SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

4.7 (172.2K)
268.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tilting Point LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

4.7 out of 5
172.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Fan of Fanfiction.net
NEVER change the new Food Truck game!
After taking a long hiatus from playing, the food truck game being changed has brought me back everyday. Before, it was almost impossible to win the food truck event. At first, I used to get excited when it rolled around to a restaurant I actually had played before, but even the restaurants I was really good at were impossible to win all the rounds in the food truck game unless I used power ups. I stopped even bothering to try with the restaurants I had never played. It was impossible to learn restaurants you had never played before and also win. It's so much better now, I hope you never change it back. It's nice to have a new challenge everyday that you can actually win. It also gives you some diamonds. This is one of the few games I've actually spent real money on, for diamonds, and one of the reasons I stopped playing was asking myself, if I can earn barely any diamonds in game, what's the point? I will still buy diamonds every once in a while, but it's nice to have ways to earn them in-game too. Otherwise it starts to feel like a scam. One way the game can improve is if you allow a way to opt out of the Fry Cook Games for a cycle. Sometimes I want to play casually and don't want to worry about my rank. You literally can't do that as of right now half the time because you only get around a day or so in between games.
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3 years ago, tiny random costmer :3
Just a Sponge Bob loving person
I’ve been playing this game for 30 minutes since I got it and I can’t stop playing one of the things I wish this game had is pets, it would be nice to see Gary or other citizens of Bikini Bottom bring their pets and have their pets order too! I would also like it if the levels lasted longer, I know they go super fast but it would be nice to have the levels go longer. I also want to add that in some of you episode stories in the game (AMAZING IDEA) but I wish the expectations on some of the characters matched their words ex: when Sponge Bob told Patrick “oh no he’s back” Sponge was doing a happy dance while his tone was annoyed. Just tiny little suggestions and thank you for your time! I hope you take my ideas into consideration! Edit: one more thing. IM SO MAD I ACCIDENTALLY MISS CLICKED ON A NO TRASHING LEVEL AND I TRASHED A PANCAKE ON MY LAST COSTOMER!!! I have very much butter fingers but it would be nice if I could drag it to the trash or something like that again you don’t have to do this I’m just really annoyed and this has never happened to me so I’m in shock.
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2 years ago, Elizabeth😀😃😄😊
love the game but pay to win :/
i have been playing this game for almost two years and throughout this time I occasionally stop and come back to being addicted. i love cooking simulator games like this one. it’s a fun game. hardly any bugs at all that ive encountered. i only had an issue which was starting up the game, but later resolved it by re installing the app. it is a bit hard to navigate through the game with all the icons and different things to click on. however, once you become familiarized with all those buttons, it does become much easier. i just find it unfair on how hard it is to obtain diamonds in the game & without these diamonds i can’t upgrade appliances which leads to me not being able to pass certain levels. so yes it is pay to win. either lower the amount of diamonds it takes to upgrade an appliance or remove them in general. many other players also find it very annoying to deal with. it’s a reason why i stop playing sometimes because i get stuck having no diamonds and no way of getting them without buying a bundle of diamonds for like 5 dollars which i will not be paying for. well it’s nice to play when you got some free time. i hope the developers or whoever is in charge maybe make getting diamonds easier :) anyways if you’re looking to download this game, you should. i personally think it’s better than cooking fever and maybe right below in rank of cooking dash.
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3 years ago, Xthehedgehog16
Love the game, hate the unusual bugs…
I contacted support about this already, and they told me they’d give me support and such to get a head start upon starting a whole new game. The reason for that is somewhere along the way in playing the game, as I reached Sandy’s Treedome, I somehow gained access to goo lagoon’s first first restaurant as the Fry Cook Games event was taking place there, long before I completed Sandy’s treedome, and from there on, the storyline and its cutscenes weren't working right, up until I reached Ham-A-Lot…where the cutscenes at both there and the juice bar were working for awhile until I played the early levels of Salty Spittoon..now, I can no longer progress the story it seems as it thinks I’ve completed Ham-A-Lot..but won’t realize I’m at the Salty Spittoon.. Granted, I love the game and it’s mechanics, the micro transactions and use of both gems and coins to buy stuff is a bit tough to swallow in dealing with…but I love its use of prioritizing time and task management, keeps you on your toes, I just wish the developers could fix these types of bugs so that the game could be much more enjoyable, hence the four stars, but tiltingpoint, I don’t know what has to be done, but please, find a way to fix this glitch, I’m seriously not sure if I want to start this process all over again, and potentially risk another glitched out storyline. Thank you, and please consider trying to reboot the servers of the game or something.
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3 years ago, Jorgedado23
Great game but one major flaw
Ive been playing this game for a bit so far and i love the game a lot! In my opinion its harder than cooking fever (especially the timed levels god those are chaotic) anyway, i love the game a lot, however i have a big problem with it. The double tap to trash something mechanic is very annoying and has made me lose many great games simply from that one simple mistake of double tapping. This is cause when you are a competitive player you’re moving your fingers at lightning speed and sometimes accidentally double tap which is a nightmare for the “no trashing food” challenge levels. Please either remove this mechanic or at least add an option in the settings to turn it off and make it so i manually have to drag it to the trashcan. EDIT: i just thought of a genius idea! You should remove the double tap to trash item mechanic and replace it with a “hold to trash” mechanic. And you should make it so burnt items get trashed by simply just tapping them cause cmon what’re you gonna do with a burnt item aside from trashing it. Please add this cause the double tap mechanic has made me lose so many good rounds on the no trashing food challenges EDIT 2: if you are gonna add my idea for the “hold to trash” mechanic, you should make it so we can adjust the time needed in the settings to trash the item. 3 seconds being max and .5 seconds max for least time and 1.5 seconds default
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6 months ago, Cabbage91
Fun but disappointing
As an adult who grew up watching SpongeBob from the start and with two kids of my own who enjoy the show and games, I was excited to play this one. Overall it is very fun and entertaining, leaving me wanting more when it takes time to earn gems and upgrade. But this is the problem. I was disappointed when I realized this game is just like all the other mobile games these days…. Geared towards outrageous micro-sales prices and a false sense that if I purchase I can get ahead in the game. This is untrue because the cost for gems and cash is insanely high to actually get anything of value and even then it won’t get you very far. I understand developers need to make money for a product but this is a bit ridiculous! I miss the days when you could actually play free games to the end with a fair result. Even purchase a game for a one time cost at a fair price. I know developers get money from advertising and many micro sales. How do you sleep at night knowing you’re stealing money from children and young people who don’t have the money-savvy skills that I have acquired to realize any purchases are practically a useless rip-off that will add up to spending way more than buying a fair priced game…. Then again this is corporate culture who’s only goal is money anyways so I can’t say I’m surprised.. just disappointed that I can’t continue this game any longer…
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3 years ago, Misskrissylu
I really want to love this game..
