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User Reviews for Sonic | Tone Generator

4.61 out of 5
6.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Galan Cruz
An Amazing app my dude
I rarely ever rate apps, but I had jumped into the shower with my iPhone 7 plus since it is advertised as 'water-resistant' — but if It couldn't survive a trip in the shower who know what they mean by resistant— and when I had got out the upper speaker (the one used when calling) was super mumbled so I tried putting it in rice for an hour & nothing, it was still muffled. I then proceeded to blow dry it for 10 minutes and still nothing (also I'm not stupid, I put the blow dryer on cool so it would heat up my device). So I then googled ways to get water out of iPhone 7 speaker and when I read this article on a website I had thought it was some lousy app that just basically makes money from watching the ads. I was desperate and only had 2 options either give the app a try or making the purpose of the phone useless; since apple's 'water-resistant' iPhone 7 warranty doesn't cover water damage. So in less then 2 minutes of me switching the frequencies from high to low, I decided to listen to the same song I had tried to listen too prior to using the app and this time it sounded as if nothing happened to the phones speaker. I honestly don't get the philosophy behind this app, but thanks so much to the person who thought of creating it.
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4 years ago, a.n.n.a.1223
This app is the real deal
I thought my mic on my phone was a goner after a long walk in the snow. I got home, took my phone out of my pocket, and discovered I had snow stuck in every single crevice of my phone and case. The snow was melting too, so my phone was a wet mess. After drying it off I was like “ok cool, I’m dumb but everything seems to be working fine so we gooooddd” but after calling a friend and being immediately hung up on, I discovered that my microphone was a goner. The bottom mic let out an awful screeching-static sound whenever I tried to use it. I figured I’d just do the rice method and see if it fixed my problem, and upon googling prices for mic repairs, I stumbled across an article for this app. It worked like magic. After maybe 10 seconds of using it, I tested my mic again and it sounded significantly better. After another 10 seconds it was back to normal. Pro tip, though: do not use this app at 11 at night when your family is sleeping. They won’t be as happy about your phone working as you are, and will most likely just be annoyed at the noises it makes. So glad a free app fixed what would have been a $65 repair!
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6 years ago, KatieSC08
Saved my phone
About a week ago I was hiking in Arizona. My family and I reached the end and just as we turned around to head back it started pouring rain. The hike was about a mile and a half one-way, and I had my phone in my back pocket. After ten minutes or so I remembered I had my phone with me and attempted to keep it shielded from the rain with my hand. We continued to be drenched for another twenty minutes or so. Nonetheless, I played a song when we got back and the speakers sounded pretty muffled. When played at a certain volume, a static sound emitted as well. Naturally I freaked out since iPhones aren’t cheap to replace but I looked on the internet for possible solutions. I came across an article that recommended this app and I had nothing to lose, so I went ahead and downloaded it. Best decision I made that day. The interface was extremely easy to use and after using the recommended 165 Hz frequency for a couple minutes, I played the same song in nervous anticipation. It was like the water damage never happened and the speaker sounded great! Very thankful this was so effective. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Rob oNe 87
Fixed/safed my Water Damaged iPhone XS earpiece!
This app is amazing. I dropped my iPhone XS in the lake yesterday. It was sitting in about 7 feet deep water for a couple minutes. When I was finally able to fish it out, at first glance everything appeared to work fine. Then I made a call and realized that water had gotten into the earpiece. It was very muffled and I could barely hear anything. I randomly found this app after searching on Google. What I did was select the frequency of 160, turn up the volume on the phone to max, tap start, flip the phone upside down on a paper towel, so that the earpiece was facing the paper towel and after like 20 seconds you could already see water coming out of the earpiece and the bottom speaker soaking up the paper towel. I ran it for like a minute at first. Waited a few seconds and then again for like a minute. Eventually no more water was coming out and the phone was back to normal! Key is to set it at 160khz. This seems to be the ideal frequency for maximum vibration/water disbursements!! This app literally made my day!
