Spruce: Cleaning & Chores

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Spruce Services, Inc.
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5 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spruce: Cleaning & Chores

4.73 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Turxishdelight
Better than expected
I was hesitant to try a new service for a trip out of the country, but I’ve had an incredible experience with Spruce. My cat cannot handle the stress of being boarded and always becomes ill with feline respiratory viruses, so I decided to try Apartment Butler (aka Spruce) since I had a coupon from my apartment complex. I was able to book in advance and provide specific instructions for care (where toys and the litter genie are kept, details about his mannerisms/play). I received a text message from my caretaker on the scheduled day notifying me that she had arrived and would send me another message at the end of the visit. Not only did I get an update on my cat’s visit, but also pictures of one very happy fur baby! In addition, a team member reached out via email because I booked appointments too far apart for their out of town policy (which I was unaware of) and offered me a complimentary visit to ensure my cat was properly taken care of. I am so pleased with the level of care and attention to detail, with the added bonus of allowing my pet to stay in his comfort zone. I will absolutely use this service again and again.
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2 years ago, aleahrenee723
Terrible Experience With Cleaning and Customer Service
I paid for a move out cleaning as well as the removal of two bags of trash. The cleaner was in and out of my place in under an hour, which I found somewhat concerning as this is their most comprehensive service, but I chose to be optimistic. I arrived at my apartment the day of my walkthrough, and the cleaner had clearly done nothing more than a cursory wipe down of the floors and counters and had not removed the trash from the fridge, which is what I requested. To be clear, there was no other trash to be taken out. After waiting on hold for an hour, I spoke with someone in customer service who told me I would be receiving a refund as well as the Move Out Cleaning Guarantee to cover any cleaning fees that I was charged by my property management since the cleaning they had provided was done so poorly. She requested I send over pictures of everything. I provided the pictures, and I was then told that if I requested a refund, a partial one at that, it would forfeit the guarantee. So while they acknowledged that the cleaning was not up to standard for what I had paid for, they basically said I had to chose between paying for half done service and receiving reimbursement for the charges I’d get as a consequence of that, or getting *partially* reimbursed for the cleaning itself and then being responsible for the charges from my property management. Truly a ridiculous experience.
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2 years ago, GWallR1213
Horrible cleaning service, DO NOT USE THEM.
I scheduled a premium cleaning with a few additional add-ons as I had moved out of my apartment and just needed a clean before the walk through. I received a text the day of my scheduled service saying Ana was on her way and would text me when she arrived. I received a text when she arrived and then literally 2 minutes later received a text that she had finished and was sent pictures of my apartment. I was hoping that maybe Ana had just forgot to check in when she actually arrived and that she didn’t actually only spend 2 minutes in my apartment. I went to check on my apartment later that evening and absolutely NOTHING was done to the apartment. I have a dog and there was dog hair all along the base boards,no vacuuming or mopping, kitchen had not been touched or the restroom. I called customer service and was told I might be able to receive a partial refund but they couldn’t make any promises. Um what? Thankfully in the end I was able to receive my full refund but I truly believe it was only because I continued to email with customer service and call them about what happened. I even had one customer service rep tell me that he could tell from the pictures that the apartment hadn’t been cleaned. How embarrassing for this company. I wish I would have read reviews before booking with them. It seems like this is a reoccurring problem for other customers. Stay far away.
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1 year ago, Nickyreads
Never Showed
I was excited to try the service and booked for the 1 to 5 PM window. I crated my dog for the entire day as instructed, and got up early before work to declutter to make life easy for the service provider. I initially understood this to mean that the service would be completed by 5 PM, but it turns out that that is just an arrival window, and there’s no guarantee of when they will be finished. My misunderstanding, no big deal. I received a text that the service provider was on her way at 3:30 PM. At 4:00 with no update I contacted customer service, and they assured me that they would arrive before 5 PM. At 5:10, there was no update or communication whatsoever from customer service, so I requested one. Instead of an update, I was told that they were sorry for the “misunderstanding“ and that they rebooked me for tomorrow. I was not asked - I was told. I responded that I wanted a refund and cancellation, but it took multiple requests until they agreed to do that instead of the rebooking. I specifically picked the day that I wanted the house to be clean because I was going to have guests over that night. Cleaning the next day would not accomplish that purpose. There was never any apology or explanation for the lack of the service provider coming, and there was no offer of any kind of compensation. I will never try to use Spruce again.