The game itself is very fun but it’s really hard for me to enjoy. I’m actually surprised it has such a high rating due to how glitchy the game is and how they’ve totally neglected to fix this with every upgrade. Every time the game goes to the load screen it crashes. My iPad is up to date, I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling it. I’ve contacted customer service and they gave me a bunch of free gems but the problem continues. One update wiped out all my fame points for sandys BBQ. Not the items I’ve purchased and upgrades just the pearls so it looks unfinished. Also recently I finished the upgrades for both the salty spittoon and the last chance coffee and yet even though all upgrades and decor have been purchased I don’t have enough fame points to open to last chest. And the pancake challenge for the food truck is rigged. You literally don’t provide enough customers for one level. I played through it using every upgrade and each time I was short 1 customer. Also the fact that you have to pay both gems and coins for items is useless and greedy. Pick one or the other and make the upgrades cheaper. I have paid some money in this game for gems, like the piggy bank once in a while, but I won’t be doing that again. It’s just a waste and you obviously don’t care about your players. Do better. Fix this.
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2 years ago, Queeeeen423
Using too many diamonds
This game is awesome, but the reason I gave it 2 stars is because of the usage of the diamonds. Other cooking games I’ve played, you use the cash/coins you make from completing levels to upgrade your cooking equipment, i.e. the stove, the skillets, etc. However, with this game you have to use your cash AND diamonds, which forces you to do your best to earn them, or you have to pay cash to buy them. So you have to spend thousands PLUS 12 diamonds just to upgrade your stove. Please change this. This is the only bad side about this game. You are literally forcing us to spend money just to play this game. Can’t developers just ever make a game that doesn’t require us to spend our money? Can’t we just play just for the fun of of playing? If you won’t change this, at least change the amount of diamonds that we get for completing certain tasks like for instance the fry cook games or the food truck. You only give us 3 diamonds every time we open one of those crates or sometimes, if we’re EXTREMELY lucky, we’ll get 5. Please make it so that we can just buy upgraded equipment with only the cash/coins that we make like all the other games do. If this doesn’t change, I will be forced to uninstall this game. I am not paying money just to play a game. It’s not that serious. I will continue to play the free ones.
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3 years ago, Bubbles0304
Pay to win
At first I was thrilled to have infinite levels and challenges. And then the father along I progressed I realized this game forces you to get gems in whatever way possible. They have levels that literally force you to upgrade certain equipment. You physically cannot progress farther without upgrades. Additionally, when you go to restart or quit a level it throws up a screen that if you click it it spends your hard earned gems. I mean literally right after you try to quit a level it throws up 2-3 screens that want you to confirm the quit or spend gems to get boosters, or extra time, customers etc. I love cooking games and I do well with them, this game really triggered me at how unfair it was. You have to either pay money or watch ads (which are limited) it really creates a game that is stacked against you. I liked this game a lot until I progressed to around Hamalot. It’s forcing these upgrades earlier and earlier the farther you get. I get it it’s Nickelodeon but come on really? If a kid was playing this game there’s no doubt whatsoever they’d click the spend gems button by accident, like I have as an adult, it ruins it. Not to mention the numerous pop ups begging to buy deals etc. not worth it when they throw other pop ups meant to make you accidentally spend gems. This is really disappointing Nickelodeon. I did expect more from you guys. So money hungry smh.
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4 years ago, zey_OLIVETREE
Well Rounded Fun... except
This game has proved to be a great time waster! As in a very fun way to pass time or just play it when you’re bored. I myself played for quite a few hours when I first downloaded the game and had very little issue with the whole game. I was receiving a steady flow of Gems and Coin to upgrade my equipment and food, the amount of Unlimited Lives I was getting was keeping me playing and I loved it, and it was based on Spongebob... who wouldn’t love that?! But the I unlocked the Krusty Krab and that’s where the problems start. The upgrades understandably cost much more coin in the Krusty Krab, but more Gems as well? Without the steady stream of Gems still pouring in from the Tutorial Phase and the fact that I just spent all my Gems maximizing the potential of my pancake stand, I’m making no progress in terms of upgrades. I’ve been able to afford the Gem price of two upgrades and I’ve been tryin to earn them for hours. So I’m begging the Dev’s here, please remove Gem upgrade costs, that makes your game EXTREMELY pay to win and none of us want that. By the time we all the upgrades we’d have put a lot of real money in, and that’s just the slightest bit ridiculous. But all in all, other than that fact, the game is great! Would recommend!
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4 years ago, The usernames are all taken 😩
Great game but....
