SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

4.6 (30.5K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apple Arcade
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

4.65 out of 5
30.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Heedptsd
This game is fun
I think you should get this SpongeBob game it is so fun is you’re a fan of the show you’ll have so fun in it you’ll have so much fun in it acts like a SpongeBob episode you should get this app it’s free to download you will have so much fun that I think you should download it so want to just start playing plankton has still in the crabby patty secret formula but he has capturedAll of SpongeBob’s friends you have so much fun unlock thing Sandy Patrick Mr. crabs and Gary there are each bosses there are some prices that you need to beat I recommend you should get thisFun this is so much funYou’ll have so much fun that I think you should download this you’ll have so much fun playing in in in and the not getting the bosses is you’ll have fun to the beginning to the end
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4 years ago, L8rG8r400
Better than I expected! (But there are issues)
I had low expectations for a licensed Spongebob game, but hey, it’s pretty good! The attention to detail in the backgrounds is insanely good, and there are a lot of callbacks and references for fans of the show. The world selection is awesome, and I love exploring places like Glove World and Rock Bottom. A real treat for everyone who has seen these iconic episodes. That said, I encountered frame rate drops on an iPhone XS Max (there really shouldn’t be on such a new device), but thankfully, the Apple TV version ran flawlessly. I also wish the game hadn’t been an auto-runner, so that we could have full control of Spongebob in these levels. I would like to see more traditional platformers that don’t cater to mobile controls with simplified control schemes. We can use PS4 and Xbox controllers now developers, please keep that in mind! Don’t be afraid to require a controller to play, or simply implement a touch-screen dpad for those who don’t own one.
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4 years ago, C-h-e-e-s-e-c-a-k-e
Pretty good!
So when I first saw this I expected this game to be pretty bad, but to my surprise it’s not and pretty decent. The mechanics are pretty nice, the scenery is nice as well, although it feels like a Mario makes level where everything is just thrown in there (platforms, coins, anchors, etc) also they use way too many anchors per level, like each one most likely has 30-50 a level. A lot of the background is re used and pretty bland, but it’s pleasant to look at. The music is very chill, and as far as I can tell re used in some places, even so the music is my favorite thing about this game. The dialogue is kinda bad and very re used example: in the first battle, against plankton, plankton says “you can’t beat me, I went to college!” But he says that so often it’s just annoying and he says “thats just not fair” every time you cause him damage. When you unlock a character, you can use them in a level but they just kind of float around you and mimic what you (spongebob) are/(is) doing, which is pretty boring. Spongebob as a few idle movements, but the rest of the characters only have one which is fair, but I digress. This game is fun, the music is nice, easy to play but its not that entertaining even so, I recommend you get this game, and if you have a young kid, they will love it.
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3 years ago, Speedboy C
Pretty good but…..
I like this game until I got to the second level on jellyfish fields. It made me really angry because everything was killing me and why do you have to put a character that you don’t even have at a level I’m trying to collect every coin and it’s really frustrating when I die. I play on an iPad not even accidentally bite it when I am mad. Can you please make it so the levels have areas where you can go onto the weather available character that you’ve already unlocked the mystery one would you can’t unlock I think until the end of the game. I might have some spelling errors because I use dictate. I have a section for games that need to be approved before I play them if this keeps happening I’m going to put in that section.
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3 years ago, ElbanFangirl
Really entertaining
10/10, I absolutely love this game. Was browsing apple arcade hankering for a decent adventure game— luckily spongebob squarepants is one of my fave shows, either way the game went well-above and beyond what I expected, it provides days of entertainment and it’s brilliant how they have the buddy-system where you can utilize all the main characters from the show. Great levels and challenges, beyond amazing graphics, and super entertaining as you go down memory lane, from Glove World to Rock Bottom. Major plus: voiced by the original one and only cast. If you make an update with some kind of optional payment perk I’m all for it, take my money. Worth it.
