Spider Solitaire: Card Game

4.8 (747.5K)
296.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spider Solitaire: Card Game

4.76 out of 5
747.5K Ratings
2 years ago, PennyAnnie2
Love it or leave it?
Have been a subscriber for years and really enjoyed it, but now I think it’s time to go. This game has been "improved" until it is no longer a solitary card game but a team sport all about competition and record keeping. Going back to an actual deck of cards, with no bells or whistles. Won’t be as convenient as picking up my iPad or phone on a whim, but will certainly be more relaxing and more de stressing. I used to get so angry when someone would walk past and stop to say "there, put the red 3 on the black 4”. Solitaire is meant to allow your brain to turn off, step out of the rat race, contemplate, and do some free thinking. No interruptions and no pressure. That has all been lost here. Too many new employees coming in trying to prove their worth by "keeping things fresh", adding something new to make your game stand out. I don’t understand why that is the way things are being done by this generation. When you have the perfect, tried and true basic game, just keep the bugs out and your hands off. If you want to appeal to a younger or different market, either after an option to upgrade or develop a new game and give it a new name. Just leave the original one alone, working in perfect condition. You would then have captured the whole market and not just be competing with everyone else for the loudest most active crowd of the moment.
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1 year ago, georgesbub
Problems with ads
I have been playing this games for years, and have always appreciated the 5 second ads. Recently, after watching a 5 second ad, when I hit the X to close it, the same ad comes up, maybe in a little different format. At times, I have to watch 3 of these, for the same product, to get back to the game. Tonight, there is the added problem with a banner ad for Candy Crush Soda that is at the bottom of the screen when I am playing the game. There is no option to remove it, and it covers the toolbar for game play. If I touch it just right, I can activate the needed tool because after playing the games so long, I know where the actions I need are located (undo, hint, etc.) However, many times, I end up being taken to the App Store for The Candy Crush game. Frustrating! I really like this game, and all the Mobility Ware games. I appreciate all the statistics features and options to change graphics and games play features. Please fix these ad issues.
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2 years ago, L!ve2bfr33
A good game but unethical practices
I had this game on my Samsung phone and then I got an IPhone. Before I got it I read many reviews from iPhone users about how invasive the ads were. I contacted the company and they assured me that the ads were completely dismissible and that I should have no problem but did not offer an explanation about the differences between the two operating systems. I have now been using the app for a couple months and I must say that the ads were much different and much worse on the iPhone to the point that you could spend five minutes trying to dismiss an ad and it would put you into an endless loop. I reported my experience to no avail. They have some advertisers that are truly obnoxious but it is really difficult to figure out the names of the apps that they’re promoting and screen captures don’t do the experience justice because it doesn’t explain how long and how many tries you’ve had to make to dismiss the app. I am a developer myself and I understand the issue about receiving payment and I completely agree that people should be paid for their work, but this app says it’s free and then brow beats people into paying even though they claim that the ads are completely dismissible. I guess they should say “ads are eventually dismissible”.
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2 years ago, need it to work please
Why does it no load unless I retry multiple times
I play several mobility games and all of them either don't load unless you try several times or you have to wait multiple minutes for it to load. What's the problem mobility? I almost feel like you're taking that time I'm waiting so you can hack my phone? I am no longer going to play these mobility games because I’m tired of ads interrupting a game and like so many others are commenting it takes way too long to finally get back to the game and play. You spend more time waiting for the ads which I don’t look at anyway then you do playing the game. There are other similar games that don’t do this. Updating once more..the developer always wants your email addresss to “see why you are having issues” except that never changes anything. I get you have ads so you make money..but waiting 3 to 5 minutes between each hand is now more than I and I see more people do not want to deal with. Seems all mobility games do this. Other developers have 10 seconds of forced ads then you can continue play. I don’t understand what the problem is but no one is interested in ads..I don’t read them and I don’t buy off them. I do advertising as a profession and know in these kinds of activities these ads are a big waste of time for the user and a huge annoyance turning potential customers away. Ads can be quick but not dragging on like these
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5 years ago, chsufivkak
Buggy but generally fun
I sometimes get stuck on the transition from “Mobility Ware” to the game, and it just sits there for maybe a flat 20 seconds. Then, when you load up a game, you have to wait another 20 seconds before you can start moving cards around. Then, if you go to another app, or really you don’t even have to go to another app. If you double press the home button, then tap back on Spider Solitaire, it will still make you wait about 20 seconds before it lets you do anything DESPITE you maybe only being off the game for less than a single second. It’s annoying when you leave for a split second to reply to someone, then come back to the solitaire app, have to wait before you can do anything and by the time you can, your friend has already texted you back. Sometimes, if you’re gone from the app for more than a couple seconds, then the whole app restarts and you have to wait through the whole loading process again and everything. However, I haven’t found another solitaire format that I like more and this is the only game I found that works in portrait mode. Just get rid of the bugs!!! If other apps can be immediately responsive after returning to the app after a short second, then so can some simple card game.
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1 year ago, Babs42
Why update a perfect game?
