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User Reviews for Space Coast Credit Union

4.79 out of 5
24.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Michael, CISSP
Missing biometrics
9/15 update: face id enrollment is where the developer said it would be, in settings rather than profile settings. On a side note to all those who complain about the app… Seriously you all need to get a grip. The things you are complaining about is not rocket science. If the app seems to hang, close it out and check to see how many other apps you have open, and close them. Then relaunch. Check deposits? why would you think you don’t have to enter in the amount? Of course you need to. This is no different than every other bank app out there. If your check is illegible, how do you think the app is supposed to detect the amount? There are no magic elves looking at it. If you can barely read it, don’t expect the AI to either; but don’t blame it. Its a no frills app people. Stop trying to make it into something its not. Except for Zelle. That should hopefully be in the road map to add. Original Review: The latest version is missing the biometric enrollment in the profile settings.
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4 weeks ago, Jasmin6035
Auto loan beware
Never get a auto loan from this place they trick you and make you think it’s easy with one simple phone call once you get approved for a loan with a vehicle in mind…the employees there are a bunch of circus animals and have no idea how to do business especially Franci the dealership reviewer she honestly should be fired I tried getting a hold of her many times and she only called me once and left a vm and then called me again but stating that the dealership I was wanting to get the car wasn’t approved… and wouldn’t explain why because it’s “disclosed information” there is no communication with this bank having me run in circles trying to get a vehicle to “their liking” instead of a vehicle I want its honesty unfair that they approve a auto loan but wants you to either buy from a private person off the street or a dealership to their liking although I’m the one paying the loan.. keep in mind the vehicle I wanted was a clean title and had a vin number and everything…But I wouldn’t be surprised if this bank closed down they do everything backwards if they don’t like the dealership you’re going with…you would have to submit them a bill of sale first and have them approve it before going anywhere with them and to get the vehicle… keep in mind this dealership is on Google and has good reviews and the document sent was a actual bill of sale pdf through their business email and provided everything. This bank is a joke
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3 years ago, Delilah1945
Latest app update
I cannot believe how you’ve managed to totally mess up the mobile app. It is unusable on iPad. There was NOTHING wrong with the app previously. This version is unworkable. Either fix it or I will be unable to use it. Whoever you hired to “upgrade” it made a mess. Second review: how long will it take to fix this app? I’m getting very frustrated. I will have to switch banks if the app is not fixed. Now, I can’t even go online via the browser. It takes me to this lousy app! Third review: Because you have failed to correct this app, you have sent multiple payments to one of my credit card accounts resulting in a serious overdraft of my checking account. The information on the iPad app does not match the information on the app on my iPhone. The apps do not synchronize. I have received no notification at any time that the apps were different. I feel I have no choice but to file a complaint re SCCU to your regulatory agency.
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3 years ago, souser
The set of questions you’re required to answer to gain entry is annoying to put it mildly. They are sourced sometimes from information that could be found publicly and lack relevance, and I have found myself more than once blocked from getting to the info I need because of them. Luckily the people at SCCU are amazingly wonderful and that overshadows any shortcomings found on the app, and I await the thoughtfulness and attention found in the staff to migrate into the app development.
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2 years ago, NicknameWasTaken17458
Deposit check feature nonfunctional
No matter what you do, your photos of your check will not meet the “quality” required. I've been taking pictures of checks on a matte black pad under a desk lamp to meet the “on a dark background with ample lighting” suggestion, and out of at least 50 attempts total, I've successfully deposited 3 checks. I’ve changed the background colors and tried different lightings, and the app will NOT accept the photos. At least a quarter of the time the “tap for photo” function doesn’t even work. I have to cancel the deposit attempt and start a new one, or sign out and sign back in to even take a picture. The person on the live chat will just send a link to an faq saying to go to a physical branch location. If I could readily get to a branch location, I wouldn’t be trying to use this feature.
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3 weeks ago, 田上ジエシ
SCCU is fine but this app is not
I’ve never had trouble using mobile deposit until now. The outline for aligning the check is so off that it refuses to take the picture. It wants it perfectly aligned but not all checks are the same size and the space provided can’t be filled completely no matter the distance or angle. Manually taking the picture doesn’t work as it wants the check perfectly aligned. This was never a problem before but now I can’t use the feature that was most convenient for me. If the app isn’t usable I will have to take my money elsewhere as there aren’t any convenient locations nearby. Whoever changed the mobile deposit feature really did a bad job.
