Spaceflight Simulator

4.8 (58.5K)
94.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Spaceflight Simulator UK Ltd
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spaceflight Simulator

4.79 out of 5
58.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Itparks
Best game I’ve ever played
This game is incredibly good, and I’ve sunk many hours into it. Recently I’ve also been able to realize my dream of having a space station with the automated transition window and rendezvous mechanics (I have found it does have trouble with elliptical orbits, so a perfectly circular orbit provides best results). However, when I was using one of my ‘tugs’, which are really just a fuel tank with a bunch of rcs stuck on the side, to move one of the scaffolds I was using to expand my station when I encountered an issue. What happened was the rcs began firing semi-randomly, sending the tug and the scaffold careening into the station, before it eventually began accelerating uncontrollably away from the station and was lost. I also noticed this same problem when maneuvering larger ships to dock, and I lost about half of a fuel resupply to random rcs firing before I could dock it. I think this is an issue where the self stabilizing feature of the rcs inadvertently makes the craft move around, and it seems that turning the rcs off and back on fixes the problem until you try and maneuver again. Maybe some setting for “docking rcs” where the rcs only responds to your inputs and doesn’t try and self stabilize. Also, if there was a setting that would allow you to freely look around without being bound to the center of the craft would be nice for navigating around and looking at the different parts of the station in detail.
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5 years ago, Jwhofilm
Great Handheld Rocket Science
This game is an awesome space flight simulator. I downloaded the free game and have played it for a week now. I was looking for something similar to “Kerbal Space Program” which I play on my laptop. This was the answer for my IPhone. The free version has a great level of creativity involved and if I continue to play this enough I will definitely purchase the full version. What I like about this game is that it’s got just the right amount of controls for a Mobile app. It’s just enough to feel challenging but not so much that I’m overwhelmed. I love that I can transfer fuel to different modules! It’s perfect for creating a space station fueling center. This 2D flight sim has helped me understand space flight a little bit better. So when I go back to playing KSP, a much more complex 3D space sim, I think I’ll actually be able to make it to the “Mun” and back. And make docking maneuvers with other ships! If you like science games like KSP then this is a great find. My only wishes for this game are that an option to switch between space ships is added to the close up view and not just the map. There are also some minor bugs that needed to be addressed; app closing itself, ships undocking and unable to fly away from space stations, ships clipping through each other and getting stuck. These errors are small and easy to overcome. Just make sure you save before making risky maneuvers.
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6 years ago, Justin Bridgan
Very Fun
Extremely fun game, super addictive. Finally a game that has a wonderful sandbox mode where you have few limitations to what you build. It would be nice to see a bigger building space, and different settings, like instead of just zero gravity, maybe include Jupiter’s gravity, and maybe add in a small game mode where you get to do missions assigned by “NASA” I’m game space exploration company. I really enjoy the game, but it would be nice to see some more parts, maybe add some of the parts that were on the Saturn V heavy launch rocket, and like maybe some parts to build the Space shuttles like the Discovery, and game modes like dealing with engine failure or parts falling off and teaching how to improve tactics to land safely after vehicle failures. Maybe even additional stuff, like a launch station and a launch tower, and then a short animation of an astronaut getting out of the capsule. Also like when it’s in space, the sound of the rocket dying down and sounding more like a revved engine when in space because up close in space you can hear, like in the capsule, but outside, it just barely sounds like a rumble. I love everything about the game, and any improvement is a good improvement, keep up the great work with the game. I know it would take a while if you were to take any of these suggestions, but if you do, it would be amazing. But by far, more parts is what I’m looking forward to the most!!!
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5 months ago, do jot get!!
Great game, and have some ideas for updates.
This is a great game that takes a complex thing and make it simple and easy. I have some ideas for updates, and I hope you and them to the game. #1, I think when you are renaming rockets, you should be able to change the rocket from a rocket to a space station, satellite, rover, etc. Using this, I think you should be able to add some new challenges to the game, like putting every type of rocket at a celestial body, Mars for example. So basically, you would have to have a satellite and a space station orbiting Mars (or anything else, including moons) and a rover, rocket, and colony on the surface. #2, You also should add asteroids to the game that are out past Mars (or in front of Jupiter if you bought the DLC) that you can land on, and have similar gravity to the captured asteroid but different shapes, sizes and colors. A challenge the it is for us to land on every asteroid (including the captured asteroid) and return safely (in multiple trips). You also should maybe add the ability to click on the command pod and see the astronaut. Finally, you should add the other 3 planets, including the dwarf planets. Also add the Kuiper Belt, too with its own set of challenges similar to the asteroid belt’s challenges. Thank you for reading this long review!
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4 years ago, Huck Collins
Absolutly amazing for a mobile game
This game is just so great. I got this expecting to get some low quality, boring game, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of effort that was put into it! There are so many variables factored into the game that you wouldn’t expect. I only have a few bad things. Sometimes you can have a craft use a side separator and the two parts can get stuck in each other, but thats only happened to me twice. Another thing is that sometimes when you leave deimos your rocket stays in one place and the camera moves instead, but I don't have that happen anywhere else. Both of those can be frustrating, but can usually be fixed by loading a quicksave. Last thing I’ll mention is the full version. For only 4 dollars you get a lot! Bigger sized fuel tanks, bigger fairing, larger wheels and landing legs, and cheats. I don't use the cheats, but they’re great if you want to just have fun. The great thing is though, this isn’t one of those games where you need the full version to do anything big. It’s optional. I’d recommend it though. You get a lot from it. There’s so much more i could add but you probably wouldn’t read that much, so I’ll wrap it up. This game is amazing and I can’t for future updates. If you like KSP, model rockets, or you just like rocket physics, you should get this game.
