⋆Spider Solitaire: Card Games

4.8 (276K)
220.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brainium Studios LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ⋆Spider Solitaire: Card Games

4.76 out of 5
276K Ratings
1 year ago, Taggamer
Been using since 2012
I have been using the free version since 2012. I have never found the ads a problem. You get one or two brief ones between games but during the game there are none. I only play 4 suit Spider so most of my games last 30 minutes or longer with no ads during this time. I play on an IPad usually in portrait mode and have no problem seeing which cards are in the columns. I am on my third iPad since using this app and each time my game history and stats have smoothly transferred to the new device. It is not a perfect Spider app, but I don’t know of any that are. To bring it closer to perfection I would like to see Statistics for games won in a row at 4 suit difficulty kept separately from one and two suit deals. I would also like to see cumulative scores for 4 suit deals kept separately from the easier play modes. Overall, I love Brainium’s Spider app best of all the one’s available for iPad. I have tried most of the popular Spider apps in the App Store but keep coming back to this one and deleting the others.
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3 years ago, Kearts17
Getting ads on purchased app—UPDATE
I bought Spider Solitaire years ago (I believe for about $10) to be free of ads. Recently, the app updated itself and after several games today, it froze. Closing and reopening the app didn’t work, so I deleted it and reloaded the same app I had bought from the cloud. It works, but now I’m getting ads and to get rid of them, I have to pay another $12 for something I had already paid for. I enjoy playing Spider and in the great scheme of things, it’s not a lot of money. However, it feels like a cheat, and who knows when the same thing will happen again? So, guess I won’t be playing Spider anymore on my iPad. Oh, well. UPDATE: The developers responded and pointed me to the correct version to download. That will teach me to scroll down through all the versions instead of just clicking on the first one in the cloud (duh). Thanks for the help! Love the game and glad I can continue playing without ads.
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6 years ago, ktgilead
Freeze, Crash, Repeat
After receiving a developer response, I'm updating my rating from 2 stars to 1. Firstly, the top horizontal row is so far down the screen that once you build vertical rows, everything gets smushed so you can no longer see what's at the top. Also, there is an "undo" button, but no "redo" button. But worst of all, the game kept glitching, freezing, and crashing. So I contacted support. After following their exact advice, I lost all of my scores, achievements, and settings. Down the drain. Don't waste your time. They keep claiming my info is saved via the game center and I am able to see some things in the scores screen, but everything else (the settings, stats, etc.) is gone. After reinstalling the app, it continued glitching and crashing. The only complaint they seem to want to respond to is the lost information. They haven't updated this app in over a year and have no interest in understanding this bug or fixing it. My advice is - try the Spider Solitaire app by "FingerArts: Thousands of Free Games" because they have a superior layout. The clock doesn't begin counting down until you make your first move, and the entire format and appearance is far easier on the eyes. The cards are dealt at a much faster speed, saving time as well.
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6 years ago, rennier1423
The game itself is good, but doesn’t do everything it says it should
I love this app! It’s so simple, and I love how you can change the themes. One of the previous spider solitaire that I had had it set up so that whenever you click on a card to move it, it pulled up the options bar and was super annoying. On this one, there is an actual little arrow to pull up the options bar and is much easier to use. Plus I’ve had no problems with ads at all! I love how simple it is and how you can do a lot of customize it at the same time. Super simple, I really recommend it!!! Get this app, is the best one out there! Update: after the update on this app, I couldn’t download pictures to put on cards or as the backdrop. Also, I can’t see any of my achievements. Every time I click on it, it just goes back to the game I was playing. The game it’s self worked really well, but if you want to customize it or keep track of The games you played, it won’t really work that well for you. The idea of downloading pictures for your backdrop was really intriguing but didn’t actually work.
