Speak & Translate - Translator

4.5 (252.6K)
117.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speak & Translate - Translator

4.55 out of 5
252.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Boycott101
I purchased the app for a year. It works great some words are off but, u can get the idea what is being said. I use it a lot at work. My work area is mainly Chinese and I don’t speak a word. I’m not even Chinese but,I’m able to hold a conversation with people. Once I get their dialect (mandarin) worked fine. I will say this, people need to speak slow, it helps a lot. Speaking fast makes some words unrecognizable. I noticed it wants proper dialect. And don’t ask someone who might of had a little to much too drink. I have never used the typing part of this app so I can’t give a review. But speaking into the phone works great. On more thing for the developers, when I click on the icon it keeps asking me if I want a trial but I already paid for the year. Thanks good job.
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5 years ago, disappointedpayingcustomer
Disappointing update with Price gouging membership
I bought this app a while ago, couple years back paid $39 or something like that. At the time it was ok, I was in Germany and needed speech to speech translator & it came with offline speech to speech translation version with many other feature that was crucial to be able to speak choppy broken German through this app that some give puzzled looks but after quick read most can decipher its meaning, but it does not understand a lot of dialects or any slang. It is a one for one translator. That sometimes does not pick up on certain accents like my thick Texas accent. But it was sub par to begin with and now i am back in Germany and pull out my expensive translator to find out all the feature I once had are now being hustled at $6,99 A month after the high initial cost of buying this app that was sub par to begin with I don’t see any extra add on features, except what I used to already get when I purchased the app. What justifies the price gouging after i already paid a premium price at the initial purchase & now I don’t get what I already paid for. Might as well use google same translation it’s free and works about the same especially if you have to be online now
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4 years ago, Soldier day
Speak and translate
I love this app because sometimes my grammar double not all the time but sometime she kind of has trouble understanding words and she knows Hindi which is the main language of India so I just like this app and it really helps I just want you guys to create more apps that I would love to load and it’s been a good app for people to translate voice and it also helps understand if you don’t know the language thank you and if you have more apps just send reminders and how to spell wonderful time and whoever gets my reviews have a wonderful time and hope you enjoy the shop thank you and that’s all I want to say
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5 years ago, killian1995
Like many other reviewers here, I just realized that this app has been charging me for over a year for a subscription that I never agreed to. I never even used this stupid app, I deleted it within minutes of installing once I realized it was trying to get me to sign up for an premium subscription. Since then the app has been charging me $5.49 per month, which happens to be the exact same fee as my iTunes subscription so the billing notifications look identical. Apple refuses to refund me, looks like this unethical developer is refusing all the hundreds of other customers who have had the exact same experience as me. I don’t expect I will receive any refund at this point, so I will just say SHAME ON YOU. $100 is a huge amount of money for me, as it is for many people, and you have done nothing short of STEAL IT FROM OUT OF MY POCKET. I am extremely disappointed that Apple seems to be okay with this kind of fraud being perpetrated through their platform.
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6 years ago, Spacepersonz
Just get google translate.
I don't understand why someone would rate this app 5 stars. I have a few problems with this that I saw many other people had as well. 1: Translations I went to Japan (and I speak a little Japanese so I used this app) and I noticed that some translations seemed weird. For example, I asked someone where the bathroom was and the translation to English said; "the bathroom is in the room" so you need to fix the translations. 2: Pop up ads They are everywhere you click. When I try to type something in, it shows a 30 second pop up ad (that is usually grammarly coincidentally) and it messed up my text. Sometimes it even translate what I wrote, with is usually 3-4 words. So, I understand you want to make money, but get rid of the pop up ads. 3: The "Premium scam" A lot of people have been scammed with the premium feature. Sadly, one including me. I bought this feature and when I re-opened the app, it was gone. So, I unsubscribed from the feature and bout it again. This time, it said I already have it. So I can't get it again. I had to end up ending my credit card so the payments would stop. So, in conclusion, just use google translate. It is free, and you don't need to worry about pop up ads or any translation problems. Hope this was helpful for people just getting this app.
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4 years ago, c.morrow
Might work well but not for my purpose
I got the free trial for it to be able to translate a box with Korean writing couldn’t translate. Now I am trying to cancel my subscription before I get charged and when I select manage subscriptions it takes me to broken webpage where I can’t cancel my membership. I can’t do anything on the webpage! EDIT: After going through I decided to add two stars. The way you cancel in going to manage subscriptions inside your Apple account. There is a way to cancel so it is not fraudulent but they should not have a manage account button if it takes you no where. They should also provide a transparent FAQ section that explains clearly how to cancel the subscription rather then having to go through reviews to figure out how to cancel the subscription.
