Spurgeon Morning and Evening

4.6 (73)
20.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Luke Godfrey
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Spurgeon Morning and Evening

4.62 out of 5
73 Ratings
2 years ago, SojourningGigi
My favorite M&E
This app is perfect, no frills, just the daily devotions. I installed several different M&E apps several years ago and this free one is the one I use daily on my iPad. It has favorites, that’s all I need. I use Logos for my Bible app so I don’t need any frills here, simple is perfect. I don’t even notice the ads. Thank you developer!
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2 years ago, BenMountz
Great content, but paid version is worse than free ads-based version
I paid for this app because I believe in the message, and I thought that it would be nice to not have to see ads - particularly ones that are are in conflict to the message of the Bible. But now that I have the paid version, the ads are gone, but header bar at the top which used to frame all the ads now jitters up and down rapidly and uncontrollably whenever I scroll up or down the screen. It’s a nuisance, and is actually more distracting than seeing the ads. Please fix this bug, and I will change my tune on this review. But if this continues, I will be switching to a different M&E devotional. There are others.
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1 year ago, gma7.5
I’ve been reading Spurgeon for years and was thrilled to find this simple app so I don’t need to use my book. I’ve had no issues with the app until this morning when I discovered I couldn’t click on a word to check the definition or highlight a phrase to copy to my notes. What’s up with that? Other than that I’d give 5 stars. Can you help?
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2 years ago, daeh0
Awesome app
This app is amazing. I’ve been using this app for quite a long time now. The header now spazzes out upon scrolling, Hope the develop can fix that. Thanks for the amazing work on this application.
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2 years ago, Jmban
A bit tweaked
The app is simple and works well with ads. However the Spurgeon content is in the public domain which means you can read it anywhere. This combined with ads that are deceptive click magnets makes me feel that the author is just profiteering off christian public domain material. Thus I declined to pay for the ad free version and deleted the app, happily returning to my favorite online Spurgeon source with honest ads supporting important christian work.
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6 years ago, Tikay93
I quite enjoy the content! I would suggest, if possible, cause the phone’s screen timeout to pause while the app is open so it doesn’t lock while reading? Often when I unlock after the screen timeout, the app has closed out.
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8 years ago, Ninja_ke
One of my favorite apps on my phone
Paid for the ad-free version shortly after using the free version. App works great, but most of all the content is amazing. Worth every penny—tenfold!
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6 years ago, HB214
HB214 - A new suggestion
Love this app alot! Its been part of my daily routine for quite some time now. Is there a way to “link” this to separately downloaded bible apps when tapping on the verse?
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2 years ago, NancyM579
Love it … Suggestion
Love the app but can you have the ability to highlight a word or a sentence?
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4 years ago, GrammaCajun
New to this app, too soon to rate appropriately
I’ve been trying to find out which Bible version is used for this app and if other versions are available. I am interested in the original KJV. Can anyone answer this?
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8 years ago, Lottalotta452
Heavenly Results from reading this App.
I love CHARLES Spurgeon and I love this app. When I read it, it causes me to talk to our Heavenly Father and he talks to me. That is the ultimate!!!
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6 years ago, DocB2017
Great App; Ads Problematic
Hi Luke. The current ads running are sexual in nature. Can you please change this? Otherwise, grateful for the app and will give it a 5-star with that change.
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6 years ago, Mary in Panamá
Deeply moving
He speaks to the Holy Spirit in me and helps change my heart and attitude when I’m struggling with ego versus God’s direction.
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5 years ago, soandso75
“Remove ads” doesn’t work.
Hi. Great app, really. BUT: I spent the $0.99 to “remove ads”, but they’re not removed. So please revise the app to fix this. And who says it has to be just $0.99? It could be $4.99. I can’t imagine many people caring one way or the other. Also: This would be more work surely, but if you could restore paragraph-breaks in Spurgeon’s commentary, that would be nice too.
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7 years ago, Lys0504
This app provides essential nourishment to the busy Christian life.
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6 years ago, vbytfvgssa
Great app, bad ads.