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6 years ago, mwright0654
Really well made Sim, expansion pack is worth it
I really enjoy this game a lot - I spend exorbitant amounts of time studying aerospace and orbital mechanics because I would love to study astrobiology once I finish my bio degree. After studying these concepts for a while, a friend recommended Kerbal Space Program to me and I fell in love. Realistic game engine, great stuff. The problem is I hated car/subway rides when I had a new idea for how to approach a maneuver like a gravity assist or something that I wanted to try, so I took to the App Store and ended up here. It’s a great little thing to play on the go. I love seeing little blurbs at the end of all of the things I’ve done like landing on the moon or orbiting mars, it’s really nice, and the mechanics are real nice. I also love that there’s no need to worry about stabilization, especially in atmosphere while trying to ascend because that would be way too hard on a phone. Overall, this game is perfectly suited to play on a phone and really good if you want to dabble in orbital mechanics and vessel aerodynamics (aka “rocket science”) and have fun at the same time! The one suggestion I would have would be to add an interface that lets you view your thrust to weight ratio and deltaV so you know approximately how much further you can travel at any given time. Aside from that, great stuff I love it!
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4 years ago, jDavid87
Great Game!
There are too many games that receive glowing five star reviews when they’re really just mediocre. This game, is not one of them. This may just be a game, but it’s already taught me a lot about how real space travel works. There’s a fine line to dance with fuel, weight, thruster stages, and payload. Then there’s the harrowing entering orbit, escaping orbit, SAFELY landing, (it’s much harder in real life than it sounds like). It’s a fantastic, realistic space simulation. That said, there was a recent update that overall I’ve been really loving it. However, I noticed a couple of missing features that makes me sad. The ability to rotate pieces is gone. This makes it much more difficult to design payloads that have a different orientation than the rest of the rocket itself. Also, I am really missing the batteries and all the other electronic pieces from before. Now I’m not sure how to design a workable rover without batteries or nuclear reactors, since the rover wheels run on electricity. While there are solar panels, it would mean they would have to be constantly unfolded while moving. I’ve tested this before, and moving the rover while the solar panels were out, was catastrophic. It was much safer to run the rover until the batteries were out, and to then unfold the solar panels once the vehicle came to a stop.
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2 weeks ago, {Matthew}
Amazing! But here are some thoughts...
Before 1.5 the game for me kinda got boring, but after the update I have found a renewed love for this game! The new features are amazing and the game has improved immensely. I also love that there is a timeline showing what the next updates will bring. I am super excited for those updates. I saw at least one person talk about an online mode, I think this would be wonderful so My friends and I can all challenge each other to see how big and efficient of a rocket we can make. I also wish hopefully sometime in the future we can share blueprints? Ive been very fascinated with what SpaceX has been doing and I have remade some of their rockets myself, but it is also hard given the whole propulsion problem. The engine selection is currently great but i think more engines and more tiers can be added for bigger and better rockets. (Ex. SpaceX’s Raptor engine) Anyways, these are just my thoughts! The game is headed in an awesome direction and I cant wait for future updates! (Edit) Stopped playing again but back at it… definitely am struggling making big rockets and over ambitious designs (like a station that will go between planets…. Also can we get interstellar travel?
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2 years ago, DavidM00
Really good but a few things are missing
Overall, the game is really good and well done. But I do feel like there should be more “skins” like different colors and different variations of parts. For example a different capsule instead of just a black triangular object. Or maybe different looking engines. For example: Space x engines. And maybe some different styles of landing legs. (Most of these world either be in the skins or parts expansions) I do feel like you should also be able to scale things to the size you want manually with the parts expansion instead of just having to pick between like 4 different sizes. Maybe the team can release these updates before the pc version releases? And there are also a few bugs. If you turn off collision in the settings then fly in to the ground fast, you will then start clipping in to the ground and going everywhere. And in the build mode, when I try to clip things together (for example: a landing leg and a fuel tank) and then try to launch the rocket, everything that I tried to clip together falls off most of the time. (This glitch is mainly with the landing legs) I really like this game and it is a good way to kill time, but just a few little bug fixes and things here and there would make the experience way more fun. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Heavily Irradiated
Spaceflight Simulator
Spaceflight Simulator is one of the best mobile games on the App Store, and I mean it. I’ve had a blast with this game and I am still playing it several years after my original purchase. It’s a load of fun to build different rockets and figure out neat combinations for even the stock parts available in-game, and I can’t think of many criticisms with the mechanics in general. The game is lacking in some areas, though. For example, I find the pack of purely aesthetic blocks a bit saddening. The game could use lightweight structural compartments as it would make the construction of space stations easier and more interesting to look at in general... this is a small criticism, and really more of a wish though. Another issue with Spaceflight Simulator is the lack of planets in the Solar System beyond Jupiter. The system needs more planets and it’s impossible to escape the solar system’s sphere of influence ala Voyager style. The single biggest issue with this game however is its sandbox mechanics. There isn’t any campaign to speak of, and I feel the game would vastly benefit from one. I love Spaceflight Simulator and it’s nearly perfect, but sadly it isn’t able to reach over the perfection line... I still love it!
