Sound Byte Cart Machine App

4 (148)
3.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Black Cat Systems
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sound Byte Cart Machine App

3.99 out of 5
148 Ratings
5 years ago, DJ Dad9
Very good, minor snags
Really like the Ap and building racks is sort of fun. It freezes up sometimes which makes me wonder if it will glitch in the middle of a sports event I’m DJing live. The other thing that would be nice is if you could easily insert a Ringtone, and not just a song. There are a lot of great ringtones out there that would be great to add. “Dilly Dilly!” Have yet to use it during a live game, but looking forward to it. Will have to have a power cord as the backlit screen eats battery life, and will be sure to airplane mode the phone/texts. Don’t need those going off while I’m hooked up to the PA. Just meant to be constructive here. It’s a very good Ap. You’ll probably enjoy it and like the relative ease of use.
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8 years ago, corkyzak
Worked great, best one I’ve used
Every so often I do sound effects for theatrical performances. I’ve tried and used a few others over the past few years - but this one is the best. I can stop looking now. You can change how many carts on a rack (for those not familiar with the pro terms - a cart is a “cartridge” which is a sound, a rack is a “page” of sounds). Came with the ability to have 20 racks with an adjustable number from 18 to 75 carts per rack. All kinds of adjustments - fade in, fade out, cut in, speed (adjustable from half to double speed) and more. This IS the one you want. Except you may want to get their bundle - great deal -includes function generator and more. And the support response was great. This is my second year of using the app and it just gets better with each update. Love this thing.
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6 months ago, Mr. S. Vinyl
Music format radio show invaluable aid.
This is the second time I had to get this app because ofApples upgrade a few years ago my old iPad was outdated. It’s an amazing app, sometimes because of Apple iTunes it’s a little difficult to get new sound events into it but I always seem to figure it out eventually, it’s just never like the instructions on the app. They perhaps could be updated please. I use this app for both bed music which I play under my mic breaks and I also use it for short little sound events in between songs. It is indispensable for me and my show. I’d feel naked without it. It helps me to put the show into the show.
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8 years ago, CDMREV
Great. Hope for ongoing updates
Just what I was looking for to play songs at my sons hockey games when I run the clock. Allows me to set the cut in time so you can get to the main parts of the songs immediately for short stoppages such as offsides. Would love to see upgrades to the aesthetics and ease of use of the interface. The biggest upgrade that would use is the ability to use iCloud to sync carts and settings across devices and provide a backup. I recently had to get a new iPhone and lost all of my songs cut in times and volume adjustments and have to set everything up all over again.
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3 years ago, Sucker for Overhyped Software
Works great, esthetics weak
The app does a great job of making it easy to set up cartridges very similar to if you were operating a live broadcast or for work as a disc jockey. What is lacking is the ability to easily format the colors and fonts for carts. It is a lot of repetitive work to constantly change the colors, and to control color changes for carts that have been played. It would be nice to also be able to change fonts. Overall I highly recommend the app, but hope the developers do a better job with the formatting options that are available.
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3 years ago, Lightsup
Amazing Software
I have been using this application for years and find it irreplaceable for many theatre, radio station projects and television productions. I’m surprised how many professionals have never heard of Sound Byte. When I show them how powerful it is they are wide-eyed and ask “Where can I get this, and how much does it cost?” When I tell them it’s free they think I’m joking. You have to give it a try. You won’t be sorry. Hats off to the Black Cat Systems folks for their great support and unending efforts to bring it to iOS devices. Great track record, team.
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7 years ago, Goldencanuck-GT
Nearly perfect
This has been the best, easiest, most functional music playback app I've used in a live telecast environment. Still hoping for a few more improvements: - ability to swap entire racks/pages (re-ordering), or moving carts from one page to the next - provide a time played of each track (adding the trt to the play-log) - being able to copy the entire setup to another device via the cloud (to have a backup)
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7 years ago, jeffhrsn
Unfortunately this is still the only real sound cart app available on an iOS device since Ambrosia Software's "Soundboard" was mismanaged into oblivion. It's good, but the developer treats this app like a hobby and development is slow and lacking in consistent progress, but at least it works. Only option so far, so buy with confidence.