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5 years ago, Blobfish4Life123
So I have an iPhone 7, which is so-called water resistant. Whenever I go to a pool, I usually put it in a waterproof pouch so I can take pictures. Today, for some reason, water got into the pouch. I didn’t freak out or anything because I knew that my phone was somewhat durable with water. WRONG. I tried to use my speakers, and the sound was ridiculously terrible. It was screechy, and extremely muffled. I started to panic because we were at a community pool not close from home, so I couldn’t get rice to put my phone into. I didn’t want to wait and let the water sink in more, so I did a little research and found that a certain frequency would push the water out of the speakers. I tried it out because I had nothing else to try, and it had several good reviews. After a few minutes my speakers were clear. IT SAVED MY PHONE. The audio was immediately cured. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS APP!! If you ever get water in your speakers, use this app before trying rice! This is so much quicker and it’s free.
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4 years ago, knhallberg
i’m blown away
I never rate apps, but let me just tell you.. I thought this was some sort of scam for downloads, but it is NOT! I dropped my iPhone XR in the lake about 5ft down today, and even though it was only down there for about a minute I turned it off and shook the water out, and put it in front of a fan for 5 hours. when i turned it back on I thought everything was fine, but then I was playing a game and my ear speaker sounded really muffled. I got sad because I haven’t had this phone for long and I already messed it up. BUT I DIDNT. well I did, but then this app totally FIXED the speaker. I am so blown away right now, thank you to the makers of this app for lifting my spirits about my oopsies👌🏻also, I put it on 165 hz for about a minute, nothing really changed, and then I did it again and after about 30 seconds the sound of the frequency/vibration changed and it was my speaker changing back to normal! crazy stuff.
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4 years ago, Eli Hoffman
Phenomenal!!!! Ejected water out of my iPhone 11 speaker!!!
So a few days ago, I got a brand new iPhone 11 (water resistant up to 2 meters for around 7 minutes). Today, I was listening to music I the shower and some water got on the speaker when I touched the screen. I wiped the water off after literally 4 seconds. Later that day, I noticed that the phone speaker/ earpiece speaker for making calls was completely messed up and making a weird digital sounding noise. Super worried, I looked on google to see if this could be water in the speaker. Eventually I found this app, read the reviews, and downloaded it. One of the reviews here said that if you play the sound at max volume on 160 frequency and lay your phone on the screen siderite let the water spill out it will work. I did this and within 10 seconds, the speaker was crystal clear and works as it did before it had water in it!!! So happy!!!!
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2 years ago, that one Jigga Boo
The water came out immediately. WORKS ON IOS16
My mom threw water on me because I stayed in bed after being told several times to get out of bed this morning. I noticed water was all over my phone so I dried it. Then I took my case off and noticed that water was on the back of my phone also so I dried it. Then I got a call and noticed my speaker was making static noises as if the water got in it, I blew on both speakers and sure enough there was water in there so I decided to put my phone on the charger and let it air dry. Turns out my charging port also had water in it. I searched up how to get the water out and an article popped up about this app so I read it, then downloaded the app. I pressed the water droplet button on the app and the water came out in seconds. And now my phone is back to normal, Thank God. 🖐🏽⭐️
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6 years ago, Bo3ni
A fixing miracle
This is my first time sincerely I ever used any phone or app or what ever ... this app is a life saver ... I’m using iPhone 7+ and as we know that the ear speaker also works as a speaker for songs and any media... I had problem with sound volume and quality that comes from the ear speaker so I decided to google a solution I found people using brushes.. i tried to use brush but i ended up making it worse buy making even the calling speaker u can say not working cuz I can’t hear the voice of the caller at all... I googled then there is this website talking about how to remove water that goes inside the iPhone 7 speakers while it is waterproof but sometimes after pitting it under the water it has this issue with the speakers.... so the website guided me to this app I tried it it's a miracle... much love... Note The frequency i used is around 150 to 250... ❤️
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6 years ago, DeppyBunz
Life Saver!