I think this is a great game first of all. But, like everybody else I have a problem with the fact that you have to have money AND gems for a lot of the upgrades, which doesn’t make any sense at all. I think the problem is is that the game doesn’t start off with you having a decent amount of gems so you’re not left with that much freedom with what you want to do with your upgrades, so you’re pretty much stuck with having to do the pancake levels a bunch of times to get achievements and even then, you only get ONE GEM for doing that. Coupled with that, by the time you get to unlock the Krusty Krab you’re pretty much dirt poor with gems bc you’ve already spent it all on upgrading your pancake stand and that the game doesn’t give you that many gems to begin with, and don’t get me even started with that it doesn’t give you that much options to be able to go get gems. And that’s only my first major problem. The second one is the game mechanic “Triple-tap feature” where if you tap your plate three times, it’ll put your plate of food in the garbage. IMO, that’s a horrible mechanic. I have accidentally pressed on the plates with food three times by accident multiple times and it makes me reset the level bc you’re not allowed to dump your food sometimes
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2 years ago, from the 614 (columbus)
Unplayable but Fun
This game is fun, even for an adult like me. The problem is the every single ad that pops up after every game. I mean ads pop up even if I’m not trying to earn gems or get in-game currency. This is ridiculous and pathetic for a billion dollar corp like Viacom. Maybe don’t include Viacom in the opening credits if you all don’t have their money to actually fund the game? Why would I ever spend $40+ for gems that are absorbed in 3 in-game purchases or less? On top of the fact that in order to purchase the Bart-n-Mart items you need to advance in the game, you have to have gems AND coins. Whoever on the development team thought that people would be gullible enough to spend their money on that is a first-class idiot. I can’t imagine that parents are letting their kids drain money for a phone game app with lackluster incentives. Again, the game is fun, nostalgic, graphically beautiful, but extremely flawed with the pay-wall. I get that developers need to make their money. Please crawl from under the rock you’re living and realize most of your player base cannot afford the pay-wall. I mean what’s the point of earning coins if I have to use gems as well to even buy anything? Get a grip and fix it. Deleting until fixed.
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4 years ago, Aiganrai
It IS a fun game, just some things need tweaked
The game is super fun, I love these diner quick serve type of games, I personally have no problem with the waiting times for upgrades. I usually play the game as much as I can until I have enough money saved up and get stuck, and then just buy all the upgrades I want before bed so when I wake up I have tons of new things. My issue is idk if it’s a bug or what but I’ve completed Ham a Lot and was waiting to open the next restaurant, the juice bar, but it’s still locked? I have almost completely upgraded Ham a Lot, all interiors almost all kitchen upgrades, but I have that little icon on the left where it says 0/1 like I haven’t competed a level or something? Doesn’t make any sense because I’m in the infinite levels of the restaurant, like I’m on level 106 of Ham a Lot, so idk what else to do. I’ve also experienced that glitch where you’ll beat a level and then it takes you back to the game screen and you can’t do anything, no more customers are coming and food is burning but you can’t close anything out, I just have to restart the game. Very weird. I’m more so worried about getting the juice bar, like it’s been days since I’ve finished this restaurant. It’s almost like the progress meter is for the juice bar but I’m in Ham-a-Lot. Will the new restaurant ever open???
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2 years ago, Veryverynoiceer
Fun, but has a few big issues
The game itself is super entertaining! I love Spongebob of course, but its really just a fun cooking game even if you don’t care about the show. But there are some really bad issues that make it unplayable at times. There have been a handful of times where the game has had really bad glitches (one time in a level my ice-cream machine just wouldn’t work, you could tap on it but it wouldn’t actually produce any ice cream) and these result in losing lots of lives, and time, and I even wanted to give up entirely. Another issue is that each upgrade costs both coins and gems. Coins are pretty easy to get (you get a few every time you serve a customer) but gems are not. You get like 2 or 3 each time you rank #1 (takes about 10 or so levels to do this), but you need sometimes up to like 12 gems plus coins for just one equipment upgrade. And you need many upgrades or else you literally can not pass the level. I find myself watches like hours of ads, and waiting days in between playing, just so I can collect enough gems for a single upgrade. It’s taken me like, 4 months to get through one restaurant just because I have to wait so long to earn gems
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3 years ago, Djfiekdicidksoaoaooaoaappaa
Fun and addicting until you get to krusty Karb
It’s so fun and addicting but it’s definitely something you’ll be at stuck on unless you pay for. You do the pancake stand relatively easily with achievements earned often enough that you gain enough gems to upgrade (because you need coins and gems to upgrade) but that stops at the Krusty Krab. The need for coins and gems double and you rarely hit an achievement and even if you do you only earn one gem. They provide the food truck games which, if you win 5 in a row, you earn like 5 gems but this is nearly impossible. You go 0 - 100 in difficulty in three levels. You end up not being able to compete without using boosters and next thing you Know you're out of boosters and earned no new gems. The Krusty krab level similarly ends up at a level where you can’t pass without upgrading and you don’t have the gems. Without boosters you can’t pass the food truck adj you’ve already earned all gems from the pancake level. It’s like they get you hooked just long enough and then make it impossible without spending money. Just make it a paid app then 🙄. Too long didn’t read: it’s fun but you only get through one restaurant before it becomes impossible to move on without spending money on app.
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3 years ago, Minecraft of food
Feels like Pay to play
Ive been playing this game for hours and it was a really great game. But after completing the pancake story line, the Krusty crab story line required me to use thousand of my coins to do a simple upgrade which I didn’t have since I’ve just upgraded my pancake stand. So I had to go back to the pancake story line to get more coins, so after playing a few more games after the story line, I got stuck because it wouldn’t let me pass the level without squidwards perk of cooking a plate. And so far I’ve only unlocked spongebob and Patrick, because that’s what the game gave me. And it wants me to use tickets to try to unlock more characters. So then I used the tickets that were freely given to me by the game, which was only enough for one shot of trying to get squidward. But turns out all it gave me was a crowbar. So once I realized I couldn’t win that game on the pancake story line. I just moved on to the Krusty crab one. But then I get stuck on a level that needs swidward also. So then I tried moving to the limited time events, and those events are a scam, because once you get deeper into the even, it pushes you to use a booster or else you will lose and start from the beginning. So then I used all my boosters and I still lost. So now I can’t move forward and I can’t use boosters. So much for a free to play game.
