SpectraCU Mobile Banking

4.5 (434)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SpectraCU Mobile Banking

4.5 out of 5
434 Ratings
2 years ago, ChrisN2577
Useful App
Spectra App is a useful tool that helps customers manage their finances. It's a one-stop shop for viewing account balances, pay bills (and more!). Spectra other products are also Superb in that they give their customers peace of mind knowing Spectra products are "secured," such as the Spectra Debit Control App. We great appreciate all you do in creating and providing "useful & secure IT tools" for your customers' daily finances use.
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3 years ago, HM1Bear
NRL app review.
No major issues. Only items I see currently missing, are my credit card & “Zelle”. Prior to receiving my new card, it was a potential selection on the main page, that is no longer the case. Able to access the credit card info, but only by “re-logging” in through a new window. Preferred the old method where it was a choice on current Credit Union screen. Should be automatically present as well as any and all accounts associated with membership. Additionally, rather difficult to set up monthly withdrawals to a family member as a credit union withdrawal to a bank transfer. However, I triumphed and did so myself. But, could be strictly a user lack of knowledge and not a fault of the app. Also, would like “Zelle” added as transfer app.
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3 years ago, erwarren
Great app, could be improved
Great app, does almost everything it needs to consistently. A previous version allowed users to easily pay CU credit cards without a second cumbersome login. Now they’ve introduced a second login within the app, which means a different password that can’t actually be logged in the phone… bit of a nuisance. Anyway, the five star version would allow easier payments and interface between the bank account and credit cards.
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2 years ago, War Knight
Love the app
The app is simple and easy to use. It is the best quality of them all. The only thing I would like for the credit union to improve on is the display of the routing number. I think the routing number should be displayed at the account screen vices clicking into your savings or checking account. It just saves time when you need to find it.
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1 year ago, queentaz
Doing a good job only a couple of bugs that need to be worked out how do people add money into your account then it’s just taken out how do they get the account number and how do they take it back out I have noticed this over the weekend’s that it has happened
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5 years ago, ShatG
Needs an update BAD!
This app has been my go to for years on my iPhone. In the last few months I have been having an extremely difficult time getting it to work properly. At times it doesn’t accept my password, I have yet to verify my external transfer because it spins constantly on the log-in. My suggestion to you all is: if you are not prepared to launch technology to work as it should, keep it in the development or testing stage until you release it to your customers. I’d much rather you get it right than advertise a product that does not work and you fail to communicate to your customers it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, Zombieshdhhg
Makes banking easy
I love the app! I use the funds transfer, online bill pay, mobile check cashing, etc. 4 stars instead of 5 because I had a glitch with my funds transfer that I had to involve the reps with, and the site map isn’t very intuitive. But once you get used to where everything is it’s very easy. NRL is an awesome bank and if you have an account with them definitely get he app.
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2 years ago, margie8910
Easy to Use
The app for NRL Federal Credit Union is well designed. It makes keeping track of my accounts easy. Money transfers are done instantly. The remote deposit feature saves trips to the bank. I recommend it highly.
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1 year ago, jklwire
Banking at your fingertips
This does everything I’d expect from a full service banking app including remote deposits. Very intuitive & user friendly works very well consistently. Definitely useful & appreciated.
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4 years ago, 72Dat510Wagon
Smooth and Effortless
So far been using the app for about a year. I’ve been able to do mobile deposits no problem, check my accounts with no issue and transfer funds seamlessly. Keep up the great work on this app! It’s simple yet functional
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3 years ago, ProclaimerTC
In such times as we needed w endure, I am very please with and very glad to have the excellent services given through the app and services of the credit union and pray the well-being of all the personnel working on our behalf in the name of the of Jesus my Lord . I thank you one and all.
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1 year ago, p-dubya96
Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic
I use this app all the time. Everyone should have it as a convenience and staying up to date with their money/investments! Two thumbs up!!!
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4 years ago, @125ShooflyPie
Remote check deposit and password issues
App recently continuously crashed when trying to deposit a check with my iPhone 8. When I tried to deposit using my iPad received an error saying already deposited. Had to mail in check. Also app no longer allows the password to be stored and accessed with my thumbprint.
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2 years ago, kgs4Him
Can be confusing
I find the credit card application a bit confusing. Too difficult to explain. But it could flow better. Update: Things are getting better.
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1 year ago, Pop13542pop
Easy to Use
Love the App! Allows me to do multiple things from the phone without logging into laptop
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4 years ago, Aishalovesmusic
Needs more functionality
Doesn’t work with iPhone 11 technology, not easy to use.
