Squarespace: Run your business

4.7 (17.5K)
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Current version
Squarespace, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Squarespace: Run your business

4.69 out of 5
17.5K Ratings
6 years ago, OnlyDavid
Waaaay Better
It is so ironic that SquareSpace works so hard to make sure webpages display correctly on any size display: phones, tablets, or desktops, yet, editing SquareSpace webpages in anything less than a desktop device with mouse or trackpad doesn’t work. Forget about trying to maintain a webpage from your cellphone. There have been a few SquareSpace iOS apps like “Blog”, but they were pretty rudimentary missing many features you depend upon. With this app, you can now create new pages, add entries and edit entries in events and blogs, and even rearrange your webpage and menu items. You still need the SquareSpace “Commerce” and “Analytics” app to see how your webpage is doing. And there’s still no way to see donations. Or export donations and orders to a spreadsheet. But, now when someone calls me and says I need to change something immediately, I don’t have to rush back to a desktop computer to make that change.
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1 year ago, Sean J.
Confusing design
Squarespace used to be pinnacle of cool and classy UI design, but the latest iteration of the app is a confusing departure. Headings are *tiny* and gray making them visually subdued and super easy to overlook when they should be standing out. Iconography is super generic and has no personality. Square-corner buttons are easy to mistake for plain text boxes (especially being so large compared to other text and UI) or don't look like buttons at all (why is some button text black and some blue?), graphs are hollow and not very useful (show me more useful, actionable data—more trends over time). Revenue section takes hours to update sometimes (how hard is it to sum all orders??). Commerce section is needlessly airy and open, especially the orders list. What I need is to get to information quickly, so a dense layout would be preferred. Currently I can only see only *5* orders at a time on an iPhone 14. (Though mini product images for each order are a nice addition, so keep those!) I realize this is a tough task. This app does a lot all in one, and a black and white brand identity makes things especially challenging when it comes to UI/UX. Clearly some emphasis has been given to the site editing experience, which I definitely appreciate... but maybe less time spent on redesigns and more time iterating/improving what you already have, plus adding more useful features would be really nice!
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1 month ago, danchow
It is still not valid that you could do everything with the app like on the browser
This app is good but it becomes a frustrating experience when it could not do what is available via a web browser. Your iPad alone will not do, your Mac is required to properly edit or manage your site. After setting my website on a Mac, I still could not use the app to conveniently manage images, captions, properly manage posts and edit posts. I have to have my Mac. Also WHY does a carriage return creates a double carriage return? Is this something that is different for each temple? But I doubt that because I have tried other templates and they did the same thing. Please, it has been some years now, and we would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY appreciate it if you would make your app on par with the features via a web browser. This will make your claim valid when you say we can do everything on the app. Reply to Squarespace: thank you, but Squarespace is assuming that everyone knows an Enter key is synonymous with a Return key; and since Squarespace is promoting its mobile app to manage Squarespace websites, this assumption is problematic because a keyboard on a touchscreen behaves differently than a hardware keyboard — the shift-return (shift-enter) does not generate a “soft return”. What is obvious to Squarespace is not necessarily obvious to its users.
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5 years ago, AaronCobra
I’m happy for those that enjoy this app, but for the life of me I don’t understand why Squarespace thought this was going to be a replacement for the discontinued Portfolio App. That app was beautiful and served a function for us photographers, designers and whomever else that needed to show their work offline. Whenever I do get a response about why they decided to do this, it’s the same copy and paste answer that makes no sense. Basically saying the portfolio app was discontinued because this new app allows you to edit your website, like that has absolutely nothing to do with why the app is gone. If this app didn’t exist, I could still edit my website on my desktop, no problem, but with the portfolio app now gone I have to create a whole new way of showing off my work to potential clients. If I didn’t pay for this service, I wouldn’t care. I would just move on.. but this is something lots of us used and need and a lot of us only used Squarespace for that functionality. I really don’t understand. I wish someone from Squarespace would actually answer this like a human and not cut and paste a generic answer that gives us no hope on if the app will return.