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1 year ago, Lala7813596
Not just pay to win but pay MORE to win
Let me start by saying I love this game when I can actually play it and progress. Not subscribing to anything makes this game insufferable and you have to watch an ad after EVEY. SINGLE. LEVEL. which a lot are a minute or less. I remember 2 years ago when I played watching an ad after a level was optional to get more coins but boy did they change that. Forget about earning many gems too. I broke and subscribed to the vip cook just to make playing the game manageable but even with that tier it is IMPOSSIBLE to progress as any gem rewards you get is MINISCULE. It would probably take me months to fully upgrade any restaurant at this point. You need to play to earn gems but you need gems to play it’s a viscous and disgusting cycle and I feel if I’n paying for any sort of tier it shouldn’t be this way. The only way to play the actual game is to subscribe to the VIP chef tier which is 9.99 A WEEK. that’s $40 a month for a MOBILE GAME. As if the developer weren’t already greedy enough, when they released the DLC for the switch version, they punished digital purchasers/SUPPORTERS by making the dlc only available for the physical edition. Making us have to buy the game TWICE just to play last chance coffee. How is a mobile game using a multi million dollar IP like SpongeBob so greedy?
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4 years ago, yuuungjoc
Good game, greedy developers
Krusty cook-off is fun and addicting, however, it’s impossible to win without spending a lot of actual money. The further in the levels you go, the more gems it costs to upgrade and successfully complete the levels, which requires you to purchase. The “rewards” the game offers are not enough so you have no choice. I’ve already spent $40 on the game, like I said it’s addicting, but I’ve had to delete the app because I realized there’s no way for me to move forward without spending more, which i feel I’ve already spent a ridiculous amount of for a little boredom buster phone game. A better concept would be to take away the gems and allow people to purchase the game at a set price where we can actually complete the game with coins earned. Maybe even have more sponsored ads to watch and earn more than just one gem a video or even food truck events where you strictly earn gems since it later costs over 200 gems a level. Most levels are also impossible without gem paid boosters, which I’m sure they did that on purpose as well for more money. Love the game but I’m frustrated the developers were so greedy with the concept and I really wish I was able to keep playing.
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4 years ago, rabbit460
I love this game!!!!
So before playing this game i was into a very similar one (obviously not one with spongebob) and i was really sad to let it go. This game is super interactive and I’ve been a spongebob fan my whole life. I really love this game because when you start it’s a wee bit challenging but not difficult and then the next level is more difficult to get all the gems you need in order to succeed but not like you NEED to buy gems, you can always make them up as you go along. I have been at this game for a while since i got it not too long ago. I also love that you dont need wifi in order to play as well as get prizes. There aren’t a lot of adds which i REALLY like and there is like a story going on in the back. Im not really an apps person but this game is really cool. I like it a lot. The only thing i dont like its that you cant go back to levels to try it again and get a better score, like you just keep going you dont pick the levels, but it’s not really something to complain about. And this game doesn’t lagg. Well i feel like i texted waaaay to much so I’ll leave it at this. Great game
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2 years ago, spooooooooooooookkkkky
cannot get past fry cook game screen no matter what. the tripple to trash is so annoying and unnecessary. A feature to instead drag to the trash can would be much better because it seems like a trick to make you lose the tasks that are to not throw any food away. very hard to get gems which makes it impossible to move on seems to push needing to purchase them too much. after unlocking sandys bbq it’s impossible to move on past 1 star items bc the gem price spiked from 10 gems to 89!!! that’s ridiculous and impossible without buying them because by then you’ve already played all the gems out of the pancake stand and the krusty kranks. Go lower on gems and higher on coins, i don’t even get why it’s pushing so hard for gems when there’s also adds not even cooking fever is like that 🙄 Lower the needed gems for upgrades and use more coins or make it easier to get gems. also all the “challenges” are impossible it really pushes to buy boosters all it wants is money. The food truck is an absolute scam bc it gives you 60 seconds but half of that is how long the customers take to get up there and order. EACH LEVEL SHOULD BE PASSABLE WITHOUT HAVING TO USE A BOOSTER, yet another money grubbing feature y’all aren’t Eugene Krabs why did you make it like this.
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2 years ago, daneinferetto
Best Cooking Game On The Market
I’ve played probably every cooking game on the App Store. The ones that are actually fun only allow you to go so far before it’s practically impossible to progress without purchasing “gems” for upgrades. The other half of the games, that don’t require “gems”, are just very boring to play after a while. However, this is the one game I have not been able to put down. It’s highly addictive AND you don’t have to spend any of your money to buy gems for upgrades. You can get achievements (that are actually achievable) that reward gems, watch ads, and complete 5 level bonus restaurants! You do watch a 15-30 second ad after each level which sounds like a lot, but you really don’t notice them after a while and the gameplay far makes up for the ads. Only one complaint and this seems to be a new bug. Sometimes after watching an ad the volume of the game gets muted and the only way to fix it is to completely close out and reopen the app. Other than that I love it!!
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4 years ago, Graphiic Frenzy
Alright Game, pretty buggy
I'm really enjoying this game except I'm experiencing a bug where once you complete a level and the win screen pops up, instead of bringing you back to the in-game menu, it just goes back into the level, and it acts as if I'm still trying to complete it. However, nothing happens, no customers come by and it's just waiting for something to trigger. I'm able to cook and trash food still but I'm unable to press pause and leave the level, making me have to close the app and open back up. (Im on level 60 on the pancake section and it's been happening for the last 3 levels) Also the Gem mechanic seems pretty broken. It's hard to earn more than one Gem at a time without paying money. I'd rather watch ads to get free Gems rather than paying for them. With that in mind, it's difficult to progress through the game without either watching ads or paying for in game transactions. I understand that game devs need an income but again, I'd gladly watch ads for Gems if they're giving me more than 5 at a time, since progressing needs well over that amount. (Honestly pick Coins or Gems to help progress, not both)
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3 years ago, Anhniie
Haven’t been obsessed with a game for a long time
Here I am about to turn 21, yet I’d get on my iPad every day to play this game like a 9-year-old. Graphics are absolutely stunning on top of a plethora of gameplay options vary from restaurants to decorations and character equipments to food choices. I did struggle with obtaining gems for a little bit when I first started out, but after playing for awhile, I’ve found a way to obtain these gems for my upgrades. Make sure to place top 3 for championship tournaments, upgrade your restaurant for shells yet knowing when to stop and save for the next restaurant, complete the submarine and streaks challenges and also know when to stop for streaks if you feel like you can’t complete the whole 15 streaks. You’d have to be dedicated and consistent with checking in and playing the game to its fullest, meaning finishing all challenges, every day in order to get more gems. Overall, I had a great personal experience with this game. Cannot wait for new restaurants in the future!
