Soundboard Studio

4.7 (2.8K)
30 MB
Age rating
Current version
App Business Ventures LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Soundboard Studio

4.71 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, xXD4RK1Xx
1 Year Later and Still Great!
So I still really love this app and believe it’s definitely worth the price of going Pro! But that being said, it’s also been a year since we’ve had any updates and while the app is still great, I feel like it could definitely get an update to add more features! Currently the only problem I’ve really found is that the automations are rather limited in that there are only 3 triggers and 3 actions. When a Track Starts/is stopped/Ends, you can Start/End/Change the Volume of another track. Now this is honestly a great tool and you can do some really fun things with it, but sadly some things are buggy (Like changing the volume of another track seems to only last a couple minutes before the track automatically returns to its normal Volume). Honestly I have two big wishes for an update: to add the ability to precisely trigger an effect. Like to automatically another track when a specific part of track plays. And to add the ability to “Link” Tracks. By this I mean have the ability to cause tracks to start at the same place (based on percent of a track played) when one track is playing and another in a group which is linked is then also played. This would allow us to do things such as to slowly build up all the separate parts of a song piece by piece or vice versa!
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2 years ago, dagofbicks
Technical issues
I’m a drummer who performs live onstage and have been using tracks for years. The program I’ve been using for years has changed, is outdated, and no longer offers support so thought I’d give soundboard a shot. I purchased the full version and ran through a dozen tracks or so prior to my gig. It seemed to work ok, But during sound check it froze up on me. I had to close it out and reopen it then it worked fine. Halfway through the gig the show was moving along until mid show. I went to start one of the tracks and it simply wouldn’t play that track? We quickly skipped that one and went on to the next one. On a break I had to close the app and reopen it then it would play the mystery track? A couple other things I noticed is occasionally it will not allow me to fast forward to any part of the song. When I tried to move the slider it simply won’t move and would only play that song from the beginning. Again if I closed the app completely and reopened it would then allow me to then fast forward tunes. I’m a little nervous about the reliability of the program in a live setting on stage. I’m using the program on an iPad Pro.
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5 years ago, ThriveMinistries
Great App for 1 person or for band
I lead worship on keys with just a drummer, at the moment, and have found using pads a necessity. I also use them with me when I am leading as a guest (solo) to help create a more “full” sound and to give me a chance for a drink of water, without it sounding dead. You cannot play the pads in the background with the lite (free) app, so if you only have 1 device and also need that device for your other apps, I use OnSong, you will need to upgrade. I have 2 iPads and run SoundBoard Lite from one iPad while I have OnSong open on the other. Works flawlessly. Thank you SoundBoard Studio developer for an inexpensive option for those of us that do not have a budget for their ministry (yet). blessings to you!!
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6 months ago, bdotson1
Great app - STEEP PRICE!!!
I have used this since LITE version was available years ago. Love the app but $7 a week? $60 a year? $160 one time? What this app does, it does very very well. When compare to hardware solutions, this is a deal but in the app space, the price is quite large. I will keep using it as it does what nothing does to this degree - the trimming, and especially ability to set individual track levels is not offered from anything else I have found on the app stores. I edited my review as it was originally more harsh (I really do think the price is highly unusual) but I have toned down my complaints here b/c the bottom line is your app is currently one-of-a-kind so in the world of supply and demand, I guess whatever you can convince users to pay is actually your win. Although I’m griping about the potential cost, TO BE CLEAR: THIS IS AN EXCELLENT APP. I do appreciate what you have made and will continue using the free version. (Maybe I’m just too cheap!)
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8 years ago, Soundman1234
Toast to the end of expensive hardware!
This app is going to change the hardware industry. I have said it to the creator of this app directly. I am an audio professional for over 20 years and this will replace an $1800 unit! I feel sorry for these hardware manufactures. Even the free version is better than the old units that are still used in shows and theme parks the world over. Their day is done. 1) The old units have to be recorded in real time and edited linearly. Annoying to say the least. 2) you can label this clearly by act or scene and add unlimited boards. No hardware system does that. You have to have a paper work to remember what que is what. For these and many more reasons I say to those in the playback hardware world. Jump ship! Run for your lives! Quickly invest in Apple stock and get out, because the upstart iPad app has finally overtaken you! 😜😆😂
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6 years ago, Chrisagu1
Great Tool for Worship
I love this app it, I have been using it in our Sunday morning worship services at my church and it works great! We have a small worship team so this has done wonders to fill out our sound playing ambient pads with it. Love the ease of use and that you can fade out and cross fade between keys. I am currently using the free version but am looking to upgrade to the paid for the extra features. I would highly recommend this app!l
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2 years ago,
AUv3, Inter-App Audio, AudioBus or standard outputs needed, otherwise excellent!
