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User Reviews for Splitwise

3.45 out of 5
12K Ratings
3 weeks ago, TheItemizer
Good Until You Reach Your Daily Limit
I was using splitwise every month to square up charges between friends (going out, grabbing something from the cafe, a drink spot, etc.) and the app was really handy. It's so easy to find the right people, pick the date, add the expense, and see the totals. Great! This was cool for about a year or so, then all of a sudden I got a notice when I opened the app that I had reached my daily limit of items. Strange, but I'll just put them in tomorrow - no big deal. Tomorrow comes and I go to enter my expenses and what happens? 3 items in, and I have again reached my daily limit?! This was never an issue before - there were times I'd put in 10 or more expenses without any warning. Now the app completely locks me out from entering more than a single new charge each day - only one! It became so frustrating that I completely stopped using the app and went to a custom Google sheet. Nothing fancy, but way more convenient than being limited to one entry per day. And I'm not willing to pay for the premium subscription, but if you are then maybe you'll be fine. Can't say. If they removed this limit or increased it to maybe 10-20 items, I'd be on board. Until then, I'm not going to bother.
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5 months ago, Alice757
Disappointed In Surprise Pay to Play
I have loved splitwise and used it for years. However, I was disappointed in the new year by the surprise transition of splitwise pro without any kind of heads up by the company and for a new need to pay for a service that had previously been free. We have switched over to tricount, and while not as intuitive as splitwise, it gets the job done for free. If splitwise wanted or needed to add a subscription to your base app, you should not retract a previously free service. In my opinion, the additional benefits of pro are not worth the money and the free version transaction limit seems unnecessary. Use adds if you need to make more money. Overall, I might have paid for the pro version if the company hadnt sprung it on us. It seems disingenuous to a previously very loyal consumer base. I don’t see the need to pay for splitwise when there are other apps that do essentially the same thing for free.
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2 years ago, Blakbirdy
For meals, promises a lot, delivers on little
When using this app on my phone, anytime I switch over to my calculator app to crunch some numbers, it closes out of an expense I’m working on. This drives me 100% absolutely nuts because there’s no way to save a draft, your progress, nothing. I had to redo one expense 4 times. That aside, it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to split a simple lunch bill among four people because (1) the UX is a real problem; (2) what in this good Earth is this “shares” feature that has little to no use in real life because no restaurant designs their menus this way and nobody orders this way; (3) not enough development is put into the dollar amount entry feature and why does it give me so many problems about the sum not adding up when I clearly know that it doesn’t and am trying to fix the issue but the app won’t let me leave without deleting everything… I literally needed to find out what the tax rate was for certain restaurants (ones that charge hidden taxes, a fight for another day) and it wouldn’t let me do that without restarting completely. I literally would rather pull out all my hair and an abacus than deal with this app another time and any friend of mine who suggests using this app is disinvited to future hangouts until they learn the error of their ways or this app fixes its problems.
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6 months ago, Julia Ruth
Used to be Great
I used to LOVE this app! I’ve used it for years between different groups of roommates I’ve lived with, and to manage personal expenses with my partner. I love the interface of the app, how easy it is to use, and the different options for dividing expenses. That all changed today. I opened the app today to add in my expenses for a couple recent grocery shopping trips for my roommates and each time I wanted to add an expense I had to wait for ad to play, which was new and annoying, but I dealt with it. Then after I added 4 (just 4!) expenses I was met with a pop-up saying that I had reached the maximum number of expenses I could input today and I had to either upgrade to the pro version or wait until tomorrow to input more. I commonly put in 10 or 15 expenses all at once so I only have to do money management once or twice a month. There is nothing in the pro version of this app that I will use and it’s not worth the money just to be able to add my expenses when just a month ago I could add as many as I wanted to for free; which is why I specifically downloaded this app, as a free way to manage expenses with my roommates and partner. I will be deleting the app today and switching to a different app that allows me to do the same things Splitwise used to do for free.
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5 years ago, One of the Mels
Love it but...
I love and use this app constantly, to the point that it would make sense for me to use the pro version. So I did the 1 month free trial (thank you) but it didn’t seem worth the money. Specifically because I still can’t itemize transactions on the phone app, only the desktop, and the charts aren’t really helpful. In regards to the charts, if I could tap on a section of the pie chart and have every transaction that’s in that category shown - that would be Very helpful. Also, it’s not very clear on the charts if the total amount shown is the total of what Both people spent (and then split) or if it’s what I specifically spent after splitting expenses (again, would be very helpful to know/have both options). Last feedback is that it would be great if when using the itemized feature, that items could be split by a custom % instead of only 50/50 or 100/0. Fingers crossed these updates are doable! I tell people about this app all the time and it makes my like So much easier by removing the stress of remembering debts, but the above would really help a lot.