Game has been great for years so why mess with it? Those who play classic solitaire want to just play game after game after game of solitaire without changing the game so every time you update it with something “new”, it’s a tad frustrating. After so many of those, it starts to get old. I have paid for the non ad version of this game for many years now so I’m referring to updates that are in the game itself, not the ads. Adding in daily goals and competitions to see how far we can get and earning stars, etc. I can ignore most of that and still just play my good ol’ solitaire but now there is this annoying green checkmark on top of my cards INTERFERING with my ability to see my cards that tells me that I have accomplished my daily goals. I can not get rid of this checkmark! Why? What mess with a good thing? Why not go make another game for those that want goals and competitions and stars? I want my regular, same peaceful solitaire that I have had for years back. Get rid of the obnoxious green checkmark that is making it so I can not play the game and give me my game back. I do not want to lose this game! I love it too much, but I can not play with it as it is now.
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2 years ago, MFHulshoff
What changed??
Been playing over five years, on a few different devices. Just got a new Apple phone and had to start from scratch a couple weeks ago!! Major pain watching ad after ad trying to catch up with six weeks of missed goals!!! Horrible!! And NOW the past couple of weeks, I play Spider, Free Cell and traditional Solitaire, and I’m being interrupted in MIDPLAY while choosing my next play by an AD!!! Very random, but often enough it’s quite unsettling !! Being in the zone and getting T BONED by an obnoxious ad you’ve seen thirty times already in the past couple hours of play time. I’ve already tried to attach a screen shot but I can’t upload photos while the game is playing and it won’t let me copy and paste here. Perplexing to say the least. I understand the need for them, but now, since I can’t back out or Xout off the ad in mid game without losing it, I’ve guesstimated about 15-25 minutes of game play is sitting watching redundant ads I’m not interested in following up with!! I usually just shut off the phone or pick up an old Samsung one to continue play there, where, by the way, it doesn’t happen!!
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6 years ago, unohav_1
Great look, bad ads, airplane mode almost unplayable
I understand the need for ads, and a popup between hands showing other games Mobility makes is FINE. I’d even be willing to check one out if it looked neat. Then the animated ads with sound started, and you HAVE to watch for a period of time before an X would appear to close them. This went even further, as ads would randomly put the X in different corners so you never know where to look, and even then sometimes the X would either not work at all, or clicking it would open the app store to the game. This is RIDICULOUS waiting 30+ seconds on ads you cannot close between every single hand. I play games like this to relax, and this BS is far from relaxing. A tip to help was put your phone/tablet in airplane mode actually brought those types of ads to a halt with only single-frame ads you can just close. Yay until a few months back, when this suddenly started causing problems with a hand being dealt. There’s LONG pause before anything at all happens, then a single-frame ad pops up where clicking the X greys it out, and another LONG pause before it closes. I’ve spent upwards of five minutes dealing with this trying to play ONE frickin hand. I’m done. I will never download another Mobility game.
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5 years ago, AAAron333
Was a 5 star game for years until recently :(
I’ve been playing this game for years! It is the only game on my phone. I play it constantly. It is a great stress reliever for me. I have played it for several hours straight during very stressful times or when I can’t sleep. However, the newest software updates are changing my feelings about it. The new video ads drive me crazy. They actually scared the crap out of me for the longest time during those late nights when I’m laying in bed late and can’t sleep. I would jump every time suddenly seeing people moving and up close in my face. And on occasion I’ve had the sound from a video randomly start playing during the middle of the game when my sound is turned off! It just did that twice in the last 5 minutes! That’s sure not helping me relax! I’m also having problems with it quitting on me in the middle of a game. Between the frustration over videos, it quitting on me multiple times per session and the sound playing without the videos while volume is off, it is no longer therapeutic. I am either frustrated or startled, defeating my purpose of playing this game. I don’t want to play anything else! Please help!
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5 years ago, Kassy1212
Fun game
Like many of the other MobilityWare card games you can play the Daily Challenge to get a crown and they recently added daily tasks which are fun. Fun card game. But as a SUGGESTION TO THE DEVELOPERS what I would really love to see is being able to get the Daily Crown for all 4 versions of the daily challenge. That is if you select 1, 2, 3, or 4 suits under options it will give you a daily challenge with that many suits. So there are actually 4 different Daily challenges each day depending on how many suits you have chosen as your default, but you can only win the crown once per day, so you have to choose one and play it. But it would be fun to get a double, triple or quadruple crown depending on if you could defeat all the suit choices in one day (that is play the one suit daily challenge game get a crown, now switch under options to two suits, play the daily challenge in two suits and get that crown and so on.) I just think it would be a fun challenge - how many of us could get defeat all 4 for one day?
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4 years ago, Kim Sells
I ❤️ this game, but...
