spacedesk display screen cast

4.5 (573)
10.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
datronicsoft Technology GmbH
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for spacedesk display screen cast

4.55 out of 5
573 Ratings
3 years ago, MrLittleKing
Amazing app !
I normally don’t bother writing reviews for any products I use. But this definitely deserves one. I am currently teaching virtually to a group of students. It’s my first time doing so. I needed a second monitor, one I can use for teaching virtually. I tried using Duet. It wouldn’t work, no matter how much I tried. I paid for the app and membership, still wouldn’t work. I gave up trying. I was suggested to try this app. I was cautious, since I didn’t hear anything about it. After using it for an entire month, it’s definitely the best app I have come across. I am surprised it’s for free! The app is amazing. I really can’t think anything negative about it. I do wish there was a way to connect to iPad using a wire instead of the network connection. Other than that, I can’t complain about anything else. Thanks again for making this app. It was a game changer for me at work.
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6 years ago, dr4kool4
So much better than Duet
I moved from Duet because their software broke my computer. I had to restore it because Duet disabled my dedicated GPU and it wouldn’t work even after the app was uninstalled. SpaceDesk is less intrusive, free, doesn’t require an account, and works better than Duet. The only issue with this app is that you lose connectivity when you trigger the Notification Center or when you receive a call (if you have hand off enabled). Minor issues that can be fixed via a software update. In the time being I highly recommend SpaceDesk.
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3 years ago, Soft_Pizza
This App is A Beast
I use An IPad Pro 2020 This app truly delivers giving you ability to play Steam Games like Sonic Adventure without any major issues the frame rate was pretty stable, I Especially enjoyed This For Drawing in Clip Studios Thank you so much for the Apple Pencil support it was easy to navigate and feels good. Last but not least I Love being able to Listen to my ableton tracks from my iPad my only request is to able to pinch and zoom the screen other than that this app is flawless ✌️👍
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12 months ago, Ryker027
Best Duet Display Alternative!
This is a fantastic app! I was very disappointed to discover that Duet wanted to charge a monthly subscription for a display app; that’s extremely predatory, subscriptions are the bane of my existence and charging continuously just for screen utilities makes no sense. This app does everything that Duet does and no subscription fees! I would love to see wired connection support in a future update. As long as you never charge monthly subscription fees you have my full support!
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1 year ago, smarterthanmyiPhone
Honestly, this is awesome, without wires and most it’s free. I would even have paid for this software. I dislike the fancy flashy alternatives in the market who try to rip you off with monthly fees… Great Job! Very happy using my iPad as a screen for my Windows devices. It even works as a touch screen.. how awesome is that!! Thanks again to the developer!! Nice! - Only suggestion: if you allow mouse control why not also to add a virtual keyboard so potentially I could make some small inputs…
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1 month ago, sugarlies
Works So Much Better Than Expected
I really didn’t expect much from this app without paying a ton for it and I’m so happy with it. I use it for a lot of random things when I’m ready to curl up in bed but play a chill game (the latency wouldn’t work well for fast paced games probably). I expected to have to mess with resolution settings and whatnot- and maybe it’s my pc that does it so smoothly- but it seamlessly swaps to the correct sizing to look nice and crisp on my iPad.
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4 years ago, Concerned Wikipedia Reader
Great Work
I love this app as it fulfills my specific needs of a separate monitor, but the latest update has broke it completely and I’m unable to use it as I did before. I’m on iPad OS 13.3.1 and my screen alignment is weird (it’s on a smaller vertical screen on a horizontal display). The app crashes a lot and I’m unable to use it properly. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Update: Problem fixed in a day! This app is great.
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4 years ago, RedLeader_4
Love it!!
For those of you scrolling through comments I will help you. When setting up right click on you background on the server computer and a menu thingy pops up. Next what you need to do is to go on display settings. There an option in display settings that says multiple display then you click extend these display for a longer display. Love it keep it up.
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4 years ago, Anonymous cool Ariosto
Works as Advertised!
I don’t usually write reviews, but this is amazing! All you have to do is install a small program on your pc and this app! I was able to use my iPod touch as a second screen, or in my case more like a remote so I can do things while around my house. I don’t have a keyboard or mouse to test out that feature, but with the way this went, I have no doubt it would work. There are a few things I might consider adding: 1. Sound to the client device. 2. When using the touchpad mode, a way to send a right click. 3. Perhaps a way to use the built in iOS keyboard to send text to the server device. 4. Gestures for touchpad (Although by the sound of the description that is already in the works). Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, SFRADS
Great app.
It does what it is supposed to. And it does it for free!!!! However i found it unintuitive that after initial connection, It makes the iPad screen as the primary screen. So I had to fool the computer to think that the slave screen is the primary screen which is my actual computer. In essence all the icons went on the iPad originally. Also the screen shows up on the left of the original. Again unintuitive for everyone that has done the HDMI connection to actual monitors. I have a sneaky suspicion that this is why the ipad became primary. The 3 changes that would make this app perfect, are: 1. Fix the primary screen issue ( unless i am missing something) 2. Make the slave screen on the right, not left. 3. Make it possible for wired connection. And the last one is my most important issue.
