SoundHound - Music Discovery

4.9 (180.9K)
43.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
SoundHound, Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SoundHound - Music Discovery

4.86 out of 5
180.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Musicislife1287
LOVE this app. I use it all the time both for trying to remember a song I knew but forgot the artist or a new song that catches my ear. I have been a SoundHound users since what feels like the beginning. They have proven to be consistent and reliable. Which is quick and accurate results. One of the main reasons I love SoundHound is for the feature that no other app features. Which is live lyrics! That is by far one of the coolest most useful things about SoundHound! Being able to sing along (rather badly) with either a fav song or even a new song im obsessed with learning the lyrics to, the app is there for me :). SoundHound I felt has always tried to give the user what they want. Realizing its difficult to please everyone, I for one have been a very happy and satisfied customer since its launch. I tried the "other" guys and they were just too commercial for me. SoundHound was the right balance of finding new music without pushing the sales-y part of the music industry onto me. I love it for its accuracy, its fast results, and giving me MORE if I chose to know more. Its all there. Keep up the good work guys!
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6 years ago, Coeur de Parisienne
Return User - Excellent App!
So, my wife and I are music fiends; grew up on it, love most genres - well, except country but that’s for personal reasons no room to explain - whenever a song is played on a tv show or movie - or anywhere really - that catches our attention, we love to use our phones to find out who the artist is and song name. Well, we once used this app years ago; but as apps and space became an issue it sadly went away. Mainly because hey, “Siri has the same feature right?” Let me tell you this people: Siri has digressed in many ways since it’s period of amazing us. When Siri continues to take FOREVER to reply to the simple request of identifying the song - no, this is not a WiFi or network issue as most of you will agree - the song is OVER or the cutscene where the song is used is long gone and Siri still is identifying....well, we’ve had enough. This app is great, always has been. We are happy with its features and will NOT be using “you know who” for those requests anymore...or most other things these days...but that’s a different story. Great app keep up the good work developers!
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6 years ago, GrandBeary
SoundHound Rating
I LOVE Soundhound❣️ My husband introduced it to me about a year ago and I have used it to see who the artist of a song is, to see the lyrics on a song playing on the radio or my favorite TV Station “ Contemporary Christian Music”. It keeps a song I love on a playlist and can go back and listen to it again anytime I want to. There are so many things you can do and/or find out about a song, an artist, search for a song even if you only know part of the lyrics and it will 9out of 10 times find the name of the song and artist, I could go on and on about SoundHound it is my all time FAVORITE APP of all the millions you can get! My husband use to be my “SoundHound”. When I met him he was a DJ and knows who, what, when, where about most any song in any genre. Even though he knows so much about music he has SoundHound and loves it too. I figured he uses it to see if he is right about a song he heard. Again. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT❣️
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4 years ago, wontpayforpremium
Good app, not certain about the hate.
Disclaimer: This review is written within minutes of downloading the app. It will not include problems with using the app in the long term. So I downloaded this app in the hopes of finding a song that has been driving me insane for 6 months because I couldn’t think of its name. I read a lot of hate comments in recent months absolutely flaming this app, and I cannot tell if it’s legitimate, because they all cite the same problem. So I was skeptical going into using the app. I hummed the tune twice and didn’t get any results right away, which is when I realized that you have to go into the history tab of the app in order to actually find the results, because lo and behold, there’s the song that had been stuck in my head for months. So again, I’m not certain about this app, or if this was a “one off never gonna happen again” scenario, but the app did what I wanted it to do, and so it gets four stars for finding a song I couldn’t remember, but loses one for the awful formatting.
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6 years ago, Bee Girl15
One of the best apps-hands down!
I’ve been using SoundHound since 2011. Its probably the only app to maintained its status on all devices as well. Originally I used the other popular music ID app which (at the time) was totally 100% free. Although, very quickly paid upgrades emerged leaving the free end user restricted to a limited number of searches while being barraged w/ads & upgrades. By comparison, SoundHound is very straight forward, users are offered unlimited searches, a databank to save & favorite their search results, & purchase songs if they so choose. In 7yrs of using this app there’s been no lack of service. The SoundHound knowledge base has identified the most obscure songs playing in the background of tv commercials in NZ to instrumentals heard overhead in the health food store. Approx 10-12 of my searches resulted in no matches found, so the margin for error still exists but the gap is definitely narrowed.
