Stacheify - Mustache face app

Photo & Video
4.6 (263)
79 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apptly LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Stacheify - Mustache face app

4.56 out of 5
263 Ratings
6 years ago, Somps
Fun app - got it free
"Update" 2017_10_27 Received a response from dev. The app is fun and I'll give it 5 stars for now and see how the ads are. You can change between 4 colors. I'm guessing that this is similar to a lite version and if you want the full app with all of the beards and such that will be more. For free, it's a fun app. There are probably too many ads. Tone the ads down if you are making people pay for this.
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6 years ago, Anezzy
Go Back
Go Back to the original where you could edit the photos instead of just assuming there’s no face it makes it very limited because you have to crop the photo to its fullest extent just to make it work which distorts the picture so if you could you just give us a that option to edit again that would be great otherwise it’s a great app
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7 years ago, superKoder
Very well done.
I wish you could record video longer. But it is very nicely done. I love it.
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5 years ago, DibDub2000
Simple to use and nice mustaches
The app is simple and straightforward. The free mustaches are good looking and not too cartoonish. There are several mustache color options. A previous version had a fun animated mustache option that made it different than the other similar mustache apps but it’s no longer available.
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6 years ago, The Nocturnal Butterfly
This app gets very old, very quickly. It’s boring and it doesn’t even function well. The app buffers forever, and refuses to actually place a mustache because it can’t recognize my face. Even when it does manage to place a mustache, it is rarely ever on my lip. Usually it’s on my chin or mouth. Plus, even though this is a paid app, there are constantly ads for the other “-ify”. This is unacceptable for a paid app. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy this.
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2 years ago, Kltjmk
On the game you can prank someone🤗
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6 years ago, noplaceishome
Faces never detected.
Clear. Front-facing pictures are found to have “no face detected.” Highly frustrating when I want to place whiskers on my friends’ newborn. ***update: still not detecting faces. Disappointing as the very same image can be edited with Beardify, made by same developer.
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6 years ago, Rapscallion80
Not very good
Allowed access to photos but refused to work until access to camera was given. Why does it need access to microphone? Have photos with face in it but app says no face detected. Deleting after finishing review. Meh at best.
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6 years ago, Tony-da-Tiger
Fun app
Not a lot of options right out of the box, but still a very fun app with just the basics.
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5 years ago, Bill Martin1
Perfect but needs
Instructions at first any way
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2 years ago, Nomoremsbs
Very buggy
Does not work very well. Difficult to get results. Waste of money . I regret spending my money on this
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7 years ago, pdorianqueens
Great Update!
Very realistic and fun! 😎
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7 years ago, Debra1971
Lots of fun and laughs and it awesome.
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6 years ago, Flyboyfpr
Great app
Fun app
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11 years ago, bama ben
As An App Critic...
I find myself downloading many apps, just for the joy of analyzing them and rating them to inform other Apple users which are the best and worst apps. This is by far one of the best apps I have ever seen. The simple editing tools and the simplicity of the entire interface make this app even more enjoyable. I have found myself stache-ifying inanimate objects, my cat, and occasionally even random people on the street. This app is well with the download.
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11 years ago, Creeos
Mustache that face.
Stacheify takes a screenshot or photo of a face and lets you add a mustache of different styles. You can then export or download your customized picture in many different ways. It has a clean interface and even lets you micro adjust the placement of your “stache”. Once finished, it can also be imported to one of the many face adjustment apps by this developer; a very cool option. It then goes the extra mile to award points for use which can be redeemed for gift cards or donated to charity. The only thing to improve here is the amount of mustaches included (3). You can add two more for the price of .99 each- a little expensive for just one fake virtual “stache”. This is definitely a fun app to infuriate your girlfriend or dog by adding a mustache to their beautiful photograph!
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10 years ago, FayeBee
Updated to Version 2.3 and it Crashes
I just recently updated the app. No good! Please fix! All in all, it's a fun app. I'll give it a 5-star once it's fixed. Update (2/1/14): app updated to version 2.3.1 and no crash when launched! Way to go, Apptly team in fixing the problem! As promised, I have added another star; your review is a five-star with this new version.
