4.2 (76)
93.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
TAITO Corporation
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for SPACE INVADERS

4.17 out of 5
76 Ratings
7 years ago, Kcharged
Great job
This port is excellent. I love that you can choose your controls however i wish there were newer levels/content like in pac-man for ios
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3 years ago, watermelonieee
Outstanding port, Outstanding business practices
Unlike other apps that drown you in ads, this arcade port just makes you purchase the game. In my opinion this is better. And the port is phenomenal. Not only is gameplay phenomenal and accurate to the arcade, but the settings allow players to re-create the experience of the arcade cabinet version they grew up with. You can seamlessly change between monotone, color, the cellophane overlay, and the original moon backdrop. You can also choose between a joystick or buttons. It even has tilt control options! I do have two small issues with the app. Using the moon backdrop option, the UFO is incorrectly colored white instead of red. Secondly, the menu could use a slight update. It is obvious that this app is a relic from the App Stores early days. That being said, they have updated the app to keep it functional and full screen unlike some older apps. I would definitely recommend this.
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8 years ago, Loomie239
Seems fine to me
I haven't played this game on my iPhone for quite a while, so I'm not familiar with the updates that people are complaining about. I just now played it for the first time in a long time, and I found it extremely enjoyable and I have no idea why people are complaining about the updates. I found it to be flawless and reminded me of the time when I worked as a dishwasher at a bar that had this game in 1981 and we would drill a hole in a quarter and used thin fishing line to get free games. Personally, I highly recommend this app.
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5 years ago, HexNash
This is how to make a retro port!
Near-perfect arcade emulation of the original game with bonus artwork and tips as well as challenging achievements. No ads, in-app purchases, or any other junk bogging it down. Only “complaint” is that the gyroscope and slide control options are useless except for the achievements for trying them out; I doubt anyone actually prefers them. Other developers should take notes from this app.
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3 years ago, krishivhatesthisgame
Good game
I beat space invaders first try when I down load it this game it is not a ripoff it laggy tho so that the only problem you should slow down the last invader it super fast and it goes down so it easier and harder
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2 years ago, Johnny Sambones
After getting and paying for a clone (The Invaders, which I highly recommend) I figured I’d buy this one as well. I’m happy with both! I play this, the original, when I want just a little bit more of a challenge. I’m happy!!!
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5 years ago, DW65
Nope...want a refund!
I’ll be complaining to Apple and demanding a refund. Spent 4 bucks on a game that indicated it was updated for iPhone X. All they did was fill the screen with cartoony wallpaper borders on top and bottom and kept the same tiny iPhone 5 size screen for gameplay. Cheap lazy jerks, minimal effort just to say it was updated for new phones...but really it wasn’t at all. WEASEL deception and makes the game totally crappy to play. Thanks for nothing and the work I have to do now requesting a refund.
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6 years ago, LAMusicStudent
Slow Response & Terrible Shooter
I’m so disappointed with the design of this game. The controls are slow to respond, the shooter is TERRIBLY SLOW, and it frequently knocks you out of the game entirely when you move the controller, which also frequently causes you to have your ship destroyed when you resume the game. Not happy with this purchase.
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2 months ago, In2danet
Controller support
Love your game but can’t really enjoy it to its full potential without an update for the use of backbone controller
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8 years ago, megalaser
What have you done to this??
Please get this right, all we want is original Taito Space Invaders, big on the screen with nothing else, now the control buttons are gone and what are these big blue stripes across the screen? I am happy to give a 5 star review when this is done right, please stop being so 'creative' with the app and give us the classic game
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5 years ago, PragueInSpring
Infinity Gene?
Excellent port. But what happened to Space Invaders: Infinity Gene? The best redo of a classic game and it’s not available anywhere.
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4 years ago, HardcoreMathUser
Blast From The Past!
SO MUCH FUN to re-live this game on my phone. Beautifully designed and executed. Well worth the money. A+! ♥️♥️♥️
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3 years ago, theladyhamlet
Awesome! Not as good as frenzy but still awesome I’ve played the snes version before but this is better! -JDog Plays
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5 years ago, silverjet89
Can’t rotate screen on iphone se
Game seems fine but is a quite hard to play without being able to rotate it hoizontal
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6 years ago, gumkojima
Add Haptic Feedback to Buttons.
Otherwise, the perfect emulation of the all-time best videogame. Thank you, Tomohiro Nishikado, for a lifetime of inspiration.
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6 years ago, Decklefreckle
The invention of shooters
This game is the definition of retro. Ducking behind shields and hiding behind aliens is so fun. Short and sweet One of the best games ever made
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5 months ago, Aumboy12345567
Very unresponsive controls. Deleted after 10 frustrating minutes
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8 years ago, Oinjjko
Updated this app and I got a smaller screen. These folks behind this app do not support. Theirs an old saying in my hood, what goes around comes around. How do you folks behind this app look yourselves in the mirror?