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3 years ago, Magine this text
A good game but some idea
This game is very good and I like it but I have a few ideas like one idea targeting feature I want to targeting feature for the game so like it goes like this I want to dock a part for a satellite but I can’t get to the other part of dock so this is where the targeting feature comes in I can select the space shuttle click on targeting and then it will target for me if that makes sense idea 2 changing rocket launch location ok so what this means is that you can change the rocket launch location to any planets like let’s say I want to change the rocket launch location to Mars Venus or mercury or the moon idea 3 water if we get water and put it on the earth it will make the earth realistic that’s pretty much it idea 4 The Milky Way I know it will be hard to make it but you can add more of the Milky Way each month when you add the outer planets to make the game feel lively with more planets idea 5 more pre-made rockets there is already pre-made rockets but you could add like let’s say the Saturn V or like the space shuttle idea 6 nukes ok so what this means you could make a ICBM and that’s it Oh and a mushroom cloud with the nukes and that wraps up the ideas
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2 years ago, 1ExGANGSTER2U
Good til I got burned
I loved this game at one time. I honestly still do, but will not play it. I had additional purchases, which I never do, but the enjoyment it gave me proved worthwhile. Then I paid for the EXPANSION PACK, which included everything, and I received nothing for my money. After sending many emails and only receiving 2 replies with the exact same instructions, which I notified that it did not solve the problem no matter how many times I repeated the “FIX” I guess I was finally ignored and no other responses were received to create a solution. Therefore, I can only say that I was not given what I paid for, and have either being defrauded, or stolen from, since no other contact has been attempted on the developers part to see that I am not a victim of theft. Until I am either refunded or presented with the expansion pack that I paid for, I have to voice a warning that you may be getting burned if you purchase additional extras. I’m not saying it will happen, but I didn’t expect it to happen to me either, yet here I am. I can’t say BUYER BEWARE, cuz I didn’t get anything for my money, so I didn’t buy anything. I will say MONEY SENDER BEWARE… cuz that’s exactly what I did.. I sent money for absolutely nothing, apparently. I hope someone makes it right for me. I much rather write reviews of positivity and praise, rather than of fraud, and “in app purchases” which are paid for, but never acquired. *ExG*
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2 years ago, mkahoy
This game is crazy fr💀💀
This is the best game! You can mess up your rocket whatever you want and even make the fastest rocket ever! You can also create historical rockets like the N1 Soviet rocket or the Saturn V rocket from the USA... if you have the expansion pack.. But that’s okay because you can do whatever you want with your rocket! This game even has no ADS!!! Which means that you can have fun in this totally no ads game! Play this no Ads game right now! I made a 360 degree helicopter rocket that spins around 720 degrees every millisecond. I also made the fastest rocket with a titan engine and a very tiny fuel tank with infinite fuel! I tested the space x first stage landing but sadly, it needs a capsule for real. Which means no Space X. My project is to make every historical rocket by size. Including the ARES 1 2 and 3, The Soyuz, The Black Arrow, and more! I hope the developer says “Thanks for your rating! We hope that the game is more awesome bu adding controllable first stages for Space X and even add more video tutorials for you!” Welp, that is all I can say for this five star rating. This review was wrotten on May 5th, 2022 at 8:54 Am PST
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5 years ago, Rek T.
Great game!
I very rarely write reviews, so for me to be rating and jotting something down, should mean a lot to the creator. This feels a lot like Kerbal, but in a mobile platform. I’ve already managed to land on the moon, and make it back to Earth. I’ve also landed on Mars. Sadly, those astronauts are doomed, as I ran out of fuel trying to get out of Mars’ atmosphere. I’ve also managed to get a rocket into a wildly unstable orbit around the sun, but with it too being out of fuel, I’m left hoping the orbit of it and Earth eventually cross. The only change I would like to see, is implement some sort of achievement platform to track your progress in the game. Unlocking achievements would provide certain points based on difficulty, and those points could be used to purchase new parts, which are included in the “for purchase” version. Things like “Orbit the Earth”, “Land on the Moon”, “Have an encounter with Venus”, “Launch a satellite into Earth orbit”. I believe you could also have different steps in that system, so after orbiting the Earth, do it 10 times, then 50. This game really is a blast, pun intended, and I’m looking forward to challenging myself more as I build bigger and better ships!
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2 years ago, Lp3787
The best space flight game ever!
So, I’ve been looking through the AppStore for a good space flight game, but all of them have 30 second ads and I hate ads. Plus the other games have bad quality and too many ads, but I found this one; SpaceFlight Simulator (or SFS) and unlike other games this one was easy controls, ad free, good graphics, and more. I’ve been playing for about 4 years and I have never ran into any bugs since the developers are so carful with new updates, and also with the new water update coming up it will have a whole new level of fun, like maybe submarines or boats, or even maybe even new parts and skins. I highly recommend this game for anyone interested in space. Now I also wish that the update with the outer planets came a bit sooner, but it’s fine. Maybe in following years there will be an update with the galaxy. Again, I highly recommend this game for any age. Now crashing the rocket can maybe cause people to get mad, so anyone who gets angered easily might get upset. But remember that every failure is one step to success. -Liam
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5 years ago, pugs are super cute and cuddly
Super fun and difficult. They should add some more space stuff like computers that calculate docking because dockining is extremely hard. Just landed on the moon but realized all I could do on the moon is drive around and nothing else. Suggestions: add something to do on moons and planets like mining or something. Add more parts like now and maybe add a mode to like fight aliens or something (alien update). Also add more rockets and boosters because all my rockets look the same.(rockets update) should also be able to upgrade rockets with stuff you mine(premium gets fully upgraded rockets). Add habitats like space farms or stuff because there’s all most no difference between probes and capsules. Make it possible to make like a base on the moon where you can build rocket(landing pad/launch pad). Altogether the game is pretty fun. Please look at this. Also add some initiative to do stuff. Landed on Venus and I just love the air resistance. When I tried to land on Mars I was going way to fast. Add campaign mod and add some small people to get out of the capsule and you can control them to do actions and add wings please and maybe a top mode so there can be wings.🐶 it is easier to play than KSP but more stuff please. Saw your video add parts please(reentry)
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2 years ago, D.C.E.P.
I’ve played this game since it came out and I’m severely disappointed by the new update.
Like the title says I’ve played this game since before Venus and Mercury were added, I’ve been involved in the community on Reddit and I’ve spoken to the creator on discord. I love this game and have hundreds of hours in it, but this new update is a horrible disappointment. I am great at this game, I have accomplished everything there is to do in a mission sense before the clipping bug was a thing, the game is not challenging if you know what you’re doing and removing engine clipping doesn’t change that. It only limits people’s creativity and forces them to play a certain way they might not want to, it reduces the visual options as well. When I purchased the first ever dlc it said I was an early supporter and I would get all future dlc for free and yet I cannot use the infinite build area, this is very disappointing as well since I was looking forward to building larger rockets. If you wanted to make the game more challenging make the scale larger, don’t limit the player’s creativity and ability to have fun. I wish I never downloaded this update, it makes me sad to see this direction being taken for a game I’ve loved for years
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4 years ago, Phreddy Phresh
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ here! More stars to add to the 5!
