Spot Pet Insurance

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Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group
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2 months ago
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16.2 or later
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User Reviews for Spot Pet Insurance

4.66 out of 5
41 Ratings
1 month ago, ChristineGJO
Spot was there in our time of need
Spot Pet Insurance has helped my family through the great difficulty of losing a young pet. Our beloved kitten, Hamilton, was diagnosed at 6 months old with a rare autoimmune disorder. Spot helped to cover the expensive costs of diagnosis, medications, and off and on hospitalization and vet visits over the next two months. We lost our sweet boy at 8 months old, a nightmare no pet parent should ever have to face. Spot was compassionate and gracious through the whole process. The app made it easy to submit claims, and Spot helped alleviate the financial burden so that we could focus on giving our best to Hamilton. After his passing, Spot reached out to us to offer their condolences. It has been so greatly appreciated during this horrible time. With that said, I highly recommend Spot Pet Insurance. They care about animals and their guardians. I have recommended them to many of my friends and fellow pet parents, and will continue to do so.
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3 months ago, Stella Baltodano-Cabada
Extremely happy
Spot Pet Insurance is hands down the best pet insurance there is and I mean that whole heartedly!! It has saved us from going into so much debt with all the pet visits we’ve had to take with our special girl Stella. They are so quick in remembering you and cover so many illnesses and injuries your pet can potentially have. If you are considering them please just go for it and insurance your fur babies through them. I promise you won’t regret it.
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2 months ago, cuttercc
Spot on!
It took me years to sign up for pet insurance because I never thought I would find a company that I thought was fair and easy to work with. Spot is the epitome of fair and easy. The app is intuitive and very easy, the refunds come to my account well within their expected timeline and the customer service is responsive if you need them. If you’re looking for pet insurance, I’m happy to say that you need not look further!
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4 months ago, cford1984
The Tom Brady of Pet Insurance
Spot Pet has saved me hours of hassle and maintenance with my little fluffy dog Brady. Born with a chronic disease, I would do anything for him and Spot Pet has taken the problems I used to have to deal with. Now our weekly trips to the vet are joyful and is no longer painful for the both of us. Although I have a pet dog, and not a goat, I have seen Brady and myself being treated like we are the greatest of all time. Can not thank this app enough.
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4 months ago, sikibrah
Extremely impressed by the developers that created this app. The costumer service response times are off the chart. I struggled for a while finding pet insurances that could really be trusted. Now I can finally say my dog is in great hands. They make it super easy to submit my vet bills. I’ve never been so impressed with an app before. Thank you so much Spot Pet Insurance for keeping me in good hands.
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4 months ago, Devyn Kettner
Super easy to use!!
I have been a Spot policyholder for over a year now and the mobile app makes it super easy for me to use my plan! I can submit claims when I am checking out at the vet and even monitor the status once it’s processed. My dog wasn’t acting like herself one night and I was even able to call a vet expert through my app! It’s a must-download for anyone with a Spot plan!!
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4 months ago, mstar0622
Smooth handling
I’ve submitted several claims for Millie and receive quick reimbursement. Seriously, over $12k in reimbursement! I like checking the status updates and being able to review my full claims history. Vet locator tool is convenient too. Tip: I noticed that if I add pets through the app I can get a multi pet discount. Pretty cool for when we get another next pup!
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3 months ago, Daisy May’s mom
Best ever
Our service dog has had ongoing allergies and ear infections. Without this insurance she would not have gotten all the care she required to care for us. We pay the premiums by auto deducted and from when we submit a claim we normally have the money directly deposited into our account within a week.
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4 months ago, cocox999
You need Spot in your life!
I was hesitant to sign up for pet insurance but just a few weeks after I did my puppy fell off of our bed and injured his paw. The vet bill was hefty but Spot reimbursed me for almost the WHOLE bill. I submitted everything through the app and the turnaround was just a couple of days. Amazing.
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4 months ago, PastoVerde14
Sensational Company
I have an extensive plan with Spot. They are quick with customer service and paying claims. I never have to worry about the health of my cat and it was a piece of cake to sign up. Extremely affordable compared to other competitors when I compared them, too.
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4 months ago, Bianca542
Love this app!
I was skeptical about pet insurance in general but I’ve had it for over a year now and this app makes viewing my details so easy. It’s super easy to use and flipping through the tabs are quick. I have all I need at my fingertips. No complaints here .
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4 months ago, Contributor 3232
Great savings and user friendly
I have been using Spot Health Insurance for around a year and it has been extremely user friendly. The prices are so affordable and I will be sticking with them for a long time.
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4 months ago, Ohdeezzy
Yesterday, I was able to log in fine and check my account. Today if there’s an update, my password was suddenly wrong. I tried to reset it. Went to the website and able to login. I tried to login in the app, using the email and new password. It still won’t accept it and keep giving me wrong password issue
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4 months ago, Colehfar
Very effective
The app is super user friendly being easy to navigate and comprehend. Any claim that I’ve had has been handled fast and justly. Overall I could not ask for better service.
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4 months ago, cwkholland
Great Pet Insurance App!
Spot Pet Insurance is a great company with a great app. All the claims I submitted through the app were approved and paid back in less than a week. Super easy!