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2 weeks ago, alex x3
What a nightmare
Completely counterintuitive dumpster fire of an app that is supposed to make communal payments for group events simplified. Instead I’m capped at 5 submissions a day and then demanded to sign up for PRO or wait 24 hours to get the rest of my requests out because I guess regular splitwise can only handle SO MUCH. We have that in common I guess. Next I’m graciously offered the ability to make requests in every currency in the universe, but wait… I need to get PRO to convert requests before paying them. I guess Ill call my local bank and get the market exchange rates for that day to convert every single entry I already made into USD? Perfect! I love wasting my time. And the grande finale is IF you have the audacity to settle up promptly to pay back your friends you may accidentally RUIN everyone else’s requests that may not have been submitted. But don’t worry this only happens SOMETIMES. The one and only positive is that because “BUGS” it can no longer link payment through Venmo, which is its own very special disaster, that only ever wants me to open a crypto credit card. CANNOT wait to delete this app once I’m “settled up.” It’ll only take about 3 more weeks for everyone to be able to submitted their 5 request a day.
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4 months ago, Brent77469
Don’t bother anymore
I’ve actually never left a review for a app before but after my experience with splitwise I felt compelled to do so. I’ve used it for past couple of years to track expenses with group travel and also split expenses with my ex for our son. My use has been very basic and do not require the use of and of the pro features. Recently they limited the amount of transactions you can input a day to just 4! This is ridiculous as most people input all their transactions at the end of the month or at the end of a trip. The monthly fee they are asking is way to high for normal casual users who just want to use it when they got on trips with friends etc. a app that was so good and useful is pretty much ruined by being forced to watch a ad for the pro version and then being limited to only four transactions. Company seems greedy to me. I’ll just go back to my excel spreadsheets. The multiple other negative reviews should be clear to splitwise they made a wrong business decision here. I guess your idea was, “we are getting popular now, let’s see how we can make more money.” Looks like your decision made you less popular…
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8 months ago, Kay2Kim
Now useless without paying
Really disappointed that Splitwise has decided to put most of their features behind a paywall. I get asking for subscriptions for more premium actions like reporting and maybe even currency conversions, but now they won’t even let you add more than 2 transactions in the same day unless you buy “Pro”. Their entire value proposition as an app is that people can easily add and split their expenses, limiting to 2 per day seems totally arbitrary and makes the free version useless. I’d honestly rather go back to spreadsheets for tracking household expenses with my partner than pay $5 a month just to enter 3 expenses in a day instead of 2. Didn’t even get to see what else they’ve pay-gated because I hit the new entry limit and gave up so quickly. I expect there are still options out there that aren’t so stingy on their Free version features. If not, Google Sheets it is. I used to rely on this app quite a lot and found it helpful for households and group trips, but now I can’t imagine why anyone would pay for such basic features. Seems like a cash grab where they didn’t consider customer impact or interests at all.
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7 months ago, AgentTux
Used for 3 years…Now I’m fed up
The recent update that limits the amount of expenses you can log is ridiculous. I can understand locking receipt scanning and analytics behind a paywall. I could maybe even tolerate the 10 second wait times between logging new expenses. However, only allowing 3 expenses a day before having to pay $40 a year per person just to add as many as you want is pure highway robbery. Your base service is not worth $40 a year. I can replace it with like 20 different apps or Excel for free, and my only annoyance would be the setup time and time lost inviting all my roommates to a new app, which they will gladly join if it means not having to shell out to a scummy company. At the end of this month, I’m done with this app and everyone else should be too. Stop the subscription price gouging garbage for something that should be $10 a year AT MOST with a good free option. I get that app development and hosting isn’t free. But it’s not $40 from all your users every year expensive either. Especially when your “unique” product could be cloned in a month by any sophomore CS student at any university on the planet.
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6 years ago, Clayton78
Great app! But my friends can’t handle the minimize transactions setting.
I recently tried Splitwise for the first time for a trip with a group of friends. Some friends wouldn’t log into Splitwise. Some friends wouldn’t check their emails. And a couple of friends couldn’t understand how everyone could be settled up if they didn’t pay back the person who originally paid for a specific item. Guys, Splitwise tells you how to settle up to reduce transactions so that everyone comes out the same. Minds were blown. I could literally sense that smoke was about to come out of their ears. Of course, it would have helped if they logged into the app, or checked their email or paid attention by the 2nd or 3rd or 5th time I told them, “Guys, open Splitwise! It literally breaks it all down for you!” Minimum transactions are not for the faint of heart. Bottom line: Splitwise is great! But after that trip, I may have lost a little bit of faith in the human race.
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7 months ago, jcubetus
Taking away free features
I’m someone who goes through finances once a month. I review all my transaction in all my accounts to check for accuracy and to monitor spending habits. I use that same time each month to enter receipts in Splitwise. This has worked out fine, until a couple weeks ago when Splitwise added a limit to how many receipts a user can enter each day. Now I can only enter four receipts at a time without paying $5/month. The app is now completely useless to me. This tactic isn’t new for app developers. When apps become moderately successful, they slowly remove all utility from their free versions in favor of pro versions. It’s a bait and switch, plain and simple. LastPass did the same thing, which drove away a chunk of their user base. Splitwise will be “wise” to rethink their approach for the future. I’ll be deleting my Splitwise account in favor of an Excel spreadsheet. Is the UI less appealing? Will the process be slightly more difficult? Will I be urging friends to abandon the app every chance I get? Yes, yes and absolutely.