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2 years ago, mo0nlightfaeries
Love it
I actually love this game. I do like that it’s not too easy and there’s levels I’ve taken a few minutes to beat. But one thing I don’t get it is why make a level where I need two other characters? There used to be a point where I could meet up with who I need but when you go back into an old level to get more spatulas or maps, I can’t anymore. So I need to sometimes play the same level twice or even three times to get the right character to break open a door. And sometimes when I jump it delays or doesn’t register and I end up dying. :( Overall it’s a really fun game for any SpongeBob fan.
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4 years ago, Bamaboi32
Loved the game till I made it near the in of glove world not sure what happen but now there is a big delay when tapping to jump worked fine till I got to glove world and has gotten even worst in rock bottom to where I don’t even want to play the game anymore when I tap to jump it’s a couple second delay before he will actually jump causing me to fall and die it’s really annoying so I have to tap really fast several times when I want to jump to make sure he jumps in time it’s ether a delay or not registering me tapping and I know it’s not my phone I have no problems with any other game or when texting everything responds fine buts it’s so bad almost unplayable would be a 5 star game if it wasn’t for that jumping is the main part of the game if you can’t jump then the game doesn’t work
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11 months ago, ShawnHite1987
A MUST for any SpongeBob fan!!!
This game is awesome. Let me start by saying that. It is free to play, you can earn achievements to brag to all your friends, and you can get coins to unlock all kinds of different cosmetics for SpongeBob. You also free your buddies along the way and they can join you and even help you get to inaccessible areas. If you like the show, you’ll love this game. SpongeBob can transform into different variations of himself to get you to new places as well. And you can expect all the same humor you know and love. This app is totally free, so do yourself a favor and download it!!!
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4 years ago, TayTay9497
Almost perfect
I loved spongebob as I child so I obviously loved this game as well! It is quite annoying that you can't pick multiple characters on the levels having to go through each level multiple times is very tedious. Also every time I go on the app all the game center achievements pop up and it is very annoying. *spoiler alert* after you collect all of the original spatulas you get to go and collect golden spatulas & these blue coins, but I have heard that nothing happens after that, which is quite disappointing. I would love to have an update on this game & be able to play more. New story plots, maybe had more characters? Pearl & spongebobs grandma would be lovely additions! Or even Larry the lobster!
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2 years ago, Ycats101
Great but crashes a lot
I just got 3 months of free Apple Arcade so naturally I’m making the most of it. This game is one I’ve wanted to try for awhile but couldn’t justify paying for Apple Arcade just for this game. The game and play is amazing. Everything I hoped it would be. There is, however, an annoying glitch that makes the app crash right after I finished a level. It seems to be pretty random, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. But it usually happens at least 1-3 times every time I play the game—it’s not just a one time thing. I was just disappointed because I would hope if someone would potentially pay to play this game, that it wouldn’t crash and make me reopen the app to keep playing it.
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11 months ago, Stevrev59
A pleasantly well crafted surprise mobile game
I wasn’t sure what to expect when downloading but I was so happy to find out that this game is a quality side scrolling platform. This game is so much fun! The level design blends perfectly with the mechanics of the game and it’s so much fun when you get the hang of it and can maneuver fluidly. Plus, the levels have higher replay value because you need to unlock different characters to unlock secret sections. I just wish the standard adventure mode was longer! It’s a really good game and faithful to the franchise. They did a great job with this one.
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2 years ago, Noice and cute
Amazing! (Wish There was Level Editor though)
Many good things I have to say about this game! Very fun, replay-able, and challenging! You're not here for the good things, though; I have to explain the title. I think there should be a level editor! I want to use the transformations more, and even with all of the extra content, there'e still room to improve! Surely Nick and Apple have the budget for moderation. BADLAND(the original one, I heard the Apple Arcade version doesn't) pulled off one well, so why not? We already have online features like the Chummy Challenge races!
