Sonic The Hedgehog Classic

4 (14.2K)
145.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic The Hedgehog Classic

3.95 out of 5
14.2K Ratings
4 years ago, EvanZslayer
Super Sonic Gameplay and Game Problems
This is one of my favorite sonic games and my favorite SEGA series for your games, I love it all but can you make it easier to turn into Super sonic? It would Score 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️ for me, To Add to this mess, I mean COME ON, Can you at least make it internet free so I can turn of these Stupid ads! Also anyone who saw this turn on airplane mode to Get rid of ads, but It turns of internet and You need that to play... I mean seriously 😒 One ad after another, I mean after a ad, I press start, and then another and another, Turn of the ads man, I mean it’s Better on XBOX, Peaceful, No ads, Make it like that, I’m a supporter and helper, I’m a kid and I gave ideas To managers of Businesses! If you want to make super sonic Transformation Easier, Then add a button! Then you need 50 rings like how it makes a giant ring and a button will Appear showing a emerald on it, Then When you press it Sonic jumps into the air and Turns into Super sonic! This transformation idea is almost the same as the LEGO dimensions game, Defeat Eggman on last part of level and battle chaos and Have the power to turn into super sonic, please take these ideas 💡 as a helper and add these, please it would make it so much More fun! One last thing, it’s not letting me play, I start is the app, and it shows the SEGA intro thing, but after The Christian whitehead thing, The Screen is just Stuck on the black screen, I can’t tell if I’ve been hacked or your game is broken.
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2 years ago, Mario Maniac 1981
Great game
I remember playing the GBA version on my DS when I was a kid and I liked it a lot. The thing that annoys me is the endless amount of ads that you have to pay to get rid of. But don’t let that discourage you from getting this game. It is still great. The thing that I wish that could happen is that Super Sonic is available. Also, why is Labyrinth Zone on this remake? I get that they were trying to make it faithful to the original which brings me to my next question, why does Labyrinth Zone even exist. But I digress. It is a great game and I am giving it 5 stars out of 5. *edited* Looking back, the GBA version is a horrible version. I did not run into nearly as many problems as I read about. That’s because I did not know much Sonic then and I did not know that you needed 50 rings to activate a Special Stage. Also, there are a lot of slow parts for a game with high speed. Also, just Labyrinth Zone. If you had a choice to play this game or the original Genesis version, pick this version because it has a Spin Dash and a save file. I am also removing a star because of the amount of ads. Despite these drawbacks, this game is still solid and holds up to this day, but there is much to be desired.
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5 years ago, Brandonjw23/ Sonikku23
Need new update. Can’t finish zone.
What’s good sega and sonic team. I love you sonic games I have them all sonic 1 2 and cd even got two copies of sonic mania for the switch and ps4 plus sonic 4 ep 1and two (y’all need ep 3 just saying) but look in scrap brain zone act 2 at the end it have a glitch in it (again) where when you get done with the zone and moving in it the cut seen right before act 3 begin the camera movies all the way up where you can’t see it and when get to eggman where he jumps on the switch to drop you in to act 3 of scrap brain zone you automatically die and have to start the act all over again. And also when you get out of the game and goes back in or restart that act you lose a life and that’s a lil uncool so can y’all plz update this app again plz. Coming from a big sonic fan since the early 90’s the game need to fix its bugs fast. And also side note can y’all plz come on out with a mobile port of sonic3k plz that game is way to cool to just let it past yea I and everyone else know by that now that MJ made the songs for sonic 3 and not in for knuckles part of the game. But at least let us download part or the whole thing to our phones and tablets plz thanks much love from one of your fans of the sonic’s series.
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6 years ago, The Autman
It’s Still Sonic 1
Christian Whiteheadand his team have provided the same classic Sonic game that kick-started SEGA’s mascot into the spotlight, and they have also made substancial improvements along the way. Widescreen gives you a much better view of what’s ahead and how to react, a stable framerate makes the controls buttery-smooth, and the inclusion of the spin dash makes certain sectiona a lot less of a hassle. The options to play as Tails and Knuckles are nice touches as well, allowing you to explore the levels in ways you never have before. All that said, while the game is still the classic Sonic 1, that means it has many of the downsides of the original that no remake can fix. Save for Green Hill, the overall level design leaves7 something to be desired (Marble and Labrinth are especially boring), the bosses are beyond easy to beat, and the special stages give me headaches from two angles; one comes from the constant spinning of the stage, and the other comes from how downfight frustrating they are. Overall, the downsides are mostly mostly mitigated by the touch-ups from mobile port, and it’s worth trying out if you haven’t played Sonic 1 before.
