Spades Classic Card Game

4.7 (163.5K)
357.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spades Classic Card Game

4.74 out of 5
163.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Kimbo3752
Other apps can’t compare
I never leave reviews but the developer for this app knocked it out of the park with this game, along with other apps I have installed by them as well. I have played several different spades apps all by different developers and this one is definitely on top for many reasons. First and most impressive are the ads, I hate ads but in order for games to be free I get that they’re necessary. There are so little ads in their apps, they never interrupt gameplay, and are always less than 10 or 15 seconds long. Super impressed with that. Second, the interface is super easy to look at it so it doesn’t have any distractions or other stuff to look at that’s unnecessary like other apps do and everything is bold, highlighted during your turn, they even highlight the current winning card. I don’t have the best eyesight so easy to look at and follow is really important to me. Third, a ton of other spades apps don’t really emphasize teams or their bots don’t really play along like a real life game of spades but they do in this game! You never have to worry about your teammate trying to beat your already bid winning card, and if they do it gives you a quick brief explanation as to why they had to. This would also be a great game to play if you’re trying to learn how to play spades, I’m not sure if it’s the right way but the exact gameplay in this is exactly how I originally learned how to play spades before smartphones were ever a thing.
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1 year ago, izy2995
Greta game
The bots are smart, but not too smart. They’ll remember when a suit has been cut by spades previously by the other team. Your partner and opponents play the hand smart when there’s a NIL involved, but not so smart that they auto predict each others hands, you can still break your opponents nils. The ads are just the pop up and close ads, not the annoying ones you have to watch and hit the x to get out of 3-4 times to close it. No ads during gameplay just between hands/after games. Overall a smooth, aesthetically pleasing offline spades game. What would be awesome in a spades app would be the ability to play different modes, or make your own rules. I know lots of people play spades differently, like if you bid 10(dime) on your first hand and get it it’s an automatic win, or if you bid 10 you get 200 points instead of 100. I didn’t notice a blind nil option in this game but I might’ve overlooked it. Lots of people play joker joker deuce ace, and I’ve yet to see a spades app have the option to run that version of the game instead of just ace high. A pass and play mode would be nice, or a way to directly invite a partner/opponent
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2 years ago, Mac Lew
Spades Mobilityware
One of the reasons this is such an appealing game is there are a number of choices I, as a human player, can make in each round that has an effect in the game. The Mware Hearts is not as “friendly”. It’s programmed to give the human player the Queen of Spades almost every hand. You’d never know there are four players that she might be distributed to… Back to Spades. My frustration is with the ultimate tier as I’ve made it to the top position. I did that with Hearts, as well, but am less interested because of the programming with the unwanted Q-spades. Mind you, it takes a lot of time to get to the top of the Grand tier, in either. My complaint is, once there, at the moment in Spades, another player, in this instance nearest in points, “Trunks” is 40 points behind me. Suddenly, in a few minutes, is back equal with me, who took several hours to pass “Trunks”. There is NO WAY in actual playing that could happen. Instantaneous 40 point leap in moments when it takes a human several hours to get 40 points?? Takes the “joy” of my accomplishment out of the game when preprogrammed competitors are given vast point movements that in reality human ones have to temporally work through. I do love Mobilityware games, overall❤️❣️Corrected.
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4 months ago, Nickname Paul3
Computer cheats at Platinum level
This app was fun at the beginning. Once I reached Platinum level the computer begins to cheat. I can give 2 examples. Up until this level, your computer partner didn’t hurt your chances. However, at this level, the computer partner routinely over bids causing you to lose rounds and ultimately the game. Also, at the Platinum level, the computer team that you are playing against routinely leads off with a queen when you have a king and the other computer team partner they have has the ace. So, in normal cards, the king could typically take the second round but, with the cheating they do, they play the queen, so if you play the king, then the other player takes the ace and they win that round and you don’t have your king. If you let it pass you by then the other computer player won’t play their ace, the computer wins the round with the queen, then they win the next round with the Ace, making your king of no value. This happens regularly letting you know they are cheating because in spades you don’t know what your partner has but the computer, controlling all three of the other players, clearly begins to manipulate the card play at the platinum level. i’m so glad I didn’t pay the $10 to go add free for six months. I was holding off to see if the game would begin cheating and, now that it does, I’m deleting the app after writing this review.
