SouthEast Bank Mobile Banking

4.6 (538)
35 MB
Age rating
Current version
Southeast Bank
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SouthEast Bank Mobile Banking

4.61 out of 5
538 Ratings
2 years ago, BarrettMM
Happy Camper
I really like the features of the updated app. No longer do you struggle with scrolling down the entries and having the main menu open. I love the Touch ID feature. Now don’t change anything!!
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4 years ago, bgdarocha
Just a horrible app
The old version was much better. The developers of the new one hope to cover up all its inadequacies with flashy features and sleek UI, but unfortunately they detract from the overall functionality and make it look even more haphazard than it already does. Like most reviewers, I agree that the scrolling balance that updated after each payment was extremely useful and should come back—from using the app, it’s not clear why this was removed, as the area where it appeared is now just wasted empty space. Also, it doesn’t always update pending balance correctly, and like another user, I have accidentally overdrawn by trusting the balance I’ve seen, even though my account shouldn’t let me overdraft, and then I’m charged ridiculous fees even though it’s the fault of the app’s design and the bank itself. It’s truly a horrible design and update that destroyed an otherwise reliable and functional mobile banking platform. Hooray, I can sign in with my fingerprint but what’s the point if the whole of the application is broken and useless. It’s so unpleasant and inconvenient to use, I’m currently in the process of looking for a new banking institution. Great job, South East.
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1 year ago, Alex3928
Was Great, Now Horrible
I use this app frequently. When I originally downloaded it, it was a little slow, but very functional. Now, it won’t let me log in half the time. I’m getting tons of error messages, it’s giving me incorrect balance information, and today it has stopped showing everything but the names of the accounts. With each “update” it’s gotten worse and worse. Please fix this! You’re the only bank I trust, but if I can’t depend on your app to function properly or your website to be as functional as the app should be, then I probably need to find another bank. Y’all are above this! If you’re having difficulty finding developers, my husband is a Software Engineer. I’m sure he’d be able to help y’all out a little at least. Put up a job opening or something.
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2 years ago, Trxster0504815
Bill pay feature quit working
Had bill pay set up and have been using for several years. Stopped working. Have updated, removed and reinstalled… does not work on my phone or husband’s but does work on computer. Does not seem to be anyone who can resolve the issue. They just keep asking over and over 1) error message, 2) have you updated the app 3) have you tried to reinstall 4) does it work from a PC. Not sure why it quit working. Seriously thinking of moving my money so I can pay bills. All other features work.
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11 months ago, harold8353
I do like the app except I put my password in and half the Time it will not let me log in then haft to get bank to reset so I can log in there is something wrong I should never need to change password unless I choose to do so I do not like be out also because of face ID it works on all my other apps, but this one has to be held perfect at the perfect angle or you have to enter password app is set up very sloppy
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3 years ago, SillyLittleLadybird
Love this app!
It’s super easy to navigate and everything is straight forward. I’ve heard about others having an issue when they get a new phone and the app doesn’t transfer cookies, but other than that I think this is a fabulous app. It lets me transfer funds between account without having to leave the house!
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4 years ago, Dee Mac 1
Love it........but!
I wish you would bring back the scrolling balance with each purchase. This allowed me the convenience of not having to pull out the calculator every time I purchased something. Please bring it back. Otherwise love it.
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2 years ago, ro Deric T
Thank you for this app! It allows me to manage all my banking needs from on the go. I travel quite frequently so it is a plus to have the flexibility this app provides.
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2 years ago, meetup now
Southeast Bank is the Best!
This Bank has very easy online banking. Their customer service for online and regular banking is exceptional. This is the bank you want to do business with.
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4 years ago, Gulfbrznsun
The ease of use n any app is very important to me. I really don’t like frustration in something that, in this day and technological age, doesn’t need to be frustrating. I’m in and out in no time to check what’s going on related to my banking.
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6 months ago, BroTime912
Clean and simple
Clean and simple. Easy set up. I wish others were this simple and user friendly. I’d bump to five stars if it had more features.
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11 months ago, Gatorshadow
Great bank
I’ve been with the bank since they opened. Never had a problem, they always took care of me.
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2 years ago, RerunBank
When I’m looking at transactions and I am scrolling down to see more transactions if I touch the page to scroll something like another page (I don’t pay attention to what it is cause I just want it to go away) comes in from the left of the screen and obscures what I’m trying to see. Happens over and over! Annoys me to no end. Fix this glitch please!
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11 months ago, Caddybill
Convenient And Easy
This app makes it very easy to stay on top of your finances and a quick way to monitor the account for fraudulent transactions.