Got rid of it because the ads at the bottom had perverted material. Idk if anyone else gets this, but i had it on my phone every other day.
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7 years ago, dtotheweed
Such a handy companion to have with you.
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7 years ago, jpkb24
Perfect app. Love it.
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4 months ago, j@g@b
App won’t open on my iPad or from Apple Store.
Same as title.
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8 years ago, gabi r
Thank you for this app!
I stumbled across this app from a blog, and thought I would check it out. I noticed that the rating was low so I read the comments people left for the latest update, and I must agree with HB214. Just because someone decided to add some money to their app is not a reason for 1 star ratings! These apps are not always easy to create and some people make app development their career! Plus 99 cents is not going to break the bank if you do not want to see the ads. I downloaded this app and promptly removed the ads just because I want to have a daily devotional on my phone when I need a prod from God! Thank you for creating this app! One minor thing, as HB214 reported, setting reminders crashes the app. I'll just set up reminders for myself, but this feature is a great idea and should be corrected. Thank you again!! God bless!
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9 years ago, AtrumVis
Full of grace
I love Spurgeon, this devotional, and this app. Extremely convenient to read and very forgiving when I miss for a couple of days. I just open it up and it doesn't remind me what I missed. It's a fresh start to focus on today's message. All of them are thought-provoking and powerful perfectly harnessed by this awesome app. Awesome. Highly recommend.
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8 years ago, Cryptognome
Welcome update, but...
One of my all-time favorite apps, it's been a great blessing. I don't understand the complaints about ads. I happily paid the 99¢ -- it was the least I could do for all I've gotten out of this app. However, there are now a few other annoyances. * In landscape mode the top bar switches to portrait width when swiping backwards. (iPad) * The dark color setting only applies the reading tab. If you're reading in the dark and go to any other tab (search, e.g.) prepare to be blinded. Workaround: Use iOS 9's built-in pallet inversion function instead (press the home button quickly three times.) * The left and right paging buttons can overlap the text, especially in landscape. There's no reason these can't be down on the tab bar. * The app used to be a lot smarter about auto-selecting the devotional. If you hadn't used it in a few hours, it would go to the one for that day and time, but it wouldn't force you back to it if you momentarily switched to another app and came back, which it does now.
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8 years ago, RaRaRainman
Great content; annoying ads
Spurgeon's Morning and Evening is my all time favorite devotional. And until I updated this app recently, this was my favorite app for M&E...especially with the "search" feature. Seeing ads flashing up at the bottom of the daily reading is very distracting and annoying. I have to cover the bottom of the screen so I can concentrate on the text. I hope the creator of this app will reconsider and remove the advertising. In the meantime, I'll be looking for another app for my daily dose of Spurgeon.
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8 years ago, BethKristie
Great app! No purchases:)
I read some of the reviews and I want to clarify! You do not have to purchase anything in this app! The only reason to purchase is to get rid of ads! But the developer is a college student trying to provide for his family so I am not going to get mad at him for that!! Thanks for the great app!
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10 years ago, Emilyobu
My favorite app!
I love this app! It's so edifying and encouraging. You can search for entries with specific scriptures or words and you can bookmark your favorite devos. It automatically updates to the entry appropriate to the date and time. This app is extremely user-friendly and helpful!
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9 years ago, PilgrimSaint
New changes
I am not a fan of the new changes in this app. Specifically the scrolling ads are terrible, very distracting. I'm not sure if this was a mandatory change or not. Regardless, it's a definite bummer. I also prefer the previous organization into days and nights using the sun and moon icons. That was very helpful when trying to do a quick search. I will be picking up the good ole book form of Morning and Evening from now on instead! I could pay the $.99 to remove the ads but why should I have to?
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12 years ago, AuntSas
Great app
I really want to thank you for making this available as an app. This devotional has blessed me for years. To have it on the phone is completely fantastic. Thank you again.