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3 weeks ago, Latest Victim
Long Ads
I absolutely love this game. However, you say your ads are 5 seconds long, and they are 3-4 times longer. They have a minimum of three screens and each screen is 5 seconds long. The first screen gives you an X to exit, but then another screen pops up. When you click the X on that screen another screen opens. Most of the time a pop up screen will appear with a link to the App Store and you have to close that screen too. I understand I can buy out of ads, but it’s not just a buy out like most other apps. It’s a subscription. Like I said, the app is a lot of fun and I love playing it, but if you’re going to say the ads are 5 seconds long, please make sure they are.
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1 year ago, 4u4dino
Started great but went bad quickly
This was great fun until you got to higher levels. I’m at the end of this app. I am NEVER able to successfully get a nil and I am no longer able to break their nil. And my partners are stupid! The last game I did I was able to get 8 tricks and my partner went nil. We had it- BUT my partner went nil with a A, K & Q of hearts and I only had a 2. We lost with those last three moves. This is typical. I ALWAYS have to under bid to cover for the stupidity of my partners bids and how they play. I have an average bid of 3, if I’m lucky. I know to NEVER go nil unless I have only 2-3 spades that are under 5 and all other cards are high cards from J -A. Otherwise, they break me every time. And IF I should be successful and get that nil, my partner breaks his bids by not getting them! So I rarely get my 100 points. This is all predictable 💯 of the time and very, very frustrating! It’s obvious that the other two players know each others hands and play accordingly and always win, especially if they go nil. I feel I have to play against 3 and not with a partner. I’m at Grand Marshall, ultimate tier, at level 3. I have been dropped back down to level 4 twice, due to my partner’s inability to play and AI teaming up and cheating. I am now about to delete this app! 😡😡😡😡 it is aggravating! This started out great but has gone bad quickly!
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2 weeks ago, ArkansasDruid
MobilityWare Spades
I’m gonna say this just like it is. MW will of course say they value my input and then thank you. In other words……just the blow off cliche. This game started out fun. You would win some and lose some. But you would at least win SOME! Once you reach the high levels (like Diamond) the winning stops. You won’t even be able to successfully execute a Nil hand. Your partner (which you can’t chose nor change) will consistently overbid or just plain fail to make their bid. I have been playing 5-8 games per day since I started. And I’m done. As soon as I write this I’m deleting the game and try to find one that will let me win once in a while. Oh….also canceling my subscription. See, I had such high hopes for this game I actually shelled out the fee for no adds. A typical game has the opposing team consistently get 70-80 point hands. While you’re stuck getting 40 points if you’re lucky. Then they will go Nil plus get 60 points in tricks. So that’s 160 points. You can see how they blast thru a game in about 5 or 6 rounds leaving you in their dust. So, if you like running into brick walls and getting stressed out about always losing then go ahead. Get this game. Then come back and read this review again and I can say, “I told you so”……
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5 months ago, Rrdock79
Too many glitches
This game used to be so much better but seems like in the last several months it glitches a lot. It has strange sounds when some of the ads come on and you can’t get rid of the glitch until you shut down your phone and reboot. Also it freezes on ads and I have to reboot. That’s gets old! Today I tried that and even after I did the sound (machine gun sound) continued when I rebooted. Also once you offered the purchase option now the ads have gotten longer. I have also noticed glitches in playing. Many times when I see trumps come out the first time on a suit their supposed to be out of. That suit they trumped before will come out again and then they will play that suit. Also I’ve seen someone go nil and then get set but it’s not counted against them. They still get their 100 points. So this game needs work. This was my go to spades game but now I’m finding myself playing different ones because this app is messing up too much now. Please fix these issues.
