces is looked down upon. It doesn’t keep your attention for more than an hour or two. Recommended only to those dedicated to EVERYTHING, even if it gets boring over time.
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6 years ago, Shadowspuppy
Great Game!!
The game is great, easy to navigate pretty simple, design is wonderful, challenges proportioned out nicely, it’s not impossible to get rare characters without spending actual money! (Leveling them up however is a bit more tricky but still not impossible without money) I’ve played to the point of no more reward chests and character XP could be gained, banking rings and trophies while I wait for my chests to be opened. However I’ve rated 4 stars only because there is a lag (ugh that lag has cost me some first place prizes, or making me drop out of a race all together, so way past NOT cool) also there’s a slight problem with the music and sfx, just that when it can’t give an ad to play and it tells me to go ahead and take my reward it shuts them off, (and I enjoy the soundtrack and sfx!!) But I keep having to go to the settings and click them off and on again to get them back after ever ‘no ad take your reward’ notification. Also I notice you can invite friends onto the game, but is there a way to actually run a race with specific people? Why invite friends if you can’t play with them? Just beating their scores on a bored. It’s just and idea but, it would be good to go personally in a speed race with your friends you invite. Letting you know when they are on to play and a way of inviting them into an actual race. That’s it for my review! Like the game, fix the lag among all things 😝 thanks!!
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4 years ago, PurpleDudd
Great game!
This is a great game in my opinion. You can race all day, and get rewards for it. There is a battle chest limit though. I love the missions, but I find the cool-downs to be too long. the shortest is 3-4 hours?! really?! Also this game strongly pushes you to buy overpriced in-app purchases. $10 for just about everything. Even a small set of cards. For example, you can buy 50 Super rare cards...for $10. I’m starting to question how Sega makes money off of this game. The ads are frequent. After every few races youll get one. There are optional ads to increase rewards or get coins. As many other reviewers have stated, the trophy system makes zero sense. Its almost entirely random. how come the dude in second get -12 while the dude in third gets +8?! I think the biggest issue with this game is the battery it requires. This app has singlehandedly used as much battery as all my other apps combined. It also has some connection issues, but those are rare and waiting a few minutes fixes it most of the time. My last nit-pick at ghis game is the referral system. You can supposedly use a link to invite people to the game and you get a reward when they use it. Though it does send them a link to the game, it has no reference to you in the slightest as far as I can tell. I tested it on my cousin and he installed the game and I got no reward. This happened 3 times. Other than that, great game.
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2 years ago, M.KartMaster
This is probably my favorite sonic mobile game. But there are some problems, #1 New Character Movie Super Sonic, People are hacking the game to where they can instantly go super at the beginning of a race and not have their rings drained, And they will even repeat it during the race! And its the same for normal super sonic too! Second problem, Tangle Has the ability to get a little boost when she gets a item and an increased chance of getting two of them and making it impossible for any character to catch up, INCLUDING INFINITE! She should have a de-buff for everything except her tail-spring. Third problem, Whisper and Lucky Whisper, All of they’re items are okay except for the cyan laser, Instead of having a chance of picking up two or three cyan lasers the damage increases and the speed. Fourth Problem, Zazz, His items overall are good except for his star item, Im fine with how he many drops, but the speed of them dropping and damage they do are unfair. He literally wins every time if he is lv 4 or higher. Fifth problem, Movie Tails, Everything is okay except for his EMP-Shield’s Effect, Why? The items disabled is way to long making it to where he can get ahead and not be caught up to. Thats all for now but I’ll report back if I discover anything else until then GOTTA GO FAST! 💨 💨 💨
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1 year ago, ilovepegacorns
SEGA, you did an amazing job putting this app together! I really like this app more than anything, and am enjoying this! If you like Sonic, and you like multiplayer, THIS IS THE APP FOR U! like, I have all kinds of characters, and am about to unlock one of my favorites! And, I just unlocked Jingle Belle Amy from the Holiday Rapid Recap! 😍😍😍😍 thank u soooooooo much like this is one of my faves to pass the time! 😊😊😊😊. But this is the opposite of a ripoff. Like, occasional lag, whatever. I don’t mind the ads. Best game ever! But- can u please make it so you can choose your favorites? It has almost been a month now I’m pretty sure, but it STILL did not put Jingle Belle Amy on my stats. SOOOO ANNOYING. Thank u for your time, I appreciate your work and effort to make this game. Have a very good day! Love, one of Sonic’s (mainly Rouge) biggest fans. 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Edit: can u add classic Rouge, classic tails, classic knuckles, classic metal Sonic, classic super Sonic, classic Amy, sally acorn, cosmo, Violet, chef Amy, beach Sonic, beach Amy, Chris, all the characters from the graphic novels, Jim Carey’s robotnik, (he deserves some appreciation, he did a good job!) donut lord, Maddie, crazy Carl, wade, sticks, adventure Sonic, adventure knuckles, adventure amy, Adventure tails, adventure Eggman, and mr. tinker thank you again Oh and emerl and the rest of the deadly six
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8 months ago, Iamjlong
STILL unbalanced racing
You can attack a player that is directly in front of you, and they won’t receive damage and just keep going as if nothing happened; but when they attack you, BOOM you take a huge dose of damage. The trophy addition and subtraction is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! I shouldn’t only get under 10 trophies when I win, then have up to 30+ subtracted from me when I lose! You can’t even come in 2nd place most of the time without having trophies subtracted. The fact that it takes a substantial amount of time to earn the trophies getting maybe 10 here or there from several races and then having close to 30 subtracted from you from just ONE loss is excruciatingly annoying!!! The game is even more lame when you’re constantly being paired with players using Metal Sonic and they rapidly steal every item you pick up! The speed boosts are very, very stupid! No matter what level your character is, the boost will only last about 3-4 seconds and does very little good for a 4th place runner that’s far behind the pack; and the 2nd & 3rd place runners are constantly getting boosts. You also will have enormous amounts of trophies subtracted from you when the game crashes!! How is that even remotely fair? It’s not like I could even participate in it if they can’t stabilize this game well enough so it won’t crash during gameplay!! The game’s servers are extremely poor, and it will try to blame your internet connection, yet everything else on the device works perfectly normal.