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9 months ago, Peter, QA guy
Request for MacOS support
Currently, only Windows PCs are supported. I'd like to request for MacOS PCs to also be supported as the primary machine (display server). I know this would be a considerable amount of development work. Other solutions like sidecar, duet, and wiredXdisplay, don't feel as stable as spacedesk does with Windows, so I'm hoping it would be possible to bring this awesome stability to MacOS machines. Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, partth
Free - does the job!
I like it. there are some recommendations I would recommend to make on this app 1)is improve the latency it sometimes feels sluggish 2)can improve the connectivity time 3)it sometimes loses the connection we can provide a time limit for the connection to timeout after which the iPad can lock the screen
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4 years ago, laforr77
Better than Duet
Definitely glad I found this app (though I wish I had found it before spending $10 on Duet Display). Could be my personal setup (Core i7 laptop circa 2018 and an iPad Air 2 connected via Lightning), but I get much better performance from Spacedesk than I did Duet, and it’s free. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in turning their iPad into a second monitor.
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5 years ago, waclark57
Didn’t work well for me
I have been using Duet Display and wanted to check this product out since it had high reviews. I uninstalled Duet and installed SD. The first problem I ran into was the incompatible Hook driver (left over from Duet). The good news is that Datatronic had good support info on how to fix this and I was able to do that quickly. Once the product was working properly I was disappointed to see that I could not adjust the resolution on the iPad. At 1024x768 it just didn’t look that good. It would not take input from the iPad keyboard as Duet will. This is not a show stopper but it is a useful feature of other products. If you are ok with the lower resolution I this light be a good choice, the price is right. When there’s an update I’ll revisit this product to see if it’s improved.
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4 years ago, Michael 1O1
Worth it for being free
This application is easy and great to use. But it’s worth it for being free, the latency can be a *little* of but its not noticeable most the time. I highly recommend it for monitoring extra things like hardware temperatures while not wasting the money for another expensive monitor.
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4 years ago, mickel_dos
better than duet, and FREE
At first i was a little skeptical. I first used the Splashtop XDisplay and didn’t really work the way i wanted it too. Then I stumbled upon this. I saw good reviews so I went ahead and tried it. The app was exactly what the reviews wrote. I am completely satisfied with this app and when WAY beyond my expectations. 5 out of 5 stars easy.
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3 weeks ago, TigerWrath
Simple and Easy
Quite impressed, and had it working, connected to my iPad, in seconds. Was pleasantly surprised as usually when I set out to do something novel with technology It ends up being an hour or so ordeal. 10/10
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4 years ago, brenorton731
Works great. Does not mess with my GPU like Duet
The window is now not showing fullscreen but rather as a window within the app. I didnt change any resolution settings and changing the resolution does not change anything Edit: They fixed this in the last update! Thank you!
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5 months ago, Jackal🤨
Amazing app
This is such a useful app, works flawlessly. It’s crazy how low the latency can be, I genuinely think I could play a competitive shooter in bed i I wanted to. But as for practical uses, it lets me use my tablet as an on-the-go drawing tablet, it’s great!
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5 years ago, toomanynicknames16098$
Display number issue
Predicament: My laptop is display #1, I then connect it to my microsoft display adapter on the tv, making that display #2, then I connect my phone using spacedesk with the intent of it becoming display #3. Instead, spacedesk becomes #2 and my tv turns into #3. I would like this issue to be fixed as it causes some problems when going fullscreen while using VLC player.
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4 years ago, AnjoBwee
so when you download the app on your pc, it always runs in the background with no way to turn it off. It’s always there on startup. So I tried going into my settings and turning it off there. WELL, this has the unfortunate side effect of disabling MOUSE AND KEYBOARD INPUTS. I CANT EVEN USE MY MOUSE AND KEYBOARD ANYMORE. I CANNOT LOGIN TO MY COMPUTER. I even tried booting it in safe mode and system restoring. Nothing works. My entire PC is now essentially bricked until I can figure out a way to get it fixed.
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2 years ago, promcrich
I use on my cromebook and ipad but it also works on phone. There is lag but not much and you can't complain it works better than all of the others.
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2 years ago, talal alhumaidan
Fix the speed as a 2nd monitor
Hello! I like the app but whenever i put a program in it, it gets slower and slower like someone is streaming, could you fix the speed issues? Because i always reduce the quality and omg it’s getting better but bad quality moment, please fix it and thanks.
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4 years ago, Dghhvvgggvv
Works like a dream - for free!
Seriously stoked with this free application. Was having issues paying for Duet Display and this popped up suggested below, worked perfectly and wirelessly - all for free. What more could you ask for? Latency is pretty low and I have really no complaints.
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3 years ago, Jormarti
Not working
The app crashes all the time, it stops working and you have to figure out why all the time, at times it messes up the entire configuration of your pc. Beware to always look for the updates of the PC version although not even with the upgrades you will make it work. It’s free after all but it could be better. I wouldn’t mind giving donations so that they can fix it
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2 years ago, Gracely Heaven
The touch is very responsive and this app is the best! I used XDisplay and their touch was horrible! And now it doesn’t let me have a secondary display! Thank you for creating this app! This helps a lot!