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4 years ago, Jon Sig
Stoped working as of 13.6.1
This is a great app and have loved and used it for years and recommended it to so many people! With the update to 13.6.1 the app no longer works. It opens but the only screen response is to move between carts. It will. It play any songs. So make sure you have a phone or iPad running something other that 13.6.1 or later before you drop the cash for this. (Sept 2020). Looks like the app hasn’t had an update in 4 years so I’m not expecting this to be resolved.
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6 years ago, pahockeydad
Great app for hockey games
Recommend this app if you DJ for games. I use my apple iPad and it does exactly what I want it for. Really nice to have your additional next page/cart just a swipe away. Works with your iTunes library. The already played feature really helps you keep track of used songs and sounds.
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5 years ago, Wad0251
Great for announcing sports
This is as good as it gets for sports announcing. Can break down into groups of tunes (such as pre game, post game, sound bytes, etc.) called racks. As many as 75 carts (songs, sound bytes, etc.) per rack. Love that you can fade in or out and set the location (time into a song) where a song can start and stop.
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2 years ago, Social Hermit
Been using it for a few years…
And I love it. Very easy to use. Updates always address most glitches. My only complaint is how some albums won’t load. Rare, but it happens. Almost perfect soundboard.
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8 years ago, CowboyBlake
A morning DJ's best friend
This is an incredible tool that I use 5 days a week on my live morning show. The sound quality is incredible and the performance is pretty decent. There are a couple things that I would change but this is an invaluable tool for my work.
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2 years ago, WestchesterMale
Great app
I’ve been using the PC version in the theater for years and really love it. Now using the iPhone version when I need sounds in a quick/emergency situation. Just need to figure out where it hides the files…so I can delete a couple of dupes.
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5 years ago, Smac457923
Pretty much perfect
Simple to use and I’ve found it to be very reliable. I use for a small market radio show and it’s never failed me yet. The interface is fantastic and the flexibility with cart colors and rack sizes is great for keeping things organized while I’m on the air.
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7 years ago, Umpire86
Awsome App
I do announcer duties during Baseball and Football games. This app makes it easy to play and set songs for walk up songs. The only thing I would suggest is please make the control buttons on top bigger. Need to be able to page quicker. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Kruegs303
Love it but recent problem
Lately since the new iOS I am unable to add any more songs. The songs previously on the carts still work but there is a bug- every time I try to add a new song to the cart the app closes! Please fix because this is the best app out there for sports announcing! I’d give it a 5 otherwise if it weren’t for this recent problem
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8 years ago, Steele223
So close to great...
This was almost what I needed but it doesn't support split screen on the iPad. So I can either have this or my notes, not both running. It also doesn't have any support for iCloud or Dropbox loading of sounds. This isn't as big a deal since there is a workaround, but not having split screen support is a deal breaker for me.
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8 years ago, deagletx
Wish I'd had this years ago!
I wish I'd had this years ago when I was in radio. MUCH more intuitive than a stack of carts and having to remember which ones are queued back up and which have to be between breaks.
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4 years ago, None-Listed
My life now has sound bites!
Great app. Got it for the iPad for a podcast that never materialized so I could use it as a cart machine. I found the app would work on iPhone. All of my sarcasm at the touch of a touch screen in my pocket! Great job! I love this thing!
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6 years ago, DPats
Form and Function
I have used this app on an iPad (4) for several years in support of a nonprofit theater. Cueing sound FX, backing tracks, songs for dance troupes... a winner! Easy to use and enough mixing, fading, auto-play for any instance I have faced to date.
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2 years ago, Morristech25
Broken as of today
The day I’m typing this, the app crashes if the user taps either Setup or Music Library on iPhone 13. Will update my review when the app functions. Devs, please also update to allow adaptive resolution — it looks like it was made to fit an iPhone 6, and this app can really make use of the new real estate that came with modern iPhones. I want to like this. Please update, devs.
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8 years ago, Thistledowne
Have used for years. Works great. Development releases are great and continuing
It started out fairly primitive but the developer keeps adding functionality and streamlining the interface. I give high praise for this app.
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8 years ago, Mr.Mineral
Just what I needed
Perfect for walk-up songs at the ballgame. Better than several other more expensive options.
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5 years ago, Natasspawn
Not all as it seems
Unfortunately, after multiple attempts, I have not been able to get this app to import anything. The “set-up” FAQ is outdated or incorrect. I have repeated the recommended steps multiple times but no dice. Severely lacking detail. App does not show up in Apple settings. It seems I wasted money...which is a real bummer, as I could really use this niche product.