Would love to see support for: 1. Inter-App Audio 2. MIDI assignments for sample triggering when app is in the background. 3. Background audio support, (app will still output audio when in the background, which during a live stream it would be). 4. WiFi Audio outputs. If I’m streaming from another iPad or a Mac, the ability to output audio to other devices over WiFi or USB from one iPad to another. This could be done through an app like AudioBus or Aum but would be nice to have this built in. If I could output the audio to live streaming apps, DAWs, Aum, AudioBus, Soundboard Studio would be much more useful. Without outputs I can only output to the physical iPad outputs for routing to a mixer, or to my Mac’s audio interface. The app itself is very useful and has the best GUI of any app in its class on the App Store. Soundboard Studio would make a perfect companion for live streaming apps (Twitch, Discord, Streamlabs, etc), if it had Inter-App Audio and MIDI triggering abilities. MIDI triggering would be very handy for times when Soundboard is in the background and I want to trigger samples.
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1 year ago, BoWins
Multi-year user
I’ve been using this softwsre for close to 3 years. It does the job fo sho. I run music and scoreboard during hockey games. It’s the best software I’ve found to give me everything at my fingertips. Ui is a bit dated and I’d love to find a better/faster way to find clips that fit the action. Power play goal/penalty/we score/they score. Def could use an update. But never a single issue with operation. Some ease of use in song/sound clipping would be awesome as well, perhaps a wheel rather than a slider. Great job folks!!!
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4 years ago, KZC70
Seems to work well
App seems to work well. Fast import of tracks and fast editing of start/stop and fade times. ‘Reset played tracks’ button in settings doesn’t work - I can’t get rid of the ‘Played’ marker on the buttons after playing. Even after closing out the app and re-launching it, the ‘Played’ marker is still there. When renaming tracks, an X button (to completely clear the track name) would be nice so you don’t have to backspace thru a long track name to rename it.
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5 years ago, H311HAMM3R
Has Potential
I’ve been using this app for a few months now and it’s been really good. Unfortunately when I used it for a show, right when I started our last song; it decided to crap out and the click track went through the PA. I had to stop the track, restart the app and then everything was fine, but the embarrassing damage has been done haha. I wonder if the full version of this app would do that, but $45 for an app isn’t a cheese sandwich; plus I don’t want to spend that much and this happens again.
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4 years ago, edtrbob
Live Broadcast Support
I freelance in remote trucks mixing audio for live sports broadcasts, and this app is my go-to program for playing theme music, bumps, music under highlight packages, etc. The producer sends me a link to the network music files, I download them onto my iPad, load them into Sound Board and I’m ready! Much better than fighting with a DigiCart, and when I’m on a smaller truck I’m ready with my own gear😎
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4 months ago, freesasha
I can’t work without it—please fix the crashing!
Please please fix this app! It crashes on startup now and I’m scrambling trying to work without it. I’m a bird researcher and Soundboard Studio Pro is unparalleled for the dynamic interactive playback work I do. The app is fully unusable right now—it won’t even open! Please fix it asap, I’m begging!
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5 years ago, Tiff Shuttlesworth
Tiff Shuttlesworth - Best App for LIVE performances I’ve used!
This is the best App I’ve used for Tracks from my recording projects. The music is instant with a touch, pure & clean. And when the song ends there is no concern with turning it off before another track starts. One touch, one song, just as good as it was when I recorded it in the Nashville Studio. Great for Bluetooth as well!
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2 years ago, btaylor36
Nice App. I use it everyday, but...
...although the pro version plays in the background, if you lock your phone, you cannot control playback from the iOS lock window PLAY/<> controls. You have to go back into the app to regain control over playback. Also adding files via Dropbox is very inconsistent--though this is likely due to something Dropbox is doing as it as whole is not very MacOS(Monterey)friendly. So I've resorted to using either my Google Drive or iCloud accounts to place audio files for importing into SoundBoard Pro. That said, this app is perfect for my use. I import song tracks I'm working on and they loop absolutely seemlessly which allows me to mentally brainstorm and tweak my works-in-progress when I'm away from my studio.