I love this game! I just learned how to build a rocket and make it to the moon and back thru trials, and fails, but that’s what makes it so much fun! And that was just with the free package. Now I’m going to upgrade and getting ready to go live up there! You think If I visit the sun at night it won’t be so hot there?😂jk, you guys keep up the good work! (Two Days Later) Well had to add to my review cause I went on ahead a purchased the bundle, and let me tell you, you guys are AMAZING, with this game. Omg I didnt knw you can do soooo much, and it’s user friendly. I’m just getting started! If anyone is looking at these reviews to decide wether to purchase this game or not. Just go on ahead and get the bundle because even the free version will get you hooked! You won’t regret anything. This game is absolutely awesome! I wish I can personally thank each and every one that worked on this game, even the guy that was running to the coffee shop and back on a skateboard on working late days just to get drinks and doughnuts. I love you guys And I gotta go cause I got, so much to do. Keep up the amazing job!
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2 years ago, helloeverybody76
Major flaw
This is a very well made game and i really enjoy it but today when i tried to open the game, it completely froze my device, i couldn’t turn it off, i couldn’t touch the scree, it was all black, i couldn’t do anything for a couple of minutes, this has happened several times and some happened right after it restarted, either this is a problem with the software of my device which I doubt because im always updated to the newest version, or its a problem caused by the game, I’m currently typing this on my iPhone because my iPad is still frozen completely, hasn’t been long but it’s very annoying, I gave it a second chance and dropped this review but when I went back it froze again, so, I don’t think this is an issue that affects many, please fix it. Right after my iPad got done restarting my headphones wouldn’t connect, I tried restarting them but to no avail, I highly doubt this is a coincidence because it happened right after it finished, now that I look back this app has cause nothing but problems for me. I even restarted the iPad manually and left both to charge for a couple of minutes, but it wouldn’t work, after a couple more minutes I finally got them to work, I believe this is a cause of it being restarted by the game crash my iPad.
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2 years ago, zachary lee carpenter
Awesome game!
Great game! For people who want to learn about space and stages of a rocket and how to and when to burn the engines to get to other planets/moons this game is perfect. There are only a couple of more things that would make this game better if they were added. One is oceans and lakes and water body’s like that so that after reentering an atmosphere you can splash down into the water. The second is airplane related parts, along with this to make it work you would need to program the aerodynamic properties of wings and airfoils because they have a much different way of using aerodynamics then rockets. And my last suggestion is more diverse pieces, like more capsules or engines or different shapes fuel tanks. And that is my review of the game. All in all fantastic game. Can’t wait for the pc version to come out in 9 days. Also if someone is reading this, thank you, it took me awhile to type this all out and I’m passionate about helping people improve stuff and making it better, so again if you are reading this, thank you and have a great day!. -Zach carpenter
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5 years ago, CreeperGamingMK
Please add let the Planet Editor work on IOS
I have tried to get ES file explorer, but I failed, and Stef, please add a planet editor option to the main menu, and let it have options to create new planets, remove planets, and let it manage planet files in-game, and add a feature to import photos for planet textures, from most file explorers, and I need this very urgently in version update 1.5. This should include new and more powerful engines, and 14 and 16 wide fuel tanks and fairings, a larger build space 50 %wider and 33% taller, and a medium capsule and probe that is 6 wide, and a little taller, and the same for large ones that are 8 wide, and 8 wide battery, and a large ion engine that has 10 tons of thrust and is 3 wide, and requires 6electricity, along with a large 2x4 RTG, and all the capsules and probes of all 3 sizes should be in a new section, titled "Pods". The rest of the solar system should be added, like Saturn, and its largest moons: Titan, Rhea, Enceladus, Mimas, Tethys, and Iapatus; Uranus, and its largest moons: Titania, Oberon, Miranda, Ariel, And Umbriel; Neptune, and its largest moon: Triton; and finally Pluto and its moon Charon, and several Dwarf Planets: Eris, Ceres, Makemake, and Haumea, and several Asteroids. Please release this update by February 2019 or so.
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5 years ago, jackaboy77777
I’m a big Kerbal fan but I always couldn’t play it when I was traveling. I wasn’t about to bring my laptop everywhere I went so I went to the AppStore. That’s how I found this gem. It doesn’t have eva or SAS systems but it’s like kerbals little brother. ITS REALLY ADDICTIVE. Like really I can’t put it down. I’ve found my self playing it at home even when I could get on kerbal. The controls are so intuitive and I love them, it does have some flaws. First, I love challenges but docking is way to hard, maybe add like a auto dock feature for less experienced players. I’ve looked up countless videos and tried hundreds of times and I’ve never got it. I’m really frustrated and this would help a lot. Second, completely optional but please add astronauts with Eva and flag planting and everything they have in kerbal. Third, a renter effect would be extremely cool but it’s optional. Other than that. This game is great and I bought the 4:99 pass and it was worth it if it not more m. I love the stuff I got and it really helped. I’m looking forward to seeing what you add and keep up the great world on this masterpiece.
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1 year ago, theisjsjjsjsjs
Great game, could use a few things
So I love the game and play it a lot, but it could use a few things. One thing I think it could use is astronauts, but I think you might be adding them. Another thing is more items and missions in career mode, another you can add to career mode is a feature where you get money for finishing a mission EVEN IF you have done it like 20 times, because someone can get all the mission done and then it would get boring. Another thing is flags, it would be so cool to but a flag on the moon!!! Another thing you can add is launch pads that can be upgraded in career but maxed in sandbox/normal, it would be so cool to have a launch pad to liftoff off! One thing you could add is random failures and failure chance, with the pad that you can fall on, N-1 recreations and other rocket failures could be so realistic! Something you could add to that to make it more realistic are fires, with fires you can make the Apollo 1 fire so realistic in SFS! Those are my suggestions, bye!