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1 year ago, Magster108
I haven’t been happy with Spacecoast since I opened the account
I opened this account when I first moved to Florida, My husband was not here. I went down to local Space Coast, filled out the paperwork for a joint account. They told me my husband needs to come in and sign when he can’t gets in town. My husband went down and signed… Then when my husband went to apply for a loan, they said no sorry the account is not a joint account. You need to open your own account.. Now we have two accounts for no reason and when I (The one that pays all the bills)check on the loan, they said no sorry you’re not on this account, We can’t tell you anything. As soon as the loans are paid off we will go somewhere else.
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2 years ago, kkkkkkkgggggiiiiddddd
Great Options for banking!
I have used space Coast credit Union since I was 16 and I’m 40. I have been completely satisfied with their services. I even started my own business loan with them and I’m looking into talking to them about refinancing my car loan!!!They are the most affordable and do not have all these extra charges like the other big national banks! They are the best!!!
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3 years ago, Jeanne5858
I’m not fond of all the additional security to sign into my account on the app. Unless it’s a very specific question (maternal grandmother’s first name etc) I really cannot remember what my favorite outdoor activity was when I opened the account. Also, the additional questions are ridiculous. I can hardly be expected to remember the name of the mortgage company (the loan was bought by another financial institution 4 times) of a house I bought 25 years ago or the exact amount of a loan I took out on a car 10 years ago. Although I’ve always liked SCCU and have used them for over 30 years im seriously thinking of changing banks
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3 years ago, Florida Kat
Does not work well on iPad
This version of the SCCU mobile app has been around for months (over a year? Can’t remember), but it DOES NOT WORK RIGHT ON MY IPAD. It does not work in landscape format. It keeps telling me to turn off cookies to use the Bill Payer mode, which I have done, but I still can’t use it to pay bills on my iPad. I am so frustrated with this app. The web version doesn’t even work right on my iPad Air3. Who developed this app/program? I can’t get a straight answer from SCCU, just excuses. We’ve been members for 30+ years, but am seriously considering moving our accounts elsewhere. This is ridiculous. Seriously. All our banking is done via iPad or iPhone and they can’t even fix the problems or scale it correctly. What a joke!
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4 months ago, 11valerie
Why is App down
The credit union is great. On the other hand, the app is just ‘okay’. Whenever there is an upgrade, down time is always at the most inconvenient times and takes longer than expected. Therefore, you are handcuffed and unable to conduct transactions. Need to schedule maintenance downtime better. At least give proper warning. Today the app isn’t completely down, but you are unable to conduct certain transactions (ex: transfers). It says to check back later. No ETA of back to normal operations. Just spend your day checking. Ugh!
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4 years ago, Dr. Mac Welch
Ok app, lacking some functionality
The app would be significantly more functional and user friendly if the login process allowed for Touch ID, or acknowledged the use of auto fill passwords in detecting them instead of having to manually select the auto fill from our iPhones full list of saved passwords. Once inside the app, I haven’t had any issues with the use of the bill pay features or loan payments etc. just wish the logon process was more updated like it is through my other financial institution apps.
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2 weeks ago, krut917
Consistently Inconsistent
The amount of times this app is stuck spinning out upon loading is staggering. I feel like if I get an email notification on an account update and the app doesn’t load, and online via web browser displays “we’re sorry, the system is unable to display the transaction history at this time” that this is unacceptable (Sidenote, I am on the most recent version of this app). Transactions are fast when they work, but I feel like on a week to week basis I encounter more than once, probably more than twice, either the issue where the app is stuck in load, or my transaction history isn’t up to date.
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3 years ago, Butterfly Nebula
How do you make a mobile app that doesn’t work on an iPad?
The iPad is the most popular tablet in the world but you can’t use the Bill Payer feature because it the app only works in portrait mode and the right side of the screen is cut off. I see that the devs have responded that it is being investigated, but it’s been several weeks now. I recently started trying to use the app because the website version was changed so that Safari, Chrome and Edge all give an error about cookies not being enabled. The devs have also responded that a workaround is turn off the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking which is a security concern. Not great.