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4 years ago, EpicEnigma
Love sound hound / but recent glitch
Let me begin by saying: I LOVE SOUND HOUND. (I would never use that “other” app—ya know, the one who says old what’s his name’s ⚡️SHAname.) >>> that said, in the current version, basically since around the release of ios 14, (though before I installed ios14...)... maybe a little before then too, there’s this glitch that happens repeatedly: every 2-3 listens/searches, when you tap the “done listening” button, SH begins to search—and then, for no good reason at all, throws itself out of search mode and back into the “still listening” mode ... which then, without fail, ends fruitlessly (in any number of error messages... “still humming?” “no internet connection” ... maybe “no music heard” I can’t remember. Or else, the search just ends, unceremoniously returning you to the app’s main page ... as if the whole last search never happened.) Anyone else? Or am I THE ONLY ONE?? 🥳
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2 years ago, Sir Gregory Walters
Original content
Utilizing musically driven algorithms have generated several sources known or unknown to be dominantly global,galactic,celestial .To which( said music app/algorithm identifies artists) Our music originates only hear on planet earth? Righteously my input derives from pure experience while from influence.Q:Where? when?who?Why?How?A: sound is biologically linked to life forms and humankind indefinitely(like an element) concluding that all musical derivations (pertained to those circles of questions)originate from experience,influence of life to death and youthfulness. Remember it’s My opinion. I’ve loved this application since it’s release date. If you’re reading this; download SoundHound to explore musical awareness. Greg-
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7 years ago, HolyBoy69
I Agree With Schimmityweb . . .
I totally agree with Schimmityweb Dude!!! Because for sometime now it seems they play this game of keeping up with the latest app features causing customers the one to ( PAY )for it (the Proverbial sense of paying for it). I’ve been with this app since nearly the beginning if not, and I have over the years written support regarding the change that has taken place with regards to lyrics. Especially when that was a feature that heavily touted when the app first started up. And that feature in itself was one of the main reason I signed up and have tried to maintain loyalty to the app / SoundHound. But I guess the loyalty aspect is only one way. I should be loyal, but they don’t have to because there is always someone else to take my place. A sign of the times. But is it really asking to much to have an app that delivers the title of the song and the right lyrics as the core of the service no matter what else is enhanced or added to that service??? In my opinion the core of the service should NOT be lost because of updates or add-ons’ or enhancements.
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5 years ago, Nb head
Glitchy, doesn’t recognize any songs
I’ve used this app a million times in the past with great results. Today I tried singing a song I know some of the lyrics to and all of the melody but can’t find. It says there are no close matches, even though off the top of my head I know this song sounds musically similar to a lot of songs, so that surprised me. Then just to see what was up I hummed the fully melody to Womanizer by Britney Spears. It said there were no close matches. I did it again, same thing. What...? Then I sang womanizer with the lyrics and then it recognized it. I hummed the full melody, again said there were no matches, Something is wrong with this, it never needed perfect lyrics before to recognize a popular melody, or even an obscure melody. I can see that other reviewers are saying something is broken too. Can you guys please fix this? Why would this app that recognized a very short fragment of a hummed Beethoven symphony two years ago, suddenly not recognize the hummed fully melody of womanizer? Something is clearly wrong here.
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3 years ago, Sharedsky
Song is stuck in my head and no matter what I did in this app, it couldn't find it. I bummed it, I sag it, and I typed in its lyrics. Feel free to check for me. "Don't stop the beat. Don't stop the beat. Don't stop the beat. Don't stop the beat" is what I typed in, sang, and hummed. It's a fairly straight forward tune too. I even changed up the words incase I got any of them wrong. I changed all of them except "beat" because I know that is definitely the 4th word. I chose everything that rhymed and since that didn't work, I tried out words that were somewhat similar. I am putting in more than my fair share of work in and this app just wastes it all. Also, the app was poorly designed. Navigating it and accepting things and pressing buttons is a mess. Some buttons say "done" and the notice won't go away when you press it, it goes away when you press somewhere else on the the screen. It sends you to web pages with certain button presses for no reason too. 1 star is generous.