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3 years ago, Thefutureisyours
You can lose interest
I am a Sonic fan and a Dragon Ball Z fan so when I first downloaded this game I was very excited. I was getting ready to go to somewhere (I think) and I was playing Green Hill Zone act 1 or 2 or 3. I played it for some time and, over that time I lost interest. I went to play SonicDash (I think I did) and later I uninstalled your Sonic 1 game. I would recommend that you do more things to keep this game interesting. You could add a Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic transformation and you could make it so that you, well if you don’t add Super Sonic or Hyper Sonic you can make Sonic invincible. When you get the invincibility power up you become Super Sonic. You can make a way to cheat and get all seven Chaos Emeralds without having to work to get one by adding a glitch that tells you how to do it. You can add Red Star Rings. You can add a way to get a Big Red Star Ring and when you jump into it you get a special stage where you can collect Big Emeralds. And when you turn Super Sonic the Rings turn into Red Star Rings that can help you go Hyper Sonic. I am only giving this game 2 stars because I lost interest pretty quickly. This is recommended for those who like to get bored 😐😑😐😑😐 pretty quickly. Other than that the game is pretty good. And also I am thinking about installing it again. Good job 👏🏾!
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4 years ago, Samtendo64
The game’s great but...
I love Sonic the Hedgehog. He’s my favorite video game character of all time ( under Mario) and I would’nt have known who Sonic was if it weren’t for these games. I love these games but here are a few thing to fix. 1: remove the amount of ads. I know there’s nothing wrong with a couple ads but you if I have to watch an ad before the game starts, I think there’s a problem. In fact, sometimes the game will crash because of an ad. If you can fix the amount of ads in the game, that’d be great(and yes I know I can play the game with no ads) 2: bring back debug mode and level select. Ok so this one’s is jabbed at Sonic 1 and 2 like the other but don’t question why I didn’t mention Sonic 2 on the other one because you should’ve implied that. Anyway, one of the fun thing about Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 is the level select. It was one of the things that got me going back to the game was the level select. Which is why I was mad when it was removed. I loved goofing of in the game. I didn’t know why you guys removed it, so if you’re reading this, please bring back the level select. So that was all the things that need to be fixed or come back . Like I said, Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 isn’t bad, it’s just missing stuff like a multiplayer mode ( I know I didn’t mention that but I thought I mention it here), and besides you’re the people that made Sonic rom hacks that were amazing, so I believe in you guys so please keep supporting Sonic 1 and 2.
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3 years ago, mario fan🥴
The game that started it all
This is the first of Sonic’s many adventures, and it’s a pretty good one, well, the original is good, this port is legendary! It adds two new characters, a savable game, the spindash, and more in this revamped adventure that started it all! It’s still sonic one, and it’s not the best sonic game, that title belongs to sonic mania. Some of the problems include: marble zone is very slow place and only has one route, spring yard zone has bummpers, labyrinth zone is, well, labyrinth zone, and the bombs in starlight zone are a bit annoying, and scrap brain zone has the worst music in the game. But it’s still sonic one, so its still a great game, some of the upsides are: green hill is huge and has many routes making it a great starting level, spring yard has bummpers, Labrinth zone in starlight zone have great music, and scrap brain is a pretty cool zone, I would recommend buying this, my only real complaint is the ads, but if you are willing to spend 99 cents, it’s not a problem at all! Would recommend buying!
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6 years ago, Strikinggamer
The new update created more problems than it fixed
When I saw that Sonic 1 was receiving an update, I was excited as I thought that they would fix the glitch where the Game Center achievement “Beat the Clock” would not be distributed. However, after the update, I was shocked to see that it created more problems than fixes. Not only was the Game Center achievement still broken, but the update also added multiple new problems. The file select now shows 7 Chaos Emeralds, yet only 6 can be acquired through normal gameplay. And if the player goes into a Giant ring at the end of Act 1, after the special stage ends or they collect a Chaos Emerald, it takes the player to Act 3 and skips Act 2. Also, a completed file now says “Special Stage 1”, but selecting the file takes you to the “Stage Select” screen. To make matters worse, the Time Trial mode is completely broken. Each zone only contains 2 acts instead of the 3, and different zones will be merged with other zone selections (Ex: Green Hill zone Act 3 in the Marble zone selection). I am very disappointed with this update for Sonic 1, as I was hoping that things would improve much more as time went on. I hope that these issues are resolved as quickly as possible.
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1 year ago, jissjijiijhusuh
Very cool game but we need more stuff
This is a nice game but I think we should have more like hyper sonic for both sonic 1 and 2 and a super peelout for this game and sonic 2 and i really think instead of just having to get 6 emeralds in the normal save game I think it should be seven in the save game and I think when we fail the special stages we should be able to retry with lives like we retry with coins in sonic origins and I think when you get all seven chaos emeralds and you jump there should be a button that says S like in sonic mania and when you press it you turn super and tails and knuckles super form should be golden like sonic and when tails turns super he should be able to fly for a bit longer for like 4 more seconds and when knuckles turns super he should be able to go up for 3 seconds when he glides all of these ideas are for this game and sonic 2 and Sega if you read this please add all this to this game and sonic 2 please
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3 years ago, why is this taken :(
A Blast To The The Genesis Era
Disclaimer: I played this game on iPad so I don’t know if the iPhone is harder to play on Right off the bat, this game is a ton of fun. It is challenging and the frustration only comes in a few places (Marble Zone). Another cool addition is an addition of 2 characters that weren’t in the original. Tails and Knuckles. I find it really cool that you can tackle the game in a fresh new experience. The characters need to be unlocked, which adds to the replay value. The save system also helps, so if you die, you don’t go back to the first ever level. There is one glaring issue though, and that is ads. If your anything like me, I don’t like in app purchases. I would have much rather had payed for the game, with no ads, instead of having to pay to get rid of ads, after downloading the game. Otherwise this was a great game, that I had a ton of fun with.