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2 years ago, K. O'Brien
Infuriating app
While I can edit listings online, selling in person is impossible right now. It's asking to turn on microphone access, but that isn't an option in settings. Now I have to go back to this app and remove inventory, since square and Squarespace aren't linking. Which is infuriating to keep track of when it's busy. As Squarespace grows I find the app, site and customer service gets worse, yet I'm paying more than ever. Edit: I contacted customer service on Sunday and received a message with steps on how to sell online, which I have already done successfully in the past, these steps did not resolve my issue. Two days later (while I'm not set up at a trunk show) I receive a message stating to delete and reload the app. While this worked, my initial review stays the same. Customer service two days later (while saying they are available 24/7) with an excuse of being too busy, did not resolve my issue in a timely manner. Squarespace seems to have too many issues to promptly offer help. Help we pay for.
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2 years ago, atramirez
Expiring Sessions
While working on the webpage on a desktop/laptop it is efficient. Most everything runs smoothly. As for the Mobile App, when I'm on the go and want to work on my page, the "session expires" in less than five minutes. This seriously affects my productivity when something needs to be done in a timely manner. In addition, continuous lag occurs and pages are hard to edit. Particularly content. I'll tap to edit text and while I can adjust the alignment, I can't edit text. Editing/ adjusting logo in header is also difficult and sometimes lags or freezes as well. This is what I have found so far. Not sure what's going on with the app and hope no other issues arise in the meantime but this is cause for my 4 star review. Otherwise, it's easy to develop a page on PC and has an awesome amount of integrations making it easy for any size business at any stage. I also find it affordable.
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2 years ago, marcryan71
Not A Fan Of 2.0
I was really enjoying the previous version of this app. It was very helpful. One critical element that has been removed with the update of 2.0 this week is that it is no longer possible to access Comments in a centralized location. Now I have to go hunting for comments based on each and every blog post. Unacceptable. It is now also harder to get to my individual pages. Who designed this update? Yuck. — Update: I just removed one more star after getting the response from customer support and on the Apple store. I am not requesting a new feature. I am asking you to put back what was once there. It worked on Tuesday and stopped on Wednesday. That is not a new request. That is not in your release notes. To remove centralize Comments management from blog pages is problematic.
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3 months ago, adv2k169
Adequate app but so limited
I totally understand that the iPhone and iPad apps will be limited compared to the desktop versions. However this app is so limited that it’s unable to do many things. It can’t add video to page , it can’t add LINKS to a page and moving items that are currently on the page isn’t intuitive drag and drop. I don’t have iPhone 15 or iPad Pro but this feels like it was made for iPhone 6 and iPad 2 because it’s so basic. Several years ago when I had a iPhone 8 I used the Squarespace app to do more. Now even semi recent tech can do stuff I could do in the past. I understand podcasting on the go on the mobile app is a bridge too far but excluding galleries, videos and linked pages is really disappointing. The app is stable and for it does it’s fine but it was better in the past and now it’s fundamentally limited. It’s ok but it should be fantastic. The previous “blog” app was more feature rich and that was discontinued years ago.
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5 years ago, Kikyosdragon
Does not Work with iPad Pro 3rd Gen.
So, I brought this New iPad Pro 3rd Gen to replace my old MacBook Pro. I found I don;t really need a laptop or even MacBook. This ipad does everything I need it to do except being able to edit my website’s footers which have my business hours on it. That being said. I have contacted apple and it is not on there end. I am not even able to edit my footers in Safari much less this joke of a website manager. I have also tried contacting Squarespace Support and all I get is an email back days later explaining that they built the app for iPhones not iPads. Okay not sure who made that call but alrighty then. May question is why can’t I even edit the footers though Safari at the vary least?? It wouldn’t even work when I click “Request Desktop Site”. It will not Scroll to the bottom of a page in Safari in the Squarespace website account and building pages... This is a real problem for me as I no longer have my old computer and now I must borrow a computer to be a edit my website. I will change the rating and delete this review once this is addressed and fixed.
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3 years ago, c_bix
I love the app but update has me constantly logged out
There is a glitch on the ‘menu’ content block after you save on a page and go to edit another ‘menu’ content block, it will not display any data, so logging in and out multiple times to do simple edits is taking way to much time. I also liked the previous version that kept me logged in. It seems the latest update on this one continually logs off, whereas commerce and analytics will stay logged in (preferred to stay logged in). Lately I login via safari on iPhone as a workaround as the editing process for a restaurants with multiple menus and x10 locations needs to happen quickly.
