Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I

3.5 (856)
119.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode I

3.52 out of 5
856 Ratings
8 years ago, Deionthegreat
Cleanest update to date!
I swear SEGA is on a roll with these updates on the Sonic 4 ep games! Please SEGA, if you do just this one thing is that you give us Sonic 4 ep 3 to end off the trilogy? Like the Sonic 4 games are good and not bad as what people make it out to be. You have done well with these games and I love both of 100%. So if you can, please give us Sonic 4 ep 3? It will be so good and add Knuckles in it as well if you guys weren't going to. But back on topic, this update looks clean. Just the buttons seems a bit small. So if you fix that, that'll be great. Btw, thanks for updating the both Sonic 4 games!
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2 years ago, El Monstruo 86
Movement mechanics are off.
While I appreciate the effort of the makers of this game I think you guys need to play the original Sonic games and get more of an understanding of the movements. After playing through the first two acts of the first stage I feel a little disappointed. I like how the double tap lets you lock on to enemies and objects, but the spin dash is a huge let down! There is no reason that a spin dash shouldn’t take me through a loop and beyond. Even holding down while moving is supposed to give you speed, but I feel like I slow down drastically. Those vines in Act 2? Maybe space them further apart so when I let go it I catch on the next one. I also spent way too much time trying to build the momentum to even get up to the platforms you are expecting me to swing to. Not only are those vines a royal pain, but what is with the pit of spikes you WILL fall into when you inevitably miss the platform at least the first few times? Not fair! Also, when I am up in the air after bouncing off of a spring, or bumper I should be able to tap the control slight right and move over. Overall I like the charm of the game, but fix those vines and the speed. Sonic is supposed to be fast. This just doesn’t feel right.
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3 years ago, P*nisman
This game, is not good
Don’t let the title fool you, despite how well done Sonic 1, 2, CD, 3&K were, this one only dreams to be as good as they were. First of all, the mobile version, is probably the worst version. While they did update Sonic’s model in this version, the controls and UI are horrible compared to the console variants. You can see the outline on the text saying “Please tap the screen.” This just shows how hastily slapped together this was. The game itself, yeah it’s not good. The graphics are awful, it’s not that they are using Modern Sonic, it’s the fact it all looks so glossy and had no effort put into it. Level design is ridiculously questionable. Compared to past classic sonic games, this one makes no sense! Levels go on for way too long. Also they go on for 3 acts. The themes are completely stolen and unoriginal. Splash Hill is just Green Hill from Sonic 1. Casino Street is just Casino Night from Sonic 2. Lost Labyrinth is just Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1. And Mad Gear is just Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2! Nothing is original! Neither the bosses! They are just stolen from Sonic 1 and 2! So if you are thinking about buying this game, don’t. Skip this one, and go play Sonic Mania instead
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11 months ago, msimp11
The game’s ok but....
I know people like the game because of some “update”. First off all, I got a message for them. We didn’t get an update. We got the PROTOTYPE. The one where sonic barely ever has the “wheel legs” animation. The one with the gimmick acts. The one where sonic stands still and does the finger wag instead of coming out the ring and THEN doing it (sorry, I’m a nerd). Also, the Special Stages are the WORST. The ones in Sonic 1 are annoying, but at least those are FEASIBLE! When you get up to 4 Emeralds, they get IMPOSSIBLE here. I’ll tell you what just happened to me. I was going to collect the last Chaos Emerald. Within a few seconds, a spring sprung me into the “!” signs. All I have to say is....OH SO YOU CAN MAKE THIS, BUT NOT SONIC 3 AND KNUCKLES! You can’t, I dunno, USE THE PC SOUNDTRACK!!! That would be COPYRIGHT! Edit: I’m back after some time. The special stages sucked and the game itself looked cheap, but other than the physics not being like the classics, it’s not that bad. Sure, it’s not perfect, it’s still banking off of nostalgia, but it’s what Sonic needed when this game came out.