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4 months ago, Nick-the-Brit
Great but the pricing is outrageous
When you consider the pricing for this application it quickly becomes evident that the application isn’t worth the premium when you see how close it is to other much low cost or even free options out there. Even afull DAW with all the man years of work that goes into making them comes for a similar price to the PRO version of this soundboard! This is a shame as Joe Allen’s apps tend to understand the market requirements quite well.
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5 years ago, musikman99
Any Help Please???
App support doesn’t exist for iPhone, when I try it says “Safari can not find page”. Can someone help me? I have been uploading Live Backing Tracks for my band on the app and all of a sudden some of the Tracks will significantly drop in volume after the first 8 counts while others play fine all the way thru. I created the live tracks all in the same music program and don’t understand why this is happening with certain tracks and not others. All my settings on my music program are the same. Any idea what is happening???
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6 years ago, Alvarulanda
Sound is not working
For some reason when I load my track from iTunes, it doesn’t have any sound. Can anyone help me pls. I delete the software and reinstalled and nothing. Update yes it’s true you have to make sure silent mode is disabled. Thanks so much for the help. App is working great and is exactly what I wanted from an app.
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4 years ago, Rjrjrbemebnrbwbrnhrnhrrh
All I ever wanted!
I like to use music and sound effects in my tabletop rpg games, and this app is exactly what I needed! I appreciate pretty much every tiny feature. I can import files, loop music, set start and end times for each song, fade songs in and out, and play several things at once.
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1 month ago, abombtmc
Too much latency
Works fine if you don’t care about latency between hitting the button and it playing back. Easily half a second delay if not more. Even when trimming the beginning of a sound file to start at exactly the edge of the waveform, there’s still a visible and audible delay between tapping the screen and the cue starting to play.
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7 years ago, pianomwb
Very good sound track player
We are gospel group we play music live and use sound tracks this program seems to great for us. I tried the lite version and it worked fine so I bought the next grade which you can load a lot more songs.
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5 years ago, Ringslinger
Works well up to a point.
Was working well when suddenly it started importing only the first 2 min of one track and the first 6 of another. Not sure if that’s limitation on the software or what. Still, the UI is nice and up until the error it worked well. Not sure if could recommend an 40$ upgrade but can’t complain for free. Still this is one of the better soundboard apps I’ve tried.
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2 years ago, JustinJuk
Meh. Kinda buggy
Running this on my iPad Air, I loaded 20 MP3’s and on the 21’s it would crash. I tested all the tracks and they played but later, one song would not play. Quit and relaunch fixed that once. But then it happened again and relaunch and a restart wouldn’t fix it. Needs lots of work.
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5 years ago, MSandbank
So far so good!
Here’s to hoping the request for a review does not keep persistently popping up, as reported in other reviews. This app does everything I need it to do for providing sound cues in a live performance, and considering how few customizable soundboard apps are on the market, this seems to me to be a really easy-to-use, high-quality one, so far.
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8 years ago, Hambys In SC
Easy to use and works
This app has been very easy to use so far and works exactly as described. I'm new to sound board apps but I've been impressed and if I continue to use it the way I think I will I'm likely to buy the pro version even if I don't need it.
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5 years ago, Arial55555
Great mans works well, but not perfect.
This app works perfectly with what I wanted: a soundboard maker for free. However, the there are still some small issues, like how you can’t move a SFX from one board to another, but it’s sill just minor inconveniences nonetheless! Would recommend, unless you want a more professional one for some reason.
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6 years ago, Jdkon
Was working fine, until crashing.
I downloaded the light version a few days ago and have been adding tracks. I have now deleted a few tracks from one of the boards and every time I try to play the sound the app crashes. I have restarted my phone and still have the same issue. I really enjoyed this app until I was unable to use it due to bugs. Unfortunately will be uninstalling.
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5 months ago, PANDERZZZZZZ
This is just terrible
I don’t understand the good reviews on this app… I needed a simple program to import show cues into to be able to easily play them during run throughs and the interface is terrible… the upload process is stupid because it uploads the files completely out of order. And there’s no simple “go” button. You have to select the file you want. So there’s literally no point in this.
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5 years ago, lostproductivity
Amazing after 5 minutes
Finally apps are really starting to feel intuitive without limits. A great example and please Apple, help make this show up better in soundboards. I had to wade through a river of pregenerated app listings to get to this gem.