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4 years ago, Lianaabc
Cheated and want a refund
I’ve been completely gypped!😫 a few months ago I did a free trial without realizing this app costs $40! Never would’ve gone for that since google is free. But during the trial it was useful and worked well so I justified it after I got charged. Then a few weeks later an “updated” version was forced upon me and now it’s the worst app I’ve ever experienced! There’s never a time when I open the app and it’s not frozen. Sometimes is a takes one to two minutes and then it catches up with what I’ve been trying to do. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all! There’s also never a time when I go to paste a sentence to be translated and it doesn’t let me paste until many tries later. To get a simple translation is always at least a two minute ordeal! I am deleting this app because it’s one of the more frustrating parts of my day, and I strongly feel I deserve a refund!
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1 year ago, Maxhuyt
Poor Quality
While the app translates just fine, most of the time I just can’t get it to work. Every time I open it, it is stuck. Like nothing happening on a frozen screen. Restarting the phone does not help. X-ing out of the app and going back on doesn’t help. Mostly I just have to leave it on and frozen and then maybe, just maybe, it springs to life after a few minutes (not seconds.) this makes the app incredibly unreliable especially if you’re dealing with time sensitive issues. I’ve gone back to the free google translate that can actually translate in real time without freezing. Initially this app was fine but with time it’s gotten slow and sticky and I wish I was on a weekly plan that I could cancel any time than on this $70/year charge that I’m stuck with!
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5 years ago, Yomommasougly
Wouldn’t recommend
I bought this to use at work. I am a nurse and thought this would come in handy. Every patient I’ve tried to use this with has not been able to under stand what the translation is saying. I reached out to the company after two days and asked how I could cancel my subscription and they never got back to me. I had assumed that meant they deactivated my account for me but that was not the case. Instead they drained my account!!😡 would not recommend use google translate. This app isn’t even easy to use. I took my a lot of clicking to figure out how to switch languages and I considered myself teach savvy. Don’t buy, waste of money. Edit**: the company responds to my post with what is on their website. Like obviously I contacted them because I couldn’t figure it out. Like the company is literally no help even when being reviewed. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
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2 years ago, RABleakney
Made the difference in building rapport
This was perfect- while I am still learning a new language - having this to fall back in has been a huge relief. We have used free services - but simply speaking and having it detect that I have finished talking - starting the translation immediately - makes the conversation much more fluid- is worth the monthly fee! Will bring this on our travels - and know that no mater where our travels take us - we can find a transition tool for one monthly fee. For just the price of a coffee. Best coffee money i have spent in a ling time.
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5 years ago, -tungsten75-
Trade offs
Ok, so in general this app is pretty good. It lets you translate into more languages than Google Translate, and isn’t that inaccurate at translation. The only thing is that would you rather have a daily transation limit, or pay $20 for a few more languages than Google Translate? I get it, you guys are trying to make money, but maybe considering adding more languages and other features to make it worth the price in the full version. To be honest, this isn’t that bad. Oh also one other thing, I feel as if you guys are taking Google Translate and adding some extra languages, because for all of the languages in Google Translate, it says it was translated via Google Translate. No worries, this isn’t that bad and has a wide language variety. Thank you. -Winston H.
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6 years ago, Mycroft's Hommie
This app was downloaded simply to view and try out compared to my other free apps, somehow it tricks you or slips into a subscription I did not want.. these traps must stop, no I cannot tell you how worth it this app is because it was limited with languages and filled with pop ups and be carful with your fingerprint button popping up, because one mistake touch.. and your lured into a subscription. I did not want a Subscription! Not figuring out apple’s new ios or whatever the reason be, they charge me and did not want to refund me.. bad Buisness ethics, I’m sorry for the negative review, but until I receive a refund, it stays because I did not want a subscription. No matter what the case may be, whether you want to try out the app or test it.. be careful! P.S. Please return my wrongfully taken money!
