Southside Bank

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Southside Bank
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11 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Southside Bank

4.66 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
4 years ago, XT1573
The app is really great and convenient. Easy to navigate thru my different accounts and manage different transactions. It’s got a very sensible layout and tab selection for how it’s ‘levels’ are separated and appears to always be in alignment with what I see when I’m logged in online. I use the app for multiple accts, the deposit and the auto-bill pay services. And it’s great!! The mobile deposit transactions were easy easy from the first one! It is seamless in the process and has always been immediately up to date online as is also the automatic bill pay information, both the information I’ve entered to establish any of my payees or payments as well as the information I’m sent in regards to the status of the payments I’ve sent out or payments I’ve set up to be paid. Plus the speed of the app is really good. Rarely ever lagging unless my internet has issue only then is there a problem but never with the app. The Southside bank app is built very well, it’s maintained without interruption and it always communicates the same information I find online so I always have a peace of mind knowing where I stand financially I never have to guess because I’m never left with doubt. I know. That’s a peace of mind only Southside could give me and their app has done that!! Thanks Southside, your application build team did an excellent job!!
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5 years ago, Lunasea1955
Banking App is a super time saver
I started online banking many years ago. It is such a time saver. I can pay a stack of bills quickly, accurately make a screen shot of all the transactions I just confirmed, taking recording check transactions into the digital age. I can pay a dozen bills online in the time it takes to take out one bill, write a check , log the check number and amount , put payment in the envelope, seal envelope and put return address . That saves so much time every single payday when I pay bills...
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12 months ago, Ecwilk
Removing accounts if they aren’t logged in on their schedule. Random password resets. Random password forgetting. Random Face ID login forgetting. It seems this app forgets a lot. Saving a password with the App is hard. Currently the reset password screen takes to a half page so all you have is a back button. Users are at the mercy of Southside’s inept programming. The bank itself doesn’t simply update accounts every day, but there are always multi-day pending transactions that make accounting harder than it should be. Traveling out of country they will lock your account even if you told them you were going. Then there’s no way to use the card unless you have a family member back home to talk with them. I use another bank that has never had any of these issues. Southside Bank has been one of the worst banking experiences of my life.
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5 years ago, JustAnicePerson
This app shows random amounts in your account and does NOT reflect actual balances much of the time. Nor does this app show what the bank tellers see. When you call with a concern they tell you they dont know what your talking about because it looks fine on their end, or they have told me multiple times, "sometimes it just does that". Im not talking about being a few cents off I'm talking about being off by THOUSANDS of dollars. One time it showed I was overdrawn FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS when I actually had several hundred in there. The bank teller said she didnt know how to fix this. I have had multiple overdrafts because this app did not show me my acutal balances, they know about it and DO NOT CARE. This is UNACCEPTABLE. A bank has ONE job and its to know where your money is. Please do not use this bank!!
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1 year ago, Ruby Cthulhu
Overall a great app IMO
I really like this app over the last few years I’ve been with Southside Banking, I wish there was an option to accurately check your bank account earlier on the day from like 2 AM-10 AM my checking account will be wonky and say an inaccurate amount when I might be needing money earlier on in the day. I also think a swipe to see your balance option would be cool like some other banking apps have.
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5 years ago, anonymousrg
App is great and easy to maneuver. However, the one and only thing I must mention, which I have been wanting to say something forever about, is that your picture of the bank, when I first log into it, is crooked. It drives me crazy. Sorry, I have an artistic eye and my mind sees perspective and aesthetic and just lines. A better picture or just straighten that one would go a long way. I know, it’s a minor thing, that doesn’t break my relationship with this awesome bank. Just the picture please. ;)
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8 months ago, Dee Dee Jacks
I love being able to download this app and have my bank info just a PIN number away. I can see all of my transactions; thus, make sure that money hasn’t come out of my account that I didn’t authorize. Also, if that happens, I can get my money back. Some people use Direct Express and you have to wait three to four weeks to get your money back. Thank you Debbie
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5 years ago, Still Banking with Southside
Works well when you understand a couple limitations.
