Spotify for Artists

3.2 (1.2K)
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Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spotify for Artists

3.2 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 years ago, amr.77
Easy changes
Love this app and the concept but there’s some big fixes that should be made instantly that could do a lot of good, instead of all these beta features you’re putting time into. All artists want is better time frames for the graphs. The options shouldn’t only be since 2015 or 28 days. That is SUCH a big jump it’s literally moronic. We want to have this graph be customizable or at least have more options. We also want to see how many saves we got along side streams, followers and listeners. Should be a no brainer. Right now the artists can’t see what they need to at all.
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6 years ago, MIXMASTERTRIX
It’s OK it allowed me to write my bio it does that good at least LOL but it doesn’t do much more I mean you can post your playlists so people can see what you’ve been listening to you can post your favorite top song or album or favorite playlist and then you can write your bio. Basically that’s about it. But it does that good LOL you have to install this app if you want to write your bio and your playlists and your top pick (your absolute favorite song or album) there’s no other way to do this so you have to download this app, at least to do that and if you want you can erase it after that.
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12 months ago, Senemusic1
I went from being able to see my numbers in real time to updates every 24hrs and could only see if someone was listening at the moment. New listeners were accurate in one are but delayed in another. I no longer have a “live” view of streams when I open the app. I also released 2 songs within a week and I only see 1 song under “songs”. I can see 2 songs undef the “released” tab but when I try to access my previous release it’s grayed out and an error message pops up saying “this song is not a part of your current catalog”. I’ve reset my phone, as well as removed and reinstalled the app, still having the same issues. Very frustrating.
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5 months ago, fame_100
Version 2.1.18 is awful!
This new version (2.1.18) is awful. Who said it would be a good idea to remove the 24 hour stat filter? Now we can only check stats from as early as 7 days or beyond. And now we can’t see the individual song stats for songs under a total 1k lifetime streams in the all-time filter? Too bad I couldn’t tell you if I could get this information alternatively by clicking on each song to view their stats individually because I get an error every time I try. Cmon dude, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. At the very least please bring break the 24 hour stats filter. It was very helpful in engaging how successful promotion attempts were from the previous day.
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7 months ago, j viub
Hasn’t updated views listeners or anything
Basically what’s going on is after I have updated it to the latest update it has not been updating my listeners my streams do you know the everything that it supposed to do it isn’t doing every time I login or open up the app it continues to say we’re still gathering information and this is almost been about 3-4 days now and I’m just wondering when this can get fixed and I hope you know all the concerns everybody else has end up getting fixed along with mine but yeah, this app seems to be going down and it’s not really helping the artist understand its Fanbase
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4 years ago, n!ck934
I love this so much, you can see how many watches it has gotten and it has stats as well as editing your bio! You get to customize your artist picture and artist pick. But I do wish that every artist would be able to have the chance to post a canvas to it, and don’t get me wrong you can submit access to get a canvas but not sure how long that’ll take😕 but otherwise it is awesome and I am so glad to have this and keep track on how I am doing so download this it’s great!!!
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1 month ago, I'm Not Very Creative...
stupid changes
why are the only options for seeing stream counts 7 days, 28 days, and all time now?? no custom period, no 24 hours, NOTHING. why is every song under 1000 streams just listed as <1k when going by “all time”? such stupid changes man. who does this benefit? just makes the artists waste more time to try and see their stats edit: May 2, 2024 you guys really are trying to get rid of all your smaller artists from both this app and your entire platform aren’t ya? can’t track play counts on any songs under 1k streams, you don’t get revenue for them anymore either (not like you guys pay well, anyways). why do you hate small aspiring artists so much?!
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1 week ago, Necroshade57
Stop working with Musixmatch
They don’t help unless you get their highest packets and it’s not right for us to pay to have our own lyrics on our songs. Apple lets you add lyrics right from the Apple Music for Artists website no problem. I have been waiting for months for Musixmatch to verify both of my accounts and can’t an actual representative to reply. Just a chat bot saying I wouldn’t have this problem if I got the pro package. Also, if you need a distributor and don’t want to deal with Musixmatch use DistroKid.
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2 years ago, Veintitres anos
Pretty good, not perfect
This app is a million times better than Apple Music for Artists, but the analytics could still be much better. You should be able to set the timeframe somewhere in between last 28 days and since 2015, that’s pretty ridiculous. Also I wish we could see more than just listeners and streams, there should be more information about saves and playlist adds. Overall there’s some good analytics but it has a long way to go to be perfect
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1 year ago, BrainWashMeLord
Trouble with changing cover photo
I love this app, it’s wonderful and I appreciate it . The only trouble I’m having is in Podcast settings. When I try to change my cover picture for my podcast, I’m able to upload it , but not apply it. The button at you push at the bottom to apply just freezes. And the picture never makes it to where you can save it. This has just started happening. Other than that , I love it!