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2 years ago, mini moew
The game is bad and the Speical stageS
This is just a knock off of the classics like splash hill zone it’s just a copy of green hill zone and emerald hill zone and mushroom hill zone even the bosses are just stolen form sonic 1 and sonic 2 lost larbrith is just a copy of labyrinth from sonic 1 metallic madness is just the meter zone from sonic 2 lets go see. If episode 2 is any better but it’s still a copy of sonic 2 and sonic cd but with better actions the first cutscene is just a copy of the sonic 3 cutscene and the first zone is just a copy of atuic ruins zone from sonic 2 but the bosses a different but the metal sonic boss fight is a copy of the metal sonic boss fight from sonic cd but you chase and attack metal and I think the reason why there is not a episode 3 it’s because it will be just a copy of the classics soo whatever you do DONT buy episode 1 they just want money play episode 2 instead OK DONT BUY THIS EPISODE unless they make it free and the Sonic 4 episode 1 special stage is terrible 😣 you have to rotate the screen on ipad for no reason the sonic 1 classic special stage was way better
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4 years ago, ANDREWVAKA amazing guy
I want Dems to throw this game away in the trash that is made of lava do not play this game
This game is very bad I Gotta say is a very bad attempt at making a new Sonic 2 D game seriously it is not good at all the physics are very bad running animations and you’re a bowl and everything about it just feels so extremely off I hate it that’s the way to finding a chaos emerald is terrible but there is a way to fix that but I don’t have the time to tell you I am seriously with generations coming one year after still it just makes things even worse I just got to say this game literally is so bad I seriously it’s so bad I can’t express it enough episode two was there a lot better in my opinion if you saw my review of that game you don’t understand that I actually really enjoyed the game but this one is basically that except terrible I got to say I hate this game and it’s in Dems is this is like the only bad games the Dips Game that I think they have made sonic advance on word colors DS they’re all really good generations 3DS amazing lost world 3DS a lot better but dance really had a bad for this one trust me do not play this game unless you are a masochist
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4 years ago, Zalaxic
Have you ever bought a game and played it for like 30 secs and then said to yourself.... “...ugh... I should have read the reviews...” This is probably the weaker one of the two Sonic 4 games that are available here on the App Store.... Too be honest, if I absolutely had to pay for episode 2 in order to play it I totally would have.... I believe you guys messed up on which one of the two episodes you have to buy to play.... Episode 2 would not have left this sour taste in my mouth.... The game is a semi-non-linear (meaning you can pick any zone and act to play just after completing the first act) style play which that alone makes it hoarded... If you want a closer feel to classic sonic and not classic cheat sonic I would suggest that people should play sonic 4 episode 2, and if they were to charge you for it at anytime in the future trust me it’ll be worth it... BUT WHATEVER YOU DO; DO NOT, I REPEAT; DO NOT INSTALL AND PLAY THIS ONE UNLESS THEY MAKE IT FREE...
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9 months ago, two slow
It’s not good and it’s not the WORST!
No matter what you think about any other bad Sonic game Sonic 4 is NOT the WORST! when the game first came out, we already knew what was coming. this game tried so hard to really reimagine Sonic 1 but we all know that didn’t really end up well. there are some props I can give to this game. The music is actually really good to listen to it captures a lot of retro vibes from Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 but mixes it to sound a little bit Modern I like it! The special stages, however, is the thing that kills me! it’s actually worse than Sonic 1 but I also do like the animations for this. But the gameplay feels slippery It’s like I’m playing 2.5 Shadow the Hedgehog! So is this game great? No just because it flopped in so many areas doesn’t mean it’s THE WORST!
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12 months ago, BeigePanther479
This game is awful.
