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MH Riley Ltd
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4 months ago
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User Reviews for Spending Tracker

4.78 out of 5
16.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Bimmernerd
Using this for years - best out there!
Like many people, my wife and I manage a busy household with children. We both work full time+ in the medical field and managing finances was a challenge. Several years ago I thought “there has got to be an app out there that allows us to share essentially a ledger or account register of some sort.” Of course there were several and we tried literally a dozen different apps. Many were complicated, forced you to create spending budgets or complicated things by adding unnecessary “fluff” or had issues with syncing or cost a monthly fee. We wanted a simple, accurate way to track how much we spent every month, on what, and could see how much we had left in our checking and savings. We wanted software my wife could enter a transaction in and it would show up on my version on my phone instantly from anywhere in the world and vice versa. This app does just that, we have been using it for several years, earlier versions had occasional sync problems but the developer was always very responsive and able to help us fix the issue. The last several versions of this app have been rock solid and do exactly what we need it to, nothing more, nothing less and helps my wife and I stay on top of our finances and spending habits. If you’re looking for a great app for sharing an account with someone that allows you to enter transactions on the fly - look no further this one is as close to perfection as you can get.
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3 years ago, 4volvos
Powerful app for freelancers & self employed
I’ve downloaded and tried more than a dozen expense tracking apps and most didn’t work for me. At first this one seemed too simple as I wanted to view transactions by category. Then I discovered that when you pull down on the screen you see the categories box and you can choose to view transactions by the categories you create. I upgraded to Pro then exported expenses and discovered you can export by category, a range of dates, by the month or year or whatever. At this point I saw what a game changer it was for me. When I did an email export all I had to do was click on the file from my desktop and I had a spreadsheet with all the transactions in order. If you had a mind to you could make categories that match your Schedule C for taxes which is what I did. So I have expense categories: Post Office, Shop Supplies, Office, Utilities, eBay fees, etc. I have income categories: Web Sales, eBay Sales, Shop Sale, Investment Sold, etc. Whenever I want to see any or all the transactions I can see any part of them by Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Note that it syncs through DropBox so I can see it on my iPad or iPhone. No subscription. You can set up multiple accounts and set reminders, set a passcode, set auto-backup and other tweaks. Highly recommend especially if you’re trying to track receipts, payments and income. Charles
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5 years ago, CR@SK
Home Budgeting
I downloaded and updated to the premium to get the extra features. I think that was worth the small cost. It is a simple-to- use program, and I like being able to add categories on the fly. Since I am retired, and have a small income, I like that I can put in a fixed budget amount, and then add misc. income to calculate come a total spending allowance per month. Then, there is an auto calculate that shows the under/over spending and the ability to carry over a positive or negative variance. I had created a spreadsheet in Numbers, but that was a bit clumsy, so this is a refreshing change. I enter the expenses on both the ipad and iphone, and the sync through Dropbox has been working well with live updates. This program was designed very intuitively and is exactly what I had been looking for. I think there are other apps which might have more features, but the ones I looked at seemed more complicated. This is simple and provides just the amount of information that I need to monitor my budget. It would be nice to be able to take a snapshot of receipts, however. There is a both a pdf and csv export function, so I can export the report into a spreadsheet (Excel or CSV) or as a pdf into an app like Notability for viewing. So far, in the first week, I give it a high rating for simplicity and comprehensiveness.
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4 years ago, Britni Uhrich
I Use this EVERY DAY
I’ve been using this app for well over a year EVERY single day. Every single transaction I make gets entered. My total automatically gets figured, I can have as many different categories as I want, manually label transactions, keep track of multiple different accounts, it calculates all your categories so you can see what you’re spending as a whole. Seriously. This app basically runs all my finances. It is literally perfect for the way I personalize like to organize my ledger. While you can select different ways for it to organize your transactions (like by date, or highest amount to lowest amount, by category, etc), the ONLY thing I wish we could do is manually move around individual transaction. I keep mine organized by date, and sometimes I enter a transaction later on in the day that I actually did earlier and it automatically lists it after the other transactions done that same day, which clearly makes sense, but I wish I could move just that one around throughout the different transactions that were done that same day. But that’s literally the least biggest deal. I’m just extra particular sometimes lol. I love this app. I honestly can’t remember if I had to pay for like a premium version or something, but if I did, it was worth every penny.
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6 years ago, Ncrabb2011
Gain Control of How You Use Your Money
First, it’s important to note that this app is almost entirely accessible to VoiceOver users. You won’t be able to take full advantage of the graphs and reports, but the data is available in other ways that are equally beneficial. This is easy to use, and it doesn’t intrude into your bank accounts. Granted, you have to enter your transactions manually, but there are some real advantages to that. Categories and transactions are easy to input and easy to understand. Those who crave color in their categories can have it. There are several useful ways to sort your data, and yes, you can export it if you need to. Like any other app of its type, this app is only as good as the data you enter. Yes, it takes some time to enter data, but the revelations you get about how you’re spending your money are fascinating indeed. This app is your portal to financial peace of mind that will be harder to achieve without it. Finally, note that the developer is extremely responsive to questions and provides accurate helpful answers. Your first assignment: Buy the upgrade, then track it in the app as an expense. You’ll be glad you bought the upgrade.
