Southern Savers

4.5 (66)
24.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jenny Martin
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Southern Savers

4.45 out of 5
66 Ratings
8 years ago, Mwb83
I love SS but...
Jenny is awesome. SS is awesome. I've been using the website for a long time. I was so excited to get this app, but...this app can be frustrating at times. More often than not, I have to click on things several times to go to certain pages. It won't link with my online account so I can't look at lists or print ones I've created on the app, even though I'm logged in to both. Several times, the screen that comes up hasn't been mobile-friendly. Overall, it's great when it works.
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8 years ago, AmberQuezada
Doesn't save clipped coupons
God forbid you hit a coupon that takes you to their company website bc you lose the clipped coupons & have to start over.
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7 years ago, 2manycds
One of my favorite couponing apps
I especially love the item search button - sometimes I have a coupon that I really want to use and have to find out where it's already on sale. I also really am happy to see a new feature added to saved lists on the dashboard where it lists out the coupons by the insert dates And includes a single link to all the printables!!! This is going to save me a TON of time!! Thanks Jenny and developer!!
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8 years ago, julialking
I haven't been couponing as of late, but have been a huge fan of Jenny and Southern Savers for 5-6 years. I was a teacher and had to teach myself how to coupon so o get get my kids the basic toiletries they couldn't afford. When I found Southern Savers... It helped not just me, my wallet... But my students so much. This app just makes everything that more convenient. Highly, highly recommend.
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8 years ago, 6 Rolling Stones on Bikes
My favorite website now has an app!
I have followed this website for over five years and saved thousands of dollars! I am so dedicated to saving money by using Southern Savers that I have it set as my homepage on my desktop computer. I am giddy that I can now browse the deals while on my phone!
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8 years ago, Leastcmplicated
So helpful!
Anyone who coupons needs this app! Jenny goes through the weekly ad for every major grocery store and matches up the coupons for both inserts and printables. I've been using the website for years and now the app since it came out.
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8 years ago, Starrberry27
Great when it works
I love the savings tracker on this app. For the most part, it's convenient to just upload the numbers and go about your day. God forbid if you have multiple receipts to enter though. First it keeps failing to let me enter any amounts then it freezes all together and won't let me save them. Once this problem is fixed, it'll be a perfect app.
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8 years ago, theoriginalcindi
Great app for Southern coupon queens
I've used the app and website for seven years. There are barely any glitches and Jenny is quick to respond to correct any errors. The design is superior to all other coupon blogger apps.
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8 years ago, Abbbbs70
I use this app every week for shopping in multiple stores. I save so much money. It is easy to use and I recommend it all the time- mostly to people in the grocery store line who are amazed.
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5 years ago, Feleshia
Great but needs improvement
Updating my review....I love southern savers, but this app is not user friendly. It’s hard to navigate and it takes forever to load. I want to give it 5 stars but I just can’t. Please update it so it can be user friendly. I’m an iPhone user. Thanks! I think this could be an awesome app, but the website page is too big. It needs updating.
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8 years ago, G8ful
Coupon Heaven
If you're a couponer, this app is a must. Just waiting for the day I can create my list electronically and attach all coupons electronically!
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6 years ago, Tewe64
App needs improvement
I use the website on my laptop with no issues. This app continuously errors out, you try to enter or search for something and you can enter the information. Needs debugging.
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8 years ago, Hhancock523
Southern Savers is the best!
Jenny and the Southern Savers team has done a fantastic job with their app. It's easy to use and saves my family tons of money! We are life long followers and fans!
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7 years ago, SnoopDogg1
Formatting is off in store list
When I try to see my store’s weekly ad coupon matchups, the formatting is off- too zoomed in. And I can’t pinch to zoom out- only further in. To read 1 line, I have to scroll to the side. The home screen and other screens are fine- this only happens when I click the “Stores” button and select my store.
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7 years ago, Acb39470
Checking this out!
Brand new here and I follow Dealsby Mary. She's always talking about y'all so giving you a try! We'll start off with five stars cause I trust Mary!
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7 years ago, sdlamby L
Just New but love it
I am just New but so excited about using this app to save money! Saved $78 last week.
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7 years ago, BoroOT
Great App
Works great for me to find who has the sales to match up with my coupons. Easy to use.
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7 years ago, Charity615
So Helpful!
For a person that just started couponing this app/website is very helpful! Thanks!
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8 years ago, Ladym167
Best Couponing Tool
If you want to save money this is the perfect app. Everything located in one place. Love this app use it all the time.
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8 years ago, Audreyssouthbeachjourney
Saves me bunches!!!
I don't even look at store ads anymore as this tells you only items on sale AND it lists coupons to match. I don't do manufacturers coupons anymore but just knowing about the store coupons helps a lot. Thanks Jenny!
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8 years ago, Savingforvacation
Fabulous app, easy to follow
A great way to start saving with all the resources already in one place. Thank you Jenny!
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8 years ago, Tbremmer
Great app to save money
I have used SS for years now, and it really helps save time and money!
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6 years ago, Kary8D
Please fit it!
When I go to click on a specific store deals it will not fit my screen and sometimes the coupon database is in correct.
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8 years ago, Islandgyrl_26
It has always always always been my go to app... it's absolutely helpful, informative and easy to use! Thank you for this GREATTTTT app!
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7 years ago, MsMinnie!
Great Tool
This app is a great tool for saving time and money. Jenny does all the work for you.
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8 years ago, PattyRabbit
Jenny Rocks!!!
Having a blast and saving tons of money!!! Thank you so much!!! This app is very easy to use. Jenny rocks!
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6 years ago, Anglssftwhisper
Love Southern Savers, but hate this app
I’ve always had issues, but right now, the majority of the time, the screen in app is too big to see what I’m doing. Really aggravating.
