SPIRE Mobile

4.8 (9.6K)
100.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
SPIRE Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for SPIRE Mobile

4.8 out of 5
9.6K Ratings
1 year ago, northwoodhick
Snapshot not showing transactions
I love this app. I haven’t really experienced any problems with it. The only thing I really HATE is that you can no longer see the first couple of transactions on the snapshot. I don’t like that I have to log in every time just to see if a payment came out that day. I just miss when it used to show like the first 5 transactions.
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4 years ago, tim H.86
Maybe spire can ruin other stuff for me too
Thankfully Spire has managed to screw up their mobile app and make login more difficult. I can’t wait to see what other things that are not broken they can wreck. Maybe reinvent a wheel that looks like a square. Better yet maybe design a window that you can’t see out of and that let’s heat out in the winter and cold air in the winter. I can only assume that there is a brilliant mind behind this app like the kind of person conceived if Joe Biden and Donald Trump had a baby. Then took that baby and just keep shaking it and dropping it until it grows up to develop this app
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4 years ago, mommy tested
Changed for the worse
Don’t know what prompted the change in the app but the changes are not for the better it is for the worse. Why is there only one primary? So access has to be granted from the primary. And about every two weeks to a month it forgets my device so I can’t access our account. Then I have to wait until my non tech savvy primary person figures out where they are supposed to go to grant me access again. This app is way too inconvenient for me. I think because of it we’ll dump this bank and go else where. This is absolutely the worse banking app I have on my phone. And it’s mostly useless. I’m going to probably uninstall it after this review.
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1 year ago, dddddddoug
There are people who help you , sounds unusual but is rare because the competition is based on customer volume , not service( automatic advertising for you) PS the folks at my branch, and lm going to guess all branch’s, are exactly what makes you good. I’ve had so much help navigating, above and beyond the responsibility of a bank. I’m grateful and appreciate all the help you’ve given me.
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2 years ago, Little Duke Turtle
Please fix Apple compatibility and face recognition
The app works just as well as other bank apps. The mobile deposit is especially easy to use, but signing into the app (one of the most important things) has been bothersome. Sometimes my phone remembers the password, most times not. Facial recognition rarely works. I have had other bank apps on my iPhone, the Spire Mobile app is lacking. Maybe I’m also upset because I’ve been frozen out again. Just annoyed. I hope the mobile app can fix the Apple phone bugs.
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3 years ago, shïtidkman
Overall it was good but when ever I don’t use it for a time period or the app updates I keep getting kicked out and then i don’t have my information all the time with me. I forget the information to login. when I forget I have to reset a password each time but then that didn’t work and now I have to call in which I’m not excited for. But it gives you limited number of try’s but it’s only like three and I just wanted to check if I have enough money to buy some things but I can’t even do that.
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2 years ago, Benois1
Easy to navigate
I enjoy having my accounts in one place with the ability to shift funds when necessary without having to travel to the bank or use a phone transfer. The mobile deposit is really a nice feature and with the upgrade it is much easier to use.
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4 years ago, TheRealAxelRod
Great Updates
I didn’t need another reason to love Spire - but they just gave us one. The updated app allows us to see all of our accounts - kids and business accounts included in one spot. I love the convenience of it all and will be a helpful tool to help teach our kids about finances.
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4 years ago, epmdd
App doesn’t logout and then login again cleanly.
App doesn’t logout and then login again cleanly. Once the app logs you out, the next time you try to open it says ‘you’ve been logged out’ (paraphrased..). But if you press login again it will never allow you to reenter credentials. You have to double click home button, and swipe/toss app away - and then restart. thx
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1 year ago, Firstmolar
Longer time
I would like my account would stay open longer. Sometimes I don’t finish and it closes automatically and I have to keep signing back in. I understand the reasoning. But more time would be helpful.
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9 months ago, General__VonBeck
It’s Okay
It’s an okay app. I think I’d give it 3.5 if possible. One large flaw to us personally. It would be lovely if when you pay off your Spire credit card, with your Spire Checking or Spire Savings accounts, that the credit card balance instantly went to $0. Other apps like AMEX, Wells Fargo, etc. will go to $0 when the payment is received. Spire usually takes 24-48 hours.
