Space Simulator

4.7 (4.3K)
1501.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brixton Dynamics Ltd
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Space Simulator

4.73 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
6 years ago, RealSlimSlavin
Lost in Space
Honestly, I want to rate this 5 stars. I’d love to get those extra Apollo 13 missions. BUT...and this is a BIG but...I spent a fairly decent amount of time on a custom mission, saved the progress, and now? The app crashes every time I try to resume it. Why? I restart the app, it crashes. I choose other saved missions, and it’s fine. I choose THAT particular mission, and it crashes. I feel like what was a waste of time was now also a waste of money. Two hours ago, I would’ve said differently. The concept of the app is great. Much of the mission detail is incredible. There is a lot to learn from this app, for those so inclined. I was enjoying it, until that which I had learned is now, apparently, lost. Maybe I’ll make use of it again; maybe not. I really wanted to rate this 5 stars. But, now it just feels like a waste of time, and I could’ve spent those $5 elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Oder43
The most realistic space aviation sim on the App Store!
I’ve had Space Simulator for well over 4 years now and I LOVE IT! It’s the closest thing there is on iOS to being an astronaut (minus the astrophysics and aviation knowedge!). It’s realism is phenomenal, especially the fully-functioning AGC. The reason I gave it four stars is because an update needs to be released. For starters, there is no iPhone X and up support, meaning that you just have empty spots of black on the sides of the screen. Next is a big fix for the AGC. Entering certain commands will cause the app to crash (ie VERB 35 Enter is the command to test the DSKY lamps. Entering it on here causes the app to, well, crash). Lastly, while not an issue (for me, at least), there needs to be a more detailed menu as I’ve seen one star reviews of people saying the app does nothing but show you an orbiting Sputnik. Side-note: if you’re one of those people, just tap the little button in the top right corner to access the menu :) All in all, it’s one of the most advanced sims available for iOS. If you’re interested in space (or you’re even studying/pursuing a career in the field), buy this app. You won’t regret it!
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7 years ago, Reese32885
Plz keep improving
This sim is amazing, however, there are a lot of bugs that came with the new version update. I can't get any response from the developer, even on their website. All the cockpits are Apollo, plz fix this, the space shuttle interior should be more realistic and the actual authentic interiors. The LEM needs the overhead port window for docking, also it needs a docking target outside for docking with the CSM. The CSM needs the docking reticle for docking with the LEM. The thruster controls don't work properly since the update and makes docking very frustrating. The AGC codes are scarce and buggy. This sim is worth the effort, I've been playing it for years but the updates are slow. I wouldn't give 5 stars if I couldn't play the new missions without doing so, that's kinda shady to make it like that guys. Don't get me wrong here, I love this sim, that's why I'm being honest, plz help us out here!
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5 years ago, Ancient Astronaut
Space flight Simulator does to Space what Ms did to flying
Gives the average person a chance to be an astronaut. Challenging, gives you a look at and some of the experience, knowledge and skills the original astronauts had to acquire to fly into space. This is a game that takes tenacity to be willing to learn orbital mechanics as well as learn the controls in the cockpits of the spacecraft. Great Apollo and shuttle missions. What is really unique about this simulator is the X15 and Gemini missions. Would like to see more of those missions along with a more refined and a more functioning cockpit in both. To really round it off all you would need is to add the Mercury with both the red stone and atlas missions. Keep improving and refining you have a real winner!
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2 years ago, Super34190
The best game in the world!!!
I used to play this game because it was so fun it has rockets and you can customize them, also do real scenarios, and choose a scenario that you like! READ: Are used to play this a lot of times and days ago, also a long time ago. It’s short like you can command something. Like the communications of rockets. It has scenarios! It’s not like I have to choose a dumb scenario.. but the scenarios get you out of this world🛸🚀🛰🌍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ like scenarios rockets communications and Worlds. There’s a new rocket that got updated. Best!!! Don’t crash! have a safe trip! There will be crew boarding on rocket scenarios 🚀 and accept them! That’s number 2! Bye!!!
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3 years ago, bhillan19
Has potential. Dev needs to fix the bugs!
I was excited to see this. I’ve been using Space Flight Simulator for a while and was happy to something more realistic. After spending $5 on the app, I’m a little disappointed with what I received. Lots of bugs and glitches that need to be resolved. Especially charging for the app. Only a handful of the tutorials work correctly. None of the missions are very clear and it’s hard to understand the functions of each vehicle. Although I appreciate realism, can you maybe dumb this down for folks who don’t have an engineering degree? Maybe provide a list of the programs, nouns, and verbs for Apollo and Gemini missions. Clarify processes and procedures. Heck, make an easy, medium, difficult feature. Something to make me feel like I spent my money on something tangible.
