Spider ▻ Solitaire

4.8 (215.5K)
120.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
PeopleFun CG, LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Spider ▻ Solitaire

4.76 out of 5
215.5K Ratings
2 years ago, 0riginalArtist
Absolutely Perfect
People always say that they never write reviews until that one game just changes everything. This is that game for me. I’m a huge solitaire fan, especially Spider Solitaire. This app is perfection. The ads are at the bottom, but don’t interfere with gameplay ever. After winning a round, an ad will play before you start a new round. HOWEVER, the ad is always short and can be skipped relatively quickly. I typically play on the Bold difficulty, which means there are 3 different suits in play. It is actually really difficult! I love that the undo button let’s me undo all the way to the beginning, so even if I’m stuck at the end, I can try again without ruining my streak. I also love that I only have to tap a card for it to move, but I can also drag a card to a specific spot. I have literally no complaints. Just keep the app the way it is. My fiancée gets a bit annoyed because I spend hours on this app. If you love spider solitaire or want to try it out, definitely download this app!
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11 months ago, Spice Daddy
Used to love it, now I HATE it!!! UPDATED
I’m updating this review after the latest app update. I’m not sure how they did it, but they have managed to make the latest version with even MORE ADS THAT ARE EVEN MORE OBNOXIOUS!!! Sometimes you have to click up to 5 times (with the requisite delay before the X appears)on 5 different pages to get back to the game only to have another pop up ad after you start the new game. Also, it used to be that you were subjected to the ads only after you won a game. Now it’s every time you start a new game! I guess I’m going to delete the game because I’m watching more ads than playing time. Too bad. It was a great game. I have been playing this game for several years now and it was ABSOLUTELY GREAT! I would have given it 10 stars in the past. It was my go to to relax and unwind. Recently they’ve added the most OBNOXIOUS ads that also feature SOUND! Not only that, but most of the ads cannot be clicked off until they have finished running for a while. Then, when you’re able to click them off, they go to another screen that doesn’t allow you to click off until IT runs for a while. Meanwhile, you always have ads running in a banner at the bottom of the screen. How many ads do you have to have??? STOP THE GREED. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! GIVE US BACK THE GAME SO MANY OF US HAVE LOVED FOR YEARS!!! If it continues in its current state I guess my only choice is to delete it. I hope that doesn’t happen because I really did love this game. Thank you.
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7 months ago, Jazz45678
Great game that I really enjoy playing. The scoring seems complicated even with the new explanations, but I am happy to accept your calculations! I moved my game up to the hardest level, it provides a real challenge..it is great! The ads are not intrusive, and do not interrupt the game. Wish I could get it on my phone Update..it is a while since I wrote the review, and I would just like to say that it is nice to have an app that I played on sleepless nights over the last year and the enjoyment was in the reasoning out the card order, not in prizes stars and other “rewards” (unlike my other ex-favorite apps ) Thank you. Update: I am still enjoying the original game. I did not go for the new version so I cannot comment on that. update: the ads are more intrusive now, but they really don’t bother me as I am not in a hurry, and I know you need to make more income. It seems odd that you want to send me to new games, but it is your business, and your problem.
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5 years ago, silverback960
Why I’m discarding Spider
I have used and enjoyed this app for a long time and would probably continue to do so were it not for two problems. Using the latest version of IOS, the app frequently crashes and needs to be restarted — the game does then pick up from the point of the last move. I have put up with this inconvenience. The second new problem is not tolerable — newly embedded ads not only self start without my touching the banner, they automatically play sound tracks that can not be stopped by turning off the ringtone. The only solutions are to turn sound off completely or to completely close the app. When I do the latter and restart the app, it immediately begins replaying the ad sound track. The current ad is from Lowe’s.
