Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic

4.2 (9.6K)
160.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic

4.2 out of 5
9.6K Ratings
7 years ago, Kyudan 62
Sega Forever is Denuvo for iOS
The classic Sonic series was probably one of the first sets of games I've played, and they're probably why I love retro games. The Christian Whitehead ports for iOS are wonderful, and I'm glad to have the old Sonic games on my iPad. I hate it, however, when Sega adds unnecessary garbage like Sega Forever to their games. The mobile port of Sonic 2 was just as great as the original with controls if not better. Since that Sega Forever update, the controls just broke. The d-pad would have a delay of 1-5 seconds before either changing directions or resetting when I let go. The jump button no longer works half of the time, forcing me to die over and over. Even the momentum came off as a bit broken. This makes the whole game nearly unplayable. Nobody likes losing control in a game, and neither do I. The ad issue was moot to me because I paid three dollars before the garbage Sega Forever update. This is why you don't let Sega mess with Classic Sonic. I'm not willing to buy another one of your ports or games unless I know for a FACT that someone more responsible is behind the controls. Get rid of the update! Go back to when it was run by Chris Whitehead. Only then will I put 5 stars, you money-hungry, thick headed, fools.
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3 years ago, M_gamerTv
Sonic 2 original vs sonic 2 remake
1: The original sonic 2 special stages were just kinda 3D but you couldn’t see what was in front of you until I came very close to you and you had little to no reaction time but the sonic two remake special stages are real 3D and do you have lots of reaction time and can actually get chaos emeralds. 2: The original Sonic 2 does not have a save feature in the remake of Sonic 2 you have a save feature and you can play with no save and the save feature saves your chaos emeralds and it saves by act 3: in the original Sonic 2 hidden palace sound was scraped and the only way you could access it was by a cheat device in the Sonic 2 remake you can get to hidden palace zone by falling in to the infamous death hole i’ll give you a clue what the Hidden palace zone boss is 🎺 4:The characters you can play as are sonic and tails or just sonic of you are in sky chase zone wing fortress zone & death egg zone oh for her knuckles if you lock on sonic 2 mobile on with sonic and knuckles but in the sonic 2 remake you can play as just sonic in the entire game or sonic and tails or just tails or knuckles or knuckles and tails 5: in The original sonic 2 You could only play with the Sega Genesis controller in the Sonic 2 remake you can play with touch controls or a wireless controller
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8 years ago, MantheMan5
Just what the world needs.
One year after the world saw the birth of an international icon, the fastest thing alive is back at it again with a new round of ways to end the plot of Dr. Robotnik. Sonic finally encounters one who has super speed just like him, but much more smarts and much less wits than Sonic. Sonic and Tails subsequently become the best known alliance in fiction that possibly is more popular than Mario and Luigi. Let me get my biggest point out of the way. Casino Night Zone? That is a way to treat and get rid of a gambling addiction. It is one of my favorite zones in the existence of Sonic the Hedgehog. Only in this port is the zone improved. Also, Sega is quite cunning to have Knuckles as an available character, deeming it impossible to beat Robotnik in space due to the shortened height of Knuckles' jumps. In reality, it is easy to beat Robotnik as Knuckles. Quite a tricky move by Sega there. This game is just the start of a brand new day for the blue blue. The day has yet to end. There is nothing that needs tone brought to the attention of Sega about this app besides the fact everyone did a phenomenal job making this port. Sonic the Hedgehog 1 was cool, but Sonic the Hedgehog 2 leaves fire in its footsteps. Play the game!
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10 months ago, SquallyCoin5664
a d v e r t i s e m e n t
Sonic 2 is one of the best Sonic games out there, alongside 3&K, Adventure 1 & 2, Unleashed, Generations and even… Sonic R. Fun zones that focus more on speed than precise platforming, unlike Sonic 1. The Christian Whitehead remakes of 1, 2 and CD make these games even better, putting them in widescreen, fixing the special stages so you can actually see ahead of you. (I don’t mind the Genesis, as someone who’s first gotten all of the Emeralds on Genesis, I had to learn where all the bombs and rings are, but this… this is better.) Only problem with the game ITSELF is that 1 and 2 are locked behind mobile devices with tiny screen and touch controls. Now that I’m talking about the game itself, time to talk about my main gripe. SEGA, WHY SO MANY ADS? I get you need to make money from your products and having a completely adless experience doesn’t really insensitive anyone to pay for any other version of Sonic 2 but could you cool a bit on the ads? Maybe once you beat a zone or something? I can’t exit the pause menu without trying to be sold something. Same problem goes for Sonic 1 and CD. Chill on the ads Sega.
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1 year ago, Coolmanguy4321
Amazing Port. Just a bit too much of ads.
The classic sonic games have to be one of my favorite games. When I’m usually in a public space, I usually boot this or another sonic game just to kill time. And I do find them very enjoyable. The level designs in this one specifically as well as the fast paced action and even the special stages keep me enjoyed with the game. I also loved the selection of characters you could play as in this game. I was able to complete the game with all chaos emeralds and with all characters. However the one problem that ruins the experience with this game are the ads. If you pause or unpause the game you have to go through an ad. The same goes for the Home Screen, as well as when you finish an act. I would’ve given them a 5 star if they didn’t include so many ads. Of course there is an option to pay $1.99 to remove ads. But I’m not looking to pay 1.99 for a game that I will probably delete and then months later re-install. With that being said, the Sonic 2 mobile port is an amazing package for anyone who loves to game on the go.
