Spotify Kids

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42.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spotify Kids

2.72 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
3 months ago, Benji43x
Has potential
I love the idea of a kids app to separate my music from my kids. I really would love if you added a shuffle option. I don’t see one available and shuffle is a huge thing for us with her playlist. I’m glad we’re able to share a playlist from an adult account so I have access to her playlist. Maybe add create a playlist option for kids too? I haven’t tried this out yet but hoping it works with CarPlay. Also some songs are not to be found, example being Aladdin - Friend like me / Aladdin - Arabian Nights (the original versions with Robin Williams). I’m sure you guys are still working on your library but there’s definitely some areas where the ball was dropped.
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10 months ago, Kehshshhsh
Great for all ages
When I say all ages, I mean all kids ages :) But this app is overall great. When I got it I thought it would be all nursery rhymes and Disney princess songs. But it’s not! It has a great variety of songs from all different artists. I’d say they’re all clean, but I just got the app so I can’t guarantee it. But it wouldn’t be a kids music app if there were cuss words. But I don’t like how you can’t make playlists. Maybe you can, and I don’t know it. What if parents can share approved playlists? I saw it on a review, “Needs More Variety.” They had that great idea and I won’t take the credit. But it would be nice if you could make playlists on the app, but favoriting them will be fine for now. I highly recommend the app if your kids want to listen to music that you can trust will be clean and age-appropriate!
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2 years ago, Stella880
I love this song app
So I can’t say my name because many people say don’t share your personal information with people you don’t know but I want to say that I love this app it’s really good at and I really love music and being able to listen to songs in music is really helpful for me I really like what you did to improve this app the only thing that I would suggest to add is a few more than one playlist this is unknown name sending out PS I love this game I probably mentioned this before I can’t say it enough it’s a really good app I don’t know what to say but congratulations you have made the best song app ever thank you so much for making this app it means everything to me in the world and if there’s anything I can do to repay you just let me know thank you!👋😁❤️💕🥹😘🧚‍♀️😁
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8 months ago, Reareabobapanda
Good But…
Okay this app is pretty good overall, it has an okay selection of music. I do wish they included some lesser known artists. Because there are a lot of clean artists that they don’t have. However it is good for smaller children if that’s what you have, but older kids it’s not really worth it. I think they should have a teen section with songs that have mild cuss words. Or a way that parents can limit certain artist or songs if they don’t approve. There aren’t very many songs though. Also kids should be able to make playlists. One more thing I think they should add the option to listen to shared music offline. You can listen to set music the app has but you have to favorite it to listen to it offline. Overall it’s an okay app, I would get it.
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4 years ago, SBLegs
Needs More Variety
I really loved the idea of this for my step-daughter but the issue is we don’t just listen to pop music and Disney in this house (though there is nothing wrong with that and we still love those tunes). I have playlists I make just for her with all kinds of fun electronic dance music and UK pop records. I would love to be able to share those playlists with her kids account so I still have control over the content but she is getting a better selection than just radio tunes and Disney soundtracks. Update to respond to developers: there is no perfect lineup because I don’t want pre-canned options. Parents should have the ability to share parent-approved playlists (read: playlists made my parents) and approve certain artists/albums/Spotify playlists for their kids. There are already parents in here who think the current pop content is too racy, so you’ll never win with a pre-made lineup.
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4 years ago, ALee82
App is clearly not designed by parents...
If we want to allow our child to listen to certain music that we approve of but want to shield him from music we don’t approve, then we should be able to set those options up from the beginning, not have only 2 age range options of terribly curated options that cannot be customized. Y’all have provided some highly inappropriate music in the ‘older kids’ grouping. It’s shocking. And yet, if my son wants to search his favorite college football team fight song or some other wholesome, harmless instrumental fun song it is nowhere to be found in the search function. What if I want to introduce them to the music of a different culture? What if I’d like to provide them with older generations of classics? There is a world of age appropriate music that is completely inaccessible with a lot of provocative content promoted and showcased in their face. Stop marketing garbage to kids. Stop pushing mature content on children. Stop curating what you think kids should listen to. Allow parents to curate and approve and create playlists, and allow children to request approval for certain music. Allow parents to block individual albums and/or songs. Allow parents to proactively review what’s available BEFORE having to go into the listening history and block content.
