Spinx Xtras

4.9 (3.1K)
34.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Spinx Company, LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spinx Xtras

4.88 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Marc Nolden
I’d like to feature where I can scan at the pump the only problem is I can only find a few where I can scan at the pump scanning that the pump makes it easier for me and I don’t have to stand in line do use the Spinx app
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2 months ago, K99366
The app and gas pumps are too hard to figure out
They advertise $.10 off a gallon with extras pay, $.25 off a gallon with your checking account added to the app. The pump tells you to do things that don’t correspond to what you’re seeing on the app and the other way around. Could not figure out how to get either discount. Then I started pumping and mine would not dispense gasoline. I had to move to another pump. They really need to make things more intuitive, and not just bright and attention getting. The second pump did not ask me if I wanted a car wash, which I did, so they lost a sale on that. Before I went to the gas station, I tried connecting my checking account to the app to get the additional discount per gallon. The process kept failing so I could not connect my account. I’ll only go back there if the price shown on their big sign is lower than the other gas stations I pass.
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7 months ago, Big dog 564
I hate things that don’t work !!
The app simplify don’t work, can’t link your bank account to get the discount, seems from others reviews it’s been broken for a while !!
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1 year ago, MZawrotny
Loving the deals at Spinx
What an awesome way to reward your loyal guest with the Spinx app and fuel/savings card for the store. Loyal customer since, well like forever.
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4 months ago, shankapotumis
Car wash
The scanner did not work for my car wash yesterday. I don’t have time to go inside, so I will probably be canceling my car wash if it’s not gonna be convenient.
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4 weeks ago, RandyMorganJr
Says wrong pin
When I try to scan at the pump, I put my pin in and it says wrong pin. I know it’s right because I will then use my rewards card and put the same pin in and it works
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4 months ago, Tlizham
App never works properly
This app is a joke. It rarely ever works. I’m constantly having to call and switch my pin because it says it’s invalid after a few uses. It is terrible and Spinx uncharges too much for credit card use. I try to avoid it as a gas station now unless it’s my only choice.
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2 years ago, NatashainSC
Money saving app
When the prices of gas are higher then I have ever seen I love saving with my spinx card
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9 months ago, Kristen'N'Michael
Spinx rewards
Love the rewards just wish they would go back to doing cigarette deals each month. It’s what made me only come to Spinx for all my shopping. But everything else is great!! Kristen’N”Michael
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4 months ago, Cecile Ivaclark
Outstanding group of people. Efficient at their jobs, and they top it off with kindness.
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12 months ago, johneita
Employee wasn’t to pleasant
Had to speak to the employee first, had to ask for a bag when it should’ve been a given that I needed one. Overall, I love Spinx & their food!
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1 year ago, onerater
Too much personal info
I wanted 25 cent discount but after considering ALL of the unnecessary personal info I had to turn over it wasn’t worth it. With all the hacks Spinx will be huge target with excessive amounts of personal and banking information.
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2 months ago, Yourrided
At the pump
Came in I scan the pump and was able to pump gas and save .25 cents that is great thanks
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2 years ago, saluki4423
Quick and easy
A pleasure to use
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9 months ago, 1.15132576
Friendly service and free monster 😁
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2 years ago, AnonUser12345
Great app!
I like the Scan at the Pump feature!
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1 year ago, WMU_Av8or
Great Idea - Crashes Regularly
I have not been able to pay at the pump with the app yet, and when scanning at the register crashes ALL the time.
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2 years ago, Blaine2736
Love love love it! Keep getting those gas discounts.
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4 months ago, Every stupid nickname taken
No receipt paper ever
There’s never receipt paper at the pumps. I come to get gas for my business and pay at the pump to save time and never do here because their machines are always empty so I have to run in anyways
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3 months ago, Goood gas
Sometimes ya credit goes on , sometimes it doesn’t. Very irritating when u looking fwd yo the discount
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3 months ago, Grambo25:)
Can't log in
The app asks for a phone number to log in. When I put in my phone number or days invalid phone number.
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9 months ago, Mr G Mac
Couldn’t get the app to work
They have doesn’t work for me and it’s hard to register with a new password. They need to fix this app.
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8 months ago, Bernard Bolton
I love the spinx and the gas prices ❤️❤️❤️
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2 days ago, NanaVof3
This app said there is a $.10 per gallon when using it. It only worked the first time and not since!
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1 year ago, Sir.Marcus
NOT enough allowed time; to redeem reward! not on this occasion. multiple occasions, unreported due to bag up with traffic and parking in parking lot and walking in store and waiting in line.