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3 years ago, Spade xyz
Game Needs Improvements
1)Partners don’t seem to understand the importance of opponent (who has placed a “NIL” bid) to catch a trick. They always trump it and are so proud while I’ve passed up the opportunity several times in order for the NIL opponent to catch a trick. 2)The winner of the round is obvious after a couple of hands. If you start out with a bad hand, all of them will be and you never catch a break. You get a couple of kings with only one more card in that suit and 7-8 cards in the others. Many times I get the ace of spades and number cards with an occasional Jack. If you get a hand that allows you to go nil, you’ll catch a trick with a low number card like the 5 of hearts. Just saw one where it happened with the 3 of clubs—- they were getting nothing but bad hands. 3)I keep getting the (almost) exact same hand 2-3 times in a row. That’s frustrating. 4)The endless ads are annoying and some go on and on forever. This is the best spades game by far and I’d be willing to buy it so I wouldn’t see the ads but if some improvements aren’t made I’ll just find another game.
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4 months ago, O'Ghamna
Rigged game
Worse developers than WGT Golf developers in how they cheat the cards to where one rarely wins. I contact all of the developers who place ads on this one and inform them I would never use their games or product. CHEATS!!! Got a msg from the developer. Nope. Bravo Sierra! The algorithm manipulates the cards. Developers say “they” don’t” and hide behind the algorithm. UPDATE!! Do not attempt to prevaricate again Developers. The game is rigged to have the opponents win way too many times. You are prevaricators!! All those who advertise are contacted to inform them of your CHEATING! If you developers say you don’t load decks I wonder…do you kiss your mothers mouths with your lying lips!
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8 months ago, Yrjaens
One star for brief enjoyment
I have enjoyed Mobilityware’s Solitaire game for several years. In the last 24 hours I gave added, briefly enjoyed, and deleted Spades and Free Cell by the same designer, and I want to give the explanation. FREE CELL: I enjoy winning a game of Solitaire as much as the next guy, but I’m not such a tyro as to believe that I could jump into a game I haven’t tried in ten years, and win the first ten hands in a row. No option here of selecting the rstio of winning deals or level of difficulty. No challenge, I’m gone. SPADES: Okay, I recognize that ads are the price I pay for using a free app—but three ads in a row for something called “Adblocker”? That’s just a little “on the nose,” as they say. And when Cancel takes me, not back to my app but to the Install page for the app, I call that dirty pool. Mobilityware, take a tip: take the features from Solitaire and incorporate them into your other games.
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5 months ago, Terri2428
Find Another Spades Game
I have played this app for several years and always enjoyed it until recently. When they first gave the purchase option for ad free I wasn’t interested but decided to go for it. At first it wasn’t bad but now there are leagues set up and you get moved around. I was ranked first one day and twentieth the next with most of my points wiped out?? What?? Why would I pay to play to be dumped to last place? The other crazy thing is the change in point you can win or lose and the rematch. Sometimes you get the option to rematch once, next you can rematch give time, then another game you will get no rematch option. Really have ruined a good app that I have recommended to many people and we are now moving on.
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1 year ago, <0+
Spades Mobilityware
I have played this spades game a long time. I did like it now not so much. Now the opponents get the wins. I have played 5 games in a row lost all 5. The opponents get 100 game hands right when they need it. I just played and was up the third hand by less than 30 I need the opponents would get a 100 hand and no surprise to me they did. The longer you play this game this is what happens. It is a shame it was fun but I guess I will delete it it just is ridiculous how every hand just about the opponents get 100 hands as they need to. I also agree with review on hearts. You can count on as you play a long time your first hand will be getting the Queen. Mobilityware was my favorite now not so.
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2 years ago, Essentia19
Cool Game with an unfair advantage
I don’t like the fact that I’m playing against bots and not real people. Your partner will help the other team win by laying off an opportunity to use a cut card thus causing you to loose the game, and will also beat a card that you have beat, like playing an Ace on top my King…and I’m like “WOW dodo” really?! Which will also cost you the game because now you’re short a book. It’s much better playing a real life game with real people. And would rather choose my partner, not random trash bot players lol. The bot opponents already know what cards you have, so it’s easy for them and your own partner to set you up when they get tired of you winning lol. Happens to me all the time. I don’t liked rigged games, but I guess it’s good for passing time.