I absolutely love this addictive game and play it very often. It helps me keep my mind alert and awake. The only complaint I have at all, is the fact that when I’m in a doctor’s office or I a waiting room where I want to play, but obviously want to be silent, I will put my phone on silent mode. However, even in silent mode, some of the loud ads somehow bypass my phone’s silent mode setting and are able to blast their ads at full volume, much to my embarrassment. All other games I have will silence ads and all noise when my phone is in silent mode, as it should be. One ad that offends me and always blasts is “Buffalo Inferno” and “Hearts of Vegas slots.” Although I’m still able to turn my volume down quickly, the point of silent mode is to not have to do that so unexpectedly! I wish the makers of the game would better screen their ads to not accept any that bypass the user’s phone settings! That’s manipulation and is extremely frustrating; so frustrating that I will definitely delete this Spider app if these types of ads continue, and will be forced to find another Spider app that does not hijack my phone settings! *If this practice stops, I will consider reloading this app.
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4 years ago, Grandmaofalex
Poor quality
I don’t like the new version. The older one was better. Is there any way to get back the former version. If not I think I’ll delete the game completely. One of the problems is the congratulations videos at the end when you win. They are now very cheap looking without the detail the earlier version had. The previous version had quality and the new one lacks it. Looks like it was done by someone less experienced with game development. Glad to see you changed it, much better now. I don’t care for your daily challenges and not being able to continue without picking new names, etc. I would think you should leave things alone or give the option to bypass these annoying screens and mandatory selections. I was almost ready to delete the game again because of this. Again thank you for the improvement and hope to see the same type of improvement to these other items.
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2 years ago, okpaducah
Ads that you can’t get out of
New info: you have a problem with the fiverr pro ad…it freezes and there’s no way out except to quit the game. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to send feedback except thru this review. It seemed like a circle taking me back to the same pages. I really enjoy the game. What’s the deal? Do you not test the ads that you put up to see if they have a way to get out of them? There’s more and more of them. I have to shut down my phone to get rid of them. The last one turned the screen black and there was no way to get to the game. Please change it so we can leave more than one review. I appreciate you fixing the above. So I’ve changed my star number. But I just had an add something about beauty and it’s a horrible thing for a young girl to see. Too much emphasis on what she should look like and even how to walk. I think you have a responsibility to not contribute to girls poor self image with your games n ads. Normally they are fine but this one is over the top.
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11 months ago, KBattgirl2015
Was great, not anymore
I have played this game since 2016 and loved it. The ads used to be short and non-invasive but now they are long, have audio (even though I have sound turned off in the game) and are very repetitive. So tired of seeing the same ad over & over again! It got to the point I was going to pay for no ads however they changed from a one time fee to a monthly fee for no ads and I absolutely won’t pay a monthly fee to play a solitaire game! You are getting ad revenue whether people pay for ad free or not. Anyway, the developers started these challenges and I enjoyed doing them. I got badges for every single one for awhile. However they changed recently from having a reasonable number of levels to complete in 7 days to a ridiculous number of levels that one cannot complete unless you are unemployed and playing the game constantly. I sent a message through the app & just got a canned response (“Thanks for your feedback, will send your feedback to the developer”). So I have decided to delete the app from my phone and try a different spider solitaire app after 7 years of using Mobilty Ware. If you don’t listen to your customers you lose them.
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5 years ago, 65smiley
I’ve always enjoyed playing spider solitaire until today
I would definitely give this fun game 5 stars until today.I’ve always loved playing spider solitaire with all the colorful backgrounds and fun card faces but today I wasn’t happy with the added “burst of color that spews out of the card when you line it up to match the same color in the card sequence” It’s very annoying to see it displayed on the screen each time you move the card or multiple cards to the matching color row of cards. I don’t know if I described it accurately but hopefully the developers will delete it from the game. This is only my opinion and I’m sure there are many players who might like the “burst of color that are red hearts and diamonds and black spades and clubs”. But, to me it’s an unnecessary addition to the game. I’ve recommended this game to my friends and family. It’s a fantastic game that challenges your cognitive thinking process. I apologize for being picky but the new addition really bothered me.
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11 months ago, Shimmer777
So good!! An idea maybe?
hi there! I’ve been a subscriber for a couple years now and it’s SO worth it! i love this game, i play on and off but i just love all the daily challenges, goals, timed events, and customization! i don’t think i will ever not have this app and i highly recommend. that being said, i had a question about the animations. i love the updated animation collections, but i’ve always found there’s certain ones that i like more than others. if it was even possible, i think it would be cool if you added an option where you can choose one of your animations to play at the end of all your games, and a new one pops up every now and again that adds to your collection like normal. just a thought! also, i love love LOVE the card and background customization. i think it would be super cool if you commissioned a bunch of artists with different art styles and added a ton more! i’m obsessed, thanks for the game! 🫶🏻
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7 months ago, Gloggins
Love the Game - Consistently Coming Back to This
I have probably played this game at least once every two weeks for years. Most times, I play a lot more. I’m a big fan of Spider Solitaire. I do miss the old PC game that allowed you to save a deal. This game doesn’t do that. However, it has many other features that I have come to appreciate more. I have a paid subscription to avoid commercials. That also gives me advance access to the daily games, which brings me back to this game most often. I enjoy the challenge of trying to get a month’s worth of crowned days. In other words, I enjoy challenging myself to solve each days deal before that day is over. It’s a fun extra feature that allows me to not only challenge myself with each deal, but to have a slightly higher goal. It also allows you to get ranked on whether you solve it best the first time, to solve it with the least amount of moves, or solve it with the most points compared to other players. And, while it doesn’t let me save the game at a stage while playing, you can redeal as much as you want and make sure you only get solvable deals. Finally, it will show you how to solve a deal, if you get really desperate. When I want to solve a particular day, I will occasionally take screen grabs of the deal’s solve as the “game” progresses, so I know how to set the cards up before each deal. In, sum, lots of great features!
