Sonic Racing

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549.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apple Arcade
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
10.15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic Racing

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0 Ratings
5 months ago, alexanderlindo
Good game. Works with Switch Pro Controller. However a point is lost due to the fact that it is optimized for touch based devices and there is no option to disable auto accelerate. Like other titles I have tested on AA this game in its current iteration does not support gamepad haptics/vibration. This game requires an active internet connection for gameplay. Overall fun game with some caveats.
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7 months ago, NickAppReview
Bots and fake difficulty spike
The game is way too easy at first, but then after about 30 or so races the "opponents" become unfairly fast. It's unrelated to their stats, and even faster than the fastest character you can choose. You can also tell you aren't playing with real players most of the time because your opponents team will have the exact same rank and character set up as yours. Not sure why the developers didn't try to hide this better, or at least improve the bot's genuineness. 2 stars because the game has nice visuals and audio. It was also fun doing some casual racing and completing challenges for awhile, but now that it's basically impossible to get 1st due to bots having an unfair advantage I'm uninstalling.
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4 years ago, D.A.H., Jr.
Fun with controller, mechanics seem fake
Fun game when played with a wwireless controller, but the mechanics seem fake. It's like a box running and sliding on the road.. Doesn't feel or look like a car driving. Also there seems to involve a lot of clicking for simple tasks, and it's not helpful for someone with repetitive stress injury. Why not allow bulk choosing of wisps? Why do I have to select one and confirm 2 times, and why do I have to confirm to upgrade? Wish it was more automatic or assumed after your purchase rather than multiple clicking Also, I have 1400 trophies but I'm matched to a lot of lower level players making it hard to advance. Can we get bonus points for outlapping them or reaching the time 10 seconds before they do or etc? Fun game, otherwise and I've been playing it almost every day
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9 months ago, Futura@22
it wouldnt let me play leauge it is very glitchy and hard to play
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5 months ago, Da man I am
the npc had the slowest stats yet the bet the fastest guy in the game unfair why
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12 months ago, McDonaldLover123322
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3 years ago, artzestuff
Very Glitchy & Frustrating!
As others are saying, this game has multiple issues, Apple should get on this games developer and have them fix the problems or remove it from the App Store. First it lost all my data when I was up over 4,000 points, had a great team & wisps & many reward points, then one day it was gone. I wrote in & they said it would restore in a day or 2... though after 2 weeks only part of my gains were restored, so I started playing again after being very frustrated. Now 2 weeks back in, I regained my team & wisp set back and got my points back up to 4085, now every time I win and get more points, it subtracts points from my total, I'm back down to 4055 after 3 big wins... which is another bad point about this game, if you lose a game (when it's working right) they subtract big amounts, like -10 to -14, but when you try & comeback & win a game, you only get 1 point, what gives with that, you can win 10 games in a row & only gain 10 points & then lose 14 points with one loss. That stinks! It's a fun game when it works right, which took a lot to figure out, as instructions/directions are severely lacking & hard to find help/answers. I'm so frustrated that I can't give it more than 2 stars for now.
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2 years ago, Goatzilla42
Fun but glitchy
Fun game that runs with decent graphics on an M1 laptop using the highest graphics settings. Great for casual gaming. Problem is: the game is full of glitches that produce weird effects such as opponents all of a sudden appearing in front seconds before being declared "did not finish" and regular crashes in between games (on the M1, on an Apple-TV it even managed to crash mid-game for me, more than once).
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5 years ago, ean ostman
overheats my mac..
it overheats my macbook air but plays fine on all my other devices...
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3 years ago, CG13beyond
Ok I have tried to give this game every chance, but it seems the developers are not interested in fixing the multiple issues. It is jumpy during races where you are close to your opponent. In the season, once you hit the 3400 mark it is very erratic when it comes to points. I have won races and have had as many as 16 points deducted in stead of adding the points. In fact it happened 3 times in a row before I gave up and quit playing. I could go on, this game could have had a lot of potential...