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2 years ago, MrAviation102
Great App! Just needs one more thing.
This app is perfect for what I need. I love how simple and easy it is to use. However there is one thing that I wish would be different. I would like to be able to see all the transactions I’ve added into the separate categories. For example, if I listed three expenses under a category called “Family”, I’d like to be able to later go back and click on the category “Family” and see a list of those transactions. In my mind, you should be able to click on the category menu option, then click on a category, and see all the transactions listed under that category for each month. This would be very useful if you ever looked at the summaries page and thought “wow I spent a lot of money in the ‘online shopping’ category. I wonder what I spend it on?”. Then you could look at a list of everything in that category and be able to more easily recognize your spending habits and change them accordingly. Without this, you have to go and search through every transaction and find out what category you put it in. Very time consuming. Anyway, just a suggestion. I would love it if the developers could make this change! It would definitely earn them the fifth star :)
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3 years ago, bfosjbdhja
Favorite Spending App
I’ve had this app for a couple of years now, and I can definitely so it’s worth it. It works as intended. It’s free but you can pay a one time premium which I like. Everything is done manually, except for the report, which is really nice. I used to use Excel to track my budget and this works way more conveniently as I can add my expenses on the go. You can set a budgeting amount but you won’t be able to create a budget per category, which would be very nice if that can be added in. I wish there was a bank feed option and the app instead of manually adding expenses because sometimes I forget or am too busy to add expenses manually. Lastly I’ve had an issue in the past, which has possibly been resolved, that when the app offboards from my iPhone, the data is lost unless you create backup files in Dropbox. I wish the app used other backup options such as Google Drive because I don’t use Dropbox so it’s kind of inconvenient there. Overall great app. Again, bank feeds, budget per category, please fix the offboarding and losing my data issue, and other backup options such as G-Drive and I will throw my money at you.
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4 months ago, Wil S.
Nice tracking personal transparency
I want to give credit when it has been earned. Nice way to keep your daily expenses in check. If you are a free spender but want to scale back a bit. This is the app for you. Updated: Been using the upgraded version and It really helps you spend wiser. Great job with this app🏆👍👍 Highly recommend to anyone looking to manage expenses. Updated: After almost a year of use.... it’s my go to app. I must say that it take discipline to want to input your expenses but when you do.... you truly have a wonderful tool readily available to assist you in spending wiser. Once again .... awesome! Update: A Must Have for best method in money management.🏆🏆✅✅✅ UPDATED 2: THis app is a must have. This plandemic has made it challenging so this helps keep you in alignment with your financial goals. Just get it..... well worth it ..... Keep on doing a great job.... you have a winner with this application. 👍👍 Updated: Still going strong and I will say its a very effective tool to have if you want to track your expenses. I personally have been able to fully see where I could eliminate spending waste.
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5 years ago, DebR62
Gives me what I need, nothing that I don’t
I was looking for a simple yet effective app that would help me see exactly where my money is going so I can find what part of my spending is necessary, where it’s wasteful, and find ways to do better. I love being able to have as many categories as I want to really break it down. How much of my income each month is from my full time job and how much from a freelance side job? Instead of just “entertainment” how much is going to books vs. music vs. movies? There’s even a place to make notes for more detail. At this point, I’m not looking for financial advice from an app and I don’t want to link an app to my bank account. If you want those things, keep looking. I’m looking for a portable, efficient alternative to a notebook and a calculator and I’m fine with entering my amounts manually. In fact that’s helpful so I don’t forget to log cash transactions that an automated bank-linked app would miss. I want to track income and expenses graphically and in detail. This app does that perfectly. If that’s what you want too and you’re willing to enter everything manually, then I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, c21judyg
Love It!
I have used this app for years to keep a credit card budget. We are retired and use one credit rewards card for everything that we can. I set up a limited amount for each month beginning with the billing date for the card. This way as I add my charges it subtracts them off the total amount I budgeted and keeps me from over spending. This is so easy and I know almost to the penny what my bill will be before I get it. I. In the note section I put where I made the charge and any other notes about what I bought. Another great thing is I can set my credit card to notify me when I make purchases and that reminds me to add it to the app. If I shop five places I can come home and pull down my iPhone notifications and add them easily to the app without getting out all the receipts and not worry about losing them. The decreasing balance shows me if I am running out of money to quickly. Try this if you way a simple way to budget. Also I was having trouble syncing my iPad and phone and Mark was prompt in helping solve that issue.