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1 year ago, WaltBark
Do Not Use Splitwise Pay
After misleading instruction my friends and I tried using Splitwise Pay instead of Venmo or PayPal as it made it seem like it would go from one checking account to the other. This was NOT the case. It took a full week to get payments into a “Splitwise Wallet” during which time it was listed as “pending” with no clarity on when it would be available. After that long wait I was informed that the money would actually just be sitting with Splitwise and not in my Checking account. Which is essentially like Venmo or PayPal only it took a full week to process and you can’t readily use Splitwise Pay with anything?! Do not know why on Earth they would choose to create a product that is actually WORSE than the alternatives currently supported. AND WHATS EVEN MORE CRIMINAL… is they were very misleading about how this would function and that it could take essentially 10 days to get money in this way! as it takes 2 additional days to transfer from Wallet to your Bank Account!!! So Frustrating and a shame they would release something and not be clear about it.
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2 years ago, Sonofzell
Delivers on all its claims
I recently purchased a condo that my daughter is sharing with a roommate. Being new to the "landlord game", I immediately realized what a challenge expense sharing can be, especially with three different people paying specific bills. The app's focus on aggregate debts (rather than a balance-based expense ledger) was initially an adjustment for me, but the benefit of SplitWise's simplified approach quickly became apparent. It was only a matter of days before my daughter and her roommate began using it for additional expenses like groceries, ride shares, concert tickets, etc. I haven't needed to contact support, but the clean & logical UI, combined with thorough & concise documentation minimize the learning curve of using the app. After considering about a dozen expense sharing services, I had narrowed my list down to SplitWise and one of its competitors. Thus far, I've not had any regrets with my choice!
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3 months ago, NYCchin
Disgusting monetization practices
I’ve used splitwise for YEARS for group trips and splitting expenses with roommates. They’ve now limited the amount of expenses you can submit per day to only 4 per day, and they force you to you stare at their subscribe screen for 10 seconds before they even let you add an expense. Literally fire the Product Manager who suggested this. I understand that Splitwise is a company that’s been around for a while and now needs to monetize, but this is not the way. I’m now looking for a different app to use to settle up my most recent trip since we all want to pay each other back asap (we have to pay our credit card bills) but it would take us over a week to input all of our expenses with Splitwise’s daily limits. I have 30 expenses to add that I couldn’t add on the trip because I didn’t have wifi. With the 4 expense per day limit, it would take me 8 days to add them all. Ridiculous. Splitwise, change this immediately. At least give us the decency of a limit of 10 or something. 4/day is a slap in the face to your long time users.
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2 years ago, MScott_23
LOVE Splitwise
This is the MOST convenient app for dividing payments amongst multiple people or groups. I’ve used this app twice now while traveling internationally, and it’s never been so easy to record and remit debts on the go. My favorite part is that the app tallies up what everyone owes each other, and at the end of the trip when you’re ready to settle up, it does all the math for you in order to reduce the amount of transactions going back and forth. So easy. Upgrading to Pro, so you can convert currency with one click, amongst other perks, is definitely worth the upgrade. Especially if you frequently travel internationally with others. It’s not really necessary if you don’t leave the states though in my opinion. I can’t recommend Splitwise enough!! And this is coming from someone who very much dislikes unnecessary smart phone apps.
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6 years ago, gringa-latina
Only partial Spanish functionality?
We use the Splitwise app among roommates in Ecuador, in general love it. We love that the expenditures added will auto-load little icons when the words are recognizable like “gas”, “electric”, and “water”, but what would be so hard about having that feature in Spanish too? It really does make it visually easier to keep track, so I’d just love to see y’all make the same thing function for words like “luz”, “agua”, “arriendo”, “combustible” - terms that are consistent enough throughout Spanish-speaking countries (and Spanish speakers w/in the US) that they’d be easy enough for a user to figure out. I mean, if you already have the rest of the app and its features available in Spanish, why not that last little detail? 🤔 We wish we didn’t have to put things on the ledger in English all the time for the helpful icons to appear, because it feels snobbish and exclusionary of our housemates who are not Spanish-English bilingual.
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5 months ago, KSTilt
How to ruin a 5 star experience
Splitwise used to be wonderful and I recommended it after every group trip as a way to track and split group costs. During my most recent experience with the app I noticed they made some changes to their business model. Unless you want to pay for Splitwise Pro- which seems like overkill for a person who uses this app ~3x a year- you have to watch an ad (for splitwise pro) while submitting each individual expense, you can only submit up to 3 expenses per day (what??!) AND, most ludicrously, you are CAPPED at inviting people at 10 invitations. A business that limits the number of times you can invite other users to ALSO use their product must be doomed. Splitwise- you have a good product!! Surely, this is not necessary. Google yourself. The recent feedback is not pretty 🥴. I’d happily pay cents per transaction to avoid all this friction. There must be other way to make money than destroying what was an enjoyable user interface. Yet another subscription model. Sigh.