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4 years ago, Athiest Ranting Boi
Best Mobile Game Ever!
This game is so much fun and once I got the full version it got even better. Also, to anyone stepping back on the idea of downloading the game or getting the full version, because of negative comments, don’t. I have experienced almost zero issues with the game. Some crashes here and there and a bug where the steering buttons disappear, which is fixed by using the Clear Debris feature. Anyone that says the game isn’t functioning at all most likely just has a corrupt game file. Another thing, a few of my friends have downloaded the game and bought the full version, and they haven’t complained about anything that the one star reviews have laid out. So, you should buy the game and if you like, support the creator by buying the full game (which probably costs less then the change in between your couches cushions). - Thank You Edit: My review is now four stars after 1.5. The update is great and adds a lot of awesome stuff, but I personally wasn’t able to restore my purchase of the expansion pack. This isn’t supposed to happen and most have been successful in getting it back, but alas, I have not.
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6 years ago, You cant have my name
Love it, but...
This is an absolutely wonderful game, yet there is a matter I would like to discuss. I understand that the developer needs money, but you have to pay to do anything SpaceX related, such as land a large rocket. The engines are underpowered, landing legs aren’t long enough, and not enough parts, we don’t want to get an unpolished, unfinished game, and have to buy a DLC to have a full game, please dev, if you are reading this, please do something about this. I have to revert to other Space related games because of this. The game loses the potential it could have. Instead of buying more parts, we should be able buy asteroids, or new planets, or anything else to add more features. These would allow you to have parts that should already be included, and have extras for when you are bored with the standard game. Another thing, I understand from your video, that to build larger rockets, you must piece together different stages, yet for beginners, or most people, this is an impossible challenge. We should also have the ability to build mammoth rockets in the building area, Like KSP. I hope that you consider this in the future. Thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, SpaceKid25
Awesome Game!
Amazing game. I’ve played this for probably half a year, and it’s amazing. A few suggestions though, maybe you could add in some game modes that include scenarios where things will fail or explode, maybe some space plane parts, and maybe a few customizable prebuilt launch towers in their own separate tab. Another suggestion-maybe add SRBs. I know that many players will use a hawk or a titan for an SRB, but i feel that an actual SRB would be better. Also, maybe you could add in a self-destruct button, where clicking it would cause the rocket to explode. This could be good for many purposes, for instance, you have a rocket that went out of control and you cannot turn it upright. It is hurtling towards a ground station of yours, so you need to either regain control or destroy it. It’d also be great for in-flight abort tests. (A side note for all you players out there who purchased the full version and “didn’t get skins”, you have to hold the part and click on the white box in the corner. This will switch the skins.)
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2 years ago, choppedalmond
Great Game, Needs More
I really love this game and think that the concept for it is incredible. The realism involved with making your own rockets and the complexity of the variations are all really quite mind bending. I do wish this game made some improvements with continuity of missions. I think keeping track of every rocket you launch in a save file would help maintain track of progress and give the game more purpose, which is believe is the main thing this game is missing. I wish there were benefits to deploying satellites or rovers onto neighboring planets, or that there was a way to build space stations on planets once you land on them. It would add lots of story value in the app which I believe is the only thing missing. Launching rockets and tweaking their designs is really fun on its own, which is why I still rate it 5 stars, but I do hope the developers can find a way to implement some of these suggestions into future updates. Great game! Definitely a must play!
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3 years ago, the srviver
Best rocket game that I have ever played
The game is amazing and cool I have put hours and hours to design rockets that could go to any planet and I have made space satiations on every planet but the sun (there is a problem when I try dock land or head back to earth the first I’m starting with is the docking after a long day of making a rocket I was gonna dock it to my space station and for some reason my rocket started when I did not even touch the on button so half of my space station was destroyed now to the landing problems when I tried landing on Venus for some reason I had no fuel when I have enough to get back to earth and I was 100 miles away from venues surface so I crashed right into its surface and now on to going back to earth after a successful moon landing I took off and headed back home to earth after I got there a glitch happened and I could not decupler the last stage so I had to parachute with my lander still on so please fix those problem but good game)
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5 years ago, jdodnshdboand
Great game, update idea
Hi, I think this game is really fun and a great game in general. It’s great for wasting time and the cartoonish style looks great. I would definitely recommend this game to anybody. The physics work great and it has all the aspects of building a rocket. And if you are the developer reading this I have an idea that I would love to have in the game. I think that this would be a great way to improve the game, although there is not much to improve. Anyways, my idea is that you can sign into an account to get progress from a different device. For example, I bought the more parts add on, but it’s on my old phone that I don’t use anymore, but with this update you can find your UserID which is located under settings and you could type in the ID from your old account into your new account. Therefore, you would be able to access the add on and all of your old progress on a new device. Plz take this idea into consideration and try to implement it into the game. Thank you for reading this review!! Bye!!
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6 years ago, Chieflego 2.0
Love it but ideas and suggestions below!
This is one of the better space sims that I’ve played. I would suggest that adding the smaller docking port to the free version would be for the best(so you can actually go to mars and such) I’ve found that the limit of the free version is to the moon and back but even that is difficult (I did it without parachutes....) I think that a scanner that uses power to look for patches of hydrogen or fuel on the planets surface and a drill to mine it. That would make a reason to use rovers. I also will say that maybe the size of the base faring is kinda small and its a pain making rover without docking and keeping it in a single faring. There is another thing I would like to say maybe adding Easter eggs on the planet surface would be nice a-well as the ability to have a smaller drone core (for satellites). When the larger planets come out I should say that maybe a tech tree to unlock the larger parts and maybe a ion-normal thruster mix for interplanetary travel (or interstellar if your planning on that)
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3 years ago, M3rc1WASTAK3N
Rocket Science and Endless hours of fun
Throughout the years I’ve played this game it has always been enjoyable, even with just the free version there is still plenty to do and plenty to build. This version of rocket science doesn’t overcomplicate things and is rather easy to learn, you can get places like the moon and other planets without the free version giving you endless opportunity. Also as of the time this review was written the developers are still very much still active and putting out updates. The community is also very welcoming and has a load of fun, with things like being able to import blueprints and entire Solar System all on mobile. The paid version of the game adds stuff yes such as cheats and larger parts, part colors and designs, planets, and more moons but the free version alone has enough parts and planets to deliver endless hours of fun. Over All if your looking for a 2d rocket science game to play with and enjoy this is definitely it!