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2 months ago, Ms.P6723
I had to uninstall it and reinstall it please fix my status
This is one of my favorite Spades games online. There you can make sure there’s no cheating. I have recently enjoyed the new challenges you throw in the game as I had adopted the Scally wag! it was fun playing with that character but when I had to uninstall it to reinstall it because it was acting up this weekend I lost my status in the game all of my rewards in the game and to be on level 2800 something is a lot I play these games just about every day every night you all see how much I’m on the game it would be wonderful to get my status back. Ms.P
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2 months ago, Skinny Otter 7118
Good Game but…..
This is a Good game to play however the amount of ADS is Ridiculous and Annoying. The ADS play over and over and you can’t close the ADS. For me I’m about to just delete the game. My Opponents are stealing my team books. How is this possible for the loosing team to take my Teams winning books. Also stop the Bots from cheating. The game is cool and fun to play but the bots are not Humans. The game is led to believe that you’re playing against another human. Fix the game please. I’ve read the comments and the Developers are basically repeating the same responses to everybody that leaves comments.
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3 years ago, mommaD130
Game rules
The game is really a lot of fun even though it’s kind of rigged, if my team bids NIL, the other team knows exactly what cards to play to set us, but it’s almost impossible to set their NIL. The rules I learned to play by states that when a NIL is played, the player bidding the NIL gets to pass their 3 best cards, and their teammate passes 3 cards back, also, when a team bids 10 tricks, they receive 200 points. It would be really great if the rules of play could be adjusted to make the game more official. Thank you and I hope to see the changes in the game.
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2 weeks ago, mart1541
Need Smarter Bots
This game has a lot of potential, and for the most part is well done. Gameplay is smooth, ads are fairly unintrusive, bots GENERALLY make good decisions. There is a very large weakness to the bot programming, however. They do not respond appropriately when NIL is called and their overall goal is still to take every trick rather than stick the opposing NIL player with a trick. There have been countless times when the bot could just throw off suit to break NIL, but instead they trump the trick and take it. Gameplay would be vastly improved if the programming could be altered to allow for this. I want to give this game five stars, but cannot go above three until this glaring programming weakness is corrected.
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2 months ago, fastninja12
Smart App Learns Your moves and makes winning impossible.
I’ve been playing this game for a year. I actually purchased a year. The farther you progress the more difficult. It learns your play. I use NIL whenever possible. But if you have 4 spades on deal, NIL is almost always a losing play. Once I reach silver I am dealt 4 spades 90% of the deals. This proves the learning and slant to losing. There are 13 spades. If the deals were random it would be almost impossible to receive 4 spades 90% of the time. STOP MAKING THIS IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN. Very frustrating. I will continue to post negative reviews until this is resolved. The higher the level the worse’s the deals. Opponents are 3 suited 50% 0f deals and often when that happens you are in a cross fire. I have reach platinum 3 different times and the result are ALWAYS the same.
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1 year ago, Ten Faces 0f She
Love the Game Too Many Long Ads
I totally understand the need for Ads. Most games I don’t mind them too much as they allow me to explore new games I may not have otherwise been aware of. However, these Ads are after every hand and they are in 2 parts making them way too long. It ruins the game experience. I’d rather pay to upgrade then sitting through the same long ads over and over. Ruins the game for me. There must be a better way for consumers to get an enjoyable gaming experience while developers make their money. Pay to upgrade maybe? IDK in the meantime I’ve gotta find a new game. This is a good spade game if you can stand the same 45-1 min ads after every hand.
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2 months ago, Buya118
Love this game, BUT
I have played this for some time. Finally I’m getting fed up with the “guest” player who is ALWAYS in the East position on the board. As I’ve mentioned before, the Guest has an over abundance of Nil hands. This morning was the worst. In the first six hands, the Guest had five Nil hands! SIX HANDS, FIVE NIL HANDS!!!! I’m in the Grand Master III now, and I just can’t put up with that anymore. If East doesn’t get the Nil hand, West does. I get a Nil hand occasionally but in all the hands I’ve played, I can honestly say my partner in North position has had a Nil hand less than a dozen times, and never more than once in any game. The bias toward East and West positions is unfair.
