Spicer - Sex Ideas For Couples

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Spicer Limited
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Spicer - Sex Ideas For Couples

4.55 out of 5
2K Ratings
1 year ago, jryian
Wish there were more free options
Overall amazing app, it really can open new ideas up in the bedroom. Sometimes your partner may be embarrassed to express their desires, but this app lets you explore in confidence! Your partner only sees the desires they match with you on! Only complaint is there isn’t a lot of free content, once you run through your first day of cards you’ll only get like 4 or 5 after that each day unless you pay. And for it being a monthly subscription I think that maybe a little greedy, but I love the app and would recommend to anyone 10/10. My only suggestions would be to add more free content or to make the app a paid for app not free to get rid of the annoying monthly subscriptions. It seems nowadays more developers are moving towards monthly payments instead of a one time paid for app, which is kinda upsetting considering that probably cuts the user base In half, as more people are willing to download a paid app that comes with all the content unlocked rather than dishing out a monthly subscription for something that still doesn’t give you full access to all the packs lol. Once you buy plus, you still have to spend real money on extra packs, which makes absolutely no sense to me considering you are paying real money for their subscription!! Please take away the extra overpriced card packs, those should be included into your membership!
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1 week ago, C00kie1105
10/10 Worth Every Penny
I have never written a review for an app. I love my partner and consider them my best friend. Prior to downloading and using this app I would have swore I knew my partner inside and out. After almost a decade together I feel like I haven’t learned this much this fast about them since the first night we met. This app allowed us to communicate our desires without fear of rejection. The free content is limited. That is a valid complaint but in no way impacts the score I give this app for so many reasons. First of all, I believe you can never put a price on the love you have for your partner. Second of all, if there was a price I guarantee you I value my relationship far more than what this app costs. For a couple of dollars per month, you can love every part of your partner. Specifically the taboo parts you have been conditioned to believe are wrong. If you are open to trying new things, but don’t know where to start you are in the right place. Just download this app. I didn’t think it was possible to love my partner more. I have never felt closer to them.
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3 years ago, IBEBUCK
Great communication starter
So much fun answering all the questions and excitedly awaiting matches with your partner. Really helps to open up communication that might be tough or embarrassing without the questions. The maybe’s are where the excitement happens and you and your partner can commit to get a little out of your comfort zones. Made my heart race a little just waiting to see some things we might both consider outside of the firm yes category. Improved our intimate relationship immediately 😈😈😈 Suggestion: I would like a way to create a “wish-list/star /or favorite” to vote questions as an “I would like to do this” and it would get added to your wish list. You could view your partner’s “wishes” even if you didn’t have that item as a match. You might be surprised that if your partner knew you wanted to do it, they might be willing to try. Maybe that would be a “super-match.”
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2 years ago, PR0L0
All the pieces are here!
I’ve looked at a lot of these apps. My wife and I have been married 16 years and we have 6 kids. Our schedules are nuts so keeping intimacy top of mind is tough. This app offers a lot without having to pay, which is greatly appreciated (6 kids means a tight budget). This would be a 5 star review, my only issue is that it doesn’t have a natural flow and so it’s not super user friendly. It’s taken some time for me to figure out where to find things. Understanding if the “yes” list under “matches” are only items I said yes to? She said yes to? We both said yes? Things like that were not super obvious right off the bat. The “Dare” system took some figuring out, but I love it! If the general flow of the app could be improved, this thing would be dang near perfect. Considering paying for the upgrade since I’ve already answered all available questions. The ability to chat on each individual “match” topic is also one of my favorite tools. Great work on this! Let’s keep intimacy and passion alive!
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5 years ago, Shasky1
What are your kinks?
Got this app off a blog recommendation and was amazed on how many thing I forgot that my partner and I use to do. It has some great ideas that were old hat and some new ones. There are challenges for your partner to do, some dares that are pre-made or make up something personal. It worked better that expected. All my partner did was check off the things we have tried before. I also was able to get some answers to some things I wanted to try also, win win! There is a chatting function that allows you to send pictures as well 😉! Either to try something new or rekindle your lost romance. I highly recommend this app and for the price of dinner for two, maybe you will have a lifetime of endless surprises. Great job!