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3 months ago, L. Jupiter
Promising start, but content management falls flat on its face
User Story #1: “I want to block certain songs for my child’s profile.” The ONLY way to do this is: - Listen to the song in question via the child’s profile (seriously?) - Back out, select parent settings, enter PIN, and review child’s listening history - Block the song in question from their listening history page (seriously???!) User Story #2: “I want to block entire artists or categories for my child’s profile.” Nope. User Story #3: “After manually adding about 150 songs one-by-one to my child’s blocked content list, I would like to copy this list to my other child’s profile in the app.” Aaaaand nope. User Story #4: “I have created my own playlist and shared it with my child’s profile. They would like listen to this playlist offline.” Aaaaaaaaaaand nope. As a workaround, you CAN search for each playlist song one-by-one (sensing a theme here?) and favorite it from the search results page, thereby re-creating the shared playlist from scratch for offline use! But, favoriting songs in a shared playlist is not implemented. There’s even a blank space on the toolbar where the heart icon would normally be.
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4 years ago, appppppppplllllleeee
Ok so let me first say that this app is good, and I use it every day,(probably) and I love to use it, but I have a complaint. So we found out about this awesome songs (mostly Hamilton) but some of the songs have like 1 or to words that shouldn’t be in there, if you know what I mean, but my parents are fine with us listening to the songs, but the problem is that there are only THREE of the songs on there!!! Soo my parents have tried to get the rest of the songs on my playlist, but it won’t let them!! Please fix this, because I love listening to MY music, but some of it is not on here 🥺, so please fix this, overall though, great app! Definitely download!! Thanks for reading my review!
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2 years ago, 👾🫠🫥
It’s ok…
The app is good but it has some problems. First, half the time, I can’t do search anything or click on playlists other than my liked songs playlist, even if the Wi-Fi is at 4 bars. Second, the app shows mostly Disney and pop music, and almost no rock, even though I know from when it plays on the radio there is no dark theme or cussing. There are only two twenty one pilots songs, 3 Green Day songs, and not a single gorillaz song. Bro the isn’t even one explicit twenty one pilots song! 😒also add a shuffle button 🔀, and custom playlists, and make the shared playlist downloadable. I mean come on. If your worried people will think shuffle is to complex for little kids that the kid is stupid.
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3 years ago, Ellie Roma
Their shared functionality and playlists are great!
The reason why I got this app is so that it doesn’t mess up my listening in the main app, while my daughter can also listen to her music. They recently added the function to share playlists, which is great! I know it’s design for kids but I wish the app was a bit more intuitive for adults as well, and that my daughter could create her own playlists (other than from liking a song). The repeat button is also something she asked for. Other than that, it’s a good app with great music curation (you just have look them up or go through the categories).
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5 months ago, bab777
Is not compatible with Apple Watch, TV or CarPlay.
Part of the whole point of this is to separate kid listening from my account. But this app only works on iPhone or iPad, neither of which my children have. It needs an Apple Watch, Apple TV and CarPlay versions of the app. Right now, if they play on Apple TV, they have to play from my account and I can’t listen to it in the car at the same time. It would also be helpful to switch to the CarPlay version of the app in the car. And kids my daughter’s age have Apple Watches but not phones so they should be able to listen to music on them like adults do. Also, this app isn’t great for different ages. You should be able to select what channels/playlists you/they want. My eleven year old doesn’t want lullabies or Disney Junior. The ability to share playlists is good.
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4 years ago, Blakekl
Lacking in parental controls
Overall I am reasonably impressed. It has a bunch of prebuilt mixes that work well for children. However, I wish there were more parental controls. For example, I don’t really think Taylor Swift’s Shake it off is appropriate for a six year old, even if it is sung by children. It takes the Lords name in vain and says “hella”. Not something I want my child picking up on. If I could remove this song from the sets, that would be one thing, but I can’t. I’m limited to the prebuilt playlists without being able to change them. It’s a good first step and the idea is something I’ve wanted for a long time, but it’s clearly in its infancy with a lot of room for improvement. I hope it gets the chance to do so.
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6 months ago, sededdrr
A few things…
I rated this five stars so I could get it to the top. I would really rate it 3 stars. I just want to say that I completely understand why you guys don’t put the clean versions of explicit songs on there. But won’t I don’t understand why u guys don’t add all of the songs that are completely clean and not inappropriate and not bleeped out for my child, because rot could be such a better experience for the kids who use this. I don’t know whether or not you guys will reach out to this, but just at least keep this review in mind for future update ideas.
