Soundboard Studio Pro

4.8 (156)
3.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
App Business Ventures LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Soundboard Studio Pro

4.79 out of 5
156 Ratings
7 months ago, bgibson72
The perfect solution
I’ve been using this app for many years now and find it to be the best option for anyone looking for an app to trigger sound bytes or backing tracks. There is nothing else out there quite like the Soundboard Pro app. I use it live for gigs with a 70’s and 80’s cover band to trigger extra sounds during songs or to play audio from relevant movie clips between songs to fill space. I use it with an iPad and split screen with it and my set list behind my drum kit. The dev is also very responsive when I’ve had questions, but the app itself is very intuitive. Highly recommend to anyone in my situation or for podcasts or broadcasting in general!
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4 years ago, Mad_Seller
Very good but over priced
Not really worth the price but it is the best soundboard app I have seen. It’s nearly perfect for creating custom soundboards. The interface is great and the sound quality is excellent. Big quality of life improvements from version 1. I hated paying $60 for it but I’m glad I have it, so no regrets.
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2 months ago, Bbddjl
Mostly good, but no support
I’ve been using Soundboard for several years. I’ve been mostly happy. It works very well, but when needing support, you get no reply. I’ve attempted several times, but nothing. I use it multiple times a week & it’s been a great app. Just wish service would reply. Also, suggestion for improvement… please add a search feature. When you have several hundred accessible tracks, a search feature would be a great improvement.
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1 year ago, tkylem
Been using for years and it’s still great.
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4 years ago, RN4 DWC
Worked great until I upgraded my iPad
On my previous iPad Pro, I had no issues. But with the newest iPad Pro, when the song stops, the app makes a popping noise that comes through the speakers loudly. It does it on every track, whether I fade out or not. Even if it’s set to go from one track to the next, there is always a loud pop noise once one track completes. I’ve tried multiple adapters, they all do the same. I will have to find a new sound board if this isn’t resolved soon. As a professional minister, this isn’t professional. And def not worth the money I paid.
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4 years ago, Jason Cabassi
Delay lowers value for me
I mostly love this app. It’s sleek and easy to use. But there’s a slight delay (1-2 seconds) the first time I trigger any sound. Timing means a lot in broadcasting, so I wish this would be fixed. I emailed the developer twice with no response. I tried triggering all the sounds before a broadcast so they’d be immediate on second activation, but sometimes that doesn’t work either.
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5 years ago, Dave&Damaris
Radio broadcast
We use this for our radio broadcast. It does everything we need.
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3 years ago, Vasseur7
Great Soundboard, but needs a couple of features
I bought this for a podcast I host and it is very good so far. Only have one complaint and a couple of feature requests that I think would make it a better value since it is a bit pricey for an app. Stock Sound FX would be a great addition to this. Not a whole library just a good set of maybe 20 or so traditional FX you might use in radio or podcasting, like a sad trombone, ticking clock, buzzer, and audience FX as an idea. Features I would like to see would be the ability to have a robust wireless soundboard sync between iPad and iPhone apps with all sound FX and Music transferring to both platforms automatically. I also think the ability to type and enter exact parameter values for fade-ins/outs, etc. would be very helpful. Currently you can only use the touch sliders, which is fine, but getting the exact value is tough to do with only touch. Another feature that would be nice is to have the ability to draw in fade in/out and audio level automation like you do in a DAW. This would be nice for lead in music that fades to a low background volume during the show. Currently, you can only have a start of fade-in and start of fade-out based on the tracks default volume setting. Lastly, the ability to change track button size would be nice. At least a small, medium, large option. Current default is what I would consider large. So I might a smaller size when organizing my boards for a podcast, This is a really good app, but needs some of these features to remain competitive. 5 Stars with these added features for sure.
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4 years ago, StuffAndyMakes
Sounds Delayed On Tap
On the latest, fastest iPad Pro, the time it takes the sounds to start playing is to laggy for this to be useful, especially in a live setting. And the features and functionality do not warrant the ridiculous price tag.
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4 years ago, Karosarafyan58
Super overpriced, and not worth the try
I tried to get a refund after 1 hour of purchasing it, but they didn’t issue me one.
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