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2 years ago, Travel Diva Too
Inconsistent at best
I paid the yearly subscription and have been using this app for about a year. For the last two months, the app freezes when I tap the American flag to speak for Mexican Spanish translation. It was progressive in terms of diminishing return. The first three months were really awesome. I speak it and it translated perfectly. After some time, I noticed when I tap the flag, there was this long “freeze” before allowing me to speak. Now that I’m 10 months in, it doesn’t allow me to speak unless I wait 5 minutes. Who needs it at that point after I google it!? Cancelled and not worth the full cost if you’re a frequent user. Freezes shouldn’t happen.
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5 years ago, TarterCarter
I’ve been using this app for months now.....
I’m sick of it. I literally use it everyday when there’s something I really need to explain to my girlfriend. The problem is when it goes to translate it hangs up. I can be in the middle of telling her something very important and it just sits there.... hung. The translator “button” you press just spins and it doesn’t return a translation. Why don’t free translators do this? So I have to kill the app and reopen. Sometimes I have to do that a few times before I can get it to cooperate. I have been doing automatic updates, so I know I’m at the latest version. I tricked myself into thinking that a paid app would ENSURE that it would ease and speed up the translation process on a day to day basis. If I keep using this trash, I’ll end up throwing my phone through the wall. I’m done with it. WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME. IT NEVER IMPROVED!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, J Gathright
Just wouldn’t work!
I didn’t purchase any subscriptions or upgrades with this app for starters. It worked pretty well too. I was annoyed that I couldn’t translate that much because after a lot of using the app (like translating a bit) it’s say i had to upgrade to use the app more which I understood cause, you know, I didn’t pay for anything. But what really got to me was that there were times where I would open the app and try to click something and NOTHING would work! Legitimately, it wasn’t even the fact that I “ran out of translates” or whatever. The app just wouldn’t work for me and would be stuck on the home page. I tried tapping every button and nothing would budge. I got really angry with that and just deleted the app. I don’t really know it this is a constant struggle for people who use this app but, it was for me. I’m done
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6 years ago, Kingjeremythewicked
App ruined.
The best translate app now wants to rob you with a monthly premium. I’m sad and mad at the same time. This use to be worth every penny now it’s just trying to rob you blind. (Hey developer when all apps on computers and phones start charging months (no one will use them)) greed is going to ruin you. And the best part is the developers tried to respond with monthly fees will help you crap... You only want a monthly fee now years later because you can't sell your app . I'm so disappointed in you. So they changed their response so I’ll add this. Once again the developer tries to lie and say month subscriptions are a way to save money. So let’s do the math.... Pay a one time fee let’s say $10usd v pay $5 per month. Now you keep the app like all other apps on my phone in definitely.... after 2 months I am not saving a dime and the developer is making money off of a program that I already paid for. As I said before, greedy is what you are, you are not evolving you are devolving this product and I’m not going to forgive you. You want to tell me I’m saving money... yes I’ll save money but not wasting it on this good for nothing monthly fee. ( btw there’s a 15$ translator that does more than this app ever will. )
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4 years ago, Sambandar
Excellent when it works
I have used this app in conjunction with Babbel (French) when the Babbel app does not come close to interpreting what I was saying. (The problem, as S&T proved, was an argument between my iMac and Babbel.) When S&T worked, it was great. One day it froze each time I opened it. Restarting my iPhone and opening the app again did not solve the issue. I cancelled my subscription, which should still be active for a few more days, but when I deleted the app to reload it (which I should have done before canceling) it only offered a free trial or new subscription. Fair enough. For my purposes, it was exceptional. But with a monthly charge, hassles are intolerable.
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6 years ago, Jaden Guardanapo
It’s Good But.......
I really like this app and how it functions, but I don’t really like how there is a daily limit. I get it you need money so you can stay in business or something like that, but I can’t understand people now that I’m in America. What I mean is, I live in Portugal and I don’t really know English very well so I used the app to help me write this whole thing and boom it tells me the daily limit has been reached so now I can’t really communicate with them. And you may be asking “if it already ran out then why are you still typing this”, and the awnser to that is because this is the exact thing In copied and pasted. I hope you can make the daily limit maybe a little more. Thank you ~Alexis Guardanapo
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5 years ago, CBMann
The Best translation app I have tried
I sat down at a table of only Japanese speaking people recently. I scrambled to find a way to communicate. When I found the speech to speech aspect of this app, the evening transformed and became one of the best memories I will ever have. This app breaks down barriers between people Awesome!! I wish there was a way to copy text from a text message in a different language and paste into this app for translation . Like Google translate. So i find myself using both apps to communicate. If there is a way to do this in this app, please let me know
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4 years ago, tmmk1
Good in a pinch, not the best
I got this to use for a Spanish class so I could listen to sentences I’m stuck on and have it translated. It works for the most part, I think google translate works better, but the biggest problem I have is with the app itself. When I open it and try to use the microphone the app freezes and I can’t do anything, I’ve restarted my phone and updated the app, the only thing that works is letting the app sit open for a few minutes before I use it. In the time I’m waiting I can use another translating service before the app even works. For an app that I’m paying for and with this many users I feel like technological issues should be at a minimum with the app.