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6 months ago, ThinLizzies
Very limited functionality
Very limited functionality beyond adding and splitting expenses, which can easily be done in a shared spreadsheet for free on Google Docs. (Not to mention there’s far greater functionality on shared spreadsheet) This app has no way to search or filter entries to determine total spend on a specific item - say a sports club, car payment or medical provider. The charts section only provides views by month or from inception. There is no way to view annually. For instance, you can not view total medical expenses for 2023. You can see medical expenses since you started using the app or for each individual month. Now Splitwise is charging a subscription fee for what appears to have been free all along. If there is additional functionality that is now provided, I am either unaware of it or have not found it to be of value. But if you don’t pay, you can only enter one expense per day. Very poor customer experience to charge for the same functionality previously provided for free.
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4 months ago, TotallyNotGlenn
Too big for their britches
I’ve used Splitwise for years, as a Pro subscriber. The core of their service works great but they keep disappointing me. For example, I have an old Venmo account that I needed to create for rent, but I do not use Venmo. Splitwise does not allow you to unpair your Venmo account. I tried Splitwise Pay, their service that lets you pay directly from Splitwise. It would sometimes take more than a week to get my money and there was no way to specify in app that you don’t want to use Splitwise Pay—I had to contact customer service and have them shut down the account. Just a couple examples there. The final straw that made me unsubscribe from Pro and seek another service was that without fixing the gaps in their feature set, they added daily transaction limits to try to push people toward Pro, and force free users to watch ads. It used to be that you could use the core features easily and you would pay for Pro for the power user extras. Further, they made the confusing choice not to inform their existing users of this change before it took place. And the AUDACITY to do this while basic things such as removing a payment method are missing, and have been for years, and without adding any new value to the app. They want to push people to pay them more money, without having done the work to deserve it. I can no longer recommend this app to friends and I no longer want to support them. Goodbye, Splitwise.
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10 months ago, bluepwnz
Disingenuous - Would rather just use a spreadsheet
I had never used splitwise before but had seen it on other people's venmo feeds before. After using it for the first time this past weekend, I don't see myself using it ever again. It doesn't require you to actually manually link any services like venmo or paypal before others in your group choose to "settle up". This means they send money to wherever splitwise thinks it should go, based on your email and phone number. It tried to use my email and sent the payment to a venmo account that doesn't exist. It says the payment is pending, but I know that it will never complete. PLUS the user that sent the payment now has splitwise telling them they are "settled up". This means the payment will take an indeterminate amount of time to fail, and likely the other person will just end up having not paid me. So splitwise essentially caused us to not be able to split the bills lol. 1/5 not impressed. Much easier to just use a spreadsheet if that's the only way I am going to get paid.
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8 months ago, oakl3af
Favorite App
One of my favorite apps, but a couple of things. Highly disappointed with the new free version feature where there is a delay in adding expense for 10 or more seconds to get you to buy paid version. You are better then that! I would pay for a perpetual version 4.99 or something but a subscription is ridiculous. Think of a different business model. Also, the pay via Venmo is not very functional. It assumes you use the same email as your Venmo as you do for you Splitwise. Anytime someone uses this feature the money gets lost and doesn’t go to the right account. I suggest changing it to be able to lookup user and actually see their picture to reduce the likelihood of error. I would give the app 5 stars, but the new wait feature for the free version makes me drop it down to 3.
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6 months ago, XtopherP
Started Charging for Basic Features
I’ve been a Splitwise user for nearly as long as it has been in existence. I use it to divide finances and bills between myself and my partner. Recently, they began charging an absurd about to “subscribe” to their service, which had previously all been free. So they imposed a strict shutoff of access to multiple submissions per day, making it so that without a paid subscription you can only add 3 expenses per day or week (some ridiculously restrictive time period), meanwhile I had been using it just fine with no restrictions to sum up monthly home and grocery bills only a few days before that. The restriction came in very suddenly. I understand they are trying to monetize, but they need to find another way to make a profit without charging users directly for the extremely simple services. I doubt this will happen though, so I am awaiting a knockoff version from the army of willing and annoyed Redditors, some of whom have dev/engineering experience, who are going to build their own version.