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4 years ago, cimino521
Used to love it
I feel taken advantage of and lied to by Squarespace. I used to love SS and so, I’ve been a loyal customer for many years. About a year ago or 2 I noticed they changed their pricing plans so I switched to a less expensive one. Only to find out that this included a sneaky new 3% (on top of the stripe fee!) fee for all commerce sales. When I attempted to switch back to my old plan that had no fee I was told I couldn’t, no exceptions and my once grandfathered in plan for being a loyal customer was now null and void. This is not how I would like to be treated being a long term client. I understand I made a mistake and will now read the fine print more slowly but I am a long term customer, I am an artist, please treat me as an individual and not as one in a heard of sheep. If they switch me back to my grandfathered in business plan without the 3% transaction fee I would be a happy camper. Until then, I’m very unhappy with them and plan on one day switching to another provider that doesn’t take a chunk of small artists’ earnings without stating in large print first.
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4 years ago, shindoverse
Second review and it should be a half star
I still can’t use the app to blog from my iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). I have written a review before addressing this issue and I had a few support tickets on Squarespace directly to address the complaint. None of the support personnel seem to really listen to the problems stated by their customers. If they do, whatever is said doesn’t seem to get passed on to the developers. The last time I went through the support line, the first support person gave me what can be found on the support page for web-based issues. After I mentioned he failed to give me an appropriate answer to my complaint, I was then given another person who tried to address the app issues. However, the problems still remain and no deleting and reinstalling the app will solve it. All I want from this complaint and the going directly to Squarespace’s support is for this issue to be fixed. I should not be forced to use my computer if you offer this app for my devices. Before you decided to streamline the Squarespace app, you had a perfectly good blogging app. Don’t tell me to go to support again. Please listen to this and fix your bugs. Because I am ready to cancel my account. I don’t want to do this because I do like the website I created with your tools. However, I will not want to continue using Squarespace if it is too hard to use. Especially if the tools you provide make it impossible.
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2 months ago, AceFace925
Glitchy and fails to update properly
While I love the Squarespace web design on the desktop or laptop, I had a terrible experience with the app. No matter how many times I updated my website through my computer and double checked that it was updated on the mobile version, the app would never take my new updates. It would only reflect updated items. It would not show me the desktop preview through the app and kept crashing or giving me an error screen whenever I tried. Many times the app would suddenly refresh itself back to my home screen home page preview in the middle of me previewing a different page. Several times the app crashed in the middle of my edits and did not save my changes. I tried logging out and logging back in several times as well as re-downloading the app and I continued to have these problems. It was really disappointing, especially after seeing so many raving reviews from other app users.
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2 years ago, zyxwvuts
Can’t change templates after you choose
UPDATE: “All sites on Squarespace version 7.1 have the same capabilities and style options” should make it easier to switch layouts, not impossible. All versions of Squarespace up until this point allowed it as do competitors. I’ve already been refunded and won’t return to Squarespace until this feature is restored. ——————- Original post: So, you choose a website template, start building, add some pages, change this, change that, switch a font, move this, resize that…then realize you’re horrible at website design lol (duh that’s why these type builders exist!). No worries, let’s scratch this one, choose a new template and start over. But you can’t. SS wants you to change each part manually. You can’t switch templates. You used to with every version of SS up until now (and with every other website builder from competitors), but now you can’t. I wish they’d add this feature back, then I’d come back:)
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1 year ago, Michael Donovan
Stripe + inability to edit
I have to give SS 1-star for the time being. Here are my two main reasons: 1) they only connect with PayPal and Stripe for sales. PayPal is frustrating on their own but Stripe has been amazingly good for years UNTIL this month when Stripe decided my business wasn’t suitable for them (I’m selling prints of my photos and art. Nothing profane - just simple images). Stripe listed me as a banned business and now I cannot take credit cards. I have to switch to Shopify for this reason since SS only uses Stripe for billing. Shopify has many plugins that make it seamless and easy for taking cards. 2) you can’t edit text on the mobile app. This should be a no-brainer to fix but it’s been broken for months. See a typo on your site and want to fix it? You’ll need to wait until you get to a computer. SS: please fix these issues! I’ve been with SS for 10 years but I’ll have to leave if these basic features can’t be resolved.
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1 year ago, Anisa
What happened?