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5 months ago, wizazard
Triple Cards
So after the latest TERRIBLE update, I decided to pay for the add-free version. I've noticed something interesting with the ad-free version. The computer routinely deals double and triple of the same card (2 Jacks of spades, 3 5's of hearts, etc). I've played well over 50 games now and this is very consistent...it's not just once or twice. It's nearly impossible to win (at 2-suited or above) when the dealer is dealing multiples of the same card EVERY TIME. At first I thought it must be a coincidence, then after the 15th or so loss in a row, I started paying attention to figure out what's going on. Then the computer let me win a few games (3 or 4 out of 10) so I again thought maybe it's a coincidence. But then it started again. It's definitely no coincidence. It's so very sad that the developers of this game chose to embed a cheat into the game for the customers that decided to pay real money for the ad-free version. For the record, I've been playing the free version for about 7 years. I've played thousands of games, and I've won a decent percentage of them...maybe 20-25%. This multiple card deal NEVER occurred in the free version. It is so obviously coded only into the Ad-free version. So sad
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6 months ago, sandiemarcher
The banner ads ruined the game.
I have been playing brainium spider for many years and love the game. I prefer this spider game over all the others I have tried. Ear Two weeks ago I would have given the game 4 stars—4 only because of the ads. I have never liked the ads but realize that it is the ads that pay for the game. They have never interfered with the game before. Not so now—thus, I am giving the game only 1 star. Since the banners have been added the game runs so much slower. Sometimes the next row of cards doesn’t even fully lay down. It is bad enough that the banner at the top constantly flashes, distracting the eyes from the game, but now the banner at the bottom of the page actually interferes with the playing of the game. It covers up the hint, end game, reverse, etc. Please don’t put ads on the screen that interfere with the actual playing of the game.
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6 months ago, TheByp
Spider bites cause addiction but…
I love (loved) playing spider solitaire. I have to be careful to not play as much as I’d like. Otherwise I would get nothing else done. BUT lately, new pop up ads, and light vibrating ads, have begun to show up (last week or two) on the top of my screen. I find those SO DISTRACTING that I’ve been stopping play at night before sleep. And, I have to work hard to ignore these annoying ads. Then three days ago, pop up ads began to show at the bottom of my screen as well. And that has made me want to quit and dump this app completely. To show how stupid those ads are, they are placed below the card plays and I cannot see my menu to draw another card, to get hints, to reverse a play, to restart game, etc, etc. The menu to help my game play is blocked by the STUPID, ANNOYING ADS. So, this may be goodbye Spider Solitaire.
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1 year ago, Churstmart
Love this game
I've enjoyed this game since I started playing it on WinXP. Some games I can win in a half hour. Others take weeks, so I'm glad it saves them. I would love to be able to save a game at a particular stage so I don't always have to replay from the beginning. Also, it would be nice to sync games between IPhone and IPad so a hard game I start on one can be continued on another machine, or two of us can compete to see who finishes first. One improvement I would suggest: make it possible to "slide" the game up on the screen so that I can see it in widescreen on my iPhone when the columns get long. Flipping it into narrow screen to see the long columns make the cards hard to see ( and the compressed columns in widescreen is just as hard!).
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2 months ago, Oldswordlady
I used to love this…but the ads!
I have had this on my 2 iPads and iPhone and played this almost daily for years….I have always loved Brainium games..especially Spider…and the ads were few not bad and could skip after a minute, especially if you saw them…Now I ALWAYS turn the sound off, since I may play a game in public, or right before bedtime, and sounds in ads are not relaxing to me when playing…. BUT now you have these banner ads above the game constantly running AND many of them have sounds which I can not turn off and are really stressful! This has been happening for the last couple of months i finally cannot take this anymore I have deleted this favorite game and it is a shame…it really was a nice relaxing game….Sorry Brainium…you do have some good games…but can’t take the ads and I am not paying for no ads.
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6 months ago, B1brennan
Ads even after I paid for no ads
I’ve played for years and finally paid to go ad-free. Wish I’d done it years ago when $6 was more than I wanted to pay. Oh well. Still would have been worth it. I paid on my iPad but it is supposed to have family share/multiple devices. It cut down a lot but did not eliminate ads when I play on my iPad and has only cut down by half the frequency of ads on my iPhone. That’s bad enough but now I’m getting all these google ad banners at the top of my solitaire screen and I can’t even get rid of them. I’m really ticked that I paid to go ad-free and, even with fewer commercial ads I’m actually getting more ads because of those banners. And to make it worse, those stupid banners have flashing red notifications that are really annoying. The ad-free option is false advertising and a rip-off.
