Sony TV Screen Mirroring Cast

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AirBeamTV BV
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6 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sony TV Screen Mirroring Cast

3.97 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 months ago, KansasCityFan
Made my Sony work
Had several problems mirroring to my Sony. This support group quickly responded to my problems and I was able to get my streaming feature working in few minutes. The problem was with the TV. The app is very simple to use and the connection problems were fixed with the quick help of the app support team.
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4 years ago, L0914
It Does Work
I was skeptical after reading a lot of reviews and was worried I was going to waste my money, but I did not! It took a little bit of time playing around with it, ensuring my TV was connected, shutting it on and off and refreshing the app, but after only a few minutes I was up and running. I even connected with the Facebook messenger support and they got back to me very quickly. However, I didn’t even need their assistance since it connected easily on its own. Just make sure your phone and TV are on the same WiFi and it should connect and your TV will pop up right on the app. Again, don’t be discouraged if it takes a few minutes and refreshes. After you get it, it is exactly what you’re looking for! Saved me $50 and a trip to the store/ waiting for days for an HDMI cord to ship. It does have a 3 second delay, but if you lower your phone sound, you can still turn up the TV volume, and you can’t even tell! It probably would work for FaceTime for something for this reason, but works perfectly for streaming everything else. Definitely worth the $5!
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3 years ago, bbccwdmc
Good App!!
I purchased this app around a year ago. I have only used this to sync to my Sony tv for home work outs through iOS devices. Never used it for movies or sports. But it has always worked for my purposes with NO problems. I would definitely recommend to others. Recently they changed it from a purchase app to subscription model. I had a problem getting it to work based on this subscription change. I contacted customer service through text messages and they had it working for me again within an hour. Great customer service in my opinion. Other online services can take days for a response. Very happy w the purchase thus far.
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2 years ago, Didnt work for me
Does not work
I have a Sony Smart TV only 2 yrs old. Your HDCP error prevents any watching of your channel. Apparently this is an anti pirating program but doesn’t take into your customers. The Disney Corp is too concerned with their profits and bonus’s from making of your movies. This issue I will pass on to all I know. Your app is absolutely worthless and aggravating. I actually thought this was going to Disney. But I’ll up date my review. I literally have 50 apps available on my Sony Bravia. All I have to do is just choose the app or channel I want. Add it and pay the fee. With exception to the Disney channel. To get it I have to go through downloading other apps and pairing and this and that an I’m sure an additional fee. No thanks. I’ll just watch it on my other two TV’s, TCL. And replace this Sony with an up dated brand. But Ty for your reply.
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2 years ago, Plantonicleptx
Works well & Fast, reliable support.
App did not work for me at first. Found out I needed to turn off, router, iPhone and unplug TV for 10 seconds. App worked just fine after that. App support responded within 5 minutes. I recommend just getting the lifetime subscription if you plan on using the app for more than one year. There’s about a 5 sec delay & picture does leave a dark border/frame around picture, does fill up to the edges of TV. But your iPhone lets you fill some of it. Reasonable price, pay for what you get.
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2 years ago, Tennisgran
Easy to use
I am so happy that I found this app after trying to use several others. I was so frustrated with the other ones I tried, I was ready to give up when I happened to come across this one. It found my tv immediately and didn’t drop it because I closed the app like several others did. So easy to use that this senior citizen was able to immediately use it. I had a question about using it on my phone and to my surprise someone got back to me the very same day.
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2 years ago, sthiljbfd
You need the Dolphin browser.
Apple TV is expensive. Most of the apps cost, and the free apps, as with many services have streaming issues. You need the dolphin browser to hear audio while mirroring. You can get lightning to hdmi for apple, and just need a hdmi cord. I for one don’t want these services having access to my money since you can not walk into a business, and talk with them. Paying wireless has lead to many problems. Don’t use Bluetooth in your ears causes health problems.
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3 years ago, Wadester26
Great customer service
I recently had a problem with the sound on the app. I contacted their Customer Service and got an IMMEDIATE response. These sent me instructions to correct the issue and now it’s functioning great again. This product is easy to use and works as advertised. It is also very reassuring that their customer service is so responsive...I’ve had issues with other apps in the past, but have never received such a quick response and resolution. Very satisfied and recommend.