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5 years ago, drunk_ketchup
One problem
This app is perfect with one MAIN exception. The only reason this app doesn’t get 5 stars is if you are budgeting your time period on a weekly basis you cannot select different views such as daily, monthly, annually. This means that if my time period for my budgeting is on a week by week basis in the app, the amount I have left over will accurately carry over into the next week. (When selecting weekly view of my budget) HOWEVR if I select to view my budget on a daily basis (with my time period set to weekly) it will not reflect or even show my carry over amounts, unless I change my time period. This is somewhat inconvenient because I need to plan my budget weekly and need to know how much will carry over until the next week, but if I decide I need to adjust my budget daily and want to use it to view what I would potentially have the next day, it will not accurately reflect. I tried temporarily changing the “time period” setting to daily, and then viewing my budget daily and it did accurately reflect, however when I went back to my “weekly time period” it screwed up the “automatic carryovers I had to manually input to balance my budget.
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6 years ago, greendayfan182
Best Budget App Out There
For a couple years I managed my own budget in the notes app on my phone. It was a pain having to enter everything in each week and all. Especially when numbers were off and I had to go back 5 weeks and adjust accordingly. Then I found this app and wow it’s perfect. Recurring events, ease of adding income/expense with notes, categories for income/expense, I love it. Also, being able to set multiple accounts as in a checking and savings accounts, and transfer money between them in the app is a great feature. And last but not least, I love the widget that you can add to your command center which makes it very quick to add income or expense and also see your available balance. I did spend $3 for the pro version so I could add recurring expenses which was well worth it and makes setting my weekly budget incredibly easy. Each week all I have to do is slide over to the widget, click income, type in the amount of my paycheck, and I’m all set. This is a great app, would definitely recommend.
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5 years ago, Arktrvler
Pleasantly surprised with this app
This app has several good features for maintaining records of income and expenses. I have only used it for a couple of weeks and so far it is much more to my liking than the other four or five apps that I tried. The dissatisfaction with other apps is what brought about my surprise that this one actually does what I wanted it to do. You can maintain a good record of spending in each category, which you can customize to suit your needs. You can also do the same for multiple sources of income. It does some basic reports which are useful and may be all you need. Also you can run several different accounts at the same time. One thing that I don’t like is that if you have multiple accounts, the categories that you use on one account are automatically included on other accounts. Deleting a category from one account and keeping it in the other has not been possible yet. I will continue to try, as a bunch of unused categories clutters up the account where they aren’t needed. I expect to like this better as I get more experience with it.
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5 years ago, Mr. Blue Bunny in Costa Mesa
EXCELLENT for Personal Finance Application
This app is the primary reason that I wanted to purchase an iPhone in the first place, and it has met or exceeded every expectation! It allows the hand-creation of categories of spending, keeps a transaction list for each month (which furthermore can be exported to MS Excel via a .csv file using the very low-cost upgrade), and reports running and final totals of expense for each category, in a list form or by pie chart with percentages. It also keeps track of income, but this is done without category-specific totals or pie charts. It took a minor amount of time to set up, and once this was done, it was very simple and rapid to use! EXACTLY what I was looking for!! And, I agree and appreciate the newer feature of allowing for negative values for expenses - this keeps reimbursements from being confused with income - a surprisingly helpful accounting practice. I expect that it could only really be improved by substantially increasing its size and complexity - which would probably be unrealistic for a low-cost and elegant app such as this.
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4 years ago, Baybreez
Great app
I love this program. It is very easy to use. I love the simplicity of adding categories as you go. I don’t use it to budget, but to keep track of expenses for a very small home business. I am able to print out a report suitable for my accountant to do my taxes. I would like to be able to split categories on a single receipt. And I would like a way to assign tags to transactions to designate what they relate to - for example supplies/home vs supplies/kennel vs supplies/rental property. Instead I just enter them on separate accounts, which is easy. Would also love to add a photo of receipts. I would also like to be able to enter the date from the keyboard rather than scroll through the whole year on the calendar. I also need to enter another account, because I don’t have a way to assign tags to transactions. I have 5 accounts now and can’t find a way to add one more?? But it is so easy and fast to enter transactions. I really do like it & use it. Fix these things & I will rate it 5 or even 6. I would also like to put it on my computer or my IPad. I would love a response from the developers.
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6 years ago, sampstar
Exactly what I wanted
I downloaded about ten different apps in hopes of tracking my spending with my wife. This is the one that made sense and was easy to get started and make adjustments. Also, being able to sync with my wife's phone was essential (luckily she doesn't use her Dropbox, so I logged in on her phone, since it syncs via Dropbox). Sure, I paid for two pro versions to do it, but it was worth it to sync and support an app that does what we need. For whatever reason, Using Mint or Personal Capital never really worked out for me. I was looking to try an envelope style of budgeting, but would never actually use just cash like a savage. This allows you to set budgets per different categories. Actually entering my spending as I spend it seems to makes me more accountable. I love that I can select a category, but also enter a note so I know exactly what the purchase was. It's great being able to create different categories and choose the ones allowed to rollover. After two months, we are actually still on budget.