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1 year ago, King of all places in America
New update awesome
If you played this game before you should get the new update because you can go to places in tales of the deep it’s really good because instead of collecting spatulas and golden spatulas in one world you can collect chocolate bars and it has it’s own levels so you should get the new update and every day you get a new prize so if you played this game before you should get the new update and if you’re looking to purchase this game you should get it because it’s really worth it
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4 years ago, Daytonason
Spectacular Game, but It Needs A Finish
Spongebob Squarepants: Patty Pursuit is an excellent game with fully voiced cutscenes and a great storyline. However, it only took me 7 hours to collect every spatula, every golden spatula, every coin, and every blue coin. I have also collected all of the maps on the final “Treasure Hunt” world and nothing else happens after that. No cutscenes or any bonus levels occur after this. I love and support this game very much, and I would like to ask you, the developers, to at least add a finishing cutscene or a bonus world (maybe both) after you complete the “Treasure Hunt” world. Maybe even a bonus cutscene after 100% completing both the main game and the New Game+. Thank you for reading this.
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2 years ago, Malone1993!
Fun game
Fun game, easy and keep you entertained. On another note… I do not like how you need a certain character (sometimes more then two characters) to collect all the coins in a level. You never know exactly which character is needed until you play the level (sometimes the character hasn’t even been unlocked also). Which means you will have to play the level all the way through more times then one to collect all of the coins/spatulas. To me, that concept seems like a waste of time because the game isn’t that fun/interesting for someone to want to play the same level 3 times to accomplish what could be done by playing the level one time.
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3 years ago, Jamar Gau
This game is actually pretty good!
I have been trying to avoid this game, I’ve seen this game on tv for months but to me it just looked like some boring endless runner game. Thankfully to my surprise it wasn’t. I played it and wow it was really impressive. There are some aspects I don’t like but overall it’s good. The storyline was nice same thing with the voice actors, I wish there were more characters to unlock, for example Mrs. Puff and Pearl Krabs are both mentioned yet not in the game. The reason I give this 4 stars is because I don’t think the game is done since there is no ending really yet. Once that comes out this game will be on a good note! Great job!
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2 years ago, JTag1014
Great game until it crashes.
Everything works great until I beat Karen. Once I beat it and get to the load screen the game just crashes. It shows in the achievements in the Apple Arcade store that plankton is now available but he is not available in the game. This means I cannot complete any more of the game because plankton is needed to go back to previous levels to get remaining spatulas and coins. I am on an apple iPad Air 3 and have a lot of available space. This needs to be fixed to get a better rating. I just feel it was a waste of time getting to this point in the game to only be shut out of future achievements. What’s the point of the arcade subscription if the games cannot be played to completion. Very disappointed because my daughter loves this game.
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2 years ago, The Late Sleeper
“F.U.N. Sized”
The game is overall really good and I thought it was perfect for both kids and adults. However, the new fun sized mini games are way too difficult in my opinion. As someone who has played many games and beat this whole game otherwise, the mini games were super hard for me. On some of the levels, the time limit was almost impossible to be. I did beat all the levels with at least 2 stars, and 3 on about 4 of them. There’s just no way 3 stars in possible on some of them given the point system. Idk I think the scoring needs to be adjusted to actual playability for sure. Otherwise, 5 stars
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4 years ago, John bob 343235
Fun game with disappointing ending.
As some of the other reviews on here, after you unlock all the first 108 spatulas. You get the chance to unlock 108 more gold ones. After completing the first 108 which took a good amount of time having to replay all of the levels. The gold spatulas were a lot easier to get than the original ones. However after grinding out the 108 gold ones there was no special ending. After the last level nothing happened which was very disappointing. They could have added something like skins or a ending cutscene. Other than that ending it was actually pretty fun.
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7 months ago, Thinkoplex
Controls Make Game Unplayable
No, I do not want to skip to the next checkpoint. I want the game to register my taps! Instead I have to play sections over and over again just because the game ignores my input. Meanwhile this stupid popover blocks the screen if you are moving left (yes, I know I can dismiss it; I’m sick of having to dismiss it). The game was never this bad previously. I had a lot of fun finishing it before and was pleased to discover new levels had been added. Yet I can’t finish levels when the game is ignoring my taps. I am using the most recent iPad Air and the latest version of iOS. Please fix the controls and add an option not to display that stupid popover.