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4 years ago, nkansahamankra
Used to love this game, but these ads have gotten ridiculous
I've been playing the ad version for five years, which while annoying was doable. However, lately it's really annoying that ads take over the whole screen AND take over my audio. Keep in mind that I have ALL app sounds turned off. And now when I'm playing the game, there are video ads that pop up at the bottom that stop my music (note: it doesn't pause it; it just completely stops the music so that when I want to play my music again, I have to restart the song) so that it can play the sound from the ad. It's stupid and frustrating because now I can't really play my music and immerse myself in the game. I have to worry about my music stopping, and me having to exit the game to start my music back up. Definitely first world problems, but it's disappointing that the app developers care more about making money than about giving non-paying customers a decent (if not optimal) user experience
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8 years ago, Thelemonpiper
Simple and easy to use
This app's layout is uncluttered and easy on the eyes. Basically, it's exactly what I was looking for when I downloaded those four (I think?) other Spider apps that I ended up uninstalling because they were either ugly, a pain to use on a phone, or littered with too many obstructive ads. That's not to say that this app is ad-free, though. The ad that's constantly present at the bottom of the screen makes it difficult to press "undo" and "hint" buttons when playing in "landscape" format. This has been a problem for a long time and it should be fixed. This didn't affect my rating because I thought that dropping a full star was a little harsh for the size of the problem. I'd give it 4 1/2 stars if I could.
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5 years ago, Brainibabe
Addicting fun
There are lots of versions of Spider Solitaire but only one that is both delightful & nearly absent irritating ads. I HATE disruptive ads especially when those ads hinder game play!! I play Solitaire for fun & distraction. Being a very impatient person waiting anywhere is torture. Solitaire distracts me & keeps me civil when forced to wait at doctor appointments, cashier lines, or picking up people. Even better is this version offers a plethora options while providing true unhindered play time. It's creator is a genius in creating a truly addictive game for any level of player & without the bombardment of stupid ads. A heartfelt thanks to its creator for giving us a game worth playing & for refusing to corrupt its enjoyment with annoying stupid ads repel more than seduce. BRAVO!!!
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3 years ago, minot8
Was a great game
Update... now, not only do the ads run after every game, but they are long and impossible to close if its an ad for a game. No matter how many times you click on the X, the ad continues to run. This last week, the ads starting bombarding the game....before, during, after...constant full page ads. They used to run along the bottom, now they appear before you can play a game , pop up while you are playing a game, and you need to wait for the countdown before you can dismiss an ad. I loved this game and was really addicted, but I may have to delete it . Also, I have deleted Google play because of their CONSTANT , full page annoying interruptions.
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9 months ago, wappstar
Disappointing changes
As a preface, I’ve played literally over 20,000 games of spider solitaire on this app. I’ve been playing for probably close to a decade. And the app changes in the past few weeks, particularly the changes just rolled out in the last 24hrs, have convinced me that it might be time to walk away from this app. I understand the essential need for ads in order to support an otherwise free-to-play game. However, I’ve long been able to play music simultaneously while playing this game. Now however, in the middle of games my music will drop out to be replaced by high-speed ad chatter coming from “adswizz” dot com. Closing the app ends the audio, so clearly it’s being spawned by this app. Again, I understand the need for ads in order to support the ongoing maintenance of this app. But this feels like a cash grab initiated recently and to the significant detriment of this app’s quality and enjoyability. I am thoroughly disappointed.
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2 years ago, ulbblu
Spider using excessive battery power recently
I have been playing this game on my iPhone for 3 years. I enjoy it, only occasionally sidelining it as irritability of ads has waxed and waned. Now I will regrettably have to offload it completely because I suddenly find that it is using close to 50% of my battery resource even though I play it at most one hour per day. This is far more battery consumption than I have ever seen with it before. Possibly it relates to the recent IOS 15.4 upgrade. In any case it is far too much and explains my phone suddenly having to be recharged mid-day. I understand people have reported power drain issues with this IOS version, but I have not experienced them except when Spider is open. I have not seen this happen previously. There is something for your tech staff to chew on.
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5 years ago, Mrs. Sandy Daniels
Inappropriately dressed female Ads That continue even after you report them.