Don’t let the name Sonic 4 fool you. This game wishes it was like the amazing Classics, but no. It’s not. Let me go over some things. WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED TO THE PHYSICS!?!? Sonic doesn’t roll down hills, if you stop holding right you stop moving, he feels weightless, What the heck?! There’s only 4 levels! 4 FREAKING LEVELS!!! And they aren’t even brand new themes! They’re just ripped straight out of the Classic Sonic games! Out of all the special stages they could’ve chosen to copy, they pick the mediocre Sonic 1 special stages, but they’ve been made even worse by forcing us to tilt the whole screen just for the pain of only 1 EMERALD! Look at that, the bosses are also completely stolen and unoriginal. Why should I even be surprised at this point? So, heard enough? I played this so you didn’t have to. Whatever you do, do NOT waste your time and money on this rubbish.
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2 years ago, Supers23
It’s not that bad Sega has the people think
Ok the controls are good but the background is to realistic for a sonic game you can play the zones nice 👌🏼plus the loop de loop has to get change I’m not saying that the game is bad it just the loop de loop has to get change cuz it turns around the screen but thats ok just do like sonic 1 and 2 did not turn around the screen but that’s fine 👏🏻 the reason why people hate it cuz 1 controls 2 probably the graphics (some people) 3 it’s confusing it’s not bad sega it’s just good you yes you 🫵 need to prove the people wrong and this game is great it’s your sega fanboy Declan Peace.
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3 years ago, Among gioase
I love the game sega
This game is perfect and without sonic 4 i would literally cry and the super sonic ending is the best ending in the game and hyper sonic in the game would be cool. Also i did a sonic 4 trilogy from episode 1 to 2 and i have episode metal and also please one problem, fix the special stage tilt on mobile and make the bumpers harder to touch that when sonics outline touches, the bumper does not boing sonic to the ! Things and also thanks for time balls in special stage because i do not want to fail getting good ending if I accidentally delete data i hope you keep up the epic work SEGA! 😉😉😉😉😉
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8 years ago, BenOni10
Stunning Graphics, but...
To be frank, this game is ok. Sure it's not the same as the classics (you can't beat em'), but it has the right idea as a Sonic game for the most part. My complaint however would have to be around the update. Ever since that, my game has taken lagging to a whole new level. When jumping, it slows down causing me unfairly crash into an enemy and possibly lose all the rings I've collected. On top of that, in the special stages when I'm trying to tilt the screen to collect coins, progress, and get an emerald, the freezing makes it to where you can't make it to the end in time. I just think this update has been unfair and it's not the Sonic I entirely know and love. If you could fix the lags and crashes, much would be appreciated.
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3 years ago, zargulthewizard
New mechanics good, old mechanics stale
I liked the edition of some different principles for gameplay, such as the mine cart, while still maintaining the quick response semi-linear running nature. However, the repeat boss at the end was a BIG bummer, and I got stuck on it for the longest time. The graphics are not that great, as I think most of the 3D is pre-rendered and actually 2D. One bug in the Metropolis Zone clone where a lift showed skewed textures from the Labyrinth Zone clone seemed to enforce this. Ep. 2 is a better game, but I think SEGA should’ve reduced some of the things they cut off, and made both Sonic 4s more of an echo of previous sonic games than a remake of them.
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8 years ago, DaveDynamite1
Sonic 4 is back on iOS and better than ever!
Sega finally updated this game after its last update 5 years ago, and let me just say this is a better version. Yes the gameplay is still the same, but the huge difference is the graphics are completely new, especially sonic's model, and the resolution fits the screen and the game looks beautiful. One problem I'm still having is lock-on with Sonic 4 episode 2 to get episode Metal, and that got an update too, so I don't understand what's wrong.
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10 months ago, x Creager
Pretty good but….
Ok look, the game is great but the graphics. The graphics are kind of well good and bad. I mean the background is like pixel, to me at least, and sonics circle⭕️ run takes forever. He keeps running like this🏃🏻‍♂️. That and the special stages is terrible 😣. I mean the timer. The timer just makes you rush so much that it makes you just move out of control. Well that is all the bugs that you guys need to fix, if you do, everything will be perfect 🤩.