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6 years ago, HyperSonic75
Time Attack Bug
So, ever since the new update, The time attack mode has been acting wonky. I ended up deleting my game, which is fine, then redownloading and THAT didn’t fix it. Here is the bug. Each Zone in time attack displays two levels which messes with EVERYTHING. Here is an example. Green Hill in Time Attack displays ONLY acts 1 and 2. But then, the problems arise. Marble Zone in Time Attack displays Green Hill Act 3 and Marble Act 1, see the problem? This means Spring Yard in Time Attack displays acts 2 and 3 of MARBLE Zone. Then Labyrinth in Time Attack displays the first two acts of SPRING YARD, Starlight in Time Attack displays Act 3 of Spring Yard and Act 1 of Labyrinth, Scrap Brain then displays The next 2 acts of Labyrinth. Final zone displays the first two acts of Starlight, and the special stage displays Act 3 of starlight and Act 1 of Scrap Brain. Meaning I can’t even access Scrap Brains Act 2 and 3, Final, or the Special stages in Time Attack, so please fix this! This game is amazing and I’d hate to see this bug ruin it!
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5 years ago, R. Augustin A. Chenault
Impossible glitch on iPhone XS
There is a glitch in Spring Yard act 3 that makes it impossible to pass the act. After beating Robotnik and opening the animal capsule, Sonic runs off the right edge of the screen and dies while the animals are jumping out of the capsule. This was not a one time glitch. This happened three times in a row and I got a game over. I also noticed that you can see the edge of the game window during the end of special stage score screen. I believe the edge of the game window does not extend far enough on the iPhone XS screen, allowing Sonic to run past the edge of the game window and fall off the right edge of the level and die, or some similar behavior. A previous review addressed the same issue and the developer response was the dev tram was aware of the problem and working on it. That was 8 months ago and the problem is still present, despite a game patch coming out one month ago. As a software dev myself, I am embarrassed of such unprofessional work. Please patch this glitch so I may update my one-star review. Addendum: on iPhone SE, the game runs super-slow, like at 75% speed. What is with all these bugs?
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3 years ago, Zeths opinion
Cool game Cool hedgehog
This is one of my favorite game’s in the world. I mean it is very good but why don’t you add free mods for the game. Everything is better with mods for example you could add a shadow or a cream mod even modern sonic mods. And another thing about the game there are so many glitches. My game keeps freezing up when I’m on the first level. Usually I compare the sonic the hedgehog series better than Mario. Mostly because in every Mario game there is always at least one glitch😡. But still I will give this game a five star ⭐️ I mean come on man how would you not like something like this😁. By the way the name’s Aiger Akabane I’ve played every single 3D sonic game and I live in Japan.I mean isn’t that where the sonic franchise began or was it some place else? Anyways keep on with the great sonic game’s sega and nice work on sonic color’s ultimate! 🤘
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2 years ago, isaiah jennings
One big problem
This game is very nostalgic and great to me and others out there, and I’m glad they even ported it on mobile! But the reason why it’s three stars is because if one big problem. A lot of mobile game will have ads pop up every minute but without Wi-Fi you don’t have to worry about the ads getting in the way. Exept this game requires you to connect to a Wi-Fi or else you can’t play the game at all. This is so that you will get hit with ads every second. The fact that you can’t play the game unless your connected to a Wi-Fi for ads is just stupid and annoying. It’s fine for a game to have ads so they will recommend you something cool that you might wanna try but some others don’t care about it, and not everyone wants to get spammed by ads. But other than that this game is awesome and I love it. If they didn’t have that one problem then I would’ve give them a four or even five stars.
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2 years ago, TailsFan504
Love the new features!
I have been playing the retro Sonic games since it is the most fun to me, I love the Christian Whitehead remake of this game, the extra debug objects, enhanced music, Tails, Super Sonic, Knuckles, easy mobile controls, I love it all. You guys need totally need to remake Sonic 3, but this time instead of having a competition mode, you need to have a co op mode with your own separate screens, and use the prototype music, it sounds amazing like it’s previous games, and you won’t have any legal issues, and these retro games don’t have so many glitches as the other games, I literally only came across one minor glitch, in spring yard, I was in a vertical hallway waiting for the blocks to move but I was pushing against a wall, and then I could walk through a small part of the wall, but anyways you NEED TO MAKE SONIC 3 (&K)
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3 years ago, maoksdu
Amazing Game But 2 Things
Alright. The game is amazing. In fact, the ads are actually pretty well spaced. You get one every zone transition (so, every 3 acts) on average. But I have a few things. 1. The Cheats Bug. It happened in Sonic 2 on IOS as well. I load a no save file, I hit S E G A, I hear the ring sound, I hold two fingers, and I get green hill. So because of the level select not working, none of the other cheats are imputable. And 2: there is not an option for all 7 chaos emeralds. I know there is in the level select, but now I can’t access that, and I want all 7 in a saved file anyway. Make it to where after you select your character, you get to decide 6 or 7 chaos emeralds. Fix the cheats bug and add that option and I will give this game 5 stars, as it really deserves it.