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6 years ago, Snowy Home
Love it, still the best solitaire!
For the first time I had trouble with the game. It hard crashed my iPad and the end result was that I had to reinstall. I lost two years of gold trophies. 😟 still love the game but I'm having difficulty with the upgraded game and find some changes irritating. For one thing, the highlighted and darkened cards in some of the game styles. I finally got it to more like the old version so I can enjoy it. Still annoyed that I lost all that history, but still playing and it's still the best. Casual, no pressure! I enjoy the game every time I play,even keeping up with the weekly challenges👌. I have had very few games which I enjoyed without getting annoyed and it's a real pleasure to have found this one. I can' spend cash in games but with this one I don' have to spend. The ads are inserted with little intrusion and my sessions leave me satisfied with the interlude. Thank you to the developers for a good looking, challenging yet fun game!
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2 years ago, GMS777777
Loved this game until….And then I loved it again!!
Update: MobilityWare contacted me and they are trying to fix the situation with the App Store permission page. I’m thankful that they cared enough to reach out to me. Because MobilityWare cared and their app is free, I’m bumping them up to 5 stars. The game helps to quiet my mind, which is needed most days! Thank you, MobilityWare! I absolutely loved this game until the App Store started popping up there own permission page in between my games and it would freeze my screen every time. I tried clicking on the continue button, but nothing and there was no X or close button as an option. I had to shutdown my phone and restart it each and every time. I’ve been with you all for a long time, please fix whatever is broke or stop the App Store from forcing their page to come up so often. Thank you.
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6 months ago, MJEDL
Mobilityware Events
Since I got my first IPhone, I have preferred Mobilityware games to any other. That is rapidly changing. I am learning to absolutely HATE them. I loved the events when they first started. 10 -15 per week. I could relax and play them at my leisure. 300+ per week?? Stupid and ridiculous. You have to work to try and complete them. It takes all of your time (I am retired and can’t do it). You have no time to play other games. I hate leaving things unfinished and it drives me crazy that I have to leave these unfinished every week. I only play 4 games and I know you have others. I can’t image trying to add another game. Go back to 50 or below. Preferably 25. Them I can relax and enjoy them instead of wanting to delete them. Or even alternative games per week instead of all games every week. Add one more event and all Mobilityware games will be deleted from my iPad. I have always given Mobilityware 5 stars. Now they get 0. 😡😡 okay it seems That in order to tell you how much I dislike your events, I have to give you at least 1 star. I love the events, I just hate the sheer number of them.
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4 years ago, mehmehmehmehmehmehmehmehhh
pay $2 every month for no ads? dumb af
the game is fine and everything but it really makes me mad that you have to continuously pay a subscription in order to not see an ad every 2 minutes. that’s absolutely ridiculous. i was willing to pay to remove the ads, but i’m not going to pay $2 a month, $24 a year, just to play a game of solitaire on my phone- that’s such a waste and it’s extremely unnecessary. I get that they need to make money, but it’s just too much. the amount of ads they force non-subscribers to watch + the people, like me, who would be willing to pay $2 ONE TIME is sufficient enough revenue for the creators not to require a $2 subscription plan. who gets a subscription plan to play SOLITAIRE. that’s so stupid. deleting the entire game now. they respond to people’s complaints about the ridiculous ads they show by saying they “rely on advertisement revenue to continue” creating good content, as if the game of solitaire is constantly changing and updating and needs hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep up with the times. the developers are losing that revenue because all of us are deleting the game because of the ads 🙄
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1 year ago, Socrmom11
The ads follow up
I am glad the ads can now be gotten out of in a few seconds but you still have to click at least 3 times on most to truly get out. New issue - the PayPal app turns the screen upside down and even turning my iPad doesn’t correct it. I rebooted and it’s still upside down. Really frustrated. I play this at night when I can’t sleep or while waiting in the doctors office. Lately, when I win and finish a game it will go to a black screen I can not get out of. The only solution is to reboot. I have an iPhone 12 so I know it’s not the phone. The ads are RELENTLESS! It takes multiple clicks to get out of them. Having multiple ads for the same game one after another isn’t going to make me purchase the advertised game. It will however make me stop playing and move on to another game that isn’t quite so obnoxious with the ads. Let’s remember I’m usually playing this in bed at night where my spouse is sleeping and I have all sounds turned off. Ringer and volume yet random previews of games will start up and they are BLARING!!!! WTH???
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3 years ago, ILRC for Bvi
What Happened?