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8 years ago, FollyBeachKid
Upgrade Ruined a Good Thing
Luke...when you decided to make a little money by running ads, you ruined the nicest M&E app in the store. Who wants to read a devotional with a casino slot ad flashing at in their face? Really? I've read Spurgeon for over 35 years and I don't think I'm off the mark when I say that he would have been disgusted. Perhaps it's an issue with your filtering software. Whatever it is, it's leaving a lot of people unhappy. Is the money worth it?
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10 years ago, MermaidLioness
Get this app! Don't hesitate!
Even if the interface isn't gorgeous, the content is superb! Also, the fact that it's free allows this app to be in my top 10 for sure!
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10 years ago, Ramido
Thankful for this app
This devotional is one of my favorites! I love having it on my phone. Only one problem- I'd like to be able to share on FB and it says the app is not properly set up for this. Please fix that when you can.
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9 years ago, N8erg8tor
Worth the download
Great app! CHS knows his stuff. The FB feature doesn't work but you can still highlight copy and paste.
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11 years ago, CHRIS AVARY
One Of my fav apps!! Spurgeon daily Is like food for the soul. Only doesn't allow you to post to FB if that's any interest. I've experienced a glitch with it - enabling FB isn't working. But still great hearing from Spurgeon daily!
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9 years ago, AtticKat
Awesome app!
Been using this version for morning and evening for months. Never had any problems with it. 👍🏼
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12 years ago, Life in Truth
Thank you!
I'm very grateful for this gift. I read this with my wife often in the morning and night.
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11 years ago, Hopeful_Elephant
This app is so easy to use and I've never had any problems. It's perfect and such a helpful resource.
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9 years ago, mbr411
Make this a part of your daily routine
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10 years ago, Savvygirl71
It would be nice if the app transitioned from day to night automatically. Additionally, selecting a translation (NIV) would be a nice touch as well. Looking forward to possible upgrades!
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9 years ago, Mattwayne
This was my favorite devotional app but now they have put an ads banner at the bottom which is constantly changing and it is very annoying. Trying to read and this is always changing. You cannot remove the banner unless you buy a Remove Ads Banner App.
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10 years ago, fervc
Would give it 5 stars if...
...Facebook sharing worked and I could get it to view in landscape mode.
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8 years ago, Alli&255zxypie
Don't download this app. The update is terrible. There are now ads a quarter of the way down the page that change constantly. It wouldn't be as bad if the ads weren't for half naked teenage sitcoms and casinos. It's hard to read God's word when you've got showgirls flashing before you. Oh yeah, & I'm uninstalling it!
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11 years ago, Billy.Morris
Awesome app!
Thank you for taking the time to put this together! Great functionality!!
Show more
9 years ago, Curious R
New version doesnt work
Same great content but I can't see my saved/bookmarked/starred devotions. :'( it doesn't have the option for us to view it. You can star it now but you can't go back to it after. 😩
Show more
11 years ago, Cody Thomason
Facebook error
Thank you for this amazing app! However, there is a Facebook sharing bug.
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12 years ago, sirasko-pico
Love it
Great app. Thanks! Any chance of getting a favorites folder added to tag favorites?
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12 years ago, Mary-Alice Jane
I'm very happy to have found this app. So convenient.
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8 years ago, arhayw
Update is a step down in design
I don't mind paying a dollar to get rid of ads on a great app, but now I'm sorry I did. The new design is highly distracting and looks cluttered. It has me looking elsewhere for other options. Wish I hadn't updated this time!
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10 years ago, Taddabubbabooper
Thank you for putting this app together. What a blessing. Very nice smooth app. Good job.
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11 years ago, Lovethisbook421
Love this
Thank you for making this app. I love it so so much.
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9 years ago, mike6727
Just what I was looking for! Thank You
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9 years ago, Elect. Engineer
Advertisements !!!!!!!
UNBELIEVABLE THAT THEY WOULD PUT IN WORLDLY ADDS THST DETRACT FROM A SPIRITUAL DEVOTIONAL! Wish I did not upgrade from last free version. Use love this app. Read everyday. Now very distracting worldly adds that are totally counter to a Godly life pop up! I deleted the app.
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