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3 years ago, SovietNova-X
Tell me what you really see...
So I’ve been playing this for a while now (I played on a few other accounts) and this has come to my attention as of recently. I’ve noticed some popular big time sonic Villans appear in the game such as Metal Sonic, Chaos, and bosses from Lost World, all of which you faced in the other franchises great games. I never looked to see if anyone else has asked this question but I feel like some background info should be heard or something. My Question: Where is Infinite? Since he was one of the only two Primary Antagonists of the original game (Sonic Forces for those who haven’t played), and as you can run as Eggman in the game (which astonished me as he rarely is ever a playable character), I feel like Infinite was left out on accident as it was his debut in the Sonic franchise and the game kind of loses its meaning by not having the god of illusion as a playable character as there are characters (like Silver and Espio) who have illusion abilities, and why they have it instead of Infinite as the primary carrier intrigued me if whether SEGA left him out intentionally or if they were waiting for a specific point in time to finally involve him. I’d like to see what kind of character Infinite would be in this game if he became one of the playable runners.
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8 months ago, pinkbuu
Good game that, by now, should be a lot better
Good game, has a lot of characters. The gameplay is good but there’s literally one game mode, a 4 man race. An infinite run should’ve been put into this game instead of relying on that for sonic dash, a game that also needs a huge update and outclasses it’s sequel, sonic dash 2. Since characters only run, there should be characters added more frequently. They should also be a little easier to get. And I don’t think it would hurt your pockets to allow us to watch ads to reduce times it takes to open a chest. 24 literal hours to open a chest is silly in a way and there are other ways to keep players playing everyday and I don’t think locking rewards behind time, is a great way to do that. You even have to wait hours to get a new mission, which should offer much better rewards. More characters, better rewards, more things to do than simple races. Team race, time trials, anything would be nice. This game Is good but it can be great. Needs a big update, a update to the user interface would be cool too because the current one is a bit dated. Will change to 5 stars if this game gets an overhaul or a sequel because again, winning multiple races and having to wait until tomorrow to get my rewards makes absolutely no sense. Don’t ever do that again
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7 months ago, Asmodian26
This is one of the best mobile multiplayer racing games out there!
I’ve been playing this game ever since it first came out and I have to say it’s a very well made game. There is a very wide variety of characters to choose from and the tracks are all very smooth. I’ve been seeing people complaining about how this is a “Pay to play game” which is not entirely true. All you need really is skill and a lvl 6 special character. I also been seeing people complaining about the unfairness of the player level. It does take a while to make it to max player lvl, but I don’t take that as a excuse. I started a new game on a separate device and made it nearly to 6k trophies with just a player lvl of 7 and a lvl 2 super rare character, no hacking, I swear. You just need to take your time with the game and practice to get better. I like how Hardlight actually listen to people’s complaints and usually fixes the problem. The only downside with this game is the lag problems that occur, they usually make you lose points, but it’s usually not to bad. I highly recommend this game and hope you found this helpful. And please, don’t take a lot of the one star reviews seriously. A lot of those people definitely have anger issues
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6 years ago, NatsunaEmblem
Take Note
This is definitely one of the more entertaining rail-runner games I've played, the controls are tight and it feels fluent enough. That said, there are some things you should know: 1. Lag can be an issue sometimes, especially when the game wants to completely wig out and your attacks will not connect. I've only had it a couple times, but it becomes extremely prevalent when you're running on cellular data, so if you want a smooth experience, play near a hotspot. 2. As with most mobile games, I'd advise against buying the RNG boxes, especially if you're looking for a character in the Rare to Super Rare category; the odds are poor due to the fact opportunities to level up specific characters are solely dependent on rolling and winning cards for them (Simply put: you'll likely roll common characters you've already acquired and you'll feel pretty ripped off.). This actually isn't too big of an issue, as you have plenty of challenges that will reward you with more rare stuff, and you'll eventually get a character you're aiming towards. For those that are SUPER desperate however, check the in-app store frequently to see the character of the day that you can instantly unlock by coughing up around 80 Red Stars (you'll have plenty of opportunities to get them, but they're $2.00 at most if you lack the funds).
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1 month ago, Foremem
Had alot going for it
This is probably the most divisive of hardlights sonic games. The competitive nature doesn’t mix well with the gacha system and without a single player mode to cool off or practice with your characters, there’s a constant pressure from whoever your going against to fight for your life even if your only quest currently requires you limiting how many rings you get or how many dashpads you use. Some of the newer changes to the mission system also seem designed to bleed you dry more than before and to give anyone who paid for less ads to basically get the same amount of ads they got back wheb the game first launched. I personally don’t even care for the rankings so a single player mode where I don’t have to feel bad for stealing first from some kids and a means to blot out ads entirely are mandatory before I ever feel comfortable giving this game more than 3 stars. That being said the roster is fun and outside of the chalengers and special rarities (so every new character) unlocking your favorites is just a matter of patience. The most glaring omission from the game is a shop for swapping your usesless chip/card/shard things for a different characters, I have the common characters all maxed out so their extra upgrades are just sitting there in an unusable score pile, why can’t I cash those in for a higher ranked characters cards?
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4 years ago, dohodhdhfhuffuififr
It’s a favorite Sonic game to me.