I discovered I should wait until 9:00am to check my balance. After that time it is accurate for my balance and pending transactions. I find it fairly intuitive. Something a lot of programming for apps and web pages is missing today. I think the testing is being done by the programmers and that is not a real test. I would like to see an easier access method. I really like the one that Capital One uses that lets you trace a pattern on a background of dots.
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5 years ago, fireman wes
Absolutely TERRIBLE
The app is absolutely infuriating! It makes me want to throw my phone across the room it’s so aggravating! Half of the time you can’t login! It will give you an authentication error which is not a wrong password but like the system just couldn’t login. Or it will login but then it will just sit there and load forever and never get to your info. Online deposit is a nightmare! I own a business in which I deposit quite a few checks every month. I finally gave up using the app and just started going to the bank because you will get one error or another and by the time I finally get all of the checks deposited I could have driven to the bank and back....literally!!!
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5 years ago, jukebox007
I frequently have had it say my account was overdrawn for Periods of time. It did correct Itself so that’s not too much of an issue, as I keep my own books in hard copy. The main issue I have is that I reported a possible card fraud and supposedly had it cancelled through app. It was never cancelled and another card was never sent. That’s a big deal to me, and should be to the bank. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be fraud, if I thought my card was compromised and have the option to cancel through the app, then it should be cancelled.
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5 years ago, Cmiller1712
A Great Bank & App
I truly think Southside has a great app here. One of my few complaints is the persistent blue help messages found on every page. I feel there should be a way to permanently remove these messages. Other than that, it gets the job done with few delays. I think it is also great how the app exactly mimics the website. That makes using the app so much easier for those moving from a laptop to their phone.
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2 years ago, Hejama
Great App
Love this banking app of all the various ones I have or have had with personal, work and other activities. Southside definitely has the easiest to use and the one that makes it so easy to set all your alerts. I love this app and hope they only update when needed but never change the basic format. This is my favorite of all banking apps I have ever used !
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6 months ago, Dardend
Love it!
First thing I do after getting my morning coffee is sit down and compare what I have in the app versus my bank using their online app. Once I found my husband’s debit card had been copied. The detective told me it from a gas pump reader. I no longer use a debit card for gas. I have a credit card with a very strict limit on it now that I use. Thank you!!!!
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5 years ago, Billxxxxxxxxxx
Southside Bank App
I like the app except for having to take extra steps to get to the Bill Pay app. I use Bill Pay and have reoccurring payments set up, but those payments change each month. Instead of Menu, Transactions, Bill Pay, then selecting Options and Visit Bill Pay Site...I would like to go straight to the Bill Pay Site. I rarely set up a new payment, but I always change the amount of an existing reoccurring payment. Thanks.
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5 years ago, kalnoimi
Southside Bank App
User friendly and pretty prompt with letting you know about updates and changes. Also a convenient way to deposit checks and check available balance and other transactions! I have been so pleased with the staff and customer service as Southside. I travel a lot and they are always willing to help and communicate effectively anything I might need!!
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1 year ago, HappyNursing
Absolutely thankful
I am very satisfied with the service I am able to have getting on my own banks app and manage everything I need to with my finances. Thank you for being a indefinite banking system that I can trust at all times and when having some hiccups in life you are there to make it better .
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2 years ago, breannmax998
Not happy
I have had this bank for years! I work overnights and I can’t see my account. Like it says I am negative and doesn’t show how much I actually have between midnight and 4am. Normally it tells me if y’all have updates and will be down between such and such hours. But this is getting aggravating!! I love my bank but this not being able to see what money I have available isn’t working. I know I have money but it always shows me negative!
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1 year ago, saltytoo
Very good!
When I try to get on my southside app on my iPad today, I guess y’all have upgraded something and I can’t use my Ipad with my SOUTHSIDE BANK APP???I know y’all are trying to get faster enable to rival other banks but please stop living us behind old ladies can’t afford new electronics. Also we can’t learn new systems. Please quit leaving us behind. Thank you
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5 years ago, jackelmoore
Awesome app
Really makes checking your accounts easy and they do a great job with updates to keep you up to date without locking you out of your account at all. My only suggestion would be to make mobile deposit easier to access and apply to everyone instead of only certain types of accounts.