This game is for my children and the ads are not appropriate for children, there are scantily clad females in bras, lingerie and small underwear shown constantly. They are at the bottom of each game on the viewing screen which can not be missed and in between games as well. It is extremely upsetting to spend time on a card game app to get you kids attached to it to have it continually showing inappropriately dressed females, and when you report the ads they say thank you for helping us to be better and then they open the same nasty ads again, so that those of us who care about our children and try to keep them from bad elements have to explain that this game isn’t run by good people who value or respect their customers rights to not have crap on their devices and then we have to explain why this game is being removed from our iPad and phones.
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5 years ago, WalksSoftly
Very Addictive!
Title says it all. I’ll play for hours on my days off when I have nothing better to do, or waiting to leave for work. I don’t mind the occasional ads because you can exit out of them after a few seconds but can be annoying if it happens while you’re trying to beat your timed score. Shortest game I have played on the Easy level is 1:29 and I’m obsessed with trying to beat that. Normally I play the Hard level but I switched to Easy just to see how fast I can play a game. I like Spider Solitaire because it is more challenging than Klondike. Even the Easy ones can be challenging sometimes. You won’t be disappointed downloading this app, I wasn’t.
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5 years ago, SDSparkle
Discontinue the audio ads!
I have enjoyed your games for years. No longer!! Now, without any warning these ‘Lowe’s’ ads start playing and shut down my other listenings causing the need to restart my audio library. This is so aggravating and I will not continue to utilize your apps if you choose to keep these audio ads. They are beyond disruptive! I understand the need for the ads across the bottom of the game, but causing this audio disruption is beyond acceptable. (And now I am frustrated with Lowe’s.) Thank you for listening. Please stop the audio ads! I had to rate 5 stars bc it would not take my comment otherwise.
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9 months ago, Gekko2222
Addition of intrusive adds
I have played this game for years. It’s the only game I play regularly. I didn’t mind the adds at the bottom but now every time I click for a new game I have to jump through hoops, several steps long, to get rid of the adds for games I have no intention of ever downloading just to load a new game. I understand the need to “pay” for these “free” games but it has gotten ridiculous and super annoying. Now, in the middle of a game, my screen goes blank randomly several times a game. It doesn’t last more than a few seconds but it again is annoying and disrupts the flow of the game. I am almost at the point of deleting this game and not playing it anymore. Keep all these adds and black screens coming and I will get so disgusted and frustrated I’ll delete it because it is no longer a fun distraction!
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5 years ago, OY 1970
The ads are terrible!!!
I have been increasingly frustrated with the ads. I am amazed to read just now, how so many other people have the exact same complaints as I do. Ads override sound system and start off loud with no option to stop them. And the new thing of ads that cannot be stopped or cancelled even when the X shows up. For that one, I really do think it was just me. I guess the developers prefer money from ads than actual users to download and play the game. With no one to download, you won't sell ads, or have you not figured that out yet. If nothing changes in the next month or so, I will delete it. It's a shame since I do enjoy the game.
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5 years ago, RF Mpls
Getting worse
This used to be better. The play is fine, but it gets interrupted by increasingly intrusive and long ads, in addition to the constant ones at the bottom of the screen. Worse, as of a few months ago it makes my iPhone XR get very hot, and then the program crashes. That shouldn’t happen with a simple Solitaire app! And now I have moved it down to one star, because as another reviewer notes, it’s now playing audio ads even when the phone is muted. The developer obviously doesn’t care about the user experience, and Apple should delete Finger Arts from their store.
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12 months ago, Neveragoodday
The very best Spider app
This app is wonderful. I like that the in-game ads are at the bottom and never distract. I noticed that another reviewer mentioned that there were full screen ads at the end of a round. Odd as this may sound, I’ve played this game for a couple of years and only suffered full screen ads after playing several completed rounds of Spider. BUT last week I began getting full screen ads after every round. And I can’t get rid of them unless I suffer thru the whole ad or else shut the game down and re-open it. How peculiar is that?
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8 years ago, gomightymike
Expert Level Challanging!