I love this app! It really is a life saver. A few days ago I had been listening to music on my IPhone 8 and it had dropped into the water. I pulled it out and it seemed fine. Though when I had tried to get the music to work again it was muffled. I mean it stand up for a few hours yet the sound will still muffled. Then I put it in rice for a few hours, still nothing. Desperate I looked up what was wrong with my phone and a website had pointed me to this app. I got the app hopeful, waited for it to download and set it up to 160 did it a few times...nothing. Then I noticed the small water droplet and clicked on it. And it worked! My sound was back to normal better than before even. I would also recommend turning your sound all the way up as you do this and place a song or something as you do it. Love the app- thank you creators
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6 years ago, S.Ironshield
It actually works!
So after getting my iPhone7, i really had thought it was water resistant, but i never did trust it. I saw all my friends putting there phones under water and it was no big deal to them, nothing happened to their phone. But today i happened to be shaving my legs & listening to music. Well i had dropped my phone in the water. I thought nothing would happen but when i tried to play music again, there was a weird muffly noise coming from the speaker by your ear. I was so upset & didn’t know what to do. After reading the article & when it recommended me to get this app, i had no faith. I thought it was the silliest thing & wouldn’t actually work. Well i barely used it for 2min and boom! I listened to a song and my speaker is back to normal! It is amazing!!! I totally recommend this app for anyone😁😁😁
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7 years ago, Neohalixone
This is the greatest placebo app on the market
If you are considering this app your phone it is probably just been in water and you are freaking out. Well this app will make you feel good but it doesn't work. It makes cool sounds, it feels like you can hear water coming out at high pitches but it doesn't work and the panic of your speakers not working comes back and then you will waste more time thinking you did something wrong. There is only 2 things you can actually do to fix your water in a speaker problem.#1 wait for the water to dry from the speakers and they will be fine (2days for me), #2 buy another phone because it's broken. Still don't believe me? Think about it, this "water out of the speaker" sound problem already exists on the Apple Watch and works great so if only software can fix this problem on your phone wouldn't you think Apple would have already put it in an update by now. So read this and you can save an hour of frustration with this app. You are welcome sincerely-The guy who goes through the frustration so you don't have to
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1 week ago, Happy_Master
I would like to say that adding a paywall to the speaker clean feature is kind of a buzzkill, but other then that: I loved this app and its features from a pure usefulness standpoint before the style update. Recently they updated it, and not only does it work super well but IT LOOKS AMAZING (and it’s still super easy to use). Not once have I been more absolutely stunned by the design change of an app. 100% recommended! In terms of features, it can easily and effectively clean your speakers from water, generate any tone with an intuitive control set, generate different tone shapes, AND IT EVEN PLAYS ON TOP OF OTHER AUDIO AND OUTSIDE OF THE APP for literally no reason (that’s a good thing). Like I can play Coldplay and a 1000hz tone at the same time! This app is amazing
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8 months ago, DezzyLeAnn01
Actually Works
So I dropped my phone in the shower, like an inch of water, for no longer than 2 seconds and when I dried it off I noticed the speakers sounded like they had water in them. Knowing from previous instances that putting it in rice wouldn’t do anything to help I googled apps that might help and Sonic was the first to pop up with 4.4 stars and so I went and scrolled and found a review with a similar story to mine and it honestly sounded a bit “fake” but I figured I would try the app anyways bc what do I have to lose? It’s a free app and it freaking works. I spent about 2 minutes “playing” with the frequency with my dog lol and then hit the water eject (?) button for about 15/20 seconds and my phone sounds like nothing happened.
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2 years ago, NO Porters
First time ever reviewing an app.
I don’t think i’ve ever reviewed an app. I try y absolute hardest to take care of my technology but today I slipped up and left my iPhone 11 in my pocket for over 30 minutes while i swam around in the lake. Knowing that the apple watch had a “water ejection” frequency feature, i looked for something similar for my iPhone. my speakers sounded like they were all kinds of broken but sure enough, after downloading and playing a tone for around a minute or so, i sear my speakers sound better than they were before. now i wouldn’t recommend jumping in the lake with your phone, but in the even my that you do, i guarantee this app will at least help eject water from your speakers.
