Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Ep. II

4 (5.5K)
800.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Ep. II

4.04 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
6 years ago, DragonSoul1983
Update was a downgrade
I am giving this game 5 stars because of so much reminiscing from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. I was 8 years old when Sonic came out in 1991; if it weren’t for Sonic, I wouldn’t have developed an interest in video games, and have loved his games since then...not including a few past and present flops (Sonic Boom the worst of it all). I’ve even done much fan art and my own story writing/graphic novel work, as many fans of pretty much *anything* will do. However...I am removing a star because of the “update”. When I first got this game I had to buy it...but it was ad free and wonderfully enjoyable. Now with the downgrading “update”, I have to, in a sense, buy it a SECOND TIME just to remove the ads! I tried to restore the purchase of the game, but I only got an error, telling me that there were no purchases to restore. That takes the enjoyment of the game and tosses it in a pit of fire. This issue is apparently a very large problem for all players who have already paid for the game. And if this “update” moves to episode I, which I have as well, there’s going to be a lot more upset players who have already paid for the game(s). Please, Sega, either refund all purchases that were done to originally buy this game, or automatically upgrade the game to premium for those players who have already paid for the game. It would make a whole lot of rather unhappy players feel better.
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3 years ago, Dylanz333
Great Game! However…
This game is fantastic! I see a few problems about it that I want to address. 1. Super Sonic does not work on iPads! I tried transferring my data to a phone with GameCenter but that did not work either, so I’m stuck with chaos emeralds that do not work. It took a long time to finish the last 2 emeralds and the hype died. 2. I would improve the joystick a bit, since I have some trouble with it. Maybe a choice of how fluent it is. Also have an option to change where the controls show. 3. I would maybe fix how Tails swims underwater, since it’s a bit too wacky when trying to go up or right. He just kind of goes inconsistently and kind of veers out of direction. 4. Multiplayer! It does not work! I’m playing on iPad (I don’t know if that’s the issue or not), and it never connects. Maybe no one is on? Do I need to be closer to another player? Please fix this if you can! Honestly, I don’t know what all the hate is about. I loved this game in the lite version when I was little! Now it’s free! However, the only issue I really want fixed is Super Sonic. I’m missing out on a few achievements due to these broken parts of the game. Anyhow, keep making great games!
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1 year ago, KB the sonic fan
SEGA You are on a roll!💨
You are on a roll SEGA. i’m really impressed with the games you have made especially this one, I wasn’t able to get my hands on episode 1. but it is OK at least this one is for free! Ann a lot of people don’t pay attention to these type of games but HEY it’s a sonic game for crying out loud am I right, anyways back with the game I really like how you added the chaos emeralds so that you can turn into supersonic but the last two emeralds are very hard maybe try making them a little more easier I know they are supposed to get harder and harder each emerald it takes but how about you try making them is just to give people a chance to get super more easily, also will you bring hypersonic back I know the super emeralds are in another dimension (I read a article about the super emeralds) but can you just involve hyper because hyper is the most powerful even as dark sonic he is the most powerful but I bet dark sonic over come hyper so despite that matter but honestly I really want hyper back because he is the STRONGEST form out of super sonic I know the game is already out but could you try making another version please and thanks, I hope you enjoyed this rate review and I will hopefully see you in another game😉
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4 years ago, Inkplaysxt
Game is kinda not playable
So I first got this hame when I was around 7 or 8. I enjoyed it a lot especially with there being no ads. Eventually I finished the game, stopped playing it as I started losing interest in sonic and eventually deleted it. I then went on to switching devices when I got my first phone and I decided to download Sonic 4 again to play it after a long time. When I get into the app, it gets infested with ads everywhere. When I open the game, there’s an ad, when I unpause the game there’s an ad. And I know what you’re thinking, why don’t you just click out of the ads? I would, if the exit button actually worked. Every time an ad pops up, I simply wait the amount of seconds there are before I can click out of the ad. But when I do, it acts as if I’m not pressing exit (not on the video ads but on the picture ads). So in order for me to get out of the ad, I always have to press get and then exit out of the App Store in order to keep playing, but when I do all the sound goes away and the only way to fix it is if you press pause and go through all that stuff again. I couldn’t even get passed the first level because of this. To make this long review short, please fix this and don’t update it to have more ads cause no one wanted that.