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5 years ago, spicersinner69
Could be fun, terms and conditions apply
So the app sets the table for a fun change of pace with your significant other. The features are great and allow for good dialogue in what seems to be a private setting with whoever your partner is. Upon looking closer at the terms and condition though you will find something interesting. The app is based an the concept that it suggests to you and your partner some things to change up the intimacy between the two of you. This does include some more explicit ideas and it’s obvious that the ideas are sexual (duh!) however the app does not allow for “the use of this service to communicate in vulgar or sexual explicit content”...sounds a little off. Then you look into the regulation of this term and find that it allows for the apps terms and conditions team to access your private account and see anything you and your partner share, quite an invasion of privacy. The app has potential, and could be fun...just know when you’re sharing in some fun with your partner, Spicer knows and will be right there to give you a “strike” in attempt to ban you from the app. So enjoy, under the terms and conditions of course.
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1 year ago, KaylWeisiger
Life changing
I find having conversations about bedroom preferences to be awkward and hard to have at times. My current partner is also a bit less experienced (no shame, just a fact), and had a hard time knowing what he likes and an even harder time communicating it. I found this app and had us both download it, and now it’s as easy as swiping. It’s comforting that you only see what you both like, so there’s no potential awkwardness/shame if one person likes something that the other doesn’t. I also like how you can chat in the app and talk further about your matches. I’ve already recommended it to a few of my close friends who also have trouble communicating what they like.
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2 years ago, amers4life
Great for relationships
I love that me and my partner can answer questions and quickly see what each other are into or not. There’s a chat spot to encourage more taking about your likes and encourage flirting with the spicy question that you and your partner may both be into. There is a calendar that can help keep track of intimate time line. There is a challenge area (dares) to encourage your partner to try/do something you would like and if they complete it within a time you allotted, they can earn point that can lead to yet another activity (rewards) that you can set and work towards growing together! Overall great app for building an more intimate relationship.
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1 month ago, HCHS
Ignited a new spark
My partner and I downloaded this app on a whim. We answered all the free questions available and some sparked some great conversations about interests we didn’t know we had. Cue we now have an upcoming planned trip to a hedonism resort. This app is great for a person with my brain that sometimes doesn’t want to make a move on my partner until I know she’s in the mood. The ability to send a quick notification when you’re in the mood has changed our sex life all together! 5 stars just for that alone.
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1 year ago, Looking for more questions
All the questions focus on a narrow range of interest
Almost every question is about sex that in some way involves other people than your partner. It seems like the primary kink or point of interest is some form of open or simulated open relationship or voyerism/ exibitionism. My partner and I are not interested in sex with other people or watching other people or being watched by other people. Or making porn or watching porn. Or being intimate in public. Almost every single question is about these kinds of activities. Every day is disappointing because none of these things interest us and there is never anything else. There needs to be a wider variety of topics. Or some kind of filter where you can not be ask irrelevant questions so there is something you are interested in answering every day. The app no longer seems worth it…
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2 years ago, Ryanbluebirds
Great but could be better
It’s a great app and can be a lot of fun, but the app is really lacking in the usability department. There’s no good filtering for questions so to prevent you having to say no over and over again to something like multiple partners you have to specifically hide each individual question. Being able to set a specific passcode for the app that prompts anytime the app comes into view would be helpful for those of us with kids and notifications for when you have new matches or for when your partner sends you something in one of the chats is pretty necessary. That being said the concept is great, but I’d love to see more improvements!
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1 year ago, feedthefelines
Good not Great
I’m in a new relationship and we were both looking for something to help us generate new ideas (and push us to do them). This app is perfect for us. Once we figured out how to progress the ideas we find we’re enjoying it quite a bit. There seem to be 2 flaws - which is why I dropped it to 4 stars. First, the chat feature doesn’t always work - it often says ‘connecting to chat’ and will not allow you to send or will prevent you from seeing what your partner sent. Second, there are a lot of repeat questions which gets a bit annoying. Other than that I would recommend this newer and older relationships.