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7 years ago, Patrick808
Rock solid
Used professionally and never a glitch. If you absolutely NEED to play a track. Get this. If you need to do something else, get something else.
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7 years ago, Shirleyfriz
Just what I needed
I needed something for doing "hits" (short sound bites) in quick succession, with some repetition and randomization and this fit the bill perfectly. Nothing too complicated, very stable.
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2 years ago, Nope McNopey
Not sure if it is still supported
When it worked, it was great.
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7 years ago, Ecmr
At Last
Have been looking for an effective way to play what is on my iPad for theatre music and sound fx that is easily controlled on cue. This is it!! Very happy with this app!
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4 years ago, upset hockey
Upset hockey
It was awesome for till now. Now it just keeps crashing on me EVERYTIME I try to add songs. I thought maybe I needed to update. Checked it all, uninstalled and reinstalled knowing I would have to re add my songs and it still doesn’t work. Hours of planing, arranging and working on this all lost.
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3 years ago, Randy430
Love it!
I’ve used this for sporting events for 3 or 4 years now and it’s awesome! So simple to setup and use. I’ve never had a single issue. 1,000% suggest it to anyone!!
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4 years ago, Worzit
Help with wav files
Is there a way to play .wav files? I’m using this on an iPad and the .wav files I need are not showing up. Please help!
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5 years ago, DjTrav17
Don’t buy
Unfortunately with the new version of iOS SoundByte can linger access iTunes therefor you can no longer add new songs. Kinda a bummer and I don’t think they update this app anymore it was good while it lasted!
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5 years ago, jefcity
Great for backing tracks
I’ve been using this app for several years now. Never fails me and always performs superbly!
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5 years ago, Tyrien
Good sound board app
Love this app overall. Needs UI help though, like the ability to swipe between boards. An iPhone specific version that fills the screen would be welcomed also.
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5 years ago, General Marcol
Love the App. Makes playback easy
I do lots of children’s programs and used to end until with allot of start/stop on a CD player, not any more. This App takes all the frustration out of playback. Up grades I would be willing to pay for: + A dozen or so selectable colors along with the color picker. + Global switches for Stop Playing track, etc. Great App. 6 stars
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7 years ago, Djvince757
Good can be better
Good but can be better 😱yes need to be able to edit in the app like other sampler apps
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4 years ago, egjjx jddhvcb
It doesn’t work anymore!
What is going on here?
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7 years ago, Umbecast
Just what I have been looking for for a very long time. Easy to use. Very versatile.
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2 years ago, Ibdreaderd
(Have always) Love(d) this app
I have been using this app for years. It has always been rock solid. Recently updated … oops crashes constantly when going to cart setup. Recently updated again (today 13-Jul-2022) in hopes that bug was resolved…. Oops crashed instantly. Just to confirm I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. C R A S H. Please resolve. Note - my current rating is for this (current version) I’d give the pre-updates app 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Blogan 3rd
Totally Awesome
This app is great. I am working as a PA announcer for local youth hockey games and this does everything I need. Perfect app for what I am doing.
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8 years ago, Cjtec P.R.
Great app!!!
The only thing it's missing is fast foward and rewind. That is a most for rehearsals. With that it would be perfect.
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7 years ago, Moorhead1
Great Program
This is a great program for our theatre. I use it for all sorts of applications. No lag. Great program!
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5 years ago, Nope Waste Money
Don’t waste your money. Doesn’t work. Support people made a few suggestions but didn’t help solve it. The fact that you can’t load audio except through iTunes means it’s pretty limited. But I couldn’t get any audio into it
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7 years ago, AlfieN123
Great app, would be perfect if supported IAA
Interapp audio, or audiobus support, would be really appreciated. Also split view, as mentioned by another reviewer.
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2 years ago, clk30!
Still crashes
Please fix. Still crashes on music library pick in cart
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5 years ago, ryerinc
Doesn’t work on iPad
Works on my iPhone by downloading music and sound effects from Apple Music onto my phone, but won’t work on my iPad. The tracks are there, but don’t play.
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8 years ago, Leroy 1944
Great for stoppage music
Use this with hockey team for music during play stoppages. Works great!
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6 years ago, Married w/ 5 pumpkins
Fantastic app
That an easy to use and entertaining app!
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7 years ago, mike.masey
Great app for announcing
I use this app for youth football games. It works fantastic!!!
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