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1 year ago, FeCityFan
Easy To Use
Soundboard provides an easy to use solution for playing music at events with a professional sound and feel.
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3 years ago, Sputs10
Great App but please fix something
This is one of my favorite apps! Works great for my needs, but please fix the “reset played tracks” button. I have a lot of songs loaded and it would be nice to see which I have or haven’t played.
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4 years ago, Freako9384
iOS 13.3.1 doesn’t work (update: works with mute turned off)
No sound for iOS phone 13.3.1 Wife’s phone won’t work with this app. Mine will. I’m running 12.0.1 and iPad 12.4.1. (Update: mute button was on works great now!!!)
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5 years ago, Journey3210
Absolutely great app!
Overall UI is very smooth and clean. Very intuitive and easy to use for beginners. Most importantly, the free version includes enough features to get a full feel for the app. Would strongly recommend.
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2 years ago, jonandashley
Good so far
It’s pretty fun to play with I’m making my own sound board I’m hoping to figure out how to put a pic on my soundboard! Hopefully I can I’m just not the best at doing this so yeah try it out.
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7 years ago, Boltonian518
Super easy to use
I have a couple of these apps, the functionality of this app is fairly unsophisticated, but that's what makes it so easy to use. I can walk around the stage with my iPad and change up my background playlist easily without interrupting my flow.
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3 years ago, Refuge023
5 Stars!
I use it for playing the Pads at church. It’s easy to use and would recommend it to everyone that wants to incorporate an extra element to their worship team.
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3 years ago, BThomas100
One Major Flaw
The app works good for the most part, but there is one major flaw. If I’m playing a sound/music, and I try to upload another sound, the app crashes. So, I would suggest uploading everything prior to using the app to be on the safe side.
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5 years ago, kabas
Good, could be even better
I would like to be able to increase and change the colors and sizes of pads and fonts, sharing(save scene) option to other iOS devices would be also welcome, but the application is very useful.
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4 years ago, DrGizmore
Works great! Instant playing!
I had an issue with the sound not playing but the app support page had the quick solution . They app works great and plays instantly!
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5 years ago, Cley C
So far I have use them and it’s a great help in my church hope you can try it and be helpful for your congregation as well. Thank you so much for the work put on this app.
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6 years ago, Pal1ndrome
Tech Support is lacking
Using a 2017 iPad, I loaded 6 mp3s from Dropbox. No more would load. Also, app would crash when I rotated orientations. Contacted support a weeks ago with no response. I finally figured out on my own that I needed to reinstall the app and now it seems to work. If you don't ever need tech support, this should work well for you.
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5 years ago, guitarjesse
For free it is great
So far I’m impressed with this app, using it to track backgrounds pad for my church worship band. The fade out is a little weak, still kinda cuts out at the end, but this is a problem with multiple audio playback apps, not just this one.
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3 years ago, KankakeeBill
Awesome - Meeting all my needs
This app lets me prepare for events and games and it all works so well. It just keeps getting better the more I use it.
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1 year ago, Crafthero.1
Seems Great
I’ve had this app for only a few hours but it seems so versatile and easy to use!
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6 years ago, sanfordsardo
A great app, except...
This app does everything thing I need, and does it well, until it goes to a “Rate the app” screen... MID-PERFORMANCE. And there’s no Cancel, Go Back, 27 Students-Performing-Right-Now-So-Ask-Later- button. Hopefully a future release will fix this.
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3 years ago, MedlinPlus
So far so good
It’s not a perfect app but it’s a great start and for the most part does what i need. Quality of life is all that’s needed but not deal braking.
Show more
7 years ago, SunBird456
Great app !!!!!
I'm so loving this app, it helps me with my ideas that are in my head and bring it to life and the music just keeps on looping until you stop it. 5 stars for this app.
Show more
5 years ago, Snakelies
Useful and easy to use
Well I started with the app today but I think it’s a great tool for musicians, I use the app for jam and later I will use it for live performances. Great app.
Show more
3 years ago, Davidcado
Can't add
If I add more than one audio it just says its zero seconds long and won't play anything, is this just a glitch or am I doing something wrong??
Show more
2 months ago, singring
Loving this App
I love the ease of working in this app. I’m a drummer and I use it for Live purposes. I will recommend to other drummers using backing tracks👍👍
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10 months ago, Gasschlompus
Crap posting has never been better
That’s it
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