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2 years ago, msjsjssjsjsdd(#(
Please update
This app hasn’t been updated in years since 2016 which was 6 years ago and honestly it’s kinda outdated literally I am using an iPhone 11 and the game doesn’t fill up the whole screen also it takes forever for this app to load i mean literally this app literally loads much faster and performs much better on a iPod touch 3rd generation from 2009 so please update this app soon so that it performs better on newer iOS devices
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8 years ago, Blubuddha
The Magic you remember
Love the game! Gorgeous graphics, The same familiar gameplay with new and interesting twists. I honestly don't know what people are griping about. Ok, it CAN crash unexpectedly on occasion. Honestly though all of the games I've purchased do that from time to time so I don't know if that something specific to Sonic. Episode two is great too; keep them coming guys! You definitely have a nostalgic Fanbase and newcomers to get attracted to the franchise.
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Sega keep up the work. BUT there's just 2 problems
The game keeps crashing on my iPad device I start a level constantly hoping it will work but it just crashes when I get into the first 5-10 or rarely 20 seconds into the stage please fix this I can't play play this wonderful sonic game on the go please fix the crash and keep up the hard work sega. Last are the sound effects it feels weird hearing the se-ga with a low tone and the rings as well. Everything else is fine just that CRash and the sound effects other than that the game is fine. Even if you just fix that crash I would give this game 5 stars. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, HireTaxman&FixThis
Worst Sega “Sonic” Game I’ve Ever Played.
How this game got greenlit by Sega or Dimps is beyond me. Whoever worked on this game should be ashamed of themselves. This is NOT the standard Sonic fans have come to expect from Sega or Dimps. The animations look horrible. The music is terrible. The controls are abysmal. The game looks and feels like a low rate mobile Flash game in every aspect. I find it hard to believe that the same studio that made AAA Sonic titles such as Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush, etc. made this game. This game is like a single developer’s college project. I feel cheated out of my $3 and would like a refund. Sonic fans: Do Not Buy This! This game is a meme and a total disgrace to the franchise.
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10 months ago, Shadow096
I like the game
The game itself is ok, I grew up with this game on my iPod 2&5 back in the day. I just wish they’d update the game to fit better on later iPhones. I love the Sonic franchise and I love the fact I can take it on the go. But for iPhone 12 and above this game feels cramped in the big screen with little play room. I’d hate to see this game disappear into the apple void like many apps before it
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3 years ago, All-Star-Andrew
This game is SO cool.
I really like the model and the running animations they’ve done and the graphics are so well made, but I do want the running animations to be like what you did for the PC version of the game. For instance, I was always wondering if you’re going to make Sonic 4 Episode 3 and Sonic 3 mobile and complete the trilogy. I’m looking forward to see how it turns out soon. 🙂
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3 years ago, hudson adame j.
I wish there was a ep 3
If there was a episode 3 here’s my idea for the title it will be called sonic the hedgehog 4 ep 3 metals revenge the first zone will be burned splash hill zone the 2d one will be broken Casio street the 3rd zone will be toasted mine shaft I know your confused but the 4th zone will only have one level with a boss and it’s name will be metals base thanks if sega makes a episode three
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8 years ago, Michael MegaX
Didn't see this coming
This was an unexpected update to the game and it's great. The updated Sonic model looks good and the games plays really well on my iPhone 6s. The only problem is there are some audio glitches, like sfx being lowered and music not properly looping. Other than that, this update out of left field is pretty good!
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3 days ago, falcondevin
A few problems
The game is good with the graphics but something is wrong. First off, Sonic’s full speed running animation is rare because it almost never happens and with the speed monitor it doesn’t happen at all, another thing is that super Sonic’s animation has a problem. If you just stand there with him activated, he twitches. I know this version is in beta but please update and fix this.
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1 month ago, Bucky71301
Dead on arrival
I can’t even play this game with a controller. It’s just shocking to have purchased a sonic product that is indeed a videogame that can’t be played on a device that puts computers to shame. Nevermind the fact the resolution of the game hasn’t been updated in god knows how long so you’re not even getting the full screen. I could fix these problems myself but on an iPhone it’s next to impossible. Not worth the data to read the description in my opinion, because it’s all just a sham.