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3 years ago, Euan McCaughey
Fundamental Flaw
I like this game a lot, and it would be rated 5 stars if it weren’t for ONE thing, one fatal, simple, fundamental flaw— every time I try to pull another layer of cards out, the game insists that I cover every single column with at least one card. Not only does this screw with my game progress, but I have to take time and extra moves to put back together what I had seconds before. No other Spider Solitaire app I’ve ever played has demanded it. It’s ridiculous and should be fixed IMMEDIATELY. I didn’t pay $12 to nix all the ads just for this to happen! Also, couple other minor things— when you turn on the option to make immovable cards darker, it’s literally one shade darker, and zero help. Last thing is that the timer starts before you’ve even touched the cards. All other apps I’ve played this game on don’t start the timer until you start touching cards. These last two items are trivial, but the first problem is HUGE, and it needs to be gone. Like, yesterday.
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4 years ago, Ozzycatrp
What happened? Too many ads
I understand why developers of the games need ads, but I think it’s unreasonable to not only sit through the ad but become an active participant in the game being advertised is way over the top. Plus it’s always the same two ads. I love this game so I will keep it on my phone but it was amazing with no ads to just zone out and play and play. Update: I'm so glad I wrote my previous rating because the developers contacted me for more details which I provided. Today I am happy to report the game is behaving like it use to with only one 5 second ad and then a quick return to the game. So happy to have my Spider back. It's fun, challenging, and addictive. Love it! Thank you for listening and fixing the issue.
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6 years ago, ApersonX10
PLEASE remove the add that plays sound
I am so tired of having my ads silenced (it evens has the emblem in the corner) yet THIS add plays exceedingly LOUD music. I shouldn't have to put my phone on silent in order to stop the sound. I play solitaire when I'm going to bed and the sound is abrupt and loud and disturbs my husband. It's the add with the older man waking up and his parents telling him they've sold the house. It's for a game where you design homes. I'm SICK of this add! Please, just allow it to be silenced for goodness sake. 😡 Update: the add is back but slightly new. It won't allow me to attach an image to this review for some reason. The option is not available. The sound is still ridiculous. It says "install now" at the top and then "pick your cabinets!" above a middle aged man's head. He's to the left in the picture. This add is super irritating.
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11 months ago, 26atom
Sorely disappointed
I used to play on another app for years but deleted it because it updated and began insisting on playing ads BEFORE I could even play. It used to play an ad AFTER I played. The way I play is to reject games unless they meet criteria I set for playing. This means I might reject 30 games before playing even one. If the gamemakers FORCE you to watch a commercial every time you swipe, get prepared to be constrained to a maximum of one game an hour. Especially that 30 SECOND CANDY CRUSH AD, which I’ve already seen 4 times and haven’t been able to play yet because I DONT PLAY EVERY GAME. This game functions exactly like the one I just deleted due to excessive ads BEFORE allowing game play. Note to developers: people usually play more than one game, so they will stay on the app while an ad is playing, but will immediately leave if instantly blasted by advertising. Sorry you are doing this. Wish you well, but from a distance.
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6 years ago, casperyana
Okay this is actually new to me I’ve never in my life played spider solitaire to only one I played was the original solitaire your solitaire of heart black on red red on black yeah that one but I’ve got to say it’s like solitaire but black on black it’s tricky I don’t like how when you draw it draws a hole deck but then again that might be the rules that I don’t like I’m definitely gonna keep playing the game it’s super fun but also time consuming good for waiting when I’m waiting I play different games but this game will help me wait my turn I really like game not gonna lie I like how you can use your picture I put my cat and brother as the background overall good game and I don’t get ads I love that finally a game with NO ads
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3 years ago, kathrynwitte
This app has been bugging me to write a review...