I've found the challenging Expert level to be very tough. I won 50 games in a row, where on many I thought there was no solution for a win. The longest game took over 4 hours to figure out. That's what I like about Spider Solitaire, is that you can put it down and resume later. Backing up to a point as far back as you need to replay hands and try different strategy. Persistence pays when you solve a tough game! The only thing I wish the game had, was a stat that displayed if a new round is not solvable so that time wasn't wasted on the game?! Not sure if all games are solvable or not!?
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8 years ago, Happy Destiny
Never gets old
Spider Solitaire is a game that never seems to get old. Other apps have come and gone for me, after a period they seem boring. Not so with Spider Solitaire. It is simple to play but difficult to win which keeps it challenging. Since the addition of the new "level" I have had an even greater interest! This app itself is also quite well done. The layout is clean, attractive and functional. I have never had problems with any bugs or glitches-ever. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to find a variation to Solitaire. This will not disappoint ~
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10 months ago, anatoliacalifonia
They messed with perfection
For years, Spider Solitaire was my go-to game for relaxing after a stressful day. There weren’t many ads, and if you saw that a game was bogging down, you could close it and start a new one - no problem. But lately, you have to sit through an ad every…single…time you start a new game. These are short games, so it’s extremely frustrating. Sometimes the ads are longer than the games. It makes me sad, because it’s like losing an old friend, but I may have to delete this and search for a different game.
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4 years ago, ojosazules56
What happened?!
I used to play this game often but when I switched to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, the game no longer worked. You need to tap a different spot than the card you want, to get that card to move. Even then you can’t be guaranteed it will move properly. Also, it’s hit or miss getting the pull deck to work. Don’t you guys test anything before you put it out? Or test the current version to make it sure it works with new phones? Very poor development work but hoping that you fix all the bugs.
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5 years ago, Tikka Owner
Problem with latest version 7.4 release
*** Where is the fix? Over a month now and nothing! *** A once great 5-star app until this latest release around June 8, 2019. Now, the app will arbitrarily close while in use and chews up battery life. How can major bugs/flaws such as these make it past developmental testing? Disappointing to say the least. The same problems occur in Sudoku 2 as well. At least the developer has responded with a generic email acknowledging that there are problems they are “looking into.” I sure hope they give it immediate and serious attention in support of their loyal customers because I won’t be playing again until it is fixed.
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5 years ago, Golfman93
Great Until Version 7.4
I have used this app for a long time, and it has always been great. However, as others have mentioned, there are issues with version 7.4. This version drains the battery very quickly, even when not playing if the app is left open in the background, and crashes after about 5 minutes of play. Rebooting the device does not help nor does uninstalling and reinstalling. You can restart the app after each crash and resume play, just be prepared to charge your device when done playing...
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12 months ago, Darkhorse Dragon
Latest update has ads everywhere
This used to be one of my favorite games. The interface to actually play a spider solitaire game is quite good. However it had always had one of the worst random number generators for dealing the cards, with horribly unplayable starting deals, sometimes with say 4 jacks and 3 fives. But, you could just keep asking for a new deal over and over till you got one that was playable. After that the game play was good, and it would play an ad only when you finished, which was fine. After the latest App Store update it plays an ad every time you ask for a new game, which pretty much prevents you from getting a playable deal in an amount of time which makes it worth playing. Total garbage due to greed. Too bad
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12 months ago, pedzsan
Random full screen advertisements
I have several games from this company. Some of them for a very long time. Within the past month or so, most / all of them have started throwing up a full screen advertisement of some other game and the X used to close it doesn’t work. The advertisement stays there for some time with me pushing the close button and it finally closes. I slightly suspect that this is more of an Apple issue than a game issue but I thought I would mention it. It is quite annoying.
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4 years ago, Ocaoivorew
Better than most
But what happened with the ads? I have to completely exit the app now to play the next game! I don’t mind ads but this is really going over the top, you can’t exit the ads at all! The only way to go forward is exiting and closing the app and reopening Despite the ad thing, I really like it when I set it on “easy”. They like things to spin around, why bothers me, but most people won’t mind it. Best free spider out there. Better than most that come in card packets of games, so I tolerate the ads This issue seems to have been fixed. Thank you.