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7 years ago, zingin-in-the-tune
Again...another app gone commercial. Customer satisfaction no longer exists, just numbers... What once was, no longer exists... I still have this app on an Old phone. Works totally different there, like it should be working today! I forgot about this app after a couple of phones. One day, I came across it again and decided to download it. What a Mistake! I remember when no one knew about this app. I/We, would actually have to help them build their library. I would play songs, then, as per their request when the music could not be found, I would enter the information for the music! Classical, indie pop, classic jazz, oldies but goldies, underground, and on, and on... WE made this app! Now, after all OUR help building THEIR library, they give us this horrible app. Can't just find the song and add it to your library, can't even Listen to it unless you want to Pay for more Options. What a Ripoff! Too bad WE can't have a Wiki-type music app!?!? So Sad.
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4 years ago, CrzyCute
Where’s the Rest of it???
Been using SoundHound for the past three phones of mine 😂 and it’s always been really great. The response has always been quick and the live lyrics make for some terrible sing-alongs to be had...that all said, it used to give so much more! Where’s the extra information about the musicians and the Similar Artist link? I learned of so much music and music history from this. And the videos? And all of the other really neat features. If I’m the only one who doesn’t have it, well I’ve had bad luck lately so it wouldn’t surprise me, but if it’s truly gone since the update in February, I don’t think I like this app much anymore. Might as well google a song if it doesn’t have the heart and knowledge and all the wonderful work put into it from before. 🤷‍♀️
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6 years ago, IttyBittyGirl24
Appreciative but disappointed
I am fairly new to the SoundHound world, so far I have really enjoyed learning ALL the different features SoundHound offers. I’m not tech savvy in the least so it’s taking longer than it would most to find all these great features. The experience has been great, but, I have to say on one song I was truly disappointed with the playback I received. One of my all time favorites is Back in Black by AC/DC, the playback was a live in concert version. When I heard that come over my speakers, I just dropped my head, SO DISAPPOINTED! Other than that, I have been extremely happy with Sound Hound, I’ve been recommending y’all to everyone 🙂 Oh yeah, you really don’t have to be tech savvy, AT ALL, to use Sound Hound, that’s just to show you how bad at it I am 😊
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6 years ago, Dan-o-447
Fantastic music app
This identification music app is super fast and very accurate. I’m good with music and can remember the tunes are lyrics but never remember the song name or artist, so this is perfect for me. It’s also fun to use if you’re out at a bar or sometimes with my parents a song will come on I just keep the phone on my lap activate SoundHound and then I know everything about this song, And they’re amazed I know so much about their old music. It’s great for the music industry also because if I hear a song while I’m out and want to buy it at least I will know what to search for otherwise you just hear the song and you’re not sure of the artist or name.
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3 years ago, Zillanxio
Great until recently
I have used this app literally for years. It was one of the first apps I downloaded when I first got a smart phone, and I used it all the time. It always gave me accurate results when I wanted to identify a song. More recently however, the app has become increasingly unreliable. I will try to identify a song and the app will claim that it can’t find an internet connection, or it will return some completely unrelated song as a search result, or it will just straight-up not work. It’s extremely disappointing. After so many years of using SoundHound, today I took note of all the songs I’d discovered in my history and uninstalled the app. I’m sad that I can’t rely on this program anymore... but I would rather use a program that works more than 10% of the time.
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2 years ago, Virginiall04
Better than similar apps
I have used a few other similar apps before finding SoundHound. I’ve deleted the other apps because SoundHound is the only one I need. It always finds the right song. Even when I don’t have internet/service it saves the search so that can finish searching once have service again. It also keeps a history of previous searches so can easily flip back and find songs. My favorite part is that it includes live lyrics to sing along and also includes a full lyrics link so can view all the lyrics at once. Plus it’s free!
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3 years ago, MysteryZ360
1 Issue ONLY
Overall It’s fabulous!! However It used to be perfect, but NOW I have figured out that the ADS, which are displaying on the bottom of screen, are somehow distracting the hearing process, like even high trend famous musics will remain undetected or they hardly will! I’m pretty much sure it’s not due to my hardware issue; because I can see when ads showing up, the screen goes freezing, therefore there are no beats radius around soundhound Item in the middle while we’re starting to record! Is there anything I can do get rid of it? because I couldn’t find any removing subscription payment feature in app neither. Thank You 👌🏻
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3 years ago, Kelsin Fultz
Saved my sanity!
I never leave reviews but, this app saved my sanity!!! For months I have been trying to find a song I used to listen to and I could not remember the name of the song or who sang it. I done web searches trying to look up the lyrics so many times, and came up completely empty handed every time. I came across this app and it seemed more promising than others so, I downloaded it. Within TWO MINUTES of downloading this app, I was able to search partial lyrics of the song and find it!!! Finally after months of frustration, this app saved my sanity!!! BEST APP OF ITS KIND!