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2 years ago, Jaco B.
Great rereleases with some minor issues.
While the game itself does play well and has all kinds of great bug fixes from the originals, alongside the multiplayer, character choices, and time attack stuff, the remastered trilogy haven’t been the best optimized for the increased screen retail ever since the iPhone X released. For example, the background elements in certain stages (i.e. the Scaffolding in Chemical Plant) appear further in near where the edge of the screen used to be on older phones rather than where it is now, and the characters now also no longer completely leave the edge of the screen after clearing Act 1 of a stage. These issues with the change in aspect ratio happens with some water surfaces in 1 , and has seemingly caused the save file text in CD to overlap itself. What we have now are certainly the best way to play these games, it’s just that to some extent even the remasters as they are now are beginning to show their age. Overall, it would be cool to see these issues fixed, but it’s not as if it’s literally unplayable as it is now.
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7 years ago, The reviewer person thing
A classic re-imagined, but one minor flaw
There’s not much really to say, it’s sonic 2 with better sprites and visuals, I love it! But..there is one thing I must address, and that is: THE ADS. These things are everywhere, from when you enter a special stage, when you boot up the game, and EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU RESUME THE GAME AFTER PAUSING, THERES AN AD! But I get it, this is a free port and I can pay to have them removed, but, since I don’t have that money, I’m forced to watch 20 seconds of horrible gameplay. That’s not even the worst of it, there is this weird glitch that happens when you start up the game and go to your save files, the game acts like it’s going to give you an ad, but the screen just goes black, and it stays like that until you exit and restart the app, it also happens when I pause and resume the game, so if I grab 3 Chaos emeralds in a stage and pause my game, I’m basically gambling my emeralds. I do not hate this game, and I get why they have to put ads in there, but if you could fix that black screen of death, that would be great! 4.8/5.0
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6 years ago, Tatetanic
WAY too many ads.
Normally I’m okay with ads... when they come after a level or at a stopping/intermission point, like in the original game. But when they come in the middle of GAMEPLAY? That’s ridiculous! Sometimes they even come back-to-back, and once I even got an ad ON TOP OF AN AD! (Yes, i know you can buy the ad-free version, but you shouldn’t have to BUY smooth gameplay!) As an example, during a special stage (in Emerald Hill) I got FIVE ADS right next to each other. FIVE! The gameplay itself is excellent, which is why it’s rated three stars by me, but the ads are the main problem. Please fix this; I would say maybe after each act, but definitely not in the middle of playing the game. As an added request, make the game offline-playable, and I would definitely rate it five stars. Edit: I LITERALLY CAN’T PLAY THE GAME. The thing is, when you get an ad that opens into an internet tab, it pauses the game. When you unpause, it gives you a video ad. Then a new tab ad opens in the middle of the video ad and pauses the game, you unpause, a video ad plays, then a new tab opens in the video ad, etc. The game is unplayable, unless your idea of playing is advancing two frames in between constantly playing ads, and for that, I’m wishing there was a zero-star option.
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1 year ago, EvanGamer_2023
I love this game! It’s just like the real thing! I love playing as Knuckles and being able to leap and climb walls. And I love two-player mode when Tails just follows you around. But here’s the thing… I CAN’T FINISH THE GAME. So on Chemical Plant Zone 2, the boss is Robotnik in an airplane or whatever. And the platforms are rotating 24/7! It take GRADUATE SKILL to defeat him. And I’ve played this about 78 times and I still haven’t beat him! I’d either get sent into the open field below, or Robotnik would paint me because I try to avoid the rotating platforms, or worse, I touch the edge of the ground and DIE for some reason. YOU SHOULD REALLY FIX THAT and make it so when a brick crushes you, you die. Not when you touch the edge of a brick. This level is IMPOSSIBLE, can y’all please make it REPOSSIBLE? I’m constantly raging over this zone, and even ending up in tears, so please make this some easier or something so I can pass this thing. Other than this, I love the game! Keep making the good work and I hope you have a wonderful day!
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2 years ago, mat333333
Great port, one problem.
Now yes, this is a really good port of sonic 2, as well as for sonic cd and sonic 1, the sonic 1 and this version have a slight issue. See, when ever I wanna go into debug mode and tap the “Rings” to go to debug mode, it sends me to the pause menu. Wich is annoying, considering the fact, that if you didn’t pay for now ads, you’ll get ads when ever you try to resume the game. Making debug mode practically pointless to use if you didn’t pay for the no ads. And it’s crazy, because this never used to happen. When I got this game back in 2017, this never happened. Now in 2022, this is happening to me. If this is a bug, please fix, well if it is, I don’t understand why you didn’t hear if it sooner or later. Anyways, great port, and that’s my issue. I’m pretty sure this is the same for sonic 1 too, I’m not sure about cd though, (I mean, that never gets updated lol) it would mean a lot if you fixed this little thing, anyways, later. Reeses, pceses.