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11 months ago, Gator in Swamp
Spider Ad problems in Fla
I have been playing this game for over several years now. It is my thing to do to relax; at home, on the plane, etc. I have the ad version which wasn’t a problem until recently, like the last couple of months. I use to open up the app and play. If I didn’t win and abandon the game a new game would start; No ad. If I won, an ad would pop up for another of the developers game. I would X it to close the ad and play. Now I open the game I get the ad. If I abandon the game I now get the ad. When I win I get the ad. And now after closing the ad, another ad pops up from the developer on another game but this time the ad cannot be closed out and freezes up. I have to close the app and restart it. This is getting annoying. This and another one of the developers games are my 2 go to to relax. But Spider is my favorite but is no longer the case. I am getting fed up with the increased ad problemsI have given this game5 stars ever since I had it but now there is no way that I can
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2 years ago, Bull......
Great game but may not be secure.
This game is great but I am concerned that some website is trying to access my device when I open this game. My antivirus has blocked these websites from opening when I open the app. Only happens when I open the game. I’m going to have to delete it. I decided to try opening the app to give this game another chance. Just DELETED this app. Whenever I open this game, my antivirus notifies me that it has blocked some webpage from opening. This may be the cause of loud ads playing or the inappropriate pictures of women. It is so disappointing and disturbing that there could be someone using the app to hack into peoples phones.
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6 years ago, steamtrain§13¥
I love this game.❣️
My sister & I found this game many years ago. I have played it consistently, several games a day. My oldest ap! I have no big complaints, sure the ads are annoying & I would be happy to get rid of them. But, they are not overly long nor obnoxious. I have just encountered a problem & bet there is a simple solution. I play the regular Spider Solitaire, I finished my game & thought I had just hit the button for a new game. Well, all these hearts show up. I have no idea what this is, it says Spider but, I cannot get the regular game back. Please help! Thank you.
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3 months ago, FloridaSue
Great game but the ads are glitchy
I’ve played this for years and it’s really an excellent build. Easy to use on a small device. And I get the need to make money, hence ads. However - and I’m assuming it’s the ad system - something keeps overlaying the app and making it impossible to play. The only visible element is a white circle in the upper right corner with a black x in it. Clicking it does nothing. The only way to continue playing is to force close the app and reopen. BTW to the developers, I would totally support a small fee to avoid the ads, even if they worked properly! If not for this annoying bug, I’d give it 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Glassdragonlady
Really user friendly
I spend more time on this game app than any other, and have for years, now. It is easy to use, easy to pick up for a few minutes and put down, easy to back up moves and try different paths. I prefer the "hard" level: some hands will be solved in 5-10 minutes, some will take more than an hour, and most are in between. And a few I do give up on. You can challenge yourself as much or as little as you like, spend as much or as little time as you like. Kudos to the designers.
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4 weeks ago, wordsaremore
Spider Solitaire Review
This is a great game to help keep the mind honed. I play my preferred level, medium… easy enough that I can win ALMOST every game, but hard enough that I have to work at it… think out several moves ahead once in awhile to select the right card to play so that I don’t play myself into a corner. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s exercise for the brain, which we oldsters need to stay out of brain fog. A few ads here and there, but small price to pay for having this game available to us at no cash cost.
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7 years ago, cornidawg
I agree...addicting!
Resubmitting my exact same review after the update since it still completely applies. ~This is the one game I go back to because I am challenged at the expert level. And like another reviewer said, just when I struggled to win a game, the next one is easy. I do notice how one draw will bring up five of the same cards. I assumed that was part of the programming for the expert level. I also agree the undo button is too close to the ads...but I bet that's on purpose. Addicting for me...I can't believe I haven't tired of it yet.
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7 years ago, alana🙂
Best Spider Solitaire App!
This is by far the best solitaire app I have ever tried! I love how there are five levels of difficulty, which is just perfect for me! My only complaint is that I often accidentally click on the ad at the bottom when I'm trying to tap on the "hint" or "undo" buttons. My other issue is that the game rotates to adjust to the position of my phone relative to the ground, which is great, but it means that I can't play this game while I am lying on my side, even when my phone is upside down. However, this is still a great app.