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6 years ago, fhfjsnv
This doesn’t work.
Don’t get this app. It works the same as google translate, and we all know google translate does not work. The ad is fake. I tried speaking and translating, and when I switched back, it said the same exact thing in the other language. It also didn’t translate correctly. Don’t get this app. It’s the same as google translate. Why do people rate this 5 stars? It’s not worth 5 stars. Also, I hate the pop up ads. When you’re in a conversation, there will be an ad that interrupts translation. I doubt people will understand what I’m saying if I translate through text OR voice. This app is bad, NOT worth 4 stars. I’m pretty convinced that the developer message is just a bot or automatically responding to each and every message. You can’t convince me to reinstall the app. I’m not using it ever again.
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6 years ago, pablopicoso
Not intuitive.
Too many steps involved when you want to just do a quick translation. You’re buttons to translate are not necessary to be so big. A simple switch button between the flags is enough to switch the direction of the translation. That is what the arrows between the flags is for. Just like any map app, you switch there. You have a redundancy to enter text. One flag or the other. So now let’s say I don’t want to translate from English to Italian. How do you choose another language? A tiny nondescript button lets you do that. You’re only looking at it as if I’m in their country so one language access is fine but I live in NYC. Anyone from any language could be my next need for a translation. You buried the alternate language choices.
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5 years ago, no one 1234567
Do not purchase this BS app
I am trying to fix the issue I have with this app with the support team, and I am getting nowhere for a month now. Wen I purchased the app it had an option to speak and translate from Bulgarian to English. I did the huge mistake to subscribe and pay for one year 39$ and this option stopped working. It keeps giving me a message that I am offline and the voice option is not available, just the write. I purchased it so I can use the speak and translate. I contacted the support, they usually reply in a week after your email and they are sending me info to cancel. Even if I do it cancelled after the subscription period of one year. So basically I spent 39$ for something that does not work, no one addressed my question about this offline bs, and it is totally waste of money
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4 years ago, gifulrydubljphd
Will not work
The app works great when it works. I click on the button on the screen and nothing happens. I have restarted my phone and still nothing. This has happened a few times now but this time it has been a few days. I pay for this app so any help to fix the glitch would be great. Edit: You have reached out and I can not respond to you because the app will not work so I hope this helps. I’m not really sure what started this issue. I go to the app and it opens but I can not click anything on the screen. It would appear that my phone is frozen but I can use any other app and the the touch screen works perfectly but when I go to this app there is nothing. I have restarted my phone multiple times but still I can not click on any button on this app.
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6 years ago, ZebraCat1519
Too many adds and is embarrassing
I was in France for a week and none of my family knew French. So I got this app while in France to help but in the middle of a conversation with someone, adds would pop up and half of my translations were wasted on apologizing to the person for the add. And then I ran out of translations, once more, while in the middle of the conversation. And we couldn't understand each other. This app has embarrassed me so much that I seriously believe that it should either be taken off the App Store or just remove the stupid premium option. No one is going to pay $20 a year for something this small and sometimes even relatively useless. Also their rating reply system is just a bot. They're all the same replays to similar complaints and problems.
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6 years ago, Joni35209
Never meant to purchase monthly subscription
I may have used this app one time several months ago in europe thinking I had downloaded a free version but I’ve been charged $7 per month for several months. I finally canceled my subscription. I’ve never accidentally ordered an app subscription so I am suspicious that it was without my consent. I’d like to get a full refund. Also, I got an email a couple of months ago that the charge had failed because I had to replace my credit card and so I thought these charges would finally discontinue but you somehow got my new credit card number???? I did Enter my new card to continue my iCloud monthly $0.99 subscription. I did not authorize this app on my new card and I didn’t ever intentionally authorize a monthly recurring charge.