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3 years ago, Jaxandcats
Simple but fun and addicting
This game is perfect for me, someone who likes mobile games that have fun, simple in explanation and task, but challenging levels. The levels are also short but almost all of them having to be replayed multiple time with multiple different characters to access different places. I also love that you don’t have to recollect things you’ve already collected in previous plays making is easier to have to replay so many times. The scenery in each level is also so good and fun to look at, especially when they’ve added a bunch of homage to so many iconic episodes. I’m not the type to care about in debt technicalities. I think this game is really fun and addicting. I’m also on vacation so I’ll be done with it soon, (about 6 days total) but i enjoyed it very much and can move on to another game.
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11 months ago, Gbftyftfttvy
The first ever best game in the world
Vvfrgryftv fry u the first time the government has made any effort to stop the flow from a single state in which it is the most popular and popular country of origin for its people and the country of its citizens and the The only way I could see the difference was to get it from my house= in tub my neighborhood so it wouldn’t hurt ref me if I had to move to another state to live here but I think it’s more of an investment in my yuiiyeeth; tydfugtyftyvuftfxt$4vdftebjhy,mnv#%3+$4tdtrdt44rrr4f4&4rrrrrrr4444r44f4f4f&&54b65v ytdarc
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4 years ago, Cyanide Ghost
Better than most, but needs an end
This game is honestly quite fun, and I don’t usually enjoy platform games on mobile. The level design is creative and each world has its own special features that you need to use to beat the levels. That being said as many other reviews state this game needs a proper ending. Getting to collect all the golden spatulas was a lovely surprise, but there aren’t any new characters you need to use, or any new mechanics, just the same levels with the coins in slightly harder to reach locations. Even a few new side characters or a secret ending for collecting all the spatulas could really improve this game immensely.
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3 years ago, Ryan anthoney lewis
Fun and addicting
This game is amazing and has fun levels. Plus you can find cool secret areas and there’s extra words after story to keep entertained Please make more levels. I beat the last word gathered every spatula and have all gold spatulas. Grandma plankton was pretty tough… I always have a laugh when I use me crabs ability, Where he jumps on a bank door full of money and it cracks open. If you like sponge-bob and I wouldtotally recommend getting this game.
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2 days ago, 🐯 The White Tiger
I’m Ready!… (for some updated controls)
I really enjoy this game… although, the “FUN” levels frustrate me to no end! LOL My only gripe is that you are forced to use the control stick to play and no able to use the D-pad; I really dislike playing 2-D games with the control stick because, frequently, when trying to perform certain actions (i.e. changing directions)—especially, in games such as this one—is not recognized properly. Because of the lack of D-pad functionality, I’ve been playing this game less and less.
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4 years ago, captXjohn
Update Needed?
Attempted to download the game and it downloads but keep getting dialogue box when tapping play or open from main screen that states “your request is taking longer than usual” and never opens. Attempted to remove and download again and still persists. Using iPhone XS MAX. Figured out that it takes an extra bit of time for something to trigger the game as being ready. If you run into this give it a few extra seconds after downloading.
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4 years ago, Cryeverytime
Great fun, but...
I would give this game 5 stars, except for the lack of ending. I collected all coins, all golden spatulas, and all of the map pieces. What is the reward? Nothing. Literally nothing, getting all of the pieces of the maps just prompts a message that says something along the lines of, Spongebob needs some time to put this back together, check back later. It’s been days, and nothing has happened. I just think the game isn’t finished. Other than that, great mechanics, pleasant graphics, and overall very enjoyable. Just wish it was finished!
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4 years ago, your mom is hot and sexy
5 stars
I love this game. This game is good for other kids like 4 and up the missions are so easy it’s got everything you would like I like it how it has a shooting thing well not shooting it just u jump on the enemies head I just started this game and I love it already. The only thing I want is a update like the game is incredibly amazing. I wish the missions were harder the update should have like once you get up higher you have harder missions to complete.
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3 years ago, YTChou
Wish to support d-pad and be able to stop automatically running!
I love this game! The game design is pretty and easy to get started. However, I wish this game can support d-pad as well since for me using d-pad provides better experience than joystick in this type of game (I use Steelseries Nimbus+ controller). Besides, it would be even better if i can stop automatically running and control running by myself. Overall, it is a good game after a long day work. I recommend it!