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5 years ago, Bbbbbbbb.....
Love it - AAAA++++
l bought all the shooting games here. Please bring all the games over here, taito! - AAAA++++
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5 years ago, Jshapster
Please add joystick and Icade support
Please add joystick and icade support.
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4 years ago, KAlexSd
No sound
There’s no sound. Max volume, no sound.
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4 years ago, Steveher11
The best retro in 1978
I love Space Invaders with classic and fun.
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5 years ago, bigrand1
This is the way I remember it! 👍
Excellent port! I just have 2 words for you, Taito. JUNGLE HUNT Or JUNGLE KING!!!! PLEASE make this for mobile! Was my favorite game back in the day!!
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4 years ago, bobbymia
Need help
How can I change the settings to English thank you
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14 years ago, Kidmo99
It's the original. What else can I say?
I have some enhanced imitations I have bought on iPhone and although some of them are good - it's not the same. The original is more addictive for some reason. Now, I read the reviews and what concerned me was how small the game is. Well, in settings, you can adjust the screen up to 140%. At that size, the game is fine. It also has the original screen color options. You have 3 different options for controls. The drag version was fine. If you are a space invader fan, you can't go wrong with this game - the original.
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14 years ago, mjmattson
I like it but a few issues...
Ahhh...reliving my youth. Thank you for the retro fix. Some issues though: 1. A little pricey. $1.99-$2.99 seems more reasonable. 2. Wasn't there an all green monochrome version too? I seem to remember that one but not the gray monochrome. 3. The firing sound just disappears after a while and is gone for the rest of the game. iPhone 4 running 4.1. I can reproduce by taking out a saucer. The firing sound goes away often after that. Sometimes the alien explosion sound goes away too. Once this happens the only way to get it back is to restart the phone. Killing it in the multitasking window didn't resolve it. 4. How about giving us Space Invaders part II as a game mode as well? And don't forget the cool Easter egg to leave one of the bottom saucers for last...
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11 years ago, skbbm1
Brings back childhood memories
I've always loved this game. It and "Asteroids" were always my favorites, but you don't hardly ever see them anymore. This game is fun to play but the control knob (not left and right buttons as in some pictures) does not necessarily move when you move it or as far as you move it. I think this would be better with a left button and a right button, but so far no updates have come out for the game since I've had it (couple of months) and I read another testimonial from another user that said they never update their game which is very sad. A game this popular and pricey should have updates IMO. Overall I gave it 3 stars for the above stated reasons.
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11 years ago, AS1210
Hard to control, but fun.
The problem with most games on touch screen smartphones is that the controls are not as precise and easy as you would with a larger screen and controls. So don't expect this game to be easy to control, but it is fun to have for any of you retro game fans. You can at least choose, regular joystick, drag or accelermeter controls to see which is best for you.
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15 years ago, Lunar landerz
No go classic
Forget it. I've been a gamer since pong and plugged many quarters into the original space invaders. Again. Controls too large screen to small. Drag w finger and tap to fire would have made better gameplay. They were going for old school feel w the atari like joystick and fire button but that would be better left to the user to toggle on or off with mode for true drag and tap to fire. Too much going on for such a small screen, and, take a cue from atari with missile command, they went with horizontal screen, that would allow for larger viewing area for your aging user core, lol, were in our 40s and 50s for Hecks sake, and years of video games has been hard on our eyes, take it easy on us! Lol.
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12 years ago, SpaceCaseBub
If you liked Space Invaders as a kid, you will love this game! It is perfectly recreated by the company that originally made it. You can choose different screen options that make it look like the original monochrome version or the later partial and full-color versions. I feel like I'm a kid again! Even my 9-year-old son is really enjoying it, too. There's just something about the classics. Thanks, Taito! Go retro!
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15 years ago,
Great Classic!!!
I like how you can adjust the screen to fit larger. Wish could do landscape in original version. Exact replica of the game that started the pinball machines to go out and Defender in!! Pivotal game in history for my generation. I stiol play 2D classics most of the time. It's not trying to be virtual reality but obviously helps eye/hand coordination and prepared a whole generation of Tron players to have no problem dropping drone unmanned bombs on foreigners' children.
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15 years ago, Mystery Base
Authentic & Fun!
Very faithful rendition of the classic coin-op. Visually appealing with excellent sound. Simple controls translate well to the iPhone interface. As addictive as ever! The 'rainbow' and 'wall of death' tricks are included. Choose B&W, cellophane or color video--play it the way you remember! Thank you, Taito! 20 games and it has 'paid' for itself.
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15 years ago, luispangilinan
Now invading your local App Store...