I’ve been with SS since 2015 and have mostly loved the creation experience, even more with the new 7.1 update and the ability to save sections (although manually moving all my blog posts and pages over was a doozy!)😵 and the app it self has improved over the years…. Until now. As a busy solopreneur and mom of 2, I NEED to be able to make edits to my website off my phone. When using the app, why do all of my pages appear blank?! Why can’t I edit the text?? (And yes, I’ve updated the app and these glitches are with the new update). This should be a BASIC feature on this app. There are multiple other things, like not being able to change the size of the logo on mobile view, that are really annoying because I can’t always get to a computer when I’m nap trapped with my child. Or that the mobile view of every single page now needs be to edited because there huge gaps all over the pages when moving form desktop view. SS should default to making the mobile experience BETTER NOT WORSE both for creators and customers. Also for someone who doesn’t use the commerce feature, is there an option to replace that button on the bottom with something that I would actually use? Praying for some app fixes and updates SOON, would be happy to update my review if these issues are addressed.
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1 year ago, mrcdb
Want to give 5 stars BUT…UPDATE
When using the application to scan my orders in and searching for customers, it’s a real pain as when I type in a search I can literally type the name in and it won’t show anything unless I hit space or back up (very painful when you are in a hurry) so that’s one glitch and the second glitch that is really painful is (and this is as of recent)when I go to search for an order to scan it as it’s completed, I cannot click into the order to scan so that I have to funnel through hundreds of orders to find the order number and unfortunately this causes an issue when I have customers that I want to put their shipment together and they’ve ordered in with a gap like order 9700 and 9750 I may not know that there’s a sister order…. Please fix —— Stupid canned response - now 1 star - I didn’t have a suggestion- your last update is broken- how ridiculous
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5 years ago, SallyCheese
Read the offers before purchasing!
This is more a review of the site itself than the app. I’ve never started a site or purchased a domain, so I was really lost when I started this. When you purchase an annual plan you get a free domain, but that wasn’t clear to me so I purchased a domain up front and then a monthly plan when I realized that just buying a domain wouldn’t allow me to publish my website through Squarespace. So I asked customer service to give me a credit for the domain that I *just* purchased (because had I known, I would have just bought the annual plan). They would not allow me to upgrade to the annual plan and credit me for the domain. I’ve also clicked around the site extensively and it’s not easy to use for inexperienced website developers— I’ll need help from a friend to navigate starting my site, that is, if I continue with Squarespace after their unfair policy.
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10 months ago, Randomness night
It’s mostly fine
I’m just so very tired of the glitchiness. I’m tired of having to jump between desktop and app because neither manages to accomplish all of what it should. I’m tired of having to force close the app because it froze yet again midway through editing. I don’t understand the reviews this site gets. Constantly adding frivolous features instead of making sure the current features actually work. The search bar on my website is hit or miss. I can search for a post and have it not come up at all, refresh, and there it is. And that’s if the website doesn’t freeze for having the audacity to use the search bar. I don’t need AI generated ads and Patreon knockoffs. I need my website to actually FUNCTION so people feel like they can trust my website with their personal financial information. Genuinely don’t recommend.
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3 years ago, ReDesign30
Developer: I am not opening a 3rd help ticket!!
I just read your response to my plea for help on fixing the Text Editor feature since it’s not missing and I cannot fully edit text under Additional Info under Inventory. I am not opening a 3rd help ticket via chat. I got absolutely nowhere with 2 people who do rudely closed my ticket out saying this is now closed. It’s never been resolved. Only dismissed. I do not have time to babysit your people. If you expect to last long in this field the best customer service solution would be to acknowledge my never ending problem & ASSURE me that the will get top priority and have it fixed within 24 hours at least!! Seriously contemplating switching back to Shopify. They’re SEO was MUCH better also. Are you able to confirm now that you will fix text editor or not? Very disappointed as I was thinking I liked your platform once I got used to a few things.
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3 years ago, laurielava
Takes for ever to correspond with the website.
I will get an order notification in my email and it takes near an hour or more to show up in my app. I will get an order in the am that happened over night. I am notified my inventory is depleted in my email. I go to app to adjust inventory and it is still thinking on whether or not I have the current inventory or not. Let’s say I hade 5 of something. Someone bought all 5. It will have 5 highlighted in red. So I try to add 12 more skus. Then it asks if I want to confirm because their was an order. I say yes- then it says I have 17 in stock. It shouldn’t have an hours lag before it is updated. I need real time correspondence with the website. Their previous app that they discontinued was way better!! Oh and their discount tab is super delayed, too. I am super disappointed in this version update. Do better!!
