Sonic Jump™

4.5 (697)
99.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic Jump™

4.46 out of 5
697 Ratings
3 years ago, Foremem
Surprisingly Solid!
I was slightly hesitant after the train wreck that was Sonic Runners Adventure, but this game is well worth the pocket change. The lack of dialogue is a small gripe, but the gameplay and visuals are both really good. I was skeptical of the motion controls for steering your jumps but as someone who instinctively curves when turning in mario kart and team sonic racing, the controls felt really natural and responsive, I haven’t yet missed a platform I was aiming for. Some people might have trouble adjusting to it, but I feel any other control method would be too in precise for the way the game is designed. I wouldn’t recommend further micro transactions unless you REALLY like the game but it’s well worth the initial price.
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8 years ago, Sonic fan man
I like it
It's doodle jump but with Sonic. I love the design, music, and gameplay. Now if only they didn't make it so hard to get the characters. Also it took them forever to release Mechanical Zone. Also where's Shadow?!
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8 years ago, KYlPod5thgEn
Just One More Update Please
I will refuse to play "mechanical zone" until the achievements get added to the game. All that needs to be added is the achievement for defeating eggman in mechanical zone (like the rest of the other zones) & collecting all 3 red star rings in mechanical zone (like the other zones). Thats all that needs to be added, i still play the game just wont play the last zone until theres achievements for them how there are for the other zones.
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3 days ago, rez600
Sonic Jump
Simple, straight to the point, doodle jump style jumping fun, Sonic style! The art of the cutscenes, characters and zones are very cool! There’s tons of levels, characters, power ups and achievements. Well worth the play, if you’re into this style of gameplay. Kept me entertained for a few days =) I do miss Sonic Jump Fever though, rip
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3 years ago, The Patriot 5711
I love this game so much !
I love this game but I don’t like that characters cost money I want to have all the characters but I only have sonic and blaze which is just sonic rush characters if characters can’t be unlocked at least when you get wallpapers you get that character anyways thanks SEGA for making this bye ✋
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2 years ago, xvander
Fun, but discouragingly difficult
This game is actually fun and I play it all the time, however my biggest gripe is that luck plays too heavy a factor in it. The level designs are randomly generated and sometimes you just get a horrible spot when Dr Robotnik shows up. It’s so difficult to beat your high score. Havent even gotten close in a over a year of playing.
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1 year ago, pomegranate93
thank you hardlight
I used to love this game on my old java phone back in the day. was pleasantly surprised to see the ios port is still being updated to this day. i’d play this over doodle jump any day :)
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4 years ago, FlameWhale58
Best Sonic Game Yet
Wow. I have nothing to say but I am stunned by the way this game is played. Incredible mechanics, awesome graphics, and reasonable difficulty progression. These things are all I have to say in order for this to be the best mobile game I personally tried or heard of.
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4 years ago, Lawrence19973
Used to play this back in 2012
Used to play this back in 2912 for free and haven’t had an iphone for a while and now I paid 2.99 to play it back again really worth the nostalgia and the money
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5 years ago, Uncle Grunks Funk
Fine but not worth 2.99
I’m a sonic fan and really enjoyed games like sonic dash and sonic jump fever but this is not great. tilting your phone feels like it’s not doing anything and it’s just slow. If there is ever a price drop I guess it would be worth it but sonic jump fever is better SEGA please bring that back.
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4 years ago, leolion305
Sonic is the best
This is the best sonic game for the iPad. I really like to play with my dad and he’s not so good as I am but maybe one day when he grew up he will be as good as I am and I am just six years old can you believe it?
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3 years ago, wingman664
Solid Game Play
Note icon does not seem to work since iOS 15.0 for sonic jump even after uninstalling and reinstalling but fun game
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2 years ago, Alade133
Blank icon
Game’s awesome. Though when I download it, the icon is blank. But the game works otherwise… Hope you can fix this…
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2 years ago, MachineHunter805
Pitch Black App Icon With No Art
I’ve redownloaded the game several times but the app has a pitch black icon every time. Don’t know what’s going and have update my firmware as well. Great game though!
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4 years ago, Sonic The reviewerhog
This game is amazing
Not only is it sonic (which automatically makes it good on my standards) but he is jumping now I would expect that from Mario but with sonic you gotta jump fast
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2 years ago, p0tat0ez
Good game!
I used to play this a lot in like 2015 or whatever when it was free, but the 2.99 is worth it for the nostalgia, plus it’s just a good game in general.
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2 years ago, SeanPoe
this game is kinda hard but it’s really fun. it’s so fun when you get a chance
The little hard but it’s very fun
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11 months ago, Jellos broa
I never done this before but here we are. The only reason why I want a refund is because the game gets boring, it is so repetible for every level like just jumping on every platform, getting the red rings, and beating eggman for every last level. So please reply to me if you could please, please please let me get a refund. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Andthen again
Great game
I have loved this since my iPhone 7. This has nothing to do with game play or function but just got iPhone 13 pro and the app icon is solid black
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7 years ago, EmilyApricot
This really isn't my genre because I prefer touch to tilt controls, but I appreciate they made a mobile sonic game here with all the Genesis themes.
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2 years ago, D. Autry
The game icon is only black…
After updating to iOS 15 my games icon for Sonic Jump is just a black block, no Sonic, just black. I even deleted it and reinstalled it again on my phone and it’s still ends up showing nothing but a black box on my app’s icon for Sonic Jump. Please update and fix this problem.
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8 years ago, SoniGen99
Sonic is Mario
We all know Mario is known for being jump man. Now we've got Sonic being just that. A very nice change of pace. And it's not endless! Sonic Jump's a great game!