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8 months ago, justameinmd
Really cool App
I think this is really a cool App. Lots of fun ideas and questions. Helps refocus the mind when those reminders pop up! I look forward to a match or new questions! Married 18yrs so whatever works. Opens the line of communication a bit as well. Like that you can ask your own questions too. I think the whole chat thing is cumbersome though. Its difficult to even know where there is a message. Also you cant start a chat unless its a match. Why? What if I want to start a chat about a question that hasnt been answered yet. It could easily be a 5star app if they made it a little more user friendly for the chat stuff
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5 years ago, rbird888
Not bad but could use some improvement in categorizing content.
We liked this app and the way it works, but ultimately had to abandon it. As a devout Catholic couple that admittedly leans conservative in the bedroom, there were too many questions that went way past our comfort zone and/or beliefs. Answering “no” over and over again isn’t really all that fun or interesting, and after a while even becomes a turn-off. If the questions were sorted into categories and then it was possible to exclude some of those entire categories as a whole, I would consider using it again. The app itself is top notch, and it has some really neat features. I think there is a huge market for something like this in a more customizable format.
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4 years ago, Dadimus Max
Good for kick starting
The Mrs and I are enjoying our 25th wedding anniversary this year, and thought it would be fun to see what they’ve got on here we hadn’t tried. It was a good kick start for each of us to explore those questions/areas we just hadn’t had the guts to head into. Besides all the BDSM, Sex w/ multiple partners while the other watched (neither of us wants to share 😉) and bizarre sex slave stuff, there’s not a lot we haven’t tried at some point. What was nice was going back and talking over the questions, seeing what we want to revisit, and then being able to send each other dares . . . The challenges and the personal dares have turned out to be the most fun.
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5 years ago, A sleeping panda
Interesting way to start a conversation
Love the app. It has definitely changed the way my wife and I communicate about what we are interested in. The extra communication has allowed us to consider trying new things that both of us were hesitant to talk about. Two minor complaints are that the ways to respond to questions are limited, which means you kind of need to establish what the options mean to you. Second is the sync times can be pretty slow. It was less of a problem once purchasing the membership, but I think that is a consequence of how the app verified access as opposed to intentional throttling.
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1 year ago, R&D04
Pretty Good
There is a wide variety of questions available for free. Following the free questions you are able to purchase a questions at a nominal price. You can also make your own questions. The packs have to be purchased on both phones. The additions or things that are missing: No way to filter though question besides search functions (for matches and answered questions), no way to go straight to your own questions. This is worth the money and is good for both experienced and new couples.
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1 year ago, iliv4God
Definitely Spices it up
This app is great to help open the conversation up about sex and intimacy with your partner in an easy and fun way. It brings an element of novelty and also helps give ideas to keep things fresh. The paid version is good (although if you get it, don’t turn all the questions on at once or you’ll have an overload). There are quite a few repeats or similarly asked questions that you can just answer again (things DO change) or just hide the question and move on.
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7 months ago, Mason Krey
Great for spicing things up!
Love this app. Obviously there is ads and paid subscriptions if you want but it lets you answers tons of questions before making you wait for more. Great questions thats are touchy topics to just bring up in conversation so this gives couples the ability to anonymously answer and then see what you both want to try! You might find out your partner is a freak and you never knew! Great way to spice things up!
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5 years ago, MartinaC
Spicer Review
Spicer is a pretty cool app. My boyfriend and I really enjoy it! The customer service is phenomenal and are always there to assist you. They give very quick responses to your feedback. We both really enjoy this app. Some of the features of the app could be changed like being able to put apps in your own categories so you can organize answers and they aren’t in one big list because after you have answered a lot of questions, the list gets extremely long. On the plus side you can search through your answers, but I really wish you could organize them.
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9 months ago, Lornasaurusrexx
Overall a good app and a great idea.
I love the idea behind this app but the few free daily questions I believe are user submitted and all we’ve gotten for weeks now is basically the same question over and over in different formats about adding multiple partners and I’m here to use this app for us. Surely there’s a way to figure out how to shuffle by keywords or add an option to eliminate those questions entirely. It’s a waste of our daily few free questions because the poly stuff just isn’t for us and it’s all we’re getting. Big bummer from an otherwise awesome app that can really enrich a relationship.