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7 years ago, LT435
Update cool but still issues
Much better with new update! This is a truly amazing undertaking. I do have to admit it, however the game seems to remain plagued by small issues. For example, after the new update, there is no way to get rid of the log screen after you request to see it. Please fix this. Sound has improved over all. Still not fixed. Game crashes on implementation of Apollo 11 launch tutorial. Also, the engine sounds like you're in a wind tunnel, the new version is way better, but still has some kinks. I wrote a few weeks ago (and I see other commenters saying something similar) that there needs to be an improvement on game instructions (at a minimum). Such has not happened. How long does it take to get together more comprehensive and easily understandable instructions?! Get it together guys!! Still some issues with sounds and controls. Not all controls work properly and the sound on liftoff doesn't sound right.
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6 years ago, Hopeful Starman
Meh, expensive for what you get
I had very high hopes for this game when I got it and was willing to pay those $5 but for what I got, I’m quite underwhelmed. Unless you know (somehow) what exactly to do, you will, like me, get stuck DOING THE TUTORIALS. Aren’t they supposed to teach you what to do? Well, I sure didn’t know anything before I got the game so I was disappointed. Another thing is the layout of the menu. It takes me several clicks to press the different headers at the top of the page, and when I get there, it’s usually not what I’m looking for. What’s also unfortunate is that the tutorials don’t teach you how to fly anything other than the Apollo spacecraft, and even then, just trying to fly it without tutorials, requires you to be a PRO...
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7 years ago, Hector Erazo
Great space sim!
For the iPhone and iPad, this is easily the best space sim on the market and it offers many cool features. Most of the tutorials are also straightforward and provide a through explanation on the mechanics. The visuals are stunning for a mobile simulator and the fact that its coming to steam as well is great. Ground textures can be polished a bit but otherwise this sim has a lot of potential and is the best one on mobile. Its an impressive sim and it keeps getting better with each update. Soviet missions would be a pretty cool addition as well in the future.
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5 years ago, Flatfoot Niko55
Love it but give it an update
Please give an update about an X-71 armageddon space shuttle and it doesn’t only launch by rocket, it can also launch by itself from the runway. Also, please make the thrust of this space shuttle the strongest thrust in the game which makes this space shuttle accelerate faster than the other spacecraft. Also, please make the thrust of this X-71 black space shuttle blue and please make it also have a rocket booster and the blue thrust at the space shuttle’s launching thrusters too just like the soace shuttle’s manipulating boosters. Thanks, Niko Macario, Your space shuttle fan
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7 years ago, KomradZX
Great game for iPad!
I have always loved realistic flight sim games, especially space ones. Having been obsessed with everything apollo at a young age after the movie "Apollo 13" came out, I made my own cockpits by simply drawing buttons and pretending they did things. This game COMPLETELY fulfills my 8 year old fantasy of being an apollo command module pilot AND THEN SOME!!! I. Highly recommend this game. It has its flaws, but they are few and far between and certainly don't really ruin the amazing experience it provides...
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7 years ago, Tap fisha
This app is amazing not just because the locked mission
Its very complicated but so fun i was looking for a good space sim and i found it I enjoy this game so much but i think you should add a few missions dealing with the soviets like some of there launches maybe apollo 18 with the apolo service module docking with the Soviets or do one with the soviet LK lander it would be interesting to land a soviet lander on the moon and dock with its service module but also you should add a ability to walk on the moon the rover is very cool but a actual walk and possibly mission to deply experiments
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3 years ago, Deeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppp
I love space simulator. It’s very very interactive and fun, but there are also some automated parts for you in case you don’t know exactly how to do it. I would love more rockets like a Soyuz or a Mercury Redstone. However it is a little bit glitchy, but I think that can be easily fixed. I highly recommend it for anybody who wants some space. Also for those of you can’t find the menu button, it’s the little blue button in the top right corner when it shows the Sputnik satellite.
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5 years ago, Jeremy811
This doesn’t have enough accessibility
I like this app, but there are some small drawbacks. One of them is the accessibility. I cannot use voiceover on any of the missions in the app or anywhere so I think you should add some accessibility improvements. Plus, I think you should add in the Mercury missions because that was during the original part of space exploration. So I think you should add in those things because it would make the app a lot more fun and realistic.