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6 months ago, Unknown678967896789
It's the time to search another App
I used to LOVE this app! I've used it for years. I opened the app today to add in my expenses for a couple recent grocery shopping trips for my roommates and each time I wanted to add an expense I had to wait for ad to play, which was new and annoying, but I dealt with it. Then after I added 4 (just 4!) expenses I was met with a pop-up saying that I had reached the maximum number of expenses I could input today and I had to either upgrade to the pro version or wait until tomorrow to input more. I commonly put in 10 or 15 expenses all at once so l only have to do money management once or twice a month. There is nothing in the pro version of this app that I will use and it's not worth the money just to be able to add my expenses when just a month ago l could add as many as I wanted to for free; which is why I specifically downloaded this app, as a free way to manage expenses with my roommates and partner. If this doesn't get fixed i and many other will roll over to some other app soon.
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3 weeks ago, Toff14
Used to be great…
I used this app multiple times on different trips and loved it. It was such a simple and easy way to keep track of who paid for what, who owes what, etc. during a trip. I hadn’t used it for a while as I didn’t have the need, but recently went on a trip with a group of friend and recommended we all use this app to keep track of our expenses. You can imagine my SHOCK and HORROR when i found out you now can only submit 4 expenses a day! I can live with the annoying ad you have to watch, but only allowing 4 expenses a day is ABSURD! This app went from being useful to TRASH. Now I have to go find a new app (competitor) that lets me do what I used to be able to do for free. Super annoying and VERY POOR business decision on their part. I understand monetization and I fully support them having a Pro version with more advanced features. But unfortunately they’ve now made the free version virtually unusable. If you’re in the market for a free app to easily manage shared expenses between friends, look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, SamCzer
Great way to split costs!
I don’t pay for premium, but I love that it will split everything equally for free! The “simplify debts” feature is cool, too. My husband, sister, and brother-in-law go out together all the time, and this makes it so we don’t have to pay each other back every time. We just see who is behind in our group, and that person pays for the next meal/event :) we have yet to “settle up” in the past 3 years, and just keep rotating who pays so it stays relatively close. Love it! We also use it for trips with other people, we have told so many people about splitwise! I just set up a group for a trip to Puerto Rico with our best friends. We can add the rental car cost, hotel costs, meals, etc. never have to awkwardly ask a waiter to split a check again!
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11 months ago, toby.h.ferguson
Splitwise saves friendships!
No more bickering about who owes what to whom! Just use this simple to use app and get on sharing the good times with friends and family, knowing you’ll each pay your fair share at the end of the day. It’s very simple to use, allowing you to enter expenses incurred by just part of a group, or allocating expenses for kids to the parents, etc. etc. in these hard times we all need to watch where our money goes but without being unfair to anyone (including ourselves!). This app does all the hard slog for you, and makes sure if there are any questions as to where did the money go that all the information is right there! Great app- we always use it when we’re out with friends out on vacation in a group!
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7 years ago, LanaRou
Love it - best app for sharing and splitting bills
The best application for sharing and splitting cost and bills with the group. We often travel in the group, and always challenged how to properly keep track of the bills, who pays, who owes. also being able to manage it in different currencies was a challenge. We tried many applications, none non-worked well until I just found a splitwise. it’s really doing the job! it’s great! we use it for trips and also manage other shared finances. it allows to settle the bill at any time. it allows to do different currencies and it allows also to attach the picture (of the bill) and add notes. It is awesome. I hope it will stay this way. love the application! Simple and provides all needs functionality. Kudos to designers and developers!
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5 months ago, HingleMcCringleburry
Unannounced sudden daily transaction limit
I’ve been using the free version for years with my wife to track our finances. I love the no-frills, just simple 50/50 split ledger of all things where it doesn’t matter when we pay each other back, and often we just don’t and whoever owes more will start paying for things until it evens out. But without warning, suddenly there are unskippable ads to pay for pro, with a newly added limit of three transactions per day. I don’t want or need any of the pro features, I just want to enter transactions. It makes the app basically useless for any kind of normal splitting without paying $5 a month - not that I can’t afford that but I absolutely can’t abide the way they went about forcing people to either pay or find an alternative. Three transactions a day is so severely annoying that it sends the message that they only want paid users. Why even offer any features for free? What a joke
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2 weeks ago, utkarsh2019
Premium is still very restricted
This used to be one of my favorite apps that I used pretty often. I had personally gotten at least 10-12 of my friends on this app few years back. Then this app became one of the most hated apps I have. It started implementing ad walls and per day limits for transactions. This made the app almost unusable for me and my friends because like most people I don’t enter my transactions daily. I generally do it all every few months. I explored getting the premium option. Their chart analysis options are bad and the UX is not appealing or intuitive. They added the possibility of getting transactions directly from bank account which almost would have made it worth it. I ended up buying premium for a month only to realize even their premium capabilities are pretty worthless. Splitwise lets you add accounts for transaction but they still limit you to only 3 cards! Average users have 4-5 cards if not more. So even if pay for premium, I have to still manually enter transactions for half of my cards/bank accounts. You can’t use their premium features on desktop. It’s hard to get to the connected accounts. To summarize, this app and its developers need a solid plan and lot of UX changes to make its premium be actually attractive to users instead of just annoying/nagging them until they buy or more realistically leave.