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3 years ago, rare otto
App need User Friendly Update
The app software & appearance isn’t appealing & it isn’t easy to navigate around. The only reason I’ll be closing my account is because how to the app is set up, other than that good bank but it’s difficult when you’re online banking & want to check your transactions & balances & can’t do so properly due to the funky display the app has. This bank is good but I believe it’ll lose its customers for the look of its app, its not easy to function. This bank also doesn’t offer Apple Pay & it’s been over 2 years & they said they’re still working on adding Apple Pay. Those 2 are the downfalls for a lot of people.
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3 years ago, Minnie_05
Check deposit
I had 2 checks from the same exact company. One uploaded on the first try. The next one I tried over a dozen times and kept getting a “quality” error until I gave up and had to drive to the bank to deposit it. Other issues I have with this bank is the lack of convenience. It’s 2021! Still no ApplePay, no Zelle, depositing at the atm is hit or miss, and that PopMoney service they offer takes way too long. Been with this bank almost 20 years and seriously thinking about leaving.
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3 years ago, Elyk H
Easy to use would love mobile Authenticator support
Overall great application! Allows me to easily navigate where I need to quickly. The only thing I would love to see added to this is 2fa support via SMS or an authentication app like Authy or Google Authenticator. Honestly because of the lack of that makes this app 4 stars for me. Would easily be 5 if it had that feature because additional security such as that is essential in my mind especially with a banking application.
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8 months ago, Kaneda101
Don’t try and deposit checks
For the most part, this app works as you’d expect it. If you like to use mobile depositing of checks, save yourself the hassle and just go into a branch and deposit it at a teller. Trying to deposit a check using this app is like trying to force feed someone whose mouth was sewn shut. I’ve had many occasions where I spend at least 10 minutes trying over and over to deposit a check only to give up and just go to the local branch.
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10 months ago, YeahBUDDY153
Locked out
I get an “attempt failed” about 50% of the time I try to log in to my account through this app. I don’t think it’s reasonable to wonder whether I’ll be able to log in or not when I use this app. It’s also difficult and extremely annoying to pair to a budgeting app to help track finances. I’m constantly having to pair every time I open the budget app (I’ve tried several budget apps thinking they may have been the problem, doesn’t appear so). SCCU does not seem to make their app’s convenience a priority. Probably going to end up moving banks to one that’s more easily accessible day-to-day.
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2 years ago, littlehomicidal_queen
Logging in is a nightmare
Since the app update in December, facial recognition doesn’t work. Then I have to type in my password, just to be told “an error has occurred” when I know I typed in my password correctly. So then I retype in my password and sometimes it works, sometimes I get another “an error has occurred”. But what’s the point of “offering” face recognition if it doesn’t work?! Before the update, I would’ve given the app a 5 star rating as it worked and did what I needed it to do.
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2 weeks ago, GLBSrMBA
Great APP But…
For the past two weeks I have not been able to access the APP using my Apple iPhone 12 Max Plus. The wheel just keeps on spinning. It spun for over 20-minutes when I had to shut it down. The site does work on the web. Please fix so I can use it again. It’s a great Credit Union and a great APP. It just needs to be fixed. Thanks.
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4 months ago, Sararoses3
I love this bank
This bank has been amazing to me for years! Whether it’s financing a car or purchasing my first home, they are there to support you every step of the way. They are compassionate, kind, knowledge, and honest. They truly care about their customers. The rates are the best, and the customer service is top notch. Customer for life!
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9 months ago, AmandaaaLeigh
I love Space Coast!
I’ve had Space Coast Credit Union for years now, they are always helpful and trustworthy when it comes to banking. No random charges to your account or fees that some banks like to charge you or secretly take from your account. I recommend Space Coast to anyone looking for a good bank/credit Union!
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2 years ago, kikileon17
Some things don’t work
The logon screen message is wrong for setting up biometrics. The option to set up finger print does not work either, instead it defaults to Face ID which does not work either. Once in the app, the secure message does not work, instead it gives a violation error. However, if you use the browser version, you can get the messages. This app was not fully debugged before it was rolled out.
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2 years ago, Babekahla
Good business, awful app
I legitimately hate this app. Depositing a check is a bad time. The camera won’t take a picture by tapping the screen 75% of the time. You have to keep exiting, retrying, restarting the app, and hoping that next time, after you’ve positioned the camera just right, it will finally work. It takes every bit as long as just driving there and doing it in person. Also, to the bank: Please consider Apple Pay. It feels like a crime that I can link my dogecoin directly to my Apple wallet but not my checking account.