In my professional opinion, this is one of the best Sonic games ever. I especially like how Shadow does the hover to the point where he has no shoes ok I mean Skates and also want to see Dr Eggman join the game soon. I also want Classic Tails to join so I don’t have to Run as my favorite character. I need classic tails so I can hover 6.2 feet. Practically flying! E-123 Omega the Robot is one of my favorites among all the characters because he’s huge and is not part of any other Sonic game ever. I would also enjoy seeing Infinite the jackal joining the game soon. Well we will see if you can carry over some MARIO characters to put them all in Sonic disguises! ! ! And, I don’t know, maybe add more characters from OTHER games, like PacMan, Sonic EXE, and Idk movie Robotnik . Welp I don’t really have much left to say except for this is how I feel about this great game. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎oh and I forgot to mention how you listen to people’s messages and complaints, SEGA. Just, reply to me, because I want those characters so badly. People, this is a fun way to kill time. I like to Murder time and kill time with this.
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2 years ago, |~|Unknøwn|~|
Great game! But…
You know the movie event? Yea? Well they cost a lot of cards and for knuckles nobody knows how much he is. I’m close to tails but I have to wait…A MILLION HOURS JUST TO DO A MISSION TO GET CARDS FROM HIM. And when you get a rare or extremely rare character it’s hard to get it again so low chance your going to even get it. I have Cream,Rouge etc. But I always wanted unicorn cream but I think the event ended. I always miss them! Can you bring them back once and awhile? Few more things sorry, the chest you get after you win. When you battle a lot it says “this is your last chest for the day” or something like that. Can’t we get them every time? And chest slots I always have them full because they take hours to even open. Even the silver ones and I really just wanna open it but I barely get red rings I always waste them for a mission such as tails. And for the battle thing against sonic and knuckles I don’t even know which team I’m on I think sonic? I been wanting extremely rare characters but the event ended or they are really hard to get. Please respond so I know what your going to do about this. Alright have a nice day! Keep up the great work on the things I didn’t mention!
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6 years ago, Arizonans+Hoes
Good Game Yet.. Could Be Amazing
Overall ENJOY playing this game. Sega has done exceptionally well with creating this app. The visuals are amazing and pleasing to see. The many different race tracks at random played so you never get bored of playing the same exact boards and clearing tiers etc was really neat. It’s not too hard to get rare characters. The attacks, shields, and speed boost are really pretty cool & unique to each character. So yeah good game, However it could be great. If only Sega would update/change it so that you could add other players/immediate or random friends with/from the game to a party and play against one another whenever as well. With a chat room for them?! It would blow people’s minds, as well as ending cards being the reason to upgrade. People would love it if initially gaining random cards for wins will remain being the reason to unlock characters yet once unlocked it ends. How they upgrade should be the consistency of how often that player uses the character in races. No one wants a hundred cards for characters they don’t play well with using and never uses and rarely get cards for the ones they do use all the time to upgrade. Other than that good game, oh and fix the lag. Some times it lags and cost me some races. Took my rank all the way down. No sirr..
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6 years ago, SonicFan365
As a die-hard fan of the Sonic series, I must commend the game company Sega for doing an absolutely amazing job on this game. I am of course, not blind of the series’ successes and failures. In fact, I am not a nostalgist (My first Sonic game was actually Sonic Colors, back in ‘08). In fact, I’m a very proud fan. So. Recommendations. Personally, can the fans get a unique campaign mode different to the one from the Switch? Maybe the fans could get a little more character variety as well, like Tikal, Emerl, Chip, The Werehog, and who knows? Maybe even Infinite? One last thing, there could be more locations and there needs to be a variety of music. If I may suggest it, the company could introduce music that dear fans and nostalgists will remember from iconic Sonic games such as Sonic Colors, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Generations, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and many other Sonic games (of which I wholly and completely acknowledge is owned by the wonderful game company Sega). Again, thanks for everything that you all do, and let’s do our best to crush the competition with Nintendo this upcoming year of 2019 with even more stunning detail, storyline, animation, gameplay, voice acting, and music. Remember, “Sega does what Nintendon’t!” Gotta Go Fast, Sonicfan333
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4 years ago, Bd junior
It’s pretty good!
This is a really fun game! The servers are great, and I have rarely encountered any issues with the online. What happens in the races never feels like luck, and the controls are very responsive. Events are really long, so you have a lot of opportunities to get the characters you want. They are also run multiple times. Currently, the event to unlock Teen Sonic (aka Movie Sonic) has been ran 3 times! Although sometimes the characters have no real reason to play as them. Everyone has an attack that shoots forward, one that speeds them up, and one that spawns in front of your enemies. So, there is no reason to pick, say, Charmy over Vector. You just use your favorite Sonic character or your strongest character. Another thing I really enjoy are the ads. Or, lack there of. You will never have to watch an ad. You can watch them to speed things up, but you will never have to see one. And the red rings are very plentiful, too. You get 6 at least once a day from a chest, So you always get some. So overall, this is a great app, and is very fun and time killing during these trying times. I personally like it even more than SonicDash. If you don’t know about the game, play it. You will have a great time!
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2 years ago, allaroundgamr
Grooming ads
This was given a 5 star so it doesn’t get hidden. This game gets actually gets a 1 star. The game is phenomenal, let you play as your favorite sonic cast and you learn about some you never knew. The ads though are horrendous. Both the company who made the game and the company that does the advertisement should be, not only reported, but investigated. We all know, unless you grew up with sonic, that it’s centered towards children. I had seen several innappropriate ads but one really messed with me. It’s an ad for a game where a women comes comes home to her husband tied up and gagged and doing BDSM. My 6 and 5 year old son play this game so it forces me to buy something so the ads went away. This should not be allowed and not tolerated. I played for about 3 hours just to see that’s specific ads frequency, within that 3 hours I have seen that ad more then 75 times before I purchased the lowest red ring option I could find to spare my kids from pedophelia grooming. Everyone involved in this should be prosecuted. You are attempting to groom children. This is unacceptable and I’m am doing everything I can to make sure people know about this
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1 year ago, PSMarie
Great game! But…
1. I like this game a lot I literally play it for hours at a time when I can. I used to play sonic prime but kinda got bored and wished there was something like this so when I found it in the App Store I was excited and it’s a really cool game. BUT 2. The ads, I just don’t know why we needed ads on a game like this. I guess as revenue but there’s gotta be a better way. It really disrupts the flow of the game especially with how hard it is to even accumulate points. 3. If you win a game u might get 20+ points. Or u might only get 10-13 depending on how the race went. Ion like det lol, because the goals are pretty high. U don’t level up until the next 1,000 so. I feel like I literally do have to play for hours just to see some pay off with how slow the game is sometimes with ads. 4. It glitches, I won’t see items but will be mysteriously hit by them. I won’t see the item at all but I’ll see my character effected by something. Also some races it’ll show me four different characters then when I’m racing all I see is sonics. Pretty weird. Kinda creepy.