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12 months ago, —Anonymous_Person
Good but could be better
This is a cool game, especially for people like me who don’t have many ways to play the original sonic games, but there are a few things that could be fixed… First, the controls: the controls are not very responsive and when they do respond they do what you tell them about 1-2 seconds after you have tried to move sonic. They are also rather small, not SUPER small, but a lot smaller than the first sonic game for mobile. Second, the ads: this game is loaded with ads. Ad almost every time you die, ad almost every time you pause the game, ad almost every time you unpause the game. Now granted you can pay for and ad free version, but for people who don’t want to spend money on games, then the ads are a pain. In conclusion: the game is fun, but the controls are bad. And the game is so full of ads, it can be hard to play and enjoy yourself completely. (If you’re not screaming at the game because of how aggravating it can be. I mean, come on, it’s a sonic game! All those games are hard!) Final words: if you want my advise, go find some good emulator and play the original sonic games on those. (Raspberry Pi is good for emulating games)
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2 years ago, Thegamebreaker4
Sonic 4 episode 2 is still a mystical and interesting game
(Best to read if played game before, might spoil) Well well well, sonic 4 episode 2, do I have to say more? The stages are so good as well as the music! however some stages are pretty bad. The final boss is okay and the Sky fortress act 1 is a little boring. But EVERY stage besides those are just pure fun to run through. Sylvania castle zone is a great discount of green hill zone, white park is amazing! (Besides act 3) and oil desert is EXTREMELY UNDERRATED as well as sky fortress. it’s like a ban-aid was put on the physics, there kind of better BUT NOT REALLY. some bosses are so irritating as well but the music is amazing, but the final special stage is the WORST. It requires so much trial and error… instead of you getting 300 rings, you have to get from 100 to 400 rings or else you lose! But the other special stages are good too, and when you get super sonic, he feels so refreshing. Sadly u get nothing for the good ending when you get all the chaos emeralds. With a few shortcomings it by far one of the best sonic games ever.
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6 years ago, gaminglime64
Love the game from start to finish/Great transfer
This game is really addictive to play until I beat just recently, all in a couple days. The game is a great part of my past, as it was my first look into sonic the hedgehog, back in 2013. My only problem is sometimes the game can have some internet connection problems and be a little slow at times, but nothing really to complain about. Really good transfer in my part, from the gameplay to music, it’s not too bad. The only thing I have to confess about is, why is episode 2 free on the App Store and episode 1 is 2.99? Like it make no sense to give the second game free, but the first not. Because if people play this first and play the original second, it can mess up the entire experience and vibe, so at least make the first free, to be just as popular as the second, if you can. Overall, great game, just one marketing flaw and it’s perfect. So thanks sega!!! Ps: Still waiting for Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Sonic Spinball Remastered for the complete sonic experience!!!
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6 years ago, georgedonnelly
Decent game ruined by controls
This is actually a fun game. After hearing so many bad things of 4, I got a little worry-some, although it's actually pretty good. The homing attack makes things a little too easy; but it's fine. The problem is, though, the controls. The control stick which you use to control Sonic and Tails is pretty bad, and, despite looking the same, is nothing like the ones used in the Christian Whitehead remakes of the originals. First off, it's too small. Not only is it hard to move it around because of this; but your hand is always falling off the stick. My suggestion is to add a ability where you can make the stick larger, or smaller, like in the remakes. Something else, is performance. There is something wrong with the performance; I don't know if it's frame rate or something else. When standing still, everything likes decently fine. Also, I'm on an Ipad Mini 4, one of the newer devices, so I'm pretty sure it's not on my end. In the end, a decent game almost completely ruined by controls.
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12 months ago, kagen feltmeyer
What a mess
I’m here to write an actual review because all the other reviews are fake so here we go. The unresponsive controls: this game has very unresponsive controls when trying to use Tails, jumping in anyway you want to go, and using your abilities, Sonic is very unresponsive in the game when moving and it shows in Special Stages he turns very slow and the game feels so awful on the Phone. Awful Mechanics: this game has AWFUL MECHANICS, very awful one of the worst out of any Sonic game. The ads: the ads are very consistently annoying when playing, when I pause the game I get an ad when I want to play another level I get an ad, when I retry a level guess what? I GET A AD. I’m not paying for free mode basically it’s not worth my money. Awful stages and enemies: the enemies in world two are annoying and a very huge difficultly when playing only world 2????? Slylania Castle and Oil Desert aren’t that bad but and other levels after it get way too hard. This game is just awful and I played it so you don’t have to I feel robbed playing a free Sonic game this maybe better then episode 1 but not by much.