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4 months ago, Bearsfan31
Best Pet Insurance
This app is so easy to use. I’ve filed dozens of claims and Spot is always so quick to get me reimbursed quickly! It’s saved me thousands of dollars.
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4 months ago, Smumustang24
App review
This app is a top notch, first of its class app for your pets. If you care about the health and safety of your pets, then this is the app for you to use.
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4 months ago, Samantha Andr
Great customer service
Have been super helpful and responsive to any help I need
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4 months ago, JuanS0504
The claims process was sooooo easy. I’ve always been a fan of how this company makes things simple to use. Love Spot and this app!
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4 months ago, Fire app323
Fire app
Great app and helps a ton with my day to day use highly recommend
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4 months ago, lindawin438
Great app
Super easy to use for submitting claims and good to have all my pets info in one place
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4 months ago, William Sauce
Most Helpful
This app help me lots. I submit money for cat Shaun and got all back with easy. Thank you
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4 months ago, kkf224
love the ability to submit claims quickly through my phone. i have direct deposit set up and received my money within 4 days
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3 months ago, Ptwtlw
Great service
I had fast claim , and great service .
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4 months ago, Shellylundwert
Love this company
Very good customer service. App makes claims simple
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4 months ago, Milopilocrylo
Spot is Spot On
Submitting a claim was quick and easy
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4 months ago, MikeyScene420
Can’t login in
The iOS app, mobile Safari, and desktop Safari, all tell me that my password is incorrect. The only way I can login is with desktop Chrome.
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4 months ago, Dorbes 12211
Best Vet Service App Ever
This app is the best. Rufus wouldn’t be here without it. Thank you spot!!
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2 years ago, SemperFi1/5
Pays for its self!
I’ve had Spot about two years now, and I love it! I have written a few mildly angry emails, I was wrong both times. They even raised my premium $10 a month, and I totally understand. Yes, sometimes the pay out takes a few weeks, but most of the time it’s quick. Honestly it took time while I was on a road trip, going to strange Vets, in strange States. Leroy is my service dog, so I go to the Vet pretty much every time he gets sick, they even put up with that.
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1 month ago, panic seitch
Login Issues
Was not allowed to login, even after resetting the password.
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8 months ago, Tumblr baby
Unable to submit claim
I recently got pet insurance for my cats and just today took them to the vet. First off, the app or on a computer won’t even let me submit a claim. I get as far as the “pet owner declaration and notice” and check the box but it still won’t let me submit. I’ve tried for about 45 minutes and sometimes it lets me hit submit but then just spins and spins. I have no choice but to save my claim and try again. I’ve even tried starting another claim. I have 2 cats that I need to submit a claim for and it’s not working for either. I’m paying over $50/ month and can’t even submit a claim. I’ll try again later and hopefully can update my review regarding this but it’s ridiculous. If this can’t be figured out I’ll be forced to cancel and find another pet insurance company who hopefully has better technology for this sort of thing. Should have read the reviews before getting insurance.
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7 months ago, AlysseInWonderland
Good premise but needs work
Positives: - I really like that I am able to submit claims from an app. This allows me to easily access my photos and medical records right from the storage on my phone. Negatives: - Whenever I change screens on my phone to gather vital information from medical records, medication, etc., the app reloads my claim. I have to restart what I was working on. This wouldn’t be such an issue if the “Save for Later” function worked on the app. Whenever I save a claim to come back and work on it later, it does not allow me to edit or view what I have already written. The “details” box appears as a blank screen. If I need to change something or add more information, I have to start the claim over again. The app will also save old versions of a claim instead of the newest version, so all of the information will be outdated and it will start me from a random point in the claim, not allowing me to change or add any information. This app is an excellent idea, and I have hope that once some of these bugs are worked out, it will be a much smoother experience for everyone.
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8 months ago, lameekiddo
Lot of bugs that haven’t been fixed.
I read the reviews AFTER I downloaded the app and I can say. They are all still valid. The app will not let you upload a picture of your pet (their profile picture) instead it will show a blank photo. I have not tried the claim part yet so I can’t testify against that. But, when I tried to connect my preferred vet to the account, it would simply not work. It would never pop up and leave me on the search screen. So a lot of things wrong with this app. Seems like nobody cares to fix it since it seems to be an issue that has been ongoing for months if not years. Spot, do better. Also, it would be nice if you had a text/chat for support rather than only having the phone call service support.
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2 years ago, Chels Sieben
Terrible App
Read great reviews on the actual service and one of the reasons I went with this insurance was due to seeing they have an app — should be convenient! BUT, like a majority of other reviews here, I can also confirm that the app is terrible. Can’t speak for any interface or in app usage, as I have yet to be able to get past entering my log in information before being met with an “error, try again later”. Going on a couple weeks now of periodically checking to see if I can log in, still nothing. Sometimes bugs happen, but it seems either the app just doesn’t have any developers or they no longer are working on it. Will update my review if any changes happen!
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1 year ago, Livvy SM
Loving Spot!