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3 years ago, iamdooboy
Really pushing you to spend money
This is game is great. It’s fun and I love it. Although it if fun, be cautious. This is is really pushing you to spend money at every corner. To basically play and progress through the story, you need gems to upgrade your station. Gems are extremely hard to go by. You earn them by completing each mission collected by a piggy bank that you HAVE TO PAY TO UNLOCK. You also get them from daily event which are 5 missions with limited lives, which refill over time. The only caveat to this is you HAVE TO BEAT IT ALL IN ONE GO. Meaning if you lose a mission at any point, you have to start all over from the beginning. This is extremely frustrating as the level gets progressively harder too. They’re doing in hope that you get mad enough and buy boosters to help get through these levels even then you still have a chance of losing it all. I’ll be uninstalling this game until they either adjust the earning rates for gems or remove them as requirement for some of the mandatory station upgrades in the story. I understand they need to make money but this is too much. I’ve played countless free to play games that made it seems spending money is OPTIONAL. Not this game
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4 years ago, MamaCatastrophe
I love this game but...
I love these type of games and the fact that it is Spongebob makes it that much better, however they are all the same... you get to a certain point and it seems impossible to proceed and win a particular level without leveling up an item or a boost. At least some of the other similar games allow you to get further into the game. In my case, it is the weenie hut in Goo Lagoon, I’m stuck relatively early on and it’s frustrating. I cannot make any more coins for this area as it’s the first level in the area and I cannot win the level because I need a new shake machine. I feel like it would help if you earned boosters throughout the previous area as you continue to bring it to 100% or have an additional task to do to obtain extra boosters or coins. Even some games just give you a few boosters just for fun. To make it so difficult that you cannot win without a booster that you have to buy is ridiculous. I get that they are trying to make money but there are so many ads, do they not get a kickback from that? Or keep people long enough to maybe want to pay for it? I don’t know. Please do something because I’d love to continue this game.
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3 years ago, DanceToriDance
Mixed feelings
I started off loving this game a lot in the beginning, but now I’m noticing that with every update it’s getting worse on purpose, just so we spend more money on the app. Now, it’s so much harder to earn gems AND the levels are becoming purposefully impossible to beat so you spend more gems. I knew something was up because certain levels are literally designed to be impossible to beat unless you buy the extra 30 seconds or customers boosters. For example, right now I’m stuck on a level that requires me to serve 50 plates but it keeps you stuck at 49 just so you can’t pass the level. It could just be a glitch but I doubt it because this happened before already, with a level giving me 60 seconds to get 22 “thumbs up” but I could not get passed 21 no matter how many times I replayed it (even with the instant cook booster!) So I finally gave in & bought the extra 30 second booster. I might just have to stop playing & delete the app; I’m annoyed because I was obsessed with this game & thought it was really well made. It’s not as fun anymore, I can clearly see how the creators want to get people to spend absurd amounts of money for the boosters to advance in the game.
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3 years ago, caelum-noctis
Cons starting to outweigh the Pros
It’s easy to get hooked in the beginning levels of the game: the gameplay is simple to learn & a lot of fun, upgrades are manageable with the rate at which you acquire gems, the visuals and music are great! And then, the ads pile up… what I find most annoying about the ads is not the sheer amount of them (though that IS a problem), but the way they usually will glitch and crash the game, so I have to force quit the app and restart. The gems have also become an annoying aspect—the amount you earn *does not scale* with the higher levels of gameplay! So the upgrades take forever to achieve, thus slowing your story progression to a near standstill… and makes the player lose interest unless you shell out money for those in-app purchases. Ah, of course. One other minor gripe: there are also too many forms of “currency” in the game: coins, gems, plus cash, and machine tickets?? Do we need four types, especially when cash fulfills no purpose? This game has the foundation to be one of the best and immersive mobile games I’ve experienced in a while. It’s just that most of it is kept behind a paywall.
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3 years ago, 1234363
Why is there something wrong
Hey when I first download the game now it just made me delete it and I can’t play it now and it says that like a family is going wrong and like I was wondering if you could fix it and then I would put like five stars and then I will keep playing I love this game so much I wish I could play it right now but the family is going wrong so I was wondering if you can fix it and I will play so I really like this game but I was wondering if you can make another game that’s so fun I really like your Games so keep up the hard work never give up on your game always think positive give others respect be kind make sure everyone has fun and they will because of you and your games so keep this game everything that you do get it a upgrade so people in the whole entire world will play and they will put five stars never give up everyone has hope in your heart the end I am really keep up the hard work and why is there something wrong with the family!!??
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3 months ago, meowmix015
It’s fun but hard to progress through!
This game is so much fun and a great way to pass time with but wow is it hard to progress through. Yes I understand that the developers need to make money somehow but the way you require gems to purchase kitchen upgrades is bizarre and the amount of gems needed as well. It would be more understandable if you could buy kitchen upgrades with just the coins like you can with decor items and use the gems to speed up the delivery but requiring 4-6 gems an upgrade and increasing the amount each upgrade is outrageous. If you want to progress without spending any money on the game then you are in for a long ride. the only way to require the proper amount of gems is to either watch ads (which only offer 1 per ad), from chests (which only give u 7 max) or buying them. there should be no need to have to spend this much money to progress in a game like this especially one with ads. I feel this is very unbalanced to have it like this so something needs to be changed. either remove gem requirements completely on upgrades or require at least 1 gem per upgrade.
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3 years ago, Olive Rosebud
Super fun!! Then it glitched :(
I love this game. Yes, it’s difficult to get gems to upgrade your items otherwise it’s ridiculously hard to complete levels but if you know how to ration them it’s not so bad. Other than that it’s a great dinner rush game and a fun little waster! However I ran into a bug that has rendered the game unplayable for me. I am currently on the level in Sandy’s BBQ and I believe I was around level 28 or 30 when I progressed the story. The cutscene with Sandy and Spongebob came up but there was no dialogue and I couldn’t skip it or exit the screen. I tried updating the game and exiting out and opening it again but still nothing. It all works fine and runs like normal until the cutscene comes up and it just won’t let me get out of it. What’s worse is I can’t avoid going into the cutscene because when you progress the story it goes into it automatically no matter what. I was having a really great time playing it and now I can’t because of this glitch. PLEASE FIX IT DEVS!! I’m very eager to keep playing but I can’t until this issue is resolved!