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1 year ago, 7654397
Pretty remarkable
Alright, I don’t really write reviews, but from a Aerospace engineering standpoint, this sim is amazing. Gravitational forces, heat shields, temperature sensors, g force, inertia, fuel weight and distribution, etc. all go into consideration when building your rocket. I just made a build that landed me on the sea of tranquility and back down to this blue marble. In all honesty, I would love to see more textures, more texturized planets/surfaces, oh and I can’t forget to ask for that amazing, giant cloud of smoke that spawns as you ignite! It feels just a tad lackluster when you launch without it If you could implement those, it would easily become my favorite space/rocket sim. 🚀 P.s. maybe, just maybe we could get those beautiful chirps when in space, and possible an option for a countdown from Houston? 😂 just me wishing and dreaming at this point but to be able to hear them say “_____ go, _____ go, commence launch, etc.” would be so beautiful 😂. But overall, amazing game. Thanks devs!
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4 years ago, danielcnall
Great in some areas... not so much for others.
This is a great game. V1.5 is fantastic for most users, even if it did take a while and has some holes that need patching (electrical system, etc) but that’s all coming. For iOS though... this game has huge pits. On an iOS device you can not edit parts, textures, add planets, or change anything that others claim you can. Be warned. That said, this is still a fun game. The smoothness in the map view can be oddly satisfying and the added soundtracks are very good. The graphics are pretty good to a certain point (huge 1,000 ton+ constructions glitch like nothing else) but that is to be expected. It’s a mobile game, not an actual simulator. The new engine designs are fantastic and the aerodynamics have greatly improved. Summary: Pros- smooth most of the time, good sound, good graphics, time warp to 10,000,000 speed, good navigation system. CONS- much more limited on iOS devices, no electrical system (yet), only one outer planet, no asteroids, and lack of other celestial bodies. That’s about it. Shame I can’t add planets though or even download some.
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4 years ago, RedstonewolfX
A great choice for mobile rocket sims
If you are looking for a rocket simulator, or you enjoy the PC game Kerbal Space Program, this is the app for you. I played it earlier on (before 1.5) and loved it and its freedom immediately. You get to build your own rockets and fly to a variety of planets from our solar system, unleashing your creativity to make the rover, rocket, or space station of your dreams. The game is completely free to play, but if you want to expand on the initial experience, there are several packs you can buy to make it much better. Buy the planet pack, get access to Jupiter and its moons. You can buy a different pack for a variety of parts. There’s also a third one to customize your ship’s appearance with Skins. You can also buy all three of these and unlock sandbox options, allowing you to do things like make your ship indestructible or have an infinite fuel supply. My only complaint is the removal of Batteries - those were a nice addition - and the fact that the editor is not as wide anymore. I would like to have the batteries back (even if it’s until you add the “revamped electric system”) and for you to give us that original editor size. Feature removals aside, this is among the best mobile space simulators out there, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something remotely similar to one. If I could, I’d give this six stars without hesitation. Great game, keep up the fantastic work!
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4 years ago, AEOS Silverllama
Awesome game, love it, but..
Okay, it’s an amazing game and I constantly like to play it and can’t wait for the updates that yet to come, although there’s something that I don’t like, it might be because of my phone but sometimes when there is like a big rocket that I created or something similar to that, the game FREEZES and I have restart the game, I might be because of the performance of my phone maybe (iPhone 5 SE), or maybe it’s from the game but it wasn’t like that before the big update, other than that, the game is Perfect, A MASTERPIECE, lovely, and finally I can hear the nice, soft, space ambient music, still can’t wait for updates, keep up the good work! Also maybe can you add the rest of the solar system maybe? Maybe not the moons because I know why you put small amount on Jupiter, and maybe... asteroid belt? I know it’s 2D but just a little bit of asteroids, actually, scratch that, beginners might find it hard to pass, so I guess just the rest of the solar system would be good. 👍
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3 years ago, jrsightes
Perfectly Simple & Simply Perfect
This game is easy to start playing, and difficult to master. The barrier to entry is very low—within 5 minutes of downloading the game, you’re flying. There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles to figure out. I think I reached orbit on maybe my 4th or 5th attempt. That’s not to say it is too easy. There are plenty of challenging things to learn, and not a whole lot in the way of tutorials. You mostly have to mess around until you figure it out. Getting into precise orbits, docking, landing, and interplanetary travel all take a while to get the hang of. Looking forward to the promised future updates. One thing this game absolutely needs is the ability to time warp while using ion engines. The ion engines aren’t worth much if you have to leave the app open for an hour to get into a Jupiter-Earth transfer orbit. You end up just using regular engines and burning through a lot of fuel because you don’t want to wait.
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7 months ago, SprocketTehCatHasGrammarNow
It’s great; I request only one feature if possible: realistic mode.
Ever since I delved into SFS realistic mode on my pc, it has made me wonder why I even bother playing normal mode here. So, I’ve stopped. My reasoning is that why spend your time trying to complete a simpler challenge on normal mode, when you can spend your time working towards a much harder challenge on realistic mode, because that harder challenge will be more rewarding? While yes, a mobile device is much more accessible then your pc (phones for example), I still think that spending my time on realistic mode is much better. I will try hard mode soon enough, but I’m not sure if I’ll stay on hard mode. Other than that rant, this simple yet challenging game is still pretty fun, especially on realistic mode, and I understand if adding realistic mode to here isn’t much of a priority, as this is more of a niche thing that I want. Keep up the work!