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2 years ago, LLimbrick
Love Spruce
My apartment complex partnered with Spruce to provide cleaning services to its residents. I love the service. Had them come in monthly to provide a deep cleaning (kitchen, both bathrooms, all floors, change the bedding) - they always made the apartment sparkle!! Hardwood floors all over the apartment - keeping them clean was a real chore which they took off my hands. Really loved the service - even used them for the move out cleaning. The service was always excellent. Wish I could hire them for my new house but they handle commercial accounts. If they ever offer services to individual residents, I would definitely hire them!
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4 years ago, Asklie
Terrible cleaning
I asked for them to come clean my old apartment as I was moving out. The next day I was informed they had dropped and broken a glass shelf in the freezer. They contacted my leasing office and took care of that. Which I was thankful for. I decided to go check the apartment as we had moved out, but still had one day left. They hadn’t deep cleaned really. First off, there was broken glass on the counter tops and floor, The oven and stove were still filthy, there was still milk on the floor( I had dropped some while making a bottle the day we moved out), conditioner on the shower wall, and hair on the bathroom floor, they hadn’t even touched the laundry room, among other issues. I contacted them, with pictures, and asked why it wasn’t done properly. They assured me they would contact my leasing office and go back in to clean. I hadn’t heard anything in a week. So I asked my old apartment and they said they hadn’t heard anything from them. So I emailed them back to ask if they had gone back. I got a message saying they hadn’t, but that my apartment had gone in and cleaned it themselves. Acting as if that is sufficient, when they were supposed to do it. I paid $160 for them to wipe down some counters and vacuum basically. Edit after response: they did pay for the shelf, they DID NOT come back to do a second cleaning. My apartment had to do it as stated.
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2 weeks ago, 
App shouldn’t be trusted just like company shouldn’t be
This company is absolute trash. My apartment needed to be cleaned after they left. They re-entered my apartment after service was complete. They swept piles of dirt into the property hallway and left it there. They scratched my floors, dusted nothing, and did not treat my items with care. I literally have video proof of EVERYTHING. I contacted the company and the only resolve offered was a $50 credit off my next service. Ummm….no! There will be no NEXT SERVCE! I have contacted our property manager and shown them videos. They are also appalled. I will be contacting the BBB and my bank next if not refunded in full in the next 24 hours. Now to leave reviews on Google and Yelp and anywhere else I can. Beware!! They called me a liar when I have video proof with time stamps. They go by the time stamps of their “staff” in their app. I don’t think the police will agree that their manual timestamps are more accurate than my ring doorbell. Also there is no customer service number and NO ONE WILL CALL YOU. These cowards hide behind an app. I asked for a phone number or for a manager to call me more than once. Want the reviews removed? Refund my money that you have stolen.
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1 year ago, Vintage MySpacer
Missing important features
I love the minimalist aesthetic of this app. It looks as super clean and fresh, which is great for a service of this variety. However… 1) I get a marketing email at least once a day from Spruce, and there is no communication preferences section in the app. Even worse, the “Unsubscribe” link in their emails doesn’t work. So I’m stuck with the spam (contacted customer service to unsubscribe me and they just told me to use the broken link in the email). Please just make it an option in the Settings on the app? 2) There is no notification setting in the app. I would like to be notified about upcoming appointments or changes. But while I don’t have anything scheduled, there remains a “1” indicator on the app button which doesn’t seem to really correlate with any actual notification. Why? Is it to remind me to book something? I’d like it gone, but other than globally turning off notifications for the app, there’s no way to adjust the settings for this. Please add a notification settings option?
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2 years ago, downtownaustintx
Horrible service
I was hesitant to use another big name cleaning service (I’ve used handy in the past) but I was going out of town and a friend was gonna stay at my apartment and watch my dog so I decided to try out their premium cleaning. Let me just say it was FAR from premium. I walked in my Rugs weren’t vacuumed the baseboards weren’t cleaned, mirrors and glass tables very streaky. Did not smell clean at all when I walked in I don’t think they even mopped them it seemed like I got their “hotel cleaning” option but no it was their premium. I wrote them when I was out of town and they didn’t even bother to partially refund me they said to let them come back and finish but it was already too late for that it should be done right the first time. I work in customer service and this was the worst customer service. My best friend who is the manager at my building recommended them but he was actually the one who saw my “cleaned” apartment first and he will not be recommending this company again. Handy at least did their job and my apartment smelled amazing and everything was sparkling they are just not dependable. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE THEIVES.