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2 months ago, Terra true$$$$
Same in the 1990s and worth it
I love this game because it looks like the classic game and this game. I love sonic but it’s a little bit difficult with the worthless something zone like you need to go through and you have to avoid falling off. You have to go onto like a thing that is just a bar that you don’t need to fall off of, and like I got the classic sonic one and made so many saves of sonic and tails working together. I tried so many times to make tails fly. I just tapped the button once and he did not but once I press the button twice he was flying, and then he can rip onto him to make teamwork and also I got the classic sonic one. The thing is that you should get this game if you don’t have an SMS or on an NES, but what is this game from? Is this game from the SNES? If you think it’s from the SS just tell me if it’s from the NES just tell me so I hope you enjoy this review. My reviews are super long sometimes.
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3 years ago, Craig.Watkins.210
Needs features and ad bombardment
This is a great game but I have a suggestion to share with y’all. 1 (custom layouts) Could we make custom layouts like change color palettes, add pieces of other zones together, and change the zone name. That would be a great feature to have in the game. Another suggestion is actually making your custom bosses and characters. You can edit sprites like Sonic for example and save them in the game. 2 (custom ui) Would it be possible to make other options with switches and sliders? That would be a big change soon. Hope to see these features soon.❤️ Also I keep getting bombarded by ads because those are the worst and the final boss=harder to beat and also game crashes at startup pls fix. Also make it so when you do something for instance grabbing rings, the instruments cut out for a brief amount of time. Also make the hi hat sounds sound like they are in the genesis version.
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5 years ago, X-da man!oooohhhh yeah!
I think this app is absolutely great. But the chaos emeralds are really hard to get. Which is not an error. I do like that the cheat codes have not been removed. The debug one does work, but you can’t use it because of the lack of buttons. The one you can actually use is the Super Sonic one. (In no save mode only) When the game starts, after sonic runs around, hit the letters in this order: S-E-G-A (you will hear a ring sound). When the character(s) show up and the text at the bottom shows up, swipe up from the bottom of the screen with two fingers. The level select will show up. Go down to the sound test and play these sound tests in this order: 4-1-2-6. You will hear the sound of Sonic getting a chaos emerald. Proceed to play a level. In the level collect 50 rings, then jump, while in the air, hit the jump button again, and you will become Super Sonic, you have to constantly collect rings to stay super.
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7 years ago, Anon in Cyan
An ad glitch?
This is seriously an amazing port of the Sonic 2 game. So good that I will buy the ad free version once I'm allowed to (yeah pretty lame of me to admit). However, in the meantime, there's a bug (or something?) that's bothering me a bit... I don't know if I'm just uninformed about these types of things but whenever some ads play the sound goes out for the whole game?? That's not all, sometimes after the ad plays the screen just goes black (or on worst occasions, an ad is supposed to pop up and it just appears black). Of course I could just restart the app, however, with the frequency of these ads showing, I never know when the glitches (?) are about to occur. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the ads when I know I'm playing such a good game for free. However, I do mind when they actually affect my gameplay experience this greatly. Then again I almost never invest so much time in an app so I'm new to this kind of thing I guess. I don't know but I just thought I'd drop this by.
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3 years ago, ANDREWVAKA amazing guy
I love this game!
Seriously this game is so fun I love it it’s such a successor to sonic one I think it’s one of the best tutti sonic game although I can’t have sonic freebie because even get it seriously I just really love this game even a sonic freeze better I don’t care of this game is amazing I love the new character tails are kind of new story in the graphics in general and I really like the new sonic designs on the sonic one one I really I don’t really like the sonic one design but the sonic redesign is by far the best classic sonic design off of the designs I’m just gonna say this game is very fun including tails the music slaps everything and literally all of my bones that is so good I love it so much you have to play this game it’s awesome and that really cool cut scene at the end it’s really cool and it has some and it is super sonic up all the golden invincible version of sonic it is amazing just get all seven chaos emeralds and 50 rings boom you are invincible I love this game now go and play it now!
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6 years ago, Bobobzilla
Good remake, bad ad placement
I am a lucky user who has had Sonic 2 and 1 purchased even when the games were emulated. Then, something amazing happened in 2013. These great games were remade, filled to the brim with features! However, the Sonic 1, 2, and CD remakes took a dark turn in the form of “SEGA Forever.” There are three types of ads in Sonic 2. One when you click on “PLAY GAME,” one between Acts, and one when you...resume the game. SEGA, if you wanna have ads, maybe you can add a mode where the game screen is shrunk a little, but it leaves room for ad banners. And I mean those short rectangular ads. Personally, I’m fine with my Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Gems Collection discs. And the thing I’m MOST bothered about, I couldn’t restore my precious Sonic 1 purchase. On a side note, SEGA is kinda lying to us. When you “restore the purchase” on Sonic CD (which I didn’t do), there’s still a little Sonic Forces ad in the menu. Just buy a GameCube, PS3, or XBOX 360, guys...I guess this review wasn’t COMPLETELY accurate to my opinion, but hey, you gotta say something! (Note: pls fix mania debug it shouldn’t be this limiting i want more tails/knuckles abuse options)
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6 years ago, Tat one boi
BEST SONIC GAME (but with adds)
I love the classic sonic series and this game HAS to be my favorite, I still remover when I was young I played this game on the Xbox 360 me and my brother had, I loved being Tails and I liked the fact that there was even a 2 player mode (BTW can we get some of that good 2 player in this app) But here is the catch, when I bought this it was LITTERED with adds, I was thinking “I PAID FOR A GAME WITH ADDS AND I NEED TO SPEND MORE MONEY TO GET RID OF THEM!!!!!” Yeah I thought I was scammed, so I still played the game and then when I was about to defeat the final boss and I had no rings and 1 life left,6 ADDS IN A ROW BABY, THEN IT SENT ME TO AN INTERNET TAB, THAT PAUSED MY GAME AND WHEN I COULD FINALLY PLAY AGAIN, BOOM I DIED so yeah Sega please lower the price of removing adds please to make the experience for the player better for the player, we don’t want another Electronic Arts that litters the game with micro transactions and paying to rid of things that shouldn’t be in the game in the first place, Thank You.