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1 year ago, Vrohde
Very usable and easy to use
I count on this app daily to keep me informed of my balances in all accounts. I also love the mobile deposit feature which allows me to deposit checks wherever I am. I have also used the mobile app to open accounts, it’s very easy and saves so much time.
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1 year ago, Ms Lena 1954
New Banking app
It’s ok but I’m having trouble finding the deposits. Before the change, we could slide or tap for the deposits only. Why did this change? Please advise what I’m doing wrong. It’s a pain scrolling through the line items just to see when and the amounts that was deposited.
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8 months ago, S e j h
I would like to have a pie chart to show me how much I am spending in different areas. Make it an option to pick out categories to go on the pie chart. For example, restaurants, meals, entertainment, groceries, etc. if the badger could stay at all the time you can help me figure out how much money I’m spending quickly for the week or biweekly or monthly. Thank you very much.
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9 months ago, C?$&@
Southside Review
It’s a pretty good app. It does what you need. Like all big banks it is a trade off. I hate that it will not let you reuse nicknames. Takes way too long to get one not used. As most things today it does what “they” want it to do and need it to do. It is certainly nothing special, the bank either. I would not recommend the bank or the app, but am too lazy to move to a smaller, more home town local bank like used to be.
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3 years ago, Caitlyn Dowis
The app is good
I like the app, it’s convenient and easy to use. My only issue I have with it is that it shows transactions pending for a long time. The pending transactions don’t go away for a few days after you have done the transactions. And then the balances are fluctuated and aren’t accurate while the pending transactions are there, so you never really know the actual amount you have left
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2 months ago, Spd2656
Website review
I’m not a fan of your website! I want to see my checking account in a fast, one step selection. Instead you have all this STUFF one the screen and it’s too busy. I don’t care about your low interest rates, I just want to check my checking account!
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2 years ago, Where's the cart??
Easy access to account information
The app is easy to navigate to review balances and make transfers. The mobile deposit works well. The app would be better if you could edit a reoccurring payment through the mobile app - but you cannot. You have to log into a computer to make changes in date or the amount of the payment .
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9 months ago, cbsfbwkxbdbfkdbekdbf
After 20 years we closed our checking as we are building a house in a different location. I was nervous of the change but have experienced the best service ever! This banking system and app are top rated and the change-over was stressless! I love my new bank!
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9 months ago, Sybil1048
Daily User
I use this app daily to check on my accounts with this bank. I also use when I am traveling to find different locations. I have my bank with me wherever I go. I also use the bill pay program. So convenient.
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2 years ago, Baylorbred
Best Bank Out There
Banked with 4 banks since college and have learned that Southside Bank has the best technology packed with a great size community bank that cares. No limits on mobile deposit, all treasury functionality on the market, and customer service that is unmatched in a challenging industry, thank you Southside Bank!
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5 years ago, Mowinmomma
Southside bank app
I really like this app, but I wish I could see the photos of the mobile deposits after I deposit them. To verify which ones have cleared or been accepted. I sometimes have several checks with the same amount on them and I really need to be able to see the check. Still would like to see a photo of the deposited check.
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1 year ago, Shopping Buddy
Never rely on the Bill Pay in this app. Twice I requested a bill to be paid, showed it was paid but account never credited then told “no, it was not paid” even though account had plenty of money to cover the payments. Three times I cancelled payments and they were not cancelled even though I received confirmation numbers. Then, to top it off I requested funds to be transferred to an outside account, my account was credited for this transfer but funds were not transferred.
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11 months ago, CFI.Pilot
The way banking apps should work
Easy to use and helps me manage bills and my accounts. Could not ask for a better app. I feel my money is safe using the app. Southside Bank always protects my accounts and is awesome to deal with. Love the app and the bank!!!!!
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5 years ago, Diva0247
App Features Not on Nat’l level
I can’t transfer money to anyone outside of SSB from my mobile phone so I have to make a trip to the bank. In other words if I have a bank account at a different bank I’m not able to transfer funds back-and-forth nor am I able to transfer funds to friends or family members using this app so it lacks love as I’m concerned I just basically use it to see what my balance is... that’s it
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2 years ago, Little Keyston
Runs smooth, very helpful
Ive never had any problems with the app, i recommend. I recommend to download MobiMoney for notifications after each transaction and to help you enable/disable certain functions of your account/card.