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4 years ago, rileydal00-
I know you guys are working hard on every single game but i hate it how they cancled the update for hyper sonic and knuckles for this game. Knuckles was supposed to be in the game but then sega cancled the update so i kinda do not like it that much but it was fun i got all the caos emeralds and ya. I love suprizing metal sonic with super sonic. It’s pretty fun to do. But i also hate about when they cancled the update for hyper sonic and such new levels. I wish that In the next update or game whatever, i really want to see hyper sonic in it. I cant afford the sonic 3 game and i also see why that they canceled the update but i really wanna see hyper sonic and knuckles in the next update so sega that’s why my reasons to give to you why you should give sonic 4 update. I’ve never seen hyper sonic but i loved watching hyper sonic games whatever and such but i never seen him in game. So i think you should add him in The next update. Please sega
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3 years ago, Lillian—Blub-Blubble
List of new things to add in a pontential update for this game.
This game is much better then Episode 1 while Episode 1 was pretty bad it wasn’t fun. The physics were pretty bad Sonic feels like he has no weight to it, he has no momentum to his gameplay when rolling he doesn’t get faster. His jumps feels very light. The Spin-Dash doesn’t work well it stops without carrying any momentum and when preforming it on an edge it stops. All of these were fixed in Episode 2 and it feels much better but the rolling physics still doesn’t feel great sometimes yes but other times no. It still needs work and there many things that could make this game better. 1. Make the gameplay physics to be exaclty like how it was in Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. 2. Have there be an extra button to switch as Tails 3. Have a button to turn off the Super form from Super Sonic. 4. Add Episode 1 levels into Episode 2 and move Episode Metal in a new file under continue. 5. Bring back the Elemental Shields from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles and another button to use their abilities. 6. Make the gameplay physics for Sonic, Tails and Super Sonic to be exaclty like how it was in Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. 7. Redo the Episode 1 levels with new looks and remove the gimmicks This is a lot but it may be worth it to make the game better in my opinion and there’s still more things to add on but I think it’s better to make it a shorter list.
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3 years ago, ANDREWVAKA amazing guy
This is not as bad as people say it is
OK episode one was pretty trash I got to say it had bad controls it just felt so off modern sonic instead of classic seriously is not very fun it’s just rip offs of all levels making them even worse but episode two is much better I really like the level design the concepts tails in the game just looks so much better than episode one with generations coming in between because for Christmas in 2020 in a couple days I will get an Xbox one X with sonic generations and Sonic unleashed those games look pretty amazing to me as well as this one I got to say I like the level design characters tails it’s just I got to say it’s insanely better than everything from episode one is an insane improvement in the final boss I can just make it look so deep and I seriously I am very happy to say I think this is a very nice 2d sonic game
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3 years ago, green ninja 1469
Return of hyper sonic
I know hyper sonic was bad for the eyes because flashing lights and rainbow color but you can make the color silver instead like the fan-art and add the stars behind him just like sonic 2 and remove the flashing attack that make a white screen for 1 second and add the super emeralds and add the palace and add the master emerald for after all super emeralds are collected jump on it and then you unlock hyper sonic and to get in a special stage you need 60 ring and jump in the big rainbow ring and after you get all super emeralds you unlock the palace and jump on the master emerald then go in a act or boss collect 60 rings and press a new button and please don’t make super sonic and hyper sonic the same button make it different so if sega is reading this then please make my suggestion come true.
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5 years ago, Giantsonicfan
The app was perfect until...
So when I first bought this game on my iPad and IPod Touch, the game was perfect. There were no bugs or glitches I could find. Now I have some bugs and glitches that need to be fixed ASAP. Let me address some of the issues. 1. Make it so people who have already bought the game doesn’t need to buy it again. This is not a glitch or a bug but this is something that needs to be fixed. Seeing ads every time you beat a level or retrying gets annoying. 2. I’m not sure if it’s my Ipad’s fault but for some reason I can’t use the dash in the special stages. This makes getting the final Chaos Emearld harder than it needs to be. 3. Again I’m not sure if this is my IPad’s fault but I can’t turn into Super Sonic even after all I got all of the Chaos Emearlds. I tapped on the Super Sonic icon multiple times but Sonic won’t turn into Super Sonic. This makes getting the Chaos Emearlds feel worthless. 4. The controls seem to be worse than it was when I bought this several years ago. For example when I hold down Sonic won’t go down unless I put my finger way down. Also the Tails swimming controls seem to not work properly. If SEGA can fix these issues then I will make this 5 stars. Then again the app has not been updated since 8 months ago as of this review so I doubt SEGA will get this.