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4 years ago, TheFriendlyEnemy
You ever get nostalgia from playing a game that was released before you were born? That you’ve literally never played before but you know your parents have? That’s this game. So yeah, since the Sonic movie released, I’ve been playing all these app version remakes. I think they did a really good job converting the controls to mobile, and the video quality is great too. I dunno, I’m not some great reviewer dude, I just wanted to post something here lol. Anyway, I also came here to report a couple problems: 1. Because knuckles’ jump is shorter, you can’t damage the eggman bot from the front in the final boss. Of course, you can hit him from the back, but I don’t think that was what you are intended to do. 2. Tails won’t turn into super tails. He just keeps flying. No matter how many times I double tap, it won’t work. And yes, I had enough rings, but for some reason nothing works. Anyway, aside from obvious ads, it’s a great game. Get it. Nothing much else to say. Ok bye
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8 months ago, a cool person 234
Could be one of the best, but adds
Listen, I absolutely love Sonic 2 and sonic one isn’t as good but still great but that’s besides the point I got the Sonic 1, mobile port, and the sonic CD mobile port and they were awesome but here’s the thing they weren’t awesome because of the new things that that was added. It was awesome because of the game that they were adopting was already awesome not to say that the features are bad I like them, but the truth best facts . about the game is the actual gameplay, but here is why I gave it for, and not five. The ads are everywhere there’s no escaping them. I had this problem in Sonic 1 and CD. There are so many ads that honestly it ruins the experience for me not completely, but mostly the ads are so infuriating and the reason I don’t just don’t just get the atlas version is because it cost money. It is infuriating how much as you have to sit through but overall good game.
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2 months ago, thelifeofa
A classic 2!
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 works great. Sonic 2 remains one of the best games ever made for fans of classic Sega games. The best part of the game is Tails can fly! This version contains the original game and it allows players to choose specific levels they want to play once they have completed the main game. However, the Chaos Emeralds remain harder to obtain in comparison to Sonic 1. While the amount of ads can be overwhelming, the ads can also be helpful. For example, a player could be near the end of a level or in the middle of a boss fight and make a mistake… POOF! An ad appears that gives the player another chance without the player having to start all over! The controls; however, can sometimes be glitchy. Some of the controller glitches can be overcome by playing as Tails. Tails’ ability to fly can help players correct mistakes that may be caused by controller glitches.
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4 years ago, BrooksProductions
Best game I’ve played in a while
I’ve love sonic the hedgehog And played his games ever since I was eight. So I love this game and everything it has to offer but there is one problem when I try to access debug mode by clicking no save selecting sonic and tails clicking the letters of Sega hearing a ring sound and clicking the start menu with two fingers it starts a normal game and doesn’t bring me to the level select unless you have changed the way you do it this glitch needs to be fixed UPDATE: PLEASE FIX!!!!!!! there was an update that came out not too long ago and debug level select is still broken!!! I click no save I select a character click sega letters in order I tap the screen with two fingers and it brings me to a normal level this is really annoying please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have removed it update the game so that it’s back if you change the way you do it please let us know somehow!
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1 year ago, aj sonic. ran
No money for you
You’ve been taking all my money number one and now it’s gonna take more money by my making me pay for all these stupid ads and I don’t like the ads you made me pay for the ads and I just want a smooth animation, gameplay and number like I mean it’s better off with the real game and you don’t make anything better. I just have to wait here for all your ads and I don’t want none of the ads don’t look at me like I’m crazy. Sonic2 is better than you and then this iPhone sonic to Dan and no more no more I just don’t want no more. And I don’t play this game anymore and like most of it I’m never playing again never just never. And I never want to see it again. A new making me every time look at your stupid ad it’s all good if I was your dad, I’ll give you a spanking in sonic two is better than this thing where we should call it no more of this no more I don’t wanna say no more as an excuse. If you look like this, please please please please read it and don’t skip this one because they’re not giving out this one.
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1 year ago, Nobodys here...
Great app for Sonic fans out there!