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11 months ago, DesireeDynamite
What happened guys?!
Whoa. I’ve used Square Space previously and decided it was the best option to use again for creating a simple webpage for a festival I’ve been helping promote. I presumed editing would be swift and seamless between my phone and laptop as it had proved to be before, and that within an hour or two I would be able to produce and launch a beautiful website. I’m utterly shocked at not only the lack of functionality to edit templates within the app, but the apparent lack of customer support! Since June the app has received poor reviews on the App Store and the developer responds to each of these by requesting the user send an email. Squarespace, don’t waste your time telling me to email your tech team or whomever. Whoever you are responding to these reviews, please do YOUR job, and YOU send the appropriate people the information that we’ve all clearly shared here. Not only is your app broken, unresponsive, overpromising, and underdelivering, but it has already wasted enough of your users’ time. Maybe fix what is a widespread issue, release an update, and stop giving everyone the runaround. I thought deciding between Squarespace and Wix was going to be a tough choice… so I guess I can thank you for making that part of my website development journey easy. Get it together!
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6 months ago, Kristine, LA
Easiest & best user-friendly website platform
I have been using squarespace for my business for over 4 years now. There is no other platform that even comes close to this. It is number one in user-friendliness and ease of learning. Squarespace has way more templates and interfaces than any other competitor. Squarespace also connects to so many other applications for seamless integration. I can make a website look like it came from a professional web design company at a fraction of the cost. Then that also enables me to be able to do whatever I want with my website without depending on a company. I will use Squarespace for life.
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2 years ago, preetsdad
Poor app; poor support
I'm writing here since I received a tickler to update my review. As I said before, this version of the Squarespace app does not seem to work at all well, allowing me to to even simple things on my blog. The older version worked fine. So disappointing! Of course, Squarespace responds that I need to contact customer support, which I did. They ignored my specific questions (apparently not even reading them), and instead sent me links to tutorials that I had already watched several times and found to be useless in addressing my problems. When I wrote back to customer support that these tutorials did not cover my questions, I was told that they would refer me to someone who could help and that it may be a few days before they would get back to me. It has now been weeks and I have heard nothing. It looks like Squarespace is resting on their past reputation.
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10 months ago, siessel4
App cannot update product images
The Squarespace team insisted I stop using the browser version on my phone to edit my site and to download the app to use it to edit my Commerce site. Yet, the app can’t do the most very basic function of switching out a featured image for my product, which is exactly what I need to do for the dozens of products I sell monthly. Why not? Why push an app to customers when it cannot do a basic editing step? What is the point of having a featured image if it cannot be changed? Why is an image still featured, even if I delete it? I asked these question of the customer service via live chat and they don’t have an answer. I’m deleting the app as it is worthless to me as a small business owner when I cannot use to merely update product photos. Save your time and don’t download it if you want to be able to do editing on your phone.
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2 years ago, hayley1234582727
The app is fine
The app is fine. Sometimes when updating the website I have to go to the square space website instead of the app to do it, which can be annoying but it’s fine. The real issues I have are with the widgets. I rely on them a lot to quickly see my analytics. The widgets constantly log me out of the app, and currently on my iPhone and iPad they are both just black boxes not working at all. It’s been like that for a week now Update: after I got a developer response there was an update for the app and that fixed the widget issue. Just wish I didn’t have to constantly sign back in. It would be nice if there was a stay signed in button. Thanks for the update though!!
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8 months ago, Charmed Life 9
Squarespace is the absolute best!
Squarespace is hands down the best and most user friendly way to host a website, blog, e-commerce site and even a podcast, and the app is just an extension of the awesomeness. It’s so easy and intuitive and allows you to edit your website on the go. I tried to deal with Wordpress for years and I never got the hang of it which really slowed me down on getting my work out into the world. With Squarespace me and my daughter had my website up and running very quickly and it keeps running without needing a bunch of updates to plugins all the time. Thank you Squarespace!
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5 years ago, Antoni Deighton
No iPad version?