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2 years ago, KSIPerera
Awful service all-round
How this company has 5 star reviews is beyond me. Oh, their website is set up to look like they are professionals but the service provided by both the company and the people they hire is FAR from it. I tried them out once and the people that came to clean my windows and make my bed did such a terrible job that the windows were still dirty and the bed looked like a child had made it. There were wrinkles everywhere and the sheets hadn’t even been properly folded. The two people that came were in and out in 10 minutes. I knew after I had to remake the bed and clean the windows myself that I’d never use Spruce again. So I sent an email asking for my account to be deleted. The initial email I sent requesting this was on November 17th. Nothing was done despite promises made my Spruce to delete. Second email I sent about the same matter was on December 15th with more promises and lies that it takes a little time to delete. Finally yesterday (Jan 15th), TWO MONTHS after my initial request, they send an email saying it’s been deleted. Stay FAR FAR AWAY from the substandard service provided by Spruce.
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4 years ago, ForrestTrader
Rude staff (Brittany Conrad) and terrible service!
Buyer beware! Terrible service and even worse management. I hired Spruce to clean my apartment. For my small apartment, it was $150 for their “Premium Clean” service. The cleaning was pathetic, the lightly wiped down surfaces and did not vacuum or mop any of the floors. On top of that, the cleaner left my apartment door unlocked and wide open. Anyone could have come in and stolen my belongings. While checking my apartment, I noticed my monitors from my computer were unplugged and shuffled around. I plugged them back in and one of my monitors is no longer working. I assumed Spruce would make this right. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I contacted Brittany Conrad on their customer service team, who said I was lying and the cleaner did not even touch my computer. They also refuse to replace my screen which they broke. Now, they refuse to even answer the phone. Stay away from this company. All they care about is the volume of customers, they do not put any care into their work. I’ve tried reaching out to Ben Johnson, their founder & CEO, to let him know how his company is run, but of course no response. Terrible, terrible service and company.
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2 years ago, Siimply_Court
Horrible Company
I don’t see how they have 5 stars when this company lacks communication. They get you with the first clean and then it goes extremely downhill from there FAST! When you put yourself on recurring cleanings (mine was every 2weeks); don’t expect your house to be cleaned. They will reschedule you well after your cleaning window and keep rescheduling you. Instead of the company reaching out to you by phone they will keep texting you after the initial reschedule. I would expect a phone call on why this keeps happening vs me demanding a phone call. When I finally got someone on the phone and mind you it was horrible reception on their end they mentioned they do not have enough staff/ contractors in the area. If that’s the case DO NOT ALLOW ME TO BOOK A CLEANING! I’m expecting to come home to a clean house and IT’S NOT! Oh to top it off after rescheduling me many times one of the excuses was we have new customers that took priority over your clean. WHAT?! EXCUSE ME?! I tried to give this company a try and stick it out but it’s not worth the headache. I’ll take my business elsewhere.
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7 months ago, Thetapi1865
I scheduled a move-out cleaning service a few days before the end of my lease. I instructed the cleaners to gain access from the apartment leasing office. It was granted and a key was given to the cleaners. 20 minutes later, I get notified that the cleaners were unable to unlock my door and said the lock was damaged! Lies! I was there the previous day and no issue. So instead of contacting me or the leasing office for assistance, they just left and notified me afterwards. They wanted to reschedule the cleaning to 5 days later…my lease ends 3 days after the cleaning was scheduled. They scheduled another crew to come the next day. I go that morning to unlock the door for them…zero issue with my lock. I then get a text about 8:45am that they can’t make the cleaning today and want to reschedule for Tuesday. When you hire a company to do a job, you expect them to do it. If there’s an issue with gaining access, wouldn’t you contact either the leasing office whom a key was given, or the person who hired you??? Never use this service. They will lie and cancel on you!!
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3 years ago, Rhiannon E. C.
Beyond disappointed
I used spruce a couple of times and the first time I was impressed but in June when I used them they were 3 and a half hours late and rushed their cleaning so I ended up cleaning up after them. I decided to give them another chance on Friday and I called a while after the window trying to get an ETA then received a text of them cancelling my service. I then told them how I felt and they rescheduled me to yesterday fully complimentary. Again I had to call a couple times actually to get an ETA and they couldn’t get ahold of their staff. They finally showed up again three hours late and spruce did give me a $20 credit for being so late but after the crew left I walked around. I still had dust, hair on the walls of my shower and shampoo, streaks on the floor from mopping, and hair bunnies everywhere. I am beyond disappointed and this was the last straw for me. If they wouldn’t have wasted my time with little communication and running late I could have honestly found time to clean myself and done a better job. Simply do better.
