Sonic Racing

4.7 (32.5K)
816.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apple Arcade
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.5 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic Racing

4.69 out of 5
32.5K Ratings
9 months ago, laynerrayner
My Favorite Game of All Time! 🏁🦔
Sonic Racing is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite game of all time! And here's why: Sonic Racing captures the essence of high-speed racing with a twist of the Sonic universe. It's an adrenaline-pumping experience with tight controls and a variety of Wisps that keep every race exciting. The thrill of overtaking opponents with Sonic's signature speed is unbeatable! The graphics are top-notch, and the attention to detail in each track is mind-blowing. From the lush Green Hill Zone to the futuristic Casino Park, every environment is a visual treat. It's like stepping into the world of Sonic! One of the standout features of Sonic Racing on Apple devices is how smoothly it runs. Whether you're racing solo or with friends in Team VS mode, the game maintains a consistently high frame rate, ensuring an immersive and lag-free experience. What makes Sonic Racing even better is that it's available on all my Apple devices. Being able to enjoy this fantastic game on my iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV is a dream come true! I can't recommend Sonic Racing enough. It's not just a game; it's an adventure filled with speed and endless fun. If you're a fan of kart racing or anything Sonic-related, don't miss out on this gem. It's the ultimate way to experience the thrill of racing with your favorite hedgehog! 🚀🎮
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5 months ago, 8679020 josh
Very fun racing game
Game is so much like Mario kart, but on mobile with Sonic Racing, tales and more characters You can buy some items so then launch them and the race you can throw them you can optimize the items but when you really be playing, it’s very fun and there’s not a drift button. It drifts without you even doing it so it’s more relaxed and all you have to do is move of the joystick, and if you have a item you can press A or X to launch the item the music is very good in this game and this is very great to play with the Backbone and it has control support if I didn’t mention
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1 year ago, Edwerd.w
Started thinking new ideas
Hello my name is Edmund and I love the video game. but I have a lot of ideas to put in your new video game. So I’m thinking that you should put more characters in it just like sonic dash+ Just to make it more funner and not to leave some fans favorite characters out. and that’s all I have to say, you don’t have to make changes but I think but if you really want you’re going to get a little bit more popular you gonna have to do this, OK?
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3 months ago, Samqqzz
Classic Racing Fun
All the sonic characters have their own cars and you get to race against other people online. If your friends have the game, you can also play against your friends. Everyone has special abilities and it’s a whole Lotta fun. My only gripe would be that the game could use some more characters, but overall, very very good quality.
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3 months ago, pro112345689726626262
iPad problem
Hello say I just want you to know that when I try to play this on my brand new iPad I got for Christmas when I try to play after the tutorial it will just crash and I have to restart the game and when I try to redeem my prizes with my tickets to get more wisps the game will just crash when I get onto the screen after sonic stops talking I feel it is very buggy and needs to be fixed in the next update. Please do this because it is impossible to play the game. I highly suggest you update the game to six game
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1 year ago, laurencia pecku
Two problems that’s annoying for a sonic game
I love playing this game and The character variety but I found a huge problem #1:when I play on mobile the game ether takes me out and I go back to see my characters changed or tells me my time is expired #2:I didn’t play the game for some hours and it reset my progress I found this annoying for a spin-off Sega if you see this please update the game for this not to happen to kids.
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1 month ago, Cooper Shangle
It’s fun but one problem
This is one of my favorite games I love the sonic franchise but there’s one problem,on mobile iPad especially the handling is terrible when I try to turn it still going left like you have to put your finger all the way to the wisp button to turn right and when you go left you have to put your finger all the way across the screen please make handling easier
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3 months ago, DailyPineaple
It’s pretty decent…
It’s overall good, but the graphics could use an update and I wish there was a way to steer with gyro by tilting your phone (unless I just haven’t found it in the settings). Also some way to do stunts or tricks like in generations would be cool; maybe for a small speed boost or for some rings. (Ooh, that gives a good idea: maybe the tricks could fill up a boost meter?) Either way a small and fun game all around. 👍
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12 months ago, sky/sonic
Sonic team racing on the mobile
Sonic racing is good but not perfect I say that because in the original game you could play the story mode and customize all of the characters cars in this game it is missing half of the features from the original sonic team racing the only reason I will be playing this version my re is for 2 reasons I can play as classic sonic and I can play sonic racing any where I want and because I have the original sonic team racing in on my ps4 and ps5.