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4 years ago, makai86
What happened?
Everything works great with the app and the developers were very quick to respond with a solution when I wrote about the issues I previously encountered. And now I can use the Face/Touch ID that I didn’t know existed as an option until recently. Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, CV123!
Just ok
It’s ok for looking at balances. It has been terrible since day for deposits. Many many times it takes by 5+minutes to deposit 2-3 checks. It won’t capture the picture of the checks. I have to go do other things to let the app catch up to the next step. I try closing the app and restarting it but nothing works you just have to wait until it decides it’s ready. It is very frustrating trying get payments of customers deposited.
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7 months ago, Žxxxxxxxcv
Happy Customer
It doesn’t matter what SCCU branch I visits I always receive 100% customer service. Thank you all for your had work you provide to your customers phone contact and in person. Thank you for alerting me when you notice unusual transactions. Keep up the good work. Thank You!😘
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3 years ago, Annoula Byrd
So convenient!
The app is better than online (computer). Easy to navigate! I had a question and it was answered by live chat! I was assisted in signing up for app by Sandra on phone call to SCCU who was so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. You are keeping up with technology nicely, to the benefit of all of your clients!
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3 years ago, Lalipa2002
The quality of the app with much better, its speed is better, overall the upgrade is good . Hopefully in the future pop-pay can improve instead of a minimum of $5 to transfer , transferring should have NO MINIMUM and it can also be INSTANT.
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2 years ago, angry in so flo
Over it using the app
I have been locked out of my account numerous times to the point where I have to reset my password at least three times a week. I have facial recognition and it keeps losing the security and forces me to get locked out and create a new password. Tried calling customer service to no avail. Was told I must go into the facility to try and help. Just disappointed and won’t use anymore. Sad because I try to keep in touch with my balances and have to resort to other means. No help
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2 years ago, Katsurvives
User Friendly App
The app is so user friendly band easy to use. Was able change my mailing address (since I recently moved) within a minute. No problem. No having to go inside the credit union. All done from my phone
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2 weeks ago, Musician 96
Have to use web browser instead of app…
SCCU, The whole point of me downloading this app was so that I could do my banking without having to worry about Safari or other web browsers possibly stealing information. Now all I CAN do is use safari and other web browsers… For the last few weeks, I’ve been unable to use the app because it remains on the login page with the loading icon. The app was already slow and painful when actually working, but now I can’t even use it because it’s stuck in loading limbo! Web browser for mobile works just fine, but I don’t like being given the option to use an app and not even being able to use it. SCCU app has always had issues over the years and this is just about her example of it. Please optimize/fix your app!
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3 years ago, RAB474
Bill Pay Issue on IPad
Have cookies unblocked on iPad settings, yet when trying to use bill pay on app get a message box in essence saying cookies have to be unblocked. Called customer service to ask for tech help, no luck in that the rep would be me on hold then come back on saying the online folks say try this. Have except same settings on iPhone, bill pay will open on it. The robustness of the app seems slow when compared to my other banks app. When I asked if others have reported an issue with iPads was told “no idea”.
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3 years ago, pill payer cookies
Cookies issue on bill payer
I’ve read the response from the developers on the Nov 5th 1-star review. We have the same issue for several months. I did check the cookies and prevent cross sync on the safari settings, and still get the cookies error. Any chance you’ll get bill payer to work on the iPad app? After turning off pop up blockers, cross sync, cookies, and restarting the iPad, I still have the same issue. I am accessing the app, I am not using safari web browser. I don’t have chrome, Firefox or other browsers. It’s just the bill payer on the app.
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2 years ago, paulie and rachel
Access denied
I have a message to read online and it tells me I don’t have the right credentials. I am logged in and looking at my account. Now I’m on hold for 9+ minutes for a representative. I don’t want to “keep my place in line” and wait for a callback because I have my phone set up to ignore spam. I also don’t like the new online format that doesn’t display true balances along with “available balance”. Give me both like before.
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2 years ago, Mr n Mrs H
Mostly Good
Positive: Secure loads with list of accounts and balances easy to access those accounts and balances as soon as you enter the app Wish was different: tiles link to get to different items because I always have to scroll up … my other bank app I just tap something at the top and a whole list of everything comes up I don’t have to scroll Dislike I have to load a separate app to lock my card other bank apps I can manage my cards right within their system The secondary app is cumbersome and glitchy as only one of the joint account holders I was able to manage the cards??!!