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6 years ago, quack25
Awesome, but few things I need to discuss.
Well we all know this is based off of sonic forces for the switch, and I think it’s better than the other mobile games like sonic dash. But I’m gonna tell the problem,#1, the speed boost. Normally, in the dash series of sonic (1 and 2) you can crash, jump over spaces, and just basically just do whatever you want in the game...(for 3 seconds). But in this game, yes, you go fast but LOSE the boost when you hit one object. #2 starting the race. Normally, it’s a fair start. In this game, the cpu goes a few steps ahead (P.S, they never really hit an obstacle or anything...) they possibly would switch right in front of you and snatch your power up. #3, the cost of red rings. We all possibly know what red star rings are, in mobile games sonic dash 1 and 2, there at a good price; Unfortunately, this game has A big price for sooooo little. And plus, when you buy things in the game /upgrade your character, it’s like nothing ever happened. So I suggest you should NOT spend money on your star rings. Ok, last problem, when you can’t buy a character max character. NOPE. CANT. I tried but you can’t. Also, sega listens to complaints, so it’ll possibly be fixed. But anyway, apart from that, Sega has done a tremendous job on this game.
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3 months ago, Omghowmanynamesaretaken999
Sigh, I’m not even gonna with the character roster… YOU ARE NOT EVEN INCLUDING THE ESSENTIALS!!! *Screams* Anyways, you’re not including some classic characters, All you care about is adding specials and challengers, not commons,rares, nor super rare. Last time this happened was with Gamma. And that was last year. 2022, to be exact… Here are some ideas for some. *Big breath* Tails Doll, Classic Tails +Eggman, Movie Eggman, Metal Knuckles, Bark the polar bear, Bean, Fang the sniper, Mighty + Ray, and, I don’t know, maybe HYPER SONIC, Turbo Tails, Super Tails, Ultra Sonic, Super Knuckles, Classic Amy + Classic Knucklehead, and Perfect Chaos(?). If you want more specials, we need special characters of these people. Espio, Charmy, Zeena, Tangle, E-102 Gamma, Chaos, and Tikal. And WHY did you make a special Sir Lancelot?! He’s already special. Well, why not? But where is hyper sonic? We haven’t seen him since 1994……….. BRING HIM BBBBBAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! And yet Vector gets DJ Vector, so where’s the rest of the Chaotix in Special form? Ugh, so many problems, And don’t even start on the stages?! What happened to the Mirror stages?! We only have 1 now, because of Stupid Emerald City! Ugh. Just ugh. Also, Tails and Dragon hunter Lancelot’s animations are a bit messed up. But the addition of RED AND CHUCK FROM ANGRY BIRDS was a GREAT choice. Peace!
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3 years ago, Kitty_204
Amazingly Awesome!...But...
I have to Say this, The games good! I like Almost everything about it! I like The quality of the game, along with how amazing the characters look! I also like The Race Maps! There another thing I like, The events! There awesome, I like The Quests for them, along with the prizes you can get. Sadly, there’s a But. So now, let’s talk about the Things that aren’t so great. Tails Valt, I dislike it, Mostly Bc of the Price! $9.99 is actually Expensive, Especially for the younger Kids playing! I Sega Should maybe lower the price, Or Maybe the players can pay an amount of a object we have in the game! Like 500 or more Red Star rings For Tails Valt! It would be Good and it would still give the Player A Quest in a way to get that amount of red star rings! I’m just saying, The younger Players would have a better time, along with the older players! Now, The next problem, Ads! 30 second ads 24/7, Not Cool! players have Ads All the time, and to be honest, I think Sega Should lower the ads, make it where players aren’t drowning in ads when where playing, just make it where there not as much ads! It would be better for the players.. Trust. Me. I hope Sega Will consider my ideas! Good-Day and Take care 👋
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2 years ago, Sonic Forces Mobile Review
Sonic Forces Mobile
I’ve been playing the game for just about 2 years now. There’s a ton of character variety with new events every couple weeks. One issue with this is that it can take awhile for 1 specific character to be available. Ice Slider Jet hasn’t been in one event since I’ve played. He’s the only one I don’t have and there’s now 65 characters. Don’t count on getting them all. There’s a gradual difficulty progression which feels natural but once you hit around 5,500 trophies it can be obnoxious. You can play 3 missions everyday and collect treasure chests with character cards & rings in them every 8 hours. Plus if you finish 1st or 2nd in battle you are awarded a chest with more of the previously mentioned prizes. Rings are also used to level up your characters but these prices change depending on the card type and level. Common cards are the easiest to come by and the cheapest to upgrade. Meanwhile Super Rare’s get up there and Special cards are extremely expensive. With everything considered this is a mobile game with a casual audience in mind who will play occasionally. But there’s a ton here for people who choose to play often. And Infinite is totally broken at higher levels.