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4 years ago, Coastercrazy1
Worked Right Away
I recently bought a rowing machine and downloaded a rowing app. The scenery is too lovely to view on my iPhone. Purchased this Sony screen mirroring app to play the rowing program on my Sony 4K smart tv. For best results: be sure the phone/ tablet is on the same wifi network. Place device on do not disturb to avoid texts and banner notifications. Also, there is a delay. The best way to deal with this is muting the phone/ tablet and adjust the volume via tv. This way the audio is in sync with the visual.
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5 years ago, Afk1234566
So I bought a sony TV like 5 years ago. I legit tried everything to get my iPhone to screen mirror without buying all these cables. It was so easy! Obviously I made sure that my phone and tv were connected to WiFi. I downloaded the app and refreshed to find my TV and it finally happened!!! I’m so happy. Now I can do my Nike training club workouts on the TV and everything. There is a delay from my phone to the TV however I mute my phone and I don’t know the difference!! Thanks so much app developers. Best $5 ever.
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4 years ago, attemptamus
iphone mirroring
At first I had downloaded the app for the iPad/Mac and was upset that it did not work. I send an email back to them saying that they either help or credit my me. To my surprise I was immediately credited (next day)with a follow up email explaining that I had the wrong app downloaded and attached was the correct link. I am very pleased with their prompt service. The mirroring works perfect and is hassle free, which is perfect for a non-tech person like myself! Thank you!!!!
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4 years ago, Normarie68
Wow! So easy to use!
I searched for over an hour how to view my iPhone content to my Sony TV. Tried various free apps that didn’t work. Finally decided to go ahead and spend the $4.99 for this app. Wow, it is so worth the $4.99. It literally took me less than 1 minute to set it up and start seeing my IPhone screen on my Sony Bravia TV. It has a small delay in streaming your content, but I don’t mind it. So happy I can watch my yoga classes now on my TV.
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5 years ago, Flydog53
Great app for Sony TV
I wanted to watch a slideshow that was on my iPad on the big screen without springing for an Apple TV unit. This app did the trick. Once I first installed the app, it wouldn’t recognize my tv, so I contacted Support. They responded within minutes, and had me change a setting on the tv that solved the problem. I gave the app a 5-star rating because it is easy to use, is inexpensive, and customer support is fantastic.
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3 years ago, JW Garden
The review rate might be correct
I decided to purchase this app since I read some reviews said this app is great app and worth higher review rate. After using it, I just gave 3 stars. First, there is a lag. After clicking start broadcasting, it needs 30 seconds to start mirroring. And there are around 2 - 3 lag between phone and TV. Second, it makes internet slow. I don’t understand why it happens. When my phone becomes very slow when mirroring but it is normal when stop mirroring.
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2 years ago, TeddyBass
Brand new iPad, brand new BRAVIA TV, complete fail
Useless app that seems only to funnel you to paid Pro trials while offering zero value or even a hint that it works beforehand. After many failed attempts, the best I could get is the app recognizing my TV’s device name. I’d click connect, it would warn me about recording everything (it should be mirroring, not recording!), and that’s the end. It would say it’s mirroring, but nothing appeared on the TV - zero visible changes. I’d navigate to an app to mirror it to the TV, and the app would simply automatically disconnect and forget my TV existed. Useless.
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4 years ago, Vincent .C.
Really great app, ignore the 1 stars.
This app works really well and me and my family are able to play games together, but there is one problem the delay is almost ten seconds, even when I’m right up next to it. Is there any way to fix this delay? If not, I understand. Other than that wonderful experience!
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3 years ago, Whitesox 14355688
It works
This app has really worked well for us. It was easy to put into operation. Recently, we had a problem with it, as it kept freezing up. I contacted Support through the app. The staff responded almost immediately with good advice that had it up and running smoothly again in no time.
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1 year ago, Kolumkil
So easy
Once I signed on my Bravia to the internet. I ran the software and it found my TV and set up the mirroring. I was mirroring a live concert with sound to the TV and it worked just fine, first time. Even a seventy year old half blind lady can do it. The one question I had was answered thru the tech Mail in less than an hour.
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3 years ago, JD NH
It works
I have an older I phone 7, it is updated & a 1 year old Sony smart 4K. We have slow wi-fi but it does work even with video from safari internet. It took me numerous attempts & 3 reboots of the phone, finally it got me to the install part & a couple of button clicks & it was working. 1-3 seconds of delay from phone to TV. Keep phone volume down, TV up.