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2 years ago, Ahill6962310
This is a large company why are there only 4 reviews
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4 months ago, DandK02
Wrong gas price
I use my Spinx account to pay for gas and it doesn’t give me the price advertised on the sign.
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1 year ago, likeohemgeetotally
Doesn’t work!
Says it hit a snag every single time I tried it. Off to QT I go!
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2 months ago, Abhmh1983
Gas discount didn’t work
The app said I should get a 10cent per gallon discount. I didn’t 😡
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1 year ago, jjcool266
Free drinks
I love that they give free drinks!
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7 years ago, Rdstamps
Spinx makes it easy to save
The Spinx Company had a great idea to save their customers both time and money. It is so convenient to use my Spinx Xtra card to always save at least $.05 per gallon and with in store special purchases, I can save even more. I love that a company cares for its customers like this. The app also makes it easy to find locations and look for in store specials as well as being able to use my account at the pump without scrambling for my Xtra card every time. I love the app and I love Spinx stores!
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2 years ago, Snapper1926
Hot Garbage
This app is AWFUL. Do NOT download it. Just stick with the card.
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2 months ago, Ksmith7157
Cuts off at 20 gallons
I have a 35 gallon tank
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2 years ago, AccessDenied79
For those having issues…
App works as intended now. I called the support number from the website and in less than 2 minutes it was fixed. There was an issue on the backend linking the old card to the new account so they did it manually and it worked right away. Contact support for those having issues.
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2 years ago, bcoker22
Got it right!
This app is just awful. You can’t login and when you actually get somewhere, it freezes. Please go back to the drawing board as I’m done trying until this app is fixed. Update: this app has been fixed and very much use usable again. Thanks!
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8 years ago, Garey0
Five stars
Always get greeted when I come in and most employees are very polite and nice. I always find what I want and if not I find something similar. I have my favorite store which is kinda out of my way, but that's the one I prefer to go to:The one on the corner of Brushy Creek Rd and Suber Rd in South Carolina. The store is roomie and very well maintained. They should be commended.
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5 years ago, Ejohnston102
Convenient $$ saver!
Love being able to link my checking account to it and not worry about having anything but my phone at the pump or in the store. Also results in gas discounts, and makes it really easy to keep track of it all!
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8 years ago, SC-mom
SO convenient! Love It!
Super easy to open this app on my phone and be able to pay in the store and at the gas pump! I exclusively use Spinx because of all the money saving options on gas and I don't have to dig through my purse to find a card to use those savings!
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7 years ago, El Geevso
Update fixed bugs
This app is a very convenient and easy way to pay at Spinx. This update fixes a previous bug that broke half of the "scan at pump" button for iPhone 7 users. Very cool and a must have.
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8 years ago, Badkornflake
Better way to pay at the pump
Just scan and go. Doesn't reserve an amount the way credit cards do. Takes 2 to 3 days to clear your bank.
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9 years ago, Tamandjames2002
Much easier to pay for gas outside with my phone. I just need my phone to buy inside also. Love it. No paper receipt needed. I get it via email instead.
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8 years ago, Shdaqu
Works perfectly
My card got bent in my purse so it can be temperamental. The app worked perfectly and I immediately had the receipt.
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4 years ago, (brittyy)
Will not be a customer anymore .
I was going to Spinx every few days . The rewards were great. But the customer service for the spinx company itself (not individual gas stations, I’m talking about over the phone people) is terrible. They just want your money. I will not continue being a spinx rewards member nor an overall customer.
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8 years ago, Scorpio466
Great app!
An app that actually works. It's very convenient and I love it. It would be nice to be able to link a credit card instead of just a checking account. That would give it 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Circachef
Terrible improvement
The app continues to log me out and not accept my log in information. It happens more times than it should. The old app was rock solid. Never had issues with it. Bring back the old app until you can make the new one foolproof. It’s been a disappointment ever since it launched.
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10 years ago, King Jumungus
Does what it says...
It is a good app. Since I don't carry around every discount card, this app keeps my rewards in check. Maybe they could add a location finder for when I am on the road.
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2 years ago, ashlyn:)<3
They have fixed all the bugs and give you a new member 25 cent off per gallon 🤩
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9 years ago, apoirier594
Good app
It's awesome how you can select your home store and see your gas prices. I also like how easy I can see my rewards
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4 years ago, galewis
Losing money
You used to be able to purchase a car wash in the app. That ability has been missing for a while now. If you’d fix it, you get more money Dash from me, anyway!
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7 years ago, Atoyankeee
Awesome app. Well done SPINX!! Love the mobile payment feature where you can scan at the pump to pay.
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