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5 years ago, jocelynrisner98
This app is great!
I was listening to music with my phone on the edge (I have a iPhone X advertised as water resistant) and it got knocked into the shower for a few seconds and immediately the speakers started buzzing and the volume was really muffled. I tried rice, I tried a hairdryer, and nothing was working. I was googling and found this app suggested but didn’t think it would work tbh. I saw the ratings and tried it out using 160hz like I’d seen recommended in the other reviews. Ten minutes of consecutive use my speaker started buzzing loudly and I could see the water bubbling up and then falling out. I held my phone up to let it drain and about five minutes after all the sizzling stopped and my speaker works perfectly again!! 10/10 would recommend!!
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6 years ago, MC Esher
Amazing Frequency App Saves I Phone X
Like anyone I was very suspicious when my iPhone X was not waterproof or water resistant as it seemed. After a vigorous research the Internet and Apple said that I could put my iPhone under water down 3 feet either someone lied to me or My phone is defective because I got water all in my speaker after dipping it in a swimming pool to take a picture under water but then shortly afterwards while playing a song it made a terrible noise as if something was stuck in the speaker so I looked up how to clear an iPhone speaker and this app showed up as most people would be I was very skeptical at first but honestly this app is A hero, hero that saved my iPhone and for that I think the developer and the app for great service
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4 years ago, minnie_mausu
This is a lifesaver
So earlier today I was doing my hair and washing my face. All that jazz. And I look down and I see some water pooling around my speaker(the one at the top) at first I didn’t really notice for a second until I realized WHERE the water was. Hence panicking worse when someone called me and I realized I can’t hear them...the whole night I’m distraught since I needed to call people later but can’t hear without headphones. So I go to the internet and find this article telling to use this app. I was skeptical until I saw the other reviews and decided to try it. And OH MY GOD, it seriously works! Even if the water dries it works!!! It’s really a life saver and I’m so thankful I didn’t skip that article. Thanks gadgethacks!❤️
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3 years ago, TopHatMagicCap
Really works
I rarely write reviews but this app merits a great review. I swam with my iPhone 12 in some natural springs in Florida yesterday and dropped my phone in water about 8-10 feet deep for well over an hour. Long story short. I paid a kid to find my iPhone and the speakers were muffled so bad I couldn’t hear my keyboard clicks. I researched online and found this app and an article that said iPhones respond well to 156 Kh. I downloaded this app and ran it for about 5 minutes and no joke, it caused water to start dripping out of the bottom speakers and my phone is back to normal so far (sound wise). I’ll post updates but so far this app has worked well and fast! 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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4 years ago, A relieved customer
I never write reviews for apps but this one is a life-saver!! I jumped in the bath with my Iphone SE which is advertised to be water-resistant and made the horrible decision of putting it on a narrow ledge while I rinsed my hair. It fell in and I was completely panicked after discovering my speakers were completely muffled but I looked up what to do, found this app, set the thing to 400 and my speaker was completely cleared!! I set it to 600 to make sure all of the water was out and now my speaker appears to be perfectly fine along with my mic!! This app saved me from having to spend tons of money to buy a new phone, thank you so much to whoever came up with the idea of a moisture rejection feature!!!
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3 months ago, Trailblazer12
Needs improvements but has lots of potential
11Mar24 Edit: increased my rating because they fixed the issue with the preset section not letting you scroll :) Now if they add the manuel input option in addition to the scroll select and had a binaural feature this would be the best frequency app out there hands down! ————- Actually really like the design of the app. I think the preset/ad free feature was worth purchasing. However, you can only add as many frequencies as will fit on your screen, because it won’t let you scroll down to see any more you add. It would also be nice to be able to input the frequency you want instead of having to scroll up and down to it manually. If those issues were resolved I think it would be a 5 star app. I especially like that the frequencies continue to play in the background when other audio on my phone is on! If the developers wanted to go above and beyond, I would suggest somehow developing a binural feature where the app could play two frequencies at the same time, one in either headphone
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4 years ago, a u r e
this app was a life saver!
my baby brother had drooled all inside of my iPhone speaker and I realized it after not being able to hear any sound with the volume all the way up. After watching a video of someone using this app, I needed to see for my self and was desperate to try anything! I did it for a good 5 minutes or so and it worked perfectly! don’t give up if it doesn’t work right away. I almost did bc I thought it wasn’t working after doing it for a few minutes but I’m glad I didnt :) drool is a different consistency but if it can get BABY DROOL out I’m pretty sure it will definitely get water or any other liquid out for you 👍
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5 years ago, Patchslaw
Speakers work great again!
