Spend Clarity Enterprise

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3 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spend Clarity Enterprise

1.8 out of 5
124 Ratings
2 years ago, &$&)(
Great Idea Poor execution
I agree with the user that has this title. The idea is fantastic but execution is terrible. We are always having have trouble with it. When trying to log in we get the message something went wrong on a frequent basis. Seems to be at the beginning of every month when you are trying to posted transactions from the month before. This causes a delay in our company financials. Also as a administrator the desktop is not intuitive. The help instructions don’t stay up with the changes. Really love the idea but it is frustrating.
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3 years ago, app user (1.5 years)
Great idea. Poor execution
This app helps streamline my expense coding and is much more efficient than the desktop version! HOWEVER, it is really slow and always having problems in connecting to the server. I also agree with other reviewers, the password system is annoying in the frequency of needing to change it and the two factor authentication. This app could be amazing but misses the mark in execution.
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1 year ago, Photosynchrony
Still horrible
This continues to be the worst app i’m forced to use for business. Nearly every transaction something goes wrong - the receipt fails to upload, some stupid error comes up like “something went wrong”, or it uploads the receipt but then doesn’t show it until you upload again, and then it’s there twice. It’s been like this for so long, it’s obvious the developer has zero interest in improving it. So we trudge along, expenses taking at least 3 times longer to file than they should every month. By the way, the web site component is also horrible.
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5 years ago, istevanovic
Bug report
Dear Visa team, Letting you know that ever since the last update was released every time I want to upload a receipt app closes and takes me to the home screen of the phone. Receipt does get uploaded but I have to open twice the app to do only one expense(!!!) I had 20 expenses an hour ago so I had to open 40 times the app... I am using iPhone 6s. Never had this issue in the past. Hoping this can be fixed. It worked amazing until last week. Appreciate you support.
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3 years ago, ashatx
Poor UX design
User experience is convoluted, confusing, requires way too many steps to accomplish a basic task, for both regular users and supervisors (transaction approvers). Locating required project and expense codes is difficult, and people tend to mis-code because they’re just tired of the searching hassle. Two-factor security login is also strangely implemented and resulting in frequent lockouts. Co-workers and I hate this thing. We’ve been using it for a couple of years now. Two major app updates in that time, but no real improvements.
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3 years ago, Monday 6/14
Not good
System is slow, always waiting. Doesn’t recognize my password or authentication procedure so have to re-enter multiple times, then it kicks me out. My administrator has witnessed it without solutions. I thought the system was going to make my life easier, but it has been the opposite. Wish my company would go back to paper expense reports.
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6 years ago, Okccsi
Old pics
I will change this to 5 stars when someone can tell me how to remove the old pictures of receipts that I do not need anymore. I was told they would fall off after 30 days but they are still there. It’s annoying. Uninstalling the app and downloading it again did not get rid of them.
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5 years ago, bob2143
Bugs are worse now
I was using this app on my antiquated iphone7. It worked flawlessly. Now that I have upgraded to the iphone 11pro I have nothing but problems. Image uploading takes forever if it even completes. Then if it does upload I cannot link the image and constantly receive a “cant communicate with the server” notification. Of course you do understand the intent of your app is to make things easier for those living “on the go”? Please exterminate these bugs.
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4 months ago, asdybkleidbw
Well it's no Concur
Couple things SAP Concur does better: Ability to push receipts in all forms; PDFs for example instead of just pulling receipts and only accepting photos, Ability to push receipts directly from apps such as hotels, airlines, rental cars, etc Ability to scroll thru receipt gallery Having a "Missing Receipt Declaration" in lieu of missing or destroyed receipts ...just simple basic tasks that seem obvious for an expensing service but are all missing with Clarity
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3 years ago, xasaxene
Barely works
Disappointing. It takes way too long to do anything and it's only half the process. You can't submit the claims all on the app. You can only add receipts. Also why now does it just make grey boxes where my added photos should be? It's frustrating to try to add pictures of receipts. It used to work well. Now it's terrible.
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3 years ago, Sanocraft
Push notification please
Waiting for expenses to post, having to check daily is a pain. Badge notifications would be very helpful, any chance they could be added?
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3 years ago, Drew11194
Don’t Count on This for Expenses
The app is not very helpful. Most of the time receipts fail to upload and are lost to oblivion. The app also is missing accounts (at least for me). It only shows the current pending charges, but will not allow you to go edit charges you have already submitted. Overall the only positive of this app is not having to use two factor authentication as on the website.