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7 years ago, tanktank4321
A few issues, mainly lag
I've had some issues with this game, the first being the lag. Sometimes the lag is the type where your game has lower fps, which I'm used to, but most of the time, the lag is the type where the game runs smoothly but the opponents on your screen don't. For example, in many cases, my screen shows an opponent getting hit by my item, and then an obstacle, but they just turn and jump two seconds after getting hit. This makes characters without good speed boost items, such as Knuckles, practically impossible to play, since I get placed with people who are better than me, and they spam speed boosts and items that don't hit me on my screen, but yet slow me down. Another issue I've encountered is not being able to do the correct inputs when avoiding projectiles. When the hazard sign first appears, I instantly swipe up, but my character doesn't move, and in about half a second, which would normally be enough time to jump, I get hit. Lastly, when an alert is displayed, such as the low battery reminder, your character apparently stops in place. I've seen it happen at the beginning of a game, where when the rings were collected, the alert popped up. I closed it, and I found myself in the same spot I was at before the alert, at the starting rings, while the other characters got their power ups/items.
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5 years ago, ChronicSonicFan (TaylorTyler)
Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Review
Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, in my opinion, is a great and fun game to play, as well as a good alternative for the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Forces for those who don’t have it, me being the big Sonic fan I am. However, the reason why I give it four stars out of five is because I have to doc a point because it can get way too addicting for me. Plus, for characters who are liked and even fan favorites yet rare ones, it can get quite difficult to unlock them. On the other hand, though, I can understand why. Perhaps that’s just an incentive for Sonic fans, gamers, and etc to play the game more. And more, and more, and more, and—oh, you get the point! Hence why I say that it, to me, can get addicting. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the level designs didn’t get repetitive. All of that aside, it’s still a great game. Good graphics that are similar to its console counterpart, awesome rewards, interesting and Sonic-esque (albeit repetitive) level designs, and a wide range of things to do! If you’re the type of person that enjoys running and sliding from point A to point B while hitting enemies, using power-ups, competing online worldwide, going on missions, collecting things, and winning, then this is for you! :)
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3 years ago, Orly1234567890436
Good game with a huge flaw
Sonic forces is what I like to call play to have fun. The game has fun gameplay and at times it can be addicting to play a match but then decide that you’ll keep going until you lose. The problem with this is game is how much it caters to those who spend money on the game. One of the main reasons I like this game is how much characters there are to collect and playing as my favorite characters is always a cool thing to do in a sonic game since you rarely every play as other characters than sonic in normal sonic games. So you can imagine how frustrating it is when you get a chest and only to find that you get the same characters over and over and over and over again. 9/10 times for me whenever I open a chest, it will always be a character that I already have. It’s really makes you less motivated to play the game when it happens over and over again to the point where you straight up delete the game. Of course the game needs to make its money so I’m not saying to just straight up make it completely f2p but please add in other mechanics where we can go after the characters that we want like a character selector chest or do choose a route where you complete missions to get a character of your choosing.
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5 years ago, NoStars4You0000
Sure would like to see where I’m going...
I love this game but every update is making it worse. Not only did you take away the boosts that took forever to build up to, now you go and mess up the camera angles so we can’t see. Glad I didn’t actually pay money to upgrade any characters to get their max boosts that are all now worthless. The camera actually goes beneath the track now or so low you can’t see anything in front of you. Not to mention the awful hedge maze trap that brings you to a complete second stop after you already take the first bit of damage even if you have invincibility or shield bubbles. Do you guys not test all these things out before you release these updates. Then there is the scoring. If you are ranked the highest at the start of the game you get punished for winning depending how low the other players are. 9 points for winning while everyone else gets more then you. The rankings have little to do with skill because if you play the game long enough you can rack up the points. The algorithm needs tweaking. There should be a standard winning amount for each place. Additional points if u are ranked lower and win. Same for the other tiers. It needs some kind of standardization because it screws you one way or another win or lose.
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2 years ago, idkghfhfjdmf
Amazing game but your bank account might cry.
Ok, I don’t mean to hate on this game but I need to talk with everyone who might agree with this point. This game is quite pay-to-win. The Tail’s Vault system is rigged, as well as the event missions. First of all, 10 bucks for the key to Tail’s Vault. By the way this key is not permanent and you need to buy another the next time Tails’ Vault appears. And then the missions. If you actually want to earn Special Cards faster, you need to have a few dollars ready. Because to get another event mission instantly it costs 5 red rings. Then 10, then 25. Etc. The only ways to get these Red Rings are to either spend hours of your time waiting to get a mission that gives red rings, or spend money to get it. I’ve played this game a lot and if you don’t care that this game is vacuuming your money here is my advice. Set aside 20 dollars for this game. Then, use 10 dollars to the Tails’ Vault and 10 to buy 1,100 red rings. This way, you are able to get the key and at the same time have enough red rings to be able to do the missions faster. Even with that can you make the Tails’ Vault key cheaper?? I’m always stressed out because I don’t always have 10 bucks lying around to spend for it. Or make the key permanent.
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4 years ago, diseasedtoe&ok
Good but some problem
I love this game but sometimes it just wasn’t fun. Like for example, when sonic uses his ice barrier things the other players go right through them without even getting hit. It’s just like, HOW?!? Another thing is that sometimes even the characters shooting item goes right through the player and they don’t even get hit, it gets really frustrating because this might happens towards the end and if your in 3rd or 4th place, almost always it would give you a negative score which just makes me mad. Please fix this and I’m NOT saying to fix it when it spawns right in front of them just fix it when they’re a few meters away from it. Other than that, this game is great. One more thing, why are the red rings so expensive and pretty hard to get? Make it at least every time you get 1st place you would at LEAST get 2 red rings. Please, make these things a little cheaper and just a little easier to get. Also, what if you add super characters like super sonic and super shadow? You can make a button in the home page and you can race ONLY with supers because it would be more fair. The way to get it is by an event or making them a new character to get for about 70 cards Thank you
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6 years ago, Superman dolphin
The distribution is awful
Sonic forces is ok. The gameplay is simple and fun, and I like the challenging stages it has to offer. However, I have three problems for this game. The first being that all boosts (except for invincibility) are too hard to control without hitting an obstacle. Since going at regular speeds makes it somewhat difficult to doge things like mines, enemies, or textures, imagine having to run WAY faster and still having to dodge those. It’s nearly impossible. My next complaint is that item distribution is neither distance nor place-based. (unless you’re in first) Which means you can be really far back in last and still get a shield, making catching up to everyone else that much harder. Also, when playing as knuckles, I and many others have been able to spam 5-6 invincibilities in a row without stopping. That can be annoying deal with. The last and biggest complaint I have is trophy distribution. This wasn’t a big deal until the introduction of Jet, where players could see how many trophies his/her competitors lost or gained. Ever since then, the amount of trophies you get is extremely frustrating, considering the fact you can get 8 or 9 trophies in first, the guy in 2nd loses trophies, and the guy in third gains 2 trophies. I can even gain trophies, but not as many as the people who finished after me.