I’ve been playing this game for more than a year. I used to love playing it even with the ads popping up between each game. Sometimes the ads would pop up during the game. But they were fun to watch and didn’t take forever and a day to complete. Now, however, the ads keep going and going and going and take you to the App Store. What a headache! It’s so irritating!! In order to get back to the game, I have to close the app and re-open it. What happened? Before this change in ad presentation, I would have given it 5 stars. UPDATE: The developers responded to me. It is wonderful to see that they really care and want to help. I can now report that I am no longer getting stuck in the advertisement or in the App Store. Yay! It’s happening again! Specifically, it’s The Candy Crush ad. It takes a long time to time out. There is no way to close it without ending up at the App Store screen. You then have to close your Spider app and then reopen it again. Can you do something about this problem? It’s very aggravating!
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3 years ago, Jan Cavender
Problems with Ads
I love this Spider Solitaire Game but am about to go to a different producer of it. I play probably over 50 games a day but I have about had it with the ads. It locks ads in without an x or close and I have to shut my IPad down to get the ad to go off. This past week I lost all my points, trophies, etc and had to delete it and start all over because the screen went a brownish color, not black, although it’s done that before when the ad was about to come on. I Tried everything to no avail including shutting it down and Playing other games and coming back to it. Finally after every effort gave up and deleted it. And I furious to have to start all over from the beginning a . You need to resolve this issue. If it happens again I will no longer play this game or your game of Mahjong. Well, I did as I threatened after more frustration from too many glitches and problems. Have deleted this Solitaire game and am now playing the”Blue” Spider game. Much less stressful and few ads. Much happier now. Miss some of your features but not worth the frustration. I bet you don’t print this part!!
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5 years ago, Saswin11
Bad update
I have loved this game, I’m a paying customer, but I’m disappointed with the current update. Now the columns no longer shrink up when you tap a very long column; this makes it harder to work with the bottoms of the columns. I got into a situation yesterday where I was trying to move an entire column near the center of the screen. Each time I tried to grab the column, the iPhone pulled down its short “swipe down” screen, interfering with the game. I was never able to move that column, I had to give up on it. I never had that problem with the game prior to this update. Finally, the new design for the menu at the bottom of the screen takes up more space than it used to, which is not a good thing. I want to go back to the older version. I have always rated this game as five stars; now it drops to three stars. I hate “upgrades” that crow about the improvements but actually worsen the game. New themes are uninteresting if they come along with changes that worsen what used to be the best Spider in the App Store. Sarah
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2 years ago, Late nite checker
Happily Stuck to Spider for a While
Great Spider ... played it for long time ... adds "intensity" well balanced ... may it last forever. NOT so happy with recent sound "intrusions" to other streaming sound content simultaneous to gaming. Please reconsider or provide sound opt out alternative. Otherwise still very satisfied. ... FINALLY recently dropped sound invasion practice ... thanks ... great ... ... still work to be done around this sound stream disruptions ... adds frequently cause interruption of such ... bad taste to associate with the “disruptor” party ... ... fewer ... thanks ... sound stream disruptions ... very rare other sound streaming total interruptions, requiring you to “restart”, still occur … advertisement that does not show correctly and looses “operativity”, requiring Spider restarting … and the newby: Spider not having enough zoom to take whole screen … still great app … thanks …
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4 years ago, CJ61
Too many ads that lock up and freeze the game.
When you actually get to play the game, it's great! However, there are way too many ads!!! They come up in between games and even pop up in the middle of the game. Several ads have completely locked up the game and it's very difficult to continue. Most recently, one ad locked up the game for several days! Update: I was impressed that the Developer responded very quickly regarding the problem and wanted to fix the problem. Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact them with the additional details they requested. The add that always locks up is the advertisement for the 'Word Stack' game. I have figured out how to get through it, but it continues to lock up. update 2: sorry, I will not click on unknown links. I explained the problem and appreciate your quick response. It's your advertisement and up to you to fix.
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7 years ago, April1956
Spider solitaire
I started with cards and played solitaire and then discovered it on my phone. Spider solitaire was a natural progression. This is just a nice way to wake myself up in the am. I also read a book for pleasure and a bible and a informational book with my bible. I have around 8 different games on my phone. I don't do them every day except daily challenge solitaire, spider, and some other ones. The games take the place of commercials also. These things take the place of constant tv for me. They go with me to appointments also. The ads don't bother me because the game is free and you can get rid of them soon. You can also turn your wifi off in settings if they do mess with your game. That usually doesn't happen but you do have that option if you happen to get a bad game. No wifi...no ads... Id be miserable without my games or books to keep me company
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3 years ago, kamcap
Best Spider game I’ve found, but…
I've been playing Spider since before there were computers. It’s THE BEST solitaire game for allowing a player to develop skill as opposed to other solitaires which rely more on the luck of the draw. I win about 45% of the time on this app game, which echoes about the same win rate I have with real cards… therefore I believe the deals in the app truly are random. Love all the graphics and options, including the ability to use my own photo for the background. But these new aggressive ads!!! You can’t get out of some of them without actually closing the app and then reopening it! That’s just plain rude. Don’t these advertisers realize we’re not going to be bullied into taking their products when they launch an advertising assault like that? Please fix!