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3 years ago, Annawith2ns
There is a lot of bad things about this game so I will just list it all. First why is there a homing attack in a 2D sonic game? Why is tails only in ep 2 if this is supposed to be a sequel to the original trilogy? Heck, why is this even separated into episodes? The touchscreen controls are AWFUL, half of the time when I want to press the jump button, I press the tails button or whatever it’s called, and vice versa. Why are there 4 zones now, in sonic 2 and 3 and knuckles, each act had 2 zones instead of sonic 1’s 3 acts to keep the zones from getting stale. Also why is there an act specifically for a zone’s boss, why not just put the boss in act 3? White Castle zone(or something like that) act 3 lasts for WAY to long, it feels like it never ends. Why does a SONIC game start with a WATER LEVEL? Why is the game not in a 16 bit style if it’s supposed to be a sequel to the original trilogy? And finally, why do you play as modern sonic and tails instead of the classic ones. So yeah, that’s all the problems I had with sonic 4 episode 2.
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5 days ago, SyfyUniversalCruzAddison28
This game ruined my life…
When I tried to finish Special Stage 4 in this game. It’s getting harder and harder from every level. When it fails I destroy my computer screen monitor on accident because of the special stage trying to get the fourth Chaos Emerald. And just like that, My life is ruined over the stage, not being easy cuz the controls are very decent and it doesn’t feel like the original Sega Genesis Sonic games (Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic CD, Sonic 3D Blast). In the future I would finish this game if I fix the controls using the mods. My whole life is being destroyed and ruined by the 4th Special Stage trying to get the fourth Chaos Emerald. And the mobile version of this game is very decent because it has ads on it trying to feed people some money. And just like that, I got no monitor, I got no desktop, and I got no life with a computer screen monitor.
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5 years ago, Rin okumura
Hi sega I have a request
I have been a loyal fan of your games and love your company. But one thing I do wish you would recreate and bring back is shining force neo. The one hit wonder title that I have adored and cherished since I played the game back in 2007. I see you have the classics here but to me my favorite title was shining force neo. Such a captivating compelling story with such a crafted difficulty and level system that I have not played any other rpg and felt the same way shining force neo made me feel. I hope my review gets read and a thought could spark from your development team to bring this game back. I would gladly pay for it and play the game just like I spent years playing it on my ps2. Even if it’s not for mobile. Just a remake would really make my life complete.
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1 year ago, ashar201625282
the games controls and it’s ads.
the game itself is not bad, I especially love the metal sonic boss fight. The entire game is amazing. There is just 2 problems. the controls for tails and sonics are really annoying because when I jump it makes me click the tails and sonic thing and makes me fly. And when I’m on the ground and going to click the jump button i click the tails and sonic thing and it makes me spin dash. When I’m in the water it’s a big problem because I can drown. the other thing that is really bothering are the ads. The ads pop up all the time. When I pause the game and unpause the game the ads immediately pop up. The ads also pop up every time I beat a level. And when my internet goes away and comes back ads take forever to stop. i do Not want to use my money for no ads.
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4 years ago, Dolly777
Not as bad as people make it out to be
Okay, I'm going to start this off as bluntly as possible. A while ago, I thought that episode 1 was actually a good game. After looking at the game again though, I take that statement back. As for episode 2 though, it is INFINITELY better than episode 1. Everything got an upgrade, from Sonic's running animation and physics, to bringing back Tails and Metal Sonic. (also, thank god they fixed the physics.) I really enjoyed using Sonic & Tails' Co-Op moves. They all had a little bit of nuance to them, but once you got the hang of it, the levels are a blast to just speed through. Also, there’s a singular Red Ring to find in every level, alongside the 7 Chaos Emeralds. They are really fun to find, despite not getting anything for finding them all. The only things keeping this from 5 stars are the very jank parts of the game. Sometimes, I get hit by an obstacle or enemy that I clearly shouldn’t have been hit by. Also, there’s Episode Metal, which is supposedly unlocked when you own both episodes 1 & 2. I played episode 1 on my cousin's phone. I don’t own episode 1, yet I've played through the entirety of episode metal. Still a solid game though.