I would HIGHLY recommend this app for the Sonic fans out there because, not only is it fun and entertaining, but it’s also challenging! If any developers are reading this, I have a suggestion. Suggestion: Can you make the last boss less challenging? It’s a bit hard for people that are on Death Egg and they still die (even if they have all chaos emeralds). The Metal Sonic/Silver Sonic can stay the same but, if you can somehow “update” the game, can you please make the last boss easier? A lot of people are asking for this and I agree with those people out there. Other than that, this game is awesome! Thanks for adding the Sonic game(s) to my life, because, it had inspired me to draw him, play on his games, and I even payed Xbox 40 DOLLARS FOR SONIC ORIGINS!! So if any of you guys want to download this game, DO IT NOW!! 👍🏼
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4 years ago, Little jay lj
Please fix this advertisement system
Usually whenever I play this with ads it’s ok I don’t mind advertisements at all, but when ever adds are forcefully popping up at you DURING GAMEPLAY. Then that’s a problem. whoever’s the idiot at SEGA and always wanted the user to play with ads on the Taxman and Stealth ports of the games needs to have a talk with me. Because this ain’t right no one else needs to be put in the same place I was actually going through and I just turn wifi off. but what happens whenever WiFi or cellular data it’s turned off? that’s right A PROMPT PLAYS TELLING YOU TO TURN ON WIFI AND CELLULAR DATA. Meaning it’s required you to actually do this in order to deliver ads to the user playing. Luckily there’s no zero stars function in the App Store so I’ll give the ports a 1/10 because of this stupid advertisement system. Until the day this is fixed or at least ad free WITHOUT THE NEED TO PAY ACTUAL INGAME (or INAPP) MONEY FOR THIS APPLICATION I WONT PLAY IT AGAIN ANYTIME SOON BECAUSE I MAY HAVE AN EPIPHANY AND EMULATE THE ORIGINAL GAME MYSLEF and no one likes me doing that am I right SAKURAI?
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3 years ago, jaydencored
It’s good but one issue
Like everyone else sonic 2 is awesome it’s brings me back in my childhood because I grew up with sonic the levels are great tails is my favorite character knuckles is also and with sonic too but there are 1 problem in this game so please fix I think it’s a bug so I had 4 chaos emeralds and then I went to eat because I was hungry and I was playing in the save mode because who would play no save mode anyways when I cam back from eating I come to see the world I saved has been deleted I lost all my data I wanted to be super sonic badly so when I saw this I was mad and confused because I was playing save mode and when it was deleted that mean that I a 10 year boy had to do all of it again so please fix the bug I am still mad sad and confused that this so please fix this sega.
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2 years ago, brayden mora villa fuete
How to get Super Sonic Fast!
Reading section (Mode:how to get Super Sonic Fast): (1):select No Save Mode* (2):Select Sonic (3):When Sonic Pops up then tap SEGA* (4):Then enter this number on sound test: 01,09,09,02,01,01,02,04 (5):Then press with zone/act you want! (6):When the Game Starts,Press Score or Time or Rings (7):If it takes you to the paused screen, press continue (8):Then tap the + and/or - to change to different items! (9):put the S monitor* (10):then press score or time or rings! (11):repeat step 7! (12):Then jump on the S monitor! You get Super Sonic! (13):S monitors can give you up to 50 rings! (14):if 2 S Monitors are placed, and if Sonic jumps on them (14 continued):He will get another life! Bonus section: *For step one, this does not work on A Save Mode! *For step 3, tap the letters of sega! *For step nine, S monitors can give you up to 50 rings! The end 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦 🟦
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6 years ago, Matt Matty Matthew
Gotta go write a review. Get it... #memes
Special stages as we know are hard, but sonic 2 is the bane of our lives for one reason alone. No frames that you're invincible, so you can hit over and over again and lose all your rings. Also I'm pretty sure that the game gets unreasonable harder when you reach oil ocean zone. Let's have blue super sonic in reverse. so all you gotta do is max the ring count in debug mode and then destroy a bunch of life 📦. Sega please don't patch this it's not a big deal. Also this glitch is in sonic 1. iOS. Sega please show this letter to Christian Whitehead. Dear CW Remember 2 years ago how you showed us your beta sonic 3 and knuckles port, but the project down for some reason. Well I think you can make S3&K IOS! Your fans of Sonic Retro can, I think you can... SO YOU CAN!!!! So get to it. From Matthew Wong Breaking News. Special stage 8 was found in this game yesterday. I found out that in the level selection if you press 7 then 8 you will go there. If your like me you like to spin dash off screen after you hit the goal post. Well for some reason in Hilltop Zone act 1 of you spindash off screen Sonic will get stuck as there is a slope which has a sonic one like design.
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7 years ago, GreatBobcat
Great Game but where is 3?
I love this game, sonic 2 has been my 2 favorite game for a long time. I am now re downloading this game years after its release and its still great, but I still see you haven't made sonic 3 & knuckles yet. Sonic 3 & knuckles is my favorite game ever, and I knew at the time of this games release it may take a while to make the third game but, I'm now coming back 2-3 years later and see no progress. I would love to have my favorite on mobile,But still I look on the App Store only seeing sonic 1, 2, CD, and 4 episode 1 and 2. Why not make sonic 3? I still want to give this game full credit but I would have expected some progress on sonic 3 & knuckles so I'm taking off a star, but anyways this is still a very good game and I'm very happy I can play one of the best classic sonic games on mobile.
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8 years ago, Someoneelsexgseh
Absolute Greatness!
Sonic 2 is considered by many to be the best Sonic game. Christian Whitehead's remake here is a thing of beauty! Having the same graphics, but making them more silky smooth (Play the Bonus Stages in the original or a port of the original then the ones in this remake and you'll see what I mean!) as well as adding a plethora of new features! My favorite is the addition of my favorite lost Sonic Zone, Hidden Palace! I've always wanted an official level of it, because it is gorgeous, and the one provided is everything I could have wanted in the stage! The controls are a bit off, (not enough to make the game less enjoyable, though) I suppose, though, I am playing on a Smart Phone, so it would be expected... I can only hope Whitehead gets to my favorite in the series, Sonic 3... Maybe someday...