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6 years ago, Anython
Simply Terrible
I would enjoy this game a lot, if I actually got to play the game! There are so many ads it literally crashes my game before I even reach the "Start Game" button. I can hardly complete a stage, because whenever I try I always crash and have to restart my game. It's so bad that if an ad is over 10 seconds long it goes right back to the starting screen. Like seriously SEGA and Christian Whitehead you can do much better than this. I managed to beat the game, but I no longer want to play it ever again yet alone put my hands on this game ever again when all I know I'll be getting is ads all over the place. Also why does anyone need to pay to get no ads, I wouldn't mind the ads if they didn't ruin the game and the overall gameplay experience, but buying no ads in this game seems almost mandatory with the fact that there are ads everywhere. Honestly, if ads are ever used in games it should be done correctly and should never affect the gaming experience, and this is a perfect example of how not to use ads in games.
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5 years ago, benryftg14
Needs to be available offline +better controls
I be wanting to play sonic or any sega game on my breaks at work but the problem is I don’t get any service in there and for some reason the game doesn’t work when offline. I’ve even tried buying the game without ads and I still can’t play offline. I cant really play a game I’ve paid for because I don’t get service for a game that doesn’t need internet to be played. You could at least make it to where if someone buys it they can play it offline or something. But then again I don’t just wanna keep buying these games when I can play for free. Also the left stick control doesn’t have much animation to it besides a small light and if I am not directly touching the button it doesn’t work. I wish there was a directional pad that is functional beyond the button a a joystick like button because it’s real frustration to operate it with my huge fingers
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4 years ago, alansalker
Amazing super sonic gameplay
I love this I can play this for hours this is just like on the Sega genesis I recommend this game to all Sega has improved this little speedy hedgehog in many ways including his modern form and classic form this hedgehog is amazing this is a great game with height speed gameplay o recommend this to all Sega is amazing and in my book sonic is wayyyy better then Mario Sega has put more effort in there games then Nintendo sonic is amazing since it’s not on mobile anyone can play this high speed game anywhere including ur car a plane or even a boat this game is the best thank u Sega for all the great games u have provided us u are amazing I don’t know how u created such a great game I have played ur games since I was 5 and I still play it u are amazing Sega keep up the amazing work good job Sega make sure to provide amazing content 👍
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4 years ago, coolman111110
This was the best game growing up as a child
I love this game so much when it first came out in 1991 it will I just love green hills zone music are used to seeing it when I was little I I know how to be all of the bosses in Sonic the hedgehog one in number two 😎😎😎😎😎😎 I used to also play mortal combat one and number two and number three and number four and number five and number six number seven number eight and number nine and number 10 and number 11 two and sometimes I would play super Mario 64 and I had 1120 stars in that that’s how you find Yoshi and when you get a little bit of mushrooms mushrooms randomly pop up on your life bar and that’s not it I finished all of the maps and gold and I I be all of the sonic games I am 37 right now I bought in Nintendo switch
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5 years ago, Sonicaidanj Studios
Game is great, the port is terrible
Sonic The Hedgehog is a great game. This port, however, is terrible. You can get all the way to Scrap Brain Act 2 and that’s it, due to a glitch that has been present for a long time, you’re not going anywhere but to an eventual “Game Over” screen. That’s only part of the big issue with this port. The game has been broken many times before, and what happens next? You wait forever for them to come out with an update to fix it. You may email SEGA informing about said glitch, and get the same automatic reply within a week. We finally get an update that I hoped would fix the glitch that makes it impossible to progress to the final boss. Still broken. SEGA, learn from your past mistakes and fix this. The fact it took so long for an update that ultimately didn’t fix the game like it did last time is unacceptable. If you want a classic Sonic game for your device, get Sonic The Hedgehog 2. If you want this game, pick a different platform (excluding the GBA, because, well, you know), this game is everywhere.
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4 years ago, cd the best
Where is debug mode?