Being a retro game fanatic, I was really thrilled to see the original Space Invaders finally ported for the iPhone - it plays exactly as it should! Again, the price will be perceived a bit high for a retro game, but if that's what it takes to get more top tier games onto the iPhone I'll support it.
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14 years ago, killers
Not bad could be better
You should not be required to hit the fire button exactly where it is. You should be able to just tap on the screen to fire. Also the movement from side to side should just follow your finger not dragging to work. Check out how Luxor works and that is how this should work and then it would be perfect. We don't need to have on screen controls. :) Kenneth
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15 years ago, floridamunro
I can't believe I have the actual Space Invader in the itouch! Is a great experience. The zoom on the screen make the game more playable and as others had said I also believe a landscape mode would make it even better! Recommended for any retro lover.
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14 years ago, Crunchewy
Good port of a classic with great OpenFeint integration
I recently picked this up at the $2.99 price and it's definitely worth it if you liked the original Space Invaders. Myself, I am enjoying this more then Infinity Gene, and by a fairly wide margin. The OpenFeint integration really adds to the package. I recommend it!
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15 years ago, Floyd Patterson
Can't go wrong with a classic!
Space Invaders might not be so hip with this generation's gamers, but it's still an important part of gaming history, and this version is a great port of the arcade classic with four different versions to choose from.
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8 years ago, Upstate NY
Pretty good, needs a little work
I only recently found this little gem although it looks like it's been around awhile (and not updated, for that matter). Overall a good re-creation of the game I fed my allowance to back in 1977. Sound and graphics exactly as I remember! Couple issues: - accelerometer control doesn't work at all - something's up with getting this on both iPhone and iPad, I finally was able to without paying twice, it shouldn't be that hard It seems that Taito put this out and has neglected it since. C'mon guys, this is the game that MADE you. Oh, and could we get "Deluxe Space Invaders" also? Thanks.
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15 years ago, PapaBear27
Brings back memories.
5 stars for being true to the original. I felt like a kid in the arcade again. Yes the controls are an adjustment, but I'm happy enough just getting to play Space Invaders again.
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12 years ago, Ben O.
iCade Support?
Love, Love, Love seeing the '80s classics brought to the iPad in such honest interpretation. This is fun and really takes me back to a special time in my life. The ONLY thing I want (and is keeping it from being 5 stars) is iCade support. Please allow for iCade support and you have a full on winner.
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15 years ago, electronico1
Great App!
Great game but the virtual joystick and fire button at the bottom should be removed in order to allow the game area to have a bigger display. Hopefully this will be done in a coming update.
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11 years ago, Sheldonrox!!!:)
Just an FYI: think it's awful that they have 2 versions that look exactly the same but one is only for the iPad. We downloaded that one first not realizing this and then my son couldn't get it on his iPod so we had to buy the other version too, which is comparable with all devices. Just a sneaky way for them to get people to buy twice.
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15 years ago, BD from MA
B&W, color, and cellophane options. So cool! This version is so well done. Space Invaders in my pocket. I couldn't have even imagined this in the 80's. If you love the arcade game, don't hesitate to purchase this version.
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14 years ago, Johnbtiger
John Bernardini
I like the Space Invaders Game, it plays exactly like the arcade one in 1979. What I would like to see although is some upgrades to be added like choosing different levels rather than starting on level one every time the game begins and the choice of difficulty levels from easy, average and hard. I would also like to see the application for Space Invaders Deluxe and Super Space Invaders. Thank You. The Game is Great. John Bernardini
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12 years ago, Sound Hog
Control issuesl
Controls on different setting all seem to be lagging in sensitivity and delay on joy stick or buttons..making it really hard to make accurate moves! Not sure why they can't fix the issue as this should not have any glitches for a price of $4.99
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9 years ago, Jsyedinak
Firing Not the Same!
I purchased this for my IPhone based on previous reviews but I found out that you cannot hold down the Fire Button! This makes the game play significantly different than the original game and I do not like this. Could this be added Taito?!
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15 years ago, svt512
The game that took all my allowance on the weekend at the arcade.
Finally, a official Space Invaders for the Ipod. Very well done, dig the development information in the game. Taito - Good Job!, bring out more arcade classics!!!! Bring on Jungle Hunt, Rastan, Qix......
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14 years ago, Lindak223
Its great, i love it. But it needs a landscape option. I can't play this too long with my fingers cramping up. I love this game, i really do, but please take this into consideration.
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14 years ago, Climbingrocks
Squinting mandatory
Waste of $4.99 because of the tiny playfield. Too small to be really enjoyable. Also, the left-right control inadvertently mimics the feel of what it was like when the joystick on the arcade game was limp and broken - tough to get gun positioned just right. Do not buy at this price.
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11 years ago, DET47853
This game brought back so many memories of playing with my brother this game should not be missed if your a fan of the game
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