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7 months ago, Douglas A.L. Smith
Helps to keep intimacy top of mind
Simple and easy to use. It’s actually free too. Of course you can purchase upgrades but the free version is very generous. Only things I would recommend for the developer is to make it more user friendly. The chat boxes are easy to overlook. The interface feels a little outdated. If it was more like a social media app, it would be better. Notifications are easy to overlook. I have no idea what the “Open” section is for. Just things like that. But it’s still a great app and we’ll keep using it.
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1 year ago, RM911028
Great Format But Needs Work
A great tool for building communication with your partner. But there are some obvious problems with the app… 1) No way to filter out duplicate questions, and there’s a ton of them. 2) You can see if your partner has answered some of the questions, others you cannot. 3) No ‘Help’ built into the app. 4) Sorting & Filtering is limited. 5) Unable to delete questions, except for your own. 6) Some app features have minimal (if any) explanation. In spite of these issues we’re still getting a lot from the app.
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2 years ago, Kinleywan
Lots of fun
This app is a ton of fun and we haven’t even purchased anything on it yet. If you and your partner are kinda dirty minded and also open minded then I definitely recommend using it. It helps you learn things about your partner and yourself and the reward is some amazing time alone together or maybe a little more. 😉 Update: purchased the package and I’m absolutely amazed at the amount of content on this app. It has been tons of fun and opened some new doors for us.
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2 years ago, sportsscientist
Good approach, but all the third person questions are a bit much
Generally the app creates opportunities for couples to discuss some things that aren’t always so easy to talk about. Where it falls flat is all the questions related to introducing a third or fourth person into couples’ sex lives. We love all the other questions but would never consider bringing others into our sec life, so when every third question is relayed to that it starts to get old. Creating functionality that permits users to filter out these questions via a preference in the profile would solve this.
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4 years ago, WhimsicalAgony
Opens up the lines of communication
Was 5 stars but I’m reducing it to 4 since I’m order to fully enjoy the app and use it for the true intention of the app you have to pay for the plus packs and have to wait an excruciatingly long time for “conversation starters” which has 100% helped open the lines of communication with my husband. 10/10 would recommend, but if you don’t have patience be prepared to wait for the really deep and juicy stuff that comes once you dive way into this app.
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5 years ago, outdoorjema
Fun! New features regularly
My partner and I are really enjoying the app. Fun for us to track activities. Hard to figure out functionality occasionally. I.e. a few weeks ago I couldn’t get an activity to add, now my three attempts show up on what seems to be a revamped activities screen ... but now can’t figure out how to edit them. Grateful to have the app, look forward to seeing improvements. Will eventually probably move up to paid tier as we use it more and more 😊
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3 years ago, Brandon Stickland
Simply amazing....
So being in a long distance relationship can be extremely difficult, but this app helps keep the imagination flowing on the spicer side of life. Keeps the fire burnin in the sexy part of the relationship with primers for conversation and allows for plenty to catch up on when you get to see your boo... Try it, and show your partner your wild side and guarantee she will amaze you with her reactions to the questions... Don’t forget to toss in a few custom questions of your own to really make it fun!
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2 years ago, NaaNee2
Have to buy more questions.
Me and my partner got the app to explore each other more. The app runs great and is easy to manage and understand. However, you run out of questions pretty quickly, and they don’t cover every spectrum of the kinky world... So I ended up having to make a big pack for my partner to use, but turns out they can’t use my pack that I created for them... I don’t mind buying packs from them. But if i’m connected to my partner and they’re connected to me... and I don’t see why they couldn’t be able to see the pack that i made specifically for them ... other than that it’s decent.