Since the iPhone X has an ip 67 rating, I went ahead and tested it out in the shower. The phone stayed on which was good, but the speakers collected a decent amount of water (as expected). I had this specific website that helped a ton with my bottom speaker, and practically cleared it out. My top one however, was still muffled. I searched around the web, and finally, I found this app. I set my phone at a specific frequency, and I let it play for sometime (on fully volume, obviously). After some time, my top speaker worked again, and had no water in it anymore. I highly recommend getting this app, it really helps.
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3 years ago, SmartgirlChris
Great App
I don’t really rate apps but one day I decided to music to music in the shower and brought my phone in the shower with me. Some water got into my phone and I couldn’t hear out of my phone. So I proceed to search for ways to get water out of my phone. Then I came across this app and at first I thought it was fake because it wasn’t working instantly so I decided to leave the app on for 35 minutes. I heard a loud noise come from my phone and it was the app. I was ecstatic about how new and loud my speaker was and it wasn’t even at 100%. This app is amazing I recommend but be patient and keep the app on from 30 minutes to an hour. Keep on charger!
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4 years ago, haarisA
Life saver, day maker, miracle worker, absolutely amazing
My phone fell in wet mud on a rainy day. Mud filled every crevice and my only option was to thoroughly rinse my iPhone XR . The phone is advertised as water-resistant but not waterproof. I was worried that washing it like how I did would ruin it, and sure enough, my speakers emitted a buzzing noise whenever I put my volume on high. When using the water expelling feature on this app on full volume, the phone made such a loud buzzing noise that scared me. But afterwards I tried it and the speakers were perfect- like brand new. The buzzing noise was all the water leaving the speakers. I was worried this was a scam and the reviews were fake, but it made my day.
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5 years ago, zbzhshs
It works!!!
Whew was I skeptical! I dropped my phone in the sink for a couple of seconds that felt like years. I dried it off but didn’t have an rice so I googled the next best thing to do and this app was recommended. I doubted it completely and even after reading the reviews wasn’t convinced but I was desperate because my speakers sounded terrible! Played this app a few times for like a minute and did the water drop button and I didn’t see any water coming out so I thought it was a flop. I closed the app and played music and it worked!! Sounds just like it did before! Thank youuuuu definitely not sponsored not told or promoted to write this lol
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6 years ago, abby cd
thank you thank you thank you
i dropped my phone in the pool and remembered after leaving my phone in rice for a bit that the iphone 8 was supposed to be waterproof. ecstatic and relieved, i removed my phone from the rice and found that my phone turned on and worked perfectly fine. it was only after trying to watch a video that i realized from the muffled sound that there must be water in my speakers. i looked up how to get it out and only one article recommended this app; i figured it could be a scam but i was pretty desperate. i used the water drop button in the app to no avail so then tried the recommended setting of 165 hertz. it did not work immediately like the article said but after holding it upright for about a minute water began bubbling out of my phone. thank you thank you thank you a million times to this app, it really worked! be aware i have heard that if you have a iphone 6s or lower it could damage your speakers but for the newer dust/water resistant models it works like a charm.
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4 years ago, groovyni
LIFESAVER! It works!!!