Here goes- I mostly like this free app because it's easy and brainless and helps me turn off my brain or waste time when that's what I need. I don't like that it charges me with a loss if my wonky iPad decides to shut down in the middle of a game. I don't like that in this version I can't see my score as I earn it or the count of my moves. I don't like that I cannot evaluate my current game against all my other scoring criteria or against others easily. Overall I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️. I don’t like that when it gives you an unwinnable game (no moves first two hands, no connection cards in third or 4th) the customer service has no workable suggestions for fixing it or refusing to take the loss. I guess that means I’ll delete it after a thousand games a month or more.
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3 years ago, ttocsmij
Still great but ads ...
Love this game. Had it for quite a while. But latest version has ads that are really annoying. Some of them refuse to die. The only way out is to kill the app (close it) and restart it! P.S. To ad writers: stop wasting my time with ads that won’t close in a couple seconds. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to purposely avoid the product you’re advertising if only to send you a message to stop writing ads that go on forever (>110 sec) or can’t be closed at all!! UPDATE: ADs are worse. Now stacked 1 or 2 or 3 deep, they’re lasting longer and getting harder to kill. Here’s a thought. Boycott any vender whose ads run longer than 5 secs (w an easy kill button), or longer that 10 seconds. Rough. Needs more thought.
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3 months ago, mew petty
Significantly changed in the past few months.
I don’t mind the pop up ads, but the Gossip Harbor ad? Come on, now the name changes to Garden Scapes, same gross scenario. Since my wife and I have noticed the ads are changing, so has the game challenging. When I first started playing, the “house deals” were pretty consistent with the challenge level and could continue playing through all decks to at least have a chance in winning a clean sweep. Now, the house deals, I counter that deal. Then request another card selection, the cards dealt are completely random and stupid to continue playing! I don’t know what happened here, but my wife has noticed a significant difference in the games she plays from this same developer. Free is good, but I guess we are being told to move on.
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9 months ago, Tkl5047
Favorite go-to game…until now.
I’ve had this game for years. It’s my favorite go to game for downtime. The ads have never interrupted gameplay or been even remotely obnoxious, until now. There’s a Credit Karma ad currently that has to go. After waiting the normal five or 10 seconds for the X to appear to exit out of the ad, when it is pressed, you are redirected to two separate screens off into the Internet for Credit Karma. I usually end up closing out of the game completely, along with multiple windows the ad has opened, and coming back in to get out of these ads. I would consider this game a five star+ experience until now with that obnoxious ad. Again, none of the ads ever interrupt gameplay, which is a huge plus. This credit karma ad has either got to be fixed or ditched though. I’ll move this back to the five stars that it deserves when this happens.
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5 months ago, indiGuti
Unlike the most popular download of this kind of game in the App Store this game (currently the 2nd most popular but like to soon over take the number one spot due to its stellar performance), doesn’t slow down my phone. The sounds are not annoying. On the other game I had to turn off the sounds because they were so loud and over the top. The sounds in this game are simple, sleek, quiet, very nice and classy. I also like that you can restart a game without having to watch an add. I wish you could hold the undo button down and it would just automatically undo but otherwise this in every way that matters this game is the superior choice. Love it.
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2 years ago, EchoDear23906745
I love this game but have a question
I play on the laptop CPU (Microsoft Version) and I use this app to play on the phone. What is the difference in terms of difficulty? I feel like the hands on Microsoft Spider Solitaire are much easier to solve (no matter how many suits) and the hands dealt in this app are far more random? My win rate is extremely low I feel like? What should average win rates be for 2,3, or 4 suit games? Is there a link with this information? Is there a more dynamic difficulty available so I don’t lose like every game? Am I just awful? Paid for premium worth it to remove ads for sure. Great app but I’m just wondering about the difficulty please
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6 years ago, KenyonP
The game is addictive!