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4 years ago, sunshines8
Soooo slow.
They recently “upgraded” their app. It is so slow. Takes 30-40 seconds just to load the first page...I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn’t help. Bring back the old app...this is definitely NOT an upgrade. 🤷‍♀️
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2 years ago, Lvvideo
People are the best
Working with the team At Spire we have multiple accounts with them and have had multiple loans/purchases with their help. Always professional and I’m a personal manner. Thank you highly recommended.
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9 months ago, Gloworm7
Forced Portrait View
Was fairly happy with the app until last week when I logged in and it now can only be viewed in portrait mode. Makes it a pain when you primarily use a pad. Spire why did you do this? Why can’t the app be used in either landscape or portrait? Go back to how it used to be?
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3 years ago, f-spire
Zero Stars
Want to log in? Nope, not even if you know your overly complicated password! Switch wifi or location? Log in again. Sorry you can’t do that either! What’s that, you are at home? No, there is a restriction on your account. You can’t log in. Designed by a security nut so nobody can have access to your financial records including you. A MAJOR downgrade to the previous app version. Would not recommend and considering leaving Spire over the app after greater than 20 years of using their banking services.
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2 years ago, Note on Spire
Spire Credit Union
I appreciate Spire, especially for continued pleasant and helpful service at the Vadnais Heights drive thru. The website is consistent, accurate and easy to read. I also am impressed with the awareness to detail, especially if potential fraud has occurred.
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4 years ago, hannah falcon
New is not always better
If it isn’t broke why fix it, old app was way better, feel like switching banks, one of my automatic payments wasn’t sent after switch over, and yes I updated my info like I was told to, so had to pay a late charge for a bill I had been paying through bill pay on the same day for 10 years, complained about it at my local branch and was just told to not use the app then, ah ya, thanks for the help, the only thing I like about it is the fingerprint for logging in.
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4 years ago, snnjukannjhabv wmdoodknshs. w
Good app. Easy to use.
Simple, has everything you need. A few features at login don’t seem to work like the ‘remember my device’ but may be a conflict with the security settings on my phone. Works well with 3rd party password managers like LastPass as well.
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3 years ago, aesfraser
Mobile Deposit is HORRIBLE
I don’t know why Spire struggles so much to do pretty basic things but there always seems to be some issue with their online banking or app. I’ve had a number of other issues with them but the thing that sent me over the edge was mobile check deposit. I have never had such a terrible experience trying to do a fairly simple thing and when I called customer service the woman was unhelpful and apathetic.
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3 years ago, ricky do da day
Cleanest bank ever
I really do like going to a bank and really having no wait time is something that they always have. And a clean bank means , clean people go there so I’ve been really impressed with switching over to SPIRE
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3 years ago, Wayne Ellingson
Mobile App makes long distance banking a snap!
SPIRE’s Mobil app makes banking and tracking of my retirement plans quite easy. Since I live in Chandler Arizona, having an easy way to bank remotely is very essential. I highly recommend SPIRE anywhere! Wayne Ellingson
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4 years ago, yakuzantarzan
“Something went wrong”
Can’t open the app, just says “something went wrong while attempting to send the last request please try again.” So I tried again 10 times and it’s not working. I do like being able to see account overviews without having to completely log in though, when the app is working.
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4 years ago, 8-22-2011
Time Saver!
It saves so much time to see all of our accounts in one place instead of having to log out, log back in.
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3 years ago, HD Dozer
The app works well most of the time but signing in on various devices confuses the app and at times it goes thru different sign on procedures. The sign on feature with finger print does not always work. The app locks up when trying to use that!
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4 years ago, Masterkazadi
I can’t even log in
This is the fifth time that the app locked me out of my account. I can’t log in or do anything The previous version was fine. but ever since the changed the app with this new system I am always having problems. It always gives me a message saying “we’re sorry! Our system is experiencing difficulties that are preventing you from log in”. It honestly very annoying.
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2 years ago, 11---11
Easy, Easy, Easy
I love this AP!! Easy to navigate and see all your accounts at a quick glance!! Easy to make extra loan payments or transfer funds!!