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3 years ago, akaSPIDERWOMAN
Really like and use it! But for printing...
...I have to got to my web browser and logon there. Unless, I’m missing the feature on the app, when I need to print out e.g. my account summary, I have to go to my web browser. A slight inconvenience.
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2 years ago, abishop24
Love the convenience!
Easy to navigate and has everything at your fingertips!
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3 years ago, INHIMALONE
Pretty Good App
It would be great if there could be more than 4 account options to make payments from in bill pay. But the app functions very good all in all.
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3 years ago, forgetthebank
Like the app, buuuuttt...
Actually love the app. Functions well and links to everything through the website itself. Still don’t like having to reset password every six months.
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4 years ago, Adrienne W.
Great App!
App allows all of the same features as when logged onto website on my computer 👍very convenient
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1 year ago, nincknametaken
Been with NRL now Spectra for many years and they have been a trusted depository of our daily finances. No issues ever. Hope they keep trucking.
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1 year ago, Chacy
Always there when I need them!
This is a great institution, so I will finally make this credit union my primary banking institution.
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3 years ago, Vachilders
My favorite banking app!
I use this app several times a week. I appreciate all the functionality.
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2 years ago, Symteggo
App fails
I have updated my iOS O/S numerous times. And this app only works about 1/3 of the time. I have deleted it, reloaded it and restarted the device over and over again. If you are going to take over the NRL FCU… at least do as good a job as they did. Please don’t make it worse
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4 years ago, dbterp
Great app
I used to have to do certain things on a computer, but now, I only need to abandon the app for the computer if I need a larger screen.
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2 years ago, AyeeNell
Need to fix the dates on here And give the option to lock and unlock my card etc.
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2 years ago, Addawn
Missing feature
I used to be able to pay my Credit card through the app
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3 years ago, king42111
It’s a great app to have on my phone I can see the amount I have in my Account at all times!
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2 years ago, jessicaacissej
Register device
Where’s a new update? It’s now making me register my phone EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I log in. Update this and fix it. It’s been going on since the last update. I’ve had enough. I don’t want to uninstall/reinstall to see if that works because I’ll have to reset up Face ID. Annoying. Be better.
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2 years ago, gemcaryll02
Your entire online banking is awful.
It doesn’t recognize my phone and asks me to verify the browser each time I log in. I’m required to change my password every so often. And I have to have a different log in for my credit card. Please get it together.
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2 years ago, Tinman25
Smooth and secure
I wish more ( all) apps worked as consistently and efficiently as NRL’s mobile app.
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2 years ago, SJH747
Ease of use
I really like how easy it is to navigate through the Ap.
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4 years ago, treeskier
Good but needs improvements
This app capably executes basic bank transactions. It’s main deficiency is that setting up mortgage payments, installment payments, monthly payments is awkward and not as easy as with other banks.
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3 years ago, Carney55
Thanks for the great service
Been with NRLFCU since 1992. Best decision I ever made. Great service and constantly updating and improving to make banking simple!
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3 years ago, mariiiifer
Pretty functional app
Overall everything works great, app is always working.
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3 years ago, beyshmaishvssks
It’s great because it’s my bank
It’s great because it’s definitely my bank
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1 year ago, thewolverinee
Great Bank
Great Bank, Great App, Excelente Personal at their facility’s… couldn’t relay in another bank such greater than this one.
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1 year ago, Scott Loflin
It’s Good
Does what I need. No extraneous bells and whistles. It just works each and every time I use it.
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1 year ago, CarShe 728
I am pleased with the ease offered in making various banking transactions via the app🌸. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Patz-S
Fine and basic
Not too modern in comparison to other online banking apps
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2 years ago, DARRMR
Easy to use, secure
The app is easy to use, accurate, detailed, secure and reliable.
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2 years ago, TomBroomfield
Works well
Easy to use; handles remote deposits nicely.
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3 years ago, idkwhyineedaname
App crashesh
App is fine except it crashes anytime I try to deposit a check. I really hope they fix because I haven’t found another way to remotely deposit checks.
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3 years ago, Virgoman0
Great app for me
I really like this app it’s not fancy buts it works well and is always available.
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2 years ago, Quina1236
Password issues
I do not like that they make you change your password often. It’s so annoying keep trying to make up new passwords. Other than that it’s a ok app.
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4 years ago, Hahvahd91
Almost Flawless
I actually can’t think of any flaws, but it seems cheesy to say somethings flawless.
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3 years ago, Catielouky33
Banking App
It works well and is intuitive to use.
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1 year ago, User0348
Great app
Great app user friendly fast and accurate
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2 years ago, BigOTolaBoy
Easy to navigate
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