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3 years ago, JFarr55
Possibly the worst app I’ve ever used
Ive been using this app for work for many months now and it’s gotten to the point that after every single action i take the app crashes. This app is riddled with bugs and is slow to do anything. Possibly the most annoying thing is that the app makes me change my password every 3 weeks for some unknown reason.
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1 year ago, TruthSauce
App is worse than the website
The only thing this app is good for is uploading receipts, and completing the two-step verification that continually pops up every day when logging in from the website. If I developed this app that would be embarrassed. The only reason anybody use this app is because organizations are too ignorant to realize how poor it is.
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1 week ago, Scater08
Missing the Mark slightly but easy to use
1. Can’t upload receipt that Isn’t in my photos even though browser version can upload PDF version.
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7 months ago, OwensTX
Visa - Big Company with Bad App
Each use of the app requires a full login with effort that is unecessary. Face ID doesn’t work correctly. Visa - Why don’t you support SAML so corporate users can access with single sign-on? I won’t bother to get into functionality that falls so far short of best in class expense apps. Visa - You are a giant company… Put some investment into this platform!
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4 years ago, Jcat43452
Clunky, outdated and in need of attention
UX is counter-intuitive and inefficient. Simple actions take three clicks in three different places, while for other functions, it happens without any. Receipt uploads often fail. But, it does a decent job recognizing receipts. With an update to 2020 UX, it’s be a useful and decent expense app.
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3 years ago, walkedalot
Horrible and doesn’t work
I’ve spent about an hour trying to figure out how to submit an expense report for $7. I was paid much more than that to waste my time on this app and it’s accompanying website. No company that cares about it’s employees using their time in a profitable manner should use a tool that is so unbearably useless.
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3 years ago, DHZZZZ
Works but no notifications
Works for me, but push notifications or badge do not work. Would be nice to get a notification when a new expense is ready to submit.
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1 year ago, Thisappisnottheone
0 Stars
Accessing this app is a nightmare. I have to use it for my work credit card and I hate it. Find another platform to manage your credit card, this isn’t the one. Only giving 1 star because 0 isn’t an option.
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3 years ago, Disappointedreviewguy
Terrible app. Needs major stability improvements. Always crashing or unable to log in. Consistently shows error messages and prevents me from logging in. Save yourself the headache and just use your web browser.
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2 years ago, BlackLodestar
Needs one last function
Please add the “Extended Transaction Details” from the web solution, that will make the App fully functional for processing/matching recurring expenses.
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2 years ago, cecountry
Horrible App
This is one of the worst Apps I’ve ever used, there almost always an issue and I’m locked out!!!
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2 weeks ago, Pec solar
Terrible performance
This app is confusing and not helpful at all. Our company made us download it and its garbage. It locks you out all the time and you can’t get back in without the administrator approval.
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5 years ago, Reese los
Cash expenses
How do you load a cash expense ???????? This is an updated version of my last and I cannot figure out. All I can access is my corporate expenses????
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5 years ago, Paul te
Receipt not loading
Tried for two days now. Unable to upload my receipts. Gives me a No Connection error but I can still access everything else in my account. Please Fix!!
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5 years ago, AP2244
Horrible app
I was forced to move to this app for work and it does not function smoothly. Very buggy, slow and just not well thought out. Much better options are available.
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5 years ago, jenn liu
Can not login
I input the new password and meet all the rules (upper and lower case and number, etc) but the “OK “ does not light up. The cancel light up but I don’t want to cancel. I tried more than three times, I even reinstall the app and starts over.
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5 years ago, kdbugg80162
I don’t like this app
Server always slow or down. Difficult to upload receipts, get pics on d/t server issues. Time consuming. Things have a way of going *poof* and I get kicked off.
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5 years ago, Definition by character
When do we get FaceID login?
When do we get FaceID login? Come on other banking apps use this. Tired of entering password all the time.
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5 years ago, jb42$
Too many Bugs
Keep locking accounts out, not loading photos
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5 years ago, mad 1 mike
Receipts photo
Your app kicks me out after taking pics of receipts have to log back In every time very inconvenient!
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1 year ago, Scott Fontenot
Almost worth it 🤷🏼‍♂️
The worst thing I’ve experienced with this app is sometimes I’ll code and log expenses and then they’ll show back up the next day or two days later. And the picture of the receipt will be gone as well. It’s an infuriating experience lol. I’ve even had this happen with some expenses 3-4 times for the same one over the course of a month.
