Spoons Card Game

1.9 (9)
42.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gary Smith
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Spoons Card Game

1.89 out of 5
9 Ratings
6 years ago, look 👀
Needs Changed
The computer is able to see your cards, so when you get four of a kind, the computer grabs a spoon before you can.
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2 years ago, kyliemarmes
Can’t win
You have to pay money for this game and you can never win. The computer always takes a spoon before you can even take one because they can read your cards
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6 years ago, Cross_Is_The_Boss
When I have “spoons” or 4 of a kind, computer is able to see that. They also don’t have to reveal there 4 cards. Lastly, I purposely passed cards around just so I could pick the object and computer still got it before me!!
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6 years ago, rememberingmeadow
Every time you get 4, the computer takes a spoon before you do. Please fix this is my favorite card game😭
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6 years ago, chnwnficn
Don’t get this game
It is a waste of money and I had a four of a kind and before I could even grab a spoon they were all gone.
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10 years ago, Cook11132004
Game cheats!!!
Love this game and would be 5 star BUT...every...single...time you get 4 of a kind the others grab a spoon before you do making it impossible for you to win even though you got 4 of a kind first.. What a rip off. Please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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8 years ago, Pug2971
Fun, some things could be better
I wish that whoever won the hand (who got the 4 of a kind) shows their cards at the end. Because I have played for a while, and multiple times I hit the button for a new card, and I get the 4th card at the exact same time another player gets the spoon. I am 100% sure that I am the one that got the 4 of a kind (As I have pretty much never get the first spoon unless I have one thumb rapidly clicking the spoon, while the other is sorting the cards. This is the only way to really win btw), but still I lost because he got the spoon before me. A rule to implement needs to be you cannot pick up a spoon unless the person who got the four of a kind grabs the spoon.
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8 years ago, Syrup678
Fun, but can the CPU's see my cards?
I love this game, but I am finding that every time I get a four of a kind, a CPU grabs a spoon before I can. I thought that this was just chance in the beginning, but I have been playing for nearly two weeks now and it happens every time without fail. It makes me wonder if the CPU's somehow know when I get four of a kind, and it ruins the game for me. Can this please be fixed?
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11 years ago, PaulaJordynMorgyn
Great game but...
It's a great game but sometimes when playing the game does not pass you your cards or it prevents you from passing one off. Over all though it is a great game and is as fun as the actual game. Although I would really like to see those two problems revised so that the game is even more enjoyable. So thanks!
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11 years ago, VTM97
Bad Version of Spoons
Every time you get 4 of a kind the computer "magically" does too and goes for the spoons just before you get a chance to. If this was fixed and everything was fair this would easily be 5 stars
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10 years ago, Vignaux
Listen to what people say
Whenever you get 4 of a kind, one of the computers picks up a spoon every single time making it impossible to win. It is quite aggravating.
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11 years ago, Peri not
It is not the best
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11 years ago, Coolzie1239
I love it! So fun and addicting!
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11 years ago, Mrsbaker0927
Love it!!!
The game is AMAZING!!!
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