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12 months ago, basketball the best
Liked it but it’s not that good
When I had it I used it all the time but almost all of the songs I like you to listen to were not on their. You guys need to make it so where their are more age options for the older kids like 13 to 15 then 16 and up so that you can have almost all the song in the world on this app and not let the younger kids be able to listen to the older stuff but at the same time the older kids have all of the different kinds of music like some with bad words and some with none so that you will get more people who get this app and you will make more money💵 and be more beneficial to the public.
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4 years ago, Njch
Needs A LOT of work
Just reiterating a lot of what was already stated; the inability to cast to Google devices, alone, makes this app useless for my family. I can’t use any of the playlists I’ve already built for my children over the years. And the fact that the kids’ account(s) can’t even be it’s own entity is laughable. So even if I could cast their music, only one kid can listen to their music at a time. I pay for Premium but still have to share one account with 3 other children in my household. We shouldn’t need 4 separate emails hooked to 4 separate devices (which we don’t have) to all enjoy our separate content simultaneously. The playlists are hit or miss, but I’m a lot more lenient with the music my children listen to than others. I just wish it could be a more personalized and flexible experience overall.
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2 years ago, emmy the cat& dog lover !!
Works well
It’s a pretty good app, but the parental control settings are off, and I can see a lot of that in the other reviews. You need to be able to change them from the beginning, and mainly cut off all songs with bad words in them. I love listening to songs on this, and it really helps when I’m cleaning and want music, but… I mean it’s pretty good overall, but I’d make a few changes. I’d also recommend adding the ability to create playlists. Also, a few songs with no bad words in them, such as “ King “ By Lauren Aquilina ( I don’t know if I spelled this wrong ) is unavailable. This is all my fingers can handle for today, so good day.
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1 year ago, Jealtnn2010
I am a teen and if you have hesitated in buying or getting this app because you were scared and didn’t know what to expect well I can tell you a little bit about this app since I personally use this app. This app has many different filters. What I mean by that is there are different settings that you can have your child listen too. The one that I listen to is older music and that allows you to listen to stuff that you may not have on the younger music like Megan Trainer or Arianna Grande. The little kids one is music that is appropriate to their age. I really recommend this app.
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2 months ago, lissamum
Lacking in features
We switched from another music streaming platform because the parental controls were garbage. I do like the more secure parental controls but being unable to download a playlist so that my kid can listen to it offline seems so basic I didn’t realize it was something we even had to ask for anymore- like cars having air bags! The lack of the shuffle feature is also so frustrating! Paying for premium (the most expensive package) should give you access to all the controls. I am not sure how adding a shuffle or the ability to download a playlist would compromise the parental controls in any way shape or form. Disappointing we can’t just find a music streaming service without a major design flaw!
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4 years ago, Marcus Bickwermert
Awesome start and awesome developers
My daughter loves this app. For this being so new it’s awesome. The developers have been listening to the other reviews I have read. They have already been working hard to make this app what everyone is looking for with the changes they have made. The only feedback my 4 year old has given me is that she “wants to make different playlist like daddy does”. I’m very interested to see where this goes. Definitely makes me feel better about paying a family subscription.
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1 year ago, kkslideranimalcrossing11
More variety and takes long for new songs to come out
Hello, I love this app but it just has a few flaws. Im a parent and I have compared that there are more appropriate songs that you can still add , my child loves Rihanna and she noticed that some non-explicit songs aren’t there so if you could fix that that would be great . Also lets say a song came out July 10, 2023, It would’ve came out to this platform September. It takes a while to hear new songs on this app then the regular app. If you could improve these things that would be amazing. Thank you
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2 years ago, Fantasygirl115
This is making me upset.
So I’ve had this for a couple months yet this app doesn’t have all the Alan Walker songs without curses. I’ve listened to the great Alan Walker songs with no curses in the car and I always check to see if you have it. You don’t even have all the Victoria Justice songs! This is making me angry and I don’t understand. Can’t you add something where they release different songs each month or whatever? Because all the songs I have make me mad and all the Alan Walker songs I’ve heard aren’t on there. Thanks for reading. Please consider my suggestion.
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6 months ago, rating writer!