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4 years ago, loganschuylerdavis
It’s an okay game, but being forced to accept 4th place trophies feels like I’m being taunted. I think that taking chests should be optional, because the most annoying thing about this game is getting bad placements then having that rubbed in by getting a chest that says 4th in big writing and one that you have to accept. I’d also like to see more than 4 people per race. I must also ask that you make it so that when you have to close the app, your progress in the previous round would be lost and so that you don’t have to wait to start a new round. O and also, I just noticed that the bots don’t really seem to be affected by each other’s power ups or sometimes mine, they also don’t seem to always get harmed by hitting obstacles, this is so fricking unfair! It makes me want to delete the whole game! I just realized that shadow’s cloud power is extremely overpowered! It is unavoidable and makes the game even less fun! I also see it as annoying and unfair how people can just spawn mines directly in front of you. Why the heck is that even halfway allowed. By the time it spawns, it’s too late, it becomes an unavoidable obstacle and boom, you’re in last place. That’s almost always the reason that I lose or get bad placements! Oops. Look at that. I got second place and got 5 points. The third placer got 7. I hate this game.
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3 months ago, 2001017212475963909019999
Not happy…
Edit: You didn’t even bother reading the entire review did you? Maybe you should actually read it before you reply next time. You still only get one star, how dare you. Recently there was the issue with the ads freezing leading us to have to completely close out the app and restart. In doing so you lost your reward! This happened at the worst time too, during the duration of an event. I lost so much time, currency, and character cards. I brought this to the attention of the sonic forces team and asked for my lost and wasted currency and such. They said no. No reason as to why, just that they can’t. There’s no reason for me to play if this is not going to be taken seriously. Many of us have lost out, just give us all a set amount of red star rings for our trouble to keep us happy. Why is that so much to ask? In doing so, we get compensation and we continue to play. We are paying customers and deserve to be treated as such. Please consider this. It would really help us to feel like we matter and would encourage us to keep loyally playing. I am most certainly not the only one unhappy and would like to see this. Maybe make it a gift in the shop so it more accessible, maybe easier on you guys too, I don’t know. Hope you’re doing well, thanks for reading and your consideration.
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4 years ago, SuperDave30
Please Please PLEASE - or Mario might be a better option
I’ve played this game for a number of years now. In that time I’ve been able to notice a definitive pattern in how you reward play and the characters you provide cards for as rewards for victories. To date (without paying) I’ve unlocked 41 of 45 characters. Of those, my common characters continue to receive cards for victories even though the can no longer get upgrades. On average they have 25,000 wasted cards. Why is that?!? Stop providing USELESS cards to these characters for battle wins. Balance the game so that once a character is max out, cards go to characters that have upgrades available. It is SO obvious that this intentional disparity is a shameless attempt to drive revenue through forced purchases. AND the Tails’ Vault was another ploy to for purchases. We already watch adds and have numerous opportunities to cheat and buy upgrades. Please please PLEASE keep the game interesting buy allowing ALL characters to get cards, therefore having the ability to upgrade. There’s ZERO reason why I should have 25k cards on AVERAGE for common characters and have less than 100 TOTAL for so many of the other characters. Balance this or I’m out. Y’all are ruining the fun.
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6 years ago, Jaon Jackro
Sonic speed battle fav and issues
This sonic game has a General and simple idea and turns it into something great, the characters are really great last from the past and each have a unique ability or two, and I love how addicting the game is and I have only 1 issue...lag. Like any other game lag isn’t uncommon and I know at some parts lag just can’t be dodged, but it’s the attack lag that bothers me. When firing a shot the game makes it seem as if you hit them but in reality you don’t and at some points is ridiculously dumb. I like the concept of you can only use a single attack but this can extremely backfire when it comes to lag. For instance you hit someone with shadow’s lightning attack. Or is seems as if you did. Due to this the cloud should be safe to past due to lightning doesn’t strike twice (pun 100% intended) but no, since the lag makes it seem as if you hit them you get hit with your own attack, I know this can’t be 100% dodged due to some people having better/worse internet then others but try to make it so the lines line up (another pun that’s still 100% intended). please and thank you.