I've been playing the mobile port of Sonic 1 & 2 and I always have liked them. But for some reason on both 1 & 2 debug mode is no longer accessible. Why? Because level select is no longer accessible! At first everything is normal. You go to no save, press S E G A in order, but then you get to the title screen. Usually you would press down two fingers on Sonic, and that would take you to level select. When I did this it took me straight into the first level. Now the first time this happened I didn't really care since I usually mess up sometimes, but then it doesn't work again. And again. And again. And again...... At this point I couldn't take it anymore. And that's why I'm writing this, so please SEGA and Christian Whitehead fix this bug. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Matt Matty Matthew
There are two glitches in sonic 1 iOS new 1 glitch is hard to find and the other one is that your rings from a ring box don't give you instant rings. I found this in spring yard act 3. Rip tails from 1992 to 2017 death to the zone will never name for its water. So tails is none to die because you steal the bubble. So what I do is give Tails a bubble before he drowns so when Tails timer was at zero he got it but was put in the death state so he died. So sad I know. I hope you like your death sonic see at the bottom of final zone, because SEGA are not putting a thing to stop you from falling off that platform which is right next to a pit. We all need the and knuckles and and sonic and and tails mode in this game. Oh and why do we internet? Is it because of the adds and achievements from Game Center.
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6 years ago, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
Decent game
This game is a really good copy of the original, but there are a few downsides. First of all, cut down on the ads. There are so many. There is one ad that pops up and it has an x at the top, but whenever I click on the x, it takes me to the App Store. So I have to sit through this long ad waiting to get to play the game. Some of these ads are very inappropriate, too. I’m a Christian, and I do NOT want to see blood and half dressed women. Along with the complaint of the ads, there are so many ads that my game freezes up every ten seconds. The freeze also cancels out jumps. I was playing as tails and was fixing to defeat eggman, when the game froze, and I ended up hitting his wrecking ball. And since I had zero rings and lives, I died and got a game over. I was SOOOO mad. Overall it is actually a really good game, it just needs some improvements. P.S., I love the inclusion of tails and knuckles. Don’t get rid of that.
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4 years ago, Gameranx
This game good but whoever writes the changelog is dumb
Every time this game gets updated the description of the update says “bug fixes and refinements”. That’s obviously not what was added. The update descriptions are put there for you to describe what was changed, added, or fixed. Instead, the descriptions just say that something nonspecific was fixed. This game needs more competent updates. There are some features that should have been added a while ago. Sonic 3 abilities should be available in the settings menu and not locked behind a secret menu for no save games. The drop dash is also missing. Every classic sonic game has the drop dash by now but the mobile sonic ports do not because they have not received a real update in several years.
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3 months ago, kimber47
I played this as a kid and could get everything on every level and get all the emeralds and beat the whole game in about an hour… I had it memorized… I thought it would be fun to reminisce. It looks the same to me but it’s just so hard to control. He doesn’t always stop or go as fast as I want him to or as fast as I used to be able to control him with a regular controller.. I think if you were to buy a regular controller for your phone maybe it would be better but I know from muscle memory how to play this game and it’s irritating me that he won’t do what I want him to do and that I keep dying… I never used to die. Oh well. Maybe if I can find a controller that’s not too expensive… I’m not buying a $100 one for this one game I’ll just go buy something that has this game on it instead with 100 other games.
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2 years ago, JaxoBro
One change could be made.
People here are making some unreasonable suggestions like removing ads(just pay for it lol) and changing fundamentals of the game like making it easier to go super sonic. My suggestion is this: tighten up the controls. This game was not made for touchscreen and to make it work on touchscreen, Sonic should move in a more responsive way. Playing this version is like playing very hard mode. This change would simply make the game the same difficulty as playing with analog. That said, it’s a great game. But the control issue is so severe that it takes the game down two whole stars for me. Sorry. Nonetheless, Sonic is my favorite biracial hero and thanks to the blockheads over at SEGA, he is back in action and ready to give Eggman, that smoky eyed little turnip, a run for his money. Booyah! But really, please fix the controls.
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4 years ago, Babyfrisk808
Great, but I’m mad now.
So, I got the award “One for the road” and jumped off to the right. There was no “off to the right” and I died. And then I got a game over trying to beat the final zone pistons again, after I already beat them once. My thoughts? Make the part once you hit the Egg Mobile one last time (or once you let Eggman leave free) a cutscene. That way gamers who worked hard and hit Eggman in his piston 8 times while avoiding the pink spark balls and not wasting time on the decoys and not getting squished can still get the reward for beating the game: Tails. Even gamers who are dumb enough to jump right after beating Robotnik should get Tails. Why? Well, why are they able to jump right in the first place??? Just saying. \_(-@_@-)_/ Ps: we also need less ads
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3 years ago, h)is. ri2 sn
Good game but the ads can ruin it
The game in itself is great, but the ad system is broken.I know you need money from the game somehow, but sometimes the ads can show up during a game like when the ad that advertises your other games can sometimes show up mid-game and block the joystick so movement can’t be done. This also happens with the ads that advertise other services from people that paid to have their ad in the SEGA Forever games. The ads can show up mid-game and cover a huge chunk of the screen. The issue also shows up even with the ad-free pass since it does not remove the ads for your mobile games and it can still cover up the joystick sometimes. This happens to all SEGA Forever line games. Please fix.