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2 years ago, kmcbu20
Booked twice, no-show twice, charged twice
Booked one service, got canceled by them because of some payment issue with one of my valid, working cards (which will be relevant later). Frustrating, sure, but understandable. Issue on my part, so my fault, right? I changed payment methods, and booked another service. This time I made sure with customer service that the payment change went through and there would be a cleaning service for the time and day I booked. The Customer Service Rep emailed back and confirmed that yes, it is in their system as a scheduled appointment. But when I came home from a 14 hour shift, I found my apartment exactly as I left it, untouched by anyone else. No emails, no phone calls about issues finding my place, nothing. I checked the app, and there wasn’t any bookings listed as “canceled” or any sort of issue, there wasn’t even any bookings in my history. It was as if I’ve never made an appointment. Then I checked my bank statements, and what do I find? I was charged not just for this most recent appointment with a no-show, but for the first appointment as well for which they mentioned there was an issue on my end. So I was charged TWICE for services not rendered to me/the consumer, and falls under the category of fraud and is in violation of the App Store Terms of Service. This is such awful service, I cannot believe it. I would give zero stars if I could, because I never even received service to rate. DO NOT USE.
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2 years ago, brendan.greene
I’ve used Spruce for a regularly scheduled cleaning since I moved into my current building. I had them scheduled for Saturdays since that was the best day that would work as we are working from home. They’ve cancelled the past 5 appointments due to staffing shortages. Several times, they’ve texted saying they had to cancel and then said someone was on their way as if I was talking to a completely different person than I had just spoken with. The last straw was having my cleaning service moved to a weekday, and they just didn’t show up. I finally emailed and was then sent a text that someone was on their way - well outside of the service window mind you. I responded saying I would like to cancel the service and my subscription altogether. Sadly, they forgot to inform the cleaner who still arrived at my apartment. Seems like their service is awful for employees and members alike. I’ll be going with a different 3rd party service for cleaning moving forward as they were more of a hassle than convenience.
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4 years ago, :')---
Problem with app & concerned
I signed up and made my dog a profile but forgot to add a pic for her so I went back in to edit, but all I saw when I tapped ‘pets’ was the option to add another pet. After some time I figured out that I had to login to the actual website (not app) to make edits. However, the site does not keep the pics... like they keep deleting and I have to constantly re-upload. I’m already unimpressed with Spruce and I’ve only been interacting with it for a few hours. First impressions are important and I do believe that small things like this should be bug-free and easy to utilize. Based on my experience and reading through the negative feedback they’ve gotten (some complaints are even really recent), I don’t think I’ll be using Spruce unless absolutely necessary. I do hope my judgement is proven wrong so I can change my rating and view on the company. Will update when and if their services are used.
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2 years ago, Lala 😰😕
Last Minute Cancellation/Need Better Communication
I had a clean scheduled between their working hours 9am-5pm and received a text 30 minutes before 5pm that they will not be able to make it out to us. Spruce did try to make things right by offering us a $35 credit for another clean, and rescheduled our clean for a different date between the hours of 10am-5pm. I did ultimately ask for a refund because who knows if they will actually make it out to us and not cancel last minutes again, as it seems that is a common thing for them to do based on the reviews I’ve read so far. They had 8 hours to let me know if my service could have been completed and waited until 30 minutes before their service time ended to contact me, not really providing any reason as to why the service could not be done. I wish they would’ve communicated earlier on in the day if they could not have made it rather than last minute so I didn’t have to waste my whole day waiting on them. I have a dog, but no kennel or cage and figured I would take my dog with me and go out while they worked & performed their service. I wish the app would let us pick a shorter time frame or schedule a specific time to have a cleaner come out. Not a great first impression, not professional, I don’t think we’ll rebook with them.
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1 year ago, RachaelAWatson
If I could give 0 I would
Was texted twice that a cleaner was the apartment. Once at 3:30 so I took my dogs to be out of the way. Got another text at 5:30 that a cleaner has just arrived. Email spruce they said someone was at my apartment cleaning. No one ever came to clean my apartment was the same as how I left it. Wasted 3 hours driving around with dogs trying to be out to the way. Even if they did come it would’ve been outside of the scheduled window. Also customer service when you try and call it directs you to email them and a nonexistent chat button on their website. Therefore you basically are at their mercy. The worst service I’ve ever used. Now I’m trying to get my money back and they keep wanting to give $30 back and reschedule. No I don’t want to do this crap again. Give me my money back and cancel any further cleanings. I was gonna be a repeat client too.