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2 years ago, I lost my Pokémon GO plus
Um… what happened to the icon?
The icon was present on older versions of ios but later ios versions such as ios 16 show a completely black icon. Please fix
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4 years ago, Silverlover9000
Trouble with silver
The games good and i like it but silvers levitation is to short can you please make it last longer
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4 months ago, Angyboo23
This game is so addictive!
Jumping on the platforms is so fun, and plus they gave me blaze for free! I might’ve gotten lucky, but this game is quality! Love it!
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5 years ago, Givememorenews
He’s faster vin the speed of sound and he’s not Mario🙀 you better be 😮 .
If he was Mario he would be fat that’s enough
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1 year ago, Jonah6755
App Icon blank
The game is good but the app icon is all black and doesn’t show on Home Screen
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4 years ago, 02/24/98
Too easy but It’s a little harder
So far it’s good a little bit hard but it’s fun
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8 years ago, Travvllr
So upset!
Just recently updated to iPhone 7. Downloaded Sonic Jump, one of my faves, and it used .7 GB of data overnight! Why? Had wifi on, but I have never needed data for this! Anyone else having issues with IPhone 7?
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6 years ago, dcbrd
Fun Sonic Game!
As always, SEGA delivers a fun Sonic game with interesting gyroscope motion controls to shake things up. The ability to attack as you jump is a great godsend. Good game!
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5 years ago, GameHouse Girl 1
Add More Characters
Could you please add more characters like Shadow, Big The Cat, Charmy, and lots of other Sonic characters.
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5 years ago, mp4ut
Love the game but...
I really love this game! But I do think it could use a more characters... it’s also very addicting LOL
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5 years ago, Racing lover
Update remaining 3 characters! :D
There are STILL 3 more characters that have yet to be updated in Sonic Jump Original. They are... Shadow the Hedgehog. Vector the Crocodile. Cream the Rabbit. With her Chao friend, Cheese. Also, even though Sonic Jump Fever is not in the App Store anymore, please update the latter 2 Characters, along with Rouge, to that game as well.
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8 years ago, Eric kautz
I like sonic because it is the best in sonic you can jump and get rings
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2 years ago, majin kaedon
Jumpy jump jump
I love the game so much and it’s all so fun to play
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1 year ago, BillyC1one
Not as good as Sonic Jump Fever, but ok.
Sega kept THIS game up, but removed Jump fever? This game is missing its icon on the home screen but jump fever was the problem? Yea ok. I’m just gonna side load Jump Fever since sega doesn’t want it to exist apparently.
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4 years ago, Slimboi485825
Childhood 😌
It's nice to play my favorite childhood game again! Nothing really negative to say here!
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7 years ago, sonicthewho
Very fun to play and too challenging
I'd say the hardest part was learning the obvious controls.
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2 years ago, Daniel9382
While I bought this Game the icon was blank after download but it needed to be fixed.
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4 years ago, blitz the kitten
Good game but needs some more fresh ideas and nostalgia
So I love this game and I loved the new zones but there was something about not having zones from older games that would fit in to this gameplay style. The zones I am talking about casino night zone, casino street zone , mad gear zone, Casino park (though you could call it pinball city if you did use it because you would use parts of pinball tables to get around), Bingo highway, crisis city, titanic monarch zone, Eggman empire fortress from sonic forces, and water palace. The bosses for each of these levels could be as follows. Casino nights boss could be the boss from sonic 2s casino night, the boss for casino street could be casino streets boss from sonic 4 episode one, so basically every level that had a boss in their old games have that zones original zones boss except for a few. Casino park would need a new boss because it never had a boss because bingo highway was the only one that had a boss. Crisis city would have iblis as the boss and Solaris as the final one. Water palace should have sonic rush’s final boss as its first boss but have sonic rush adventure’s final boss as the final boss with both having the same music that they had originally. Titanic monarch should have its act 1’s boss be the first boss and have act 2’s boss (aka the final boss) be the last boss (When I say act 1 and 2, I mean titanic monarch’s bosses from sonic mania). Before I go, I have this idea of this zone called slime palace zone; a zone that has bouncy slime floors , sticky slime that makes you slow, and slime that blocks most of your view if you land on it. And that is some content you can add to make this game better. Well actually, that’s not true because I still really, really, really, really want tails doll to be added as a character.
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8 years ago, Ithinkyourcrazyorweird
No widescreen with controller???
I used to play a game like this on my widescreen LG flip phone the manual controls were great I don't like the tilt. Can we get widescreen and mfi controller support???
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2 years ago, Harris Teeter Online Shopping
I kind of like sonic jump
Yay I am good at sonic jump
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3 years ago, Greeney8
Love this game
Ton of fun! Love playing and competing against friends.
Show more
6 months ago, Rare_Anxiety
one of my childhood favorites!
this game along with geometry dash and rambo were my favorite childhood games and i just bought it today and it is as fun as i remember it to be 😄
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8 years ago, Add_Blocked
Sonic Jump
Best game ever on sonic includes iconic characters
Show more
2 years ago, Justin Studios 90
Best sonic app ever!
10/10 effort!
Show more
5 years ago, The Humaniac
Jumpy jump jump
I really like jumping in the game
Show more
4 years ago, skrufee
Good but...
It’s good but it doesn’t have shadow you just jump WITH OUT SHADOW!
Show more
3 years ago, AbbyDH77
why do we have to tilt our device
Show more
1 year ago, Cjship2023
Sonic jump
It’s good I love it
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