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2 years ago, 🐱❤️LoveKittyCat❤️🐱
Can't see upcoming releases anymore
Previously, I was able to see upcoming releases (before they're released) on my page, and I could add canvases to them before they come out. Now, just recently my upcoming album isn't viewable on my page anymore, and I don't know if the canvases I set will still show when it releases. Idk if this is a new update thing or a bug but whatever it is- I want to be able to see upcoming releases and add canvases to them. Otherwise, this app is great and I want to continue to use it.
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5 years ago, Enderdeath12
If It Worked, I’d Rate It 5 Stars
Here’s the deal. LOTS of issues and bugs. You can’t edit your profile images, bio, or pick correctly every time. I have issues with adding pictures to my bio the most. They never show up and it sometimes removes all my pictures. It also doesn’t remember my picks and forgets them and they disappear. When I go to add an image to a pick, a lot of the time the image won’t show up. If these little issues were fixed, I’d rate this 5 stars for sure! :)
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4 years ago, EyeReech
The app keeps crashing everytime I open it. Like it doesn’t even open anymore I’m not sure what’s happening but while it was working it was a good app I like how I’m able to change my profile picture and and my bio and stuff like that even though it takes a little while to change it still does so that’s cool. But right now I can’t seem to get into the app can you please fix this
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1 year ago, upcomingrocket
Pretty good way to mange you’re music
I’m a small artist with under 10 monthly listeners and the service is still pretty good. Uploading you’re canvas are easy. I have experienced no glitches or issues except this one time when the “writers” were made into “featured artists” which I don’t know if that was this app or my music distributor. This is still a good app and I would recommend it to small artists like me.
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7 years ago, Tizeta Guitar
Not very useful
While I’m happy that I can see my stats here, the real thing I’d like to be able to do (and I’m sure many more artists would) is to be actually able to interact with current fans and help get to new ones by way of creating playlists as the artist and not just embed a playlist to your page (when you share it, shows the creator’s personal account and not yours) it would be great to also follow other bands as the artists page and to get notifications when someone follows me. So far I have found little use for the app. Pretty disappointing..
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5 years ago, jameirkgolden
Put listeners back
I hate that you changed were the listeners section is and why can we not view our streams live after 7 days we should be able to still seem them so we can have accurate information and I hate that we can't interact with fans on your platform to help ourself grow I feel their is a lot lacking in terms of tools for the artist I have 20k monthly listeners but for smaller artist it's nearly impossible to grow if your not Playlisted but Spotifys algorithm
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7 months ago, Julian Starflingoff
Killing the app is the only way to refresh
Nice to have access to stats in our pockets, but this app is buggy. Often after opening for a second time I get a loading popover that either takes too long or doesn’t properly refresh. One has to kill the app entirely to actually see the latest data. A little bit of focus on stability would go a long way.
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5 years ago, Princeaubreyy
HUGE design flaw
Everything analytically is awesome when you Release a fresh wrk for the first 7 days. You can see your monthly listeners which updates each day, and your live stream count which is awesome. What’s stupid is that the live stream count goes away after day 6. So it becomes horribly off count and laggy and you never know what your accurate stats are in real time anymore. It’s gonna be like 3-4 days behind which is TRASH. Such an idiot development
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4 years ago, sace.
It’s logged me out my artist account
Well it was working fine at first real smooth until today where it’s just magically logged me out my account and when I try to log back in it’s telling me too access my artist account. Okay I try that and now I don’t have access to my account? How is that? I’m using the same exact email, log in however you may have it I’m very disappointed & I just dropped a project. Total let down !
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6 years ago, Grapemansoda
Young Queso
Super helpful, especially as a new artist. It gives you live stats for the first couple days, fun to check it occasionally and see how your doing. After that you get them daily, I would love a way to interact/thank my followers as my fan base grows. Other then that this app does exactly what I need. Check out my music if your into rap/trap. Young Queso got sauce like a dip.
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2 months ago, Sunshine experience
So hard to see stream count
I love using this app to look at the data of how my streams are doing and which one has more than the other to know what people are liking but I swear the keep updating the app and making it harder and harder to be able to view this stats. Please fix this asap so that I can see the amount of streams per song.