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8 months ago, Kayray77
Five star for sonic
It’s just like the real game but this time instead of playing with people or co-op it’s pretty fun even if you’re up against opponents from different levels if they are higher or lower new or pro is still amazing so the best level to me is rooftop level still is a five out of five
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5 months ago, #Flockin54
Super great for kid
It’s fun because you can get wisps and new characters and it is a great and. Appropriate game for Young kids and your kid can play a entertaining game and it’s about driving So your kids/kid can learn how to drive correctly so they can pass their driving test. So SONIC RACEING IS A appropriate game for kids
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1 year ago, LLboogie848
Need Controller support
Really Fun game and super addicting. I brought an 8bitDo SN30 Pro controller to make playing more enjoyable and also because my finger started to cramp from excessive play lol. I was disappointed to find that my controller is not working. I know it’s not the controller as it works with other arcade apps that list controller support. Please help fix this in the next update!!!
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1 year ago, Sylvie Jo
Sonic Racing
This game I think is a game not for all ages. It is sometimes a little hard to race because it goes so fast, meatiness how hard this would be, especially for a 3-7 year old. It’s hard for me to, and I’m 11. Other than that though, this is a fun and persevering experience and game for people to play.
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8 months ago, Five star rating nickname!
Making this game was a great idea!
I am so glad I downloaded this game! I hope you make more of this high team won! And I hope you had a fun time making this game! I hope you like it too. Five star rating!
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12 months ago, kITten Wise
I used to love this game but this happened.
I used to play this game a lot, but one time when I logged on, it didn’t let me tap anything. The whole game was frozen. And that was months ago. Now when I took some time off the app, I thought about logging on again so I did. When I did, it’s still the same thing. It doesn’t let me tap or touch anything it’s still frozen.
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1 year ago, Jolly909
So so fake.
Have you ever raced the same opponent multiple times in a row… beaten them each time, and watched as their point totals also continued to grow? How can both players be winning and getting higher trophy counts as a result of the same race… These developers are just trying to make you think it’s competitive and make you think that you’re winning so that you’ll keep playing, and so they keep getting paid. 😂
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1 year ago, complanths
The shop take’s to long to Restock. So could you please decrease the restock time to 2 and a half hours to restock? Please. Thank you. And the internet connection is terrible. So I keep on failing races for no reason
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6 months ago, Phantomplayzthis
U need to fix this bug
I am on ipad. There is a bug i am trying to press race but it wont work and when i press the other button and press back it wont work
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8 months ago, Kassandra vina
No! No!No!
I loved this game but now it has 2 major issues one it doesn’t have whisper the wolf two the screen gets freezing when I open it I don’t like it
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1 year ago, Scott.BF
Bestest game ever
When you’re racing that you have other people on your team in the gift, you stuff that will help you win in the race. Just let it be sonic. He’s really fast.
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1 year ago, io kid
The game is rigged.
I am saying that’s the game is rigged because the cpu in the race always glitch And somehow got faster Playing and winning at the last second on the last lap. Plus when you play against someone online, they always get the same characters as you,i don’t know that is a coincidence or actually copying your characters .
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3 months ago, JDthefriendhero
How I think team Sonic Racing would be better in mobile
Please add a story mode like the original did that will make it way better
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1 year ago, DeeDee_Says
Sonic racing
I love this game but it is really frustrating when little kids lose a race and that’s why I rarely let my kids play it Also if they don’t have a person they want, they will throw a fit
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2 months ago, Race fun38583
No ads
This is such a fun game there is no ads when you beat the game you just restart and you get to beat it again again it is so fun
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2 years ago, hberuyc
Gameplay and graphics
This game is incredible 10/10 graphics Animated and has a shine a Material would have the stirring Amazing and right on the spots with the characters would be awsome if it was free.
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8 months ago, Khrissy boy
Amazing game
Amazing game there’s a lot of powers and it’s really action filled but it feels really empty without an all star move like in the sonic all stars racing series, please consider adding this, thank you
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1 year ago, Friut fan
Best game ever!