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1 month ago, candyblev
Ads are too long - Please offer PAID version!
This is my favorite single player Spades app - with 1 big exception. They advertise that ads are "skip-able" after 5 seconds. That is true for about 25% of them. The rest you can skip after 5 seconds THEN you have to watch 5 - 10 seconds more and THEN it takes you to a 3rd part of the ad and if you skip that too soon it takes you to another screen prompting you to download the app they are advertising. All of this lasts about 15-20 seconds. Ads are after every hand and a hand of Spades lasts about 30-45 seconds. Just be honest guys.
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3 years ago, Turbo gizmo man
Hi. I’ve played this app for several weeks now, made it to the final series, got three from top and can’t seem to get past that. Loose more than I win thanks to my avatar partner, regardless of who it is. It’s like the partners get careless with bids, plays etc. they always trump over my spades especially if I’ve already taken the trick. This quite often causes us to lose because my partner then is out of trump cards and could have made the difference if they hadn’t played over my trump. I left this app due to frustration but have not found a better set up so I’m back. Hope you will take what I and others have given as constructive criticism and make some positive changes. Thanks!
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6 months ago, Mst1217
Not bad
Update- got booted again, again with a winning hand. It’s infuriating. I hope you get this issue resolved soon. It never seems to happen when I’m losing. ?? This is probably one of the better Spades apps out there with a couple of exceptions. First, I get booted with great hands and can’t get back in. It happens rather frequently and since I don’t have this issue with my three apps, I’m inclined to say they need a bigger server. Second, slow players are allowed way too much time to make a move and that’s infuriating! Beyond that, I love the sounds, animations, and especially that other players can’t spend all their time talking instead of playing.
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4 years ago, ❤️toplaycards
I really like the spades game BUT have the same problem with the ad for World Poker Game as the review on 7/30 labeled “Nice Game”. If you have multiple people complaining about this it would be nice if you would look into the problem . It won’t “x” off. If you try, it sends you to a search area. If you try to go back from that screen, you find yourself back at the World Poker Game ad. I can only delete the spades game and reinstall to access the game at that point. Then shortly after reinstalling, the ad comes up again and I am stuck again. It’s very frustrating and I hope something can be done about it.
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3 years ago, tenorado
A total joke at the highest level
I played my way up to the highest levels of this game..Hours spent having a great time..When I got to the highest level I played for 5hrs. And won 1 game..1 game..I’d tie the opponents at the half way point in some games but that’s as far as it got..I’m also shocked at the times my partner and I can catch someone going nil and my partner spades them and then turns right around throws a lower trump card that would’ve set them. Just extremely disappointed in this game as it progressed..wiped it off my computer and won’t play again
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3 years ago, piersonrife
Terrible AI
I have a similar issue to many others here. The AI is just horrible - especially my “partner”. I think I will look for another Spades game to play. Haven’t had this one for long, but to even have a chance at winning, you have to turn on “Bid Suggestions” - which is odd because 99% of the time, the suggested bid is the same that I would have put anyway, and even if I adjust it, I still have a better chance at winning the round than if I turn off the setting. This is with “Hard Mode” turned off. As others have stated, my AI partner is (for all intents and purposes) an idiot. If you know you can’t win the trick, you play your lowest card. When an opponent goes “Nill”, you play your lowest card to force them to take it. Nope. My opponent plays the highest card it has … nearly every single time.
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10 months ago, TexasBuzz
NIL problems - deleted game!
I’ve been enjoying this game. Like other players, I have noticed that my partner will NEVER cut the opposing team’s NIL bid, it always takes the trick when it has a lower card which would have cut the NIL. I’m the only one who even tries to cut their NIL. However, if I bid NIL, the opposing team will frequently cut my NIL by throwing low cards. (If you don’t believe me, explain how I could win a bid with a 4 of clubs, and my partner threw off but had a spade left). The other team is the computer and it knows my cards. My partner is also the computer and it knows their cards but it will not support my NIL by taking the trick when it has the card to save the NIL. It’s very frustrating!