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6 years ago, Rams 82
Good game but controls need fixing
Sonic 4 episode 2 is free with ads which is good but there’s so many ads but my biggest complaint is the control. Sometimes they do things on there own I wasn’t even touching the screen and it would go on its own. When I want it to go left they go right. Maybe my fingers are to big but then they should fix that. In Sonic 1 you could make the size bigger and smaller for the controls and that’s what they should do so people with bigger or smaller hands don’t get punished This is my second rating after the latest update. The sonic and tails going on there own is fixed but I feel a delay in control every time I jump with sonic and moving left and right other then that every things fixed
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6 years ago, fluffy8orange
I don’t like this game
I don’t know why but it gives me the feeling that I get from the super frustrating levels of the other classic sonic games. The first level was ok the second one though, it was very annoying. I haven’t finished the game yet at the time of this review but the first 4 levels are just so annoying. I thing I have died one or twice from having no rings and running into a spike or something, but the other 20 times (not joking) were drowning, being crushed or a bottomless death pit. I might update this review once I finish the game. It has many flaws, but overall if your board and want a challenge you might want to consider getting this, the adds aren’t super annoying (unlike sonic 2) so yeah...
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3 years ago, suckmyloba👌👌👌👌👌
God. Awful.
This game is terrible. It is a shell of the original genesis games that made sonic the icon the he was and still is. I could play sonic 1,2,3&K all day but I put this game down after an hour. It looks terrible, the music is meh and the level design is horrible. The only sections that take advantage of sonic’s speed are scripted sections of the level so there is no skill to acquire by learning how to go fast. The homing attack is unnecessary in a 2d sonic game and disrupts the flow of the gameplay. The moves where sonic and tails group up are cool but horribly implemented, the rolling attack can be used to skip whole parts of levels. Overall, worst sonic game in the classic series, (can this even be considered part of the classic series? I don’t think it even deserves that) but also not the worst mobile game I have ever played. Two stars.
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3 years ago, Nyan Mario
YEAAAAA BABY 👶 NO QUESTION THIS IS EPIC AND SO MUCH BETTER THAN ALL THE CLASSIC SONIC GAMES (except Cd and mania and generations I guess) I like it it feels like it takes place after sonic CD but probably cause I never got ep 1 but hey who cares! Epic game. I hope you keep making games faithful to the classic formula like mania and lost world and generations. I would like to see more 3d classic sonic games since we almost got 2 on the SEGA Saturn. But yea epic! 😎 also this might be hard but can you try porting a 3d sonic game to mobile like adventure? That would be cool! If you do I would suggest adventure. Adventure 2 (maybe could be mixed with battle with online battle mode) Heroes Or lost world That would be EPIC COOL SUPER EPIC
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4 years ago, didomwnicocantonu
I like it but it’s a little broken
I like the game don’t get me wrong I enjoy it but don’t even get me started on the controls when you run forward for like a minute you’re stuck like that unless you find a way to fix it and tails and really broken half of the time he dosent go up and the controls were acting as if an touched them like the jump button it spammed jump when I wasent doing that and the way you move again makes it impossible to pass zone 2 because you won’t be able to even get a bubble to breath and the second thing about tails in zone 2 there’s a part where you need tails under water but he dosent go to the ground as fast as you would think overall it’s pretty good
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4 years ago, Ren Strphens
Great game! Just fix these real quick please!
The game is great and all and is definitely a improvement from the first one, however there are two main problems. Number one, for some reason the game does not fill up the entire screen. You see I have a XR model and the game won’t fill up the entire screen, so I ask for wide screen support please if possible. And number two, the cut scenes won’t play! I know the story isn’t really that important but I at least want to see what’s going on. But overall, Sonic the hedgehog 4 episode 2 is pretty fun and I would like to see these improvements if possible. Thank you so much Sega!
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6 years ago, flacoman12o
LOVE this over episode 1! Only problems are minor
I have heard a lot of bad talk about Sonic 4 in my life. Personally, this game was my favorite over episode 1 but that game was a WHOLE LOT SLOWER WITH LOADING SCREENS!! These screens are slower than the originals but only slightly. My favorite feature is the ability to restart the special stages(thank GOD for that!👍😅). The ones in Sonic 2 were harder, and in episode 1, they are PURE INSANITY! My only other complaint is that some graphical touches were downgraded, just like in ep1 with the 3D touches and two really cool levels from the original that got an uncalled for remastering, especially Road of Cards(Z2 A2). Otherwise, for ep2, keep up the great work, SEGA!