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7 years ago, AmarokStudio
Deep space or LOE, fun yet realistic
I've been enjoying Space Simulator for nearly two years. The devs have done a great job improving the app and features offered. Documentation is sometimes spare, but improving with time too. Takes some time to really appreciate how in depth this app is, but worth the effort. This is a great app, whether you want to explore the deeper aspects of orbital mechanics & historical NASA missions, or just take a quick spin. Highly recommended, this is the best space sim you'll find.
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5 years ago, Dr. Steve B
Great simulation!
I have been flying flight simulators since the early days (mid-1980's), including the Microsoft Space Simulator. I am thrilled with this simulation. I love being able to use the virtual cockpit in the Apollo rockets. I saw the controls in the Smithsonian — I love being able to function and learn about the controls, and I love that they have the fully functioning computer that runs the original programming. Plus the graphics are beautiful. I highly recommend this simulator.
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4 years ago, tendiesnhunnymussy
5 stars to get the free stuff
Otherwise i wouldnt give it 5. Its a cool app, but it has its bugs and definitely needs to be polished up, seems like a beta version of a completed app. Would prob give it a 4 on the cool factor and a 3 on the dev factor until they clean it up. Otherwise a cool app and worth it if youre into simulators. Its a little basic but its hard to put an entire launch process into an app so dont expect a perfect sim
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7 years ago, jjw14
Nice app, so why force phony reviews?
Love this simulator. Detail, space exploration history, and accuracy all rolled into a very playable experience on an iPhone. In fact, it's hard to believe something so complex could run so well on a phone (a phone!). All was great, and then the developers had to ruin the ride by making locked content only available to people who post 5-star reviews! Why?! Let people review your excellent app honestly - don't resort to slimy extortion. Still love the app, but I won't be forced to give a false rating to boost your sales.
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4 years ago, 3_peckered-moose
Dead simulator!!! Do not buy!!! Out of business!!
Brixton Dynamics and Stuka! Games Studio no longer exists. This is a dead Space Simulator. There will never be another update for this app. There is no longer any support available for this Simulator. Major glitches exists in this simulator. This is not the full version of the original desk top version. Only 3/5 of the sim is playable. The remaining 2/5 will crash and close the app. With in the playable 3/5 parts of the sim, only half of that is playable. The rest of the functions will either do nothing or crash the app back to iOS desk top. There will never be anymore updates to fix the apps multiple and numerous major problems.
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7 years ago, Ysydufjf
Pretty good, it would be nice to fly some more space craft though, maybe Soyuz or something other than American. Also, it would be cool to do mercury craft, atlas or redstone, or both. Lastly, some buttons don’t function when you press them,(if I want to abort a launch, I have to stage the rocket 5 times to get the parachutes to work)it is really frustrating. Other than that, it is a great game and well worth my $5.00.
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5 years ago, Mr. Molecules
Sound and environment
I’m a huge Apollo program geek, and absolutely love this game so far, it was well worth my $5 the physics and environments are second to none, especially being on my phone. The only improvement I would love to see would have to be to add audio in cockpit and on launch or burns, but besides that, I will recommend this game to everyone I know that is fascinated by space flight.
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7 years ago, Big_Pippin
Honest Review
The concept could be nice, but it is extremely glitchy on my Iphone 7. The tutorials are terrible, and for the love of God, at least perform a spell-check if you are going to charge money for something. It makes your program look extremely generic when you have so many typos. It's a shame you resort to teasing people with content to report a positive feedback. I like the idea, and enjoy it when it works, but you are getting an honest review from me. I'm not playing into giving a dishonest review. My $5.99 should be enough to give me the whole content anyway.
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5 years ago, Mr.Slick03
Amazing game
So I love this game. There is no other game like it on the App Store which is why I bought it. The graphics could be a tiny bit better but that might just be me being picky. However, there are a lot of bugs in this which is the only bad thing about this game. The sound is amazing and the physics of it are great. I suggest finding the bugs and having a solution because it gets annoying at times. But other than that great game!
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7 years ago, digtvguy
Love it, some issues
I was thrilled when I first found this game. It has a ton of detailed mechanics but lacks in its tutorials, audio sometimes glitches, and sometimes the controls and commands don't seem to work. I'm writing this review largely to unlock the new content, but I hope the devs focus on improving these key issues soon. If they do, the game will be perfect and won't seem like a prototype.