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1 year ago, mejshebusjwne
I hate this app
Once I’m logged in I’m good, but it doesn’t even allow me to log in half the time. The security questions it tells me I need to answer when “I type in my password wrong”(which I never type it in wrong it just says it’s wrong) are always correct and it still tells me the security answer I typed in is wrong. Overall I can NEVER get into this app and it drives me crazy. Seriously need to update this and fix problems because it makes users very frustrated.
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1 year ago, beanie3900
Best Customer Service
I have been a customer for 17 years. Every time I have contacted the staff for help with passwords, bank cards, loan apps etc. they have been unfailingly kind. I have always gotten a prompt resolution to what ever issue I was having.
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3 years ago, SmokinViperGTS
New SCCU Mobile App Confusing
I don’t like how the new SCCU mobile app has everything in wierd, hard to find places. Checking isn’t shown on the default account list - you have to go to Tiles to see it. Similar for other stuff. Dump this design and go back to the old one - it was much more clear and intuitive.
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2 years ago, Grfg8r
CU is good. BUT, software is outdated.
They’re financially solid. The software and methods are rather ‘archaic!’ Like 10 yrs behind! A Cashiers Check takes 4-5 days. Sending money from one bank to another, in same state, 5-7 days. No Apple Pay and mobile app ref. Bill Pay limited and confusing. Wish they’d hire someone up to date on latest to do their software!
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1 year ago, Nomosyn
Setting up external account for transfer
No email or text communication regarding the deposits to verify nor how to complete the verification process. I had to call the bank to get the instructions days after they were made. Some attention to this matter could easily improve the process and customer satisfaction.
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12 months ago, bkort
Really with all the technology the top there this is the best app they can come up with. Right now I’m trying to Zell. I have a checking account and savings account and an old HSA account I don’t have money in my HSA account nor do I ever use it, currently it’s only allowing Zelle to use out of the HSA account. What really is there’s always a glitch with this I hope somebody read this and actually fixes it. It is 2023 by the way and this should not be happening with any app.
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11 months ago, Spk0959
Depositing a check is a nightmare
Depositing a check is a hit or miss. You think there won’t be a problem but it sometimes takes me multiple tries before the check will be deposited. I haven’t times waited several hours to try again and deposit a check. The mobile app but the ability to deposit a check needs updating
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2 years ago, MikeBizzleVT
No Apple Pay while named after one of most populous counties is USA
I moved from VT a year ago, bought a truck and got a loan through SCCU. Decided to open accounts there for direct deposit. It’s disappointing that an app for a credit union named after one of the most populous counties in US, has a worse app then Vermont Federal Credit Union and NO APPLE PAY SUPPORT. It’s almost 2022, spend the money you make off our loans and give us Apple Pay, if not I’m going to be taking my accounts elsewhere.
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4 years ago, hoping fod better
Fast fix!
Gotta give 5 stars to an app that is doing everything I want! Problem with check deposit fixed and now it will even deposit the bigger commercial checks and not just the smaller ones. Also, tried to pay a bill and it seemed to accept it. Logged in on computer and see the bill payment is scheduled. Yeah! First bill paid on the app. It still shows balances of accounts, so not sure what else I might want. The app update description says I can pay individuals now so I might try that someday.
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3 years ago, JustloveMusic
Update = Loss of Functionality
Was a 5 star app until the October update. Cannot see the whole screen in bill pay—the entire right side (where it shows pending payments) is completely cut off with no ability to see it. Top menu is also cut off at the top of the screen. Also, can no longer use landscape view. Please fix!
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3 years ago, Rainier994
Aside from the putting my entire bank account on lock down when I deposit a check and that the only reason they are doing so is to make sure it deposits I love SpaceCoast they are usually really easy to use
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2 years ago, StingrayDad
Does what I need.
For Space Coast Credit Union members this app shows everything you need. All transactions in all accounts are easy to find and review. Transactions between accounts are very easy too. Login with FaceID or TouchID.
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2 years ago, MargD315
App never works
Every time I go to open the app it always gives me an error and tells me I need to call the 1-800 number. I close the app try again sometimes it works and sometimes I have to keep closing and trying again. It never fails, never works on the first try. What was the update for if the app isn’t going to work! And the constant having to prove I’m not a robot when I’m finally logged in… cherry on top 😒
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