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6 years ago, christina724
Best app ever
Me and my friends have been trying to find this song from a club for a year and half. We have one single video that is 4 seconds and we have been using every app out there to try to find this song. Nothing could detect it, but we discovered this app, and it recognized the song with only a 4 second video. This app saved my well being and saved me from going insane trying to find this song. I have been listening to it on repeat and say a prayer every day thanking the creators of this app. I’m planning on cooking a thanksgiving meal in honor of this app. THANK YOU FOR THIS BLESSING. Thank you, A desperate women
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3 years ago, bilambilam
“We couldn’t find that one” without a “save” option
When there’s no internet connection, there’s an option to save the search. When a sound can’t be found, there is no save option. Please fix that. Give me the option to save regardless. I’m almost certain that used to be an option. Please don’t make me turn to Shazam. I really don’t want to. I’m very comfortable here. Also, could you please make your playback for saved searches better? Here’s a tip: Snapchat has the voice note feature in their chat. Listen to voice notes there vs. the playback on SoundHound saved searches. If there’s a way to make it sound clearer and sharper, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.
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5 years ago, KerlyK
How in heck the developers did it, programmed this HUGE library of recognition--or whatever it would be called to techies--is so amazing! I mean, everything I've thrown at it, it's recognized. High praise & accolades to what should be an award-winning app! Thank you for the ability to use it without a subscription, for I don't do subscriptions. People, especially younger people, don't see just how much of their lifetime's assets for their later years are being irretrievably given away for immediate gratification on this and that. The subscription economy is great wealth for the subscribed-to company at too high a price for those average joes
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5 years ago, migshel
Dumb greed
I used this app for years and it was great for last minute tunes you want to know about or tunes that is at the end and you want to find out who the artist is but now recently they have video advertising that totally kills the whole functionality of this app. So u heard a song u want to know who it is, u open this app u click on the listen button and instead of it listening to see who the artist is you get a video ad that plays while ur missing the opportunity to know what song and who the artist is. This is where something good becomes something bad. I know they have to make money but this totally kills the whole reason why the app was created. What’s wrong with regular type non-video ads.
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1 year ago, wekjr
Identifying classical vs modern music
Modern “tunes” are identified in the following order: title, performer, and perhaps composer. This is the appropriate ordering and this app does that well. Buying modern tunes starts with the title. Classical music, however, requires that the composer be identified first, followed by the title of the piece, and lastly the performer(s). This app consistently FAILS to identify the composer. So, typically one will see something like only Piano Sonata #3 followed by the performer. But whose work is that? Sometimes the album cover shown has the composer’s name if it’s a major work, but often there are multiple composer’s shown if the pieces are smaller. This happened again this morning. The local classical music station was playing an unknown piece identified by this app as Piano Concerto #1 performed by some artist and a German orchestra. The composer could not be determined by the album cover. Worse, the announcer mentioned the performer at the end of the piece, but not the composer. Buying classical music starts with the composer. Surely there’s someone out there smart enough the correct this situation.
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6 years ago, Dixiegurltlw
Love love love
I love this app, it’s everything I’ve ever needed for a music app.. tags every song I hear within seconds- songs on the radio, in the grocery store, in a restaurant, on a tv commercial- you name it, it knows it! Then it gives a complete bio on the band, links to their other music/albums, plus lyrics (usually) and a link to buy the song or just favorite it to your playlist. I brag on it all the time! Don’t use that other app (Shazam🤮) this is the best one out there! I’ve been a subscriber for almost 8 years, and it just keeps getting better and better.❤️ Just do it.
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4 years ago, FridayTheAlien
I get melodies, choruses, and sometimes random lyrics stuck in my head and need to find them. I’ve had almost zero success at finding songs that way. Tonight was the real deal breaker for me. I could remember the melody for this one part of Bubble Pop Electric. I was humming it correctly, I tried both higher and lower pitch. I tried singing it. I started to remember the lyrics, though at the moment I wasn’t sure it was the correct lyrics. I sang them, and it was actually the correct lyrics, but SoundHound still could not get even close. Eventually I found the song, but it wasn’t through SoundHound. I’m officially done since this app has been more frustrating than helpful most of the times I’ve used it.