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10 years ago, Natasha200
Stacheify does NOT deserve even a single star. For a paid app this one is a total disaster! I was asked a few times to rate it before I could do anything in it. Then annoying ads started to pop- up every other second. There're only 5 mustache styles available- minuscule amount. The rest- you need to purchase within the app. Once saved, you get their watermark in the right corner( on photo) or their name under subject when mailed( both video and photo). This app shouldn't even be in the Apple Store! There're plenty of fun apps out there- Mustache app, Crazy Hair app, Glasses app or just PhotoBooth apps.
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11 years ago, LLee1130
Pleasantly Surprised
This app is super fun and I was surprised that it was interactive. The photos move on their own and when you tap them! When your stache isn't placed on your face just right don't worry you can edit the placement. The creators of this app should win an award! It has never crashed as most newer apps do. Props guys/gals you made an app I enjoy playing :)
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11 years ago, Prof.Profligate
45 seconds of greatness!
The 45 seconds it takes to open the app, take a pic, try one mustache, try the other mustache, smirk, and uninstall the app is brilliantly efficient. It's just like spending special-time with my lady-friend. Though she only has one mustache. and it's harder to uninstall her at the end of the 45 seconds. so this is better.
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11 years ago, azul.violeta
These are not just pictures. They are videos. And the app rewards you for using it with points. It looks like the paid app is a lot more worth it, but a lot of free features are still available in the free app. I will probably buy it in the future.
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11 years ago, Hollybell13
Didn't turn out
You can't change the color of the mustache... So even if you have beach blonde hair, it comes out dark brown. The editing is alright, but it would be so much easier if they just allowed you to MOVE the stache by the universal spanning system. And as far as combining effects? You have to buy other apps, some of which are free, some of which are not. So while it was fun for a minute, it just kinda failed when I tried it. 😔
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11 years ago, dcmattmatt
Great update
I love facial hair and with this app I can see how all my friends will look with goofy stache's. I also love the seamless integration with all of the -ify family of apps. The ability to change the facial hair color was my #1 request in my last review!!! Thanks for listening
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11 years ago, Macintosh Ninja
Fun App
Works well. Worked fine on the lady's iPhone 4, my iPhone 4s, and I just got the iPhone 5 and it works great on it too. App is fun and sill. Obviously not the most convincing mustaches, but fun nonetheless. I only give 4 stars as I feel the app is a little sluggish. Esp. After getting iPhone 5 and its still has some lag from when you touch a button.
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11 years ago, Skyguythe1
Way too much fun in the break room.
I work over nights and its so hard to get the people I work with to wake up some times. This app has made everyone laugh and we get more work done because we are up and going. Thanks.
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11 years ago, bjgause
Amazing results ..! I can't get enough.!
This app just keeps getting better and better and its so realistic looking..! I'm so glad I purchased it an would do it again without hesitation with all of Aptly Apps they are truly top notch above the rest ..!
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11 years ago, B_Smith3296
Amazing and if you want to share just take a screen shot with your phone.. Don't listen to stupid people in review who say you can share awesome and free , and I'm considering buying this super kewl app. I am a kid and am not able to grow facial hair easily so this app is super cool.
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11 years ago, Jacki8788
Doesn't live up to Fatify etc.
I wish the persons face would animate when you click/tap on it etc., like Fatify and Browify. I also don't seem to be able to add the effects from the other apps (Fatify/Browify) from within this app--which is strange, because you can from the other apps. But, it's still a fun app. Just wish you could do more!
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11 years ago, Izabelle122
stachifian greatness
I just got this app 20 seconds ago and I love it! so easy to use and lots of fun. the animations are great and I can even save a picture and a VIDEO of me with a mustache on phone. now I can see what anyone looks like with a mustache! 👍 :-{D
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9 years ago, BenRas1283
Great! But...