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6 years ago, Josh veto
Why would we Subscribe to an app that cost $20?
I understand this app is very useful. Our use it almost every day at work. I work in the hospital so he’s going to translate Spanish and Arabic and creel. But for $20 a year it is not worth it. Now if it was 10 yes I would be paying in an instant for the premium. The pop ups are annoying and the worst part is it uses some of your translations and doesn’t let you finish typing them because the commercial/add cut you off and makes you wait 30 seconds. I believe this app could go if our way. But the price range for it’s a little absurd. I would like for y’all to rethink the price range. Maybe offer different packages but 20 bucks to just translate isn’t a good deal.
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3 years ago, HappyPlayTime
For a language learner.
This provides great fun for practicing my Italian. I just wish it would correct or help with my pronunciation. It will only speak the translated phrase unlike apps like Mate which can add audio to both phrases. Also useful to add, would be the ability to save both the Italian phrase and the English translation. Regardless, this is fun to use simply as a language learner. Its voice recognition seems more accurate for me than other apps I tried. Unfortunately for Mate. it still has many problems.
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1 year ago, kulakolea
This site is not working. When I tried to report problem it claimed I didn’t have a subsription which I do. I received a pop up add from company wanting me to upgrade to more expensive product. I could not remove the add so I am unable to access my paid subsription which is paid until May 2023. I could not access the company’s support site. When I tried to cancel my subsription and get refund I could not complete it because it claimed I didn’t have a subsription. My subsription has renewed for couple of years. What gives? Also, there is another app on Apple with very similar logo and same app. name of Speak and Translate but lists another company. I have complained to Apple about this and have asked them to investigate.
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6 years ago, Mommap13
Did not work, and speak to translate is only available WITH internet
So I bought this thinking it’d be perfect for my overseas trip. My first issue is that it did not provide accurate translations, often not even close! And many times the words were not even recognized. This was specifically a big issue for german to English translation. I had similar issues with French to English but not quite as much. My second issue is that I assumed you could do speak to translate without internet, but nope, only works with internet or data. Which if you’re traveling in another country and trying to speak to people in the street, it won’t work. Total waste of money, don’t buy! Just use google translate instead, it worked better, and it’s free
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4 years ago, evan7777777777777777776
It was working great until.......
The app was working great for what I needed it for but after trying to use the app several times across multiple days, the app continues to glitch and mess up the translations. For example it would translate something like normal and all of a sudden after I had said the sentence, it would start adding “debajo” over and over and over again until it began to fill the entire screen, I exited out of the app in time. This app used to work so well but now it’s sort of creeping me out. The screen freezes at random points and five minutes later I hear the beep noise to speak the sentence. I would love to use this app again once these bugs are fixed.
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5 years ago, JoDayne
Could be better
Ok, so I downloaded this app because I was in the nail salon getting my nails done and the lady messed up my nail twice and I complained. Usually I’m quiet but after waiting an hour and a half I was frustrated this was what I waited so long for. She began speaking Chinese (I’m assuming) so I remembered hearing about this app and downloaded it. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. If you don’t know the language the person is speaking it’s of no use. Only for texts. I guess most people would like it but it was of no use to me. I already use google translate for translating texts so I was very disappointed. If they added an auto speech detector then that would be great and FIVE STARS. For now I’ll just give two because I’m still in my feelings. Lol.
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6 years ago, stlimthesnake
I thought this would have been better
I actually thought this app would’ve been good. I was wrong. I really like the idea of speaking and translating but my problem is the app’s listening. Whenever I say something in English, the translator always change some words make my sentence sound weird. I tried using this app to talk to one of my friends who only speaks Vietnamese, but when I spoke English, the app changed the end of my sentence to sound weird. I even tested this out by getting one of my friends to speak Vietnamese into it. He said “hello hello”, but the app thought he said “hello bottles”. Again like I said, this app could’ve been good but the listening skills of the app defiantly needs more work.
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7 years ago, Aus4St
The pop-ups HAVE TO GO
This app is very handy and easy to use, but the free version has become a NIGHTMARE due to the pop-up ads. Literally every time you launch the app it will send a delayed pop-up that usually interrupts your typing, automatically sending whatever you have typed in the text field to that point. It is especially annoying because you only get a set amount of translations per day, and half of them get wasted on the half-filled sentences that are sent once the ads pop onto your screen. There are plenty of other free apps out there that may not be as easy to use, but at least they won’t harass you every time you open the program!!