I love this game. I keep coming back to it. I have some suggestions for improvement however. Move the controls off of a pop up menu and place them near the top. That way we don’t have to two-click to access them. This will also take care of the fight you have when you want to start a new game. I try to hit that button and the bar keeps popping up. It will also move them away from the information button. I have hit that several times when I was after the undo button. Also can we have an undo button that takes you back to the last deal? That would save a lot of button punching. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Wolf Cat
The Best Spider Solitaire
I’ve tried about 4 spider solitaire games on my phone (including other highly rated ones) and this one is the best. it’s user interface is really easy to interact with. you can customize your card backs and the background, as well as if you want stats, the timer, and your score showing. it has the fill the empty spots before dealing thing that every proper spider game should have, but if you don’t have enough cards to fill all the spots it will still deal. it can be played horizontally or vertically. and theres only an ad after you finish a play through! it’s just nice and simple and calming and everything i could ever want in a game of Spider.
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2 years ago, AJ1978music
Great game!
Impressive, love this game! However, with the recent update it freezes when I return to it and I have to delete it and reload it. Then, it freezes and I have to reload it. I have contacted support and haven’t been helped. I saw a review similar to this and tried their solution and it hasn’t helped. I have played the game for at least 10 years and love it. Finally bought it and love not having ads. Now I can’t play it. If they can fix this annoying problem and contact faithful users, maybe it will be good again. May have to choose a different version from a different company.
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5 years ago, Katie Isabella
Jigsaw Puzzles
I really enjoy doing your puzzles, especially when I go to rest before going to sleep. Wish you had more free ones. When I first started playing the puzzles, I was so excited about it that I mistakenly bought a package for eight dollars and something per week. I never saw the mistake until my daughter mentioned it to me. She takes care of all my finances as I am approaching eighty. Got to watch my spending as I am on SS and it goes pretty fast. But if i could afford to, I would play every one you have to offer as they are really beautiful. Thank you for giving me so much variety; animals, Countries, mountains and people to name a few. Carol in Albany, NY.
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6 years ago, Hodandjames
For a game with ads, it’s great.
My original review was not great because I made a mistake and thought I had the ad free version. I had paid for the app but still had the free version up. It’s very hard to tell which you are playing. The paid version has a pale yellow border around the Spider icon. I like the game very much but there are new, annoying ads you can’t just “X” out, you have to wait for a demo and now a video ad that plays music even though sound is turned off. When I complained the developer emailed me and asked me to send a screenshot of the worst ad so they could get rids of it. I thought that was good customer service. I changed my rating.
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3 years ago, MadgeMM
The only game I play
I got Brainium’s Spider with my first iPad a loooong time ago. I was already addicted to Spider from the game available on Windows XP(yes, that long ago). This version was close to that, minor differences, and there was a free version. Fast forward: it’s on all my Apple devices, and I play a bunch of games every day. I should have opted for the no ads version when I had the chance. The options give me the kind of game I want to play, and fortunately there haven’t been any squirrelly updates. I wish I could say the same for the Windows version. Every time they change the OS there’s something so annoying I have to dig the original out to reload it.
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5 years ago, Shanshan1936
Screen shift
I’m a long time fan of Spider Solitaire. I play it whenever I want to pass some time. I recently bought the iPhone XR and there’s a problem. This phone allows the user to swipe left or right from the lower corners. The Spider Undo and Hint keys are positioned on the screen in such a way that the screen moves instead of operating correctly. I am hopeful that in one of your updates that you can move those words up so they don’t cause the screen to move. Fingers crossed because it’s really annoying and I hate to have to jab at the words several times in order to find the sweet spot. Thanks for listening.
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7 months ago, CodeElegance
I USED to play this BECAUSE of the ads
Before: “Brainium needs to teach a class to all other mobile app companies. It would be called “How to do mobile ads the RIGHT way, and not irritate your user base.” Everyone hates ads, but that’s how developers make money. However, in my experience, trying to “trick” the user into installing an app by hiding the close button, making them tap several times to get the ad to go away, and putting so many ads in a game they can’t actually play it - all backfire. The user ends up truly hating the game, and swears to never download it again. But this game is totally different. The ads are short - but long enough for you to make an informed decision about installing it - and they go away with predictable user interaction. Does this strategy work? Well, in a week, I’ve installed 8-10 games because of the ads. So if that’s the goal, then it’s a raging success. “ Now: Well, I have to take my positive review back. I really didn’t mind the ads, but the developers just HAD to get greedy. With the latest update, there’s a flashing ad on the play screen that totally ruins the game. And you STILL have to click twice to dismiss the end of game ads. Sorry guys. You had a good thing going. Removed.