Please read! 2023 by kid age 5th grade
This is a great app but could you please stay updated on the new songs that come out? Like SNAP kidz bob made a version of it and it is not on their? I really like songs like those, would you please stay updated? Also they NEVER look at reviews. No one ever responds. I bet you could look at all the reviews right now and you can see that NO ONE has responded. Idk if it is just mine but right now I am online, and it won’t let me click on music. I would say this is good for kids ages 3 to 5, but no other ages. They really don’t stat updated.
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3 years ago, cait.88
Downloaded and instantly deleted
My husband is the family plan manager which makes it nearly impossible for me to add a playlist to the kids app because it's not recognizing my account as connected to the family plan from the app. I'd like to have some playlists set up for my daughter so that it doesn't mess with my recommendations on the regular app. There's no way to switch easily between accounts as far as I can tell on the regular app, and I'd love to have a way to play music for her, especially as she gets older. Why is this app lacking intuitive functionality? I get that it's meant to be minimal for kids but it's practically useless for their parents. Please allow both parents to be able to add playlists and not just the manager! And make it easier to do so!
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4 years ago, 🦊🦄🐯🦁🐱🐶
Overall great app
BUT I have been reading other reviews and this one is pretty much the same thing … you can’t get the music that you want ,so I have a suggestion why not make something like a multi question test so that using the information that the people give you base the app’s music on like if he/she put that they like pop more than rock then put less rock music and more pop music on the app, also some of the songs that people want that are perfectly fine and respectable music are never there why not . it’s not rocket science people !!! why not let the user decide what they want? if it’s for kids then let kids help you improve it !
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9 months ago, bro😃😃😃😃😃
I love it
Hi I just want to say that you did an amazing job on this app it is the best app for kids, it has nothing in there that is inappropriate or like any bad songs but I just wish like you had some song that isn’t sad but it is calming like I really want to listen to”CAN I BE HIM”but that song is not on there or titanium isn’t on there those are the only song I want to listen to but besides that I don’t have anything bad to say. Love this app so much I hope you have a great day or night.😘
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1 year ago, Hannah141111444
Great! 👍🏻
What’s with these other reviews? I love this app. And some people have been rude about religion in other reviews. Love the fact we can play Christian music on this with songs from movies as well like ZOMBIES, Descendants, literary almost anything that’s appropriate for kids just wish we didn’t have to pay but I know that prices of anything won’t come down any time soon. So don’t be fooled by other reviews, this app is amazing! And to be clear this is coming from the kid not the parent.
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4 years ago, AlaskaChild
More parental control
Please make this so I can add songs/playlists from my account. We listen to a lot of different genres and I want my daughter to be able to listen to more than just your typical children's songs. I should be able to approve any song I’d like to from my account and share it with her. I can see making her ability to search limited, but as a parent I should also be able to approve songs/artists even if they aren’t typically available for kids.
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4 years ago, D_Roam
No playlists
Thought this would be good for separating the playlists we play for our little toddler (fun, bedtime, etc.), so the kiddie songs don’t mess up our recommendations. But with no playlists it’s useless for that purpose. Update 4/7 to developer’s response: Thanks for the response. I did see that I can “heart” songs to add them to a favorites list. However, this doesn’t help because we have multiple playlists (fun, bedtime, etc.). Plus, the fact that it automatically downloads favorited songs was actually a negative for me. I don’t want songs taking up space on my device when I can just stream them. That said, added a star as a thanks for responding to my feedback :)
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4 years ago, KP1888
I should have read reviews first...
This app is practically useless. First, there are two separate age-groups used to classify music and no good way to customize them so my five year old, who likes music in both categories, can only listen to some of what he likes at a time. Please let us set up the filter. Additionally, there is no ability to bring in music that wasn’t pre-selected, leaving out a lot of what our kids like. The app feels more like a cash grab, requiring 2-year olds to have a separate account, rather than just allowing for parent-controlled content. I know it’s still early but I’m extremely disappointed in the app. It does not feel like much thought was put into it. I’m hopeful it will improve but not optimistic.