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4 years ago, PixieGirl7212
Loved it just wish there was more
I love this game. It’s honestly the only reason why I got Apple Arcade, and as soon as it updates I played the new update and found the map, but now I’m stuck waiting on a update again, I think if they updated it as a whole where now I could find the treasure or added more afterwards it’d be nice because now I have to wait for the update. Which can be frustrating
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3 years ago, Lol Jimmy White Bruh!
It’s A Great Game. There Was A Few Bugs When I First Played Update 4. But Not Anymore!
Again I Love Spongebob But There Was Bugs But I Restart My Nannies Phone And The Game Works! And No Save Data Was Lost! And THE NEW WORLD LOOKS SO AWESOME! I’m Glad Update 4 Got My Interest But Just Incase This Doesn’t Happen Again Or Other People. Pls Make A VERY Minor Update. It’s Great And Yea Make A Review In Case You Encounter One Of My Head-Scratching Bugs. (Well This Is My Only One) So The Game Is Great And If You Hate It, gET A hoBy! :)
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2 years ago, MariFri1582
Tap to jump not working so frustrating!!!!
Potential to such a good game but super frustrating as the tap to jump has so many glitches and doesn’t work and makes me die like 80% of the time, that is basically the main reason for my deaths. Others complain of the same and they’ve done nothing about it. This game shouldn’t be in the Apple Arcade with so many glitches. Right now having such a hard time killing grandma plankton with the boat because of this. I can beat her but I’ve died probably over 50 times because I tap to jump and nothing and it’s crucial for this level. So frustrating and annoying Im so done.
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6 months ago, Caterpillar bug
Loved it except…
The game is super fun and addicting but I wish there were more main levels. You can do them again getting all the gold spatulas but then your are done. The mini games are basically Impossible to beat with the timer and I have played everything I could play and beat it all. I wish there were more worlds! Also when is the new update so I can play the movie levels? Already beat them all.
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1 year ago, ehagyshdidvduhdhf
Good game
If you love SpongeBob this is a good game for you because you can explore places such as rock bottom and glove world, although there are some things that would make the game more efficient such as having full control over SpongeBob and not having it be that he is always running, anyways i feel like it’s a good game for fans who have seen the iconic episodes, so yea.
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2 years ago, cattlovrr
Major Unaddressed Flaws
After replaying many levels multiple times and with all the different characters, I realize the game is impossible to make progress in after a certain point. Coins, spatulas and short pants shown as not yet discovered simply aren’t there. I feel these are bugs that occurred in updates to the game since older online videos show these objects as discoverable. The developers seem to respond to similar complaints with a stock answer requesting we contact them. There is no need to do so. What’s needed is for the bugs that halt progress deeply into the game to be acknowledged and fixed.
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4 years ago, fishingirl89
Good game but...
I love this game however there are things that I think could be improved. 1. Give SpongeBob lives so that if you make a mistake then you get another life and then spawn where you last were which would be helpful when battling the bosses so that way you don’t have to go through the beginning all over again . 2. Add more levels to the different worlds I pretty much love this game but some of the levels are impossible to beat please fix!
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4 years ago, SS POTATO
The game’s story and plot is excellent and the controls are ok, but it has many glitches and bugs. The second level glitches once you become the spring sponge bob. It causes you to tap once and you jump, but after that you can’t jump, dive, or attack. I know this game was just released and that all newly released games have many glitches, so I gave it three stars because the game is great, but it has many glitches and bugs, so once the game is fixed I can write a more accurate review with a better opinion about this game.
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2 years ago, Arihadne R.
Super fun game
I had my doubts on installing this game but after playing the first level you get addicted to it . Once you pass certain levels in the end it gives you all the characters you need, which makes you go back and get every coin to get every spatula. I got so addicted to this game that I’m waiting for more levels to come out soon
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4 years ago, LanceTX86
It was decent...