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3 years ago, robtopgamesfan
Wdym ads
I’ve played this game long enough and i have seen zero ads. Also there are cheats idiots. When sonic runs and the game says SEGA tap the letters in the order of S-E-G-A twice. When sonic and tails pop up, tap both of them with ur fingers. Now you are in the level select screen. Go to sound test and figure out the cheat codes yourself. There is about 5+ codes. One of them unlocks a whole new special stage and another one unlocks a new level. The reason it’s 4 starts is because the online function doesn’t work anymore. Also I love that you can play as knuckles and tails lol. If you press 0 in the sound test 3 times rapidly, you can unlock the game setting where you can activate the element shields and have certain character combinations. epic game. Also this costed nothing when I downloaded it.
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2 years ago, Mario Maniac 1981
Sonic 1’s too slow
This game is an improvement over the first game in terms of level design, speed, and not including Labyrinth Zone. Sonic Team got rid of almost all of the slow parts from the first game and turned that into a faster-paced game which is what Sonic is known for. If you have an Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch, PC, or mobile device and want to play this game, do not get Sonic Origins. Get this version instead. It also introduced Super Sonic which is broken fun to play as. An aspect that made this more playable is a save file where you can start from the beginning of the act you got a Game Over on instead of Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 like in the original. 5/5. Hope to see Sonic 3 & Knuckles on iOS instead of having to get Sonic Origins to play that game.
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2 years ago, Brennan the great
The Greediest (and Greatest) Sonic Port Ever
This port, is well, fantastic. It includes all the features of the original, including a nice user interface and extras such as online multiplayer, and the secret (Spoiler) Hidden Palace Zone that was scrapped from the original, a great addition. However, the problem is that, like most mobile games, you have to pay to remove ads. You can theoretically still play the game with ads but you will have gone insane by the time you reach aquatic ruin zone. Paused the game? Ad. Completed a level? Ad. Defeated a boss? You get the idea. It’s worth purchasing to remove the ads for a slim $2.00 but there are too many ads without the purchase. Other than that, this port is great. You have outdone yourself again Christian Whitehead.
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7 years ago, JamexF0X
Great Game, Shameless advertising
I want to start off by saying I am a huge sonic fan. Sonic 2 is a wonderful game and this is probably the best version of it. However the adds are terrible. SEGA has done this to sonic 1 and CD as well, but this is the one game I played the most out of those 3. I payed for this game back before it was free. Even though I’ve “restored my purchase” the game still runs worse than it did before the free to play update, and it goes back to showing me adds after a few hours of play. I still think this game is fantastic and playable with adds, but SEGA needs to stop trying to milk their old mobile games, especially when many users already payed full price for the game. At the very least, SEGA needs to fix the restore purchases problem on all the sonic apps they have made free to play. Lastly, I know it has been said before, but we need Sonic 3&K to get a mobile port.
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4 years ago, CamCamBeforeJamJam
Where’s Level Select? What about the iPhone 11?
Hey everyone from the Sonic 2 Mobile Port Staff. I just want to say you guys did a phenomenal job porting this classic game into HD and making it free (albeit with ads). The only gripe I have is that I can’t seem to get the Level Select to work. When I tap the Sega letters in No Save it plays a ring chime but once I put my two fingers on the bottom it doesn’t take me to Level Select anymore. I don’t know if it was patched out or if I’m just doing it wrong. I’d like a response back if possible. Still, even without Level Select this is an awesome game. Also, please let the game be fixed on the iPhone 11. Whenever a stage is about to begin the yellow icon just sticks out until everything else appears and when I end the stage I can just see Sonic and Tails running in place at the corner of the screen.
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6 years ago, shadowgoo33
Just spend the two bucks
I recommend using the free version as a demo to try it and see if you like it first. The ads are pretty insufferable in the free version, since they pop up between every stage and even when you unpause the game. That said, two bucks to have one of the genesis’s flagship platformers on the go is a pretty solid deal. Sonic 2 actually works really well as a mobile game since the controls are super simple and the health system is really forgiving, so the loss of precision from using a touch screen compared to using a controller doesn’t matter too much (at least until the final bosses, but they’re still doable). Also, they added a save system, so the really tough endgame stages aren’t as big of a stumbling block as they are in the original version.
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4 years ago, Haz-u
This is not the Sonic I remember
So started playing, and like always there is a pop up for ad free, as usual I turn it down because I never pay for a mobile app. But soon there was this weird thing. Unlike most apps where you would see one or two ads, I saw 5 ads at the BEGINNING of the first level! Now after a while I started to get annoyed so I paused the game and... an ad popped up! I was trying to get away from the adds but, than another ad popped up when I exited the menu! The ads where both 42 seconds long. That’s almost 3 minutes of adds! But the worst one is the NASCAR HEAT ADD, which when you click on the EXIT button it does... nothing! Absolutely nothing, but trapping me in the add forcing me to exit out and restart and watch all those ads again. The thing that makes this the hardest is, I feel as if SEGA is so money hungry, that they would shove an unholy amount of ads down everyone’s throat. I expected better from the best.
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6 years ago, Derpman123
Too... Many... ads!