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12 months ago, I’m da biggest bird 🗿
Good but a few problems
Sonic forces mobile is a great game and all but I do have a few concerns about it the first one being how I get paired with people that have unfair advantages such as a mephilis or infinite over level 10 meanwhile my characters are below level 11. This disadvantage causes me to lose trophies constantly to the point where I almost lost a total of 200 trophies. I once got a reaper sonic at level 16 and the same has been happening for infinite and mephils. I’m currently at a stalemate with my gain and loss of trophies so I’m hoping that they can fix this (if possible). Another problem is the trophies we earn like sometimes I lose say 2 when I’m 1st and the person in second gets the first place trophies. Or sometimes if I get 3rd I lose more than the person in fourth. I really like this game and it has allot of potential but some of these things are holding it down in my opinion. But to me this is still a five star game besides my concerns it can get pretty fun dodging all the mines and tornados. Thanks for the great game devs
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5 months ago, Smajj04
No Ad-Free Option
So I had this game for a while, and it was pretty fun, but the ads got to the point where there was just way too many. Many games have an ad-free option where you can pay to have them removed, but not this one. They collect too much revenue from ads. I looked at the description recently and saw the developers said there was an Ad-Free option in-app purchase you could make! Of course, I downloaded the game again only to be disappointed. Positively no in-app purchase anywhere in the game or in the store. Suffice it to be said, I deleted the game. Sonic and the App Store have to many other good games that are have an Ad-Free option. I’m not going to waste my time with ads on this one. Update: the developers sent me this reply; "Hi, thanks for your review. Adverts help us keep the game available to everyone for free, but if you prefer, you can remove most adverts from the game by making any real-money purchase." I re-downloaded the game and tried making a $2.99 purchase of a coin package. It worked! I appreciate them reaching out. So there is an ad-free way to play; it’s just rather hard to find.
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11 months ago, roblox+gacha
Excellent way to bring PVP to Sonic. Sometimes it's a little laggy, sure, but I can expect that from any game. However my main criticism is the rarity of certain characters. Some characters are weirdly easy to get, despite not being mainline- like Charmy or Silver. They're important characters, sure, but I don't see how they've made enough appearances to be considered common. Especially considering the rest of the Chaotix and Blaze are rare, it doesn't make much sense. Other characters are super popular and important, but are hard to get. Shadow is one of the main characters at this point, yet he's a super rare. And you can't argue that he's a Team Dark member rather than a Team Sonic member, because the rest of Dark- Rouge and Omega- are rares! I just find it a bit confusing that the popular character with stats only slightly different from Sonic's is harder to get than the cat girl from another dimension. Maybe I'm just a nerd with too much time on his hands, but this could be a little better. I do really like the inclusion of IDW characters as rares, though! I hope to see characters like Jewel, Starline, and Surge in the future.
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2 years ago, geduide yea h yes j twee
An Amazing game except few things
I honestly love this game, but it has a few things that can make it better. So the limit is 4 chests at a time, but sometimes it’s annoying when you have to wait to get different ones because of the time, I suggest that if you don’t want a chest but don’t want to wait then you could just discard the chest at a cost of 100 rings since it’s not too expensive but still better than waiting for it, I myself really need something like this as long as its not too punishing to the point where no one uses it because it’s not worth it. Second thing: what if you made it so if you weren’t able to unlock a 1 time event character , then after the event you could have a way of still getting it, maybe like 10,000 rings for 10 character point things, so it fair for players who missed the event or were So close to getting it but didn’t manage to get it ,had a chance to get it. Thats everything that I think would make the game Even better than now.
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3 years ago, AlShehhi3012
Great game with problems
Update Oct 2021 - after spending one month in Europe I released that the game was working fine 90% + of the time, no delayed game play and was able to reach higher level easily .. so the issue seems with servers running in UAE not the phone or my network . Also urgent bug now the game does not open and gets frozen at start screen where news come !!! Please fix urgently. ((( Old Review in UAE - still valid ))) After spending hours everyday and happily paying lots of dollars for this game, this has come to end .. mainly because of the weird ranking system and constant connection issues specially after reaching 5000 points level. Example: in many races I hit all rivals and rarely get hit, suddenly I’m in 2nd place or 4th place because of connection going on and off (I have best connection and play many online games) !!! It happens to some characters more than others .. This has happened 100s times. I’m a good player but never seem to reach 6000 level even with many max out characters . It’s no longer competitive and fair. Will still play once a month to see what’s new but no interest to spend my gold rings and 1000s of red star rings collected since it will not improve anything.
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2 years ago, Just a guy who likes Jojo
So many problems
This game can be really fun especially when your starting off but the more you progress it’s easy to say it has a lot of problems firstly is the matchmaking the amount times I’m using a level level 7 runner and going against a level 12 infinite to the fact I lost count has got to be one of the most annoying thing in the game this includes other characters too. The thing is you might have more trophies than him and even reaching second place can lose you trophies. 70 percent of the game having to play against infinite always dominate the race and this is a follow up to the next problem which is how the game focus on meta characters it just take a away the fun out of it one example has to be wanting to use a character but I always I have to think “should I really use him or her” because I can’t just pick silver and expect a fair match I will most likely end up with super sonic, infinite and etc. That’s really about problems that has been on my nerves since I reached 4000+ trophies. The matchmaking and the unfair use of characters overall if you see over this problem I’m sure you’ll have fun with the game.
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5 years ago, InformativeGuy
Good, could be better.
Good game. You can play as various Sonic characters with different rarities, powers, and stats. You race against 3 other people and win/lose trophies depending on what place you get. You can level up the characters by getting points from chests you get from completing quests or winning. Some chests require you to wait a certain time before you can unlock. It’s got the basics of a competitive multiplayer game, but it’s also missing a lot. First of all, there’s basically no way to interact with friends other than referring them to download the game. I would appreciate it if they add some sort of friend system and also add friendly races. Secondly, most games with the trophy progression system have some sort of “clan” feature, where you can create a group for your friends or random people to join. Something interesting you can do is add clan battles, for example you can compete against another clan and see who can get the most trophies before the clan war ends. Little things like that would make the game more interesting, because not really much has been added since the game’s worldwide release.
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2 years ago, beccamcg99
Has its limits.