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4 years ago, ottotsu
It is working, partly
I am using win10 for my primary device, and while it connected to my phones, screen showed up, but with no application on the desktop, and when i pulled on some documents on computer,it just don't show up on my phone,it is same as i pulling up some documents on my phone…nothing goes there
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3 years ago, shibelegend
Very good performance and free.
This app is actually better then duet, it’s free and easy to use. Only problem I have is the resolution isn’t TOO good, but this app still gets 5 stars for being free and great to operate.
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4 years ago, mohitk
Better than others
For an iPad Pro I specifically bought to use as a second screen. This app works the best out of all the others I tried including duet. Duet does not even support the native resolution of iPad Pro 2018+. But this app still had a lot of lag. So ended up being very hard to use as a REAL second screen.
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2 weeks ago, 的浴巾
Please fix iPhone’s bug
I have already opened the local network setting in the system, but the app still still remind me to open the local network setting iPhone13 ios17.5.1
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5 months ago, Huang, H, T
With Apple pencil pressure sensitivity
I can use it as a second screen on my laptop. What the price of most is that it supports Apple pencil pressure sensitivity, which allows me to draw on my laptop.
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4 years ago, Harlem dad
It works!
I am on a “working vacation” and I am always more productive with two monitors so I downloaded this app and installed the driver on my machine. Plugged my iPad into my PC and I had two monitors. Spacedesk is free and it does what it says it does. No complaints.
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5 years ago, kch79624
I have no idea why this app isn't on top productivity apps.
This is far better than duet display, and it doesn't even need any other dongles to make it work. But the keyboard support should be added.
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2 months ago, letmeratewithoutanickname
It truly works and is free, thank you!
This app works! Need to install the driver on your pc, have a tad bit of technical know how but that’s why it’s great. That is what makes it free and I love it.
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4 years ago, .+*JammyReviews*+.
Fantastic app.
Simple setup, works as advertised, I’m definitely happy I don’t have to pay more for the same thing. Looking forward to working with this as a drawing tablet. Thank you.
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4 years ago, sunnygaudi
Best! Perfectly working with Windows 10 laptop
It is an amazing app for free. Thank you for sharing this tech for the humanity. 👍✨🕊 You can even turn on/off at your Windows for security purpose.
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5 years ago, dayolina
I always want to have second screen and I tried different apps. This one is the best one. If you need to turn you table to second screen, you must have this one.
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3 months ago, Wonderwomen123
Great Software!
I have been looking for something like this forever! I have a connectable monitor, but the wires are too much and the magnets never stick! This is the best!
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2 years ago, gus354
Hackers lunch. No password protection on computer
I really wanted to use this but then I realized that there is no password protection or device verification on the computer…Anyone with any device within range can log in to your computer without you knowing if this software is running. SUPER insecure. Don’t know how this was overlooked. Do not download if you value your life.
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1 month ago, attFree
Best productivity app for I’ve come across. Finally using my iPad again. Works well and reliable so far. Thanks team!
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1 year ago, reevuuee
Latest update has issues
I really like this app, and it used to work very smoothly before the latest update. Now, there's noticeable lag, and the resolution settings don't seem to work like they used to.
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4 years ago, Anjeli93
Works exactly like I hoped
SO easy to use, connected immediately to my computer and instantly starting working as a second display with no fuss. Just what I wanted, love it.
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8 months ago, iamnotshadowss_618
tell me how it is pls😭😭🙏🏾
i dont have a computer yet but ur telling me if i use tjis app tjem i can USE ROBLOX STUDIO & FINALLY PLAY TOONTOWN ON MY PHONE🤯🤯 im js giving this a rating bc i heard its good on my fyp last year & i totally forgot abt this app💀💀💀 im bored
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4 years ago, Adoptedmfr
Free 99?!?
Surprisingly good considering the competition, and the price. Wish it had straight USB support, not the tether thing. But other then that. Nice job. The website didn’t even feel slimy like some companion app sites sometimes feel.
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8 months ago, Mike_thecool2011
I think it is helpful that I can use my iPad as a second monitor though this app
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4 years ago, Just4Fun 042@
This app works very smoothly and well. It easily connects to my PC and allows me to finally get into animation with computer programs without buying a $600 drawing tablet.
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4 years ago, Ibby Boi
Awsome app!
This app is very simple and easy to use! Download and setup only took 5 minutes! It also connects multiple screens!
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3 months ago, qjidhehaiz.
It works well
It works well for me but kinda laggy probably cause I have slow WiFi but it still works 🤷
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1 week ago, 💜 Dana 💜
This app is GREAT! Especially if you want to connect to a computer and write/draw on a PowerPoint. HIGHLY recommend!
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3 years ago, YumCheesy
Randomly Stops
All in all, this is pretty amazing, but sometimes it just randomly disconnects my device with my laptop. Is this just me or others too?
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