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2 years ago, mini moew
What the cringe
I didn’t like the episode 1 because everything is bad like the Speical stages u have to move ur screen and this game sonic 4 episode 2 is just a knock off of sonic cd and sonic 2 the first zone is just a copy of the ruins zone from sonic 2 and winter wonder land is just a copy of ice cap zone from sonic 3 and the 2nd act is just a copy of stardust speed way even the metal sonic boss fight is just a copy of the sonic cd metal sonic boss fight and even the sonic forces metal sonic boss fight and the thing we’re sonic and tails like kinda spin together it’s just a copy of the sonic mania drop dash that’s everything bad about the game sonic team and simps I think the reason why there isn’t a episode 3 it’s because the part 1 and 2 is just a ripe off of the classics sega and sonic team you cant let simps copy your classics
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4 years ago, JustinTime077
Looks great, plays eh
Sonic looks great, and how I think he should in the future; classic sonic before he was stretched out a la Sonic X. Somehow the mark was missed on the controls. The classic sonic ports managed to retain the snappy feeling of control I expect even with a touch D-pad, so it’s no fault of touch controls. Combine that with moving so fast and no matter if I can react to an enemy or not it’s become pretty much a guarantee that I’m going to get hit and lose my rings when there is an obstacle. Please, clean up the touch D-Pad. Something is off, and the classic versions still play and feel better than just doesn’t feel responsive when I want to turn left / right, or change direction mid jump, which is something us classic sonic fans have burned into our brains.
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4 years ago, Raymanni
Too many ads, remove some
I love this game and all, but there are just too many ads. There’s one where you start the game, press New Game or Continue, or press any level. What’s even worse is that it even appears on the pause screen. And as soon as you leave a level, or retry a level, what do ya get? ADS! I would like if you would remove the ads form the starting screen, new game and continue, when you pause the game, select a level, leave or retry a level. There should only be ads when you finish a level. Episode 1 for mobile wasn’t as bad as this. Also, the Super Sonic button is misplaced. Please fix that.
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11 months ago, lm0821
It’s a childhood memory but some level designs are not good
The game is fun it’s it’s a childhood memory but there is so unlevel that just made me just wanted you deleted and never wanna play it again there is one part of a level cut from the same world I don’t remember the name but there is one part where they’re sand rises up and I kept dying in that part because there’s a part I didn’t know how to solve it also the final boss was very hard and the metal sonic race wasn’t that good either I kept dying on that party too but it’s a childhood memory
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2 years ago, tatum eddie
a d s
OK Siri saga. When will you learn to turn down your ad? I mean to be honest whenever I go to play one of my saved add whenever I quit one of it ad remove the one whenever you going to save file thing and whenever you quit, it should just only play every time you pass A level And does it always have to require Internet? I mean I get it you’re trying to prevent people from just turning off the Wi-Fi to remove ads, but I can also disappointing to people who paid for removing adsI’m gonna be disappointed because we can’t play it on the go no, don’t make me copy this message into most of this song games
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2 years ago, Mario Maniac 1981
Why, Sega?
What was Sega thinking releasing a mobile game that is bad, much less a Sonic game. The game has an artificial Genesis-like sound to it which does not work for a Modern Era game. The biggest gripe I have is the controls. There is no way to make the D-pad bigger whereas in the Christian Whitehead version of Sonic 1 and 2 (which were released a year after this game), you have an option to do that and make it more opaque. Also, some of the levels are rip-offs from classic games like how Oil Desert is ripped-off from Oil Ocean from Sonic 2. One last thing I’d like to mention is how sometimes the controls work when they want to. Sonic 4 could have been a true return to the classics but let us all feeling unsatisfied.
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5 years ago, Someotherguy935
Was the no ad purchase a rip-off??
For me being in between about being a sonic fan and sometimes not wanting to for a while, I thought this game was pretty good. But I was wondering if the “no ads” made the game playable completely offline just like the other classic sonic mobile games in the App Store. I purchase it only because of this, and I didn’t want to keep wasting data just to play it. I got dissatisfied and deleted it, since it needs internet connection☹️. The game was so good too, but I just wanted to know if purchasing the “no ads” suppose to make the game offline, because it didn’t work. Once y’all fixed it, I’ll be happy to play it again.