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6 years ago, Mgamble029
Great app to track spending and income
Let’s you categorize ur expenses (bills, rent, entertainment, etc) The free version is great haven’t upgraded because I have been more than satisfied with the free version. I have had many of these apps and this ones is the only one you need. Never freezes or lags. Great way to save money and visualize where you’re money is going you would be surprised how much money you really spend. Acknowledging and knowing how much you really spend is the first step to setting up a plan to save money. I feel like this review sounds like I was paid to say this but just wanted to write a good review because in a world full of people in debt more people should track their spending and using apps like this make it easy to start saving this one really is a good app especially for free. Try this app before trying any others that are similar. I’ve had them all from mint to moneywise and this one exceeds all of those and the simplicity of this app makes it easy to stay on top of all expenses and income
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2 years ago, Felicia Eileen
Easy to use and serves its purpose
I’ve been trying to find an app to help me track my income and outgoing expenses to keep myself accountable and help me save, for quite sometime. I’ve downloaded and even paid small costs for a lot of the others that I’ve found through the App Store, to give them a try. I’ve tried the super fancy apps too. Most of them were just too complicated to use or add spending quickly. I downloaded this one a few months ago and I’m very happy that I can easily use it and it helps me simply track my income and expenses. It’s easy and not over an overly worked app. It is easy to add an expense pretty quickly, however I do wish that they made a widget option so that I can have an option straight to my screen. I understand it’s likely done that way for privacy, you do have to put in your passcode or login with your face verification to use it, but a simple +/- widget option would be great!
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6 years ago, Mikey's Orc
The good, the bad and the ugly...
The good: Don’t have to sync bank accounts with the app, no bank account errors or sync issues, don’t have to pay a monthly fee for using the app like other financial apps, a flat one time fee of less than $10 is needed to unlock Premium features for the app. The bad: You have to manually put in all your transactions and do everything else (except the calculations for the balances). You have to pay that one time fee if you really need to use the app on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The ugly: I could never figure out how to use the “budget mode” and had to figure out, with help from Heaven, how to use this app for budgeting. I emailed the support guy on help with setting up a budget and all he did was repeat a step in the instructions to set the app to budget mode which was no help to me at all. I setup an account with my expenses as income for my budget and compare them to my transactions that I put in my financial institutions accounts that I made. I keep my budget and income rolling from month to month and if I need to change my budget and my income I can (which is a good thing).
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3 years ago, CircusTrainActivate
I love this app - it is so convenient, especially when I use it through my Apple Watch. I can enter an amount spent through my watch as I am standing at the cash register. It is also reliable (unlike other budget apps I have tracked). I like this app because I can put in the amount I have to spend and can deduct my expenses from there - I am not required to set up a budget (I have tons of kids - I can’t predict my budget). I have a huge request, however. There are only four pay periods to choose from - daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. I am paid every other Friday. I would like this app to have a bi-weekly option. This also becomes a problem because the budget is reset when a new month starts even though I am still operating from money I received during the last pay period. When a pay period extends over the end of one month and into the beginning of the other months, it resets my budget. As it is, I use the monthly option which doesn’t really meet my needs.
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4 months ago, ltlmonkey18
So helpful, a few wishes
This app save a me so much time. Easy to use. Easy to set up recurring expenses. I have been using it for years now and don’t waste time on big software computer programs any longer. I just print important categories out for my CPA at the end of the year. Also, since it is in my phone I never miss putting something in quickly amd easily. This has been a game changer for me! A couple of wishes…1. When I am wanting to export a specific categories it brings up a wheel for selection. This is hard because I have so many categories. I would prefer to be able to do a search or be able to start typing the category name and have relevant ones pop up, or have them alphabetically listed. 2. It isn’t easy to modify a category name once it is established. 3. It would be great to be able to have a couple of different spending sets. Like one for my business account and one for a personal account. I haven't found a way to do these things in this app so far.
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4 years ago, Fat Fingers 2
Better than expected
Has Multiple accounts, reoccurring expenses and income with transfer capability between accounts, reports showing future months/years expenses vers income. I made my normal expense account with monthly expenses and income and then a savings account with a monthly transfer from my expense account to savings and the reports shows my future savings goal as well as my future expenses account showing my ability to meet expenses with income and if a month is in trouble I can modify that months savings to make up the difference. It a spending and savings plan like a budget or a general ledger and I try to keep it up with any additional expenses or income (ha ha) in order to stay on the plan. I find it fun to maintain and to balance with my banks reality in the monthly carry forward dollar balance. Sure I have a bunch of visa charges but here I only have one monthly visa expense entry as my total expense goal for all those monthly visa transactions.