This app has been incredibly useful for filing claims. They make it so easy and customer service is always available to help when needed. Love being able to track all this information and have it in one spot (pun intended). The Spot coverage in general has been amazing. Switched to Spot a couple of months ago and much happier with this plan. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the Spot team is so nice! Highly recommend this insurance!!
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6 months ago, katherinececline
not about the app
tbh i just use the browser to submit my spot stuff rather than the app but if you’re looking for pet insurance THIS IS THE ONE. i’m so incredibly thankful to this pet insurance and i’m so thankful i didn’t get stuck with a bad insurance (because i’ve read a lot of stories). thank you spot for being one of the good ones. i’m so grateful
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3 years ago, Kickshaws
Great Service, TERRIBLE App
The company and services they offer are great — no complaints there. Sometimes claims take a long time to process, especially the higher the dollar amount, but that’s insurance for ya. But their app is horrible. The interface feels incomplete, such as when submitting a claim, there are black “boxes” where regular white space would be. Claims take forever to go through once you hit Submit on the last step and the app often times out at that point and says an error occurred, so you have to go through the whole process over again. JUST USE THEIR MOBILE WEBSITE — it works much more smoothly, especially when submitting claims.
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5 months ago, iGive0fcks
Works perfectly
The app is user friendly, I was able to submit 3 claims in under 10 minutes. I did not experience any trouble with toggling back and forth to upload information.
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1 year ago, J3mari
New version doesn't work well
This new version keeps crashing and having errors. Also, when uploading files from taking a photo, it doesn't allow you to take a second one because it doesn't assign a different filename and there's no choice to rename the files. Then when uploading from photo gallery, it seems to be causing errors probably due to the long filename that's automatically created. I had no problems like this on the last version even if the visuals weren't as good.
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1 year ago, Attucus24
Unbelievably glitchy app
This is my first time submitting a claim with Spot, and it would be hilarious if not so frustrating. I cannot get beyond attempting to populate a date with “symptom first experienced”. Every time I put in the date, it disappears and is replaced with today’s date. The same is true on the website. How in the world are we supposed to submit claims when the technology will not allow it? I’m already ready to cancel insurance after reading all the bad reviews, and I haven’t submitted one claim.
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4 years ago, HallyBean
Pet insurance worth every penny!
I was with Trupanion but my premium kept going up on my 1 year old BC even though I had never filed a single claim. When I looked into SPOT not only was the coverage 1,000 times better, but I was able to cover all 3 of my dogs for the price I was paying for 1!
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10 months ago, Careful with “free trial”
App not working even with latest update
Even after the latest update I am unable to submit a claim. It just spins and spins no matter how long I leave it. Can you please fix this ASAP? About to cancel my plan.
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1 year ago, R8DRRIX
Still cannot add photos
The app is functional, but today’s update included the ability to upload a photo of your pet. All we get is a ? In the middle of the space where the photo should be. Can’t upload on the desktop version either. Doesn’t matter how small the photo is it will not appear.
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2 years ago, SuperProPhotoEditor
App is Useless
While being one of the highest rated pet insurance providers, it’s amazing how their app is totally useless. Can’t get thru all the screens to submit claims or even submit claims correctly due to features just not working (like setting the date and clinic). Overall UI is garbage, it looks like it was made 5 years ago and just hasn’t been maintained at all since. App design should not still be a problem customers have to deal with in the year 2022
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5 months ago, alex.alex.p
Quick and easy!
Have had Spot for 2 years now and love it! Quick and easy to submit claims on the app and it has been such a money saver for me! Recommend to every dog/cat owner I know
Show more
5 months ago, Townie312
Agree with earlier reviews - now I’m questioning
I just signed our pet up with SPOT Insurance and was comforted by the promise of piece of mind. Upon downloading the app however, it would not even allow me to enter our Vet clinic. The app listed vet clinics 150 miles from where we live. The app is super glitchy and does not give me trust in the integrity of the business. I will call tomorrow to ask for a refund.
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6 months ago, brooklynda
Cannot add vet hospital.
Functional app, but minor things need to be fixed. One of those being you are not able to add your vet hospital in the settings; when you go to search it does not bring anything up and does not allow you to search. Please fix. Thank you
Show more
1 year ago, VALLE-HO
When App Designers give up
I’m shocked they even released this app. Seriously, who approved this? Who saw this incomplete app and the horrible design? It’s like they released it with the intention of no one able to submit a claim. I am honestly second guessing my decision to go with Spot for my pet insurance. You want to have the peace of mind that a pet insurance has a culture of “follow through.” I would pull this down immediately- no one should experience this. Trash.
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1 year ago, NBC3!
Not able to access
Since the new version was installed, I have been unable to access my account through the app. I have changed the password, but continue to get errors that my email address and/or password are incorrect. I can access my account through the website using the same sign in information that indicates a sign in error on the app.
Show more
1 year ago, moombamimi
So frustrating!!!
I have been trying for 45 minutes to submit a new claim, but the app just continues to spin. I have used cellular instead of Wi-Fi, I have quit, and re-launched the app, and I have even deleted and reloaded the app. I have also tried going online using a mobile browser, but I get the same result. It’s time to fix those bugs and issues, or this company is going to suffer a mass exodus.
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