Speech Bubble: Photo Captions

Photo & Video
3.8 (627)
53.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Toto Ventures Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speech Bubble: Photo Captions

3.83 out of 5
627 Ratings
3 years ago, Adsykins
App works great, trial pop ups are a pain
Yeah functions really well. It’s polish and works I’m pretty much any way you expected to. The only issue is the trial version create a pop-up on almost every change you make requesting a monthly subscription. $3.99 a month?! Is there some hidden streaming video service feature I’ve missed? Lol $3.99 total, at max.
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5 months ago, Graces opinion's 😉
Not free
The cool features are not free. that’s not fair for the people who don’t want to wast money one some game that is stupid. This would be fun if everything was free. I am disappointed. I’m not wasting money. Bad! I only like games that are free ALL of it!!! This is unfair for the LASt darn time. I bought this for nothing! I’m deleting this rn y’all. I’m 😡. I wanted to make memories instead of paying for things to make memories. Everything on photos is free and nobody need speech bubbles it’s stupid now that I think about it. You shouldn’t have to pay for things to make memories. That’s not how things should work. Again nobody needs some special feature
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7 years ago, Anon!!!!!!!!
The app isn't anything special but that's what I like about it. It's a great app if you already have an edited photo (after using editing apps) or an original photo from your camera roll and you just want to add text to it. It is an extremely easy app to use and you have no problems while using it. The only con to this app is you have to leave a review to unlock the assets like "fonts & colors, etc." but unlike other apps you don't have to leave a 5-star review which is good!
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4 months ago, Veggie z
Simple and Straight Forward
No bells and whistles but does the minimum job. Very easy to use at least.
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6 years ago, MBublitz
Unless you want an ad app...
After waiting what for what seemed like an eternity for the ad to stop playing right when I opened it up, I got tired of it and closed it and got rid of it. Sorry, there’s “ad supported” and then there’s ridiculous. I don’t have time to waste for this. You want to give me banner ads, that’s fine. But when I want to use an app I’d like to be able to get into it right away. I’m not sitting through that BS. There are plenty of other apps to do the same thing that are less annoying. Went and got one of those instead.
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3 years ago, Franknparty
easy, free, stop whining
I don’t know why people are complaining about ads. Have you not, used the internet? This app let’s me put sophisticated speech bubbles on my friends’ dumb children. It’s great. And worth seeing the 2-second ad for mascaped 6 times in five minutes. viva la bublé.
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3 years ago, Corey123456790564
Subscribing doesn’t work
I subscribed, and yet when I try to do the first thing (change from speech bubble to thought bubble) it keeps asking me to subscribe. I can’t get past it. Tried restoring purchase, restarting phone, deleting and re-downloading, but every time I try to change the font or bubble type, it asks me to start a free trial and blocks me. I even tried subscribing again, and get an error saying I’m already subscribed.
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7 months ago, Mama_Wolf
Useless if it’s the Free Version
The free version of the app doesn’t do anything, so it’s impossible to tell how well it works or if a subscription is even worth it. The free version won’t allow you to edit the font size, font style, or color of the speech bubble (though it did occasionally let me edit the placement). Kind of a useless app unless you pay for it … and I’m not paying $5/week for an app I can’t even test drive.
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3 years ago, MIKE_KOV
Quick way to earn a low rating
So, unfortunately, I was looking forward to using this app. Got the trial, attempted to use it, and kept getting prompted to upgrade to the pay version. Well, I was upgraded, and I couldn’t use any of the features. So, deleted. I even opted for the highest tier version. Moving on!
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4 years ago, schultzy girl
Memories! (it’s kinda long)
*sneeze* oh- hello! I really like This App, just- yea, i l rlly like it. It helps me make memories. It was 4 years sense i opens this app, and i realized- i made a lot of memories. It helped me make a lot of memories. -so download the app if you wanna hold on to your’e memories. Ik it was long, but tysm for reading! 🤗🤗🤗 love you guys!!!❤️❤️❤️ Credits: the people who made this app Credits2: the people who read this tysm! Again
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1 year ago, SusanEP
No way to not be charged
Download free trial but app won’t let you cancel free trial or select to have the app not auto-renew until it’s already changed you a weekly subscription fee. There is an option to cancel free trial but it doesn’t do anything or give an error message.
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3 weeks ago, Chi Power's Wife
Trial Pop Ups Annoying
I am using the free trial and used it, then simply wanted to moved the speech bubble a fraction of an inch and keep getting the free trial pop up. I don’t want to deal with an app where this is my first experience with it.
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11 months ago, ccparks2530
Good app
I tried this app not really expecting much, but it does everything I needed.