Supposedly the iPhone 11 is water-resistant but it's definitely not. All I did was have my phone in the far corner of the shower and my ear-speaker sounded horrible. Two hours passed and it still sounded bad. I tried to blow out the speaker or clean it out with a toothbrush and nothing worked. I played this app and turned the frequency up past 1,000 and let it play for 30-45 seconds and afterward my speaker was good as new!! Thank you so much for making this app and making it free no less. You're awesome and I'm so glad I didn't have to take my phone to the store. My ears are still ringing but it was worth it 😂😂
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5 years ago, myg💜
I was cleaning my kitchen and I had the dish washer open and the door kinda had a little pool of water so I was listening to music and my iPhone 7 fell right into that little pool and my Audio got all messed up. I put it in rice for a while and it didn’t work (just made my phone dirty and dusty 🗿 I don’t recommend the rice thing) I don’t really want to get a new phone right now so I googled it and the first thing that popped up was this article about this application and since I had ran out of options I thought “why not...” so I tried it and IT LITERALLY JUST- LIKE IT FIXED IT IN NO TIME AT ALL. It’s as if nothing happened I’m really happy with the results!!!
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7 years ago, millmillennium
saved my life(my phone)
LET ME START OFF BY SAYING HOW GRATEFUL I AM THAT THIS APP EXISTS... and then it's FREE too. i normally don't write reviews on apps BUT i just had to for Sonic.. my story is just like everyone else's, i took my iphone 7 into the shower assuming that all would be okay since the iphone 7 is "water resistant." i got water in my speaker blah blah blah and i'm freaking out cause i paid $800-$900 for my phone. i found out about Sonic and let my phone sit at 167 frequency for 5-10 minutes(which is the recommended frequency for getting water out of iphone speakers) and now my speakers are completely normal again. so thankful that i found Sonic. it saved me like $1,000
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7 years ago, nmiyu
Fixed my phone!
I read an article about some guy who used this app so push out water from his iPhone 7. I was being stupid and I dropped my phone in water. At first, it was fine but about an hour later I realized that the audio was groggy. Then, I read that online article and decided to try this app. At first, I was skeptical but after about 5 minutes of messing around with the frequencies, my audio no longer was groggy. I'm not saying that this is a definite solution to your problem, but it sure worked for me. If you're skeptical like I was, give it a try and see what happens.
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5 years ago, yas_iyh
This app works
Guys I love this app soooooo much Because I drop my phone when I was doing my chore in water then I panicked and called my friend and then she help me so many users app and I have a iPhone 6s so it’s not waterproof nor have a case in this app works so great I just wanna bake it so much because if not I would probably gotten so much trouble by my parents and this app actually works like people be like oh no which is false advertisement in like but this actually works so I advise you to use it show your friends family members all them when they had like a problem
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1 month ago, setoth96
Major feature downgrade!!!
Prior to the current version, the application had far more potential than it does now. E.g. Tone shape (sine, triangle, square and noise generation were all possible), and the subscription for phone cleaning as a "premium" feature which uses some nice saw wave tones and haptics to make you think it's doing something (it may be ejecting water from your speakers), with the removal of tone generation settings plus ability to step through hertz values is downright highway robbery. Please re-introduce these missing features and allow this review to increase the rating and recommendations I give to this application.. I would greatly applaud you for this.
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3 years ago, cassidaisy
Saved my speakers
Like the title says. I stumbled upon the app after googling things I could do to fix my iPhone speaker after dropping my phone in a puddle - so much for my fancy OtterBox. I set my phone on an even, angled surface and tapped the water drop button, setting the app to it’s automated audio level. Five minutes later I came back tried playing a couple songs which I knew the ins and outs of so that I’d be able to catch any remaining fuzziness in the speakers. I was legit amazed at how effective this app had been. Try it before paying for repairs.
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4 years ago, Blaxicanchica9494
Saved My Speakers- iPhone XR!
I just installed this app a few minutes ago after reading online about how to get moisture out of my iPhone XR’s speaker. Somehow my 1 year old baby got a hold of my phone while I was sleeping this morning and he was eating the speaker end of the phone! When I went to turn our white noise app back on, I noticed a crackling sound coming from the speaker so I quickly installed this app and played the sound at 165 Hz (recommendation from Reddit) for about a minute and BOOM no more crackling sound in my speaker. My iPhone’s speakers are as good as new!! Huge thanks to the creator of this app!!