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6 years ago, Player001
classic gameplay, shaky controls
game definitely harkens back to the genesis days. gfx are decent and u do get a sense of speed, but the controls are unresponsive especially in the special stages. the game does NOT appear to be in HD, which is a shame. got this game at $0.99 so I really can't complain Update: after spending more time with this game, the controls are still a clunky mess. Makes the cavern/ruined temple level a chore. The gfx are an eyesore compared to episode 2. Do yourself a favor and skip this one and go directly to ep2
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5 years ago, BlueWolf23576
Very nice but...
Okay so me blue wolf kid is back!This time the review is sonic 4 episode One!Now I love the game but I have some suggestions!1.Can you please add tails as a playable character?2.Add more obstacles in high speed athletes in splash hill zone.3.Make the homing attack smoother!4.Make the only playable character’s fur more blue so that’s all for today! Sorry if this review is short but bye developers of the game! From:Blue wolf kid🐺
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2 years ago, mia ameiah india
Sega where is the running animation!
We need the running animation it is stupid to only see when running down a slope in the console version the running animation is not hard to see and you can be on flat Ground in mobile its unlikely to see it
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4 years ago, vahshjdgfdv
Weirdest update...
the graphics in the images for details look great, but when i bought the game. everything just sounds and looks creepy. i thought this would be alot like sonic 4 episode 2 but it was the opposite... i have been a sonic fan for my whole life and the graphics on this game look worse than the actual game on computers/laptops. i would rate this at least 4 stars but its a 2 right now cause this game gave me nightmares. sorry to disappoint you, sega.. 😢😢
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7 years ago, Productive Shopper
Good game, but,
I think this is a great game but it crashes all the time! It usually stops working during the loading screen when you select an act to play. I remember one time I was playing a really hard level and I was JUST about to touch a lamp post, and the app crashed. This is driving me CRAZY! Please update this so it won't crash!
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7 years ago, Fnafmaster443
Good, but better on other systems
This game is a decent Sonic title. Good levels and graphics along with smooth controls. But considering it’s mobile, you would have it better playing on Xbox or steam. Some levels replace others in this game, and those levels are more fun than the mobile levels. Good, but try the steam version.
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4 years ago, sonic lore god
Decent and underrated
I think this game is decent and underrated. The game pretty much copied sonic 1 and 2 and I think it should be a little bit more original like episode 2 and Mania. The touch controls are too small and could have been better. They can make the physics horrendous at times. The special stages were the worst part of the game. But even with these problems the game can still be fun.
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6 years ago, From: Deonte
I LOVE this game and it needs improvements
Can u update this game to having the exact music from Sonic4 on the wii for the super sonic music. Also check the animations for super sonic’s tuning and fix as many bugs as u can. P.S. make sure those bugs are too slow for sonic and I’m a fan of Sonic.
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5 years ago, Lalawaw
Revisiting Sonic
I enjoy playing these “retro” games from my childhood so much. In the first Sonic, I was able to make the controls bigger and move them slightly, which made it easier to use. Please consider making that available for this version as well. The controls are so tiny on this one.
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I would give it a five but..
Sonics movements are too slippery. Also there are tons of blind jumps everywhere so you don’t know where you are going. Another thing is that the loops make you want to throw up. The game is ok but if there were more improvements then I would give it a 5
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7 years ago, bibutt
Sega what happened
So i just now recently installed this game and it kind of freaked me out so what happened is when it said sega it was lower pitched then regularly i know how it should sound since I’ve had the game before and when I collect rings it dose it lower pitched too sega are you trying to do stuff like what you did with sonic cd and that screen signed by the man form the underworld
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7 years ago, the other names are all taken
Super sonic is glitched
I went through all the trouble and the ridiculous controls of the special stages and when it finally seemed to pay off and I could turn into that sweet golden flash... his animations are glitched! He has his hands open and his mouth and eyes widened whenever you face the right or run right (you know, the entire game) the only time his animations are like the console version is when you face the LEFT. When do you ever go left in the game? Sega how could you have not noticed this???