It's great! There's plenty of fun styles and things BUT a lot of it if you want to actually enjoy the app you have to purchase more mustaches because they only give you a select few mustaches and you have to buy more which in my opinion is kind of dumb
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11 years ago, Dorishin
Movenber party fub
Downloaded this and went to my bday party. Great fun and photos after! Hysterical watching as its animated. WAAAAAY better than the other app without the "e" in the spelling. Keep watching as you'll yawn, sneeze and wink etc. used it on a dog too sick fun!!!
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11 years ago, Tuckah93
Good but some bugs.
This app is great for iPhone users with a front camera, which kinda blows for those of us with a 3GS. However, great quality overall, but should be able to MMS pictures as well as download them.
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11 years ago, Jlm0318
Wish there were more free mustaches!
What a fun App! Wish there were more free staches and more opportunity to play with the photos instead of trying to gain enough points to EARN more mustaches.
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11 years ago, REAL Stacheman
Havin a stache!
Guys. This app kicks stache, and I don't say that lightly. I seriously love it and use it all the time. Now I have an entire stache cache!! Thank you, Stacheify!!!!! If I could give you 5 and a stache stars, I would!
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11 years ago, zelison
Nothing else like it!
Innovative and cool to see your picture come to life with the moving animation. Awesome that you get something back just for using the app too.
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11 years ago, Blugwug
It's great to have people think you're just taking a picture when you are actually giving them a moustache
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12 years ago, Jaykee6969
So good! If you enjoy their other applications, you will most definitely enjoy this one. Very realistic as well as entertaining just as the others. Purchase and enjoy!!
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11 years ago, Kailash Mallikarjun
This App is so funny and accurate. There are many similar ones on App store but none of them would even come closer to this!
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11 years ago, Stacyrae09
I love this app, makes me laugh every time I use it. I don't like all the extra costs though, they charge for each extra mustache instead of a pack of them. Still fun though!
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11 years ago, Zombie Gunpilot
Jersey Family
Fun for the whole family. My kids are going to love seeing the pictures I'm making with this!
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11 years ago, HomeDepotSux
funniest thing ever
great way to get everyone to laugh. New version even makes it look like the picture is live, moving face, blinking.
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11 years ago, 24crayons
Extremely Addicting...
I just want to keep taking more photos with mustaches on... I love that you can download, tweet, email the picture and more...
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11 years ago, brysmi
Me too app with gamification, IAP, and other irritating layers
So many things between launching the app and actually getting a result out of it ... Why would I not use one of the dozens and dozens of alternatives? Perhaps the amazing number of vague but positive reviews? Nothing suspicious there. So, an extra star for checking off all the App 101 boxes. That is adorable.
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11 years ago, ZoomApply
Great Movember app
Whomever gave the 1 star needs to check the options because you can send pics to anyone. This is a fun app for the kids.
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12 years ago, Gbps
Good work
Great app it's got a great foundation but definitely needs to work on facial recognition and also it would be nice to control how thick or thin the stach is and also be able to match it by taking a color sample of our natural hair
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12 years ago, QStarrDaze
Well, once you buy the app there are still some mustaches that you have to buy in the app... If I pay for an app, I expect everything on the app to be free! Especially if it's the main subjunctive in the app. But other than that I like it cause I can bring my Mr. Fernando to life! Lol :-{D
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11 years ago, The Gerl Who Loves God
Fun for the whole family!!
This app is fantastic! Even my kids love to play it! I like that you can use your points to support charities as well! Very Cool.
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11 years ago, Respox
good for a laugh or two
This app works fast, and quite well. With some tweaking, you can make the resulting pic look very realistic. I can see a lot of people having fun with this.
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8 years ago, Creepster Kustoms
After the update it does not record your voice videos
It was an excellent app before that I used to animate anything with mustache's and voice over videos. Now it only does 6 preset sounds....LAME !! Go back to being able to record your own voice.
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11 years ago, Dewa sumertha
Just one big unneccesary thing in this app
I love it, but i hate when it writes it's logo in corner, why i paid if it's still advertising it self using my images?? I found that's really bother me, it's just like spam, big logo in the corner
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