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1 year ago, EloBM
Difficult to Use the Free Text Version
I don’t want to pay for the app. I don’t use it enough to warrant payment, so I use the ‘text’ version. It only allows for ten entries per day. However, when I do try, a screen pops up asking me to upgrade to the paid version. It’s so difficult to get out of that screen! There are no obvious ‘Close’ buttons. Just when I think I’ve swiped out of it, it pops right back up. It is seriously annoying. Also, when I have been able to use the app, I don’t think it always has the correct answer. I’ve entered a word in English and the Spanish word it gives me is the English word. This happens no matter which country’s Spanish I try (Spain, Mexico, US).
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4 years ago, MIA R. DAVIS
Use Google translate instead
I downloaded this app for a couple days of use. I made an account and made sure everything was free! I stopped using the app because it barely works and never listened to what I was trying to understand. That’s not the worst part though, apparently, a couple days ago while I was eating dinner and never used the app during that day or the day before, the app decided to charge me $50 for a yearly subscription. I didn’t realize until just now when looking at my bank statements. Even now, when I’m trying to cancel my subscription... it just sends me to a site with nothing basically. At the end of the day, if I don’t get my money back and some form of apology, this app is done. HIGHLY DON’T RECOMMEND!
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6 years ago, Inarion
In app purchase that kicks in as soon as you activate the free trial and charges you effing immediately, along with a message that you will be charged again in 3 days. These people can shove it. Apparently they do not understand the effing concept of free trial. I may ave purchased the service. Instead I immediately cancelled the subscription and removed the offending app from my phone. Making a note of the company... Will be discussing this with the State Attorney General’s office as well. Interstate fraud is serious business. Edit: I was charged immediately following signing up for the “free” trial. You can have the $3+. I deleted the app and will never download an app produced by this company again. Dear Bruce, You’ve purchased the following subscription with a 3 days free trial: Subscription Translator: No Ads & Limits App Speak & Translate - Translator Content Provider IAC Search & Media Europe Ltd. Date of Purchase Mar 23, 2018 Trial Duration 3 days Trial Price Free Price $4.99/month Payment Method Visa .... 6687 You won’t be charged for your free trial. Once it ends, your subscription will renew at $4.99 unless you cancel by Mar 25, 2018.
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6 years ago, redheama
Love the App but too much for small usage
I think you should have 2 types of pricing- one by the monthly/quarterly/annually, the other by the usage- 5 translations for each $1.00 not to exceed monthly fee. Nothing for months with no usage. I canceled my free subscription because I would probably use this once or twice a month and not every month. Even if you did no monthly fee if not used, I might consider but I’d probably use free translation sites first. I’d definitely do it if 5 translations for $1.09 not to exceed $3.99 per month, and only on months used.
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6 years ago, Mlance
Now they’re getting greedy
I bought the program it works well however they want to change to monthly billing and they’re trying to erase my purchase and they make me sign into restore my purchases every single time I open the application I really resent this I don’t like going through the steps I bought it once in good faith I should be able to use it flawlessly you make me feel like you were cheap and petty I would recommend the usage but I don’t like your billing tactics
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4 years ago, Et shoreline
Great App!!
I am a medical provider in a hospice setting and if a translator is needed for patient communication it is often delayed waiting to go through a contracted off site service. Using this app is a life & time saver ... and private. It allows for a better flow of communication so the patient feels that he / she has been listened to and concerns and questions have been addressed... I cannot imagine experiencing a medical crisis in addition to a language barrier... using this app has eliminated that additional stress for these individuals!
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3 years ago, GuatemalenGoddess
The app completely stopped working for me and I was using it a lot it came in extremely handy. Now I’m stuck and will download something different but I already spent $ on a subscription and I can’t find any type or help customer service to contact!??!!??? -IDK HOW IM SUPPOSE TO CONTACT SOMEONE! I go to the apalon page and there is no where to ask for help. I am getting so frustursted, I paid for a month and can’t use this app for a week now already. I never wanted to uninstall it because I did not want to lose any of the data any of the things I’ve already searched and asked for translation of. If I have to do that and lose everything then I’d like a refund please.