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4 years ago, RitaTaylor234
Adds I can’t close
I would give it 4.8 if I could. That point two percent is for the adds that I get audio for but no picture and no way to close them. When I start a new game I get the required add that you close after five seconds or so and then get on with the game. But after that first add I get random audio as if another add is playing but there is no picture and no way of closing out. I have updated the game, I have updated my phone, I have even turned my phone off, waited a few minutes, then turned it back on again and it is still doing it. I don’t know what to do. It is super annoying as I just have to sit there until the sound stops. I still play the game every day, I just usually end up turning my sound off because of the random noise I can’t stop. Developers, if there is something you can suggest to help me out that would be appreciated. I love this game and I hate that I have this glitch.
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5 years ago, VolcanoRose
Mostly good
*update June 2019. Now the pop up ads are very frequent and some are still hostage style hijacking the screen for up to 30 seconds. I won’t watch them. I shut it down. Buying the app (again) is not an option. The new format is basically only renting the app, having to make regular payments. Not going to happen. I gave 2 stars because I am still using the app in spite of the inconvenience of non stop adds, and greed of the new rental format. I like the game though I the integrity of the app owners is lacking. * update... new popup ads are now blocking the ap. There's no way to press the X to get rid of it!!!! Way to go Spider Solitaire. Just dropped to 1 star... disgusted... I've had this for quite a while and have dealt with the pop up ads. Now the extremely loud forced music of the dang pop ups have become horridly invasive. Those cause me to use this app less and less. I bought the app once;, then when I got a new device somehow my paid app was lost and this horrid version was left. I haven't wanted to buy it again...
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7 years ago, writergirl_xx
Good game, intrusive ads
I like the daily challenges. It's relaxing to play a game in the morning while waiting for my train. It's a free app, so I expected some ads, but when I originally downloaded the app, I was pleasantly surprised by how few there were. There was one every other hand (or more often, if it takes you a little longer to finish a game). But now they're everywhere. You can't necessarily exit out of them after a few seconds. Some are multi-part, so if you exit out of one, there's a second page and you have to wait to exit out of that one too. The makers have even added one to a menu option, so if you click for a new game, the first option isn't deal a new hand but download whatever new game. This wouldn't be so annoying if there wasn't also a menu for games they also want you to download. I get that it's a free game, but calm down on the ads.
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1 year ago, mariecpa2000
Stands the test of time
I’ve been playing this game for the last couple of years and really enjoy the challenge. Sometimes I play for speed, sometimes for difficulty and sometimes for the number of moves. This year I’ve challenged myself to complete every Daily Challenge. The only complaint I have is that I wish there was more strategy information I.e. is it better to always clear a column or turn over a new buried card? And is it better to move a long more complete run or again, uncover a card or a column? Years playing the game and I still have no solid answer to those questions. Oh well, an excuse to keep trying to figure it out. I do pay for the subscription bi- annually and feel I get my money’s worth. It’s the only game I pay for.
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5 years ago, Luke buddy lexie
Game Won’t Open !!!! No SUPPORT AT ALL!!! SENT SEVERAL Emails!!!!
Game will not open. This is the only app I am having trouble with. My Solitaire from same developer works fine. I have had no help on this problem. I have only received automatic responses to my emails. They said they will contract you within 48 hours but it’s almost a week now. I don’t want to delete because I will lose all my progress. I’m almost on level 4000. This is not the way to treat customers. !!!!!!!!! UDPATE THANK YOU BRIAN FOR HELPING ME FIX MY GAME. YOU WERE VERY NICE AND HELPFUL. I WAS HAPPY TO GET BACK MY LEVELS AND MY CROWNS. ALSO THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW ABOUT THE PICTURES PROBLEM AND THAT IT WILL BE FIXED. I LOVE THIS GAME AND PLAY FOR HOURS AS IT IS RELAXING AND HELPS ME THROUGH THE ROUGH SPOTS IN THE DAY WITH MY BACK. IT TRULY DOES HELP AND I REALLY APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DID. SO I HAVE RERATED THE GAME TO GIVE IT 5 STARS. WILL BE HAPPY WHEN I CANT USE MY PHOTO FOR BACKGROUND. AGAIN THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL GAME AND YOUR HELPFUL SUPPORT.
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6 years ago, SweetnSexyLips
Update detracts and downgrades
I hate this update!!! The card face backgrounds have fully changed, I want the option of the old Card Face Background back... Much easier to see on the phone with the cards being either all black or all red.. and the positioning of the cards is not great either...I had family and friends on that background and now the layout and positioning of the card layout makes it intrusive and I can't get it the way it was... This is an example of how a Newer update is not always better, I don't care how much you paid your tech designer for something new, the older version was much easier to see and customize... This version on November 2018 is a downgrade... And I have played this everyday for years... I'm now looking at other card games because of this..