Squarespace: I love your platform. I’ve been using it for years. The only limitation has been that sometimes I’ll need to wait till I’m back at my desktop before implementing a change that was discussed during a meeting. I’m thrilled that there is now an iOS version. But not optimized for iPad? Really? How likely is it that I will be making changes to my brand story via my phone? Many of us use iPad’s with external keyboards as much as our desktop/laptops if not as our primary work tool #iPadOnly. So even though we can open it on our iPads, it is positioned in portrait mode, while our keyboards are optimized for landscape mode. This is a problem for me, and I’m sure I’m not unique. What UX research did you do to that lead you to optimize for iPhone? Seems like I’ll still be waiting till I’m back at my desktop before implementing changes.
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4 years ago, Treasi
From hmmm to wow
I remember when this app use to be ... not so useful (to be polite), so I stopped using using it - it was like an empty shell of an app. But after a few years break (I’ve been a long term squarespace customer), I tentatively re-downloaded it and have been so impressed by how it’s evolved and what I can do inside! The app is really well designed and easy to use. Considering its working on a small screen, it also doesn’t feel like a I’m going to make a mistake and accidentally bump a button that publishes it live when I’m. It ready. So it feels ‘safe’ to use over the desktop editing. Thanks team!
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5 years ago, Brittanie D
You can’t do ANYTHING with this app
I used to be able to at least add events to my calendar and posts to my blog via the iOS apps available through SquareSpace. Now they have this new app that literally does nothing... I can’t edit anything, I can’t add events, I can’t add photos to my gallery, I literally have to be at home on my computer to update my website in any capacity. I liked having 4 apps for SquareSpace before this was developed with the ability to DO SOMETHING as opposed to a single streamlined app that lets me do nothing to my website what so ever. Also, this has been a complaint of this app since it’s launch months ago and SquareSpace still has not addressed these issues. That’s a problem in itself. When you’re getting feedback about your product, do something about it, or be left in the dust by your competitors. Terrible app, fix SOON please.
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5 months ago, drummerdrums
Price is High, Yet Easy, Sleek Platform
So far, the service has been exceptionally well working and easy to set up for websites. The designs available within the platform as well as CMS software is high quality work. My only mild complaint is how high the price is on standard domains and the website hosting for their services. You should definitely consider them if you don’t mind paying mid level, slightly overextended premiums. I do understand you pay for the very sleek design and extreme ease of use on this platform. Which I will say is quite a decent deal in most low level professional cases and saves enormous amounts of time. I like it.
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1 year ago, jbird715
App worked just fine until now.
I am unable to activate notifications about placed orders or site traffic. This is a known issue to the developers, but wouldn’t you think it is quite important to know when a customer placed an order with you! I do. This worked perfectly fine up until a couple of months ago when an update was done, and now all you get is the run around for if/when it will be fixed. When you have multiple staff members in charge of your pending orders it’s helpful to be notified because not everyone receives an email and you end up having to check multiple times a day. Please fix the notifications asap! Or better yet stop messing with things that don’t need to be fixed.
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7 days ago, HSqweird
Does function properly!
It is so frustrating to try to make even the most minor updates to my website from this app. I keep checking for an update, because it's hard to belief professional developers would let this go on for so long, but there isn't one. Pages won't open, won't load, will open, load, then closes immediately. It takes five tries to update a single image on the homepage. And, when that's all I need to do, it's a complete waste of time to pull out my laptop to use the desktop version. Squarespace is supposed to be the best of the drop-and-build sites, but the app's terrible functionality gets only three stars from me. PLEASE FIX IT.
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3 years ago, CCTV Guru
Always fixing what isn’t broken.
Did away with the commerce app, now we all get to deal with the repercussions. Too many issues to list here with this app now, but perhaps the most annoying two attributes: 1)When opening a transaction,half the time buttons at the bottom of the transactions page are inaccessible. You have to click the manage button, then click something like cancel order, then click no, then buttons at the bottom of the page are accessible. Certainly a bunch of nonsense I want to deal with when I am just trying to process the transaction. 2)Have promo codes on your website? Well now those are totally impossible to manage through an app, you have to do it through a desktop site… Because two steps forward and 10 steps back.
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5 years ago, Shrugger in Cotati
Finally! I Can Edit My Website With My iPhone
I travel full-time, and the only reason that I’ve kept my Mac is that I couldn’t edit my Squarespace website on iOS. My Mac died last week, and I found this app while doing a hail-Mary search of the App Store in hopes of finding a way to move exclusively to iOS. And then I found THIS. I expected a poor implementation that involved pick lists and being forced to drill down for features, but instead, the interface mostly works like the website. I drag blocks onto a blank page, just as with the website. Accessing photos is a bit more complicated, but that’s iOS’s fault, not Squarespace’s. I don’t see an option to add different types of pages, such as a blog, and I hope that this functionality is coming soon. I suppose as a kludge I can duplicate my existing blog page to add another blog to my site, but that doesn’t help someone with an existing site who deleted a template’s blog page and wants to add it back. Your app has inspired me to write my first review. Thank you, and I look forward to an iPad app.