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5 years ago, Bluered42blue
I was skeptical but this really works! Great job!
For starters, There will always be negative reviews so disregard those. I have an iPhone XR, normally I can blow the water out or wait until the next day for it to start working. It didn’t work the next day. I found this app after having my phone in a salt water pool..... It worked immediately after running the app for a few minutes. Really good ideal actually. Best part is, is that it works. Thanks for making such a great app. This definitely beats having to wait hours, or even days for your phones speaker to start working again!
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6 years ago, Alivia with an A
How did this...omlll
I know this sounds stupid and you don’t believe it at first but I was listening. To sonder “too fast” in the shower and my phone fell. So I picked it but but because the iPhone 8 is supposed to be “water proof” I pressed play to listen to my music and it sounded like meme music. I was about to cry until I saw this app and saw a tip to use this app. Soooo I tried it for like 3 minutes and I am being fr when I say it worked😂. Ik you might think it’s a lie or I’m making this up but it worked for me lol. It might not work for everyone but at least try it 😂 Sincerely a girl who loves listening to r&b in the shower but is clumsy
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4 years ago, AnchorsAweigh13
Saved My iPhone’s Speakers
I can not rate this app high enough. I heard a garbled sound coming from my lower speakers after some snow melted into the speaker ports. The garbling would disappear if I held the phone with the front camera down, so I knew there was water inside. After reading some article online, I used the recommended 65 Hz range to clear it all out! Just slide your finger on the screen while holding the phone normally, and as you go from 0 to roughly 140 Hz, the water will clear out! Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much developers!
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6 years ago, Hgfhifgu
Great app but should have a warning for Tinnitus Sufferers
This app is great for what it advertises. It has better control then the other whistle apps, and looks much more professional. Unlike everyone else, I didn’t get my phone wet or anything. I just was curious about whistle apps (lol). However, I would advise anyone suffering from chronic tinnitus (such as me) to be careful with this app. After using this app for a day, the buzzing wouldn’t stop. Ringing in the ears is normal for me, but the ringing became higher in frequency and louder as well. That’s pretty much the only improvement I can suggest/think of for this app. If there was a warning for Tinnitus I would give it a definite 5/5.
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5 years ago, bryson262626
Life saver 2 times
Just 4 months ago I dropped my iPhone 6s into the bath tub and the speaker was almost unusable and I stumbled across a article pointing to this app and I tried it and in 3 minutes of the 165 us setting it sounded good as new and recently I upgraded to a iPhone 7 because my iPhone 6s suffered for a official watery death and I tried taking under water photos in the pool and as I got out I played back the video I took and it sound mumbled so I remembered this app and got it again and it worked it’s magic once again if I could I would give this a higher rating
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7 years ago, aileen ponce
I’m actually amazed!!
You know I’m a tech nerd myself and I never thought this app would ACTUALLY work. I normally use another tome gen app, but this one seems to work much much better. After using my 7 plus in the shower the speakers do get water lodged. You basically turn your ringer on and volume all the way up and swipe between frequencies really fast. Make sure to blow out the water out of the bottom and top speaker to assist it. My top speaker was very muted and sounded scratchy. After doing that process^^^^ for a minute or so it fixed it. I would highly recommend this app
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6 years ago, Moonbins
Saved my phone
I don’t know about everyone, but I do enjoy listening to music while taking a shower and I always knew my phone the railing above away from the water. I’ve done this for over a year now with a phone, but today I noticed that I couldn’t hear my music and it sounded very muffled. I immediately panicked just like everyone else and quickly googled what to do. To my surprise I was directed to this app and within 10 seconds at 165 I heard the water come out and wiped it away. Speakers sound just as good as they did before. Thank you so much!