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4 years ago, mama anonymous
5 stars if you make it easier to get gems!!
A lot of the levels aren’t able to be passed unless you have the highest upgraded appliances, which all require gems. As you unlock each new restaurant, the appliances get increasingly more expensive, requiring more gems per upgrade. We should be able to watch ads for gems, or give more than 1 gem/achievement. I’ve already purchased all of the dining upgrades and things that increase tips, it’s the gems that I need. You also can only purchase boosters with gems, and each is like 15 gems. Other than the gem issue, I have to say I really love this game. It really is a nice break from life, and being a diehard spongebob fan since I was about 5, I am so glad they finally released a game like this, as I’ve always played games with this style of having to serve a crowd. I really like how each restaurant has a different theme, different kinds of food, and all of the food items are laid out differently in each kitchen and require different sides toppings, so it keeps you on your toes. All in all, I’d recommend this game if we had other ways to get more gems!
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4 years ago, Bethanymk
Are you serious?
I’ve played a toooon of these games and the upgrades are already tough enough with ads and the upgrades. I dealt with the ads on this game for a while, then the annoying cool downs for buying new items, and then I finally got pretty far in the game and you say that I ran out of gems-____- so I guess I was paying with coins and gems at the same time for the entire game... for what reason? I feel like any of these games that make you wait for an upgrade, are kind of stupid because it’s almost like you’re telling your users that we should wait 30 minutes before continuing to play... you’re literally teaching us how to go on with our lives without the app. Just make everything coins only and cosmetics buyable with gems. There no need to use two currencies for one item. We’re already watching ads, you’re getting paid for that already. Why push people away, I would’ve definitely played this a few more weeks and you would’ve at least had the ad revenue. I immediately deleted the app when I realized I needed to pay to continue. So stupid. Make your app cost something to play and then take away some of the gem traps. It’s not necessary... absolutely not necessary.
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3 weeks ago, imissmygirl
FIXED!! Love this game
the reason the glitch is occurring on everyone’s end is because they’re main character is set to someone who IS NOT spongebob. When you load into the game there should be a pop up for the food truck or for gem sales, “ X “ out of the pop ups(don’t just click anywhere on screen you need to X out of it) and then there will be a quick 2-3 seconds where you can click anything and it will work. IF YOU want to fix the game, click ur profile pic on the top left side and change it to SPONGEBOB make sure you fill out the check mark for the box next to his name to make him the main server. After this the game will be playable again. If you did this correctly you’ll know and if you did it wrong, it’ll lock you into the bug so you’ll just have to keep resetting the app until you bypass the pop ups and can get to ur profile. Now we can finally play the game we all love. Thank You
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3 years ago, Deerezz
Fun, but it forces you to spend money.
It's a great fun game in the beginning, but once you get deeper into the game. You have to pay to win. I’ve noticed that in a lot of the levels some of the items are purposely slowed to have to buy upgrades. Otherwise some of the levels are impossible to win without an upgrade or a booster. Also, the time limit is thought out as well and you have to buy boosters and of course Gems, gems gems. This game does whatever it takes to get you to spend money on these micro-transactions to proceed with the game. It’s fine, but you do have to spend quite a good amount to continue. I guess it depends on your budget. You also have to be incredibly aware of the pop-ups that come up when you have gems that cost an incredibly stupid high amount to either get more customers or lives. Read every pop-up carefully otherwise you’ll accidentally spend 20 gems for some dumb crap. If a kid is playing this game then that’s when it’ll be all bad. Then they will accidentally click on these gem-sucking pop-ups. Anyway, fun game, but you do have to spend cash.
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11 months ago, SsKrab
Long time player
I love this game, I’ve had it since the beginning and have been obsessed. I’ve paid for many thing on this game, most recently got the VIP. I would leave 5 stars but recently the game has been bugging, the tournament has been saying “Coming Soon” for the last 2 weeks, it’s never taken this long for it to start so I’m not sure if it’s bugged out but if you could look into it and fix it I’ll definitely change to 5 stars. Only other issue I have is then taking away the Krusty Krab Tickets and now you have to spend a lot of diamonds just to get new clothing for the characters which in very upset because I had saved up to almost 900! Got no compensation for them, they just completely took them off my account and I’m not happy about that at all. I was saving them up to draw on banners that I didn’t have the clothes of and now they want me to pay a ton of diamonds for 1 draw. I hope you take all these criticisms into consideration and make the game more enjoyable like it use to be. Still love it and will continue to play once the issues get fixed
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9 months ago, Bmwsurs
Fun but needs serious improvement
I think this game is fun but it needs some work before I would play again. The main problem is that there are advertisements after every single level. Now that ads are multi layered and take multiple skips and taps to close them it’s too tedious to be worth my time. I’d rather play advertisement free games on Apple Arcade. The option to remove advertisements for payment doesn’t work with this game because you have to watch them to earn gems and other premium content unless you want to pay for them. This game isn’t good enough for me to spend money on it. The other issue with this game is the rate of progress drops significantly after you complete the pancake stand levels. Those levels are very smooth and it’s not difficult to upgrade your kitchen. As soon as you get to the Krusty Krab (the entire point of the game) progress halts and it’s nearly impossible to upgrade your kitchen unless you want to spend money or watch thirty advertisements. This game is very clearly a money grab which aims to trick people into watching advertisements between 30 seconds of mediocre game play. Delete!