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2 years ago, KapxeNayrb
For all the sonic games and other games like this
I’m leaving this review on all the sonic games and other games like this. I’m so sick of every single app(99% of them) and game etc. Having a ridiculous amount of ads that are so in your face and difficult to skip passed. I’m beyond tired of these “free apps” wanting you to pay to remove the ads that are beyond annoying with their consistent ads every 10 seconds you have to watch a 30 second ad that sometimes doesn’t register your click to exit the ad because I’m sure they’re making tons of money advertising other games and get more money off clicks etc. It’s beyond annoying for an adult dealing with this and even more so for a child. It’s crap. If this is what the free version is of your game then it’s terrible 1 star because there isn’t a lower rating. Unless you’re buying these games do not download them. The “free” versions are just absolute crap.
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6 months ago, a cool person 234
Great, but those stupid ads
This is really high-quality as is the bugs in the original game and it gives a new cleaner look to the entire game, but one problem ads. They are everywhere. I am warning you if you play this game without ads get ready to see so many of them that your eyes will explode, it is insane every solitary second that you look at this game there’s gonna be an ad click on the start button ad you finish level ad do you look away for two seconds ad? It is infuriating but it isn’t bad. This is actually really really faithful to the original Contin. I don’t think it makes the game any worse except for the ads but I think it is a good game would recommend to anyone who doesn’t have a Sega genesis.
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3 years ago, buttjojes
Love the game but to many ads
If there wasn’t ads then I would have gave the game a 5 stars so every time you tap start game a ad will just pop up and you are force to watch the ad and then it will tell you to download the game and sometimes you are forced to play the game and this game is my farvoite sega game of all time I grew up on this game so when I heard the game was on mobile I was exited and it was for free so i download the game and I was exited to play the game and also the game giltched a bit and there was no sound I was like maybe it was my phone volume so I turned it up and no sound still the game was also slow sonic was moving by himeself and I kept getting angry😡 so overall the game was amazing 🤗but the ads are so much and annoying
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6 years ago, Stef N Stuff
Great memories! Terrible ad control
I love it. It’s great to feel the nostalgia of the very first sonic game, with a few added bonuses! However, there is a huge problem with ads, but I’m pretty sure everyone is well informed of that. One bug that constantly gets in my nerves is when I pause the game because I have to leave the app to do something (like a text). When I come back to the game, it’s expected that when I press continue, it shows me an add and then lets me play. However, and PLEASE FIX THIS SEGA, once it shows me the add, it takes me BACK to the PAUSE SCREEN, where again, I have to WATCH AN AD, and the cycle repeats. Sometimes it ACTUALLY lets me play, but others it doesn’t. Please fix this, but, other than that, a great app to help pass the time and replay those classic 2D levels.
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3 years ago, sawbic
Make the No Ads version of the game cost more
I love the sonic franchise (under maeio) and I really want to get sonic 1 on steam!!!! 😶‍🌫️ but the no ads version of the game only costs 2 dollars and on steam sonic costs 5 bucks!!! 💰and I have enough money for it but I don’t feel like it’s worth it if the no ads version of the game is less than a half of the price of sonic on steam 💨 and from reviews than I’m seeing like how the game is bad because it should be 50 rings 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍and then you turn into super sanic makes me not want the buy the game in general!!!!! So please make the no ads version of the game cost 5 dollars!!
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2 years ago, i aint gonna tell u my name
I love it,but the ads ruin it
This game is super fun, I love the game it is pretty hard but you can discover some different ways to get somewhere, or even to pass in front or on top of a spike, it’s really fun, now the ads, I think that the ads ruin the game, every time I pause the game or start, an ad pops in my face! It’s really annoying! Even tho I didn’t complete the game yet, I think it’s pretty hard, but overall the game is pretty fun! (Ps: I think that you guys should make sonic and Amy like each other,(like in most SonAmy comic dubs or animated ones,idk why but I’d like to see them both loving each other in stead of sonic pretty much hating her.)(I mean in some other Games or in the next movie or in the sonic prime series) please reply soon!
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4 years ago, Crystal the Husky
Almost perfect
This is easily the best port of Sonic 1 around, and the same can be said for Christian Whitehead’s ports of Sonic 2 and CD. Gameplay is much better than it was on the Genesis and other previous ports. However, I noticed when I booted up the game recently my ads were turned back on, despite the fact I paid to turn them off. Unless I’m doing something wrong there doesn’t seem to be any option to pay to have ads removed anymore or even to restore purchases. I get the developers need money, and I’d be more than willing to pay to have ads disabled, but having ads pop up every 5 seconds when I’m just trying to play a game I enjoy is pretty obnoxious. Hopefully the ability to disable ads will be patched back in soon.
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3 years ago, ANDREWVAKA amazing guy
This game is still pretty great
I mean it is the first sonic game ever on the Genesis and right now I am playing it on a mobile remastered version on an iPad it seems pretty advanced than the first one on the Genesis back in 1991 and it’s 2020 now seriously I played this a very long time ago and also I may do a review of sonic to because I played that game mostly Aunt when I was younger and seriously it was amazing to me getting super sonic and all the chaos emeralds this game doesn’t have super sonic which kind of disappoints me since I can’t get mods since I’m only eight almost 9 though this game is still pretty amazing sent a lead to amazing sonic games in the future feel like it’s pretty decent and honestly if you want to play a sonic game start off with the first one on the Genesis or the mobile remaster probably the mobile remaster though
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6 years ago, FranticFire
Great Game!