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4 years ago, Best game ever of space
Best game of war but need a Rocket company update
The game is great I paid it by doing good in school but I like the space shuttle I realize how delayed I was thinking about reading it for cause I didn’t know how to do some stuff but I figured it out but now I just need to see if you can make an update because there’s barely been no update probably in years or months I wanna SpaceX update
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6 days ago, 34568794
Amazing App!
Been interested in space and space exploration since I was 3 years old, this is by FAR the best space simulator I’ve ever played! (I’ve played well over 100) I would highly recommend it! Only thing I would say is to try and improve the graphics but everything else is fantastic!
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7 years ago, Dewey Cheatem&Howe
Great Game needs more!
After the last update fixed alot of my grievances I had. I've been playing it more but would like to see more realistic scenarios. Such as Soyuz and other Roscosmos programs. Because they are a big part of modern space flight and as they are now the only way for US Astronauts to get to the ISS I would find it enjoyable to play as them
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4 years ago, dcgdhvdgv
More buttons and more stuff to the Apollo CM
I love this game so much, but there’s stuff missing like the docking thing l. And the AGC, also I want you to put the right names on the buttons. For the buttons put all of them on. I like this game but if you don’t do anything about this in your next update then I will get bored of this game.
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5 years ago, ebeckman1011
Good apps don’t need to demand 5 *s to be able to use the whole app
The app is good once you get over the fact that some of the program codes just aren’t going work as well as the frequent program crashes. I also think it’s complete bs you have to give 5 stars just to unlock part of what you paid for.
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7 years ago, Andrew Van Halen
Out of this world🚀
I recently purchased this app while I was visiting the Kennedy Space Center and I must say that I really enjoy playing this game. If you are interested in space travel and you like simulation games you will enjoy this game. I hope that the developers continue to update this game because I have been playing it non stop!
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7 years ago, Sailorgiff
The game is overall decent. However, still no visual docking sight, lacking basic attitude indicators in the mfd. Docking mfd is nearly useless. Spacecraft interiors are poor. Improvement in documentation, UI, and new spacecraft are plusses. Less of a simulator, more of a game right now. -update : game crashes often. Very little improvement. Impressive graphics, but developers seem more interested in pretty exterior graphics instead of content. Have to give 5 stars to unlock updated content. How long has this app been out?
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5 years ago, Hitman715
Looks great-however
This app looks awesome! I love the beginning when you see Sputnik orbiting the earth. I would love to play it. But when I bring down the menu the words are so small I can’t really read them. Is there something you can recommend I could do to be able to read the directions and play what looks like an incredible game? It would be real cool if someone could tell me what I need to do. The text size on my phone is do small I can hardly read it. Why don’t you guys enlarge the text size? Graphics look great. Sure wished I could play it.
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4 years ago, the man in space
This game is awesome I played it for two days and I loved it but there is one thing I want to see in the game, The Orion rocket I know you have a rocket called Orion already but I want to fly the other Orion space ship the one that’s going to the moon in the future. So that’s all I wanted to say, BTW you should add the space shuttle Challenger missions to hope you like the game.
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6 years ago, Da gaming kid
Needs improvement
Ill admit its a great simulator but has a lot of problems. 1: Crashes. the game crashes when I attempt a lunar injection and sometimes when i start a scenario. 2:Difficult to understand. I have tried and tried to understand the game but I cannot understand the controls or the tutorials. Other than that thank you for the amazing simulator and also please add a free to play multiplayer in a future update and add mars rover missions Thank You for reading this review and please improve this Simulator
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3 years ago, GrogillioDude
This is a blast but…
It is awesome I just want you to update with Mars moons Phobos and demons and Dwarf planet Eris Mokemoke and Halmae an make the Apollo Mission all in one episode or you now what I mean make it more easy to get to the moon also ad a teen mines count down ad heroic music and ad astronauts then this game would be awesome please do it for me all right thanks
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5 years ago, UniverseDudeGaming
Good Sim, Needs Update For iPhone X!
So far this space simulator is the best on mobile right now. It is very difficult though as you need to use lots of menus and computers just like in the real thing but if you can handle it, there’s a lot of depth! I would love if they updated it with iPhone X support and maybe rehauled some menus.