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1 year ago, A Level 1 Goomy
This app is consistently inconsistent
I am trying to use this app to design my commerce website. Aside from being able to ***occasionally*** use it to upload a picture of a product/edit the product’s info - and I say occasionally because it said over 100 times that my device was not connected to the internet - it was - it literally doesn’t work at ALL. My app is up to date, my phone and iPad Pro are up to date - yet I can’t even create any page on this app. Even something simple like adding one photo and a paragraph - I pick to add a “featured photo” - when I go to add the photo the whole box disappears. I’m really disappointed and I’m actually paying for this. I don’t know how this has FIVE STARS. Who is getting this to work? How are you doing it? Or are the reviews from bots????
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1 year ago, brightnoah
A buggy, miserable app.
The only reason I currently use Squarespace is that I am too lazy to move to another platform. Otherwise, there is no reason to use this platform or this app. Endless price increases with no additional functionality. A buggy and unintuitive website and a horrendously buggy and unusable mobile app. And no attempt to provide even basic features, such as the ability to update a blog using third-party software. Just now, I gave up trying to update my photography blog because it was impossible to access options for a photo once it was uploaded, and the reason I needed to access those options is because it was seemingly impossible to ADD A CAPTION TO THE PHOTO. Unbelievable. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves for putting this out to the public and charging for it.
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3 years ago, unicorns for the astute
Squarespace doesnt know if they want the app to do everything or nothing
When the app first came out it did the bare minimum. You really needed to use the website to get anything done. A year later the app could do everything and never needed to go to the website. The app was amazing. Now the reduced the amount of stuff you can do in the app and tell you to do it on the website. If the app can do everything, why not let it. The worst part is I only own an ipad and now I can’t do what I want on the app, which would be find but the website doesnt let me do it either. What im specifically talking about is something as simple as dragging a block. It cant be done because the app and website registers it as an attempt to highlight.
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2 years ago, Nicedoglady
Has potential but in need of an update
Blocks can’t be moved on pages. They’re stuck at the bottom or top of the section/page because the editor app doesn’t seem to recognize the existing blocks if you try to move the one you’re adding. There are also entire pages that can’t be edited. You select a section, hit the Edit button and the section remains greyed out and uneditable. It’s a useful app, very user friendly, makes editing my website an ease, when I can actually edit it. There’s a lot of potential but having to use the app, Safari on mobile and my laptop to make complete edits to my website is the opposite of accessible.
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3 years ago, photoappfriend
Need a way for website owner to manage customer account.
Just need the option to delete a customer account. Your forgot password on the site is very slow or doesn’t send to the customer. It’s been a repeat problem over and over. And when the customer contacts me I am helpless to help them. If I could delete the account it would solve the problem. It would still protect the customer’s privacy but also give the site owner some options to assist them when they can’t seem to login or ask for their autoship to be turned off on our end. Right now I can’t help them with the issue of password reset or canceling their subscription. Which leaves me limited in customer service.
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3 years ago, Big Nimz
I’ve been a Squarespace member for years and I’ve been happy to keep my annual subscription going because they offered and still continue to offer incredible value. One thing I noticed as many as others is how ironic it is that this company delivers such a flawless web/mobile web experience but their app used to be T R A S H. How lucky am I that I started blogging yesterday to discover that the app is now fully functional! It is huge that I can now continue to write my articles on the go wherever I am!