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5 years ago, BBears69
Wow! It Really Works
I just downloaded this app to mirror my new iPad Pro to a Sony Bravia tv. It recognized the tv immediately. I pressed a couple of buttons and presto I was mirroring. Just what I wanted. There’s a couple of seconds lag but I can live with that. The display doesn’t utilize the full tv wide screen but maybe I can adjust the tv settings to stretch the display. Otherwise a great product. Love it.
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5 years ago, Purvisd
How is this a valid app on here?
Even though I am paying a small amount for an app, I expect the thing to work. 45 minutes of my life I won’t get back. I contacted support and they had me email them the diagnostics from my phone (not thrilled about that) and had no more help to offer than rebooting my router despite every other item in my home working without error. When I responded that I wasn’t going to do that and that I should just get a refund, they simply sent me the instructions on how to do so. Complete waste of money and time. Why is zero stars not an option??
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4 years ago, Stuck in 2020
Easy to use and install
Easy to download, install and use. Start to finish was like 15 minutes and that included an email & response from the vendor. Had a minor problem that was quickly resolved (or explained!) by the support team. My wife uses this for online exercise classes and works great. Well worth the $5.
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5 years ago, Bek59
Fast and easy!
I was a little hesitant to purchase after reading other reviews but this could not have been easier. I started the app and it immediately recognized my TV and two clicks later it was working! Maybe a 3 second delay but with the sound off on my Apple device it’s not a concern. Best $5 spent to view apps on my Sony Bravia!
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3 years ago, Esseyma
Very good and stable
I have used this product over 3 years without any issues. Very reliable. There was a little glitch one time and the support team worked with me closely until it is fully resolved. Love it and highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Breway62
Does what I need
Only improvement would be to stop cutting off during a pause. Other than that it works exactly as I need it to. Mirrors exactly what’s playing on my phone & it has the ability to fill my whole tv’s screen which is great!
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3 years ago, rev xp
Works well
I tried using cable connection to mirror my phone to my Sony TV and I found multiple problems. I then tried this product and it worked easily and most of the time. I gave it five stars because it works better than other methods at a very reasonable price.
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5 years ago, luddite learner
It works, keep trying!
This took a few tries but after unplugging the router, reading the “support” instructions, and refreshing the page a few times, it connected my iPhone to my Sony blu ray player wirelessly. It does have a short time lag. The technical support replied to emails very quickly.
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5 years ago, 1verykoohawaiian
It works... but!!!
It does what it says it does but web browsers chrome and safari are not fully supported. You will need to install puffin web browser. This mirror technology also has a slight delay/latency even after installing airbeam tv on my Sony Bravia. Like i said. This really does work but not what I was fully looking for. My advice to hardcore streamers would be to purchase an Apple TV, hook it up to you tv and use Apple’s mirror tech instead.
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3 years ago, Freeway44
Excellent customer service
Downloaded this app and had difficulty getting sound from the TV. Extremely quick customer service. I was off and running in under 15 minutes from the time I sent an email
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5 years ago, Pri1228ya
Waste of money, zero stars
No wonder this developer doesn’t offer a free trial. After about two hours of searching the Internet, watching tutorials, reading my TVs manual, and just generally trying everything I could, I FINALLY got this app to work...only to find out that the quality of the image was crap. Both TV and iPad are HD, but the pictures looked like something off a phone camera from 20 years ago. Maybe it was a setting or something, but considering how much of a headache it was even to get it working, I’m done.
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5 years ago, awest92705
This app is amazing and their technical support is even better!! I had some configuration problems on my TV but their team walked me through every step even though it was 1:00 am!! They were very patient and friendly and I just couldn’t be happier!
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5 years ago, TootsieTwo
Connecting issues
Getting it to work was a bear, but support was great and sent timely responses even in the middle of the night. It loads quickly and works great now. I certainly learned a lot about what’s in Sony’s Settings system, so there’s always a bright side. It gets four stars only because of difficulty to get it to work.
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4 years ago, Crop Crazy
Slow Transmission
It worked for mirroring my iPad screen to my Sony smart TV, not hard at all to set up. But there is a transmission delay of about three seconds, a quite serious problem if you are planning to set this up for virtual meetings such as Zoom or Google Meet. Also, the display did not fill up my entire (large) TV screen; there may be a setting to fix that. But I am still looking for the right IOS to Sony mirroring app.