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5 years ago, Anna the Wacky Banana
Pointless redesign is pointless
The redesign is terrible. Functionality has been removed — like all-time play count — but not much has been added. Things have been shuffled around, and now I don’t know where they are. Why do you designers do this?? In all honesty, it looks like you’re trying to justify your employment. I suppose that’s valid, but couldn’t you find something more constructive to do? Design by numbers isn’t design. Doesn’t matter what the metrics say — if you’re a good designer and actually *use* the product (or speak with users), trust your intuition.
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2 years ago, poopygucci
Kicked me out.
I had used this app for awhile now liking it very much. Until I woke up this morning and am experiencing trouble logging in which is unusual. I switched my password using the same email I had been using, but it logs me into something else, and asks if the account is correct, but doesn’t give me an option to say, “no this isn’t correct.” I am pretty frustrated and nothing I look up to log into my actual account is helpful.
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1 year ago, monopoly ace
So I wake up go through my daily routine checking all my apps and when I go to this app it was like I never had an account. So I try to sign in with my facial recognition and it says I don’t have an account so I try to type it in my self and still like I don’t exist. So when I go to get support I can’t get any cuz it’s asking me to sign in. Why would someone have to sign in to get support like duhhh clearly we would need help getting signed in so you need to fix the message us part cuz that makes no sense
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6 years ago, Trapstar'Kev
Great app
This app is essential for any artist major or indie as it is customer tailored to you as an artist. Insights into who’s playing your music as long as where coupled with little extras like gender and age range of listeners makes this a great tool for all artist it’s helped me a lot I’ve been able to refocus my target market and I’m seeing great results. 5 Stars!
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3 years ago, KYNG95
Gallery Not Updated
Every time I try to upload a photo I always get an error stating, "Gallery Not Updated: Something went wrong and we weren't able to update your gallery. Please try again." I always try again and the same error appears. I hope you all can fix this error soon.
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2 months ago, Vros_Nightwing
Recent Changes Very Unfriendly to "Hobbyists"
A lot of the recent changes to this app have made it difficult as an independent to watch long term stats. Stats such as total plays for tracks under 1k plays now just display as "< 1k", which is super unhelpful. Showing lifetime stats of songs causes some songs to not even show up in the list. If y'all are seriously trying to serve artists, you have a lot of work to do.
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4 years ago, KrisAlexander200
Good start but needs better time filters
When I review my stats with this app, I often find myself wanting to compare one release to my pst released in a variety of ways. The app *almost* provides this but the lack of ability to set specific time windows kills it. The time filter options they provide are either today, this week, this month, or 5 YEARS. Lol what a strange feature.
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2 months ago, Mr. Lion
Removing stats views below 1000 plays?
In the latest version, you can’t see the number of plays in songs if you have less than 1000 plays. Why? All artists track their plays after release, it’s really important to know how you’re tracking. Why would you remove this for new music and for smaller artists? This will kill off the use case of regularly checking the app daily to follow progress toward 1000+ plays. This is very disappointing.
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6 years ago, JūNBoo
I'm having trouble with the app
I can't seem to claim my artist profile. I have to keep staring over and then it tries to have me link my twitter account and email. The end result is either one of two notifications, "something went wrong" or "sorry we couldn't find that page." I even tried using an alternate email. It's just not letting me claim my artist profile. I'm trying to get my blue check mark!
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5 years ago, therealleggacy
Needs Work
As an artist, I thought this was going to be the jam session. And for the most part, it is. There needs to be some bug fixes. You can’t really do much as far as profile customization through the app, but, that was expected. I gave it a three out of five stars because there is definitely room for improvement. I will update my rating if anything changes. 🤘🏼
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1 year ago, TJ Hookz
Said bugs fixed but still having the same issue
Streams only get updated once a day not live like they use to not to mention it does this on PC as well I’d love for this to get fixed can’t track progress if you can only see it up until you checked the first time that day.
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1 year ago, Josiah L. Buentello
Unable to access my Artist Profile
I’m not able to access my artist profile because I need to change the profile picture and the bio because I’m not 22 years old anymore I’m 24 years old.
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4 years ago, Lewielxrdd
I just released my debut album April 20th & the views was doing well but all of a sudden last night after the update it went from approx 20k streams back down to 16k then this morning when I woke up to check if it got fixed it was stuck at around 18,659 streams and that number has still been the same. Like the app is broken or something.... this hasn’t been the first time I have been short changed views. Fix this ASAP. I’m a legit artist. I don’t buy fake views I take pride in my craft. So please help.