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1 year ago, ExplosivEwok
Great for adding Spice to your relationship
I really like this app for what it is. You get to know your person and what they like, it opens discussion for new topics, reminds you of ones you’ve tried and forgotten, and let’s you explore your sexuality in a good way. I do find some of the questions to be repetitive, which can be a little annoying, but that’s a fault of the Packs you turn on and off. Along the same lines, some of the user submitted ones are misspelled or regional in their language, which can be confusing if you aren’t familiar. All in all I really like it. I just wish there was another app that behaved the same way for other aspects of a relationship beyond the boundaries of sex. I have yet to find an app like this for relationship building and exploring. 5/5
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5 days ago, MamaCocoToto121314
Relationship Boost!
Hubby and I were in no way stagnant or anything, he saw Spicer in an add and asked me if I’d download and I did, and we love it! It’s shown us lots of different things we didn’t know about each other and challenged us to be more bold in our love life already! Absolutely love it! Is there a way to just see your partners answers? I can see where sometimes it shows me if he had an opposite answer than mine, but I didn’t know.
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2 years ago, TheFunOnes
Spiced up things
Me and my woman was trying to think of more ideas and a way to get even closer and strengthen our bond while having fun and this able delivered there’s all kinds of different things you can do create a wishlist write your own questions for the app for everybody to answer and much more definitely recommend trying the truth and dare section I think you couples out there should try it out.
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3 years ago, RoseDeNose
Great for both new and experienced couples
Spicer asks questions about sex/kink/romance relates preferences. Questions are anonymous to each partner. A no-go won’t show up to your partner. Mutual interests will be listed and give a great starting point for discussions of new adventures. You can use this as a couple just starting out, or after years of marriage. It’s a great tool to advance your relationship. Most questions are sex/gender neutral so it works nicely for cis, trans, and non-binary partners alike.
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4 years ago, erok1992
I don’t write reviews very often, but this app has been an amazing tool for bringing the fire back in to our marriage. It opened a world of new possibilities and tore down the barriers that made us uncomfortable talking about intimacy. We have learned things about each other that we would have never dared ask. Easy five stars! Warning: Some of the suggestions are graphic and extremely risqué. Not recommended for the prudish.
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2 years ago, Frog yurt
Need to split the questions up into genres
App works like it says it does. But it seems the The questions are about 50% for people that would want to swap partners or swing. Being in a monogamous relationship and not wanting to go outside of that I’m having to waste a lot of time answering questions about stuff that just wouldn’t ever happen for us also there’s a lot of of questions on the homosexual end of things those questions should be isolated into a homosexual section. Basically I don’t wanna blow my money on questions that are irrelevant
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2 years ago, JeanxMarco
Love it but only 2 a day?
Man! It was fun at first with my partner but the fact after you answer a certain amount you have to wait 2 hours for more questions is ridiculous. What’s even more dumb is that after waiting those 20 hours, you only get to answer TWO questions. This had potential but it’s just an app trying to make you pay for more like everything else. Make it like tinder where I have at least 30 swipes a day without having to pay the fee. You could even put ad revenue in there but nope. You gotta pay after answering 2 questions per day.
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5 years ago, Sherwood1110
Increase communication & satisfaction
My partner & I are enjoying this app! We are great with communication already - Safe - Sane - Consensual, but this is expanding our repertoire and increasing our communication. We are having fun coming up with dares & enjoying playful competition. As for the app, I think it’s great but I would improve on the following: 1) Offer tutorials & how-to guides for app features 2) Allow members to link up with more than one partner, or even small groups with shared codes. I think this app is great for couples, but I would like it to be more accommodating to those who choose to share with more than one partner. 3) I would like to see more questions for non-binary people and trans people. Either way, it’s important to talk about sex and this is a great tool to facilitate communication! Thank you!
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4 years ago, LadyWeasel
Immediate results
This app is extremely easy to learn and was a sexy, thought-provoking conversation starter for us. We were using it at various points in our work day and got really turned on and excited about the chats we’d had within the app. We’ve been together 14 years and are both GGG but this gave us 3 new intimacy goals within the first couple of hours. I’ve already recommended it to others and have gotten great feedback from them.
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4 years ago, SamDer299
App is great but the chats are terrible!