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6 months ago, hueyford
Unable to use app because of needing updates but there is no way to update so I’m locked out
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3 years ago, hereforwork
Off to a bad start
This app won’t even open. I never make it past a blank blue screen.
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5 years ago, Rara114120
Last update stinks
Crashes every time I link a receipt from my photos
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5 years ago, HeartlandRx
Over the past week I haven’t been able to upload receipts.
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5 years ago, Independent Billiam
Not uploading receipts
For some reason, the app is no longer allowing me to upload receipts.
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5 years ago, "Q---Bert"
“Something Went Wrong”
This is all I get from this app
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3 years ago, Use cash
Worst App EVER
How about a Forgot Password process. Unbelievable….
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5 years ago, quepason
App is trash
Trash bag
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2 weeks ago, Stormintazz
Great idea
This is a great idea. But navigating this is terrible. Then you get the change password. Then when you change it. You go back to log in and it says PW is not recognized. It times out quickly so you need to have everything ready to enter. Worst is the two step confirmation waiting for the email with code. Just wait until you change phones. It actually get worse.
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4 weeks ago, Cynthia R. M.
How can I get an authentication code in the app when I’m trying login to the app. Makes no sense. The developers of this app need to go back and try again.
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11 months ago, Chris in Arkansas
I like the app but needs improvement
The app seems to be very good for allowing me to complete expense reports rapidly. The key is to capturing receipt images as soon as you have the receipt in hand. I like the thumb print login on iPhone as login takes less than 5 seconds. I also like that 100% of my receipt images are captured as long as I am using the app (web version is hit or miss with up to 50% of my images requiring resending), and ease of editing expense coding. So I can sit in an airport and knock out a month of expense reporting in 10-15 minutes or even log expenses while waiting for a haircut. Where this app needs improvement is unlinking a receipt image - can’t do it. So if I have two receipts for $50.95 and the app auto links the wrong one to an expense item then good luck unlinking it. We really need a command in that drop down to unlink an image. Also needs ability to delete unused receipt images. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO LOGIN TO THE WEB VERSION TO DELETE OR UNLINK IMAGES - it is a pain in the butt to get logged into the web/desktop account. If these two items were corrected I would give the app 5 stars.
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12 months ago, trlanthier
Easier to crack a safe
Been trying to log in for 2 weeks. It sends me my username and password. Doesn’t work. Then if by some miracle it works, I’m stopped at the 2 factor authentication. It won’t send a code to my email. How do you launch an app with so many bugs?
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2 years ago, Aaron EnerVest
Fix the basics
The app won’t allow me to upload more than one receipt no big deal I went to get online and to login online I need a code verified by the app but the app does not give me a code when I login and it’s an endless loop what a pain
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2 years ago, TJK723
Visa Spend is the worst!
The app and the online version both are cumbersome to use. They consume more time than they save and provide little value to the end users. Why can’t they make it easy to photograph receipts and code them in one step?
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4 years ago, Bry1213
Awful spend management system
The app is terrible and not easy to use, the website is just as bad and confusing. I’m not sure which one is worse - but 1 star is the lowest that I am allowed to rate, otherwise I would have gone lower. Either way, the dual-authentication system has a habit of not sending your authentication code, or at least until you select to resend the code. Then neither code will work because the two codes cancel each other out. By that time you’ve locked yourself out of the system for too many attempts trying to get one to work. If you represent a company, and Visa is selling you this app, just... run away.
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2 years ago, MsNKristi
Could be better, but decent
For the life of me I could not find any way to give feedback for using VISA Spend Clarity in my browser, so I’m hoping this gets to the right people. When I am submitting expenses in my browser the tiny new window that pops up since the change was made from VISA Intellilink to Spend Clarity is so inefficient. It is about a quarter of my screen and I have no way to toggle it larger. It do small that when I am clicking though to add a different department or expense code it will not display the full list and I can’t see what I am doing or clicking and it makes the whole process very frustrating. Please look into making this tiny screen larger or able to be size adjusted, so I can actually see and click on the right things. I also wish in the app it was possible to get more detailed info about past expenses, rather than generic overviews. Another thing is it would be nice if there was a way to view a list of possible department codes and expense codes for reference, not just when inputting an expense receipt.
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4 years ago, kristinafh
How do you stay in business?
Asking for many friends. Apparently, in order to log on to this app, I go through a two factor authentication....but the moment I flip over to my outlook app where you sent my “code”, you log me out of your app and basically I’m in an endless loop that leads to being locked out. My company administrator thanks you profusely for increasing her work load. I thank you for reminding me just how good every other expense app is.
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