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7 months ago, Misery101
Very unimpressed
I normally don’t hire cleaning services because I’m capable of doing it myself, but my job is very demanding so I don’t have much free time. When asked for Spruces services, I expected them to do what I paid them to do. They were only at my place for five minutes (I know because I have a Ring doorbell) when they left saying they wouldn’t do the job because it went against their guidelines. Despite the few areas they wouldn’t clean, I would have at least expected them to clean the rest of the areas of my apartment. If they had done that and told what they did and didn’t do, then I wouldn’t mind. But the fact that they took a glance at what they had to clean, decided “I’m not doing it”, and then left is what I call disappointing service. I did get my money back, but I’m never hiring their services again.
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3 years ago, BW-Denver
Go elsewhere - Experience was a disaster
I hired Spruce to complete a move-out clean for my apartment. On the scheduled day, they did not show. I called, emailed and texted throughout the day asking what was the status of their arrival. No response until after 5PM, telling me they would find someone to go that night. I explained that there is no light in the bedroom, and it was dark, so it would be difficult to see. I asked that they send someone first thing the following day. The following day, a crew picked up a key from the property manager, and returned the key 30 minutes later without doing any cleaning. No one returned to complete any cleaning. The unit was not in poor condition. Simply a regular clean was needed. My lease has since ended. I needed to turn in my keys, and I have not had the unit cleaned for turnover. THIS COMPANY IS NOT YOUR BEST OPTION. CHOOSE ANOTHER COMPANY THAT IS MORE RELIABLE. THIS WAS A DISASTER.
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2 years ago, asdfrsisb
No show with no remedy from Spruce
I was hesitant to book through an app with someone I had not met, but took advantage of a coupon they emailed me. I went with a service the coupon would cover to see the quality of the work before committing to a more expensive and more thorough cleaning. The person never came. I was told by Spruce that the person had called to reschedule, but there was no missed call and no voicemail. They provided me another coupon for the same amount, but the service was then more expensive! I emailed customer service and got a response saying someone would contact me within 24 hours, but I never received an email from them, even after 24 hours. I suggest you look elsewhere, as they failed to honor their commitment to clean my oven as well as their commitment to email me back. Bad business!
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2 years ago, TX Carrolton Shopper
App is easy to use and cleaning was great
I moved into my apartment couple months ago and decided to give Spruce a try (with a coupon). The FAQ section really answered all the questions that I would have. Especially helpful it listed what they won’t clean. The only down side is that you won’t know who’s coming to clean so you don’t know their experience. I have a 2-bed/2-bath and Jenny came by herself. I thought it would take awhile for her to clean. But she did it in less than hour and a half. And most importantly, she did an amazing job. Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, momotachibana
Don’t use this company. Thankfully I read the reviews and cancelled my booking. Not only does the app crash constantly, they will NOT ensure you get a refund if they provide unsatisfactory services. As you can tell by the reviews, they often provide awful services (or none at all!) and do not give you a refund. They try to “redo” it, but obviously why would you want to continue using a service that can’t be done correctly every time? I talked to customer service and they refused to give me a straight answer on whether they provide refunds if the customer wants it or not (rather than a “redo”) and she gave me the run-around and basically said no they won’t. So just be aware, you’ll likely receive unsatisfactory work if you receive any at all, and you won’t be getting a refund either. It’s a scam.
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2 years ago, emandakiss
Terrible cleaning service, terrible customer service
I paid more than $200 for a deep clean service. The cleaning person did a horrible job… even my blinds and hanging pictures were not dusted. Customer service offered $35 off my next service to make up for it- that was unacceptable to me. So they offered to send a cleaning person out to try to make it right… what a joke! The woman arrived with an unindentified man that was not listed as helping clean my apartment in the app, walked around for 20-30 minutes, made rude comments about me for making a complaint, they were awful! And this was after being offered drinks and snacks… so I reached out to customer service again, and I had to fight tooth and nail to get a refund. I finally got half of my money back but I will never use Spruce again.
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2 years ago, LexiLoo222
Awful company
Scheduled my service 2 weeks in advance only for them to cancel 10 minutes into my appointment time stating that I booked last minute and they were unable to accommodate. Company flat out blames their customers for their own wrong doing and makes no effort to resolve the matter. Requesting a full refund and will never book this company again.
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10 months ago, Nope 8/2023
Awful, Terrible, is this really a company?
Long story short because i’ve already wasted time and money on this terrible company. Scheduled service in advance. Received confirmation letting me know how to prepare for move-out cleaning. Received text letting me know of arrival window. They charged my card. They never showed. Was told by rep it was cancelled because I had cancelled the service the same morning at 7:14 AM by text. I wasn’t awake nor do I see a text I supposedly sent to cancel. Was supposed to turn in apartment keys- now I have to hire a reputable company. You can’t speak to anyone by phone. Customer service responded to my help request with “you cancelled the service” and wouldn’t respond to anything else. I asked for screenshot of my text- silence. If I could give negative stars I would.