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4 years ago, hidlod83
Starting to go downhill
I work in music. I use this app constantly. The ‘improvements’ are fun and all, but the main purpose of this app is to identify music, right? Many moons ago, that part worked. As of a few updates ago, when I do as I’ve always done with the app, all of a sudden, songs that should be recognizable in seconds take two tries. Songs that DO get recognized don’t show up on the screen, and the app tries to identify all over again, and if I don’t manually check my history after every individual go, I end up with two copies of everything, or nothing at all. This is infuriating. Please work on the original algorithm because what’s happening isn’t cool, and if it continues, you’ll find that more people, including me, uninstall.
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7 years ago, Schmittywebermangensen
New update ruined it.
I always thought this was better than Shazam. But I’m switching back. Before this app would immediately pop up lyrics for whatever you were listening to (which was probably the highlight of this app in my opinion), but not anymore. They’re now trying too hard to keep up with this thing everyone is doing when they talk to their devices. Which I think is dumb, unnecessary, and a trade down from previous features. Now they’re persistent on having you make an account and attach your Facebook and a bunch of unnecessary crap. I just want to know what song I’m listening to, and I’d like the option to see what lyrics go with it! That too much to ask for?!
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6 years ago, Malikukai
What happened??
I used to LOVE this app! I used it to search for almost every song I heard because I am a music junkie but ironically I’m not the best at remembering artists’ names or what songs are sung by which artists. Lately however, very very very RARELY is this app able to identify a single song! If it does, its only if its a total chart topper or extremely simple. But pretty much all songs come up with zero matches & absolutely no guesses as to which song it might be. Now I’m not sure when the paid version of this app was released or if that’s even relevant... Unfortunately I’m a little suspicious that this lack of song identifying is a tactic to get customers to spend money on the paid version of this app because this free one no longer works & is anything but helpful or reliable. Disappointed for sure!
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3 months ago, wonderwoman13505421
I’m giving you 3 stars.
So I was just adding songs to my playlist but then I searched up a song called “bones” by imagine dragons and the song did not pop up. So I tried a couple more songs and then another one didn’t work. It was called “tag your it” by Melanie Martinez. Another song was “middle of the night” by Elley duhe. And I think there are more song that are unlisted. Please add these song that are unlisted because this can be annoying to some music people. If you do this I will change the rating from a 3 to a 5. Thank you! And also make sure to keep up with the song rate. Or this can happen again. Once again, thank you!
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3 years ago, Cwizetoo
Good at some things, not others
The app works great for recognizing songs from background music, radio, etc. but it’s terrible at figuring out a melody that is hummed, sung, or whistled. I almost always get a “we couldn’t find that one” - many times I am trying to find the title and composer of well-known classical “hits” because I’ e forgotten so many. If it comes up with any results at all, it tends to be Asian pop songs that (let’s face it) use simple sappy melodies. As an experiment I even tried humming, then whistling “Happy Birthday To You” - no results. Before you think I can’t carry a tune, I am a decent singer and musician.
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3 years ago, Masatet
5 years
I have been searching for one song for 5 years and I would type in fly fly fly in google search but still never find the song. And today I just saw a random fact saying this was an app where you could hum and find the song. I wasn’t expecting too much after 5 years but I got the app and I hummed, rather badly, and the app found the song I have been searching for for 5 years. Thank you so much. You guys made an amazing app!! Thank you soooo much.
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6 years ago, User100000
Was a 5 Star now just a 3 star
I’ve had this app for years and I absolutely love the features and the UI but.... I have thousands (almost 10,000) of songs stored on my phone but it will only let me access playlists. Now I know I can fool the app by saving my library as a playlist but.... I lose a lot of functionality by doing so. I would 5 Star love the app if it was a legitimate player as well as a music find, identify, and share/purchase app. And I agree with another reviewer. The map part rocks. I do use it to search for new music based on other users who seem to share my very broad tastes in music. I hardly use the app now though as I am too limited in my library access.
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4 years ago, Lilchefdavis
I’m not happy.
This app is great and all, but... I just downloaded it on a BRAND NEW iPhone 11, and it won’t create or add tracks to the “SoundHound History” playlist like it was clearly designed to do. It hasn’t created that playlist, it just won’t. I’ve tried several times, and I’ve been troubleshooting since. Everything is enabled and allowed in my settings app, I signed up for a SoundHound account, I even tried creating the “SoundHound History” playlist myself with no signs of success. There are NO forums out there to help with this issue, which is surprising considering SoundHound has released numerous videos with Q&A. All I wanted was to learn the names of songs I like, and add them to a designated playlist. Can someone please help me, so that I can make this review into a much more positive one?