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6 years ago, Starsphynx
Been loving it for years
I’ve been playing this game for years, ever since I got my first IPhone. It must fit my personality. I like that I can replay the same deal or back up and replay moves. I find this very satisfying, because we don’t get many opportunities for do-overs in life. And it allows me to stubbornly refuse to give up, until I’ve played the deal so many times that I either win, or am satisfied that there is no possible way to win it. It tends to be my go to game when I need to kill a few minutes, like waiting in the doctors office. It absorbs my attention and makes time run fast, but I can look up from it when I need to, without losing the game. I do r know what people are talking about regarding ads. I don’t see any ads. Maybe I paid for an upgrade way back when.
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6 years ago, Crib~<>,s
Horrible Adds
I like the game but the adds are horrible. I understand that a free app needs to have adds to make money. The problem is that a lot of the adds are designed poorly. For example, I have an iPad Pro and use the special stylus. Some of the adds can be deleted clicking on the X with my stylus, others required me to use my finger. It’s really irritating because often there are 2 adds in a row and the second one won’t respond to the stylus even though the X dims when you flick on it. The second type of irritating adds changes my screen from landscape to portrait. I then have to turn my iPad to find out where the X is and then after deleting the add I have to turn my iPad up side down in order to get it to go back to the landscape mode. I guess the advertisers think they will get my attention by doing these things and they are right. The problem is that because of their irritating techniques I would never buy there products.
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4 years ago, pluto guitar
don't get me wrong, the game is a great time killer and can be generally fun if you like games like these. but not only do they have too many ads, but they also advertise every new game they make and that can honestly get annoying at times. i mean, good on you for making plenty of games and stuff but, i don't wanna hear about it every time i open the app. and even then, you don't get much for playing this game, besides for some titles and trophies, they literally contribute to nothing. i mean, it's kind of fun receiving trophies and titles and stuff but, i don't know. at the same time, i feel like maybe we should get a bit more from it, ya know? like, maybe if we complete two months worth of daily games, we could get a month free of ads or something like that. i understand ads are how you make money and stuff, so you could also do something such as an in game currency that if we get enough money from playing games, we could use that to buy a week free of ads or something. like, if i do a daily challenge, that would be worth 10points or whatever, if you get what i'm saying. otherwise that, i think it's a pretty good game :) i've only had a few times where it bugged out, mostly when it was transitioning from an ad to the game or from the game to an ad, but otherwise that, i've had very few issues!
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6 months ago, I’ve come to hate Spider
Stupid badge bar
I have played this game a long time and loved it. I recently became a subscriber, but last night I clicked on the badge for the first time and played with that for a while. But the bar at the bottom of the screen describing the challenge remains on the screen. I couldn’t get rid of it. It covers the cards in the landscape version. I quickly came to absolutely hate that. I would delete the game, but I recently came a subscriber for a year. I don’t know what to do. All my enjoyment has just drained away because of that stupid feature. It would be great if it would appear briefly and then disappear, or if the player could click on it to make it leave if they wish. As it is, it’s incredibly annoying.
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1 year ago, Belmacks
Challenging, fun
This particular Spider solitaire app is my favorite game to play. It can be challenging or I can use settings if I want to make it easier. I like that I can choose to play a round that has a definite solution so that I can replay it until if I don’t complete it the first time (sometimes a couple of replays are needed, many times I win the first time). However, I can also play a “random deal” that does not guarantee a solution just as if I was playing with a physical deck of cards. There are daily challenges to meet, such as “complete a run within 2 min,” or “complete two runs in a row.” This is the only game app that I have had for five years & with which I have not grown bored. Thank you for a game that never gets old!
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3 years ago, Zephyrel
Dancing King!!!
After every win, there is a little celebration on the screen, usually a moving image made of playing cards, whether that be a ship in 3D rotation, a heart made of hearts that expands and shrinks back, or something else. But my very favorite is the dancing king; he makes me grin with delight every time he shows up. The game itself plays very well - images are clear, response time exactly right for me, options for one suit or more, if you like the challenge. Speaking of challenges, there’s a daily challenge board with medals you can earn, and as you win enough games to go up certain levels (which are not harder, just achievements), you earn cute titles. I play this game first thing every morning. My iPad knows my habits and offers me quick access!
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1 year ago, S?zzc
Great game, terrible Ads
The ads are terrible, go by their own obnoxious rules. Game’s developers say ads are skipable after 5 seconds, not true. We all know the ways: can’t close out an X, tapping on an X only brings you to their ads site. 1/2 the ads are a 30 seconds time waster as your trying to get to the game. Some ads have a 5 second timer they provide, except it’s slowed down to 10-15 seconds. It says to the customer, hey we don’t care about you. I understand it’s about the $$$ but If I was the developer, watch the ads, to clear the ads that they’re playing by the rules. Otherwise, you get customers like me who are frustrated & leave the app…also, note to businesses who use these obnoxious ploys in their ads-they don’t work, they only work to make customers hate what you’re trying to sell! It’s sad-because it’s a great game.
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5 years ago, RLS38
Habit forming but fun!