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2 months ago, slb785
Perfect, simple, easy
This app is super simple to figure out and setup. There’s nothing complicated about it at all. Automatic backups to Dropbox is great so I don’t have to worry about losing anything. Was using Quickbooks for my business for a couple months but it was overly complex for my situation (self employed with no employees, no payroll etc.). It was great to track expenses but not worth $30/mo in my case. This app is all I need and it’s so easy to use. What did you spend, what’s the date and what category. Done. One thing that would make it just a little better would be the option to take pictures of receipts and automatically upload them to Dropbox when adding an expense. Right now I do that separately just to keep a record of them but it would be nice if when adding an expense there was an option to attach a receipt to it. Still a 5 star app even without that feature.
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4 years ago, Medigal50
Financial game changer
Like many people, I wondered where all my hard-earned money was going and knew I needed to track all sources of income and expenses. I’ve been using this app for almost a year now and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to feel more in control of their money. Because it is so fast and easy to use, I can enter my transactions on the spot or at the end of the day. It’s shocking how many meaningless purchases I’ve made, and I don’t think I’m an impulsive spender. But the habit of entering all my income and expenses has really helped me reduce pointless purchases—just knowing that I’ll have to enter my purchase gives me pause: “Do I really need this?” and “Is there something I already have that can serve this function?” I now review where my money is going each week because it’s so easy. At any time, I can see if I’m in the red or black and make adjustments. This app has been a game changer for me.
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4 years ago, robbart619
iCloud backup feature
The app is simple and clean. One is able to create categories and update those categories. It has a Dropbox backup and auto sync ability. One can change the fonts and sort the categories. However, when I decided to downgrade my Dropbox, the backup and sync feature continued to work, but I was running out of Dropbox storage space. I hoped that the iCloud feature was available to backup and auto sync, but it was not. The lack of the iCloud feature had me wanting to find another similar app that had the feature, but unfortunately, I’ve yet to find one that’s like this app. I also started a template on Apple Numbers to track spending, but it lacked convenience to update while out and about. I’ll continue to keep an eye out on an app to replace this one unless the iCloud feature is made available. I believe I’ve made a one time purchase to use this app, but I’m okay with moving on once another app has all the functions I’m looking for.
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2 months ago, Streiga
Easy to use and completely personalized
I’ve used this for years and love it. You don’t have a lot of features you’ll never use or need. You can name your own categories and icons with the ability to put in for future transactions. You are able to set it up to the point where you can hand to anyone and they’d be able to know your budget without explanation. One thing, I wish you would have a “show spending” with a 2 week option. A lot of people get paid every 2 weeks and there is not really a good way to set it up for it. The carry over will either be off the week you don’t get paid, or it will show a negative balance, and manually having to put in carry over can be tedious when you have to recheck your account online after spending money to adjust for the carry over the week after.
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4 months ago, Marisela 036
Very useful
The app is very simple to use and I’ve been using it daily for years. Everything is manual, it’s not linked to your card or account or anything but I’m completely fine with it, because it keeps me more accountable with my spending, typing in manually my dumb purchases makes me realize I spend money on dumb things lol I love it, I love how it’s organized by spending categories, you can add custom categories and even a large variety of icons to distinguish your categories. It can also hold many types of accounts, such as checking, savings, cash, etc and organizes it by amount spent that month. I really love this app, there’s even a pie chart to show how much you spend your money on what. And it’s free!! I will forever use this app to manage my finances, highly recommend if you’re trying to keep yourself accountable for your spending
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5 months ago, Kbb and Smoky
Great app!
Very versatile and easy to use. It allows for tracking my budget multiple ways. Also I like that it's in sync on my phone and iPad. Update: I’ve used it for 7 years now and still love it. Along with knowing how I spend my money the app makes it easy to track my bank balance and it has greatly shortened the time it takes to balance my bank statement each month(only takes about 5 to 10 minutes). I also can easily see how much I spend each year, or month on all the different spending categories. I really like the ability to download the budget information and reports. Update: still love the app. Use it to manage my all my finances. I input spending/income multiple times a week and it’s very easy to use. I also use the recurring spending and income feature which makes the recurring items very easy.
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4 months ago, HeresMyNickname!
Love this simple & super practical tracker!