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5 years ago, DShame1
The best song finder PERIOD
Ive used a few, but I found this one in suggestions. And I have been using it for almost 6 years. Not only is it accurate but it picks up songs anywhere! Middle of a restaurant, barely hear the person next to you, and you happen to catch that song playing faintly in the background? Stick your phone up and SoundHound always gets it. In the next room and stereo is on across the house? Yep, it gets it. Simply my favorite reason for this app. It gets the song regardless of the background noise.
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11 months ago, wonder what else
So amazing if there’s a song stuck in your head and you don’t know what it is
I was humming a song all day long from a movie I know I had watched a million times as a kid but I couldn’t figure it out and it was driving me mental. I searched if there was an app that could help me and SoundHound came up so I downloaded it, hummed the song that was driving me crazy, and 1 second later I had my answer. It was the theme song to Home Alone! Thanks for saving me lots of frustration SoundHound 👍🏻
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7 years ago, HateBreedsRage
From Hero to Zero
Sound hound was always my app of choice for song identification. I could quickly open it, tap the large button, and close the app all without taking my eyes off the road. Then later I could check my history to see the info about the song. That’s how it worked for what seemed like years. That is until the most recent time I open the app to check my history and I’m greeted with a message saying to register to see my history. All those songs that I hadn’t gotten around to acquiring are now gone in some void, replaced with a screen begging for a registration. I immediately deleted the app. I’m not opposed the registering an account, but to hold my identified songs hostage to fluff up your user base is BS. I went back to Shazam.
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3 years ago, The_point_man
Was better before. . .
Used to be able to turn the phone sideways (landscape mode) and the lyrics would appear larger and would scroll up. Somewhere along the line that functionality was removed from the app and now it only shows lyrics in portrait mode (small text) . In addition it seems to me the app is having a more difficult time recognizing music playing and comes up with “can’t find that one “ more often than previously. No real proof just an overall impression. Still a good app though. 👍
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7 years ago, SaltShaker216
SoundHound completes my life
So many times I have desperately wanted to know the name of a song... these songs touched me in a certain way and made me feel... the prospect of not knowing what the title or artist saddened me and then SoundHound came along and now my life is complete... as a bonus, there is a wonderful feature that saves searches in a history file... after using the app for a while I discovered the search history and decided it would make an awesome iTunes playlist and SoundHound Vol 1 was born... again completeness 🌝
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2 years ago, SCT-NC
Limited Value
It will find the song but ONLY if it is 1) a major pop hit, 2) exactly as the original hit, 3) and there are absolutely no other sounds. It will not identify cover versions of songs or anything that is not a major mainstream hit, or even different edit of a major pop hit. As someone who listens to Americana, folk, and roots music, it mostly blanks on the song I hope to identify. I had a Google song finder app on Pixel 2 several years ago that picked up songs that I could barely hear in the background and it also identified cover versions and more obscure tunes. This app needs some serious upgrading to be truly useful.
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6 months ago, Randomnickname987654321
This app doesn’t find anything
I had this app for years. A decade actually. I didn’t realize how poor it was until I switched to a competitor. I had to try multiple times for it to find songs I was listening to. A god majority failed. And that is its only job. Who knows how many songs it didn’t find over that decade. But I didn’t want to lose that long history of the songs it did find. I set up an account figuring I could save my history before deleting. Nope. Just feed them all my personal data and got nothing out of it but spam emails. I have no idea how the reviews of this app are so good. Seems very suspicious. Skip this. Literally any other free app for finding songs is better.
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4 years ago, abcodntucmekd
It doesn’t work right.
This app doesn’t work for me. I was playing guitar and played this riff I randomly remembered. So I downloaded this app and played it to it, but it couldn’t come up with anything. After consulting a family member, it turned out to be a bit from “Nothing Else Matters”. To further test the app I played several other songs into it, hummed songs to it, and even sang the lyrics to several classic songs to this app. It failed every single time. It only works when I play the original recording by the artist. Now, I realize other people have had wonderful experiences with this app, so it could be a hardware issue on my end, or maybe even a pebkac error. I don’t know. But my experience with it was negative.