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2 years ago, taeh.yuh_
Have been playing for 5 years
During my 5 years playing this game, I have seen significant updates to not only the UI, but the game itself. It has gotten significantly easier to launch and fly spacecrafts since I’ve played, and buying the expansion pack only added to that fun with more stuff that I could put on my spacecraft. However, I really would like to see the planets get an overhaul. Our own planet has less detail than Jupiter or Mars when you zoom out on it. Not only that, but the entire planet is covered with land. 70% of the earth is covered with water. It should be possible to land in the ocean in this game, as is common with spacecraft re entering the atmosphere and stray parts being collected for re use in new spacecrafts as seen with how SpaceX does it. Not only should the earths ocean be added, but I think it’s time for a new planet to be added. I’ve been waiting for Saturn for a long time. But all in all, amazing game.
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2 months ago, Rksnapper
Truly a great game!!
I have sunk over 130 hours into this game! The beauty of the dynamics, simplicity yet its so challenging!!! Love all the building and design trial and error to figure out what works. Absolutely love the challenges! There should be a lot more of them!!! You master the easy ones very quickly and then you really have to work to do the Venus and mercury land and return challenges. Loved it so much, I bought the expansion pack. My only complaint with those is that they are mostly skins for mercury redstone and atlas packs. You need the additional rocket pieces and the Jupiter/moons pack. Suggestions: Why did you stop there??!! I want to launch probes to the outer planets! Include those! But you will need to improve gravity assist trajectory planning otherwise, you’ll never get there. You could include planetary probe data and ‘learn’ about our solar system Need a use for solar panels. I put space stations around earth and Jupiter but they don’t do anything. Maybe produce fuel to fill the fuel tanks? More rocket pieces are needed. How about a shuttle that can fly through atmospheres? Solid rocket boosters? Space construction projects? Some way to set up lunar/mars bases? If you don’t do any of the above, thank you for developing such a great space simulator!!! Love re-entering mars and Venus with heat-shields then pop multiple parachutes followed by a short retro burn to a soft landing! Addictive!!!
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1 year ago, Andrew is my username
Awesome game, one critical bug…
Ok, other than the one bug I’m going to mention soon, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played period. No matter what I think of, the performance, the quality, the overall feel, I cannot find something to criticize about this game. however, there is some thing that makes this only four-star game. So, I spent a lot of time building my spaceship, and I successfully got into Mars’s sphere of influence. Once I was there, the game lagged out/froze and it’s soft locked so that the only way I could do anything it’s by going back to the home menu of my phone. And then re-open the app and re-open my save file and pressed continue; immediately, after I press continue, the game froze again, I had to go back to my Home Screen. Because there’s no auto save feature, my rocket and my progress in reaching Mars were taken away instantly, and I had to start again. Overall though, it’s a great game and I’d recommend it to everyone I know 👍.
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2 years ago, mattyGk
Epic game!
Epic game that I recommend to anyone who wants to be an astronaut (like me) or for people who just want to build rockets! The real reason that I’m making this review is because I REALLY want rope and cord. I wanted to make a model rocket, but on a model rocket the rocket is connected to the nose cone by a cord, and I didn’t have one. Also, I wish you could pull your parachute out early, but wouldn’t catch air until there was enough to catch. Otherwise, this is the best space flight game I’ve ever played. Thanks for adding atmosphere burning. I played right before the update and it’s so much better now. I read a note saying that you would add astronauts, but you haven’t. I really wanted to throw them out the airlock in the middle of nowhere in space. Maybe even add water! If you do that you might as well add a floatation device to float. Did you know more people have landed on the Moon than on the bottom of the Marina Trench? Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, lightyearhour
Re-downloaded because of the updates!
I am a big of Spaceflight Simulator and played the original, no-updates game for YEARS. I deleted the game around November last year, and I don’t know what peaked my curiosity but when I looked this game up again, I saw that it has been updated and I HAD TO DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN. I was very impressed with the updates! I particularly like the multi-select function in the blueprints section. The afterburners animation is beautiful. Maybe it’s just me but something in the physics of the game changed (not a bad thing). When you have infinite fuel on and you make a tiny, twin-Titan engine hypersonic beast, it becomes very unstable in flight until it leaves the atmosphere, which never used to happen which is a cool subtle change! Still trying to figure out the “encounter” trajectory guides, once I do, I’m sure this will make trips very easy. Looking forward to all the other upgrades! I want to see Pluto!
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6 years ago, Bduxnskfjdnch
Great I’m pretty much all ways.
Now, this review is coming from someone who played other space sim games on the pc (mainly KSP) and I loved every minute of this game. Yes, you do have to pay for the full experience but o think everyone can spare $4 for such a great experience. The only problems I had with this masterpiece was he lack of an adaptor piece and the fairings are quite confusing and I haven’t quite figured them out yet. However, the first problem is pretty much inexistent because some fuel tanks automatically adapt to the ones with other radius’. This means I can have a fuel tank from the basic category connect smoothly with the smallest one from the big category, and that connect to the smallest one from the giant category. Only problem with that is that it takes away from the total amount of fuel you can have (at least I think it does). The fairings are the only real problem with the game I had and I’m sure I will figure it out eventually.