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2 years ago, MoeMoe_Eve
3rd Party payment withdrawal
It would be moreHelpful if when it comes to credit card payments that’s over Credit Card /payment (3rd party) withdrawal, that the company’s phone number would also be displayed upon inquiry when you tap on that particular payment or withdrawal on the bank statement portion
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5 years ago, Lsy240418
Great banking app
I love the SSB mobile app. It’s easy to use and I love that it gives you a rolling remaining balance of your account after each purchase vs a list of purchases and just remaining balance at the top of the page. SSB has moved all convenient locations for me and yet this is why I continue to use them.
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2 years ago, sue_n
Easy and Convenient
This app does everything I need a banking app to do, and does it easily. Whether I’m checking my balance, making a mobile deposit or transferring funds between accounts, it’s all just a touch away.
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5 years ago, Nick's name1234
Great app
The app works great, I use it everyday on the IPad and rarely have to turn the computer on for anything. I do find that some things dealing with setting up payments are easier on the computer, but once the payments are set up, paying bills is easy on the iPhone and iPad.
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1 year ago, Lita0719
I like the app!
It took some minor tweaking, but the current version of the app is much user-friendly both in functionality and appearance. I use it quite often, almost daily.
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5 years ago, make it work for me
Show Pending Direct Deposits
The site is good and it is somewhat improved but some of the advantages we had prior or no longer there. I receive my Job payroll deposits, Military retirement deposit and soon will be receiving Social Security retirement direct deposited. It would be great if the customer could see those “Pending deposits” rather than only seeing the deposited the actually showing up that morning.
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9 months ago, 49 year old dad
Best local bank in Texas
I started banking with southside 30 years ago and they have been with me ever since. I know almost all the leadership and they have bent over backwards to help me in almost every situation I’ve been in.
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9 months ago, cdo713
Zelle won’t open
App is mostly user friendly, but I joined this bank about 2 months ago mainly bc it was convenient location and it had Zelle in the app. But ever since I downloaded the app Zelle has not opened and all anyone cal tell me is try deleting the app and redownloading it (which I’ve done 4 times) and no change. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, deenerb
It’s pretty basic
I’ve not had too much trouble with this app except for when I want to do a mobile transfer . I’ve been told it happens when there isn’t enough internet capability to load it . Other than that I use this often and like it .
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5 years ago, Naggedyann
App problems
About every other time I try to use the app to make a mobile deposit. There is an issue. The last 2 days the camera won’t load. I am not having trouble with my camera on anything else. Very frustrated. Its always something. I call customer service and they have no idea there is a problem. Makes me want to change banks.
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11 months ago, 16Comple10
Wonderful service !
Southside Bank has the most efficient and professionally expedient service They really are on the side of hardworking people with their checking and account services. I’ve never banked with better!
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11 months ago, marimend1964
Liking app
Not much because some times it doesn’t allow me to Zelle money it’s always under maintenance. What can be done about it I understand a few minutes but not hours
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1 year ago, Summer Dawson
The app is fine for banking but I hate that your credit card services cannot be linked. We can’t see all accounts or make payments to it since they are separated! I’m actually switching my business account over it. It’s too late in the technology game to not have this feature
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2 years ago, east texas audio
Great App
I think this app is great. It’s way better then my other bank app that I use. The one thing that really sets this app in the lead is the search feature you can search names and amounts. Total game changer! Thanks Southside Bank
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2 years ago, $2Laveda
Screen Froze During Use
Never had this problem before but during these current times of so much fraudulent activity and scams it is very scary when you are attempting to us the app and it freezes. I would expect it to close automatically for inactivity after a minute or two.
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5 years ago, Mamarama Llama
So easy, so southside
We have been Southside Bank customer since 1991 and continue to be impressed with this bank. The technological things they have added recently including their app the video tellers and the Pella friend feature are tremendous keep it up southside great work
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