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3 years ago, willyboy$
App locks me out basically every month so I need to spend my precious time going to the bank and resolve an issue that’s not even my fault
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4 years ago, Big VLK
Love Spire !
I have been a member for a long time and have had the best experiences with this credit union. For the services they provide and the staff, they are committed to giving you the best of everything. Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, Bobby AC
Love the look!
The navigation layout is really good and keeps improving! To make the website complete for me, it would be nice to have Zelle or something similar for person-to-person transfers.
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3 years ago, Kenzie_kodl
Best banking app!
Literally the best banking app I’ve EVER used! So easy to use, so fast and easy to transfer money and do everything right at your fingertips!
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2 years ago, unhappy user #893
App is slow and clunky
This app is slow and clunky - i very much dislike this app Does not show several pending purchases for days Logs out for system issues and does not accept your password forcing a password reset ALL OF YOUR PRIVATE INFO MUST BE PROVIDED to reset your password which cannot be be something ever used before This makes me EXTREMELY NERVOUS Good luck remembering your password Considering switching banks because of this app - in the branches the service is great but I rarely go In mainly use the app and when it is down or logged out for some unknown reason and won’t accept Face ID on my phone it is VERY FRUSTRATING
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4 years ago, Kbobby92
Log in issues one a month
I’ve had log in problems at least one a month and it always makes me reset my password. Not a big fan of that due to the fact that I can barely remember the ones I have currently.
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3 years ago, Kbug21fav
Mobile app
I love using the mobile app with spire credit union. I feel it’s easy to use. I like the mobile banking as well.
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4 years ago, KelKel1019
Easy to use
Easy to use this app, and I’m really glad for mobile check deposit!
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1 year ago, MercedesFan_126
Great app with one minor flaw
Great easy to use app. Only complaint is they only allow 6 transfers per month
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2 years ago, Steve o Reno!
I like the touch of the home button to access my account!
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4 years ago, What happend !!!
New version is terrible!
This new app is terrible, the old version was way better. It takes forever to log in when opened and sometimes won’t even open. So disappointed, I expected this app to be at least as good as the previous one. I should be able to open, use my fingerprint to access, and take care of my banking needs.
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3 years ago, MJ7511
Thanks Spire
It’s great to have this easy to use app on my phone so I can check my banking whenever and wherever I’m at.
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3 years ago, Sweazey17
Bill Pay
The Bill pay feature is not very user-friendly. I still have to receive bills by mail to pay them, it’s not as nice as my previous Wells Fargo bill pay.
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3 years ago, firstphone
Sign in
I dislike that I often have to verify my device that I utilize each time.
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4 years ago, ☕️🥤❤️
Great job!!
Staff always helpful and quick to give answers on loans and questions! Recommend them to everyone!!
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4 years ago, yaaasssMinnesota
For a new update this sure didn’t wow me. Very boring and there don’t seem to be any new features.
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1 year ago, mintychicken
Broken for weeks
Typically a solid app with good functionality. For the last month or two, it’s been crashing consistently. I can see the accounts page with overviews, but tapping on anything and trying to load any other screen crashes the whole app. On a 14 Pro Max with 16.4.1
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2 years ago, rays1bdy
Makes it easy to use
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3 years ago, straightupelevated
Love My Spire!
I’ve always loved my bank, they just keeping getting better! So thankful.
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4 years ago, nicetryreviewbots
Spire always finds a way to make me angry
This is insane making me reset my password ever week. I literally am about to switch banks because this is such a waste of time. They will randomly log you out, lock you out, or make you change your password. Like I am using my fingerprint how much of a better password can you have!
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4 years ago, love the bank, hate the app
Never works
I can’t stand the new app. I love Spire and have been with them since far before the name change but this app will be the death of me. Yes, that’s a bit dramatic but I couldn’t tell you the last time it went smoothly trying to log in. There seems to always be an issue with it and I have to contact support.
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4 years ago, sleeping longer
Spire mobile app is extremely helpful to me I use it at least once a day!
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2 years ago, cindy Jacobsen
Horrible app
Every month I have to delete it and start over again, it continually locks up for no reason and it often just has a white screen and responds to nothing. It is extremely frustrating
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3 years ago, #1toph
Great app
Awesome. Wish I would have done this years ago.
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