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7 months ago, coolgirl262
Here I am again……
So I really need some very important songs these are the songs that kept me ALIVE I really need heart shaped box nirvana. And come on add some for metallic I’m going to a concert and I need and I can’t even listen to them. And add some more hole songs. Well also add more nirvana and undone by weezer. But other then that it’s a good app there’s rock and pop ewwww( I HATE pop) well hope you read this. Well you are reading it right now. ✌️ oh pls pls pls I need GREEN DAY and the killers songs pls
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2 years ago, Kahtreena15
Let the parents decide
I want the ability to create playlists for my child using the music I decide is ok. Why can’t I just share playlists with his account instead of having a limited selection that includes music I don’t necessarily want my 4 year old listening to but doesn’t include a lot of his favorite songs. Parents know what their little ones like just let the parents add playlists to their kids accounts. If it’s not possible to do that why not just include everything that’s not explicit then offer the ability to block or remove songs… the way it is now I will just keep using my own account for my 4 year old, this app is useless as is.
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4 months ago, cdawley624
Give parents control
I loved the idea of this, but would really love to see something where there aren’t pre selected things kids have access to. All I want in this app would be to be able to share specific artists, playlists, and kids podcasts my kids can have access to, and to see nothing else. This would give every parent the ability to choose what is appropriate for THEIR child. Love the idea, but ultimately I deleted the app because it doesn’t serve the purpose I want for my family. I don’t need pre selected things that others have decided are appropriate for my young children.
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2 years ago, Timmy-trumpet-007
Plz add more songs!!!
Ok to be honest I like this music app... But here’s the thing you gotta add more new updated songs like all the Harry styles ones, Taylor Swift ones, Justin Bieber, Lizo, and all those other new songs!!! It’s so disappointing because I only get to hear those songs on my radio and in the car but sometimes I don’t have those things and it’s really disappointing because I cannot listen to my favorite songs sometimes. Anyway plzzzz add more songs!!!! Thanks for your help :)
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4 years ago, RCTJJJ
Not worth the $$ yet
The fact you can’t play it via a nest hub or other voice controlled system is a big negative for parents with younger children which is the main reason we got the upgraded subscription. Wish that was explained first when I signed up. Now the kids have to use our main account to play music so no need to pay for the extra family plan. Also it appears to use the cool feature of rotating each family members playlist would require our children to have an emailed linked account which isn’t really possible so while the family plan advertises really cool features they may not be very practical for most families.
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4 weeks ago, Tocaboca83292
Love it
I love this app because it has a lot of my favorite artists but you should definitely add a bigger variety of playlists you could create and if you could add the artist Anne Wilson she’s clean and she is like country Christian Type of artist and my family and me love to listen to it but I can’t listen to it because you don’t have it so yeah overall coming from a tween I like it
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7 months ago, alkx-30
It’s pre picked songs, and not a lot either. I picked ages 5-12 and it mostly toddler songs like rain sounds and lullabies. There is pop and some rock, but you can’t search songs or share pre approved playlists with you kid. This would be so much better if they just had clean versions of songs or songs that were just clean in general. There’s a lot of Disney. And the songs that aren’t are old songs, almost nothing new. They make it sound like they hand pick this stuff, which I’m sure is true. BUT they should add new songs every day and a search feature. Something.
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4 years ago, coco cookie cat
I mean- its OK I guess
Okay!sooo-I wanted to get this for my little brother- and, he was searching a BUNCH of songs up and none of them showed up but one Ed-Sheron song. He started just looking up random songs that he knows but only,like, two of them showed up. I mean- a parent could buy this for their 12-year-old kid and than there’s no songs he/she likes. I feel like there should be a button on settings that lets their parent/Guardian (or, in my case, the person that set up their account) conrols what their aloud to listen too. Or something like that- it just makes the music Viralitys bigger for their age/what their aloud to listen to. Thanks so much
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3 weeks ago, paisley@dogs
I think the app is great but it does have a few errors. I think that there should be more age options for older kids. I also think that there should be a way to make multiple playlists which a shuffle option. If you listen to the same 50 songs in the same order 5 times a week you know EXACTLY what comes next every time your listening.
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11 months ago, Wookiefoot321 💕
Love it, but I have a recommendation
I would like if you added just a few more songs, especially Diamonds. I don’t see anything wrong with that song that makes it not available on the app. If you need more info on the song, it is called Diamonds, by Rihanna. So please can you make an update for this please? Thank you! P.S. I am 10 years old
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2 years ago, Queen of Yes
Hello! I do like you’re app but, when I tried to find something I couldn’t find it and I felt that this suggestion needed to be heard. I am asking for podcasts, I thought that I saw some, but I didn’t. I would really like some podcasts to listen to while drawing or while in the car. If u do this I will feel happy! And I will feel heard and noticed. Thank you if you read this and please do my suggestion.