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2 months ago, unknown u5er
really good but doesnt get it all
9/10 times it works. very rarely does radio stations announce what songs they play and Often, I can’t find the songs by typing in the lyrics are asking people. This app has been able to identify most of the songs. Saves me a lot of hours of research. but unfortunately it doesnt know come dancing by the kinks. that is a relatively common song. I’m surprised it couldn’t get it. Thank you for making this application.
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4 years ago, Colonel Asha
It’s Confusing Some Songs.
I tried to use the app to see whether it would read Paramore’s “That’s What You Get,” and five times in a row it told me the song was “Ich brauche den Tango” by Dirk Busch. Dunno when that changed. 🤣 I hadn’t touched the app in months and updated it today, then thought I’d test the app again. At least it read Blink182’s song properly after that, so perhaps that Paramore and German song mix-up was just that one in a million chance. I can definitely say it reads other foreign songs properly though, because it gets Korean and Japanese songs right. xD
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6 years ago, ScrabbleNut
Used to be great...
SoundHound used to be great. It would find any song, you were able to type in some lyrics and find the song you were looking g for. I bought a lot of music from songs i found here. But something has changed with this app. Today i was trying to find (once again) a song i remembered by Earth Wind and Fire. When i typed it in, i didn’t even get the artist. I got a handful of songs, most of which weren’t even sung by them. The album section had 2 of their albums and a bunch of karaoke albums. WTH! where are songs? Where are the dozens of albums they’ve made? What is going on? After using this app for years do i have go looking for a decent music app? I am not happy about this. At all.
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3 years ago, Count cyber
Great but used to be better
Love SoundHound! But before the apparent changes, the library of songs seemed to be deeper and identifying the songs was way faster. Plus they always would bring up the lyrics. And they used to sync with music award shows like the Grammies so you could look up the new groups as they performed. Wasn’t able to do that on the last awards show I watched. Drat! Doesn’t happen now. Definitely get the app, it’s great. But I miss the old days before they “improved” it.
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5 years ago, Sesamme
useless - hummung or whistling is not working
I had a song stuck in my head (it still is) but could only remember the melody. SoundHound sounded like a solution, but alas - too good to be true - it couldn’t find anything by whistling or by humming. Then I tried to hum and whistle very famous songs like Yesterday, or Halleluya - it didn’t find them either! Sometimes it was showing some unrelated results in Chinese, but mostly - nothing. Then I tried to sing them with words, and finally - voila, it works! So - it’s almost useless, because if I know the words, I can find a song anyway... Also - in the free version, the ad is often obscuring the button, so I must stop and restart the search. Don’t understand the 5 star ratings...
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5 years ago, MrsLJ
Really good
App is easily five stars if they improved the quality over Bluetooth. I also do not like that the app defaults to not using Bluetooth because this means that any Bluetooth devices you have will be automatically disconnected when you open the app. The app also gets 4stars because it will get a song wrong around 5 to 10% of the time if you’re using it while on the road when there’s ambient driving noise. Unfortunately this is the only time I actually am using the app. To know what the song on the radio is.
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5 years ago, EBtheWanderer
Might need update
Been using SoundCloud for years and I love it. It’s recently been auto playing ads *with sound* , which of course negates any music it’s going to hear in the background. I don’t mind the video ads, I understand the need to make money. Buttttt...kill the auto sound playing, it can’t even hear the songs. Am still giving it five stars since I use it all the time and will assume they’ll fix this issue, am just trying to bring this to their attention.
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6 years ago, LQROC
What Happen
When this app first came out years ago it was awesome. It was able to find it starts songs that Shazam could not do ever sense and for the past year and in the updates in the search engine is not functional. App over Shazam but now it can’t at times pull the most recent songs or artists. The response time of the search engine is Eva slow. There is no doubt in comparing the two apps that Shazam has gotten an edge over this app. You guys know from experience that your app is not up to par with Shazam please make me a believer in next Suzanne wants the better search engine music app and I will go back to reading this a five star
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7 years ago, Oncfari
Another Has Been...
This used to be a great app — but no more. Now it takes me thru some random set of BS every time I try to ID a song. Half the time the song is over by the time I finally get back to the song search function. Also, it makes a lot more mistakes (some I think are intentional to sell other music) and often returns zero results, which was previously rare to non-existent. Another example of change for the sake of change killing the golden goose!
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