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4 years ago, skillnzcolorz
My IPhone XR was saved
My IPhone XR fell to a bucket of water, I immediately grab a towel and started drying it, I didn’t pay attention to the speakers, but when I was hearing a song, the volume was so low, then the ringtone was getting distorted, I freaked out, check Apple Support and it wasn’t much help, so I check the web and found this app, at first I doubt its efficiency. Once installed I open and play with the hertz for 3 minutes, then I played a song, and the speakers came back to life, the volume and ringtone came back, I was amazed and happy. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND this app, it’s the best!
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6 years ago, diondy
Saved my phone.
Everytime I finish my workout I usually bring my iPhone7plus in the shower so I can also wash it. One time water came thru inside the bottom speaker and the sound became muffled. So I googled some solutions and none of those worked (put in rice, lay on paper towel and tap gently) Till I stumbled on this app. Guess it’s the same tech they use for the iwatch series 2. It’s simple physics. The sound waves pushed the water out of my iphone. Im so happy and thankful for this app. Next time I will be more careful with my phone and try not to wash it fully. Just give it a clean wipe.
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4 years ago, BETOSMOKESDRO
Coffe spill
I was on my way to work this morning with my brother. I was holding his coffee when it spilled on my iPhone X and I immediately knew that my top speaker was going to sound like it was submerged under the water. Sure enough I tried calling on it and it was bad. So I went on the internet and I kept seeing this app and a few pages, and decided to give it a try. Point of the story is that it worked, and whatever this app does really works because my top phone speaker doesn’t sound submerged anymore and is back to normal! Thanks Sonic!!!
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4 years ago, cH.Ea
iphone 11 got water in it
so i downloaded this app a few months ago and i thought my phone was jacked up but it wasn’t, it was just how the phone was built. today i was in the shower listening to music and my phone got water in it. the audio was so jacked up and i was freaking out and i ran to this app again. i put it on the 430 frequency, and i watched the water come out and the audio was perfect again. super super happy and i HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone who spilled a drink on their phone or it got a couple splashs, this app is amazing😵
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6 years ago, EllsH.
So i was really scared to put my phone in water even around water 😂 ‘ but i finally put up the courage. I was super scared though so before i did i looked up what would happen. Im not the type of person to wait 2 days for the speaker to fully dry.. so i came across an article that had something to do with this app. I went through the reviews and i was loving it ! So I downloaded it and put my phone in water. I messed around with the sound (water drop) and my speakers worked the next minute!! No lie this app will come in handy 👍🏾.
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6 years ago, Idc.idc.idc
Definitely works
I have the iPhone X and I was changing music while my phone was on the toilet and water dropped down my arm to the phone and went in the speaker, so I started playing music as loud as I could to get as much as I could out. It wasn’t working so I looked up how to get it out and a article suggested this app. My first thought was that this wasn’t going to work and I would have to wait till it evaporated or something but when I tried the app it forced the water out and fixed the speakers in a very short amount time.
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7 years ago, Hawkfrost245
Simplicity is a song of true advancement
This app is amazing. I have an iPhone 7 and I got it wet intentionally by bringing it into the shower with me. Once I got out I noticed the top speaker (where the audio for phone calls come from) was pretty muffled. I launched this app and 90 seconds later my speaker works like I just got it from an Apple Store. Pro tip: If you drop your iPhone in still (as in not moving) water it will come out (95% chance) unscathed. High pressure water will compromise your phone. Showers, jet streams, etc. Rigorous or permeable movement as well, such as swimming or saunas
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2 years ago, BlindingMK
I can’t believe it worked. Thank you so much!
I was making dinner and some of the water from the pot boiled over. I didn’t see any drops on my phone, but one had landed right on the front-facing speaker of my iPhone 13 Pro Max. I’m familiar with Apple Watch’s liquid ejection system, but found your app on a help article. Normally, I’m unable to purchase phones that are priced like it, but thanks to this app, you just saved me a costly repair, and saved me a lot of pain. The science works here, just keep listening for the crackling, and hover around the decibels until it subsides. Hold it upside down, gently tap, be thorough, and in about ten minutes, the small amount that made its way into my phone, was gone—and so was the crackling. Then, engage the fixed-water ejection mode via the Water Droplet on-screen to touch up. Thanks a bundle. What a lifesaver!
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