I know there’s tons of automated, fancier trackers out there. But I actually think that the manual aspect of inputting your spending can be very helpful in managing your budget more actively. If that’s your belief too, then try this tracker! I really love it. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s helped me manage and understand my spending areas. It’s a very basic design, and I love that I don’t end up wasting time. I love that I’m able to create my own categories, and choose which category each payment/source of income belongs to. I’ve told multiple friends about this tracker and I know at least one of them uses it consistently, and has loved it and found it helpful for similar reasons too! Thank you to the team behind this app. You’re positively impacting the long-term financial quality of their lives! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Kimmie5659
I very rarely — if ever — give 5-star reviews. For me and my simple needs, “Spending” deserves it, hands down. No sign-up required! Inexpensive, 1-time upgrade price, (which I gladly paid after 2 days try-out). Easy-to-read data on my small screen! Easy to understand; very small learning curve. I tested about 7 other apps before this; most offered way too many features, some I’d never need. Retired, I live on a fixed monthly allowance, separate from income. All I wanted/needed was a way to breakdown and record my day-to-day spending habits, helping me to visualize (at a glance) where the money was going. Other pros: setting transaction reminders or just inputting on the go... automatic reoccurring monthly payments.... editing/adding categories... sort options... adding notes. More than pleased, I definitely recommend this app if you want a simple, straightforward spending tracker.
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4 years ago, vaklita
Useful but..::
I just got this app and I find it useful in tracking my daily expenses. As soon as I make the purchase or pay for my monthly bills I input it right away into the system therefore it allows me to stay on top of my spending. I am still debating on paying the fee and am still looking around for a better app because there ar some things that I want in the app. For instance, I cannot share the whole expenses to my husband without us sitting together and him scrolling thru my phone to see the detail of the expense. Another thing is I want to print it but there’s no option for that either. Although, I wish there’s a separate window for just the carry over and income so I can screen shot and share it but the income & expense detail are all incorporated in one window (transactions) and there are no sort option like if I want to see just the Income and Carry over. I will stay in this app if they can improve on that. I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration.
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6 years ago, Proud_Fangirl😍😭😱
Great app but a few suggestions...
This app is great overall, and I don’t have the premium so I’m not sure if that’s different, but for the normal free one, I like it a lot it’s very helpful but i would like it better if, when making a second account it had the option to make it a savings account, so it would say things like “you’ve gotten $50 so far!” And it would have an option to take money away from the account but it wouldn’t say “expenses” bc that technically wouldn’t be right. And if u could set a goal for a savings account, and once u reach ur goal it tells u that u reached it and “would u like to raise ur goal or close this account?” Ya know? But yeah that would be great so if u would do that I would totally give five stars. Thanks for a very helpful app tho! Edit: I realized it would also be awesome if there was a Debts section where u could write down who u owe money to and how much, and there’s a little button next to it so u can say “debt paid”
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7 years ago, mwlyric
I love this app! It's so versatile and you can make your input as detailed as you want it to be. I love that it can be backed up and thus automatically synced in real time on all my and my guy's devices, so we can both enter our spending at any time, from anywhere, and both have access to the info immediately. I love that I can export the data to a spreadsheet. I love that I can customize any or all of the categories and that it supports multiple accounts. I love the charts and graphs! I appreciate the colorful and interesting UI! (I need the interest and color to keep me from getting bored.) I downloaded the free version first, then when I checked it out and found pretty much everything I was looking for in this type of app, I purchased the upgrade. It was totally worth the $2.99 each for our individual phones (multiple devices on the same iTunes account duplicate for free).
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5 months ago, Reggie JZ
Good, simple expense tracker
I needed to track expenses for my developmentally disabled son for his SSI expenses. This appears to provide an easy way to record expenses. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a full budgeting system, which turns out to be perfect—I didn’t want to use all of those features. I’m sure I will be upgrading to the paid version soon—just trying before buying but there are a few more features that would be nice that are only included in the paid version and I’ll be happy to get rid of ads. Edit: I ended up buying. Very worth it. It’s easy to use and I can backup to my Dropbox and share with my wife that way. Also a great feature is the ability to export a CSV (tab or comma) of expenses for any range, such as the prior year. I can get a full record of the entire year for audit purposes, if ever needed.
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10 months ago, Platelady
Tracking Finances
I have been using Wallet for four years now. I did an upgrade when I first started this program. I love all the functions that are offered. Everything is easy to use and will be great at tax time. You will find this program is not difficult to use but truly tracks expenditures and income. For years I used another program and find this is far better. Don’t hesitate I am 90; years and find it great to track my finances. I am back again to tell you don’t hesitate. I love this program. If you should need help it is there for you. Still using all the five stars. I am back to rate this program. Be sure to read my above notes. Each time I start to enter my expenditures or income I am so please with the ease of using this program and all of the items that are available to me. Once again a great five stars.