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4 years ago, JoLakeside
Great app
We’ve had a smart tv for two years with mirroring capabilities, without using it. This app prompted me to get mirroring up and going. Love it. Contacted support for a glitch in getting connection. They were prompt and solved my problem with promptness efficiency.
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5 years ago, muhsinislam
this app was great and I found it worked well it has a few minor issues like going on before the video but overall it’s great and make sure not to play it n the actual screen mirroring on your tv, go to a hdmi and then screen mirror it -muhsin
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5 years ago, Fr3shMint
Good app, needs a few features
App works great and is very easy to use but I wish that rather than just mirroring whatever is on the phones screen. You could just “fling” individual pictures and videos from your camera roll to the TV
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2 years ago, CREATIVE SOURCE
Can be a little faster
I think this is an amazing app but it can use an upgrade. I wonder if the developers would speed up the connection and the respond time.
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4 years ago, G-Maann
App constantly loses connection
Very disappointed that I purchased this app. The app constantly loses connection with the TV while video is running. I would try to reconnect and sometimes it would and sometimes it would not. When it wouldn’t connect I would have to close the app and re-open it to connect again, and sometimes it would take two or three tries to get it to reconnect. When you are watching a live broadcast makes this useless.
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4 years ago, Thisguy2013
Easy use
For iPad/iPhone it is simple to use. Spoke with C/S for support and they were quick to answer. For iPad the screen on your TV will not go full screen, but close enough. iPhone will. Which is great for photos and videos. Even streaming online videos.
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4 years ago, ScrabblerRobyn
Worth the $4.95
I was surprised I had to pay for an app for my state-of-the-art Sony SmartTV. But I could not get mirroring to work from an iPhone 7. I installed this app and literally within seconds I was mirroring my phone onto the TV. Worked like a charm.
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2 years ago, Gary Whitta is amazing!
Do not buy!!!
There will be a 3 - 5 second delay in mirroring your screen. So any thought of playing games on you TV won’t work. They mention video streaming apps won’t work, but never mention the 3-5 second delay. At first I thought it most me my wife connection and it would improve once I switched to Ethernet. The picture quality improved but the lag was still there. Thus this app is pointless.
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2 years ago, !&$(;/
I couldn’t get my iPhone to mirror using the app. I sent an email for help. Within hours as was sent an email with instructions on resetting my my phone and solved my problem.
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4 years ago, Trishgim
Love it
I just started to rate this app because I love it so much. Didn’t realize it was only getting 3.5 stars. I love it, thought it was easy to set up and have literally had no problems. Have been using it since the beginning of 2020
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4 years ago, one call
Waste of money not for Apple TV
I bought this app because it says can be used with your iPhone and other Apple devices. What they don’t say is it will not allow you to pass through your movies or tv shows using your Apple TV app on iPhone or other devices associated with Apple it will block the movie or tv show coming from your Apple device Don’t use this app if you think you can play your movies or stream Apple TV will not work Glad it was only 5.00 dollars. It will work for pics and things from your camera roll and other non protected items but not with Apple TV they should tell you that right off the bat. App constantly crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it works for awhile then shuts down.
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7 months ago, Geoff Crayfish
It works!
I was beating my head against the wall, trying to make the native screen mirroring work between my iPhone and my Sony Bravia TV. Nothing I tried would work. Luckily I found this app. It works great!
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3 years ago, DraperTheDog
Mirroring Rocks With This App!
Users should be aware of a slight latency when mirroring. Users to make sure that they turn off the volume on their phone. Other than that it is a great app
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5 years ago, IMHogboy
Tried two others. Didn’t work, and wanted money up front, before they would supposedly setup. Neither did. Yours jumped right on it, and installed Couple of times it shut down, but easy to restart it.
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5 years ago, Tracy Eau Claire Photography
Easy and perfect
Love this app. When I’ve taken a bunch of pics with my phone, this app is great to show the whole family at once on the big screen. You can zoom and even turn sideways for landscape. LOVE. IT!
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5 years ago, MrsRaben
Fast and easy
Was with family and wanted to share photos on my Sony TV. I downloaded the app and we were instantly all able to see pictures on the TV together. Thank you!
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2 months ago, Qerty ggg
Why when it said Free
Then I accepted no ads. Then I saw the charge then I tried to turn the option off. Impossible so now I give it I give it zero stars I can’t. You see the word free and your money is limited free is a fair review no, not really. but when you say free, you have no option to make it free that’s why it one star if they reply back to me, I’ll gladly take it off, but till then one star
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