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3 years ago, KiwiDiwi
Great game, frustrating crashing
This is actually a really fun game if it works well. The issue I’m having is that, occasionally, when I try to start a level, it crashes! This is incredibly frustrating, particularly when I try to use boosters or am working on a streak: the booster is instantaneously consumed and I’ve completely wasted it, or my streak is broken and I have to start over from the beginning! I really hope the developers fix this so that people don’t keep pointlessly wasting their money on this game; pay-to-wins are bad enough as they are, but paying for resources without being able to use them are infinitely worse. Similarly, as I’ve seen in other reviews, the mechanic of trashing items is not really intuitive: for certain levels where different items are really close together (like the pretzels and cheese in Weenie Hut Jrs), it is VERY easy to click the same thing more than once when you intend to click another item. This isn’t too bad on most levels, but for levels in which you aren’t allowed to trash items, it becomes a really big problem. I really want to enjoy this game, but sometimes I simply have to stop playing after encountering these issues.
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4 years ago, Roro Rose
Fun But Buggy and Money-Hungry
I enjoy playing this game, except it does have a few issues. First, the game is very buggy. Half of the time the game crashes. Yesterday, I pretty much couldn’t play the game at all because every time I opened it up it crashed after about 30 seconds. Also, there’s a bug that keeps popping up where you look at an ad to get the free gem, and the screen just goes black, leading you to have to force quit the game and not get the gem. Another issue I have with the app is that it is very blatantly pay-to-win. You have to get coins AND gems to pay for any upgrades in the game. Coins are very easy to come by, but getting gems is very difficult, especially since in the later levels we need up to 15 gems per upgrade at points. The only way to get enough gems to actually progress in this game is by buying them, and it isn’t a one-time purchase either. I bought the $4.99 pack of 100 gems, and after getting through the Krusty Krab and a third of the way through Sandy’s BBQ, I’m already almost out of gems. This needs to be fixed so players who can’t spend money can enjoy the game as well.
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4 years ago, CreatureCal
A few serious problems
I love this game. It’s more addictive than a Krabby Patty and I like the customization it has. There are a few major problems though. It doesn’t count all the orders you served near the end of a match. Let me explain. Here’s an example. You are near the end of a Timed Challenge. A few seconds on the clock. Let’s say 1-3 seconds left. You have a couple of orders ready to serve. You tap on them and it looks like they have been served because they’re going through the animation. In the end, your dreams are crushed because the serving animation takes up too much time and you earn nothing. This has failed me multiple times. This really prevents players like me from completing the timed challenges. The developers should fix this ASAP by making the serving animation quicker or immediately count the point as soon as you tap on the food for the customer. It’s also really hard to get gems without paying for them. A word of advice. Don’t spend gems in the claw machine. Only wait for the daily claw reward or use Krab dollars earned from events. Second, don’t waste them on power ups. Save them for the restaurants.
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4 years ago, james lastname
Problem with currency, too many ads.
I like this game a lot. It’s genuinely fun to play and is a good way to not be bored. But a big problem is how hard it is to earn gems and how much you need to do anything. You’d expect something minor like an outfit to be available after about 15 minutes of play, but it takes forever to rack up the 30 gems to get just a decent outfit. And it also requires gems in order to upgrade things? Why not just make it the coins? It’s overall really stupid. Another huge problem is the sheer amount of ads. I completely understand. It’s a free mobile game and needs to make money somehow. And the ‘watch an ad to speed this up!’ and ‘watch this ad to add 30% of your coins to the total!’ things are fine. Watch an ad for a boost or something. Who cares? But there are also ads after just about every game. Every few games would be fine, but you complete a game and before you can even start the dialogue you’re getting an ad for some scammy app. Sometimes I’ve even gotten an ad while I’m just sitting on the menu for too long. Please fix the currency and use less ads.
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3 years ago, Nayelin Fernandez
really frustrating!!!
alright listen. this game is so much fun. i’ll give them that. but good god. it gets to a point where you literally cannot play the game if you don’t buy gems. it’s really cruel tbh. it takes longer and longer to win gems because they purposefully make it more difficult but on top of that they make it more expensive to buy upgrades so you’re just spending all this time struggling to win gems so that you can get upgrades in order to pass the levels. i’ve noticed something really messed up that they do. say if you’ve fully upgraded all of your equipment except for one. they will make the customers MILK that one piece of equipment until you lose that level every single time UNLESS you upgrade. for example i fully upgraded my stove and my fryer but not my drink machine. so now i’m at a level where EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER asks for THREE DRINKS. it’s horrible. not only that, but they never ask to confirm gem purchases. if you accidentally click on a pop up that asks you to spend gems, that’s it your gems are gone. there’s no “are you sure?” pop up, nothing. all your hard work is gone. it’s really poorly made and forces you to pay in order to win which is really messed up. please fix this.
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8 months ago, SydkneeSux
Impossible to enjoy without spending money…
I really wanted to love this game. I played a similar style game as a kid and love SpongeBob so this was the perfect combo. Or so I thought… at first it’s pretty easy but as u go it gets so hard to play (without buying boosters and stuff). I got to a point where I was constantly losing levels even when serving EVERY CUSTOMER perfectly. Every time you complete a level, win or fail, you get a forced ad, and every ad launches the App Store and takes multiple attempts to close. This gets really annoying when trying to play for a long time. I would consider removing ads for a one time fee but they want a WEEKLY subscription which is a ridiculous rip off.. I shouldn’t have to spend money to enjoy the game, I should WANT to spend money because I already AM enjoying it. All in all, I’m very disappointed and uninstalled the app. It feels like they intentionally designed it so kids accidentally charge their parents credit cards. I really wish it didn’t have these flaws, I loved the design and gameplay otherwise. But these issues were too frustrating to ignore. Farewell SpongeBob
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2 years ago, Sassytxgirl
Developers keep taking things away
Update 6-18: used to love this game but they keep taking good things away and giving u things u don’t need. Daily login bonuses were great you got different boosters now they have taken that All away and give u money and just cash. Except for 5 gems the 7th day. Totally useless. Used spend money on game but they are getting to greedy with taking things away so won’t be spending my money on the game.. There are a few too many glitches in the game. For the longest I was not progressing in sandys bbq but was done with the kitchen and in another one. The one thing I really dislike and wish they would change is automatically opening a new restaurant.. I should have the choice to open a new restaurant when I am ready. They give u a couple options to win free gems which I appreciate but wish some of the mini games with the different restaurants were virtually impossible to win with out boosters.. that’s where they get as the boosters aren’t cheap. You do get some from daily logins but since they force into open new restaurants you can strategize to try and save up for things
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3 years ago, Nunofyourbisnessk!?!