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5 years ago, Bunni6
Not app compatible
The app was great until it became incompatible. It's like going on the actual website and not able to zoom out or in . The website is great however !
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7 years ago, Pixdogpixies
Use it every week
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8 years ago, Doradaisy1
Love southern savers.. can't go shopping without it!
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8 years ago, Georgia peach Alicia
Awesome App
I love this app!!! It is wonderful!!! I used it daily!!!!!
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8 years ago, Where's My Penny
Southern Savers
Free, simple, all-in-one personal savings shoppers!
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7 years ago, Updating soon???
Love SS
Great website and great app!
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8 years ago, dhgt4
Amazing app and informative
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8 years ago, MarcysSweetTreats
Love it
Great couponing tool
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9 years ago, Kn0xWatcher
Completed fixes, BEST COUPON APP!
AWESOME COUPON APP!! I love being able to search for a particular item and have every store with that item on sale pop up. I like that I can be in a different town, and since the search tool pulls up ALL STORES with that particular item on sale, I'm good to go. Just put the address into the GPS and boom! Money saved! I also really like the shopping list feature so that I'm not missing anything at that particular store, too. Another cool thing is being able to make multiple lists and save them all under different names, then being able to delete items off as bought--or to completely delete a list once it's been shopped. Really love that they've incorporated printables and give the links for the printing AND, you also get the date & publication of Sunday paper coupons too. A LOT OF WORK WENT INTO THIS APP! THANKS FOR FIXING THE KEYBOARD ISSUE, TOO! ~saving that cash! Love Sourhern Savers! 💵💰💵💰💵
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8 years ago, Tess0247
So happy to find this app!
Although I haven't used all of the features of this app yet, Southern Savers is one of the BEST websites I've ever used so am looking forward to having it handy on my phone. Have used the website for about 5yrs and can't tell you how much I've saved! Their data is up to date, it's easy to navigate and literally does all the work for you by timely posting the weekly sales (usually a day early), AND providing links (that almost always actually work) to all available coupons for each item. It even tells you how to combine the coupons (for every single product) to help you get the lowest price. It also provides helpful comments to give you a heads up if certain coupons can't be doubled, etc. Have NO idea how they keep up with it so well but have been impressed since day one and am excited to use the app a lot more :)
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8 years ago, Ayprylle
Amazing timesaver for deal-seekers
I started using Southern Savers on the desktop before there was an app, and this app adds more amazing features like the scanner to compare prices while shopping. I love having the coupon database at my fingertips and being able to pull up my custom grocery lists with coupon matchups on my phone while I shop. Jenny is always making the app better, and she has recently worked out some kinks. This app is now easy to use and saves me lots of time!
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10 years ago, Michelleg1985
Love it!
Jenny does a amazing job, I honestly don't know how she does it all and coupons! Lol, I love this app, if I'm put and about and want to double check something while I'm in a store it makes it easy!! I love the item search, I've used it several times even when I'm on the computer I pull my phone out! I am so glad I started with this particular couponing page, I've check out a lot of others and this is by far above an beyond them all!!
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9 years ago, Ebsmitty
Ditto what other are saying about the keyboard. I get that ads are necessary for the app to be free (and the website for that matter)! However, intentionally causing users to click on ads by retracting the keyboard on the search tool is beyond stupid! As far as the features of the app, LOVE it. I use it often when I'm on a shopping trip and need to check a list or find a coupon for something I didn't know I would buy.
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8 years ago, bL0ndi3_xx
A Couponers Dream!
Having an app that will put all major stores' ads together AND gives you the lists of coupons to use at each store is the best thing that I could have found. Organized and very user friendly. Highly recommend if you want to save lots of $$$!!!!
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9 years ago, Jrocktx
Money Saver
I love the Southern Savers App. I'm able to open it up while I'm at the store which helps me buy the right items in order to take advantage of the sale. Jenny is based in a different state than where I am but she does great job keeping up with store and online sales that are still applicable to me.
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9 years ago, Aefhgfmom
Love southern savers!
I love southern savers! I don't always have time to coupon, but I still apply many of the ideas learned from this site in my shopping. I have been pleased with the app so far, it may be a little simplistic in design, but that keeps it easy for all levels of Internet users.
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9 years ago, TGIFreydays
Lazy savings
I've used the price matching search a few times now to get the best deal on some products I ordered online. Also it's great to be able to lay on the couch and "clip coupons" from my phone. The app lets me email them to myself so I can print them later. Hence the "lazy savings" haha
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10 years ago, Momikins
buy mom
I am so glad there is now an app for this website. I have had it on my home screen as a button for years. what a great place to find ALL your savings combined. The info there has helped me save enough monthly to cover the bill of the smart phone I veiw it on!
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8 years ago, SunshineBabyBlues
Very convenient and easy to use!
Love how easy it is to plan my grocery shopping trip each week to save money on the items our family needs. Thank you for all the work you put into this app!
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9 years ago, Ninaloo1234
The best around!
New to couponing and this app has everything I need! I live in the south so I appreciate the fact that this app is more geared to the southern region.. It's very user friendly and always up to date which is great! I recommend this app to everyone I know!
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9 years ago, Say run
Easy money saving tips
Love this app. Really makes matching coupons super easy. All the work is done for you. It really helps me stay on my grocery budget and saves our family a lot every year. Thanks so much to all the contributors...
Show more
9 years ago, TeagsMommy
Love this app!
Not one single bad thing I could possible say about this app or site. No other app/site could ever compare to what she has provided for the community. Thank you for all that you do :)
Show more
8 years ago, Tanaya Washington
Couponers Dream!!
Does what I need to find deals quickly without having to access the website every time. Best thing southern savers could have done was make an app!!
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