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3 years ago, Maven802
Very useful
Myself and my roommates have used Splitwise for years to keep track of splitting utility and other costs. It’s been very helpful. It’s a little uncomfortable putting all that detailed info into an app and I’m not totally sure how much they analyze it/mine it for data, which is why the 4 stars. I should look more into their privacy policies but I’m guessing they analyze it as much as they want for their own business purposes. Also, it would be neat if they had some kind of graph so you could see how much the group or you are spending on different categories over time. All in all, though, keeping it simple and uncluttered is probably the best approach. It’s also useful because it links with Venmo and Paypal or you can record a “cash” payment between you and someone else.
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8 months ago, Mwith1l
Used to love this app until they limited transactions
I’ve used this app for several years and loved it. Used it both for US currency and when traveling out of the country. BUT in the last week, without any notice, they limited the number of transactions that one can enter per day in the free version. I think it’s 3 (it’s not like I can find the number on their app; had to go on line to see what others had found happening). Sometimes that’s fine, but if I go to several stores in one day, it’s very inconvenient. I’m now looking at different apps for the same purpose, since on a trip, this will make the app pretty useless. Hoping they change back, since I’d think they’ll lose a lot of business if they continue with this.
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9 months ago, Katia1786
Suddenly charging for services that were free
I have been a loyal user of Splitwise for years and used it to manage utilities for the house I share with roommates. It’s always been very easy and convenient, but over the years I have accumulated more of the utility payments due to being here longest. This month, I went to add my four payments in and Splitwise will NOT let me add four list items anymore without upgrading. This is outrageous - I’m already spending a lot of my own money on the cost of living and paying for a significant amount of the utilities out of pocket, and now Splitwise won’t even let me settle up all of my monthly accounts all at once unless I pay an additional fee? This is especially annoying because my roommates may settle up the balances before I have a chance to add the addition expenditures - it creates more chaos overall and renders this app way less useful. One star rating unless this stupid policy is changed swiftly.
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4 months ago, DriftBanana
App has gone downhill
My wife and I have used splitwise to track expenses for probably about 8 years now. A few months back I started getting huge interstitial ads upselling the “pro” paid version (which was annoying, but fine given that it’s otherwise free). Suddenly today I find that basic app functionality has now been buried behind a paywall, and after adding a couple expenses I’ve been told I’ve reached the limit of free entries and have to pay to add more today. I’m all for supporting the developers of this app and would be willing to upgrade if there was a family plan available, however $40/yr per person is a steep ask for the functionality this app offers, and suddenly revoking basic functionality is a really shady way to conduct business. Shame on the developers for continually degrading service in an attempt to squeeze money out of their users.
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8 months ago, Slala88897
Will be transitioning to another app
I have been a long-time user, lover, and supporter of Splitwise for over 5 years. I spread the word to all of my friends and got many people using the app. As of this week, Splitwise added a new feature where you have to wait 10 seconds before uploading any new expense if you have the free version and don’t pay for Splitwise Pro. I understand they are trying to find more ways to monetize and encourage upgrading to Pro, but with this feature, they will lose me as a user. This is one of the most ridiculous and aggressive ways I have seen an app harass its free users into upgrading to a paid version. Although it breaks my heart, I don’t support and agree with this methodology and as of today have started looking for other splitting apps to migrate to. If this feature is removed, I may consider coming back but as the app stands now, I can’t continue using it. Thank you for all the good years.
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4 weeks ago, 1426363628
Glitchy and Not Intuitive
This is a great concept, and inputting charges is easy enough, but it’s not easy to find what charges are assigned to you. And when trying to make a withdrawal, the app successfully to connected to my bank on attempts multiple, and then on the final step of the process I got an error message saying there were no connected funding sources. This was wildly frustrating as I have used plaid to connect to my bank before and I’ve never had an issue. I was not able to make a withdrawal from this app without paying the expedited fee. Any time I tried to connect to my funding sources without paying the fee, I got an error message, but of course, when I tried (using the same funding sources) after selecting to make a withdrawal but to pay the expedited fee, it worked miraculously. I’m sure it was a glitch in the app but it truly felt like a scam.
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5 years ago, 13579frog
Best App 1st time it was so good I’m rating it
My friends and I went on a trip to France. We used the app. it exceeded our expectations. It is very easy to split expenses and adjust for personal increases. It allowed all of us to not worry about evening out bills and instead to take turns paying so that at the end of the trip we were almost all settled app. The app is very flexible in that it allows you to split costs between which ever group members have incurred the cost and it allows you to adjust the splits if necessary. For example, if one person’s share was $20 more than the others the app will account for that. It was also great to chose the currency. Since we where in France we used euros. Really great app even the non tech group members liked it.