Bro y’all worked so hard y’all should make a game on the switch sometime bro. Congrats on the game and hope you make games like these even cooler.
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1 year ago, jmaeser
Needs better controller support
Backbone controller doesn't work. Needs update to make work along with many others. Xbox and PS controllers work, which is great, but nowhere near as convenient as backbone and most other controller based games in Arcade support it fine. PLEASE add support for more controllers.
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8 months ago, Julius Byrn
Sonic Racing is really fun, but what would make it even better is for Sonic Racing to have Events and new racers for each holiday. This would draw more attention for the game and have more players.
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10 months ago, 2Dos
Great game for mobile and sonic lovers
I think this game overall is great for iPhone it just needs updates to make the game more fun
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1 year ago, SonicGopher12
Sonic Fan
I love this game I am such a huge sonic fan the characters,graphics, and the effort I could not get it on my switch so thank you so much!!!!
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11 months ago, Kidd Griffin
Good game
I am a Sonic fan and I love Sonic games. This one is especially good because I like race cars too. But I don’t like that there is a limited amount of worlds. Make more WORLDS!!
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1 year ago, jkkirley
It’s pretty good but some things aren’t right
Some kids if they get sixth place there some times get angry and mad only some kids get mad at it maybe not your kid but other kids
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10 months ago, TNTNBABryce
Sonic Racing
Race Around the Course with Your Favorite Sonic Characters & win trophies, to Unlock More Characters, Wisps, & Tracks so you can have some fun, Download the Sonic Racing App Today. -PBS Kids GO!
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1 year ago, 1234568888685843
I love this game and it’s really fun and kind of addicting. I know sonic shouldn’t have a car in most cases but it’s fine because it looks cool and the game is great!
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1 year ago, nest guy
Please make it backbone controller compatible!
Very nice game but please make it backbone controller compatible . That would make it much much better to play . Thanks
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5 months ago, BatXpumpkin
Good but you can do better
I like it but I wish you guys have more power up
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2 years ago, AmandorX
Fun mechanics but lacking competition
Easy quick gameplay. But there’s rarely anyone on to face against, so after like 10 seconds of trying to find someone you default to racing AI that is exactly matched to your loadout.
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1 year ago, hijrehjohvdwhijvdwbjvdwwrv
Good game
I love the game but two things 1 you race your cars more than not and the gifts they are to long but are good and the fastest guy is so slow
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2 months ago, RespectJknight
Add more techniques
You should add more characters more techniques also more you should or you should add a force or bash a really strong bash
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2 months ago, MusicSolves
Lovin on racing
I don’t think I have ever played a game where you can play with other players
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7 months ago, Shooting star444
Best game ever!!!
I really like the game!!! When I first got the game, didn’t really like it. But now I really really really like it! For some reason I keep winning… Love it!!!
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1 year ago, AliceMckendry
This is my favorite favorite game
I love sonic racing games and this one is awesome too. I love the design and art you put in this app. I’s just unreal. It is my favorite Apple Arcade game.
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1 year ago, charlsjsnsfsbgcjdmdjx
This is a great game to play in the game and get a lot more levels for the first time in a year or more so I will keep playing
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1 year ago, Anonymous sonic fan
Sonic racing is so good
This game is so fun. I played team sonic racing on the Nintendo switch and it was amazing. and this game is amazing also. Better than mario kart tour
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3 months ago, sniperelite415
very fun pvp game for long car rides
this game is very fun to play and has a large cast of iconic characters for you to choose from when playing against others. just one complaint i have being the optimization. the game almost feels like it’s made for a pc more than a phone due to its graphics and on a lot of devices this game is very laggy unless you play on low.
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1 year ago, Kristean
I love this game
I love how this game is on the ipad and the Nintendo switch has the more better version but the iPad version is awesome too thanks sega
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2 months ago, N.R2567891
Sonic review
Easy to control you need some thinking great graphics
Show more
5 months ago, Unquo
This game is insane and I think it’s better than Console, iOS is easy to control!
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6 months ago, Whyissonicdash+bad
This is really good!
This is maybe the best Mario kart clone.😹But jokes aside, this game is really good. But why no team Amy? I guess the chao are supposed to be part of it, but cream needs to be added!
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