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5 years ago, imginger
I love this program and have been using it for years
Highly recommended and love the reports, level of customization and everything about it. It has been helping me track the incidental expenses (after I constantly insist the whole family give me their receipts) and had been pointing out the glaring areas where we need to monitor our casual spending (eating out, coffee, convenience stores) and I love it. Just one little bug that cropped up after my recent upgrade to the iPhone XS max... The third party keyboard I use (Microsoft WordFlow) is now magnified somehow when I go to enter expenses and the far right of the keyboard is covered up of the side/unusable. I have to switch to the Apple keyboard. And it doesn't happen always (which is curious) but about 80% of the time. I want to keep using this app and I will regardless, but if it's something you can fix, that would be super, too! **kudos**
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2 years ago, Isaiah Lisbon, Jr.
Great app!
As someone who grew up thinking that living paycheck to paycheck was normal, and that it was fine to spend all of my money every check with nothing carrying over. I didn’t know anything about finances. I have been using this app to track my spending for 3 years now. It is really what I needed and it has helped me to track where my money is going, when my bills are due, how much CARRY OVER I will have from my previous pay check. This app helped me realize that carry over is such a huge factor in successful finances. I thank God for this app. Budgeting is my best friend and I CONSTANTLY have this app open. I’m able to track the money I have across 3 bank accounts. I purchased the ad free thing because that was the only flaw to this app. It will take some time to set the settings to right where you want them. I would recommend being able to set specific settings for specific accounts rather than all of my accounts sharing the same exact settings. I wanted to try and budget using my credit card but it’s impossible. Hopefully there will be a version that caters to the credit card or an update that will allow the settings to be manipulated for a single account, as I previously mentioned, to allow me to use it for my credit card.
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3 months ago, Ramhmm
Simple yet very effective!
This app was designed to be very simple yet have everything needed to track money in and out. I’ve been using it to track my family’s weekly “envelope” budget so I can see my spending by category instead of just see how much money is left in my wallet. I’ve even set up a category titled Credit Card Adjustments as both an expense and income so I can track any emergency/unbudgeted spending without it effecting my “envelope” total. This is also the only app I found that allowed me to select which day of the week I’d like my weekly timeframe to start and it allows me to carry over either a positive OR negative balance to the next timeframe so that it shows how much is left once the carry over is applied to the next budget. All around it’s an effective and very user friendly app.
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6 years ago, ElizaDoMuch
Your wallet on a diet
This app is easy to use and makes me a little more aware of my spending, and how often I go shopping (just as I used to write down what I was eating each day.) I think it will be helpful in budgeting, not only for reducing impulse spending, but also for giving me the freedom to more routinely spend some of our income on dining out, entertainment, and other luxuries. Love the notes field and search option, so I can add as many details as I like, such as just where it was that I got a certain product that I want to buy again. I use the sorting to group together types of spending, to see at a glance how much I have already spent this month on groceries, etc. I also use it to track my husband’s travel and business expenses, as they show up on our credit card phone apps, to make sure that our personal bank accounts have been reimbursed.
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3 months ago, Stress Echo
Right on Budget
Very simple yet is comprehensive in viewing your monthly budget. Many features that help rollover amounts to follow your budget each month. The most attractive feature is that you do not have to connect to bank accounts or other financial institutions which I feel is much more secure. Information in entered manually. So there is some work to do. But I had a 5 year financial plan in about 30 minutes. Now I can enter a change and see the effect within minutes. The other awesome feature is the ability to download (in various formats .pdf, .cdx) and share with my financial advisor by email we can adjust scenarios in the matter of minutes and see the gains or losses. Very helpful. Going on 5 years using this app. Review it frequently before making any financial decisions.
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4 years ago, WindWrd
Best Spending App I’ve Used
I have use this app for over a year and it is one of the best. It allows me to create categories for my purchases and I really like the fact that I can sync the app between multiple devices using Dropbox. This allows my wife and I to keep an accurate log of our spending. I don’t need to link my bank account to this I just simply need to enter in deposit amounts and occasionally verify the running balance in the app with the bank account. The only thing I wish the developer would add would be a biweekly time period. As my pay schedule, and probably many of yours, is every two weeks. With this feature the app would perfectly track deposits and spending between paychecks and give me accurate reporting. The only time periods available our weekly and monthly, so I am currently using the monthly.
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3 weeks ago, Gh0st_12
Honestly, the simplicity is what makes it Great!
I recently started using Spending, the daily financial spending and balancing app, and it has transformed the way I manage my finances. The app is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to track daily expenses and maintain a balanced budget. The intuitive interface allows for quick entry of expenditures, and the categorization feature helps me understand where my money is going. One of the standout features is the detailed analytics provided. I can easily see my spending patterns over time, which helps me make informed financial decisions. Overall, Spending is an excellent tool for anyone looking to gain better control over their daily finances. It's efficient, comprehensive, and has genuinely helped me improve my financial health. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, arpoff86
Great Budgeting Tool
I have been using this app to track my spending for the last seven months and it has helped me categorize my spending so I can better understand areas I need to save. It is a very sophisticated yet simple app to use. I have the paid version which means no advertisements and the budget can be family shared between phones for my fiancé. I don’t use that feature yet but could see it helping later down the road. I recently switched phones from a Samsung to an Apple and was able to transfer part of my more recent transactions through a shared Dropbox account on each phone. All my budgeting info is also viewable on my computer through Dropbox but I haven’t tried this yet. This is a great budgeting tool to really track the categories of your spending.