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6 years ago, Seattle4242
So far great App
I’ve played this for about a week now and have enjoyed every minute. If you’re a fan of the space program and movies like Apollo 13 or The Right Stuff then this right up your alley. The cockpit displays and graphics are good but could always use improvement. Please include more shuttle missions
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7 years ago, Oracle1001
Excellent simulation
Very detailed and highly accurate sim of the Space Age..has simulations of the Apollo and Gemini programs, including the ASG computer emulator, giving a lifelike feel to the missions of Apollo, the program that enabled men to go to the moon. Very fascinating to history buffs and sim enthusiasts. Definitely recommended. Please add Mercury missions, if possible. That would be perfect
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1 year ago, Dinobraineak
Great game but missed the old stuff that was removed
I use to play this game a few years back. Was addicted but after coming back I see that a lot was removed. The original Orion shuttle design and the Orion and atlas rockets. Those were my favorites. Also it be cool if the falcon 9 release a satellite instead of just being the cargo pod
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5 years ago, aaronbro1983
Two Star to many bugs
When I try launching my shuttle takes the launch pad with it. Including the beeping from the main menu follows me into my game. For for dollars I would have think that the game would have better quality with the bugs. If it’s fixed later may change my review at this point two stars. Still no update to get rid of the beeping while playing.
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5 years ago, AlphaWolf1810
Great Simulation
There are a lot of reviews about this not being so great and tutorials not teaching you. But the thing is, it is really hard to understand only because it SUPER realistic. Don’t get if you just want to play a simple game but DEFINITELY get if you would really like to fly or control a space launch.
Show more
4 years ago, Mist3r_ J
Please read reviews carefully!
The game looks really great and realistic, but It’s confusing and definitely needs some major updates. My biggest complaint is that I feel like it’s a big scam by forcing you to write a 5 star review for extra content. I’m a big sucker for good reviews and now that I see that option I see why yours is so high. If you had charged extra for it or even just included it for free, would you really have almost 5 stars? Probably not.
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6 years ago, Tspenader
Kerbal for iPad...almost
This is a good choice if you are looking for an Orbiter or Kerbal equivalent for iPad. Best used by utilizing the DSKY for control since the manual controls are somewhat awkward. Good tutorials to get you started- don’t let reviews of earlier versions deter you. I hope the developers keep improving this, maybe add some other vehicles.
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7 years ago, Eric W 3201984
Loads of fun! (Got a few glitches that need addressing)
#1. Instead of opening to the main menu, It goes straight to the Apollo 8 parking orbit scenario. This needs to be corrected. #2. The position of the Fixed Service Structure & The Rotating Service Structure are wrong. Lookup LC-39A images for quick reference. #3. The role and pitch program actually has the vehicle watching to the north... NOT to the east. #4. Gimini missions are NOT launched from LC-39. They were actually launched from LC-19. Look up LC–19 images for more better accurate geological reference. (LATEST VERSION UPDATE) The latest version causes all of the new bonus missions cause the App crash!
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3 years ago, HuckleBerry COC
Pretty cool
This space simulator is the best thing I’ve purchased and i have learned a lot from this because of watching space movies such as Apollo 13 and playing the game. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in space and how everything works.
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5 years ago, thatcommunist69430
Great game but there could be more
I love this game and I think it is very good but, there is a lot of things it could have. For one CCCP launch missions would be cool like A Sputnik mission or other missions around Russia. Another thing I think would be awesome would simply be better graphics, but I still like the game.
Show more
7 years ago, JohnS63PA
Forced 5 star review
Forced 5 star review to unlock new content. Game crashes when running new content...please fix! If you're a fan of the space program, this sim app is the only one I've found that covers the Apollo program. Future updates should include more historical missions to the moon.
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6 years ago, Replicant354758
Great start for mobile
Kind of like pocket orbiter. A lot of things could use implementing. Transfer to ships without docking. Multiple ships in custom scenarios of user choosing. Can't seem to actually dock with ISS. Better docking orientation info. A lot of times, saved scenarios crash on reloading. Also, anytime a saved scenario is reloaded , one of the MFD's defaults to the map page and locks to it.
Show more
4 years ago, 199185
Just downloaded it, the fact that I stopped playing it to write this review is INSANE!!! It is completely accurate from the physics to the rockets. The only feedback I have is the crashes, fix that and you’ve got a better game. If you do a future update, please add more rockets!!!
Show more
5 years ago, turnereagle2436
Great space game!
This game showcases past spaceflight missions on a whole new level! The game is quite hard to learn at first but anyone can get there! You can also make your own custom spaceflight mission. Kerbal Space Program and this game are one of the best you can own. So give it a try!
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