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9 months ago, Highly Dissatisfied.
*Lizzo voice* All the rumors are true
Sadly, I had the same experience as many of you. I booked spruce as a last minute signature cleaning and received a confirmation message the evening before. No one called or showed up on the day of service. When I reached out, I was told that a team member tried to text me. I asked them to send a screenshot, which they did - however, the text is in an interface that is not the app I can view as the consumer. Additionally, the communication did not go to my email nor my iMessage/SMS. They honored the full refund I requested; however, I was really hoping to use this service and have a better outcome than what I read. Sadly, I was mistaken. Once the charge is reversed on my card, I will delete my account and never use them again.
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2 years ago, Rentlef
Move out cleaning - Nothing done
I ordered a full move out cleaning, as my work schedule is busy and I was already taking time off for the move. $300 which would cover everything, sweep, vacuum, mop, appliances, cabinets.. everything. Well, after the service was finished, I stopped by the old apartment after work. NOTHING was done. The carpets had not been touched by a vacuum, stove was not cleaned, cabinets still had dirt in them, and it looks like someone just ran a wet rag over the counter. I asked for a refund as no cleaning was done, and all they could do was 50% and they would be removing their "move out guarantee". I essentially gave this company money for free, as they did nothing in terms of service. I urge you to look elsewhere, so that you do not also get scammed by this company.
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2 months ago, Eyaf111011
I never write reviews but I was VERY disappointed
I was moving into an apartment that wasn’t cleaned very well so I used this service to clean while I was at work before I moved my stuff in and even though I booked the premium service it looked like they did nothing but sweep and mop the only areas that were already clean to begin with which I could’ve done myself in ten minutes. And I DID still have to sweep and mop because all of the corners of the room which were the parts that were actually dirty were completely untouched even though that was a big part of why I wanted to use a cleaning service in the first place. All this to say- save your money it’s not worth it
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5 months ago, Movie4531
Unprofessional Cleaning service
Do Not use this company to clean. They refused to clean my apartment by saying “ It is too messy to be cleaned” Never in all my life have I heard of a cleaning service refusing to clean a place because the job is too hard. Thats why Im paying for it to be Professionally cleaned Basically because there was some garbage on the counter tops and some clothes on the floor they left and refused to clean. It is as if they want me to clean for them before they come to clean. I am paying more than $150 to clean a place just for them to vacuum the floor and clean the bathroom?? Not to mention there is no way to speak on the phone to someone. Terrible customer service do not use this company . Take your business elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Jilll A
The first time was great, but the second was the biggest let down
The first clean I had from them was absolutely wonderful! I rebooked and the cleaner was there for the same amount of time but I came home to a vacuumed carpet and nothing else. Not only is this a let down and concerning what they were doing inside for so long, but when I reached out for a refund, I was told 4 different things of how they would make it better by customer service, as well as being told I would get a full refund on the phone. I am now being told in email that that never happened which is extremely disappointing. I have told all my friends I recommended them too that I no longer support them.
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5 months ago, sj_byrne
This service is awful. If you have any issues they will make you seem like you have too high of expectations. My main bathroom and third bedroom weren’t even touched! Beds not made, towels not hung on the towel racks (just shlepped over the shower), didn’t move anything on the counter to clean underneath or behind. Also, they will cancel on you last minute. I’ve had this happen a few times during my semi-monthly reoccurring service. You have no control over who they send in your home. I feel helpless so hopefully they lose a little bit of business from writing this review. The customer service reps do not care and provide almost no solutions to your frustrations.
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2 months ago, bridget jones 89
App needs to include the ability to tip
I been using the service for about a year. My apartment complex partnered with Spruce. I been using the service regularly to help with cleaning my apartment. I’ve been very happy with the level of service provided. However, in order to tip you need to either email the company directly or reach them via the app, but only during business hours of 8 AM to 5 PM. I think it would make more sense if you could tip directly within the app regardless of the time of day.
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3 years ago, Gsohbe
No attention to detail
I paid $150 for the premium cleaning and so many things on their list were overlooked and not done, waste bins were not taken out, floor under couch wasn’t cleaned, cieling fans and blinds not dusted, counter tops not cleaned, and so much more. After writing out a detailed list of the areas missed they sent the cleaner back a second time free of charge and none of the mistakes were corrected, she just cleaned the exact same areas as before which were already cleaned. According to the text messages between arrival and her departure she should have been in my apartment for 2 hours, however I got home in the middle of that and she was not in my apartment… not at all worth the money.