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4 years ago, 77nromano
Game is horrible, the hands you are dealt are computer generated to cheat. It’s not a fair deal so to speak but rather a game that unfolds hands the are pre determined to screw you. If these people were face to face with you, you would scream unfair del or mis deal. The whole system is set up on hiding one number on you to make it impossible to complete or flood you with the same number with the turn of every card. Buy a deck of cards and deal them out yourself, you will find that cards do not fall in the order as they do in this game. So what’s the point? What are they gaining? The hope that you will download one of the advertisements they post so they get money and they do this by frustrating the hell out of you. Off to purchase a deck of cards for myself. All these games and I mean all are scams. The gaming industry has change game = fun to game = frustration which will lead to making money.
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4 years ago, Sugar tree 11343;
Love it!
Hey guys! I have to keep myself in check, so as to not spend too much of my time playing, bc I enjoy your game that much. My only beef is with one of your advertisers “Pantalonian”... unfortunately I fell for their deceptive marketing scam. I give them credit for their tactics, but the American rancher themed clothing was actually made and shipped from China 😱 it took 2 weeks to receive my $200 purchase of THE WORST JUNK ever! Ugh, lesson learned. If you can avoid taking their money, so nobody else gets ripped off , that would be fabulous! I’d like to pay for a subscription that blocks advertising, yet can’t seem to find how to purchase one. Help...
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6 years ago, mmdarden
Spider Solitaire
I have played this game for years. It is what I played before going to sleep at night and I LOVED it. However, after upgrading my iPhone this game no longer worked. I suspect, after the fact, that this was their intention. I had to delete and redownload the game. With the new game came a plethora of ads before each game. I hated it I would have bought a no ad version but the reviews for their alternate game was not good. Some people said their alternative worked sometimes and sometimes not. So, a went with a different developer, paid a reasonable fee and I am happy again. Thanks for screwing up a great game!
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5 years ago, GolferFox
White Solitaire icon on my iPad dock
I play this game often and just purchased a new iPad mini which is my preferred device to play it on. For some reason when I open the app, it shows up on my dock as a white icon with a black lined X in the middle with 3 different sized circles in the background and horizontal and vertical lines throughout. Not the app design on my home page. The game works fine but since I’m a bit paranoid about these thing sometimes, I want to know that this not unusual and legit. In addition, when I open other apps it doesn’t come off of my dock until an apple app is opened. It’s weird. Thoughts?
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3 months ago, madnowwasntbefore
I have been playing this game every day for years. Prior versions had an ad between games that you could close out. The new version FORCES YOU TO VIEW AN AD BANNER DURING YOUR GAME PLAY. It’s distracting and diminishes engagement in the game. You are not given the option to close the ad. This is aggressive and invasive. After over 5 years of playing this game daily, I will now be considering an alternate game that doesn’t force nonconsensual ads. Ad banner ruined this game for me. Addendum: The developer contacted me in response to my review and stated that I could report the ads for offensive content. THE ISSUE IS THE AD BANNER ITSELF. It’s distracting from the game and cannot be closed out. This addition of this visual distraction completely ruined the quality of this game. Remove the banner or you will continue to lose loyal players.
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4 years ago, MisMelMarLyn
I really enjoy the Spyder game; however lately when I try to open it for a new game, it hangs up and will not open. Closing the application do not help. Usually it resets after about a week. Could you please fix it. I sure miss playing! I thought it had been fixed; however, it hasn’t stopped hanging up. The game page opens, but when I click to “Open New Game” the page stalls. It does not happen every time I wish to play, but when it does, it stays frozen sometimes for several days. It is still doing this, weeks later!