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3 years ago, Dujuan99
Multiple issues
This game has multiple issues. The biggest being is that everytime i finish a race it says "the session needs to be restarted" and I lose all my data and don't even get any credit or points for the races I've won! Also it constantly says "your previous race is still in session" when I try to start a new game, even if i dont play the game for a few days! So how could that be possible? It really just feels pointless to win a race just to not even get credit for it..
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4 years ago, mjseik
Opt-out loop
I chose to opt out and play offline, and was insformed app would restart, which it did. But it goes back to the same opt out with no other choices. I don't know whether this is a loop glitch or what, but if the intention is to inform the player that opting out means not being able to play the game at all, then please specify that, as currently there is no indication of such a restriction.
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3 years ago, SLOCal90
still haven't fixed bug for macbook pro
My data was wiped oneday when I logged in due to server issues and the game is not syncing with icloud on Mac. Works fine on my phone. Emailed support and they have done nothing. Thanks for nothing devs!
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4 years ago, n64king
Well it was working
It was working just fine until now, suddenly, it keeps saying my session is expired to restart it, so I do and either I get the session expired again or it says my previous race is still going which Ive never even been in a race yet!!
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3 years ago, Reviewer743
App update wiped out my status
I updated this game to version 1.3.1, only to find out that the game got totally reset to factory defaults. Lost all my unlocked drivers, wisps, everything. I had everything maxed out!!! NOW WHAT?!?!
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3 years ago, yxbai
People cheat
Sometimes I was ahead the whole time and suddenly they won. Not gonna play it ever again.
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4 years ago, SC00801
Ends in middle of multiplayer and takes points away from you. Steering left or right becomes unresponsive. Loaded with "glitches"
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5 years ago, Jmcook
Stuck at end of race on mac
On the Mac there's nothing you can do when the race finishes. Have tried every key on the keyboard and nothing gets you out at the end (other than command q).
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5 years ago, in2it4now
Could not get through the tutorial without the game freezing up on MacBook Pro.
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4 years ago, FasterQuieter
Steering broken
Every minute or so either 'A' or 'D' becomes unrespnsive so I can't steer. Pointless if you can't steer, so I have deleted it.
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5 years ago, Paul Muad D'ib
Unplayable on MacBook Pro
Tried playing this on my 6-core MacBook Pro w/ 32GB of RAM and the Radeon Pro 560X 4GB. Unplayable due to the laggy graphics that kepts stuttering, particularly if you hit a boost pad.
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3 years ago, bmcarbaugh
Why does a kart racing game need DRM?
Game is online-only. No internet, no racing. Stupid. No thanks.
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2 years ago, Jolly909
M1 Macs only
Looks like the latest optimization for M1 Macs, destroys compatibility for older Macs running MacOS Ventura. bummer
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5 months ago, Spankynewman
Great game
I run this on an iPad and Macbook Pro M1 with a controller. This games runs very well on the Mac, and almost all the prior glitches have been fixed. I said almost, as the individual team member score can read incorrectly, for example, 250/120 instead of 300/1000. I wish they would publish information about how the game works - it would answer a lot of questions that people highlight in their comments. Yes, when there are no live opponents the system will generate some for you after a brief wait. You can recognize them becsause they have the same score and the same team as you. People say there is cheating going on - no there is not. You need to learn the courses, use the appropriate team, get points and get and use the correct wisps in order to go faster and play stronger. When you start a match the number of points displayed about your opponent does NOT tell you about their strengths and is misleading. Keep playing and have fun. :)
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4 years ago, Mbaligh22
Game is broken
Session expired. Not sure what's going on with this.
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5 years ago, Lennukas
are you kidding me
it uses a mouse for steering... lock to lock is like 1/4 " movement with 5K iMac and Magic Mouse...
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5 years ago, tyk626
Why not working??!!
This game doesn't work on my iPhone Xs, MacBook Pro (2017, 15 inch)
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