This is, Not going to lie, the greatest version of sonic 1 I’ve ever played. It’s as great as sonic mania, The only thing that’s bad about it is the ads, there’s just a ton of them, when you choose start game, BOOM, ad, when you game over, BOOM, ad, you get so many ads in the game it’s hard to say how many things you do in the game that gets you an ad, it’s hard to count. On the plus side though, the no ad version is only a dollar, some games make you pay more, looking at you dumb ways to die. Also the d-pad and jump button are to big but that’s minor. In conclusion, Sonic 1 is one of the best sonic games I’ve ever played, and I’m hoping they add sonic 3 and knuckles into the App Store, if it’s already added, I never saw it when I spawns scrolling though the App Store.
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2 years ago, Generic Dynamics
A Classic’s return.
I probably shouldnt be writing this, with Sonic Origins releasing soon, but, this is simply a fun rerelease of the classic game, and for the time being this is the definitive way to play Sonic The Hedgehog! If you’re seeing this by June 21st, go buy Sonic Origins for the real definitive version of the classic games. But, this being said, this is a good free version of the game! This may be an old game, but that dosent mean it can’t be fun! The Sonic Mania Team did wonders with this port of the game, I love the addition of Tails, Knuckles, and the new reward for getting the chaos emeralds (Super Sonic)! Anyways, in conclusion, this is a great game to pass by time while you’re waiting for a dentist appointment or something else, so I recommend getting the other classics!
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6 years ago, Vilentane
To: Sega
Look, I know it’s tough, Sega. I get it. You’re star character runs the scene for a few golden years, then falls on hard times, that’s okay, really. We all love Sonic, and nothing can ever change that, but this, this butchered version of something meant for good, is unacceptable. Christian Whitehead’s port was fine the way it was before. I remember buying the original ports right after they came out, and the feeling of joy when I saw that what I was about to play really felt like a Sonic game. Not because it was a Classic game or because classic Sonic is the only “real” Sonic, but because I could see the care and attention to detail put in to make it real. But this version is a gross disrespect to those ports, and everything they stood for. I logged on one day to find ads over my Sonic, and all of that joy left me. You are a monster, Sega. I’m beginning to wonder if there is any hope for Sonic after all, if Whitehead’s work is such a joke to you.
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6 years ago, Thomasaurusrex
Dear people, you’re all not paid critics
Thank you for noting on a phone, the controls are flat, and phone like.... your opinion will sway my like for games on my phone. I’m gonna get a genesis controller and wire it for my lightning port on my dang iPhone. Idiots. Look. If you like sonic. And you like sega? You’re probably going to like this game. If you don’t like flat layout controls, follow the rest of the “game critics” who are so highly rewarded and sought to be like and burn your phone, don the foil hat and go buy 5-600$ game consoles. Might as well buy one of each. And make sure those controllers are well lubed. Thanks Sega. I highly recommend the game. Always been a fan of Sonic 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 highly recommend
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7 years ago, MegaSuperab
Christian Whitehead's work is amazing and I love it. This port is fantastic, but there's one fatal flaw that NEEDS to be updated. I've had this game since 2013, meaning I paid $2 before SEGA Forever came along. When the SEGA Forever update came along, I lost my purchase and was unable to restore it. This was fixed in an update, and I got my ad-free purchase back... for a month. I'm now unable to restore the purchase AGAIN, and whoever is running this stupid service won't release an update to fix this. I've had this issue for months and no matter how many times I relaunch the app and press the button, it always says Time-out. I'm giving this app a 5 star rating because, again, this port is amazing. However, I won't be able to play it again until either I finally get my darn purchase to restore or, what I recommend, you put out an update. And don't give me that "Restore Purchase and reopen the app" crap, that's obviously not working. EDIT: YOU FINALLY FIXED IT! I CAN FINALLY PLAY WITHOUT ADS! AND YOU FIXED ALL THE OTHER ANNOYANCES I HAD! YOU ARE GODS! THANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, MM152
Springzone 3 and iPhone X
U can’t get past springzone stage 3 on an iPhone X. It appears that after u defeat Robotnik and blow up the machine, sonic automatically runs off the screen to the right and dies. It almost seems like the wider screen of the iPhone X is causing the issue, where sonic runs on a part of the screen to the right that has no blocks for him to run on, so he falls and dies. The game resumes from the last save point. As a result, can’t get past this level. Good game, but 1 star until they can fix this. Developer responded this is not a priority to fix at this time. DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE X!!! UPDATE 6/27: They deployed a fix which broke the ad-free version. So now, even though I paid for the app, I can’t get rid of the ads. Tech support says the problem is noted but can’t do anything until developers are prioritized to fix the issue. So, my review still hasn’t changed. DON’T PAY FOR THIS GAME UNTIL THEY FIX THESE ISSUES!!!
