South Central Bank Inc.

4.8 (1.9K)
175.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
South Central Bank, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for South Central Bank Inc.

4.78 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
6 years ago, dissatisified customer #44
External transfers
I have tried now for two consecutive months to make an external transfer and I was not able to complete this task.
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3 years ago, bdautotech
Very dissatisfied, developers can’t seem to correct the issue
App works okay, but when it recently stopped validating my credentials, and after a couple of phone calls to try and resolve the issue, I was told that my iPhone 6s Plus was no longer supported. Customers should be notified of changes such as this prior to the new release. I did not find any such information about supported devices in the description on the App Store or even from the person I spoke with at the bank. It seems that because I had an older phone, which by the way, Apple continues to support, that must be the problem. I purchased a new iPhone 13 and still having the same problem. Very unprofessional as well as an unnecessary aggravation for the customer.
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6 months ago, JungleBoyDeath
So infuriating to use
Update- *again this app is infuriating to use, either something is always broke or can’t be used.* No matter how hard I try to be patient with this company it all goes back to pure aggravation. One day my card is working fine and the next day it’s not. Not to mention when activating a card their automated system is absolutely garbage, either connect us to actual people or rework that automative system. In person my experience with the bank is relatively good, other than this god forsaken app and some issues with the credit/debit card system.
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4 years ago, P. Quizzy
The beginning is always today..
South Central’s back-end development team desperately needs to direct all their attention on the server-side logistics and integration. Maybe rewrite the web services and API’s. I don’t know, it’s just frustrating when you can’t even use the features that are available. It has honestly made me consider finding a new bank.. DON’T be cheap when it comes to UI. You will eventually have no users to integrate for.
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10 months ago, TinEggs
Can’t Sign in a Second Time
If I’ve already signed in once, it won’t bring up your face ID if you sign in again that day. It says it’s unable to validate your information. You have to go out and then come back in.
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1 month ago, shorty 🤘🏼
It’s a hit and miss
I’m not really one to leave a bad review but here I am. Here lately the app has been telling me to check my credentials, so yesterday I changed my password to see if it would help and then it still wouldn’t let me login. Face ID won’t even work. I even tried logging in online and it says the same thing.
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3 years ago, reviewers12
App update
This app is awful to use, sometimes it would not let you log into your own account . Other bank’s ap and website are way much better compares with south central bank’s app and website. The app and website definitely needs more updates and developments.
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1 year ago, mb sparrow
Works like a charm!
Works like a charm with little to no issues!
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1 year ago, Bradley Greenwell
Unable to open on iOS 16.4
After updating my iPhone to iOS 16.4, I am unable to launch the app. I have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling the app, along with disabling FaceID. The app crashes immediately at startup.
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3 years ago, Boutouttamymind
There’s always something wrong with this app. Today it’s error is no internet connection🙄 There is definitely a internet connection but this is the only app that doesn’t thinks so! Please fix all the bugs in this thing.
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4 years ago, Goatleygirl
Not reliable
Keeps kicking me off. It’s not recognizing any of my log in information and says it cannot verify my information. Face ID should verify my identity but never does. I am always having to reset everything. Frustrated and beyond frustrated
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3 years ago, Shaggmanx
So so but it’s all we got. It could be a LOT better.
I have to restart it almost every time I use it. Why? What you get when it’s all you have. I’m about to change my wife’s account she’s had for over 10 years to a bank that can keep up.
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5 years ago, morku .
One of the worst banking systems ever. Flags everything as a fraudulent or suspicious purchase. I have to call and get it unlocked once or twice a month. If you try and use the fingerprint and it doesn’t scan properly it will lock your account. Do not download the app or choose this bank.
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1 year ago, Jessikuh07
Crash closing
The last 3 weeks I’ve been unable to even open the app. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it several times with no luck. 😏
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5 months ago, Blackrwac
Online banking
Great service. Easy to navigate
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5 years ago, Ah190456
Touch ID will not store and work on this version
Touch ID will not store and work on this version
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4 years ago, yvern49
Love mobile banking best thing a bank can do
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4 years ago, Mark Sr 49
Very convenient!
I can bank anywhere anytime. So convenient!!!!
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7 years ago, wwfe2
Worst banking app
Suddenly my user name and password don’t work. It does this at least once a week. It “forgets” my user name, and I can’t log in. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t work. This is very frustrating considering it’s a weekend and there’s no one to call for help.
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6 years ago, BFairchild11
Best bank.
Excellent customer service and knowledgeable.
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1 year ago, Mrs.Ganey
App keeps crashing anytime I open it. Have uninstalled and restarted my phone, contacted app support (they stopped responding). Still not working after 2 weeks!
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1 year ago, grade4
I should not have to update my phone to get the new update. The other bank I used. Updated everything and I did not have to update my phone.
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7 years ago, jDeppen
Can’t paste password now
I can’t paste my long, random (secure) password now. And it seems an attempt to do that clears the clipboard. If this feature is intentional, it promotes weak and easy to remember passwords.
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1 year ago, Jo's acct.
Great love my bank
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1 year ago, auntboo019
Newest iPhone update
My app won’t open since newest iPhone update on March 28. Just blinks and goes back to home screen on iPhone
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3 years ago, IOS 13.4
IOS 14.4
Since iOS 14.4 App crash occurs on launching of app I can only open up a White screen.
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5 years ago, dreamerkid09
Why did it stop working??
It hasn’t worked in months now. Nothing different about my phone.
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6 years ago, kgard10
Good app but...
Please make an iPad app. I’d really appreciate that.
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8 years ago, Realky8
Never had any of the probs of others
Perfect for keeping up with my account on an up to the minute basis! Plus this bank never screws my account up.
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3 years ago, AmberNSmith18
South Central Bank
The app won’t even open
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4 years ago, Ihatethispitifulbank
South Central Bank
Still in the stoneage. Pitiful..
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12 years ago, Troy1201
Needs an update
Finally! Been waiting forever for this app. One request... I'd like to be able to login with another account but I cannot. If it had this option it would be 5 stars!
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8 years ago, Jerbear009
Love this App and Bank
I love this App and Bank but can you guys add to let me know what's Pending and what's not it's hard to tell which one is haha
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9 years ago, Thin jimmy
It's simple and useful
It does a good job for balances and transfers. I would like to see "due dates" on loans so I didn't have to go into the desktop version to see if I have already made a transfer or not for that month. Thanks
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12 years ago, Jay4123
At least got something
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9 years ago, DeathGring
Ever since this new update It force closes on me. I've tried deleting it and re-downloading it and it still doesn't work. Need a new update.
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3 years ago, GET-real
Mobile deposit messes up
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10 years ago, RubySay
No Deposit Option
Site claims this App allows mobile deposits by taking a picture of check, but there is absolutely no option listed to do this within the App.
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10 years ago, SCBuser
No mobile deposit capture
The app has still not fixed the availability of mobile deposit for checks although it claims to have this capability.
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8 years ago, Amcguyer
Latest update
It shows it on my screen can't open it can't delete it,, I called bank there end shows that it's all good:( Ughhh help
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9 years ago, HayPenny
Doesn't work anymore
Keeps telling me to update. I did and it still doesn't work. Fix please!!
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9 years ago, IamCorvus
Can't even open
Same as last review. App won't even open. Crashes every time.
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8 years ago, Arlene391
Updated can't get into my account now!!!
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9 years ago, Daygm
Can't open
App crashes on iPhone there a fix?
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