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1 month ago, Kristywood1
Horrible! Do not waster your time or money
We tried Spruce twice because of the convenience. The first time was not good but we chalked it up to choosing the wrong service. The second time we chose the Premium Cleaning and the only thing that I can tell that the cleaner did was make the beds and wipe down the kitchen counters and mirrors. I could tell because they were both streaked. The shower and tub were not even touched - not even rinsed. She was only here for a little over two hours and the only thing I can figure is she took a nap. Biggest waste of time and money! We did complain and were refunded half of the price but I wouldn’t have them come back if they paid me!
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10 months ago, Calmaaah
Very bad communication
They charge your card before the do a service even if they are a no-show. There is no way to text the cleaners trying to find your place. When they are done they won’t tell you. I waited 4 hours for them to finish and they still didn’t text. This was after waiting 2 days after they cancelled without telling me. If you chat or text them the middleman doesn’t answer. The cleaners did an okay job but the lack of communication is a real problem. Spruce doesn’t let the cleaners have the clients phone number which means they will walk around in the heat trying to find a place. This is negligent to their employees.
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10 months ago, Hydro swung
I added deck uttering to my service and the cleaner came in - saw stuff on my counter and said he couldn’t clean because of clutter. I paid for dish washing but the guy said he couldn’t clean because my sink was full? Why have add ons if cleaners refuse to do them? Without speaking to me the cleaner left and refused to clean my house and customer service was rude. They just said my house was not in ‘condition to clean’ and would not explain. I have not gotten any explanation as to why the guy refused to do the extras I paid for or how they can say my cleaning is canceled for clutter when I’ve paid for decluttering. I had signed up for repeat visits but I have canceled. Such a disappointment.
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2 years ago, dani98-
Horrible !
This company is horrible I do not understand how they are still in service or why apartments partner with them. Upon moving into my new apartment I was so happy to learn that they offered Spruce it seemed convenient and some of the prices are very reasonable. However out of maybe the five times I have contacted Spruce to do service at my apartment they only showed up once. After my last service request where they had not showed up I decided to check my bank statement to ensure that I was not be charged; to my surprise I noticed that all the times I had contacted Spruce and they did not show up and canceled on me they still charged my card and had not issued a refund or given a credit it had been more than over a month after the fact. If I did not call in to customer support I would have never been refunded my money this is unacceptable! Save your time and just go ahead and find a private cleaning service because Spruce does not show up.
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2 years ago, MollyUtah
An hour Early and no refund
Don't use this service. We scheduled a cleaning that was confirmed for between 1pm and 5pm. According to our ring camera they arrived at 11:58am. I waited for them all day to arrive. I had plans to utilize the extra time allowed by hiring a cleaning service. I was expecting them at 1pm and was in the garage being productive when they arrived. We asked them to allow me time to get ready to leave the house. But. They insisted on keeping our scheduled time. I needed to be ready in 10 minutes when I had scheduled an hour for myself to get ready expecting them at 1pm originally. They couldn't reschedule to allow me to get ready for the day. They expected me to hastily leave my home. They forgot that we paid for this service. They were extremely disrespectful also. We canceled our recurring service. It's sad because we are good customers who are generous and kind towards our service people. The disrespect we experienced today is concerning.