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1 year ago, AlyKat93
Fun game.. At first
When I first played this game it was a lot of fun, your partner worked with you. As you climb up the tiers it gets increasingly harder since your partner is dumb and self sabotages themselves. They bid higher than the amount they should, go nil when they have high cards. While the other team works so well. I don’t know if it was the luck of the cards but it’s still ridiculous that the other team went nil four times during one round. I’d rate this game higher if it wasn’t for your teams AI. Otherwise it’s a fun addicting game that looks and feels smooth, and the ads aren’t as annoying as other ads.
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1 year ago, jtvalles
Good interface, rigged hands
Update: The developer states that “all shuffling is done randomly.” The developer does not state that the DEALING is random. I suspect that the cards of the automated players are redistributed (or dealt) after the bids are made. In the end, the teams usually meet the bids exactly, which suggests that the hands are recalculated/redistributed to match the original bids. ———— Original review ————— The game is fun to play, but at higher levels the hands are obviously not dealt randomly. I understand it is difficult to program a “expert-level” bot without manipulating the deal, but it becomes ridiculous. It also appears that the program shares knowledge of the hands between the bots. It it obvious the hands are dealt for a predetermined outcome because the hands dealt at higher levels are much different than at beginner’s levels. At a certain point, the computer opponents play improbable runs of A-J spades in multiple games. The game is engaging, but I suspect many players stop playing when they see the hands are manipulated and not dealt randomly.
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4 months ago, Taftmaster
Love this game, but…
The app is great and the interface is really good. Better than other spades games I have tried. However, I started noticing my partner throwing hands and at times the opponents are being dealt nil hands on nearly every deal. Seems kinda fishy. I made it well past level 1,000 but when I end up playing against three opponents instead of two, I deleted the app. Thought of giving it a second chance, but upon reinstalling, all my previous game data is gone. Was good while it lasted. Pay attention to how your partner plays though. They should be playing to win, not throwing hands.
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3 months ago, VtFishgirl
Same plays, lame opponents
loved this game at first until I realized that they were using the same exact hands over and over again, and the results would be the same in each hand. Every king, I laid the opponent to the left the ace. it’s AI. It becomes frustrating because it’s not really a skill. It’s a computer making all the decisions. It’s unfortunate because I like the game until I figured out that the guy with the frying pan in the sizzling egg really? Lame.
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1 year ago, z09010
The other opponents play much smarter than my teammate. My partner never play’s back into my hand. Never attempts to drain the opponent with spades. And take the power out of their hand. Always dumps an off suit. And never playing back into my lead. The opposition knows how to drain the spades out of control. So you cannot cut with spades. My teammate has NEVER done that. And too many times when my teammate is the last to play, he will allow the opponent to win the book. So the objective of my game is to MAKE my teammate play spades instead of holding until the end. I have to make my teammate play with me instead of against me. Then my teammate underbids all the time. As many as 4 books
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4 years ago, you wont accept a name
Needs work
Nothing hard about playing hard mode but I know this will not change. You simply rarely win because your AI partner is stupid. Doesn’t know how to trump opponent who bids nil when opponent has clearly won the hand. AI partner trumps me with a spade even when I’ve won a hand. AI partner more often than not over bids. AI partner bids nil while having all cards above the number 10 in multiple suits. No way to cover their hand. Another example is you get a hand with all cards below number 9. You can’t bid nil because you have one spade and it’s the ace and your AI partner only has 1 or 2 winning hands with the opponents having the rest. When this happens 2-3 times is a row it’s game over and you don’t stand a chance. You might win 1 out of 10 games. Very poor programming and shuffling !!
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5 months ago, Texas Tony USAF
Setting a NIL player
The only thing, that I absolutely hate about this game is that the Programmer(s) is (are) very limited in their ability to program their algorithm, (or A.I.) to “set” another player… instead of trying to make sure they get their trick. You losing your little 10 points is worth setting someone -100 points, who goes NIL!! And 15 seconds when playing other “real or live” players is ridiculous! You know what you bid and so you know your cards… 5 seconds is adequate. Other than that, I absolutely love the game!!