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5 years ago, Mitzi13
#1 app on my phone
This is my favorite app on my phone. I’ve had it for months now and find myself playing any time I have a few minutes to kill. It’s relaxing, the ads are non-intrusive (only playing between games and are very short), no “lives” or “energy” requiring you to wait for a refill, no in-app purchases, no need to connect with facebook, there are several different options for style and difficulty, and cute Game Center trophies you can be awarded just for playing. I highly recommend this app if you’re looking for a way to pass the time and not be annoyed.
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4 years ago, WhirlWindWoman3
Really am enjoying the game
Spider Solitaire is one of my favorite games. I think your app is the best, and I have tried a few of them. I like the different levels of play and I like seeing the little achievement notices when I accomplish one of them. I did have a problem being able to get them, but you responded very quickly when I expressed my concern, giving me a possible solution, and it worked! I can now see my achievements! Excuse me now while I go play my game and see how many achievements I get. Signed, a very happy spider solitaire player. :-)
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3 years ago, AtomicFury
LOVE this game (but could use some updates)
I play this game daily, and is about the only iPhone game I even play at all! It would be so nice to purchase a “no ads” option because they can sometimes freeze up, where I need to quit the app and restart it... or they are (to me) offensive ads with extremely inappropriate images/cartoons (that makeup one comes to mind). I absolutely get disgusted seeing these ads shown to me. Also the background on the spider app is now flashing faintly? I checked to make sure it wasn’t my phone, but it’s the app itself. A fix for that would be nice because it is a strain on the eyes.
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7 years ago, ZooZooZoom
Fun app. Easy to play. Addictive. Easy to learn. Hard to master.
Easy to play and fun. Ads are needed for someone to pay for game. I find the "out" in the form of an X is usually there. I find it rare to NOT locate how to skip or close the ad process. I don't play the music when I play in deference to my family. When the last solution is played there is no VISUAL indication, only an audible one. It would be nice if the cards moved just like they do in the active game. Great way to play this game. 5 stars when they add the final move that relocates the cards (and plays music) as an indication you have won.
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8 years ago, Burt Pierce
Better than the one with video ads
Plays well. I would have put in 5 stars if the cards did not jump around so much, and the ads did not 'get stuck'. It could be the iPad or the screen protector but it is not at all unusual for two or three cards to jump around when I was just making one move. I really don't want or need the help. While generally after and ad appears I tap the x or the no and it goes away. Some ads do not behave. My solution is to delete the app and look for another. You can always look for a better behaved app.
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6 months ago, 24jumpstreet
11 years me and this game
Love the game. Not a lot of reviews but for everyone thinking bout hitting “Get” do it! It’s fantastic! It’s my little calming game that also makes me feel pretty smart. I’ve been playing since 2012, free version style because ya know. I don’t love the ads, but I understand they are needed. However the new update has the ads running non-stop at the top of the screen during the game. It’s not peaceful It’s very distracting. I can watch ads. But during the game is wild. Overall the game is awesome, totally will deal with the ads at the top.. but it’d be a lot cooler if they didn’t get all up on the screen!
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7 months ago, 637855
In-app ads may be dangerous
This app, which provides an adequate gameplay experience, allows dangerous ads on its platform. There’s the sexually suggestive ones, then there’s the ones that try to trick the user into thinking that a virus was installed on their device and tapping anywhere on the screen immediately brings the user to the Trojan-loaded website of its sponsor. Two stars for the game, and -3 stars for the poor choices the developers made when allowing predatory ads on their software. I’m reporting the incident to Apple to have the developers correct this nonsense or for Apple to remove this garbage from the App Store. I have an expectation of safety when downloading iOS apps from the App Store which was not met in this case.