The newest update has added so many adds that I can barely play the game anymore. This game was so much fun as a kid on the genesis, but the game has way way way too many ads! Whenever I try to open up the games saves, it just shows an ad. This problem happens every time I also go to a different act, or different zone. Imagine inbetween each level in super mario bros. You had to pause for the game to load the new stage for 5 seconds. Every time, a commercial plays. Now play until 8-4. See why I’m so annoyed? This game has the generic problem of many games on the AppStore that are just basic cash grabs. So many ads the game is unplayable. F you SEGA. Nintendo does what SEGA can’t. Produce a product on phones that doesn’t do ads. That’s saying something. Update: the stupid ads can’t be fixed by turning off the WiFi or turning on airplane mode. It pops up with messages telling me to get to internet. Sadly that means I can’t play it while I’m off on a trip with no WiFi.
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5 years ago, MarioLuigi444
I absolutely love this game!! A retro classic like this on my iPhone just feels amazing, even if I have no Bluetooth controllers on hand. I’m already at Death Egg Zone with Tails and Knuckles. Love the iMessage stickers as a bonus and the 2P V.S. Mode. The Hidden Palace is a nice touch (it IS new, right?) What would be cool is if you made a 2P Co-op for the game as Sonic and Tails. It would be easier for Sonic to grab Tails when flying. Also when the Sonic Mania Plus phase is over, add Mighty and Ray, to both Sonic and Sonic 2, maybe as an in app purchase. The Ads are pretty annoying, but not annoying enough for me to stop. Love this game a lot and would be hyped to see Sonic 3 & Knuckles! (I mean in Sonic 4 ep 1 it continues from 3&K so why not?) Looking forward to getting enough storage for 1, CD, 4 ep 1, and 4 ep 2.
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7 years ago, ActionBoy774
Sega Forever Ruined my Game....
Old review: Listen, I’m not hating on this game. I can honestly say that this is one of the best ports I’ve ever seen or played. Unfortunately , the sega forever update had ruined that for me. The biggest issue I have right now? The jumping. With the new update, the jump button is very unresponsive. I don’t know why, It just is. The jump button is a key component in the sonic games. And without this function working as accurately as they need to be, it makes the game practically unplayable... Please, do what you can sega. We deserve better then this load of trash!!! Update: THANK YOU SEGA!!! You finally answered our complaints!!! The jump is fixed!! The original port is back!!! Thank you sega! As promised, here are your 5 stars!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, Lilythehomeschooler
Ads in the middle of gameplay.
Listen up, I've loved this game since forever. I got all the emeralds like 3 times and completed the game 4 times. But now, This update just ruined the whole fricking game. In the middle of a stage, There will be some Sonic Forces ad in the corner where the Dpad is, So you cant move without pressing it. Then, You cant even see the rest of the screen cause theres this HUGE ad that covers it. You cant even see where your going. I'm stuck on Emerald Hill Act 2 because of this. I would have completed the game by now. All SEGA cares about is themselves, And all their buttloads of money. They don't care about their fans, they just care about all the greedy money. They're so selfish right now, I bet they'll read my review and do nothing. THE GAME IS UNPLAYABLE. I'm sick and tired of being ripped off, And I swear I'm gonna delete this if this keeps going, And I really don't want to. Put someone RESPONSIBLE behind the game. I'm not gonna pay just to play the game.
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5 years ago, Sega please read this
Very good, but a few minor issues
This is an extremely well made remaster, but there are a few issues I would like to address. The ads sometimes close the game and I have to reload the app in order to play again. The soundtrack is phenomenal, so it’s disappointing when an ad’s music carries over to the game after you finish watching it. This is extremely apparent with the Angry Birds ad, where it’s music overlaps the game’s music after it’s over, and it’s very annoying. I hope that Cristian Whitehead can remaster Sonic 3 & Knuckles or potentially develop a sequel to Sonic Mania. I would also like to see these remasters ported to consoles and computers, the same way the Sonic CD remaster was. Anyways, incredible work. I’m excited to see what the future of 2D Sonic will be!
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7 months ago, SEGA boy 17
Gotta go fast!
I’ve been playing this for years and for 2 years I stopped playing because my SEGA genesis broke because it was really old but when I got an iPad I looked on the App Store for Sonic the Hedgehog and when I saw Sonic games I was so happy and excited to so I downloaded it then I heard my favorite word SEGA! Then I played Sonic and now I’m obsessed with Sonic and I get to reunite back with Sonic again but I am trying to get Super Sonic but I will mostly play as Sonic and Tails so that sometimes makes it hard to get the 7 chaos emeralds but Sonic the Hedgehog is really the best game ever and I have been playing Sonic for 11 years and I still love the game and don’t forget the best word ever that is SEGA!
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6 years ago, qandr
This Update Was...
...not exactly that god. Keep in mind that this review is of the latest update, not the game. Though, this game is my favorite Sonic game alongside Sonic Mania. Anyway, I don’t really like that you removed the 2-Player VS. mode. I had a lot of fun with it. Also, I’m not really interested in getting your Segazine. Though, the good part about this update is the update description: “Tails has had a look under the hood and made the game 42.4 percent better!” I love it because it involves my favorite Sonic character (Tails) doing what he loves: working on machines! Also, I heard Eggman’s plan in Sonic 1 to bug the game has failed. HA!!! I hope you add back 2-Player VS. mode, and I hope Sonic Mania Plus goes well! -SuperRyanGaming (My Game Center Account)
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5 years ago, Asomeguy425
A couple bugs.