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8 months ago, bravelittletoaster
Expense limits make the app unusable
I’ve been a dedicated Splitwise user for years. I only need the basic features in my day to day, but I’ll upgrade to Splitwise Pro from time to time when I need the added firepower (e.g., traveling across multiple countries, when the currency conversion feature is a HUGE help). However, Splitwise recently introduced limits where I can only add 2-3 transactions per day unless I pay for the upgrade to Pro. This makes the app totally impractical to use for its basic function: recording expenses. Rather than pay every month to make it work again, I plan to find one of the many, many other apps that do the same exact thing and download one of those instead. It’s a shame, because before today I would have given Splitwise 5 stars (I’ve been a big advocate and converted several of my friends to using it in the past), but as it is now it’s completely unusable.
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7 months ago, Chrisaug21
Ruined by most annoying and time-wasting pay gate imaginable
Used to be a great app but they ruined it with the most annoying monetization they could think of. They now limit to 3 expenses per day and added a 10-second “waiting period” between adding those 3 expenses. Makes this app completely unusable, like they are actively TRYING to annoy people and waste their time. Nobody adds expenses as they go for things like group trips. Everyone adds expenses in bulk later. This ridiculous update makes that totally impractical. The craziest part is this app’s whole value prop was that it SAVES you time figuring out shared expenses, but they added a pay gate that aggressively WASTES YOUR TIME! So while you’re waiting until tomorrow to add your 4th expense, you can easily find alternative free apps or just use a shared spreadsheet instead. Not worth paying for this, especially to company that treats their users like this.
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2 months ago, Pablo Soberon
This was one of my favorite apps being simple and efficient to use. For users needing more features, they made a paid pro version that provides that. Now, to promote the sale of the pro version, they actively made the app worse for free users. There are now intentional delays if you want register several expenses in a day (they force you to wait 15 seconds while you can't do anything), and a hard cap on expenses per day of you are even willing to put up with the waiting time. This is an example of a team that uses resources and time to make the experience of users *worse* to drive sales, rather than making their pro version worth buying. If one pays for the pro version, what's to stop them from coming up with a higher priced subscription and just make everything else garbage? The design direction of this app, deliberately inconveniencing users to drive sales, is disrespectful.
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5 months ago, Zach2457
New Limitations Have Ruined the App
This was a wonderful app for years, but then the developers decided to push the Pro version of their app to the point where you can only add four transactions a day, which is prohibitively low even for a casual user. Since I have used the app a fair amount, I would consider paying for Pro at a rate of something like $1.99. However, even with Pro features, it’s still a very basic app and is not worth $5. The extra features, such as charts, aren’t much of a value added in my opinion given its core purpose is automatic bill splitting, which is very helpful but just a short term use. There’s no reason to have a trend analysis. I would suggest to the developers to differentiate between individual users who are only interested in the core purpose of bill splitting vs users who might be using it more substantially (likely a small portion of their customers).
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7 months ago, gauresh10
Why take drastic measures when you have great customer base :(
Forcing every user to upgrade to pro subscription to put more than 3 daily expenses has just killed the product. It was my goto app to split expenses with my friends and used the tag feature to see where I spend most in a given month. I know there is a generic response Splitwise team will give, about preventing spam and bots as well as telling us that communicating changes to customers over app is better than unnecessary emails.. Guys you are in the software world, any rate limiting or api behavior change has to be notified to the user otherwise they will be upset and there will be new startups which will capitalize on this aspect and you are at a risk of losing customers. Try to have great value added services at cheaper price. Remember Splitwise is just to put expenses and see the insights on spending, make that as your strong moat.
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4 months ago, Liam742918
Great app, terrible monetization practices!
The Splitwise app is great for everything you’d expect to need it for, but the recent decision to add a daily expense limit is both terrible from a functionality perspective and also was poorly communicated to users. I, and I think many other users, often use Splitwise for trips and other short term expense tracking where there are many different small expenses that need to be split up. This means that I’m often not using the app for months at a time and then need to add 20+ expenses all at once. With the daily expense limit, this is pretty much impossible. No way am I going to go back day after day and add a small chunk of expenses. And paying for pro is kind of silly because I only use the app every so often. Further, rolling out this change with essentially no warning is just rude. Why??
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6 years ago, XxiAnGeL
Needs a tweak
I use this app for tracking bills in a multi family home. It helps me a lot ! but what I would like to see is for example in a group, if it says Mary owes $100, I would like to know what EXACTLY $100 is owed in (such as a utility, cable, etc). It doesn’t show specifics once you put the bill in, just the total amount owed. Also, I would like the option of the user disappearing off the owed bill once they have paid. This would make it SO much easier to keep track of who paid what, instead of me typing in a note every time when a payment submitted as to what bill the payment is applied for. Thanks for reading for my suggestion. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong and these options already exist. - Jennifer
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2 years ago, IceSk8rCA
Great app idea!