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3 weeks ago, WallPunchBoy5000
Great Game, But Why the Ads?
I love this version of the game. I think that it’s a great port and the level select is cool with the cheat codes and extra options for a super fun gameplay experience. In fact, this might be better than the original game, content-wise. But this port has one glaring issue: the ads. Yes, you can get rid of them for $1.99, but for free-to-players, it is a huge inconvenience. You get ads everywhere. You get an ad before you start the game, you get an ad in between acts, you get an ad every time to pause the game. Why does the game need ads for PAUSING THE GAME? And to make things worse, it’s possible to get an ad ON THE TITLE SCREEN! That’s ridiculous! In conclusion, great game, horrible use of ads.
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2 years ago, SonicFan🥶
This game is not only a game, but an experience, a work of art, a masterpiece. It’s taught me the true value of friendship. Last year, I had no friends. I was alone in my 15 by 5 square foot apartment and I was the only one in my contact list. Then, as I was drowning my sorrows with chili dogs, I found this game. Instantly, I was addicted. I found myself playing so intently, hours turned to minutes, days to seconds. I found out about a resistance full of furries fighting some fat guy in a red suit. To heck with that! I told them about this game and now we started a club of which I am president. I now have friends, food, and a 500 square foot apartment. Thank you Sega.
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4 years ago, Javerick
Great game, disappointing “ad-free” purchase
This is a great, classic game that my boys and I have really enjoyed playing! The gameplay is everything I remember, with easy to use controls on the iPad touchscreen. The only reason for the 3 star review is that I payed to get it “ad-free”, but we still have ads pop up for different sonic games and the sonic movie. The reason I was able to justify spending money on a free app was to make it possible to leave the iPad on restricted access and still allow my kids to play relatively unsupervised. Unfortunately, the ads allow them to get onto safari or the App Store whenever an ad pops up that directs them there. What’s the point in paying for no ads when I’m actually getting limited ads that still direct away from the app itself?
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6 years ago, butricat
I was very excited to play this game for the first time. I bought the premium version and everything. Unfortunately, on my iPhone X at least, I can’t proceed past Spring Yard Zone Act 3, as whenever Sonic hits the animal capsule at the end of the stage, he runs off and immediately dies. You can be in complete control and replicate this. The game itself is fun and beautiful on iOS, but it gets 1 Star for a game-breaking bug that wasn’t even addressed in the latest software update. UPDATE: through the use of ANOTHER bug, I was able to skip the level. Hitting exit in the menu during a special stage will skip the next stage upon reloading and beating the special stage. However, I’ve found that Brain Scrap Zone Act 2 is ALSO broken! The transition does not properly work, scrolling up instead of right, making it ONCE AGAIN impossible to proceed. This is unacceptable after a supposed “bug fix” patch update.
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6 years ago, Danylos.
Why the internet tethering?! (Update - fixed now)
Let me first say that I love this game. I played it when I was a kid, and gladly play now. However, I am on the go a lot, and I specifically got it to pass time on my long trans-Atlantic flight. I even bought the anti-AD thing. Well, surprise, the game doesn't run without the internet. So let me ask you, developers, why the heck does a game from the 90s with no changes to its core mechanics require a constant internet connection in order to even launch?! I would give it a 5 star, but until this crap is patched out, 2 is all I can give. Update - the internet tethering has been fixed! This means I can finally update my review to a 5-star!
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6 years ago, DoIt48425
Seriously, SEGA?
I got this game when it first came out. Then, it was just emulation. To my surprise, it got an update that completely overhauled the game and made it great. But, when it became free, that was when things started to show signs of weakness. Since I bought the game beforehand, I wanted to restore my purchase. The game was now plagued with ads, so it was kind of annoying when I could not. An update later fixed that, but it was just a sign of things to come. Update 3.1.0 supposedly got rid of bugs, but instead added more. The file for a completed game displays “Special Stage 1”, instead of “Completed”. Also it shows a slot for a seventh Chaos Emerald, even though in the first Sonic you can only obtain six. Somehow, they added back a bug that was previously dealt with. I can’t even get rid of the freaking ads now. SEGA, you can do better than this. In Sonic’s words, ”Come on, step it up!”
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5 years ago, Oh the humanity
Ads still show after paying for ad free version, game crashes at spring yard zone 3
The software is fantastic. It runs better here than it did on the original hardware. Very impressive work, however still showing me ads every time I launch the app after paying for an ad free version is basically theft. The controls aren’t terrible, but not much better either. They decided to emulate an analog stick instead of a digital d pad. Why? No genesis console had an analog stick. This makes certain parts of the game difficult as you really don’t know if you are moving the virtual analog stick to the limit or not. If you try and find out you exceed the touch area for the analog stick and of course sonic just stops, hopefully not at a bad time. Edit: after playing for a bit I can’t get past spring yard zone 3 sonic just dies at the end. Seriously Sega? Software testing too much to ask?
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