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2 years ago, RebaRenee
Easy app to navigate
This app gives more info than other bank apps I’ve used. It’s very easy to navigate to find info that I need
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4 years ago, Ronej
User Friendly
Easy to use. Side bar menu makes navigating the site a breeze! Great features that allow one to do almost any banking task you need. Mostly reliable, very little downtime.
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2 years ago, Lhargi
Rating of app
I like the bank app but I did like the running balance by each transaction the way it used to be.
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2 years ago, StevenB1911
Running balances
Thank you for adding this feature back!
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6 years ago, S53777653137887434545464214
Okay App
The app has a decent interface and user friendly feel, it’s quite easy to maneuver and control. I would like to see Touch ID and Apple Pay compatibility be implemented in the future. These two things would set this app inline with other competitors, as of now South East is behind.
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1 year ago, 6653337
It works
All I use it for is the balance check and that works fine.
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2 years ago, GeneM1832
Use Southeast app regularly
I use this app daily on my iPad, iPhone or computer and have had no problems with it.
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6 days ago, daisybear39
Review always up to date!
Always current!
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4 years ago, wkwilmoth
Love it!
Easy to use, easy to understand, SOOOO glad they added the finger print feature. Grateful to have such an easy and functioning app for my banking!
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11 months ago, RoamerLivingston
Very Helpful
Great App and so convenient to check your account information at anytime
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3 years ago, drwsouthland
Improvements Needed
Informative, but needs work. 1. Need to be able to save and/or print e-statements. 2. Need to be able to access credit cards from this app and be able make payments to the credit cards.
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4 years ago, Daisylou1234
Could be better
There seems to always be a delay. What is actually available in my account is almost always different from what the mobile app shows when I check.
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11 months ago, seaboyce
Easy to Use
I can get info when I need it and it updates daily!
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4 months ago, CW dancer
SE Bank Great App
User friendly. Has all the information one needs to transact business.
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4 years ago, Jessiefxr
Could Improve
The app overall does the job it needs to do. I can check my accounts and see transactions, but other features are lacking easy accessibility (automatic transfers, mobile deposit, etc.).
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1 year ago, c2706s
SouthEast Bank
This app is very easy to use. I particularly like the face recognition feature to log in.
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11 months ago, HBC News Athens
Great app
Love SE Bank and the app works great. One thing I love about SE Bank’s online banking is the ability to edit your online transactions.
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3 years ago, jgyggfdhju
Great easy to use like the setup common sense was used when making it user friendly
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1 year ago, dolittle girl
I preferred the dark background on previous update. It’s much easier to view
I prefer the darker background in the previous app. Easier viewing than the white
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4 years ago, justagirl8870
Easy banking
This banking app is so easy to use, always alerts to suspicious activity, looks great and well organized. One of the best banking apps I’ve used
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3 years ago, winksay
Mobile deposits rarely work
Great app if you only want to check on your accounts. Numerous issues with making mobile deposits-end up having to go to the bank to make deposits which defeats the purpose of mobile deposits.
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4 years ago, Ty3a1
South East
Like when I could see me balance after each transaction. Need to be able to transfer money to other bank accounts.
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1 year ago, bigman11071209
I’ve not used this bank for long. But since I have it’s been a great bank and the staff are awesome
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2 years ago, 1grammaturtle
Thank you South East
Love that I have my bank anywhere I go , it’s so convenient!!! Love it . Never have any problems with it .
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3 years ago, VOL FAN 1
SouthEast Bank App
User friendly Easy to navigate Same view for mobile, laptop or tablet.
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3 years ago, parnelino
Love this app! Everything is always at my fingertips and it has always been trouble free! And I have had it for years ☺️
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4 years ago, 1177338
Makes my life so much easier. It has no problems and the app is very easy to understand!
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4 years ago, Bfuhfg
Southeast app
Shuts down a lot and doesn’t show the amount that was in your account under all the transactions like it used to. Needs improvements and really need to bring back the amount in your account underneath each all the transactions made
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10 months ago, Austin S19
Excellent app!
The app works well co distantly and has a good interface that is user friendly.
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3 years ago, Father of Four Females
Good for budgets
I can label for business and personal and categories to see where funds are being spent with debit card.
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4 years ago, JP Morganstern
Easy to use.
I like the simple interface and being able to use Face ID. Very clean and easy to use.
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3 years ago, Smileyman 4500
Great app and bank
I love this bank. I have made more money back from them then any other bank. The app works great.
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4 years ago, spsmjj
Easy to access
Works well, enough info to get around
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5 months ago, annamaedotson67
Love my checking account with southwest bank
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3 years ago, Deewaiting
The app is simple to use and easy to understand. There is nothing complicated to setup. Even the bill pay is easy to setup.
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3 years ago, CyninTN
Good app just wish it was real time like BOA
I like to see everything in real time such as if I deposit check it shows check in balance as pending or same as bill pay.
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