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4 years ago, mkd says
No custom playlists or playing on a Bluetooth speaker
I was hoping to use this app to put music on my kids Jooki speaker (a Bluetooth speaker designed for kids to control without screens) while I listened to my own content, but the app doesn’t seem to have the ability to create custom playlists with the songs they want, or to be able to find the Bluetooth speaker. It solves none of my problems. I’m stuck using my personal account to play stuff for them. The only thing this is good for (for me) is quickly locating some music that kids will like.
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2 years ago, thjnd12
I mostly enjoy this app even though I am way to old for it (14) my parents are just extremely strict. But I make playlists on my moms phone and share them to my account. The only problem that I face is THERE IS NO SHUFFLE BUTTON!! I really really want this shuffle option. I can’t imagine it’s that hard to add. The app could use a lot more improvement but I would really appreciate a shuffle option for my “favorite playlist” and for my shared playlists. PLEASE ADD!!
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2 years ago, IAmAWigglyBee
Good concept…
I am a big fan of Queen, Bon Jovi, and FallOutBoy, so I was excited to see that they had profiles. Unfortunately, they only have a few songs on their pages. I understand that this app is trying to provide clean songs, but I think that instead of removing a song with swear words, the song could simply be a clean version, like on the radio. Otherwise, I don’t see many problems with the app.
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3 years ago, samanthamala
No playlists.
I bought the Family plan so that I could finally stop having kids music clogging my algorithm. But this app is frustratingly limited. I get that it’s meant for kids to browse but you can’t even create a playlist, a basic function of a music app. At the very least let us favorite certain artists or premade playlists. I know that parents can share playlists from their account but that defeats the whole purpose of keeping our music separate.
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4 years ago, Avocado2356
Why just why
Overall it has some good music, the thing is my parents put me as older kid which I am but when I got on I searched a song that I used to have on my playlist that had not cuss words no bad theme to it but it still wasn’t on there. It made no since we need more variety we can’t have kiddie songs that are on older kids and how much you want to bet almost all older kids don’t listen to Disney music. I’m going on thirteen soon and I love Backstreet Boys but they only have three of there songs and most of them are clean and don’t have a bad theme. You just need more of a variety.
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4 years ago, MrJay982
Don’t need my child singing about giving oral
Not sure a 5-12 year old should be listening to lyrics like “bruises on both my knees for you” or “might seduce your dad type”. Seems like this was built off Disney and only popular music, with questionable and down right inappropriate lyrics. I don’t need my 8 year old singing about giving oral, just saying. I think each child is different and the control needs to remain with the parent. This app should absolutely have the ability for the parents to add and remove music/artists, without that feature this app is as useful as a glass hammer.
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2 years ago, by isabella T.
Great but…
This app is great in hindsight and theory, but there’s so many great songs that I know don’t have any bad words whatsoever, that aren’t on this app, like this one band Cimorelli that in listen to all the time, they do covers as well and always censor bad words, and I would really appreciate if their songs would be added to this app along with other music that doesn’t have bad words
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2 years ago, xWESTx74
So, there’s only like a 50% chance ANYONE will read this and make a change. So, I think there should be A LOT more Christian songs and artists, like Jeremy Camp, Austin French, more Chris Tomlin songs, Matthew West, and Tobi? Toby? Tobey? I dunno XD. Tobi however you spell it Mac. If you read this, I have one other song request, Megalovania. With all that said, if anyone makes a change, I highly appreciate it, thank you! -Blue
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3 years ago, Hermione the Cat
Good but....
I am just going to start with the fact that I love this app! I do have 2 complaints though. 1. This app has only 3 of the songs from Disneyland!! 😕I mean, there isn’t any bad things in Disneyland songs! 2. This app doesn’t have the outtake songs from Frozen 2, and I love some of those! Any way, I hope that these songs get added! Sorry for the long review, now bye!
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4 years ago, cruzhtx 🤠
Needs more music choices
I tried this out of Curiosity, and found out it has some issues. First of all, I think you should be able to make playlist with the music they have on the app. I also think they’re should be more music, like maybe clean music to a specific song. Instead of not putting the song overall. I think this could be a great app for kids, but you do need a little bit more updates.
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