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3 years ago, Sparks_05
Before I delete, a short review
In a moment I will remove this app from my phones after many years of playing. I have tried to live with the ever increasing and intrusive ads since they showed up after an update a couple of years ago. But in this day and age, these ads have made me increasingly uncomfortable. They also now cause my phone to freeze or slow down, which tells me things are happening behind the scenes. Today I played a few games, then after a bit my phone slowed, was jerky and two ad text messages showed up on my phone in rapid succession. I’ll miss this app and it’s a hard choice but I’m no longer willing to be a commodity to be sold just so I can enjoy a few hands of solitaire.
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6 years ago, ronjoy
spider solitary
I love spider solitary. I never have any problems with it and have loved the game. Get the game and enjoy it as much as I have. I am still playing Spider. It is one of my favorite games to pass my time away. I don't have any complaints and enjoy it so much. I just got done playing a few games of Spider Solitare. This is really one of my favorite games. I have not had any problems with the app, and that is saying a lot. One of the best made apps that I have down loaded. Congratulations on your game and I will continue to enjoy it. Thanks.
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7 years ago, 3445girls
If you don't love spider, you're not playing enough!
I love Spider for every reason listed, but the truth is...because I have improved my play! Who doesn't feel better when they succeed? Starts off easy to get your confidence pumped up, you move up a level or two and by then you are hooked on the challenge. Then it was outplaying me so fast I had to pay attention, and I am much better. Granted, I am not at the top level but Spider is not going anywhere,and I am too stubborn to quit! Fun Fun
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5 years ago, LovelyDog194777777
This app keeps me up at night, because I just can't quit playing! It has different levels, so it is easy to adjust the difficulty to my own preference. The backgrounds and card designs are pleasant. This is my second Spider Solitaire game. I much prefer this version to the one from the other company. I convinced my husband this one was better, so he switched over also and is glad that he did. We both like the statistics that are offered so that we can compete with each other.
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7 months ago, cboohere
Games are close to unwinnable now
I’ve seen it mentioned by a couple others but I think they recently did something to make games unwinnable. They were challenging and fun for years and I played frequently but recently with a new update I’m lucky to win 1:10 when my old score was 8-9 out of 10 on the same difficulty. I’ve tried some games where I undo all the way back to the start and try tons of different possibilities for it but the cards to win the game are impossible to open up. I could look past the ads and the bugs (annoying as they are) but making unwinnable games so that people view ads for longer isn’t something I’m okay with at all. Time for a new app I guess.
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4 years ago, YoshiABCC
Deleting! Video ads blatantly bypass silent mode
Updated: I got an email from the developer about my last review, asking me what ad was playing, assuring me that it wasn’t supposed to happen. (The name of the ad was listed in my original review.) I decided to give it another try. It is now *loudly* playing video ads - while the phone is on silent mode - while in the game itself!! That is ridiculous and, if you’re in a quiet space, quite jarring. In a 2-minute game, the same ad, not related to anything I do, played twice. It wasn’t a fluke as I exited and came back about an hour later and it happened again. Same ad. Come on. Enough already. I love the app and have played it daily for years. Of late, between. Every. Single. Game., I get a 30-second video ad for an insulting stupid app called GardenScapes. Even if the volume on my phone is set to vibrate, the video starts and it plays sounds of people moaning and grunting. Not only is it jarring (it starts off with someone yelling in “fear”) but it also is embarrassing if anyone else is around. It is the same ad. Every. Single. Time. I’ll be looking for a different app.
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4 years ago, Major777333abc
Pop up talking ads!
Used to love this Spider app but I will stop using it because they now have embedded audio ads that start playing and startle you even if your phone volume is off!!! And my Spider sound is also off. A pop up TALKING ad is a blatant invasion of our space and quiet! It wakes up those sleeping in the room or annoys my coworkers when I’m at work. I will not play Spider again until they remove these Audio ads. And anyway, there are other Spider apps I can go to.