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5 years ago, bmlaud
Stolen & Damaged Property
I trusted spruce to send professional honest people into my home. I was extremely disappointed. Medication was stolen and damage was done to my door resulting in a golfball size hole! When I arrived back to my apartment the maid was inside with the deadbolt on the door! I had to bang on the door for several minutes in order to get into my own apartment. I assume this is when I was being burglarized or while she was trying to hide the damage to my door. When I called to report this I was told “she said she didn’t do it” “we will call you back”. NO, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SPRUCE. Unless you like paying 150$ to be burglarized and have your property damaged for a mediocre clean👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
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10 months ago, Karamsab
Very bad
I booked through them for premium service and it was awful almost laughable at how terrible the job they’d done. They didn’t deliver on their claims and process. Barely cleaned my floors, just random areas not the full. I can still my floor dirty. Dust everywhere, door furniture and ceiling fans went touched. I requested an oven clean and she just wiped it. It was a complete joke and a waste of money she did what I could’ve done in half an hour trying to make the house look a bit presentable. This wasn’t a deep clean in any way. This is their claims, and they didn’t deliver on any of them. Premium Cleaning What's included: Our deepest clean, for homes that are needing more attention. Our Cleaning Pros will: Sweep/vacuum all floors and mop appropriate areas Clean bathroom fixtures, shower, grout, tub, toilets, and sinks Clean kitchen sink, backsplash, cabinets, countertops and appliances Dust furniture, baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans, and wall hangings Clean doors and frames Make beds and refresh linens (if provided) Empty wastebaskets
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1 year ago, MIA to DAB
Unreliable Service and the only thing you can depend on is frustration
It seems so easy - book on the app, the person shows up. That is a myth. In the past 12 months, I’ve only had one month where they showed up as scheduled. They will collect their money in advance and then on the day of a scheduled service, they don’t arrive and it’s always a chore to get them to reschedule. This happened again yesterday where I was home all day; they never arrived. They tried to say they came and couldn’t clean because of an odor in my home. That is a lie as Spruce will send a text before the team member is going to arrive. They never sent that text so they were never there. Again, I was home. They have offered me a small credit which does nothing to make up for the service not performed. It simply makes no sense to use them. It’s a chore to get home with my chores and you’re better off finding someone reliable.
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7 months ago, BethOakes
Wonderful Service
My experience was fantastic!! It was very helpful for me to be able to communicate with staff via text. When I got home after the cleaning I was so very pleased with everything they had done. Organization was great, thorough cleaning of all my rooms and the attention to detail was lovely. I will certainly be using them again
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3 years ago, Llamacorn9132
If you want to be canceled and have to wait two weeks, this is the app for you
Scheduled a few days in advance for a basic clean, they did not give me a specific time that they would be coming. So I’ve had to wait from 10 AM till 5 PM for them, no one came. I gave them a call and was told they’d be arriving in 45 minutes. An hour passes and I get a call saying no one will come. I got a call and was told no one would be coming today and the next available time would be in 1 almost 2 weeks. I’m very angry cause I could’ve spent my day doing something else instead of waiting. And now I am out of a service that I needed done.
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1 year ago, ..)).).).
Worst cleaning
1. They are late. It was my first time using this app, an working from home. The window was 10:00-14:00 and they came even closer to 15:00! I needed to shift my meetings because of that! 2. They don’t vacuum the floors of bathroom! Tehy only use plastic thing to sweep and leave it like that! Floor is still dusty! 3. They bring their own stuff, not looking very clean! 4. For premium cleaning, it took 45 minutes for them to do 3+2? Really?? 5. They sweep all the dust to the enterance with a gift: somebody else’s ear cotton?? 6. I am definetely asking my money back, I need to clean the house again after giving them more than 100$!!
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2 years ago, Vanna1989
Don’t waste your money!
I decided to try this company because my apartment complex partnered with them. For a 600 square foot apartment I paid $172. I was excited to have a clean house as a first time mom having family come in & I wanted a clean house. My mother said not to waste my money. She was right! The trash was thrown but no trash bag to replace it, the tub had white residue on it. The toilet paper was off the roll, she sort walls dirty & worst of all my newly crawling babies white pj showed all the dirt from the “clean” floor. NEVER AGAIN! If the quality was worth it it wouldn’t bother me but it’s not. I’m going back to my old cleaning company.
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1 year ago, dtkh98
Spruce Cleaning Service was an excellent experience!
Andrea was wonderful! Hard working, efficient and excellent at her job! I was so impressed with her. I think she did the best job I’ve ever had by far! I seriously can’t think of how it could have been any better! Bonus…. She’s so kind, courteous and just a sweet person! Thank you so much Andrea and Spruce🥰
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10 months ago, Amirali_Ghahari
Disappointed service
As a single man, I can do a better job myself. Used a premium cleaning that has dust of furniture and etc. after the service, bookshelves, tables still has dust. Vacuum the place 70% and not a good job of cleaning the corners. Toilets are not clean! The last fun thing is I’ve used a coupon to book my service. After I received the service, I checked the price and the coupon is magically not there anymore and I charged full price. Contacted customer service and explained it three times and they don’t even understand what I am saying! Awful service
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2 years ago, rbnstate
Too inconsistent with service quality
I wanted so badly to like spruce because of ease and convenience. Their app is great. However they’re too inconsistent with cleaning quality. We keep getting new staff who enter our home and clean. We ask for same staff or at least same 2 staff rotating, and they say they can do it, but they don’t. We didn’t our day of service we have someone new. We’ve had 3 cleanings that needed to be redone in the past. When we finally get a cleaning we like, we have a hard time and unable to get that staff again sadly.
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