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4 years ago, ammudbeoshnrdn
Really Bad.
I downloaded this game to see if it really deserved all the hate that it gets. It does. This game feels so bad to play. Momentum is gained or lost in the dumbest ways possible. Homing attacks can send you flying for miles, but when the angle slightly changes after a steep drop, you come to nearly a complete stop. The controls can feel slow, slippery, and unresponsive, and can make something as simple as trying to crouch a chore. The levels are ALMOST original. They’re amalgamations of 2-3 past Sonic stages, which is an improvement over what Episode 1 did, but it would be nice not to just get the same old concepts reused over and over. Granted, this is the Sonic series, so I’ve kinda gotten used to reused stages.
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4 years ago, Mason the emerald core.
Too Many Ads!
I love this game and I love sonic the hedgehog, and I REALLY love this game. I used to have it, but it made my tablet slow so I had to delete it. I have it again and it was running smooth for the first couple days. I have six chaos emeralds and I’m TRYING SO HARD to get it but the ads keep kicking me out of the game after I keep getting it, then it deletes my progress. I CANT EVEN PLAY ANYMORE BECAUSE IT KEEPS KICKING ME OUT. There are way too many ads and there needs to be less. Can you buy a version with no ads? That would really be helpful!
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4 years ago, morgmorg25 kat
So me and my bro both love sonic and this is the best way to tie classic sonic and modern sonic in together. The only thing is that I wish that there were more stages similar to sonic mania although you can’t expect that much out of a free digital game so I think it’s fine. I really loved the multiplayer setup but if I were making it I would’ve had the camera on just who you chose like most multiplayer or online games. I really loved this game though I want to see more like it in the future!
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3 years ago, @alansalazar
Awesome game🕹
I loved playing “sonic the hedgehog “1,2,3,&4 but when I found out there was a “sonic the hedgehog 4 episode ll” I ALMOST PEED MYSELF!!!!! My favorite part of the game is that you can play as metal sonic and that you can play as sonic and tails(by the way, is tails a fox 🦊?) and I wish I could be a sonic the hedgehog character so I could see what it would feel like to be friends with my favorite game character ever!Sega, U keep on making awesome games and I will play them for U ;) LoL.
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4 years ago, Craig.Watkins.210
Ads everywhere
Hey! I like this game but I have a serious problem right now. There are ads everywhere! And I can’t figure out why it causes this problem. Here is the list of places you can find ads. After completing an act: Ad After completing a special stage: Ad When you enter the game: Ad Starting up the game: Ad Startup at levels: Ad After resuming a game: Ad After completing all 7 special stages: Ad After getting all the chaos emeralds: Ad After completing all acts: Ad After completing all stages: Ad After game shuts down: Ad After you run: Ad After beating a boss in a stage: Ad After beating all bosses: Ad After completing whole game: Ad Startup at game: Ad After buying No ads: Ad I hope you read my review and fix all of these and then I’ll be happy Thank you for reading my review
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5 years ago, RuDodgers
I never knew this Sonic game existed!
When I was a kid, I had a sega genesis as well as sonic the hedgehog & being a big fan of the various sonic games that were available, I have never seen this particular title! I came across it searching in the app store & upon some research I found it was released on the snes. I’ve downloaded it on my iphone & its fun to play only I wish it supported the dualshock 4 controller; hopefully the developers read this review and add support for the ps4 remote?? Other than that cool game!
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6 months ago, yoshiplays1935
I dislike it and I have a good reason
First of all, the controls are incredibly wonky. It is really hard to control sonic because the joystick is so small. And the Advertisements, oh my GOD the ads are so annoying, they pop up after literally every act. If you press pause and then press anything else, ad. Want no ads? PLEASE PAY FOR IT! And this game if I’m not mistaken costs money, it is a waste of your money. Do not buy it. In overall, the game is terrible. The mechanics are trash, so no. I don’t recommend it, and even though it tries to be Classic. It’s nowhere near that tier. So it’s bad. There you go.
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2 years ago, toot toot make Bumpus nestle
Good game but it has ads which will not play
I love sonic it fun and addicting to play. But if people have not noticed some ads will not start and it will most of the time try to play them. But some of you might say blah blah blah buy premium blah. But I can’t because I don’t want to lose money if they discontinue the game. also taking in the fact that it requires internet, if they discontinue the game then they will probably discontinue the server meaning it’s $2 down the drain. Sega please fix the ads!