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4 years ago, awesomesurfer81
Best in the franchise
I had been so disappointed by sonic 4 episode 2 but this made a total redemption! It has good graphics and the good gaming quality of the classics. If there is one thing i could suggest, it is to make the controls adjustable.
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6 months ago, Carxx5
Game is fine lot a problem
So I all way wanted to play this game on the Wii but it never came to my house for shipping so then I buy this game and then the controller is so small but it all ways low pitch but I Wii ranked it a C tier because it a good game but on the mobile is like so small controller and the low pitch sound.
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7 years ago, Rocketblaster25
Enhance button size and let us listen to music in the app
Just do it please it's not that much to ask also get rid of the exit button this is 2017 we have home buttons also let us be able to flip the screen to the other side
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6 years ago, Ely3009
Frankly the game is garbage. I had to force myself to beat the first level and then uninstalled. The graphics are hard to look at and the reasons are many. The graphics wouldn’t be bad if the game weren’t so zoomed in. It feels like it should be zoomed out almost double, and thus your eyes squint the entire time trying to see where you’re going or how you’re gonna land when midair, etc. Also why is sonic 3D when the world is 2D? It throws everything off. Not worth the 3 bucks.
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8 years ago, Chriscamarillo420
Please fix the Lock On Feature!!
I wanna play episode metal but I can't because it needs an old feature that the old phones have and I have bought both games on my iPhone 6 Plus and maybe enhance the graphics a lot more on new phones
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5 years ago, edward mccarthy the 4th
What do I you think I am a pro😡😡😡😡😡😡
I’m okay whith this game but the problem is I’ve never played it One the vines are hard to get past two back to the vines okay The vines are the reason I can’t pass act two.
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5 years ago, vinhbui
Make it easier
I like you can choose the level but what about the special stage why do you have to unlock it to play it? Plz make it when you play the stage you can play it again without doing a stage cause they are har
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8 years ago, BluePony302
Controls make this unplayable
The game looks good but it's very short and trying to control Sonic with a touchscreen D-pad makes most of this game an exercise in frustration for me. I don't know how many times I found Sonic uselessly looking up when I need him to move left or right. There are many moments in the game where you need precise left and right control and it's just not possible.
Show more
4 years ago, Arrowcoach
Best Sega Game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is awesome game is so cool i’m never deleting it. But I do have a little problem with act three in the final zone. But if you keep trying you’ll do it. I swear sega is on a roll. And sometimes... You just gotta go fast!🇺🇸. PS raise a glass to freedom.
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7 months ago, Fuggylandz
Super good
This game is the best because it is a remake of sonic 1 modern addition the music is awesome and just looks so cool I would highly recommend people getting this really good game and it’s a original
Show more
11 months ago, tcrhrc
Great just a TINY issue
Yeah just that when you run my finger barely goes up and sonic be lookin up Kinda funny but a little annoying Game worth my money? Meh -¢1 and yeah but welp this game I can’t belive I’m saying this but it’s great I lover sonic when I was 1 or 2 also hi sega
Show more
7 years ago, PfunkSF29
Hard to control
This is not the behavior of the sonic character I remember from my youth. He should remain in a spin when he is falling back to earth. The joystick control is funky to the point that I can't navigate some stages. The graphics look great. It's a shame the team couldn't determine how he should be controlled. I will probably delete this game. Waste of three bucks .
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2 years ago, Whoevencareslamo
Good game! Just a few problems.
I love Sonic. And he is faster then Mario! Sonic 4 is good and all. But there is a few problems. 1: The sound effects are a little bit low pitched. 2: Outline in “Please tap the screen” 3: Graphics doesn’t look like it compared to the video game version. Sonic 4 is good and all but It just seems different. Dimps if your seeing this review please fix these problems. Anyways that’s all for now!
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