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4 years ago, Chasethebiggone
Increased Negligence
This game is a very fun game for me, as I even paid for the full version. Unlike a lot of the most critical reviews, I’ve had good luck with this game on my iPhone, with the game even restoring my purchases when reinstalled on another device! My problem with game is since I’m not greatest rocket designer, I loved using the amazing creations on the user-made download list. Although, for the past few months (at least 6 months) it claimed that “user sharing was being reworked” which was very weird for how long it has been this way. Other complaints point out that the Dev has been very negligent as of recent and that is very sad as I did pay 4.99$ for a full version of game (which I don’t do very often) and what I was promised is no longer here. I do hope that a dev of a game with this much potential would not give up on their creation, yet I hope wherever they are they are doing well and will return to updating the game weekly as promised. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Rplaine
What a great game, content suggestion
This is quite a fun game. I bought the expansion after playing about 10 minutes. After the first rocket I was hooked. Finally a great game. I love being able to zoom out quite far out and seeing the body I am orbiting around. It has a nostalgia to it. As content goes, I love the start. I would love to see fuel lines so I could do a more effective asparagus staging of rockets. That way I can build rockets which have maximum efficiency. I would like to have the ability to build space planes. I’m not quite sure on how the 2D physics and building could go for that, possibly just a simplified version of a plane without the need of a center of lift and center of mass but it would be neat. Building could be modular, as in a tail section with control surfaces and horizontal and vertical stabilizer, a fuel tank/fuselage, main wing + fuselage, and nose/cockpit. To make it simple, air intakes wouldn’t be needed. So far, I am rather impressed with the feel of the game.
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8 months ago, Haloassasain117
The perfect balance but it is missing something
I love this game so much. It is very well optimized and contains some amazing mechanics based on the relation between velocity, height, and gravity influence. It is a huge trial and error sandbox that is what makes it so refreshing with each new rocket build. I can build a giant space station but it always feels empty because none of it has functionality aside from being a refueling station. I think this game is missing parts and mechanics catering towards satellite use. For example this game used to have batteries so solar panels on an orbiting satellite would be essential to a mars mission. A crew feature would be awesome with some parts for the feature like a pressurized cabin with different variations like living area and exit hatches for simple manually moving small pieces. Nothing complex or stressful to maintain but adding new challenges for keeping life in space would be cool.
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2 years ago, yeegnygvyuyggu
Old Times
I’ve been playing this game for years, and it is the most entertaining game that I have. Even some of my most fond memories are of the game. Me and the boys would make the dumbest rockets possible and it was really fun. All of this was pre Covid, so it feels so long ago, but this is a great game. I would very much recommend the game. However, I had a few ideas. For starters, having crew modules for the creation of space stations would be pretty cool. Another thing would be having to keep the people on a manned space ship alive and having different gauges for food and water supplies, crew health ect, ect It would be great if the player also got the ability to exit a lander and explore what they landed on, I don’t know how those mechanics would work, but that would be really cool. It would also be cool if the Earth had more detail like bodies of water and towns / cities. Also adding wings and other flight equipment for those who just want to fly in atmosphere. Batteries would also be cool. The game used to have them, but they where removed. More attention should go into the area outside our solar system, planets and stars and whatnot. Giving the player the ability to travel through our galaxy, and maybe have a planet inhabited by aliens. This is the end of my review, this game is a master piece, I would highly recommend the game to others.
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5 years ago, bm0orr
INCREDIBLE! Tiny wish list...
First off Stefo, thank you so much for your incredible talent and creativity in delivering what is undoubtedly the best spaceflight related game out there. It’s so much fun, difficult at times, super addictive and just plain satisfying!! All that being said, I have a tiny wish list of things I would personally LOVE to see included in a future update... 1. Add the ability to “name” made objects, or spacecrafts, that you have launched into orbit out there in the solar system. It would be EXTREMELY helpful to be able to tap on an arrow that you’ve got orbiting the earth, or any planetary body, and see a name for that object (like ISS, Sputnik 1, or Stefo’s Satellite) This would add a lot to the experience in my opinion! 2. Add objectives or achievements that a player can aim for. Or at least the ability to perform some sort of science related task once you’ve landed on the surface of a planetary body. Many other people have suggested this already and I agree in the thought that this would add a tremendous amount of playability to the game as a whole and would also be a way to keep players coming back to the game by incentivizing them with the release of new objectives they can attempt to carry out. So that’s all I’ve got for a wish list. As I said I LOVE this game and I can’t thank you enough for developing such a fine sim for all us space junkies to spend our countless hours playing!!!
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2 years ago, SkySensei
Love this app!
Great and fun app for experimenting with building your own space program. I’ve landed on the moon, built a fairly large space station in earth orbit and experimented with different rockets and inventing new mission goals and profiles. It’s very immersive and enjoyable - my only gripes are that it does occasionally freeze up, requiring a restart of the app (thankfully it autosaves progress so little to nothing gets lost so it’s really just an occasional nuisance) and that the units are all wrong. The karman line is not at 30km - it’s 100km by international agreement. Also, the standard atmosphere model puts the “edge” of earth’s atmosphere in the mesosphere around 70km for purposes of entry / frictional heating effects (not 25-30km). Also the velocities could be a lot more realistic, but at the end of the day it still gives a reasonable experience. A few more spacecraft parts would be nice too (maybe solid boosters?) but all in all this is a wonderful app and a blast (no pun) to play around with!
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2 years ago, I'm SPHR
They are a lot of glitches since the latest updates
I love this game so much but unfortunately i need to rate this game 4 stars after the latest updates because it has a lot of glitches. 1: the camera is messed up sometimes when the separation occurs. It just teleport the camera to where the rocket is not even in sight. 2: the surface is weird with this update because when you go like above 200m/s and jut to the ground, you would get inside the earth while the gravity is trying to to stop your rocket but it won’t work that far. 3: the game is getting crash more commonly. For an instance, I was building a rocket and it is kinda huge 😶 and suddenly it crashes… maybe the game cannot handle the rocket that so big. 4: the RCS movements is really weird. Like really really weird. When I was trying to turn the heading of the rocket. The RCSs tried to correct itself when I remove the turning button, right? It’s normal until it’s over correct itself. The RCSs put out some unnecessary maneuvers and it wastes so much fuel for my mission :(. As the glitches aside, this game is still worth the shot! You can try to make another falcon 9 or make an adventure around the solar system. I bought the game to support the developers and I can say that was the best money I spent on. Anyways, please fix your game I was triggered multiple times because my missions messed up like the glitches I’ve told above. God speed guys!
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