There’s a few minor problems going on with the iPhoneX version of this game, and I’m certain it has to do with the iPhoneX’s bigger screen. Stuff like how you’re still able to see Sonic to the very right of the screen when clearing a zone’s Act 1. Another being that in Chemical Plant, some of the towers in the background seem to appear and disappear from the outer parts of the screen. I’ve also noticed that when the zone’s name comes in before beginning a level, it stays in place for just a second before sliding in and back out like normal. This is one of the best ports of Sonic 2, and I’d love to see these minor bugs finally fixed. Thank you :)
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6 years ago, georgedonnelly
Restore purchase not working
Bought this game way before the whole sega classic ad update, and it's rather frustrating that I bought this game, and, alas, the restore purchase function is broken. This has been a problem for a long time now, and I even contacted support, and still nothing. I have to wonder if Sega is trying to cash into money from people who bought the game. That being said, this is a decently good game. Sonic Two on its own has quite a few design problems, such as the enemy placement, the final boss, no saves, and straight up unfair deaths. Thankfully, this remake introduces saves, making everything else less horrible. This game makes up for it by having tons of interesting places and Zones, something I think Sonic One was missing, though Sonic One is still technically better designed, I kinda prefer this game, though in a way I also prefer the first. Both of these games (CD, too) pale pretty badly to Mania, though. The reason for the scoring: The whole ad problems. I am not going to deal with ads for a game I already paid for, until some date (knowing companies, probably a year or so) to have what I paid for again. I'd rate this game four stars without the whole ad problems. (Ya fixed it for Sonic One. Consider doing it for two?)
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6 years ago, pablo_gri
Try GameVice
Wow I just checked and last time I left a review for this game was 7 years ago!! Anyways back to the point, everyone who still plays this game and hates touch screen controls, please at least try this. Controller that clamps to your iOS device and fits all phones from iPhone 6-iPhone X’s. It’s called “Gamevice” total new experience on classic arcade game and newer supported games. Doesn’t use Bluetooth but connects directly to lightning port so lag is minimized. I am by no means an advertiser but just felt everyone who games on mobile devices should give it a try, works on many other games and has the button feel similar to Xbox or ps4 button layouts. Hopefully the more support this controller gets, the more developers will support it also, like fortnite for example. And it’s also available from the Apple website so you know if they approve it then it is surely compatible. I am currently using my controller for Minecraft, Real Racing 3, Sonic 2 only (sonic 1 and Sonic CD are still severely bugged on iPhone X), GTA ps2 ports, and final fantasy ps1 ports for iOS.
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7 years ago, Nickuza
You get two stars this time Sega
I have played all the games in the sega forever line of mobile games. This game is the first game to not have lag issues. The previous entires in the sega forever line would have lag when the sound was off, turn the sound on and the lag doubles. The other issue with these games is the amount of ads. Holy smokes there are so many ads. In between stages, pausing the games, going back to the home screen to take a call or answer a text message. It’s seems like there is an ad every corner you turn and it takes me out of the game. I would rather get my Atgames sega hand held and play my classics on there. Sure the sound quality is not as good as on here but I would rather have that opposed to the ads and the lag and the poor touch screen controls. I will be uninstalling this game as soon as I submit this review.
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5 years ago, coooolsmg4
Plz do sonic 3 and Knux for mobile! P.s amazing game!
PLZ do sonic 3 and knux for mobile PLZ I really don’t want SEGA to turn this genius sonic 3 and knuckles idea for mobile down. Though, sonic 2 for mobile is great! I have both sonic 1 and 2 for mobile and beat them and think they’re both really cool but want to see sonic 3 and knuckles for mobile. I also bet lots of other fans think you should make sonic 3 and knux for mobile because it’s a great game! Not just because we want you to release it, but it’s an awesome game and would really have an entire different effect on sonic fans if you released sonic 3 and knuckles for mobile. Please don’t turn this idea down! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Mr.Stuff2
The Best Port
This is easily the best way to play Sonic 2, same with Sonic 1 and CD. Even though ads come out of nowhere, 2.99 isn’t too much to avoid it. But Sega, I have two problems. The first being that we can only play the best versions of Sonic 1 and 2 on a PHONE? The port for Sonic CD is on Steam, why not Sonic 1 and 2? The only problem is you won’t even let Whitehead make the best and final game, Sonic 3 and Knuckles even though he wants to do it. I bet if I wanted to get the rights to Michael Jackson and Brad Buxer’s music, I would, and even if you don’t get the rights to the music, just remix them. So there’s absolutely no good excuse for disapproving this idea. But I really love this game.
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7 years ago, OrigamiSB
Dear Sega and to all that read this: Beware the black screen of doom!!!! I got this game because I had played Sonic CD and that was fun but starting to get boring because I already beat the game multiple times and my father got this game on his Apple TV and I played it and it was super fun. Then I got the app, entered my age and then watched the cool intro and went past an add for Sonic Forces (I didn’t really care about it because I already had the game)and was at the home screen. I clicked play BUT IT DIDN’T WORK!!!!!!! It just went into a blank black screen and just stayed like that. So I rebooted the app but. it. didn’t. work. again. It just did the same thing and I did it again and again and AGAIN! I couldn’t get into the game, I already have noticed that other people have had the same problem so Sega, PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(
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