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5 months ago, DragonLady999
Makes Finance Fun!
I have been tracking my spending and income with this app for two years. It’s never let me down. I like how it lets you make your own categories of both spending and income, and breaks it down by percentages where your money is coming from and where it’s going. It also lets you make notes in every entry, in case you ever wonder exactly what the heck you bought and where the heck all your money is going. The main screen displays your expenditures by category in descending order, by month (or yearly, or weekly) so you have an even better idea where the heck all your money is going. Let’s face it, life is expensive, but tracking helps me feel way more in control and confident about my relationship with money. Highly recommended!
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5 years ago, Cedawg
The best expense tracking app
This is the best expense tracking app EVER. Do not let this app fad away! The features are straightforward and easily customizable. Minimalistic is the key. It does not link to any of your credit cards of bank accounts. All you need to do is spend 5 seconds every time when you make a spending or income of course! As a finance professional, I have been using this app for over 3 years and it helped me manage my budget and help me reduced my debt by 70%. The most difficult part is to have a habit of logging your expenses. I hope the app can work on making it not merely a tool app but also a lifestyle. Without jeopardizing the minimalism, the app can have better reminders to log expenses, as well as easy to understand tips for people without finance/accounting knowledge to use the app at their benefits.
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4 months ago, SophiaCSC
Simple and effective
This is the income and expense tracking app I had searched for. I wanted an app that did not have the complications of linking with financial accounts but could be used to manually enter my payments and income simply. This app allows for considerable customization including personalizing categories, adding notes to transactions and turning on and off budgeting features. I purchased the Pro version for a small fee to add syncing between my ipad and iphone, easy back ups, export to a spreadsheet or to a very attractive PDF, repeating transactions, and no ads. You can experiment with the basic free version as well. I found the app to be easy to use but refined and stable. I have looked at other apps but feel this one best meets my needs reliably and I enjoy using it.
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5 months ago, Wealth Tool
Wealth Tool
I have been using this tool, the paid version for over five years now. I believe family finances need to be run like a business as in you should be in the green each month and never be in the red or beyond your bills. This allows me to put in my salary as it changes and make it reoccurring each month. I then can put bills As they come in and make them reoccurring each month. Keeping track of all transaction as they happen or at end of day. I think the biggest problem with people are they are not balancing a checkbook anymore. This tool allows you to know exactly how much cash you have on hand at all times. This tool has helped me gain confidence to retire at my goal of 55. I recommended this tool to family and friends often.
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5 years ago, Rocktanamobay
I absolutely love this app, but I have a suggestion for the upgrade.
I’ve used this app for months and absolutely love it. It’s convenient, simple, and is better than other apps I’ve tried because of that. Since I’ve been traveling a lot, I have been using the app to track my expenses with a new currency. While I can change the currency symbol in the settings, I think it would be an excellent addition for the developers to offer an option to automatically show the exchange rate. I’ve been living in China, so I’m adding up my expenses with RMB. It would be nice to have an idea of how much I’ve been spending in American dollars without having to constantly leave the app and check the exchange rate. I’ve been using the free version, but a service like that would definitely make me purchase the upgrade.
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5 years ago, clevergirly
I use this app nearly every day. Makes categorizing and recording expenses a breeze. Great for the budget impaired with a simple but well done format. Free version is fine but i paid the the three bucks for the extras and don't regret a penny. I use this to keep track of the "digital envelope" portion of the cash envelope system I use to keep my finances in check via the handy option to create individual transaction notes. The only thing I can think to ask for in future versions would be that on the main page that shows the list view of your budget summary that the amounts would be arranged by date not just the order you happened to type them in. UPDATE: This app does have color selection and icons for tags...whoohoo! Missed them the first time...now I love it even more! Thanks so much!
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4 months ago, VicRail
Fabulous App. And now it talks to my Apple Watch.
Needs to be updated with better graphics. But it is still THE BEST ‼️ But, really it hardly needs any more updates ( other than maybe a refreshed look and feel - it's looking dated). But... Just get the App. It does everything you may want and more. Spring for the Pro version. It's well worth it. My favourite App on my entire phone. Hands down. Something I may need soon is to allow me to delete some old categories I had for a previous year (it's getting crowded) - But make sure that if ever I go back and look at transactions from the previous year - it still reports that old category. Even though I have deleted it for the current /subsequent year. Anyway, I still think this is the best App on my phone. I have used it for over a year now. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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