It’s really fun but...
I rated it a 4 because in the middle of me playing I only made it to the 3rd restaurant, Sandy’s bbq and it froze. I can only play the game if I push play when the tournament thing pops up. I can’t play if I push the X because it brings me to the cut scene with Sandy’s talking and it freezes. Normally when there’s a cut scene you can skip it or push the screen when your done reading each part to get to the Home Screen, but instead I can’t do anything. You also need to get to the Home Screen to upgrade your items plus I am stuck on this one level and I need to upgrade my stuff. Also the last time I played before it froze I bought something and it was supposed to be dropped off soon and I can’t even play the game. This has been happening for at least 2 days now. I tried deleting the game and downloading it back and I already tried closing the app and opening It again. I don’t know what is going on but I really like the game. Game devs can you fix this problem
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3 years ago, Jjp943
Fun but many problems
This game is easy to enjoy in the beginning stages but that will soon be lost once the realization that you need to actually buy things with your own money actually settles in. The cost of an additional 30 seconds costing 12 gems is ridiculous. Whenever I play the food truck events to get more gems they make it impossible to beat. I either have to use boosters or gems when I lose lives which defeats the purpose of playing for gems! I’ve already spent close to $30 just playing this and it’s really not fair at this point. The triple tap function for throwing away food is unfair because you will find your self tapping fast to serve the customers, resulting in you accidentally throwing away your food, potentially losing a game. This has happened to me several times when I was on my last life and my only option is to buy more lives with gems that are too expensive. Lives and additional time should not be so expensive, especially when they are seldomly earned. Either make gems more accessible ofr cheapen the cost of things. This is only an app, not a gaming console and I shouldn’t have to spend so much money just to enjoy. I’m at the verge of deleting because it’s so annoying
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2 weeks ago, sandycheeks610
Frequent game crashes/freezes
Hello I have been playing this game for a long time now over the last few years and I love it!- however recently ( after not playing for a while) the game play has been frustrating and hindered as the app frequently freezes or randomly crashes which often happens in the middle of playing which means loss of life or progress, sometimes even prizes. There also something glitchy going on whenever ads play. When the ads come on they play lagging and weird and almost always the SpongeBob game is still active in the background i.e. the music from the game is still playing and/or the game is still playing (for example when you watch an ad for the crane machine closet rewards it does it while the ad is on so you can’t see it but you can hear it and sometimes you don’t get the reward because the app freezes or crashes at the end of the ad) this has been frustrating. But overall I love the game and the ew food truck mini games. I just hope the devs can fix the recent bus/ issues.
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4 years ago, SMARTPERAON
I love this game but...
The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the wait time just to get 1 life back when you hit 0. It’s get pretty boring when you have already used watched the video and don’t have enough gems to buy a life, and still have around 30 minutes for another life. This wouldn’t be as much of a pain if you cut the wait to at least 5 minutes, or added something else to do in the game during the wait. May I recommend actually getting to build bikini bottom, adding a factory where you have to work to grow, pick, box and ship out. Maybe even putting the aspect of the sims into it, you know getting to create a character and take care of it in bikini bottom, getting pets, really their is many opportunities to make this get a perfect score. But other than that it deserves a 5 star review. Also, if you do have to wait that long at least give us more lives in the process.
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3 years ago, nikkipoison
Game is fun but too many bugs and wack support
I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and the game itself is super fun, but I’m starting to realize it’s really not worth playing. For 1, you pretty much have to spend money after a certain point to play the game because certain levels are impossible to beat unless you have the proper power-ups. So if you want to actually progress, be prepared to spend money on diamonds. Secondly, I’ve been having a lot of issues with my “smiles” not being added after completing a level, and therefore I’m not accurately progressing in the championship. And as someone who is pretty competitive, its super frustrating when I’ve earned 100+ smiles on a level and they don’t count. I reached out to support about this but all they did was give me 3 diamonds and said they couldn’t give me the smiles I earned. Considering how much money I’ve spent on this game, they should definitely be able to compensate me better. And I know it’s just a game, but it’s no fun playing if you’re not being accurately rewarded. Will probably stop playing after I’ve used up my remaining diamonds.
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4 years ago, Great12356793
First off, this game alone earns a good amount of brownie points. I love spongebob, and I absolutely love fast paced cooking games like this. I’ve been addicted to this game. However, there is a couple major issues. Glitches. Sometimes the game doesn’t leave the level you are in, and you’re left there, and you need to reset the app. That’s not the biggest problem, but the app also has a major issue with currency. Gems are such an important part of upgrading your items and obtaining items for your restaurant, but they seem to be VERY hard to get. An achievement gives you 1, a video gives you 1, and your challenges and events don’t even give you any! I’ve played the pancake stand over 100 levels and nothing. I can’t upgrade anything, I can’t get any gems from anything as I’ve already completed basically all the achievements that I could, or all the leagues. I can’t progress further. Either the gem cost to upgrade things is much lower or even possibly gone, or the gems need to be MUCH easier to earn. Maybe add 1 or 2 per level. That’ll keep us satisfied and much happier.
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1 year ago, flowerbean10❤️🌷🌹🌸
Great game expect its a pay to win game
I really wanted to love this game I really do, SpongeBob has been apart of my childhood for a very long time and I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of him having his own little cooking game. I can tell the team put a lot of work into this but the only issue is it 100% a pay to win game. There’s far too many ads which is usually normal but it gets really annoying. Each time an ad plays the game closes out too, I highly recommend you fix this this buggy mess. Back to the pay to win topic, you cannot even progress through certain levels due to the amount of gems you need and this wouldn’t be an issue if the gems weren’t painfully hard to get, its genuinely infuriating that I have to spend literal hours to get quite a bit of gems by watching several soulless ads, this needs to be fixed cause this game has a lot of potential, it’s sad to see its lack of good updates and its one again infuriating to get gems. Either make an easier way to get gems or lower the prices cause it is bothersome.
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