Splitwise is a super cool idea and my friends and I used it for my bff’s bachelorette party. I have some feedback. -I was able to pay through PayPal but half the girls didn’t have PayPal so now we’re trying to figure out how they get their money. Don’t offer a payment until someone puts in the email associated to the account that way if they don’t put in the email for PayPal, I can’t pay them through PayPal bc now we need to figure out how she gets the money and it’s literally been taken out of my PayPal already and she still can’t figure out how to receive it. -I didn’t see anywhere that explained what to do so as soon as someone added a dollar amount and split it between us all, I paid it. Needs be more intuitive or have some kind of pop up like wait until all your friends add the amounts before you pay so you’re not having to pay people in multiple transactions. That just wasn’t clear to wait until all transactions were added until you “settle”. Make that more clear somehow. Hope that makes sense? Thank you!! Cool app idea, can’t wait to see it be more intuitive.
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5 years ago, Frogurt P. Wilsonburroughs
Very helpful, a few improvements
Found splitwise very useful for settling a group cost for a wedding trip among 17 people, with numerous couples. It was ok adding costs using the "split by shares" feature for couples, however it would be better to be able to set the share amount on a per-person basis, as all couples were paying jointly. Without that feature it was annoying adding each cost, and when we had to add another party to the group I had to update all of the costs again. Also, at the end two people were owed money (myself and one other), however it was easier for me to act as the "bank" so all owed money would be sent to me and I would pay back the one other person owed. Splitwise has the "simplify group debts" feature, but that still produces a more complicated array of who owes whom. It would be simpler to communicate the final tally if there was an option to set one person as the "bank", especially since most of the people are not signed up (nor want to) to splitwise, and I am communicating the costs to them. Otherwise it was very useful and I'd use it again and recommend it to others!
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6 months ago, DearYourNameHere
Has precious spot on my Home Screen
I love SplitWise! Been using it for several years now, it’s now on my main Home Screen because I use it so often. It’s so much easier than constantly go back and forth for each little payment. Instead, I’m able to keep a running tab with my friends and family. And we will settle up if the balance gets too high or if we want to close it out. The Venmo integration works perfect and I’ve never had issues receiving payment or paying someone. I love that you can split a bill by dollar amount, percentage, or number of shares, it’s really flexible! SplitWise is a must have for group trips!!
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8 months ago, Ozon3_YT
Horrible Software with ZERO Customer Service
My friends stumbled across this app and we were hosting a party and needed to figure expenses. I signed up and accidentally mistyped my email address. No problem right? I’ll have to verify and then I can fix the problem? I work in software. That’s standard practice. Not with Splitwise. My friends started VENMO’ing this wrong email address and have yet to receive their payments back. Change the address right? Can’t do it unless the current (incorrect) email address is confirmed. What??? Since it’s the wrong address can’t confirm. Great. Contact custom service, right? I have emailed them THREE times to fix the problem with no response. Who is QA’ing this app? I don’t understand how these simple verifications are implemented in an app dealing with money and VENMO. My friends will never see that money again. Thanks Splitwise. You are a terrible app.
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6 months ago, TazzaMaZzaGazza
I’ve been using Splitwise for many years and have always appreciated it very much. I loved the graphics, the seamless interface and the convenience. I had never had any issues. Then, just today, out of nowhere, I was using the app when suddenly an ad had to be played before adding any expenses. And then, with no warning, after adding in just four expenses, (and watching several ads for Splitwise pro), it said I couldn’t add any more expenses for the day unless I wanted to purchase the pro version. There was no warning that this might be happening soon. I was in middle of my busy day when this happened. I’m extremely disappointed. And the price of the pro version is ridiculous!! I’m very very upset and will be telling everyone I know (including on social media) to delete the app as it is now a big inconvenience. Very upsetting.
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8 months ago, whyMessWithGoodThings
Corporate greed leads to the end of an era
An avid splitwise user for many years, I was shocked at the recent update for the free version. Users will be limited to posting three transactions a day, and to post a new transaction, you must wait through 10 seconds of an advertisement. This has made splitwise virtually unusable. Splitwise was THE app for my friend group but we are now moving on to other alternatives. Unfortunately, the reasoning provided to Splitwise users (these changes were instituted due to bots/spam) is suspect and laughable. It’s clear they’re pushing users to pay for the pro version. For more information and other users’ experiences, search “splitwise update” on your favorite search engine and go through the various forums. What a shame for such a great app; however, like all good things, they come to an end. This time, however, it’s due to corporate greed.
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6 years ago, holly nog
Every single month you guys split my bills so erratically. Your app constantly makes mistakes.. my inquiry is whether I’m Being blocked from portions of my group account because I feel like either your app is absolutely pointless and flaw or absurdly that it does not do its task properly in any way other than the clean look of it. Every single month there have been comically large mistakes on your part. I need to know whether your app is the most inefficient algorithm or program I have ever used in my entire life OR my roommates are trying to hide real bill prices? If it is the latter than your app is cleverly designed to be fair and is difficult to alter with and so a great tool or (I’m being very sincere and not intentionally malicious) this app is so pointless I would suggest to anyone who is thinking of using it that they would be better of PAYING for a remedial calculator rather than downloading this for FREE.
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