St. Anne's CU Mobile Banking

4.8 (2K)
167.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
St Anne's Credit Union of Fall River Massachusetts (INC)
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for St. Anne's CU Mobile Banking

4.79 out of 5
2K Ratings
8 months ago, Sharon M Dufresne
Excellent Customer Service
Absolutely the best and most professional credit union, we are so happy here it’s just like the small family credit union!! Please stay warm and friendly…. We love St. Anne’s!!
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5 years ago, Gooberz78
Fraud security is a great thing but quit shutting off my card!!!
Extremely embarrassing that they just shut down your card whenever they feel like there may be fraudulent use, however they’ve done it to me almost half a dozen times in the past three months!!! Making matters worse is there IS NO AFTER BUSINESS HOURS PHONE NUMBER YOU CAN CALL! So his forbid you work nights and use your card only to find it shut down. So basically bank is fine as long as you don’t make multiple transfers online on the app & you don’t decide to pay some bills over the phone because they’ll just dictate if you can use your card or not on the next transaction!!! It’s my money. Like I literally gave to beg to use it. Feeling like I’m 12 again
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6 years ago, Rorasmusic
Mobile check deposits
They finally allow mobile check deposits BUT I wish they had NOT! If you can’t do something right don’t do it at all!. Unlike many other institutions this bank takes over 48 business day hours to load funds. Which is ridiculous if the check was also from the same bank. Your better off depositing into an atm. It also fails to describe the check as pending so after approving it just disappears from the account for 2 days with no indication that it will eventually deposit. Very disappointed in this app.
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3 years ago, yeahitssam
This Whole app needs improvement
first every other day you can’t sign in to your account.. if you use multiple apps like Venmo cash app, Zelle, PayPal, Quadpay, etc. the more you transfer the more they lock you out regardless of constantly calling and saying it’s authorized by me and is not suspicious! Also the app says you can transfer to Zelle but no button for it in the app & you can’t use it on the Zelle app because it tells you it’s in your online banking APP. Constantly getting my debit card locked, just needs improvement all around
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6 years ago, Liquidx01
Needs Mobile Check Deposits
They’ve improved this app with the addition of Touch ID since the last version but it really needs the ability for mobile check deposits. Many small banks are already using that within their apps. I’m confident they’ll include it at some point but hopefully it’s sooner than later.
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3 years ago, e_rod275
Updated to crash
This last update has taken away the ability to deposit checks. It crashes multiple times, will trick you into thinking you are starting to progress with multiple attempts only to completely fail at the very end. If the goal of this update was to bring you into a brick and mortar building then it worked.
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7 months ago, RoseD814
Problem with photos for deposits
My ipad is supposed to be compatible with this app, but when I go to take photos of checks for deposit, the photo window is upside down and mirrored. Very frustrating to try to take the pictures and no way to report the issue to the developer or the bank.
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5 years ago, dhs02
Never works
I like to have the convenience of looking at my bank account with the touch of a button, but it doesn’t do much for me when it never works!!!! I’m constantly getting an error is that they can’t access my information or find it!!! gets old after a while..maybe that’s something that should be fixed along with the attitude of your bank reps just saying
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3 years ago, nanalynch5
Happy Customer
I have been a customer of St Anne’s credit union for around 20 years or more. I have been satisfied and very happy with them.
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1 year ago, b_melloo
Needs to be updated
I recently update my iPhone. When I click the St Anne’s all the screen turns white and it crashes. 😞 never had this problem before. Besides this issue the app is great!
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3 years ago, Engineerguy7
I’ve had this app almost since it came out. It can be frustrating that it doesn’t always remember my password. Also, after the last iOS update Apple password features and FaceID no longer work. I need to type my password every time I use the app. These are minor but still annoying.
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1 year ago, Octo 1
App needs to updated Does not work with IOS16.4
This is why I hate small banks, the app worked fine with IOS 16.3 but now with the latest update It just does a white screen and closes. The worst part is Apple gives developers plenty of betas to correct their problems and still does not work !!!! My advice is to go with a bigger bank
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3 years ago,
Easy to use
Easy to use and do all your banking business please don’t change a thing
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5 years ago, Samcustodio
We need late night login
I love this app except for the fact that after midnight (on the DOT) you can not access anything...not even on the desktop site. When I am out on weekends, or when my husband or I work late, we cannot even get instant balances to see what is in our accounts. It’s super inconvenient.
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4 years ago, Josh Holme
Lazy design, and no iPad app.
When the app transitioned to the iPhone X style screen, all they did to fill the screen was add a green background to it, which would have been fine if it was the same green as the rest, but it’s not. How hard is it to match the greens. Additionally, there’s no iPad app! It’s 2020, people use tablets, and shouldn’t need to use a blown up iPhone app on my iPad, give us an iPad app with landscape support.