Habit forming but fun! I won a 4 suit spider early on and have been hooked ever since. I'm content with the 2 suit now because I can win almost every day on the daily game. It makes me feel good and no frustration! I usually play while I am snacking before I go to bed so I am not playing for speed, just relaxation. My only problem is with the geniuses who solve the puzzle in 100 moves in less than 30 seconds. That's 3 moves per second! Even the auto play doesn't move that fast! What's your secret? If you're using some computer program, what's the challenge other than having you name near the top of the list. Are you one of those people who always got participation trophies for showing up? Get a life and use your brain!
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10 months ago, Murfecat
Alarm clock?
I play the Daily game every day. It was fun to be surprised by the new daily challenges! In the past year, every once in a while, the icon will pop up in my Favorites app bar on my iPad with an alarm clock in the upper right corner. I declined notifications for daily reminders because I do play it every day, so I’m guessing that’s not what it is. Even after I play, and win, the daily game and close the icon, it pops back up with that alarm clock. Please tell me what it’s for! Well it’s been awhile since the above review. Actually forgot about that clock, it went away! I came here to ask if the game had a built-in difficulty level as more games are played? Because it seems the games are getting harder!
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7 years ago, MysticTwilight92677
Already did a review, but okay...
When I last wrote a review my rating was actually better than this. So, I hold no hopes that this review will be posted, either (perhaps explaining why they have such a high rating). Since my last review the ads have gotten worse. My last review explained that I can handle an ad between each an every game, but when it interrupts game play it's enough to make me not want to play this version of Solitaire. Now the ads make noises and if I'm listening to something else it will stop what I'm listening to and it may or may not start it up again after the ad. While I willing to deal with it for the love of this particular version of Spider, today tipped severely in the other direction this evening when I went to go finish a game I started this morning and the game was gone. I assume I took a loss for it. I know in the grand scheme of life it isn't a big deal, but I have a choice and I chose to play another version. Hope you fix it, but it's too late for me.
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6 years ago, Techie 1111
Good game
The new version needs a few bug fixes for one it is hard to always see the suit of cards that are in the stacks without moving cards to look number to sometimes you’re in the middle of a game and it’s going to deal another card and the screen just goes blank, so you lose the game although sometimes you can come back in and it’s there. Sometimes the game seems to slow down to a crawl and you can slowly watch the movement of cards I don’t know if this has been corrected but I did press on one card and not get that card to get something else happening it’s seem to have nothing to do with what I was touching. It’s still a good game much faster dealing then summer games easier regards to another games like it.
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3 years ago, Jet baby jetpack
What can u say spider is spider, there is a better version out there but I lost it when I reconfigured my phone and could not find it again. So now I have this version. The only dif is that when u drag your cards the old version would compensate if u grab to many or to few , it was easier for those of us with thick fingers. Other than that how could u screw this up or make it better. Spider is a great addictive game. It's not like u guys invented it. Ok it's nice to customize your deck, what do you want a cookie, ok u at least deserve a cookie give me an address I'll send u one. Update they didn’t except my offer for a cookie nor do I care about customizing the deck . What I need is a twelve step program to release my soul from this constant cycle of monotony. Maybe Smith and Wesson has one.
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1 year ago, Reba Maloney
Spider solitaire is slower after the last update
I find it irritating that this game has gotten slower once I start a game I choose winning and it goes to an ad and when I x the ad and get back to the game I have to wait for the cards to deal. Before the update I would x the ad and it would go back to the new game already dealt. This wastes my time. I would like to see a bit more of the bottom card in a pile I sometimes can’t make out what that card is. The ads you have are quite manipulative the x does not remove the screen as it it supposed to do! I tap it over and over and over before it returns to my game , the link that seems to be in upper left cover “back to spider solitaire does not work but leads me to many screens I must click on to dismiss and return to my game you advertise a cash solitaire game that is even slower to get out of hoping you’ll trap some poor soul into gambling away his hard earned money! It’s like a scam!
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1 month ago, Melli1200
Bring back the spider!
5/7/24 - A great game, however, still wonder why you call it Spider Solitaire when the spider only shows up every six weeks. I love this solitaire game. One of the things I like best is the graphics at the end of the game. But where did the spider go? This is Spider Solitaire, isn’t it? The spider hasn’t been on in months only once in October. Please bring it back - at least for Halloween! Three months later: You told me the spider is back, but I’ve only seen it once in the last three months. Bring it back, please! Once again, did you forget that you named this game SPIDER Solitaire? It shows up now every six weeks or so. I guess that’s an improvement over every three months. And those dumb dancing card people need to leave.
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11 months ago, Lora K Kay
This Used To Be 5-Star Game
I have played this game for YEARS! This has been the BEST version of Spider Solitaire out there in the app-verse… until recently. The ads make you flip through multiple screens or play the sample game before you can exit out of ads. It used to be 3-5 seconds of ads, but now it’s x-ing out of 3 screens OR interactive ads. Not fun! But the WORST thing is one new add that seems to run again and again throughout the game. It is DISGUSTING, and for a game meant for all to play, I am sure that I’m not the only one who thinks this. The add for Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor is a cartoon that is like a “Dr Pimple Popper,” and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT! That add should not be on a game like this! Please take that add off or I will delete this game and download another Spider Solitaire app. If the add comes down, I will definitely update this review and give 5 stars.
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