So, just downloaded this out of pure boredom and actually got sucked in. It is a fun game; however, it does not take long to complete the entire game (both regular and gold spatulas). After finding all of the gold spatulas, the game is done. No real resolution, you can just replay again if you’d like. With that said, I know this is a new game, so I look forward to seeing if it is expanded upon and more levels and characters are added. Was a good game experience overall for what it is, and recommend checking it out.
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3 years ago, namename9
Some glitches
Game is awesome, fun levels and graphics. But the tap button often doesn’t work and I have to exit out, also when first starting a level it doesn’t show you who you need to play with until after you finish. It’s a little weird that you need people in certain levels even though you haven’t found them yet. Fun though when the tap button works.
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5 months ago, roxyhasme
Great game but…..
I have been playing this game for quite a while. I enjoy the new levels that have been made available. However, there seems to be a glitch in the game during the Tales of the Deep….for some reason the third part in The secret Life of Gary, will not load on my phone. I have an Iphone 14 with a large memory, so there should be no issues. The daily Chummy Challenge still loads just fine. Would be wonderful if this could be addressed. Thanks so much!!!
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2 years ago, mac a Rylee and cheese
Some BAD but some things are GREAT
So I always play this game but I am stuck on the chum bucket I am on the one with the anchor and the electric things I keep getting stuck on it!!!!!!! Can you please make it more easy?!?! It’s the best game I ever played I love sponge bob square pants so I love playing this game! But I hate when it gets to hard! Can you add a setting that makes it easier to play?
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1 year ago, Little mini mouse
In the new update it’s a glitch
So there’s something I like with no abilities and stuff that it says but when I press OK it doesn’t work yeah because it’s like a little message but when I press OK it doesn’t work I keep pressing I tried restarting my iPad doesn’t work I try to close in the app can you do something about this thank you
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4 years ago, paradox413
This game has potential
This game is very enjoyable. There are a few issues however. The controls could be better. I think it would be easier to play if they were buttons to press rather than swiping. I also wish that you could change party members in the middle of levels. It is very annoying to have to play a level several times to collect everything.
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4 years ago, DjPhantom2158
One of the Masterpiece
This game is so good, the graphics is amazing and all the throwbacks like Glove World is amazing. The music is very good, the best is Jellyfish fields. To be fair, I thought this game would be mediocre but boy was I wrong, I can play this game for hours and with the amazing graphics. However there is a glitch where the app my achievements I completed pop up every time I restart the game. But still it’s such an amazing game
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3 years ago, cam leigh gamer
I love spongebob, he’s funny and kind
Anyways so I was playing this game for a long time I play it every single time, and I completed the story, but I had a problem the treasure persuit, it was hard 😭. But I’m still happy that I got plankton, I select him as my pal. Always be kind and we all make mistakes and we are all creative, anyways bye have a good day. 😎
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2 years ago, Mackenzie 2011
Well-made game
I actually thought the game was going to be very very boring but then as I kept playing it started getting better but one thing is that every single time you get off one of the ropes and you have to go onto one of the anchors it doesn’t keep you on the rope and 84 I just don’t like that part that’s the only thing I don’t like about the game otherwise it’s really good.
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3 years ago, Rik Absher
Daily mission Glitch
Today I was given two of my available 3 missions as defeat boosted bad guys. However when I do that I’m not credited. Daily missions being the only way to gain coins after completing the game. This is a serious drawback. The glitch needs to be fixed. Daily missions are all we have to look forward to.
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4 years ago, Pippa7438
A ton of fun, but short
This was a great game! I really enjoyed playing it and had a blast climb in through the different levels and defeating the different villains!The only thing is that it is very very short! I focus on the game for one whole day on the day I got it and finished it! I wish this game would have like multiple levels so I could keep going after I played. Overall it was a fun game though I suggest downloading it!!
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3 months ago, MayraAlejandraRamirez
Overall the daily challenges are my favorite. I’m caught up on prices and the new storylines but my recent issue is when in the daily challenges I can’t get Mermaidmans super powers to work. So if there’s a cloud, the jelly fish won’t help make a path. SpongeBob literally falls through and I can’t complete the level. At first it was okay, but now as he appears more and more…. I can’t do anything with him therefore I can’t complete!
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