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7 months ago, jfulgma
Fun fun fun!
I have been playing this game for over a year now and never get tired of it. If I lose a game I play that game over and over again until I win. My level is “hard“. I don’t win it consistently enough to move up to the next level. Whenever I have a minute or two I love to play. I am adding to my review I am still having fun playing this game it’s fast and quick and a challenge. I have been playing this game for 3 years. I still love to play this game.
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8 months ago, Littlebird36
Nice alternative to traditional solitaire
I never get tired of traditional solitaire but I do like other versions. I also play Italian solitaire and clock solitaire with cards. Spider solitaire reminds me of Italian solitaire since you build cards of the same suit although in the Italian version you use all four suits. I am now up to the bold level, and it is harder to win but more challenging. So whether you like to win most of the time or are up to a more challenging game, this app is definitely fun.
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5 years ago, Dimaliha
Bugs are NOT fixed 9/8/19
I sent the developers an email almost two months ago advising that an update around the time was causing SERIOUS battery drain. I would easily go from 84% to 63% playing only one game. To date, nothing has changed and it’s the only app that has this problem, all others don’t even show a 1% loss to battery during use. I’m sorry but if this continues I will have to delete the game, which is too bad because otherwise it’s a great game. GET IT FIXED SOON! Thank You!
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2 years ago, Caitnah
Used to be good!
I have been playing this version for yearrrrrs! I have over 2500 games completed on the Hard level. However, in the last six months or so, the game “seems” to be much more difficult to win. Please do not understand me, I am not saying that I want to win most of the games, but it appears that winning ANY games has become more and more difficult; thereby taking the enjoyment out of it. The game constantly dumps Kings or Queens at the end of your draw pile OR holds back some key cards, which kills any opportunity to complete the game. Used to be a great game…not any longer.
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8 years ago, Madre Myers
Challenging solitaire
The ability to back up and redo makes this game more enjoyable than regular solitaire. If you're persistent enough, even at expert level, you can usually end up with a win. Sometimes not though, and you just have to give up and start a new game. I like that it saves your game without having to push a button. Challenging solitaire game, but not too hard, even at expert level. A great way to waste time while sitting in a waiting room, or waiting for someone to show up!
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5 years ago, MY WIFES HUSBAND
Current revision has caused problems
I love playing spider solitaire. Since retiring it’s one of the two games I play the most. It’s gotten me through days of weather restrictions keeping me inside, three days tending to my wife As she lay Ill with a terminal disease, and just through days of boredom. But just in the last week I could be playing the game and suddenly be kicked out and have to start all over from the base of the game using the resume button. Fix that and you go back to a five star with numerous! Marks.
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3 years ago, Awesomeawsome
Time to go
At first, like others, I liked this app, but I just got fed up with repeated games. The one that finally got me to this point I’ve played way so very many times. If it keeps coming back again and again becuz I haven’t been able to win it, don’t keep sending it back over and over again. There should never be repeats what with the hundreds of thousand different possibilities there are. Time to start searching again. I’ll find the right one eventually and I have a lot of patience.
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7 years ago, Idarosen66
Great game!
My husband and I love playing Spider. Thank you for the update and thanks for keeping it free to use!!! My husband and I are in our 70's, and it's one of the things we use to keep our minds sharp. And it's nice to have on our phones so we can play it anywhere (e.g., doctors' waiting rooms, long lines at checkouts, while waiting in the car in the parking lot for each other when at Home Depot or Hobby Lobby...you've all been there, done that, right?) Again, thanks for the update and thanks again for keeping it free!
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5 years ago, 258904367995
Warning: Sound ads
I loved this app. Loved it, loved it, loved it. It was my constant companion and pacifier for years. Now suddenly it’s running ads with sound, multiple times per game, with no clear way to control the volume. I don’t mind the visual ads, and have clicked on some, but I am sensitive to sound and can’t tolerate these new ads. Now I will have to find another, otherwise inferior companion, and I will never find out if they fixed this serious (to me) problem. Very very sad face. Goodbye, old friend.
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