Sound Community Bank Mobile

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Sound Community Bank
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5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sound Community Bank Mobile

3.36 out of 5
11 Ratings
2 years ago, KWAPORTA44
Face ID issue
The facial identification is all of a sudden not working. Displays invalid credentials and asks me to type in password all the time.
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3 years ago, #A1ex!
Would change one thing
I’m a fan of this app it is user friendly and does everything I could wish a bank app todo. But if I could ask please make it so you can opt out of face/fingerprint. It’s annoying to have to un click it every time cause I don’t want that.
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12 months ago, Antiduplicity
Works well. Face ID got turned off
And on the iPhone 14 I am only offered Touch ID. Face ID used to work but no more. I love that I can deposit checks with the app and see balance and transactions. Breaking Face ID is very sad, however
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3 years ago, faithwastakenwastaken
Never works! Either won’t let me log in or when I do log in it acts like it’s my first time logging in and I have to do an 2fa. OR I log in and it want to tell me about it’s features like I’m new. I’ve deleted abs installed again doesn’t seem to help.
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12 months ago, J4R3DS
Worst Banking App I’ve the Displeasure of Using
I’ve used this application for two years now (both iOS and Android versions) and it is, unfortunately, the worst banking app I’ve ever used. The website is bad, but the iOS App is horrible. Want to login to the app using the same credentials and password manager you use on your computer? Invalid username or password. Type them in manually? Invalid username or password. Utilize Face or Touch ID? Invalid username or password. Try to login 4 times and your account is locked for both the App and Website. Want to see funds from an account you are listed on, but are not the primary account holder? Not possible. Adjust the focus while taking pictures of checks to deposit? Nope. Great bank - but with a terrible website and mobile application.
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10 years ago, Jimmer Two
Love this!
Fantastic app. Works great and so fast. Easy to check balances and recent activity. And the remote deposits are fantastic. So easy and quick to show up in my account. Easy to travel out of the area and still stay current. Love this. Thanks Sound Community Bank. You guys are still the best bank I have ever had.
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8 years ago, HDubbie
This app is awful. It takes so long to log in, because they make you answer a bunch of obscure security questions EVERY SINGLE TIME! When you do get into your account, there is barely any information available. And the information that is available is not the same as the information on the website accessed through the computer. So brutal. It's more confusing and frustrating than anything.
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10 years ago, kopol_
Deposit checks w/ PICTURES!!
It's the the best feature I've seen from ANY app in a long time!!! Makes my life soooo much easier. SOUND Community Bank is First Class!
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12 years ago, Deintime
I love this App!
This makes my life so easy. Banking on the go!
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12 years ago, Mrsbell2u
5 stars
Great app!
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