I pay for the premium version. The app has helped my wife and I both be more open and adventurous. I absolutely love the app and would recommend it to any couple that wants to spice up their sex life! There is one MAJOR issue. The chats do not notify you when you partner responds. If you are like us and answer lots of questions and start lots of chats you have to go through about 100 different chats one by one just to find where you partner responds. They really need to address this issue. Would have been 5 stars if the chats worked.
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2 years ago, 19KT75
Amazing Concept, Super Well Done..
My partner and I love this app. I’m a forgetful person so it helps to have a list of what she’s into and what she might be willing to try. Being able to have separate conversations in the app about each idea makes it spicy and organized. App also takes away the hard part of communicating desires and wants without embarrassing yourself if your partner isn’t into it.
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10 months ago, ben06292018
Super fun and sexy!
Heard about the app on some podcasts. Those can be hit or miss suggestions. This one is a hit! Super easy to use. If you are into some more devoted lifestyles there are question packs you can purchase that are tailored to those, Along with the community question packs. However if your sex life with your partner is pretty vanilla the free questions will definitely get you started off right.
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8 months ago, Avi Raha
Great for communication
This app offers a lot of tools for communicating what you do and don’t want. There are a good amount of free questions, but the way they price things is annoying as it follows the new subscription-based format that everyone uses. That or you pay the same monthly price of $5 per question pack. I may pay for one month if it feels necessary, but I can’t see myself ever purchasing a lifetime membership or even a yearly
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3 years ago, twustman
Life Changing.
Life changing may be an understatement. My wife and I had sex 15 times in the first 4 days after downloading this app. For real. We had an amazing sex life and this has taken it to another level I didn’t know was possible. We are now literally obsessed with each other. We are truly thankful for this app it changed our lives for the better. Thank you!
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10 months ago, Gdb&&@
Good app
I do wish partner was as into it, as I am. One of the nice things about this app is the fact that it does not become completely useless after doing the free questions or dares. They allow people to write their own. If it was not for this feature I would have tired of it quickly. The chat feature is good but have doubts that it is secure.
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3 weeks ago, crossfire2200
Good, could be great
App needs some TLC to turn it from good to great. E.g. new matches are not highlighted in the app, finding the latest chat entry is trickier than it should be, lots of similar IAP options that are not clearly explained. For the free option, after the initial trial period is over you are left with 3 daily questions which seems fair. My biggest gripe is with the type of questions/ideas; for an app that requires you to link to one partner, why are 15% of the suggestions about being non-monogamous ?
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6 months ago, AlexanderDaGreatest
This app is great at sparking conversations about things that maybe you thought your partner wouldn’t be into but of course it’s about both partners level of willingness to engage. I only recommend this app if you and your partner are both excited to check in and answer the daily question and have some conversations in app about your matches.
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3 months ago, MyBoss303
While we’ve always had great sexual chemistry and communication, we’ve used Spicer to create a little more fun and consistency. It’s also been great because instead of being distracted away from each other while on phones, we’ve found this is more fun than videos/IG/games and it redirects us towards each other in an intimate way.
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5 years ago, John Grabowski
We like it!
My wife and I tried this - hoping it’d work as an easier way to find matches about topics we probably wouldn’t have otherwise thought to talk about - and it did! I’d like more flexibility with the length of time allotted to complete a challenge. There may be other functionality in the app I haven’t explored yet. That said, Spicer is already responsible for some very exciting times between me and my wife - with hopefully many, many more to come.
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4 months ago, Sex at 55
Great way to spice things up
We have found this app to be a great way of communicating each other’s thoughts and feelings. We have been married for 31 years and we still like having our date nights. While my wife was hesitant after at first, she found it to be a great tool. We are some what adventurous, but you use the app to communicate and be as adventurous as you want to be.
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1 year ago, blackhandle
Great App!
This app is fantastic! The UI is missing a way to easily tell what your partner said no to but other than that it’s a great way to know your partner and even to find out about types of sexual activity you didn’t know before. Lowering this to a 3 star because of the developer response. The argument that you can’t see “No” is for privacy reasons really doesn’t make much sense at all. Knowing your partners dislikes is a pretty important thing in a relationship.
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