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4 years ago, catherineti
You have to pay money to translate, nope, don’t download
I downloaded this app to chat with a relative who was in another country. The first few translates were free. I was pretty happy with the app, until I pressed on one of the flags, and the screen for subscription came up. I was confused and thought I had pressed the wrong button. So I exited out of the subscription screen and pressed the flag again. The screen showed up again. I kept trying the flag and each time same result. Press the flag, subscription screen. I don’t recommend this app. It would have been a 5 stars if you didn’t need to pay $5.99 every month to translate a few simple words. Don’t download, there are better apps out there.
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4 years ago, Mamatude33
Great tool for work
Love this app for brief language barriers at work, directing patients when they arrive lost in front of me. Its helped me out at work in quick language barrier moments. Gotta say Im absolutely fascinated also by the ability to point the phone at foreign print, and have it translate into English. Line by line can be a little cumbersome with a paragraph, but great for food menus in Spanish or Chinese. Those are 2 of dozens of language pkgs u can download to ur phone. As many as u want if u have the space. Wonderful app!
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7 years ago, Al@a2
To many pop up ads
UPDATE: the app still has occasional pop-ups but that’s expected of a free app. It works good. I have used this app for about 6 months. My wife is Chinese and knows some English but sometimes words, phrases or topics need some explaining or more details. The apps always had ad pop-ups but recently the pop-ups come every time I begin to write something. Not only distracting but requires me to re-type what I was writing because the pop-up came have a sentence in.
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4 years ago, laki laki besar
Marital assist
I find the app to be invaluable when I don’t remember a certain word or phrase in my Indonesian, which I used while in the military as a linguist. Indonesian Bahasa has about seven different regional dialects, which for an American, makes remembering all of the rules difficult after not using my Bahasa daily like I did thirty plus years ago. Having the translator at my fingertips is greatly appreciated. Any dialectical confusion makes it easy for my wife to correct me with. So, thanks much. Sarge
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5 years ago, Iron_Man_Lives
Only lets you translate 10 times before...
This app lets you use the voice translation exactly 10 times. After that, it tells you you have to pay them $7 a month or $40 a year to use it. If you’re looking for a free or cheap translator to help you study a new language or communicate well, this isn’t your app. It’s decent for a translator. The translations aren’t perfect and you have to speak very well enunciated for it to pick up, but it does give you an understanding of what the other person is saying. You might consider buying it for a one time fee of $5.99 or something like that, but for the price I definitely do not recommend.
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4 years ago, lacenter
Had trial and bought actual version. Actual version disappeared.
I got the trial version of this product and used it. Then I bought the actual version. Until now, the icon for the trial and the icon for the actual version were on my phone. I used the paid for version a lot to talk to non-English people. Today there was only one icon and it wants me to accept a trial again. I tried to find the paid for version I bought without success. I want the paid for non-trial version back. This review rating is not for the product which is okay. It is because I’m being asked to take a trial for something I already paid for.
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4 years ago, wordhope
Overall... Decent.
It works pretty well for the most part, but most if the time it freezes and is inoperable for up to 5-7 minutes. The picture translation option is also not very user friendly. Unless I cannot figure out the instructions, I don’t believe this app has the option to translate a picture of text in one language to English after English has been set as the primary language. I don’t think this is something worth paying for at this point. If it doesn’t work every time I need it to, Id rather invest my money somewhere else.
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5 years ago, wyer
Robbed by this app and apple
Update: Apple is refunding, but it looks like they may be trying to only refund price of app and not tax. I’ll call them again if tax is not also refunded. I was trying to deal with another subscription when this app popped up unsolicited causing me to inadvertently purchase an annual subscription I did not want. I immediately hit the unsubscribe button to no avail. I contacted app developers and was redirected to apple. Apple denied refund . This unintended purchase wiped out balance of my birthday gift card plus charged $20. To my AE. I will dispute the $20. with AE and recover that. I won’t get my birthday gift card money back but that's okay. For my birthday next year I will be asking for the newest Galaxy. I’m done with Apple.
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4 years ago, H3ADHUNT3R70
Money grabbing
I had this app for a long time, as I used it to help with gaming with people from different countries. It helped amazingly as we could communicate easily and for no absurd cost, come to find out one day, they disabled the app to force you to change to download the new version which was a 70$ subscription, so I am appalled at the simple cash-grab mentality this once good app is now stuck with... and when this company gets an honest review from a longtime user, the developer tries to play it off like you, the consumer, is incompetent as evidenced by many of their “responses. Therefore I drop my rating, and I would give it zero if I could. (And noted that whoever is in charge of responses should not be...)
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