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1 year ago, TheophileA
Impossible to use
Absolutely impossible to use as a free version. Virtually each touch = a pop up to ask to pay $5 a week to put speech bubbles on a photo. Uninstalled after 30 seconds, I bet you’ll do the same
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2 years ago, skaramunga
Terrible, don’t get this…
Not only are the ads completely annoying. When you try and make a simple bubble you can’t X out of the pop up that tried to get you to shell out 39$ a year for this joke of an app. Waste of megabytes
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1 year ago, Eric Stolz
I bought the annual subscription and the app simply won’t work. I can save only one photo and then it continually asks me to buy a subscription. Cant shake it. I deleted the app and restored it, and it does the same thing. A waste of my time! I’m cancelling my trial now.
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7 years ago, Yinteger
Waste of my time to even try out the app
Can’t do much with the app. Everything needs a payment to unlock. The price is also way too high. You watched a long ad for the free version and get only one basic bubble for free. Waste of my life to even try the app.
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4 years ago, meSpottydog
Super Fun
Super Fun, easy to use. Sometimes difficult to size the bubble to a font, but that’s not a major inconvenience. I give it four stars.
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4 years ago, debcr8r
Fun and easy
Fun and easy way to caption your photos. Pretty good got the free version
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1 month ago, Jackie moons son
Made me write this review in order to save a photo
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4 years ago, dc_learner_rider
Works as expected.
No complaints!
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3 days ago, Xander512
Lots of fun, wish it was free
Great idea, just don’t want to pay for subscription
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1 month ago, Shawn Mac Grandaddy
App is easy to use
I use app a lot! Keep up good work
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3 months ago, teekboo
Navigation issues
For some reason I can’t move the bubble or resize it. It worked fine before but now it’s not.
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6 years ago, nunio
Paid for Features That’s Not Working
Do not purchase this app. I paid for a feature of unlimited bubble style but the feature is still not enabled. I would give this app zero star if that was an option
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1 month ago, pwsxp
Works great
Quick and easy
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5 years ago, indymac
Read the Reviews
I should have read the reviews. I thought I paid $3.99 to unlock everything. When I tried to add art, it said I had to leave a review to unlock the art. Forget it.
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5 years ago, duhidk
New ways to create art!
So far Im having fun. Its got a lot of potential.
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7 years ago, Lsielski
Aggressive ads
I was willing to pay for the full version if the free version was able to demonstrate the application's capabilities. Instead, first thing I get, annoying full screen ad and can't get out of it. Don't waste time on this.
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6 years ago, Infowarrior2099
Simple and quick
Very simple and quick app to add cations for memes.
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5 years ago, mickeybatts
I’m only leaving a review so I can unlock features.
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7 years ago, Gwizzzz
So far, so good.
Better than others.
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2 years ago, CraigW.
Art stuff
Works well!
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3 years ago, CV $00
Good app
Had this for a few years, lots of fun.
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6 years ago, Gundar39
Enjoy making remarks in all photos.
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5 months ago, Toyo Magi
Not bad but could be better
Wished you could add color to it.
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7 years ago, dorkusamericanus
Never got the dang thing to work
Never got it to work, but certainly enjoyed being forced to watch really long ads. Downloaded a different app that works way better instead
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2 months ago, Gypsy08
Doesn’t work
Even after I paid to send these to friends, I still get promoted to subscribe every time I try to save, edit, or share.
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3 months ago, BoobiesOnCake
What the heck
Always wants money. Zillions of adds… def needs a free version with all the adds packed in it… searching for better option
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2 years ago, jeebler
Could be better
Could be better
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2 years ago, Anonymous moon
After you download the app and try to use it , it automatically wants 5 dollars a week! For a word bubble? Definitely not worth it.
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3 years ago, The cyberiam
Great app!!!
I love how easy this is to use!
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4 years ago, Lasure's
Use it all the time!!
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2 months ago, 56west
Not the best
Too many things to pay for
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5 years ago, real rankings
Boot this App from the sore
Apple, this is exactly the type of vendor you do not want on your store. Tons of ads, aggressive in-app upgrades, freemium version is a throw away. Lose these guys, and loose them now!
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4 years ago, Kyng00
It’s easy to use and quick!
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1 month ago, Zzzz6q
So far so good
Simple and direct.
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6 years ago, Great game v1
So much fun
Great app, super simple to use and lots of fun
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6 years ago, DBSnola
Useless because of ads
Can't even use the app because the ads interfere. The very first time I opened it an ad popped up and never went away.
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5 years ago, jakgal04
All about the ads
Ads show not 2 seconds after opening the app for the first time.
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