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5 years ago, Hipponoceros
Pretty solid game
This is my go-to game to pass a few minutes. It’s well done and the ads aren’t too intrusive. Two small tweaks could make the game even better. 1) you can tap on a stack of cards and it will move to another valid location. That’s nice but it only cycles between two locations even if there are more possibilities. It would be nice if it cycled through ALL possible locations. 2) the undo button is on the auto-hide menu bar. It would be nice if it were permanently on the screen. Often times the menu hides as I go to click the undo button. If those tweaks were in place, this is easily a 5-star game.
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7 months ago, zzzxxxyyymmm
Annoying ads have made this game insufferable
Until this week, Brainium’s spider solitaire was almost perfect. Enjoyed playing it very much, and ads were limited (most of the time) to appearing after clearing a deck. I understand that one must tolerate some advertising in exchange for free games. But this week the ads changed. Now a banner displays across the top of the screen ALL THE TIME, while you’re in play, with ads changing every few seconds. Many of the ads are local businesses so you are obviously being spied on and targeted. And then you still have to put up with the ads that appear after clearing a deck. The game has now become creepy and annoying. I am deleting it from my computer immediately. Too bad. It used to be relaxing and fun.
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5 years ago, choyj
Great game
I used to play the Windows version of Spider Solitaire, but I think this one is more fun. It's smart and the ads don't disturb you while you're playing. So far, it's the best one in the app store. Edit: The current version of Spider Solitaire appears to have a weird bug that thinks I hit a card twice and thus I have to hit Undo to go back one. For example, I’ll touch a card and it moves to one column and then another column, but you don’t see it. You just realize the behavior is odd, so you hit undo, thinking it will go back to the original column, but instead, it goes back to the first column. Weird. Never had this problem before. Only more recently. On the new iPad Pro with iOS 12.1.1
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6 years ago, Semantix
Shuffle twice for better results
This is a well-designed game and has some fun options. Quick and easy to pick up and play when you have a few minutes to spare. The biggest problem is with the shuffling. You’ll end up with a deal of 5s and kings, for instance, followed by a second deal of aces, 8s and a 3. The shuffling is horrible, but after a game of you start a new game, then start another one, the shuffling is usually much better. Only problem is you have to sit through another “build your ugly living room” interactive ad each time. And I just found the + version with no ads so I’ll be grabbing that now :)
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6 months ago, SL1514
Ads on screen take away from game
I have had this game for a fairly long time. I always loved it and didn’t mind the ads because they just played in between games. They now have an ad on the screen during gameplay which really takes away from the positive game experience. Because of these ads, the cards display lower on the screen which results in not being able to see as many cards in the vertical rows as before. If these new ads replaced having to watch a full ad in between games, it may be more tolerable, but having to still watch full screen ads between games AND having ads on the screen during gameplay is irritating. Very disappointed that the developers made this change.
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3 years ago, Clarks Summit User
Addictive and relaxing
This is a relaxing and fun game with several levels. There are some options for changing the look of the game, and you can you can have the sound off or on. However, there is a weird bug in the game. When you have the sound turned off, the game emits a strange cricket-like sound the whole time you are playing unless you have the sound on your phone turned off. And recently, you have to close an ad for another game every time you open the app, And when you do that, the graphics sometimes don’t work correctly until you re-orient the phone a couple times…
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10 months ago, DinkyDoc
Great game, great company
Easy brain apps are my favorite. I trust them. They use ads appropriately and their games work smoothly and do not run down the phone battery. I’ve played their Mahjong and Soduko apps too. I love this Spider game much more than playing solitaire. It’s so soothing I use it at night to shut off my brain as well as several times during the day to chill out with a challenge. Contrary to what sleep experts recommend, I generally relax so much I fall asleep with my phone in my hand. I’ve been using the Easy Brain Spider app for years.
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3 years ago, Cainomon
Great game one suggestion
I love this app. I’ve tried a few others and they’re either completely overrun by ads or just.. not visually appealing lol My only tiny suggestion (hopeful feature) is maybe an option or something where the status bar (or at least the Undo button) is always visible so I don’t have to keep tapping twice to undo moves lol I know it’s a tiny thing and probably doesn’t bother most people (and honestly doesn’t really bother me *that* much as I will continue playing lol) just a dream one day!
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