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3 weeks ago, SnowBaby73
Frozen ads
I enjoy playing spades but my ads are always freezing. The ad will play most of the way through but when it’s time to exit out it will freeze so I have to exit out of the game and pull it back up . Because of this I don’t always get my rematch. If I’m sitting through the ad I want my rematch I’m not watching it for nothing . I’ve noticed the higher I moved up the more I lose. It seems like I’m paired with a bot that’s not getting all their bets . The bot team is always getting better cards. So I’m always wanting to just forfeit. I may stop playing soon because of this . It’s starting to get more frustrating than fun .
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3 months ago, ElBoydo
While your programmers can read their initial hand and bid. The play doesn’t match. They take obvious over books just to make their bid even though we have already made our team bid. When hands are under bid by 2/3 or more they don’t dump high cards that initially weren’t bid as books. It also seems that all the robots hold their highest trump cards to the end even if they have already made the team bid. It should be that if you didn’t bid the card initially and the bid is short of thirteen, the card should be sloughed. Your version of the game is not any different that others that I’ve tried. The programming is similar. I don’t think the robots ever played in too many real games.
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1 year ago, Yo mama even hates this game
Does multiplayer really involve other humans?
I ask because the vast majority of my hands are roughly the same. I have just enough high cards so that I can’t go nil, and am stuck bidding 1 a lot. Or I’ll have Ace in a couple of suits and then the Q of Spades singleton. It’s rare for me to get a really good hand, and in 66 multiplayer games I think I’ve had AKQ of spades ONCE. I’m no math major but a preponderance of hands like this makes me feel like it’s not at all random, and that I’m playing against bots in multiplayer mode. Overall a great game but it does seem tilted against me.
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3 years ago, mereallysmart
Taught me how to play Spades
I downloaded this app two days ago, and holy moly— I’m so addicted now that I’ve already made it to the Gold III tier… 😅😭 I love a lot of things about this app: For one, the names of the animal competitors are absolutely adorable—I mean, you’ve got Wooly the sheep, Gobbles the turkey, Waddles the duck, Scooter the snail, Pinky the flamingo, Vladimir the bat, Cobalt the wolf, Skylar the bird… freaking iconic. The other thing I love is the animations at the end of each game— I bet those took forever to make, but they’re awesome, and they even cheer me up when I know I just lost the game… I’ve seen each of them like three times in the past two days (gosh I have too much time on my hands 😭), but they still haven’t gotten old. My only complaint is the app freezes up quite often to the point where once it’s been frozen for like five seconds, the only solution is to exit out of it mid-game.
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3 years ago, Andrew Greaves
Almost perfect, with two issues that nag at me
I love this spades app and prefer it over any of the others. That said, two issues tug at me that I wish could be resolved. One, there is no bag counter for players to keep track if they have enabled the bag-penalty feature. The warnings are nice, but a counter in the corner of the player and opponents bags would help with strategy. Two, my teammate bot drives me NUTS and almost always cuts with a spade right after I’ve busted an opponents nil bid. Like almost every time. If these two items were addressed I believe I’d never download another spade app again.
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1 year ago, sunshine143tx
Excellent App
I am really impressed with this app, excellent game play and easy to learn for beginners! I haven’t played this for over 30yrs, brings back memories of childhood for me. I do wish the bots wouldn’t trump my tricks when they’re my partner and would play together to set a nil bet on the opposing team, but other than that it’s been wonderful to play this. I’m actually spending too much time playing this! LOL The ads are minimal and I also love that! Big Smile From Me!
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6 months ago, you're adaisy
Are my opponents real
I really love this game! Setting my opponents is exhilarating and when my teammate and I work together feels exciting but sometimes it seems like the other team knows what I’m going to play ahead of time and that the cards dealt are very one sided for many games then all of a sudden it flips around. Regardless, I can’t quit playing it! Graphics are simple, quick and easy, players are always ready…that’s another reason I wonder if they’re real, that and the names they have???