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4 years ago, datboi2011
It’s not letting me go through the big ring!
When I try to get all 7 chaos emerald going threw the big ring! It’s not there sometimes I have to delete the game then redownload it one time I had one chaos emerald left an I didn’t see the huge ring then I deleted it for a long time until now. Please fix that because I’m playing on my iPhone 7 thumbs up my review if you fix that bug or tell me if you fix it i’ll probably rate it to five stars.
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3 months ago, Poke lord X
Worst sonic game I’ve played
Worst sonic game ever played bugging controls too much water very little enemies. No bosses this game does not live up to my expectations radius that you should download unless on a game this game is just not it it should be better. This would disgrace to sonic I only like that you can play as metal sonic and you can play as sonic and tails more character options would be nice like it enemies like come on enemies are the most common thing in sonic games needs more tales controls were very weird and I would like more creative. If you’re ever gonna make another one like this, please make it better and read this review.
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1 year ago, Sydney the sonic game fan😊
Greatest game ever!
I’m 10 right now and I have been a fan since I was like two I just downloaded this game and I have not even played it yet but I already know it’s gonna be a hit because so far all the sonic games I have played and enjoyed have been so much fun! (Besides egg-man and the green bean machine)but it was probably glitching out but good job 👍 anyways sega! And whoever else is reading this I recommend playing this!
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3 years ago, eggfan91
It’s, um.....something. 😕
It’s a ok concept and awesome graphics but TERRIBLE CONTROLS. I mean it took me at least 30 tries to get to one of the next stages (very true, it took me a couple weeks, but that’s probably just me) so, if you want to get this game, you can but always read the reviews first before you get a game. Another thing is that the STUPID NUMBER OF ADS I mean, that’s how they get ya, but if you want to get the what...$2.99 version with no ads that’s fine. But the moral of the story is that you ALWAYS READ THE REVIEWS. Because if you don’t it could be terrible and you don’t know it of you do, and get a better game. Cool? Thanks for reading, Eggfan91
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5 years ago, super maz
Sonic’s epic improvement
Sonic has a good improvement the super sonic in ep2 is the same as the wii version of ep1 but on mobile is very ugly and it is brown weird the pitch in ep1 is lower than ep2 in episode metal as well the only problem in episode 2 is multiplayer it’s very difficult but ep2 is using the bosses awesome 👏 the metal sonic boss is very big improvement the only good thing about ep1 is the final boss the sonic 2 final boss made most bosses are mostly from 1 and 2 and its a improvement
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6 years ago, The Light blue source REBORN
Sega please Read this..I mean it
After when I was 7 years old I enjoyed this game A LOT! I have it a 5 star rating but that time I did not Have an Account but now it has ADS! Why sega I mean I Already bought the Game and the Other sonic the Hedgehog Games! And now ADS!? Sega please who ever bought the Game first before it has Ads Make them tap Restore Purchase And make them get it the same as before Please seag I am a BIG fan of yours and Please Make The people who Bought the Game before stay the Same...please I am Begging you
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6 years ago, Raulito Heredia
The hard work for the chaos emeralds
So there are two things I hate about this. Well first I saw news it was free from the segazine seen on Sonic The Hedgehog 2. So when I was on the first chaos emerald special stage, something hit me. It said there was a boost button, but I did not see it and made it really hard for me. And for second complaint, super sonic absolutely cannot be seen for me. As soon as I see the button to transform, I press it then... nothing happened! So I really hope to see a update for this
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3 years ago, soniccolorsfan
Awesome game but somethings missing
I love the game but something is missing can you add character select I know you can pick your character in multi-player but can you add tails as a playable character cause I wanna get an ending with tails being the hero in the ending and if another thing to ask can you add super tails after he gets all the chaos emeralds cause it would be cool if you did, love the game keep up the good work SEGA
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5 years ago, Ian Sa.
OK, I know a lot of you out there bought the game, but with the update, ads came in. So, SEGA, please make the players who bought the game have the ad free purchase FOR FREE immediately. Then the rating will change to 5 star. Also, one tip for those that bought the game, if you do not like ads, and nobody likes ads, just turn on Airplane mode, and DONE! Edit: Well, it seems we need internet to continue on to the game, and it can’t load without it. So it seems this solution is patched.
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