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5 years ago, Eliseeekennedy
Play count glitch
I’m willing to change my review once the situation is handled BUT my play count for a new release that’s not even close to 7 days old decreased in plays AND froze while it’s still “live”. UPDATE: I actually lowkey love the updated app . But please fix the play count issue. Milestones are so important for artists just starting out.
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2 years ago, devonm420
Is good but lots of bugs
App is pretty legit. I’d Agree with the other reviews that you should be able to view all months of stats instead of only have to go to “since 2015”. Also there is times where my stats won’t update frequently. I haven’t had an update in almost 4 days
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1 year ago, Phoenix45HB
I’m having problems
My music is not live yet, and I’m clicking the button that asks if I am. HOWEVER, when I click the button, the link just turns purple. The button does nothing. I gave this 4 stars since I barely could do anything on this app.
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3 years ago, BaileyH.
your new update screwed up adding a feature to your profile
for some reason I can’t add anything to the top of my profile now. i used to be able to add playlists at the top of my page no problem, now it brings me to a screen where it says select an image and it won’t even let me add an image and it won’t let me post without an image either. please fix this so I can get back to looking professional
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7 months ago, lil tanner streety
Good for artists
I saw that a lot of the reviews were saying how you couldn’t login, but that was because they weren’t music Artists. The app is pretty good. It just takes a bit of time to get used to.
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3 years ago, True_gamer098
Just downloaded it just in case
Because i have a song that’s coming out on all platforms on May 10th. It’s called "watching anime in my bedroom" by Senpaii (that’s me) and i just want to manage my stuff and to see how’s it going lol
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12 months ago, Sporty_girl_24
Ummm lack of “security”
So I’m not a music artist that’s my dream thoughts. Anyway I got it to see what it’s all about and basically I could just go into an artist account by signing in with my email and clicking an artist. And that isn’t very private to the artist of course I didn’t but still!
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4 years ago, Skatenmusic
App does not perform proper live updates
iOS app has been having issues not updating live stream counts. Streams were gained one day and then lost the next. Live persons listen and stream, but the stream itself isn’t counted on a live update. Also my recent single was released on the 18th and the app is to run the live for 7 days but quit only after 3 days.
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11 months ago, arman68
New version is a step back for accessibility, and requires constant logins
Starting around mid 2023, there was a major change to the application: it now completely ignores accessibility features and uses a small unreadable font everywhere. To make matters worse, it logs me out almost every day and I keep having to constantly login! Previously there were none of these problems. 0 star for usability and accessibility
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3 years ago, djfire_dominick
This app is amazing and allows me to edit my creator profile! The probably is recently I cannot change photos, whether it’s change if my main profile picture, adding a picture to a artists pick, or swapping around picture in my picture gallery at the bottom. Please fix this. Please.
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3 years ago, Alena THE rater
I don’t like how you can’t see your live stats after a 7 day period. The numbers are never actually correct. We should be able to interact with fans as well! Stats sometimes get taken away like stream counts but I have done nothing fraudulent. People say you have to wait the issue out but it’s really rather annoying.
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5 months ago, wantedthejoysounds
Why did you change
Why did you change the options for when what time period i want to see which songs have been streamed. I can no longer see what songs have been streamed in the past 24 hours. Also now songs under 1k streams dont even show up in order of amount of streams. Very confusing now and i dont know why you changed it 😤
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2 years ago, davisxpxp
It logged me out of my artist profile
It was running good then all of a sudden it logged me out and as soon as I logged back in it told me to claim a artist and I use the the same account that had already claimed an artist, I don’t know why it did this but I hope it doesn’t mess with my upcoming releases
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3 years ago, Sj_dub
Almost there
Feature Request: Give us more date range options. Right now it’s 7 days, 28 days, or since 2015. Give us 3 months, 12 months, year-to-date, and quarter-to-date options.
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5 years ago, Jacob Rhymes
Perfect app, but there’s a bug
I love this app and it helps me personalize my band in a lot of ways, though I can’t seem to edit my bio. I’ve even tried on my bandmates phone and it gave me the same error report. It’s very frustrating.
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3 years ago, KatelynMallone
Terrible, just terrible.
If I could give this zero stars I would! I’ve downloaded this app on 3 different occasions, and still, whenever I open it up and log in to try and claim my artist’s profile, the page NEVER EVER loads. Unfortunately you can’t log into your artist account without using the app, so I guess I’ll never be able to claim my artist profile. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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