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3 years ago, BigLkop
Game computer almost always wins
Great game, fix a few bugs. After playing for months on end the game is almost predictable. Your “partner” is just about useless I understand it’s a computer but your just about on your own. In competitive mode I understand it’s supposed to be hard but after playing I figured out the computer almost always knows what cards you have especially if you bid nil so you lose that round. Kinda annoying but after playing for months on end with almost no progress in the game almost given up. Tried to give it a shot but good fundamentals hence the two stars
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1 year ago, bcgbcgbcgbcgbcg
Not skill, just rigged
If you win in this game it isn’t because you’re talented. I won A LOT…but then it is frowned upon to progress over the person ahead of you in the line of succession. I was leap frogging over everyone. Went from Novice to Grand Master in one month. Then I started getting fantastically lousy cards on EVERY hand. As an example to prove to myself it wasn’t just my imagination when my partner bid NIL I decided I would also. We both achieved NIL and received 200 points! I took a screenshot so I have evidence. If this game were compared to playing poker in the Wild West the dealer (app) would have cards up their sleeves, in their boots, under their collars AND would also be marking the deck.
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3 years ago, Koolpapa226
Terrible game!
This game in the beginning seems to be legit. After a few games of give and take things slowly begin to change. The computer gets hand after hand of nils. Your partner and you get nothing that match and nil hands, with the ace of spades. You get hands that are 4 bids… you barely make… or don’t. Meanwhile the computer opponents bid out of each other’s hands and you are dealt nothing to stop them. In the beginning you win some, you lose some. Then it goes to they win most, you don’t win much. Soon it’s you lose most you hardly win any.
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3 years ago, too hot for summer
Top Twenty
I love the game but once you get into the top 20, you’re basically done. You can have a really big lead over the others players and then they just somehow gain enough to put you back to 4th or 5th place. How do they manage to get that many points in a few hours. Plus, I’ve been getting horrible hands and you’re “so called partner” will actually play against you. I realize I will have to continue to play to keep the lead but don’t keep taking it away from. Thanks,
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2 years ago, Dsnny321
Did enjoy
I did enjoy playing thought is was one of the best spades games made until you see that they cheat. I don’t like the fact when you can take the lead from some one that you are behind they put you both on the same team to prevent you taking the lead. I don’t like how the team the players up. Not only that if you able to take the lead from someone or is leading someone they put you on the team with that person and they make you lose the game purposely. Game starting to be unfair have to find me a new spades game now.
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2 years ago, rick061375
Need to fix
I pay for the premium app so no commercials etc. I agree with the review above me… great interface. Easy to play. However, the opposing team as you get further in the game literally bids NIL every other hands and often several times in a row. So this isn’t a true random card deal. It was great the first couple levels. But as I get farther along I’m now looking for a new app to play spades because this one is loosing my interest. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could pick the rule options for instance “ no NIL” like any other spades game but it wont
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9 months ago, Big hip 1234567
Same as the rest
I used to love this game… once you start increasing in levels, the game does not get harder, you simply get worse hands, your partner becomes completely useless, and you cannot get a nil. It is extremely unfortunate that they cannot find a way to increase the difficulty level without taking away the joy of the game. There is no point in playing when you know that your opponents will bid seven or eight every hand, then nil, while you are stuck, bidding, three or four. It’s a shame. This was my go to game for Spades. I guess I will try to have to find another one. I am deleting. This is the second time I’ve giving it a try.
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2 years ago, aimeeb1981
Not terrible but
So, i have played spades IRL for over 20yrs. My complaints w/ this game are that all of the non-human players CONSTANTLY under bid. It is highly frustrating cause i wanted to play with the sandbag limit on but it didn't change how my partner bid. It is very frustrating. I also hate that once spades has been broken, the computer players start just emptying their hand of spades. IRL the only reason to do that is if you have no other suit. But as the hand continues you quickly find out that the other players have plenty of cards from other suits. The game should mimic a real spades game closer than it does.
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