Is this game fun and entertaining? Yes, but to a point. The Movie Knuckles character RUINS it for everyone. If you’re racing against one of them, best of luck. You’ll lose no matter what. They’re powers (the road block/fence) has no way around it. Other powers from competitors has other ways of maneuvering the obstacle (thunder cloud slide under, yellow fans you jump, etc). Since Movie Knuckles has so many exclusive power ups, I’ve been working to get his character unlocked. But it’s impossible. The odds of getting his cards by mere chance is so slim I’ve hardly gotten any to unlock him. The other thing annoying about this game is that the added points to your final score after a race, is completely random. I’ve gotten -20 points for finishing last, +15 for first. And not even the least or more scores respectively. I once got first but second place got more points than me. I once got third but lost more points than fourth. Overall, it was fun in the beginning when I had the same basic characters as everyone else. Their exclusive characters kill the vibe for everyone else racing and makes it a terrible time.
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1 year ago, TLK-ak
Fun game, but get’s frustrating.
It’s a fun game to play. I like seeing characters from older games and even forms of other characters in the game, but it becomes frustrating for me because I don’t spend money on this game and when I and trying to complete a mission and I get into a match, I get level 10 - 15 “challenger” or “special” characters that I have to compete with. The issue is I only have 2 super rares, both of are not that good. Most my other characters are either boring to play as or just can’t do much good against Mephiles or Rusty Rose that speeds head of me right when the race starts. On top of them speeding ahead of me, they have insanely good moves, so they get so far ahead and I’m left in the dust frustrated that these are event characters that might never come back, which leaves me stuck with no chances to even get 3rd place. Most event characters are too strong and becomes aggravating just to play the game. Please nerf some characters. It’s impossible for players like me that just want to have fun to enjoy the game. I stopped playing this game for this reason and came back thinking that maybe I was just not getting good matches only for the exact same thing to happen.
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6 years ago, RunningSandwich
Sonic forces is probably one of the better games I’ve played on the phone. The gameplay is fun, the characters are cool, and the challenge is definitely there. The game still has a few problems though, like how it’s set up to be clash royal, which was a very popular game but we want to see something more innovative. Also the way you unlock and level up characters is kinda random, you get character cards from chests, and a certain number of cards gets you a character or it levels one up. If you want to know what I think the developers should do to make this game perfect then I suggest changing the menu screen to a more original version, and make it so you can level up a character based on the number of races you win with said character, or based on the number of players you successfully hit with items, just something that requires more work and not just dumb luck. To unlock characters there should be specific tasks you need to complete in order to unlock or gain points (cards) that can go towards unlocking a new character. I think this game is amazing it just needs some fine tuning
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1 year ago, Cooky Cat 109
TYSM this game is great
Ok I’m gonna be honest, I love this game. But recently whenever I play like halfway through the race my screen starts flashing and it says “you’ve been disconnected from the race” and I can’t do anything to change that and its causing me to not be able to progress in any of my tasks. Could you please try to fix this bug? Ok idk if this was just an update fixing bugs or something but Tysm! Five stars! But pls add the character of classic tails. Also you could add a lot more characters but I’ll leave that up to you (I can name at least 20) also thank you for fixing when ppl below you get more trophies than you I haven’t see that happen at all in the past month :) you could also add an option to play against AI bc sometimes I’m in the car and have no internet Ok one more suggestion, I know you’re never gonna read this, but it would be really cool if you added surge and kit from the idw comics bc they’re some of my favs and they’d make good battle characters
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7 years ago, Jeanius818
Lots of Potential
This game is great and is made pretty well. Although they still need to add some features that would make it better and possibly top five games. First of all (I do play Clash Royale) the main menu is just like Clash Royale, for example: let’s say you got Classic Sonic in a chest and then in another chest you got multiple classic Sonics, you use those extra classic Sonics to upgrade the classic sonic you have. Yes that is a minor issue I have, but they also use the same user interface, so yeah. Next they also should have a way to unlock items or suits for your character to wear, like the game on Nintendo consoles. Next there should be levels or missions you could do by yourself and some boss missions too. There shouldn’t always be where you fight online. Last is power ups, many of the power ups are whack and don’t really make sense for the character, there should be better power ups that are what the characters powers are in the shows and older games. After all this game definitely is a great one, definitely worth getting and don’t listen to them haters who say this game is so dumb or lame...
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6 years ago, Bandito_Sydney
Very fun game! A few things...
I’ve had this game since the day it came out, it’s very fun and has lots of characters to play as and I love upgrading them. If you’re a Sonic fan, then you’ll love this! It’s better than Sonic Dash in my opinion. However, there are a few things I’d like to mention. When you use a speed boost, it doesn’t smash through obstacles, you will lose the speed boost if you run into anything, which sometimes can happen if you’re not careful right when you activate it. I feel like that should be changed in order to smash through obstacles while still maintaining the speed of the boost. Also, lately I’ve been getting a glitch after I close out of an ad after a race, I won’t receive my chest and I will be left with a blank blue screen. I have to close out of the app and open it back to receive it. Other than this, the game is great! Also I’d love to see Blaze and Cream be added to the character list! Also, when you speed boost as Zavok, it’s very hard to see where you are going and I always run into things. Maybe this can be fixed with my idea above about speed boosts? :)
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3 years ago, MisterTotourga
Amazing mobile game, Good game overall.
I respect Hardlight for putting this much effort in a game like this, I honestly play this game everyday and it really helped me through 2020. BUT there could be a few changes to make it better, For example a friends system or a private room creation to play with friends and whatnot. Some of my friends like this game as much as I do but there isn’t a reliable way for us to play... adding a friends system would fix that quickly. You guys have done it for Team Sonic Racing mobile so you should be able to do it here. Another thing is to some rare/super rare events leveling them up is really tedious but if you could give some more events to them it would make the game feel less “pay to win”. Something related to the “pay to win” thing going on is that the game is pretty imbalanced, 1 or 2 E-Mines will cause you to lose the game, ESPECIALLY on shorter tracks. Jingle Belle Amy is OP and Spring Cream could use some nerfs, Other than that the game is perfectly fine when it comes to balancing. And please give Tails’ a special already, Zavok got one before him lol.
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