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9 months ago, GetResults2023
So many issues
1) one out of eight times when you search for a client’s last name under an order you get no results. It’s frustrating having to do this multiple times 2) when you click on the order history of one person instead of just showing how many orders they’ve had, it multiplies an order multiple times saying that instead of a client, for example, having one order they have 3 orders, so they app will list 1 order 3x. 3) printing is quirky. Half the time and order will not print and hast to get re-printed even after clicking print. Many many more issues, but these are my top annoying three
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4 years ago, zzzsportsfan
Underwhelming and buggy
I wish I could like this app because I would really love the ability to update my site from my phone. But every time I open the app I’m quickly reminded of its limitations. For example, you can’t edit an event from the app. Really? Another example, when I have a summary block, I cannot change what gallery it displays. It allows me to change it, but then the change never occurs. Similarly, it looks like I can alter the tag filtering the gallery, but that doesn’t work either. Both of these features work on the desktop product, but not from mobile. It looks like you can edit these things, but when you try to save them they NEVER SAVE! Super frustrating. Stop pretending to have functionality that doesn’t work!
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3 years ago, Adgeyyy
Like the service, completely unable to update website from phone
It’s such a good platform, and I rarely ever give crummy reviews... but it’s just so frustrating to not be able to update my website from a phone. I don’t have a computer, and it’s a big expense for me to make for just this one task. Can’t update forms, make changes, or send out email campaigns etc unless I go to a friends place to do it. I pay for the most expensive option on here without the ability to update my website which is kinda wild so I may start looking around at other website providers. Anyway, recommended for computer users, not at all for people that only have access from a phone.
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3 years ago, limedime300
UPDATE: they have finally fixed whatever was wrong with the app. Idk what it was but after 8 months of an unusable app I can finally use every single feature. Idk if I should thank squarespace or if they should thank me for sticking around lol. This app has never worked on my iPhone 11. It’s disappointing because I love squarespace but I have to do everything on my laptop. Update: I’ve been using squarespace for about 6 months now and the app has still NEVER worked on my phone. Definitely don’t recommend squarespace to people who work from their phone a lot.
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4 weeks ago, Jashton37
What did you do???
Why are there only 3 options now for making a blog post on your phone? I like simple, but only having Text, (single) Image, and Line as your options is unusable now. I’ve been using the phone app for years to add photos to my blog/website and then doing any necessary cleanup on my desktop. Often, the phone app did enough that I didn’t have to go to my desktop. Now it’s just unusable. Can you at least bring back the gallery uploads so that I can upload more than one image at a time? Additionally, I have not been able to upload a single image. Every try has failed and asked me to retry. Every other app on my phone seems to be working fine. It’s not me, it’s you… Please bring back the old interface!
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2 years ago, lancepantsface1
Hate it
Compared to Shopify this thing is easily ten times as hard for someone who’s not a web designer. I have to keep switching between my phone and a computer bypassing glitches messaging support getting incorrect answers back. Bought my url name back from Shopify and it literally created a trial of my url name and another website. So everything I’ve done upon creating the original site is gone on the other one. Tried merging the help center isn’t even helping. I highly highly HIGHLY regret purchasing this app. I’ve been working on my website for a week and still stuck. I’m so upset about wasting my money and my business not having a proper site for over a week.
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4 years ago, md717
New to web design
I am new to any website making platform, and SS makes it relatively easy to learn. However, I cannot afford to fix my macbook right now and am depending on my iPad Air to get my done... So far the website is looking awesome. BUT, the app is very laggy— it will just stop responding or I can’t click to edit so I’ll have to clear the app and restart it. Not to mention there are countless things I am unable to do with the app which is incredibly frustrating. I’ll work on a block and go back later to edit only to see it is now an “unsupported block.” For how much money this costs, it would have been nice to know I can’t even use all of its features on my device.
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3 months ago, Lpitt5
Ok but definitely needs improvements
Compared to using the Squarespace editor on a desktop, this app is very glitchy. There are multiple features (for example: rearranging images in a gallery, adding captions to gallery images) that straight up cannot be done on the app due to glitches. These feel like important features to me, and the fact that I cannot edit key areas of my website without access to a desktop computer is the reason for three stars. The app should be sufficient enough that I do not have to leave my website looking half-finished until I get to a computer.
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5 years ago, asdfasdfasdgadfhg
Missing key elements, and glitches
I use the app for blogs on our website and there are things that I cannot do on the app, so I have to finish on a computer browser. I cannot add Tags, Categories, Title photos, etc. Placement of media on the blogs is difficult to customize. And I can only add 1 piece of media before having to click “Done - Save Draft - Edit” before adding another one. Every time after I’ve added a photo then click the + to add another, the menu to edit the photo I just added pops up. I should really be able to use this app as a replacement for the browser, especially considering the mobile browser doesn’t seem compatible (regardless of which browser I am using) and never works either.
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