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4 years ago, meme1676
So convenient
It is so convenient to be able to use mobile deposit and transfers. Saves so much time.
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8 years ago, Whotakesallthesenames?
Hoping for more
The app is convenient for checking balances and that items have cleared. I'm hoping there will become an update that allows for mobile check deposits as other banks have started.
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3 years ago, APC_Dan
App no longer working after iOS update.
The app stopped working after I updated to iOS 14.5. And no longer opens up and shut down within one second of pressing the app icon. Not sure what is happening but I assumed I need an update to fix this. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still the issue persists. Please help.
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2 years ago, Freddy Pavao
Very happy with app
Very happy with the app and with the service provided by the bank
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5 years ago, wpt02790
Clunky but functional
Requires you to manually enter password when doing transfers ... effectively slowing down the process and forcing an unwanted/unneeded action that none of my other financial institutions require
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3 years ago, Kris-Ann7
Wishing the font was black.
I have no complaints about the website except that I wish the font was black and not grey. Darkening the font would make it easier to see.
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4 years ago, stannes customer
Locks My Account
Every 3 weeks or so, it locks me out of my account for a while (my password is saved to my phone). Either it eventually lets me in or I have to reset my password over and over each time the message appears.
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1 year ago, Souza5929
App shuts down after iOS 16.4 update
I have deleted it, restarted my phone, reinstalled, cleared casheamd it still crashes upon attempting to use. Oddly it works fine for family members on their iPhones, however on mine, it will not open. This needs to be addressed.
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1 year ago, pauly27xl
Overall good app
But when you update your phone ..the app won’t load or just crashes..they need to update it more Defintely.
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4 years ago, YungZenny
The app would be much better if I could use it at night. It seems whenever I use it past office hours, it tells me it is "unable to verify my credentials" and then I cannot access my accounts. I am going to change banks.
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4 years ago, no nickname is availa
St Anne’s CU app
Has tighter security features than another bank app I use.
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7 years ago, Jeremyrapoza
This app doesn't correctly show my transactions. It glitches out so now when I use my card it shows transactions from last February and every time I use my card it doesn't show up on what I used it for
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3 years ago, red_54
Face recognition ineffective
The face recognition feature continues to quit every couple of days. Requires deletion of the app and then restoring. Then two days later it stops working again.
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9 months ago, flowerfushia
They are prompt and courteous.
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2 months ago, Squidwink7
Where is Bill pay?
The website says you have Zelle and bill pay, but neither of them are available on the app
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1 year ago, Jeennyyyyy
App not working
App just crashes as soon I try to open to it after updating my phone to iOS 16.4 when will this be fixed ?
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1 year ago, brittm92
Not Working
This app is so inconsistent. I cannot log into the app ever since the newest IOS update. This happens to me a lot every three months. It’s very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Jfreitas61
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t even work, when I try to log in to my account it gives me an error every time. Hopefully they can fix that
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7 years ago, MightyMightyBulldog
Simple App
Please make mobile check deposits available.
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5 years ago, mjsMJS1
Horrible app
This app always has issues signing on. Never have this issue with other bank apps.
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1 year ago, Poopy321
Not working with 16.4 iOS update
Instantly crashes after updating phone to iOS 16.4. Do better
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1 year ago, Pjg41669
This update
This update caused the app not to open, please fix it please. Peter
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1 year ago, Mikey2197
My app is crashing on me
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3 years ago, et0050
Crashes a LoT
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2 years ago, Hamsousa
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11 years ago, TLDubois
So happy that you guys finally have and app! No more mobile web!!! :)
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5 years ago, cyezmy
Not working on IPhone
Sadly this app isn’t working with the newest IPhones XS XR and used to be very good but not anymore!
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5 years ago, oekenrjdkrjf
I want Apple Pay
Good app but does not support Apple Pay
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1 year ago, TwilightStarBandit
No Zelle support
Zelle is not in the app. Please fix it.
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10 years ago, J Ssss
Decent, on the go Mobile Bank
Would like to deposit checks via photos.
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11 years ago, JoeV54
Great to finally get an App to check account balance but it doesn't do anything but that! Need to be able to make deposits with checks, access statements to download, and bill pay too.
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8 years ago, BrandonL95
Only iPhone support?
Great app. I used to be able to use it on my 5th gen iPod touch, but now I can't because the app is only compatible with iPhone. Please fix this.
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11 years ago, Pereira Family
Great app (so far)
Long wait for this app, nice to have and happy it's here!!!
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11 years ago, armyman1982
Ok app
This app has been long Awaited, but it lacks in key areas. There is no bill pay, and that is a big problem. Make bill pay available the next update.
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10 years ago, Kggjhfgf
Mobile app
Its a great app. Easy to use
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